Proceedings of the 1st UPI International Conference on Sociology Education (UPI ICSE 2015)

Session: Education

26 articles
Neiny Ratmaningsih
Indonesia is currently experiencing considerable problems in terms of availability of social capital to build a prosperous society. Our social capital has collapsed along with the rule of the New Order, and getting crushed in the period thereafter. Solidarity and trust between members and community groups...
Ridwan Effendi
People's violations on social order regulations are have become a common phenomenon. As illustrations, traffic rules are violated every day, roads and sidewalks are shifted into a street vendor's booth or a parking lot. As can be seen from the foregoing violations of the public order, Indonesian society...
Tati Abas, Yoyoh Jubaedah, Nenden Rani Rinekasari
This research aimed to develop of family life education model based on the family sustainability. the reasearch was used research and development as a problem-solving approach through stages: 1. the preliminary study, 2. the developing model, and 3. the validation model. The preliminary study conducted...