Proceedings of the 9th International Conference for Science Educators and Teachers (ICSET 2017)

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E-Media Development as an Effort to Improve Primary School Student Learning Results in Semarang

Farid Ahmadi, Fakhruddin
Preliminary study conducted in some elementary schools located in Semarang found that the information and communication technology-based learning media was not optimally implemented. The type of this research is Research and Development with Waterfall SDLC research model consisting of: analysis, design,...
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The Implementation of Song and Motion Learning Through the Model of Beyond Center Circles Time(Bcct) to Improve Early Childhood Creativity

Retno Tri Wulandari
The purpose of this study is to describe the implementation of song and motion learning as well as to increase early childhood creativity through the model of Beyond Center Circles Time (BCCT). The research method that is used was a classroomaction research with a collaborative model while the subject...
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Role of Community Leaders in Efforts to Preserve Literacy Tradition

Alim Harun Pamungkas
Literacy is one of human life needs that cannot be avoided. Literacy needs to be created by society as a new norm in the society. The aim of a literacy program is to change individuals and their social behaviors which do not care to become members of a society who care not only about their individual...
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Educational Philosophy as Social Agent of Changes

H.M. Zainuddin
Education is the institution that can be functioned as the agent of social reformer or social changes as well as determine the direction of the social changes namely social development. Every social changes occur in society can be planned based one the direction of changes to be achieved. An educator...
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The Strategic Role of Teacher Training Institute (LPTK) In Building Professional Teacher

Fathur Rokhman, Farid Ahmadi, Ratna Dewi Kusumaningtyas
It is inevitable that professional teacher will not be realized without the contribution of Teacher Training Institute (LPTK). Therefore, LPTK holds a critical role which they do not merely have to award the teacher-to be with certificates along with the title of "Bachelor of Education", but also assure...
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Parenting Styles of Single Parents for Social Emotional Development of Children at Early Childhood

Gunarti Dwi Lestari, Rezka Arina Rahma
Parenting styles is children nurturing process by a technique focused on giving affection as a deep supervision from parents to children. The objective of this research is to investigate the parenting method of single parents to children at early childhood taken care of by single parents. The methodology...
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Spiritual Moral Leadership of Head Ece in Improving Character Learning Through Outing Program

Imron Arifin
Early childhood education is a fundamental educational process. This study aims to find out how the spiritual leadership of the spiritual head ECE in improving character learning through outing program. This research uses a qualitative approach, with case study design. Techniques of collecting data using...
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Parenting Cooperative Model

Syur'aini Syur'aini
This research starting from the parents awareness in the students activities had been facilitated by a teacher. That condition make an inharmonious learning situation between teacher in the school (PAUD) with the parents in home. The research objectives is to find a model of parenting cooperative that...
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The Impact of Basic Literacy Program to Create a Learning Society

Heryanto Susilo
Basic literacy is a program that focused on reading, writing and counting skill as an effort of adult low literacy skill improvement or illiteracy age 15-59. This research aim to determine the implementation, analyses result, and the effect of learning society creation, supporting and inhibiting factors...
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The Planning of Learning Model for Students with Hearing Impairments in the Elementary School Inclusion

Indina Tarjiah
This research aims to produce a design of the model of planning learning for students with hearing impairments in inclusive elementary school in the region of DKI Jakarta. This research involves a number of subjects as participants i.e. academics, teachers in inclusive elementary schools, and teachers...
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The Influence of Group Leadership and Climate Group to the Empowerment of Farmer Group in the Village of Sumber Rejo Beringin Subdistrict Deli Serdang Regency

Yusnadi, Silvia Mariah Handayani
Farmer group is a place for farmers to obtain various innovations in agriculture through the learning process. As a forum for learning, farmer groups should have the independence to develop groups based on their needs, so that groups become empowered. Group empowerment is linked to many factors, including...
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Supervision Participatory of Training Model Nonformal Education

Abdul Rahmat, Halim K. Malik
This study begins with some weaknesses that are generally experienced in the conduct of training that is not based on competency measurement so that the materials given are not suitable to the needs of the trainees. The approach of this research is to use qualitative-analysis research. Procedures used...
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Students Learning Result of Social Science Subject between Full Day School and not Full Day School Program

Indra NurFajrah Bolonan, Haris Mahmud
The research purpose was to know different of student learning result of social science subjects in the full day school program and not the full day school program. The sample in this research was 30 students taken from the full day school program and 24 students taken from not the full day school program....
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Self-Assessment to Assess Student's Performance in Academic Task to Improve Metacognition

Siti Ina Savira, Hermien Laksmiwati
This study is aimed to examine whether self-assessment skill in dealing with academic task will improve learner's metacognition. The data collection method used was Metacognitive Awareness Inventory (MAI), interview, and retrospective think-aloud. Analysis is conducted using coding by data labeling or...
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Parents Perception About Sexual Education for Adolescence With Autism

Atien Nur Chamidah, Santiana Nur Jannah
This study aims to determine the perception of parents about sexual education given to adolescence with autism. This research is descriptive research with qualitative approach. The subjects of this study were three parents of autistic children who showed a sexual behavior disorder. Data collection using...
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The School Strategy in Multiple Intelligence Based Students' Character Building

Arifin Suking, Rismawaty Tajuddin
This study examined multiple intelligence based students' character building strategy by focusing on school strategy in building intellectual, emotional and spiritual intelligence. This is a case study research with qualitative approach. Data were collected through interview, observation and documentation...
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Science Instructional Media in the Form of Magic Game on Concept of Solid in Early Class of Primary School

Irvin Novita Arifin
One of learning with approach to play through learning is science learning. The science learning given in this way is one of the appropriate alternatives in introducing the concept of science to children because basically science learning can improve cognitive, affective, and psychomotor development,...
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The Psychological Condition Differences Between the Rural and Urban Poor Society

Puput Noviawati, Siti Nuzulia, Marlina, Anna Undarwati
Poverty is a multidimensional problem which caused by various factors. In overcoming this problem, it is not limited to only giving materially but also it is important to understand the problem psychologically. This research is aimed to know the psychological differences between the rural and urban poor...
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Teacher's Effort in Improving Student"S Character (A Study on Primary School No. 85 in Gorontalo City)

Asni Ilham, Saleha Litiloli
This study aimed at finding out the efforts of teacher in improving students character at SDN No. 85 Gorontalo City. The methodology used qualitative. Data technique of data collection were interview, observation, and documentation. Data analysis used qualitative descriptive analysis comprised into data...
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Relationship Between Educational Level of Students' Parent with Students Achievement at Elementary School

Fatmah Djumuli, Isnanto
The purpose of the research was to know the relationship between educational level of students' parent with students Achievement. The research was conducted by using ex post facto with correlation method. This study involved 8 elementary schools at Kecamatan Bulango Kabupaten Bone Bolango - Gorontalo....
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Developing an Islamic-Based Leader Characters for 5 To 6 Years Old in Gorontalo

Pupung Puspa Ardini
This study aims to find out how the efforts of teachers in helping develop the character of the Islamic-based leader in Gorontalo. The focus of research include the efforts of teachers in helping develop the character of the Islamic-based leader, teachers strategies, and materials accordingly with children's...
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Preparation of Strategic Plan at State Vocational High School 26 Jakarta

Desi Rahmawati, Suryadi, Dirgantara Wicaksono, Fasya Aziza Khairina, Fatkhuriyah
This study aimed to obtain empirical data on the preparation of the strategic plan at State Vocational High School 26 Jakarta and Human Resources involved in the preparation of strategic plan. This research used qualitative approach with descriptive method. Data collection was done through interviews,...
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Study Learning Style for Early Childhood Age

Learning in early childhood is a process of interaction between children, parents, or other adults in an environment to achieve its goals. Interaction is built it is a forward factor to achieve the learning objectives to be achieved. This raises the interaction with a relationship where the child will...
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Elementary School Teachers' Readiness in The Implementation of Full-Day School Program in Gorontalo Regency

Gamar Abdullah
Education in elementary school is a determining factor to produce students with good characters and morality. Recently, the dynamics of Indonesian education is significantly changing. This change ranges from the advancement of science and technology to curriculum shifting, and, to the most recent controversial...
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Literacy Media Development in Improving Reading and Writing Skill of Early Class Students in Elementary School Padang Utara Padang

Elfia Sukma, Ritawati Mahjuddin, Rizky Amelia
This research aims to develop literacy media in improving reading and writing skill of early class students in elementary school Padang Utara, Padang.This research uses R&D approach with 4-D developing model. 4-D model has main phases, those are defina, design, develop, and disseminate. The data were...
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Postmodernism Educational Science (Teachings of Pancasila and Bhinneka Tunggal Ika as a Basis Tolerance to the Dynamics of Modern Society)

Ketut Dharsana
Pancasila and Bhinneka Tunggal Ika became the philosophy of tolerance to the dynamics of postmodern life of Indonesian society. The science education becomes the vanguard to provide guidance and counseling to the community to enter the dynamics of postmodern life. Currently the change is moving so fast...
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The Implementation of Assessment Character Education Results in Secondary School

Gendon Barus
Integrated character education in secondary school (SMP) has been planned and conducted since 2010, but the result is not yet optimal and there is a lot of obstacle in conducting the plan. The weak monitoring from the government toward this integrated character education, not all guidance and counseling...
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Lesson Study in Blended Setting: Comparative Study on Students' Skills in Producing Educational Electronic Cinema

Luh Putu Putrini Mahadewi, I Made Teguh
The purposes of the study were: (1) to identify the pattern of lesson study implementation for course that was offered in blended setting, (2) to test the impact of lesson study in blended setting on students' skills in producing educational electronic cinema. During the study, the Lewis Model was used...
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Kinesthetic Game Model to Improve Early Mathematical Ability in Early Childhood

Setiyo Utoyo
The purpose of this research is to develop kinesthetic game model in improving early math ability in group B TK Damhil Gorontalo. The method used is research and development, developed by Borg and Gall. Model development is done through the requirement analysis phase, product development and testing....
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Learning Fraction With Indonesia Realistic Mathematics Education (pmri)

Melva Zainil
This paper is aimed to describe the activity of designing learning activities, implementation, and the effect of the activity to student learning outcomes. The plan activities are aimed to support 4th grade of SDN 20 Indarung Padang students on understanding in fractional addition by using Realistic...
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The Effectivitness of Total Quality Management (TQM) Principles in the School (A Case of SMK Negeri 2 Kota Gorontalo, Indonesia)

Forry A. Naway, Djariana Dai
This research examined the Effectivitness of Total Quality Management (TQM) Principles in the SMK Negeri 2 Kota Gorontalo, Indonesia. The research focused on principle implementation of TQM in strategies; procedures; impending factors as well as the effort of principal in implementing TQM in the success...
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Career Guidance Program to Raise the Employability Skills of Vocational High School (SMK) Students

M. Amirullah
Employability skills is a non-technical skill required by individuals who want to enter the world of work. Employability skills can support the various activities and career development of a person in the world of work, and giving more adventages for the person and for the work environment. Elements...
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Quality Profile Questions of PGSD Students in Learning

Harti Kartini, Sri Estu Winahyu, Yuniawatika, Lilik Bintartik
The aim of this study is to describe the profile of PGSD student questions in terms of type and quality. The study was conducted with a quantitative descriptive design. Samples are PGSD students in 2014 and 2015. Samples from 7 offerings totaling 264 students consisting of 56 men and 208 women were determined...
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Adaptive Physical Education Model for Increasing Physical Fitness of Children With Intellectual Disability

Euis Heryati, Een Ratnengsih
Children with intellectual disability have a weakness of motor skills, they tend to be less active. Minimal activity plays a major role in increasing the risk of overweight and obesity in children with intellectual disability. Overweight and obesity in children may increase the risk of various health...
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The Effectiveness of Group Solution-Focused Guided Imagery Counseling Model to Overcome Problems of Primary School Students

M. Raml
Upper grade primary school students, especially the sixth graders, are at the time of puberty, namely the beginning period of early adolescence. At this time, the reproductive organs are beginning to mature, affecting all aspects of the students' development, whether relating to the development of personal...
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Hypothetical Model of Guidance and Counseling Career Program Based Social Class of Vocational High School Information and Communication Technology in Tangerang

Dede Rahmat Hidayat, Rika Kartikawati, Susi Fitr
The research is aimed to develop and examine the feasibility of Hypothetical Model of Guidance And Counseling Career Program Based Social Class of Vocational High School Information and Communication Technology At Tangerang. The program is developed to increase the capacity perceived by the students...
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The Importance of Infrastructure Facilities in Counseling Services

Verlanda Yuca, Daharni, Riska Ahmad, Zadrian Ardi
The background of this research the lack of implementation of guidance and counseling services at Junior High School in Padang. The adequacies of infrastructure are factors suspected to affect the implementation of guidance and counseling services. This study described the correlation of the adequacy...
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Narcissism and Aggression in Counselor Candidates: A Challenge for Counselor Education in Indonesia

Budi Purwoko, Fifi Khoirul Fitriyah
Counselor is one of the major components for successful learning in school, therefore it is important to avoid either narcissistic or aggression inside counselor personality. The purpose of this study is to explore the phenomena and to test the relations. The subjects were counselor candidate in university...
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Local Wisdom-Based Entrepreneurial Training for Women Empowerment

Dayat Hidayat
The objectives of the study were to analyze: 1) the factual condition of the female learners of Paket C program, 2) process of local wisdom-based entrepreneurial training, and 3) the impact of entrepreneurship training on economic empowerment. The research was conducted using qualitative approach through...
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Development Learning Tool Modification of Music and Dance to Increase Physical Development in Early Childhood on the Cluster Jempiring Denpasar

MG. Rini Kristiantari, I Gusti Agung Oka Negara
This study aims to develop and produce products that Irish Music and Dance Learning Modifications to Increase Physical Development in Early Childhood Motor on the Jempiring Denpasar Cluster Academic Year 2015-2016. The approach used in this study is a research and development for the main purpose of...
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Teacher's Attitude and Peer Acceptance to Children with Special Needs in Inclusive Primary Schools

The success of inclusion of children with special needs in inclusive schools largely depends on teachers' attitudes towards students with special needs and their knowledge on how to properly educate them. Regular teachers have different views about the inclusion of students with special needs. The type...
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Developing College Students' Soft Skills through Generative Learning Model

Yetti Ariani
Generative learning method is based on constructivism theory with assumption that students develop mathematics knowledge actively. The analysis of this experiment research shows that the implementation of generative learning model in Mathematics Instruction course in the Faculty of Education UNP improve...
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Community Empowerment Based on Local Potential Resources in Bukit Aren Village, Pulubala, Gorontalo Regency

Misran Rahman
With the enactment of Constitution Law No. 6 of 2014 about the Village, the opportunity for every village to be able to develop its potential is more open. The opportunity is supported by the government through the increasing of funding for village development every year. However, the efectivity of improving...
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Student's Self-concept Profile Based on Gender: a Rasch Analysis

Sisca Folastri, Itsar Bolo Rangka, Mr. Ifdil
This research aimed to (1) perform inventory self-concept of students, and (2) measuring students' self-concept based on gender. Data analysis used Rasch model for 45 students with actual power measurement 0,84. The research findings showed (1) inventory self-concept had been fit with the theoretic model,...
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Teacher as a Moral Agency: An Idea of Pedagogy Teaching Profession Ethics-Critical Consciousness Based

Babang Robandi, Mamat Supriatna, Pupun Nuryani, Teguh Ibrahim
This paper aims to analyze the moral agency theory holistically and discusses its implications for the development of the study of pedagogy teaching profession ethics-critical consciousness based. It uses the qualitative approach with interpretive paradigms and methods of Meta-analysis by Meta design...
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Management of Inclusive School Curriculum in Indonesia

A.K. Mudjito, Sujarwanto, Muhammad Nurul Ashar
Inclusive education in Indonesia has been going on long time. In its development there are still many problems found, one of the main problems is curriculum management. The objectives of this research were to know (1) the problems in implementing the management of inclusive school curriculum in Indonesia,...
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The Role of Classroom Behavior Management in Enhancing Student Emotional Intelligence

Munawir Yusuf, Sasmoko
Currently, many students are facing social-emotional problems so it takes an effort to improve students' emotional intelligence. One of the efforts that can be done by a school is through classroom behavioral management. This study aims to see the role of classroom behavioral management in improving...
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Primary School Teacher Education Students' Cognitive Ability in Solving Mathematical Question

Ni Luh Sakinah Nurain, Suhartono
The study and the result was aimed to describe primary school teacher education students' cognitive ability in solving mathematical question. This study used descriptive quantitative approach. The result of the study showed that students' ability in solving mathematics question based on Bloom's taxonomy....
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Adult Interest On Following English Course at BEC Kampung Inggris Pare Kediri

Wiwin Yulianingsih, Supriyono, Ach. Rasyad, Umi Dayati
The purpose of this study is 1). To describe the learning programs in BEC, 2). To describe and analyze the meaning of adult interest in attending English courses at BEC. This research was conducted with qualitative approach with phenomenology design of data collection under three techniques, namely:...
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A Study of Career Adaptability and Career Planning of Faculty of Education Students of Universitas Negeri Malang

This study aim to describe career adaptability and career planning of the students of faculty of education of Universitas Negeri Malang East Java Indonesia. Research conducted by mixed method adapted from Tasakkori model. Research population were fifth semester student of faculty of education. Research...