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Unified Traceability Information System of Logistics Pallet Based on the Internet Of Things

Xing-zhi LIN
The paper focuses on the intelligent logistics pallet, networking, traceability information technology and unified logistics information system, and puts forward unified traceability information system of intelligent logistics pallet based on the Internet of things (IOT), displaying innovative system...
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Pricing Strategy of Cruise Companies

Huashan Tan, Yang Yang
This paper researches the product pricing problems of cruise companies in the oligopoly market, discusses a cooperative game model and a non cooperative game model, and gives equilibrium results of pricing game between two oligopoly companies by analyzing the solution of models.
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A Semantic Parsing Model Applied into Search Engine

Ying LI, Xiang Feng WEI, Yu Huan CHI
It is a tough work to select accurate web pages for search engine. This paper applied a semantic parsing model into search engine by comparing the conceptual structures between user’s input and text. The words, sentences and sentence groups can be mapped into conceptual symbols, semantic categories,...
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Optimal MLAT Tracking Based on Improved Simulation for Airport Surveillance

Yu Lu, Donglin He, Hui Yao
MLAT (Multilateration) is becoming one of the leading techniques in the airport surveillance. It locates the positions of aircrafts by the TDOAs (Time Difference of Arrivals) of signal from the aircraft to the different remote stations. In views of the influence from the geometric relation and the clock...
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Probabilistic Transmitting-based Data Aggregation Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks

Jianghong Guo, Yudong Luo
For reducing the communication overhead of data aggregation, authors proposed a probabilistic transmitting-based data aggregation scheme for wireless sensor network. Due to limited number of nodes in the cluster and aggregation error is unavoidable; nodes adopt the probabilistic transmitting to lower...
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Empirical Research on the Development of Regional Service Industry under the Perspective of Generalized Virtual Economy—Take Sichuan Province as an Example

Zhenxiu Mo, Cui Li, Xu Chen
From the perspective of generalized virtual economy, considering physical factors and non-physical factors that affect the development of service industry, a system including three terms and 14 indicators is built to evaluate the development of service industry. With K-means clustering, multiple regression...
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PWIG - Interactive Paradigm of Direct Touch Interaction

Feng Wang, Qi Fan, Hui Deng, Jibin Yin
The direct touch interaction is considered as an important part of natural human-computer interaction and has become one of the hotspots in recent years. However, current touch interactive designs still rely on traditional WIMP paradigm seriously. To prompt and develop a dedicated user interface for...
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Media Access Control Protocol in Ad Hoc Network based on Hybrid Antennas

Ming-ce Cheng, Ying LI
In order to solve the problem of the communication asymmetry problems in hybrid ad hoc network because of the introduction of directional antennas, we propose a hybrid MAC protocol termed DFMAC protocol, which achieving data transmission by one hop through the use of exchange RTS by multiple hops. The...
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Research on Vocation Education Performance Evaluation Based on Fuzzy Analysis

Zhaohui Zheng
How to evaluate vocation education performance is one of the difficulties and hot research fields for the researchers related. The paper presents a new model for evaluating vocation education performance based on the principle of analytic hierarchy process and fuzzy comprehensive evaluation. First an...
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Regularization method for complete singular integral equation with Hilbert kernel on open arcs

Li-xia Cao
We considered the regularization method for a kind of complete singular integral equation with Hilbert kernel on open arcs lying in a period strip. And based on this, we obtained the solvable Noether theorem for this kind of complete singular integral equations.
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Aadptive Subcarrier Allocation for Multiple Cognitive Users over Fading Channels

Xiaorong Xu, Aiping Huang, Jianrong Bao, Hangguan Shan
In Cognitive Radio Network (CRN), where Primary User (PU) and multiple Secondary Users (SUs) wish to communicate with their corresponding receivers simultaneously over fading channels, spectrum utilization and efficient resource allocation are both significant points for CRN. Interference between PU...
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The Design of Temperature Control System for Rice Wine Fermentation

Shengyi Zhang, Xinming Wang
Fermentation temperature is the key to decide the quality of the rice wine, so the temperature controlling system in fermentation room is established base on stm32 microcontroller and digital temperature sensor. The whole block diagram for the system is firstly detailed, and then the Temperature collecting...
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Study of Fuzzy-PID Control in MATLAB for Two-phase Hybrid Stepping Motor

Shengyi Zhang, Xinming Wang
two-phase hybrid stepping motor is widely used for driving part in industry controlling, the research for control algorithm applied in stepping motor becomes more and more important. The mathematic model of the two-phase hybrid stepping motor and the structure of Fuzzy-PID controller are detailed, and...
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Research of Air Pollution Dispersion Visualization Based on GPU and Volume Rendering

Lei Wang
To address the air pollution diffusing problem, a visualization algorithm based on fluid diffusion physical model and volume rendering is proposed to simulate the diffusion process epically for the urgent pollution accidents. The diffusion model is based on the simplified heat diffusion equation and...
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Research on Prediction Model of the Impact of New Telecom Services Tariff Based on the Customer Choice Behavior

Xin-kuang Jiang, Xu Chen
This paper studies the impact of new telecom services tariff on the customers inside (customers who have ever chosen the original telecom service packages) and the revenue variation from the perspective of utility and customer choice behavior. On the basis of the quantification of telecom services tariff,...
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On the Study of Softwares of Computer-aided Translation (CAT)

Wanfang Zhang, Changhong Zhai
In the current information age, computer-aided translation (CAT) is gaining greater concern and appreciation of translators. In this paper some widely employed softwares will be briefly introduced in terms of transformation from machine translation (MT) to CAT. Softwares of CAT will be the major focus,...
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3D-Computer Simulation of Physical Transfer Process in Laser Molten Pool

Bo Yang, Xi-chen Yang, Jian-bo Lei, Yun-shan Wang
The physical mathematic model for heat transfer and convection in laser molten pool established. 3D-computer simulation of temperature and fluid fields has been completed with finite difference method. It is shown that in laser molten pool there is a strong fluid flow, which is symmetrical in XY plane...
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Research on Heterogeneous Component Assembly Problems Based on Software Product Line

Jianli Dong
With the research and development of software product line and component-based software engineering methodology, it has become key technology how to build component assembly environment and realize heterogeneous component assembly. Thus, a new industrialized product line based integrated software engineering...
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Critical Operations Selecting Method

Qiuying Li, Lei Luo
It is very important to select critical operations in software reliability testing and software safety testing. In this paper, a framework for selecting critical operations based on Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) is proposed. The hierarchies of goals, criteria and alternative programs are introduced...
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Big-screen text input system based on gesture recognition

Xing Guo, Zhenyu Lu, Rongbin Xu, Zhengyi Liu, Jianguo Wu
Now more and more based on gesture interaction system applications, but there are simple gestures to operate the mouse interaction, no text input to the system function. In this paper, the blind letters gestures as input gestures ,using kinect to get the depth image, gestures split, use SIFT feature...
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Design of Control Module for Serial DAC Based on FPGA

Cai-hong Liu, Jin-shui Ji, Ai-qin Qi
In order to increase the flexibility of control for serial DAC, a new control method for DAC based on FPGA is proposed in this paper. A state transition diagram can be drawn according to the timing diagram of DAC, Which can be realized in FPGA using Very High-speed Integrated Circuit Hardware Description...
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Experiment Teaching Reform For Software Engineering Majors Based On CDIO

Xiang Chen, Ye Qiu
In order to cultivate application oriented and high skilled talent s in the public education phase, it is essential for full development of students practice, design and innovation abilities by strengthening the experiment teaching. The CDIO(conceive, design, implement, operate) advocates learning by...
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Third-party Logistics System Based on Lean Logistics

Weiwei Han
Currently the development of third-party logistics enterprises in China is facing opportunities and challenges, and urgently needs new management model. This paper discusses the third-party logistics system based on lean logistics from four aspects: lean-agile distribution, value stream analysis, the...
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A Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Algorithm Incorporated with Life Cycle

Chonglin Zheng, Kuangrong Hao, Yongshen Ding
Collaborative filtering recommendation algorithm is the most successful technology for recommendation systems. However, traditional collaborative filtering recommendation algorithm does not consider the change of time information. For this problem this paper improve the algorithm with two new methods...
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System Design of the Equipment Support Efficiency Evaluation Simulation System Based on HLA

Xiang Zhao, Gang Chen, Lu Gao
HLA (High Level Architecture) is a distributed simulation framework; it has the advantage of portability, and reusable. This paper introduces HLA in the field of the equipment support efficiency evaluation simulation. It analyzes the basic principles of HLA and federal development process. The operating...
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Industrial synergy mechanism and operation mode research based on the retail industry

Haiqiang Min, Xu Chen
In recent years, the rapid growth of commerce has led the upgrade of retail, real estate development mode. In the process, the trend of synergy development among retail, real estate and finance has been more and more obvious. In this paper, we analyzed the causes of the synergy development from three...
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Information System Construction of Spare Parts Supply Based on Supply Chain

Wukui Zhao, Cheng Zhang, Xiang Zhao
Equipment spare parts in equipment maintenance play an important role in the management, maintenance and repair of damaged equipment. Information system of spare parts supply is constructed based on supply chain. The generic configuration of supply chain is introduced, based on which the information...
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Construction of Motion Model of Motion Simulation System of Airport Fire Engine Simulator

Lishan Jia, Liwen Wang
To the high real-time quality requirement of motion simulation system of airport fire engine simulator, a simulation system with simplified motion model was promoted. The simplified motion model simplifies motion model of vehicle based on application requirement of virtual training of vehicle driving....
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Study on the Inter-organizational Information System Adaptation Mechanism Based on Organizaitonal Identification

Ming Yin, Qi Liu, Zhanxing Zheng
The adaptation mechanism of inter-organizational information system based on organizational identification remains under explored questions in the area of information system. In order to overcome the inadequacy of previous research, this paper firstly seeks to elaborate on the previous literatures of...
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Design of SSL VPN system based on RBAC access

Ya-qin Fan, Ge Zhang, Fei-fei Li, Xin Zhang
in order to solve the access control system loopholes, can appear the problem of chaotic management, security failure and conflict of competence, this paper studies the access control model, on the basis of the design of a SSL VPN oriented access control system, the authentication module, access control...
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Information Technologies and Translation Instrumental Competence

Peihua Lei
This paper outlines the types of information technologies applied to translation today and translation sub-competences. A study was made in which students were motivated to participate in building DIY corpus based on a given task and to solve the problems in their former translation. It was found that...
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Video Call Traffic Identification based on Bayesian Model

Ying Hou, Hai Huang, Kai Wang, Yu-hang Zhu
This paper proposes Bayesian statistical method to identify the video traffic by the symmetrical features and coding statistical characteristics of video calls. According to the problem of high computational complexity of the non-parametric probability density estimate method in the condition of large...
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Research on Survivability Evaluation of Ad Hoc Network Connectivity

Ji-Lu Wang
Connectivity is the basis and premise of the network services. Ad hoc network has the property of topological changes, which makes the connecting reliability the basis of its survivability evaluation. To compute the connecting reliability of Ad hoc network, it needs to analyze the whole system and evaluate...
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A Robust Filtering Algorithm of LiDAR Data for DTM Extraction

Yang Ming, Chujiang Chen
For DTM extraction of road linear project from LiDAR data, this paper proposes a robust ground filtering algorithm. Firstly, a pyramidal hierarchical structure of ground candidate points is formed. Secondly, in each level, the Thin Plate Spline (TPS) surface interpolation is iteratively used to produces...
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Optimal Spectrum Sensing Interval to Minimize theTransmission Delay for Cognitive Radio

Shuai Li, Peng Gong, Qian Yang, Mingguan Li, Linchuan Ma
In this work, we have studied the optimal spectrum sensing interval, which is the time between two consecutive spectrum sensing activities, such that the delay of the cognitive transmission is minimized. The throughput maximization of the cognitive radio is always a common goal of the researchers, which...
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Design of Glass Flatness Semi-automatic Detection System

Linlin Zhai, Guangfeng Chen, Xin Wei, Xipei Ma
This article proposed a glass flatness detection system. The systems adopt 16 displacement sensors to detect multiple sample points on the glass surface simultaneously. Detection software controls pneumatic devices to realize glass feeding, clamping while displacement sensors’ detection. Sensors output...
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Online Biscuit Detection System Based On Machine Vision

Xin Wei, Guangfeng Chen, Linlin Zhai, Qingqing Huang
In order to complete the automated sorting, the manipulator needs the accurate coordinate and angle information of the biscuits. This article design a machine vision based online biscuit detection system. Devise the hardware structure and control logic. Base on geometric matching algorithm, develop the...
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Real-Time 3D Hand Tracking from Depth Images

Lin Song, Ruimin Hu, Yulian Xiao, Liyu Gong
In this paper, we propose a depth image based real-time 3D hand tracking method. Our method is based on the fact that human hand is an end point of human body. Therefore, we locate human hand by finding the end point from a predicted position of hand based on the hand position of the previous frame....
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A Modeling Study of Sensor Data

Feng Liu, Jianyong Wang, Ming Liu
Nowadays, Internet of Things (IoT) has been becoming a hot research topic. Being an important part of Internet of Things, the wireless sensor networks collect various types of environmental data and construct the fundamental structure of the IoT applications. In order to find out the characteristics...
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The Effectiveness of Public Hospital Governance Model Evaluation and Analysis

Jianhui Yang, Jie Zhao, Yunkai Zhai
According to the Balanced Scorecard theory and stakeholder theory, this paper points out that the evaluation of the effectiveness of public hospital management mode should be based on in-house effectiveness and the effectiveness of the operation. Article conducts a further demonstration of the effectiveness...
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The study found that the intelligent mobile phone technology of malicious code

Ya-qin FAN, Ge Zhang, Miao LIU, Xin Zhang
This paper studies the development trend of intelligent mobile phone, confirmed the necessity of research on intelligent mobile phone malicious code. Study on the detection technology, proposed intelligent mobile phone regular networks and random networks based on malicious code propagation model, propagation...
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Real-Time 3D Hand Gesture Recognition from Depth Image

Lin Song, Ruimin Hu, Yulian Xiao, Liyu Gong
In this paper, we propose a novel real-time 3D hand gesture recognition algorithm based on depth information. We segment out the hand region from depth image and convert it to a point cloud. Then, 3D moment invariant features are computed at the point cloud. Finally, support vector machine (SVM) is employed...
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A Fast adaptive transmit power and bit allocation in OFDM system

Juan Wen, Qiming Tian
In this paper, we propose a fast and optimal adaptive transmit power and bit allocation algorithm, which is called Bisection Searching Level (BSL) for wireless OFDMA systems. The algorithm aims at maximization of data rate under the constraints of total transmit power and bit error rate (BER). BSL is...
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Modified iterative sphere decoding algorithm in LTE system

Qin Zhu, Xiao-wen Li
In the long-term evolution (LTE) system, channel equalization makes compensation to restore the original signal, the paper puts forward iteration sphere decoding algorithm which combines traditional sphere decoding and the improved QR based on the conventional QR decomposition detection algorithm. It...
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University Network Engineering Professional Teaching Model

You-qian Han, Xiu Xu
Network engineering is the field of emerging technologies, and how to better provide the community with the talents currently on network engineering teaching mode design became the primary task to meet the requirements of the close combination of computer technology and communication technology. In this...
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The Application of Single Vector Sensor in Direction Tracing of Water-entry Object

Di Xiao, Lanyue Zhang
Water-entry signal was important to broadcast the water-entry object. The vector sensor could gain the pressure and particle velocity signal, so the azimuth angle of water-entry signal could be estimated by single vector sensor. The complex sound intensity method was applied in vector signal processing...
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Application of Rough Set Technology to Control Information System of CFBB

Mingming Gao, Jie Hou, Deliang Zeng, Xiujian Lei, Yuping Wu, Mingsheng Zhang
Circulating fluidized bed boiler(CFBB) is a distributed parameter, nonlinear, time-varying and multivariate coupling system. Considering these, the core identity of Rough Set and the theory of self-organizing neural fuzzy inference system is applied to the control system of CFBB. The system is carried...
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Research on Structure Size of Muffler to the Influence of Acoustic Properties

Jinku Li
The dimention for muffler has great impact on the car engine. Based on software GAMBIT, GT-POWER,SYSNOISE,through comprehensively using finite element and boundary element method,simulating and analyzing the acoustic performance for the basic noise reduction unit,establishing the finite element model,...
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A Remote Educational Video Dynamic Image Sharp Processing Algorithm

Qianjun Tang, Yan Zhang
In distance education network transmission process, because transmission distance is too long, transmission network will be affected by complicated external environment factors, which leads to network failure and failure in remote education video image formation, and finally causes unsmooth transmission....