Proceedings of the 1st UPI International Conference on Sociology Education (UPI ICSE 2015)

Session: Ethnopedagogy

5 articles

A Model of Cultural Survival of Sundanese Ethnic Community

Achmad Hufad, Jajat S Ardiwinata, Purnomo
Education process is engrossed with cultural processes as part of enculturation and socialization. Ethnic communities have their own unique patterns, ways, and characteristics in sustaining and developing their cultures. This research was conducted in the Ethnic Community of Kampung Cireundeu, Cimahi...

Study of Indigenous Peoples Empowerment Model in Cireundeu Village

Ema Sumiati, Ema Hufad
Social and technological developments today did not have a significant impact to the culture of indigenous peoples in Cireundeu Village. Instead, they maintain their ancestors’ cultural values and traditions in their social and economic life. The objectives of this research were to discover and explain...

Could Tourism Development Act as The Living Strategy for The Indigenous People?

Gurniwan Kamil Pasya, Heri Puspito Diyah Setiyorini, Rini Andari, Gitasiswhara
This research studied about how tourism development acts as the living strategy for the indigenous people. The indigenous people earn their living from natural resources, usually in designated region that is large area. While the number of the area remains the same, the number of population is increasing....

Local Wisdom In Constructing Students’ Ecoliteracy Through Ethnopedagogy And Ecopedagogy

Nana Supriatna
This paper entails some ideas of how students’ ecological intelligence is constructed through ethnopedagogy and ecopedagogy within the process of teaching and learning at schools in Indonesia. This paper is expected to draw provide some inspiration to high school teachers in the area of social sciences,...

Local Wisdom of Ciptagelar Community in Managing Environmental Sustainability

Siti Komariah
Indonesian society as multicultural communities have localized knowledge that is invaluable in fostering harmony with nature. As in Ciptagelar people who have a variety of localized knowledge so that their living environment is maintained. The issue that will be studied in this research is how local...