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The Mechanism Analysis of How Water environment Affects City Tourism

Zuyong Wan, Juqin Shen, Fuhua Sun, Shuijuan Wang, Yuewen Zhou
In this article, it is used the tourism management theory, analysis the determinants of the travel system, and pointed that water environment is one of the important factors what influence the system of city tourist. And study the relation between the water environment and urban tourism, it shows that...
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Application of Data Mining in the Guidance of Sports Training

Fanhui Meng, Qingli Li
Data mining is the techniques of finding the potential law from the data by machine learning and statistical learning .This paper focuses on a number of problems existed in the currents ports training, discusses the application principle of the data mining technology in sports training, and applies the...
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Application of An Improved Genetic Algorithm with The Search Space Compression in TSP

YI Song, Nini Wei
The Traveling Salesman Problem is a combinatorial optimization problem, the problem has been shown to belong to the NPC problem, the possible solution of Traveling Salesman Problem and the scale of the cities have the exponential relation, so the more bigger of the scale. In this paper, improve the search...
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Research on Fault Diagnosis Based on SVM

Wanling Li, Zhensheng Wang, Daquan Deng, Jun Tang
In order to improve the fault diagnosis precision of electron system, a method based on wavelet packet transform and SVM was proposed. Fault diagnosis method based on SVM was researched on in this paper because of the complexity of electron system, difficulty of fault diagnosis method and special advantages...
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The Adjustment of Texture Mapping based on Image-Entropy

Xiqing Zhao, Wenying Zhang, Peng Sun, Lijun Wang
Mass terrain in four fork tree index structure Xia, draws Shi needs for effective of texture map, viewpoint of moved and texture retrieved Shi scene dynamic update directly effect to displayed efficiency, used macro points block match micro-texture map of method, effective to reduced has data of frequency...
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Research and Design of MEMS SINS/GPS Integrated Navigation System Based on Adaptive Filter

Gaowei Zhang, Xiaoyu Zhang, Chunlei Song, Tingting Wang
A MIMU/GPS integrated navigation system principle prototype is designed, and the structure of the system is introduced by different module. To handle the influence of Kalman filter parameters on system filtering performance (Including the system noise variance matrix Q and measurement noise covariance...
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Hui Lin, Jie Lin, Bo Fu
In this paper, we proposed a new method for hiding and extracting information in printed chinese documents. This new method embeds information into chinese documents by varying the typefaces of chinese words. In addition, an information extracting method based on missing feature concepts is proposed...
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Analysis on Critical Factors for PDM Success Implementation in Chinese Tobacco Industry Enterprise

Yong Cen, Hong-Lv Wang
Product data management (PDM) has been widely used to represent an advanced management ideas and methods, to bring significant changes to the enterprise product management. In this paper, describes the core idea of the PDM system and the challenges for the implementation in tobacco industry enterprise....
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Construction of Industrial Strategy Model Based on the Multi-Agent

Yadong Zhu
In this paper, considering the complexity of the industrial strategy and uncertainty of the environment, Multi-agent system based on intelligent agent is put forward, and the model to be used in industrial strategic management and group decision support system is constructed.
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The Research and Implementation about AFIS

Renmin Yuan
Automatic identification technology becomes a urgent need of production and life, authentication technology gained worldwide attention because of its high reliability, fingerprint identification technology which applied to social security system can accurately determine protects a person's identity and...
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Intelligent Information Retrieval System Based on Muti-Agent Model

Zhaodan Wu, Changfeng Shi, Yi Lu
The intelligent information retrieval model discussed in this paper is constructed by multi-agent. Currently, BDI cognitive theory is accepted widely by the scholars of this field, but the related researches mainly focus on the theoretical derivation and presentation of symbols, lack of model facing...
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Research on P2P resources search algorithm based on cloud computing

Junwei GE, Yanfeng Wang, Yiqiu FANG
This paper puts forward a model combined cloud computing and P2P, and then achieves chord resource search algorithm in the model. Because chord algorithm one hand, does not consider the problem of node heterogeneity, on the other hand, its routing table has large redundant information. So chord algorithm...
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Research on Implementation Plan of 5S Management in University Library

Chuanjie Xu
For the purpose of improving the service quality of university library, using enterprise 5S management experience, the specific implementation plan of 5S management is established from Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu and Shitsuke, according to the management work characteristics of university library....
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The Phoneme Automatic Segmentation Algorithms Study of Tibetan Lhasa Words Continuous Speech Stream

Jin-xi Zhang, Hong-zhi Yu, Ning Ma, Zhao-yao LI
In this paper, we adopt two methods to voice phoneme segmentation when building Tibetan corpus: One is the traditional artificial segmentation method, one is the automatic segmentation method based on the Mono prime HMM model. And experiments are performed to analyze the accuracy of both methods of segmentations....
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Multidimensional Analysis of U-learning

Chuangang Wu, Haiying Yu, Li Ma, Yanling Yu
Ubiquitous learning as a new concept has been accepted by more and more countries since it is proposed. Many countries are researching and practicing deeply which makes it develop rapidly. However, it lacks further research on its real connotation, advantages, trend etc. Ubiquitous learning will be the...
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Research on intelligent control system of active equalization for charging station of electric vehicle

Zhiyuan Zhang
In order to improve the quality of electric vehicle battery,this paper presented an intelligent active equalization system for electric vehicle charging station. It applied equalization mode of release and supplementary to balance battery energy,and applied centralize - decentralize structure to build...
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Predicting Protein Subcellular Localization Using the Algorithm of Increment Of Diversity Combined with Weighted K-Nearest Neighbor

Zeyue Wu, Yuehui Chen
Protein subcellular localization is an important research field of bioinformatics. In this paper, we use the algorithm of the increment of diversity combined with weighted K nearest neighbor to predict protein in SNL6 which has six subcelluar localizations and SNL9 which has nine subcelluar localizations....
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A Reliable Spectrum Sensing Strategy Based on Multiple-Antenna Technique

Shoutao Lv, Zeyang Dai, Jian Liu
In this paper, we propose a reliable spectrum sensing strategy based on multiple-antenna technique, called RSS-MAT, to combat the channel uncertainties. We derive the closed-form expressions of the false alarm probability and detection probability for RSS-MAT. Finally, we present simulation results to...
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Game Analysis of Photovoltaic Enterprise Competitive Strategy Based on Technology Innovation

Hejiang Geng, Renjun Zhang
Analysis of model shows that technology innovation provides photovoltaic product additional value, increases photovoltaic product differentiation and reduces consumers’ price sensitivity, but enterprise profit is decided by the efficiency of technology innovation, only the high efficiency of technology...
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Predict the Tertiary Structure of Protein with Binary Tree and Ensemble Strategy

Yiming Chen, Yuehui Chen
In this paper we intend to apply a new method to predict tertiary structure. Several feature extraction methods adopted are physicochemical composition, recurrence quantification analysis (RQA) , pseudo amino acid composition (PseAA) and Distance frequency. We construct the binary tree Classification...
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Analysis Framework of Freemodbus

Wenxia Zhang, Yan Wang, Shuhua Li
Modbus is a popular network protocol in the industrial manufacturing environment. A modbus communication stack requires two layers:the modbus application protocol which defines the data model and functions and a Network layer. The FreeMODBUS provides an implementation of the modbus application protocol...
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Design on the System of Equipment Material Support Internet of Things

Donghu Zhang, Tiening Wang, Xingxing Niu, Shuangshuang Yu
The Internet of Things (IOT) plays an important role in improving the equipment support capability. Using the Internet of Things, cloud computing and other new advanced information technologies, the equipment material support system is constructed. In this paper, the architecture, the network structure...
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Analysis, Design and Implementation of FSK Modulate Systems

ChangFu Wu
The hybrid signals are the combined signals with multi-modulation mode. With multi-modulation, the disadvantages of single-modulation (such as FSK, PSK and PPM) can be eliminated. By taking the advantages of different modulations, the performance of range resolving, Doppler resolving and low probability...
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Design and implementation of information management system of social welfare

Wanli Cao
The social welfare information management system based on three-tier model and the client-server framework is built, which in close connection with social welfare archives information. At the same time, the amount of data, namely the underlying architecture code design, system architecture design, and...
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Study on Application of Honeypot in Campus Net Security

Xin Huang, Sidong Yu, Rongze Wan
With the development of digital campus construction, the campus network size has been rapid growth, but there are also many network security problems. The honeypot technology is introduced and based on the development of net technology, combined with the campus network security problem, the honeypot...
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The application of improved genetic algorithms in computer network reliability optimization

LiYan Wang, XianFeng Zheng
To decrease network link cost is one of the most important pair’s for computer network reliability optimization design. In order to make the network cost minimum, the network link medium cost, mathematics model of reliability and resolve algorithm must be considered when it is designed. In the paper,...
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Users shopping behavior mining of B2C e-commerce

Ping Gan
Rich transaction information and customer data can be recorded by the back-end database of e-commerce sites. By the application of the basket model in data mining analysis the correlation between data and predict customer loyalty. Then combined with the customer's shopping behavior, sales promotions...
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On the partial stochastic stability of stochastic differential delay equations with Markovian switching

Dezhi Liu, Weiqun Wang
In the paper, we are concerned with the partial asymptotic stochastic stability (stability in probability) of stochastic differential delay equations with Markovian switching(SDDEwMSs), the sufficient conditions for partial asymptotic stability in probability have been given and we have generalized some...
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Credibility Evaluation of Simulation Models

Qi Lin, Zhi Li
This paper discusses an evaluation methodology that can be used to assess the credibility of simulation models. The goal of verification and validation of simulation models will be described, together with a description of evaluation methodology and evaluation procedures. The credibility of simulation...
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Multivariate Regression Analysis Using Statistics with R

Xiumin Li
Multiple regression analysis is a useful model in econometrics. It can be applied in many fields. Statistics software plays an important role in processing data. This paper gives a method to use R, constructs regression model, and explains the result.
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Simulation and Test Study on Dynamic Characteristic of Air Spring with Auxiliary Chamber

Li-qing Sun, Zhong-xing Li, Xu-feng Shen, Jia-yi Zhu
In order to improve dynamic characteristics of air spring with auxiliary chamber, finite element model of air spring R1A390-295 with auxiliary chamber connected with pipe is established,and through analysis to the dynamic characteristics of the model, influence discipline of sitffness characteristics...
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Environmental Modeling Based on Ultrasonic Ranging

JunHui Wu, TongDi Qin, HuiPing Si, Jie Chen, KaiYan Lin, ChiBin Zhang
In order to deal with the conflict of the robot high-performance implementing the task in an uncertain environment, environmental modeling method based on ultrasonic ranging was adopted. By the complex environmental modeling mean of combining the methods of grid and geometry, relying the measurement...
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BAVC: Classifying Benign Atomicity Violations via Machine Learning

Qichang Chen, Zhanfang Chen, Zhuang Liu, Xin Feng, Zhengang Jiang, Liqiang Wang, Hongyi Ma, Ping Guo
The reality of multi-core hardware has made concurrent programs pervasive. Unfortunately, writing correct concurrent programs is difficult. Atomicity violation, which is caused by concurrent executions unexpectedly violating the atomicity of a certain code region, is one of the most common concurrency...
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A Research on Improving of Adaptive Binary Arithmetic Coding Algorithm in H.264

Chongxin Liu, Wen Dong
Adaptive Binary Arithmetic Coding is an effective mode of coding. The paper introduces the basic principle of Adaptive Binary Arithmetic Coding first. Then the paper analyses the complexity of Adaptive Binary Arithmetic Coding and advances a method to optimize the algorithm. Experiment results show that...
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Empirical Research of Portfolio Selection under M-SAD Model

Peng Zhang, Jingyi Zhou
The mean semi-absolute deviation is the extension and development from the mean-variance theory which proposed by Markowitz. This paper studied the Mean-SAD (semi-variance deviation) model without the short selling and used the Chinese securities market’s 20 stocks to test the efficient of the model....
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The market application analysis of CAPM model in China's securities

Peng Zhang, Xianghuan Meng
CAPM is one of the most important decision-making problems for most organizations in portfolio selection problem. Usually the determination of the capital return on assets is the core issues of CAPM.The paper deeply makes the empirical analysis of CAPM model in Chinese stock market .The result could...
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Personalized Search Ranking Based on Semantic Tag

Lei Huang, Chanle Wu
The resource getting core of knowledge Service System is the search engine, but the most studies only put attention to improve efficiency, so as to mass resources retrieval results still allows the user to face "cognitive overload" problem when the user to use searcher to get knowledge, how to provide...
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System Wide Information Management Architecture Designing

Yi Luo, Quan XIN, Pei Wang, Xuezhen Chen
As an important technical support platform of the next generation air traffic management concepts, Civil Aviation Wide Information Management System is responsible for providing various types of interactive information to relative business departments. This paper took SOA approach to analyze and design...
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Using Fuzzy logic to Adjust Plasma Concentration Based on a Two-compartment Pharmacokinetic Model

Lei Zhao, Xinling Shi, Yufeng Zhang, Yajie Liu
In this paper, a closed-loop control system was developed using fuzzy logic to adapt the parameters of a pharmacokinetic (PK) model. The system is based on a two-compartment PK model with first-order rate process of oral administration. The fuzzy logic adaptation scheme uses the error and the change...
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Object Tracking Based on Corrected Background-Weighted Histogram Mean Shift and Kalman Filter

Yu Yang, Yongxing Jia, Chuanzhen Rong, Ying Zhu, Yuan Wang, Zhenjun Yue, Zhenxing Gao
The classical mean shift (MS) algorithm is the best color-based method for object tracking. However, in the real environment it presents some limitations, especially under the presence of noise, objects with partial and full occlusions in complex environments. In order to deal with these problems, this...
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College English Learners’ Beliefs and Awareness of Mobile Learning Based on Smart-phones

Wei Bao
Mobile learning model has been developing for more than ten years in China and it is an active temptation of college English teaching reformation. Based on smart-phones, mobile learning provides a useful platform for students to fulfill autonomous learning. This paper attempts to investigate college...
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A Triangle Division Based Point Matching for Image Registration

Jian Chen, Dan Zeng, Chen Kang, Zhijiang Zhang
One basic requirement of image registration is the high precision of point matching. In this paper, we present a simple and robust method to get more accurate matching points by using the structural information of divided triangles. The method initially construct triangles using Delaunay Triangulation...
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Research and Development of Gas and Pipeline Technical Standard Content Reveal Technology and System

Bing Liu, Minyang Wang, Teng Pan, Kaixuan Wu
Traditional standard retrieval methods and systems presented in various papers are widely used based on the standard titles and the keywords. However, these methods may be inapposite to modern pipeline engineers, especially for the ones who want find the requirements details of pipeline standards as...
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Cheeger Cut Model for the Balanced Data Classification Problem

Yan-zhou Zhang, Yan Jiang, Zhi-Feng Pang
In this paper we propose a numerical method based on the splitting strategy to solve the Cheeger cut model. In order to improve the classification results, we propose a new self-tuning strategy to choose a robust scaling parameter. Some numerical examples are arranged to illustrate the efficiency of...
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Guarantee Industries Credit Evaluation Research of Risk Management Perspective

Yi Fang, Huijun Ren, Longxing Li
In order to evaluate the credit status of the insured enterprise, from the perspective of guarantee company’s risk management, according the evaluation indexes of the evaluation agencies both at home and abroad, this research constructs the credit guarantee evaluation index institutions used by themselves,...
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Multi-asset option pricing based on exponential Lévy process

Nan Liu, Meiling Wang, Xuebin Lü
The multi-dimensional Esscher transform was used to find a locally equivalent martingale measure to price the options based on multi-asset. An integro-differential equation was driven for the prices of multi-asset options. The numerical method based on the Fourier transform was used to calculate some...
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Design and Implementation of Keywords Extraction and Management System Based on Java Platform

Teng PAN, Bing LIU, Yanshuang LIU, Yunjie LI
This essay discusses the design and implementation of a keywords extraction and management system based on java platform. By using development methodology of domain engineering, the essay focuses on key technology of keywords extraction system and outline some ideas of the software architecture, in which...
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Research of the key technology of AIS base station web system

Boran Yu, Shufang Zhang
This essay is to research the key technology of AIS base station web system. After specifically analyzing the AIS system and AIS message protocol, it majorly discusses the independent design of the AIS base station web system, which consists of node servers, one control center, and remote accesses; the...
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Tickets Sales Policy for Two-stage Fares Airline considering Unidirectional Substitution of Cabin and Swapping Applications

Fengchao Wang, Zhenxiu Mo, Cui Li
Tickets sales policy of two routes for two-stage fares airline are studied under the following three conditions in this paper: neither unidirectional substitution of cabin nor swapping applications is considered, only unidirectional substitution of cabin is considered, both unidirectional substitution...
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Keywords Extraction Based on Text Classification

Li-gong Yang, Jian Zhu, Shi-ping Tang
In this paper, we propose new keywords extraction method based on texts classification. We first classify texts to determine their categories. Then determine weights of candidate words according to both their frequency and the relevance between text words and text category. Finally, keywords are extracted...