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Study on Structural Complexity of Transmission Case Production Line

Ping Han, Lili Ma, Naiwei Zou
Complexity level is one of the factors that affect manufacturing system design and control, so study on complexity quantification is gaining more attention. A method that combined information entropy and system structure factor is introduced to measure the complexity of transmission case production line....
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Study on Application of Data Mining Technology in Syndrome Differentiation of TCM

Zhiguo Dai, Yangyang Han
Study on the applications of association rule mining in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) knowledge and experience is carried out in this paper. The association rules of disease symptoms and syndrome differentiation, syndrome differentiation and prescription, disease symptoms and prescription are mined...
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Auto Covariance combined with Artificial Neural Network for predicting Protein-Protein interactions

Juanjuan Li, Yuehui Chen
Proteins play biological function through the interactions in organisms. Proteins are major components of organisms, and they are of great significance. As an increasing number of high-throughput biological experiments are carried out, a large amount of biological data is produced. Bioinformatics is...
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Promoting Hotel Managerial and Operational Level with new Technology

Yunpeng Li, Yongqiu Xie, Chao Huang
the worldwide application of IT, typically represented by computer technology, has laid a solid foundation for the hotel Informatization. At present, most of guest serving and receiving business are processed with IT. But still, there is some inadequacy in the controlling system of distribution channels....
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Numerical Analysis on Parameters Adjustment of Smoke Control System in a Complicated Underground Commercial Zone

Dewen Li, Jingzhao Zhang
The technical parameters adjustment of smoke control system in a complicated underground commercial zone is studied by numerical simulations. An underground fire model (it encloses a hotel, a supermarket, and a net bar) and five typical fire scenarios are designed. The Fire Dynamic Simulator code is...
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Design and realization of the evaluation of expert reputation in the online evaluation system for the master dissertation

Lin Huang, Shuhai Wang, Yu Fan
The master dissertation comprehensively reflects the research capacity, innovation ability and literary ability of a postgraduate, and the dissertation evaluation is to give an objective and fair evaluation of the master dissertation. Hence the expert selection and the evaluation of its work are extremely...
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Improved term selection algorithm based on variance in text categorization

Ran Li, Xianjiu Guo
This article improves the algorithm of term weighting in automated text classification. The traditional TFIDF algorithm is a common method that is used to measure term weighting in text classification However, the algorithm does not take the distribution of terms in inter-class. In order to solve the...
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Simulation and Optimization of a Permanent Magnet for Small-sized MRI by Genetic Algorithm

Yiyuan Cheng, Ling Xia, Wei He
The main magnet produces the main magnetic field in the imaging area as one of the important parts of the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system. In a permanent MRI magnet, the widespread end effect causes a non-uniform magnetic field distribution and affects the imaging quality. In this paper, an H-type...
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Construction of compactly supported orthonormal symmetric and antisymmetric two-direction refinable functions and its corresponding wavelet with scale M

Wan-she LI, Quan-gang Yao
In this paper, the concepts and related conclusions of two-direction multiresolution analysis and two-direction refinable functions are introduced; two-direction wavelet with scale 2 is researched and is extended to orthonormal symmetric and antisymmetric two-direction wavelet with scale M and relevant...
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A TPA Based Efficient Non-Repudiation Scheme for Cloud Storage

Wenqi Ma, Qingbo Wu, Yusong Tan
One of differences between cloud storage and previous storage is that there is a financial contract between user and the cloud service provider (CSP). User pay for service in exchange for certain guarantees and the cloud is a liable entity. But some mechanisms need to ensure the liability of CSP. Some...
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Existence of high energy solutions for Kirchhoff-type equations

Chunhan Liu XLiu, Jianguo Wang
In this paper, by applying the fountain theorems, we study the existence of infinitely many high energy solutions for the nonlinear kirchhoff nonlocal equations under the Ambrosetti-Rabinowitz type growth conditions or no Ambrosetti-Rabinowitz type growth conditions, infinitely many high energy solutions...
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The Application of Digital Simulation Technology In Ship Power System

Renmin Yuan
This paper described the ship power system digital simulation technology is object-oriented simulation technology, it adopts the modular design and layered structure, among them, the modular design to enhance the simulation agility and scalability, and hierarchical structure is in reducing modeling workload...
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The Lower Bound of Density Estimation for Biased Data in Sobolev Spaces

Jinru Wang, Yuan Zhou
In this paper, we consider the density estimation problem from independent and identically distributed (i.i.d.) biased observations. We study the lower bound of convergence rates of density estimation over Sobolev spaces WrN N N+ under the Lp risk by using Fano s lemma.
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Performance Analysis of A Multi-channel MAC with Dynamic CCH Interval in WAVE System

Dongbi Zhu, Dandan Zhu
To improve the throughput performance of the Wireless Access in Vehicular Environment (WAVE) system, we propose a multi-channel MAC protocol that is able to adaptively adjust the intervals of Control Channel (CCH) and Service Channel (SCH) according to the probability distribution of the reservation...
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Research of CAPP System Based on the Solid Edge

Jiang-tao Cui, Guo-qiang Shen
The three-dimensional CAPP prototype is studied based on Solid Edge platform using the technology of secondary development of VB. The system is able to complete part the selection of machining feature of the part, edit of process information and selection of process. The system finally output process...
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Integrating PSP with agile process:a systematic review

Mengjiao Shen, Guoping Rong, Dong Shao
At present, software process integration is a hot research issue which aims to improve software development. Thus, our team was organized to research this topic and proposed a cube for integration among different Classifications of processes. Nearly two years ago, we chose the integration of PSP and...
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Storage Mechanism of Processing Magnanimity Small Files Applying HDFS Architecture

Xin Wang, Jun Ma
Pointing at the low efficiency problem of I/O operations of small files using HDFS application architecture, this article proposes a new method, that is, add disk buffer on DataNode to reduce addressing time of reading small files, and thus reduce reading time, and reduce the stress bringed by frequent...
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Analysis Method of Dynamic Extensible Service Model Based On Petri-Net

Can Zhang, Jing Jiang, Cheng Fan, Jie Sun, Rui-Min Yang
It is a big challenge to realize the dynamic change of the network environment and user’s demands. A dynamic application customization and extensible service composition model is proposed in this paper. In order to guarantee the rationality of the service composition, the composition model of on-demand...
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Research on abnormal data processing method in intelligent data adapter based on bayesian network

Ping Hao, Bin-li Lu
This paper put forward a bayesian network junction tree reasoning and rule reasoning hybrid algorithm to solve the adaptation problem in Public Data Center of heterogeneous system, based on the research in intelligent data processing method. Using adapter’s dynamic data monitoring function, first, pick...
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Coordination of the closed loop supply chain with retailers' competition

Ting Wang
To reflect the coordination in the supply chain of perishable products with free competition, a single manufacturer and two retailers supply chain model facing the stochastic demand in relation with different prices and the return mechanism is established. The analysis shows that the profit of total...
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A Global Optimization Approach for Solving the D.C. Multiplicative Programming Problem

Xue-gang Zhou
In this paper, we present a global optimization algorithm for solving the D.C. multiplicative programming (DCMP) over a convex compact subset. By introducing auxiliary variables, we give a transformation under which both the objective and the feasible region turn to be d.c.Then we solve equivalent D.C....
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Design of Intelligent Telemedicine Monitoring Data Transmission Network

Wen Dong, Chongxin Liu
The paper propose a design of the local data transmission between human body physiological parameters acquisition terminal and local intelligent monitoring terminal based on the wireless transmission technique of Zigbee and Bluetooth. In order to realize the remote transmission between Local medical...
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Generating High-Quality Random Numbers by Next Nearest-Neighbor Cellular Automata

Ping Ping, Feng Xu, Zhi-Jian Wang
Cellular automaton (CA) has been widely investigated as random number generators (RNGs). However, the CA rule and the number of neighbors must be chosen carefully for good randomness. In Ref. [11], non-uniform CA with next nearest neighborhood was applied to generate a pseudo-random sequence. Considering...
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User Behavior Analysis Based On Gn Interface Of GPRS Network

Yong Chen, Wenli Zhou
The General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) has become a standard to extend the services provided by the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM). Through the introduction of packet switching technology, GPRS supports the use of packet data transmission, allowing a more efficient usage of the radio...
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Geographical information services classification based on FCA - a case study in vector spatial statistic analysis

Yumin Chen, Jingyang Wu, Fei Zeng, Xiang Gao, Xiaomei Bi
The classification of geographical information services is very important to the effective management and sharing of geographical spatial information, especially in a web-based GIS system. However, most current classification criteria focus on an abstract level. Discussions on the detailed services classification...
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A Modified Method for User Authority Ranking in Chinese Microblog

Jing Xin
Nowadays, microblog has emerged as the most promising social networking service in the Web2.0 age with diverse features for information dissemination, interpersonal communication and many other aspects. Chinese microblog shows great potential owing to the rich marketing source and powerful media influence...
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A Network-based Multi-dimensional Recommendation Algorithm

Xiangyun Xiong, Yuchen Fu, Zhaoqing Liu
Personalized recommendation based on bipartite network has attracted more and more attention. It’s obviously better than CF (Collaborative Filtering). In this paper, we propose a multi-dimensional recommendation algorithm called BNPM. It combines item-based, user-based and category-based recommendation...
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Design and Implementation of a Safety Statistics Administration System

Jinkui Hou
Using of advanced network technology and information technology, a construction scheme for unified statistical information management platform is proposed in this paper. In the scheme, the business of municipal statistics bureau is used as the center, and the scientific statistical system is used as...
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Compare of Formal Analysis and Testing for Verification of Safety-critical Systems: a Case Study

Juan Zhang, Guoqi Li, Xiao Liu
Safety-critical system attracts more attention in recent years. During the development of safety-critical systems, verification plays the most important role and includes many high cost activities. Testing and formal analysis are two mainstream ways for verification. This paper describes new tools and...
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Behavior Consistency Verification for Evolution of Aspectual Component-based Software

Xue-yao Zhou, Ning-jiang Chen, Dan-dan Hu
Aspect-Oriented Software Architecture (AOA) is a high-level abstraction and integration blueprint of aspectual component-based software. A semantic model of aspectual component-based software is proposed to provide behavior description and semantic foundation for the consistency verification of software...
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Volume Rendering of 3D Borehole Data Based on GPU

Weijiang Wu, Lizhi Qin, Shu Ma, Guohe Li
Taking 3D borehole data for research object, an algorithm flow of volume rendering based GPU is given. According to the limited and discrete characteristics of 3D borehole data, Kriging interpolation algorithm is used to construct a regular grid data model. Ray-casting algorithm based on GPU is realized...
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Using Model Checking to Verify the Logic Module of Flight Control Software

Shunkun Yang, Guoqi Li
Model checking is an important method to verify state machine based system. In this paper, we using PAT, a novel and powerful model checking tool, to verify the logic module of flight control software, which is public available. Conclusions are drawn from the verification and these are valuable for similar...
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Visual modeling application in the aircraft emergency evacuation simulation based on Virtools

Chaoying Zhang, Hu Liu
Using interactive virtual simulation methods and combining numerical calculation software, the 3D airline emergency evacuation simulation system is established in Virtools platform according to the received data. The system takes full account of the passengers' individual differences during the evacuation...
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Detrended cross-correlation analysis of epilepsy electroencephalagram singals

Junchang Zhao, Wanhu Dou, Hongda Ji, Jun Wang
The cross-correlation performance between epilepsy electroencephalogram (EEG) signals reflects the status of epilepsy patients which has importance for analyzing long-range correlation of non-stationary signals. For the first time, detrended cross-correlation analysis (DCCA) was applied to analyze different...
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Asymmetric Binary Frequency Shift Keying and its Frequency Attribute

Shikai Zhang, Jianli Jin
An innovative asymmetric binary frequency shift keying (ABFSK) modulation format is presented and studied both in the time domain and frequency domain. First, the modulation function is demonstrated, it shows a quasi-continuous phase attribute and an ability of high speed data modulation. Second, the...
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Research on Automatic Construction of Financial Ontology Using Chinese Encyclopedia Resource

Qian Mo, Shu Zhang
Ontology plays a dominant role in a growing number of different fields, such as information retrieval, artificial intelligence, semantic Web and knowledge management, etc. However, manual construction of large ontology is not feasible. This article discusses how to create Financial Ontology automatically...
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Network attack characteristics of automatic data extraction technology

Tianyin Pu, Zhengchan Rao, Zheng QIN
attack automatic feature extraction technology is an important research of network security technology. From the network present situation research proceed with, to attack the automatic feature extraction technology for definition and classifycation, and for each category of technology are introduced...
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Some properties and a characterization of two-directional scaling function

Wan-She Li, Ting-Ting Hu
In this paper, we denote two direction MRA and two direction scaling function in L2(R) with dilation factor 2, discuss the proposition of two direction scaling function, give a necessary and sufficient condition for a function to be a two direction scaling function.
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Policy on Downlink Access of Femtocell Based on OFDMA in Dense Employment Residential Environment

Huanle Zhang, Jian Liu
The femtocell technology has spurred much interest both in research field and industrial area. There would be a widespread employment of femtocell access points (FAPs) in residential environment in near future. However, in a typical residential buildings with two rows of apartments which have femtocell...
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An Electronic Shelf Label System Based on WSN

Chunhui Zhou, Pan Mei, Liwen Huang, Kezhong Liu, Yuanqiao Wen
Traditional paper labels on the supermarkets’ shelves are of many shortcomings such as the high error rate, high losing rate, increasing cost and unrealizable realtime-updating caused by manual management. In order to overcome these shortcomings, this paper aims to design a new Electronic Shelf Label...
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Multi-sensor image registration by combination of Relaxation Optimization matching and Partitioning RANSAC

Yingdan Wu, Yang Ming
This paper presents a multi-sensor image registration method by combination of relaxation optimization matching and Partitioning RANSAC. Firstly, the global coarse registration is performed to establish the approximate relationship of reference and slave image. Secondly, in each pyramid level, the normalized...
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Virtual Reality and Virtual Reality System Components

Oluleke Bamodu, Xuming Ye
This paper is a synoptic review of virtual reality, its features, types, and virtual reality systems, as well as the elements of the VR system hardware and software, which are essential components of virtual reality systems.
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Research and Simulation of Ultra Wideband Based on Rake Receiver

Xuewen He, Yanmeng Wang
The Ultra Wideband signal with multiple multipath component and use the Rake receiver can combine energy of multipath components. Using Rake reception, the performance of three kinds of receiving methods is compared with binary Ultra Wideband signal using the Maximal Ratio Combining (MRC), and got the...
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Sleep electroencephalogram analysis based on symbolic transfer entropy

Ruijun Chang, Liu Yang, Qiuping Chen, Jun Wang
The quality of sleep has a great relationship with health. The result of sleep stage classification is an important indicator to measure the quality of sleep. It was found that the symbolic transfer entropy about wake and the first stage of non-rapid eye movement sleep reflect on the changes of sleep...
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The Study of Logistics Distribution Routing optimization problem Based on B2C e-commerce

Xiuxia Yu, Yinghong Dong, Li Yue
This essay aims at the intelligence of logistics and distribution and uses the ideas of the systematic engineering to analyze the vehicle route optimization problem based on the characteristics of B2C e-commerce and has already established path optimization model of constraint three-dimensional distribution....
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Simulation of the Induced Electric Fields in the Breast Tissue During MRI Breast Imaging

Guisheng Tao, Ling Xia, Minhua Zhu, Xia Li, Wenlong Xu
This paper studies induced electric fields and current densities for peripheral nerve stimulation (PNS) induced by breast gradient coils. The numerical calculations are based on an efficient, quasi-static, finite-difference (QSFD) scheme. The application of the human body to the calculations of induced...
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Research of Adaptive Gradient Projection Algorithm on Remote sensing Image Reconstruction

Haixia Yan, Yanjun Liu
In order to improve the low efficient and the noise effect of remote sensing image reconstruction, an algorithm of adaptive dual gradient projection for sparse reconstruction of compressed sensing theory is proposed. Point to the high frequency noise of remote sensing image, the ADGPSR algorithm pursuits...
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Research on the Customized Color Mapping Technology of Reservoir 3D Display

Yan Zhang, Chao Li, Yongdan Nie, Junlong Hou, Wenjie He
The technology of color mapping could provide the visual representation of data mapping corresponding of the color range, in the three-dimensional visual scene. In order to analyze the characteristics of three-dimensional reservoir model more efficiently, this article researched the key technology of...
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Research on the Interactive Technology of Reservoir 3D Display

Yan Zhang, Yongdan Nie, Junlong Hou, Wenjie He
In the process of reservoir 3D modeling and display, when the data amount of the model was large, the visual model would become huge. While the oil exploration and development experts might usually pay more attention to the distribution of the cells within some layers, some areas, or some regions with...
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Research on Sustainable Development Strategies of The agriculture of Hebei Province

Yanna Zhao, YuQiang Sun
This paper introduces the Changes in agricultural production of Hebei Province from 1949 to 2011,firstly.Then We analyzed the factors that influence the sustainable development of Agriculture.Finally, we put forward some development proposals.We hope to have reference to the other provinces of the sustainable...