Proceedings of the 9th International Conference for Science Educators and Teachers (ICSET 2017)

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Development of Cultural Counselor Competency Based On Students Creativogenic Factors

Alizamar Alizamar, Afdal Afdal
Various efforts have been made by the government in an attempt to improve the creativity of students, both through educational programs and other programs directly. In an effort to education, in the development of that creativity can't be separated from the role of culture in the wider community who...
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The Construction of Biopsychosocial Concept On Video On Demand Technology in Raising Empathy and Improving Communication of Counselor Candidates

Henny Indreswari, Henry Praherdhiono
A biopsychosocial approach to the concept of empowering empathy and communication is the idea of strengthening the competence and capability of the counselor. Strengthening the counselor capability is the counselor's capacity in linking interactions and actions with various biological factors. Strengthening...
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Identification of Learning Needs of Youth: The case study at the Tourism Village Bejiharjo, Karangmojo, Gunungkidul

Lutfi Wibawa
Research identifying learning needs of youth groups in the tourist village aims to reveal the learning needs of aspects of knowledge (knowledge), attitudes and behavior of mental (mental attiude and behavior) in a positive direction and the increase in life skills. This study used a qualitative descriptive...
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Strategy of Oyster Mushroom Cultivation in Mushroom House at Urban Village of Siumbut Baru, Sub-District of East Kisaran, District of Asahan

Rosdiana, Noni Afifah
The problem in this research is how the management strategy of oyster mushroom cultivation in Mushroom House, Urban Village of SiumbutBaru, sub-district of East Kisaran, District of Asahan. The purpose of this research is to find out the management strategy of oyster mushroom cultivation in Mushroom...
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Indigeneous Learning With Local Traditionl Inheritance To The Young Generation Of Ngadas Village Comunnity

Indigeneous learning is an indigenous or local learning process that grows and is nurtured in everyday life in a particular society with the aim of enhancing certain knowledge, attitudes, and skills that are grown and maintained in everyday life in the community even though local. Local culture is not...
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Students' Social Interaction Ability at Class Viii Of Mts Negeri Gorontalo

Tuti Wantu
This research aims at investigating students' social interaction ability at class VIII of MTs Negeri Gorontalo. This is a descriptive quantitative research with one variable design namely students' social interaction ability. Samples of this research are 31 students at class VIII of MTs Negeri Gorontalo....
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Development of Maze Game on Interactive Whiteboard for Fine Motor Learning

Yerry Soepriyanto, Akhmad Fakharuddin Adi, Sihkabuden, Eka Pramono Adi
This development aims to create a valid product maze game on Interactive WhiteBoard (IWB) for fine motor learning. Game maze is a game consisting of a path or a collection of roads that branch in order to achieve the goal by finding the right path. IWB use for projection game and place which user can...
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Freedom Material in Peace Education Based-Local-Wisdom as Hidden Curriculum

Ratih Hidayah, Intan Pritasari Andriyani, Ghanis Putra Widhanarto
This article aims to discuss the project of cultivating a culture of peace through local Wisdom. The importance of this discussion departs from the view that local wisdom is an intermediary for the transformation of values and character formation. Likewise, the values and culture of peace and the person...
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Development Electronic Module On Subject Matter Kalor For Junior High School Student

Utari Dewi, Sulistiowati
This study aims to develop electronic module media viable and effective in science subjects and subject matter kalor for students of class VII G SMPN 34 Surabaya. The type of research used is research development. Model used is ADDIE Model with stages of Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation...
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Environment-Based Curriculum Management In Primary School

Nunuk Hariyati, Apriliani Hartini Namat
Environmental education is an effort to improve the understanding and awareness of the community in seeking solutions and prevention of environmental problems. School authority in developing curriculum and designing learning, enables schools to adapt to the needs of environmental students. This study...
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Implementation Cooperative Learning Happy Cooking To Improve Social Emotional Skill Children Ages 5-6 Years

Safira Nurannisa Pulungan, Tomas Iriyanto, Tegariyani putri S. Sandy
Social emotional skill is one of important skill that need to improve in early years. Children with good social emotional skill would be good personality and be accepted in social environment. Purpose of this study to show how implementation of cooperative learning happy cooking to improve social emotional...
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Model of Integrated Disaster Awareness Community To Community Learning Center (CLC) in Bantul and Sleman Distric

Iis Prasetyo, Entoh Tohani, R.B. Suharta
These study aimed to describe: 1) the disaster awareness community in Bantul and Sleman; 2) disaster awareness community activities in Bantul and Sleman; 3) Model of Disaster-awareness community integrated to CLC. This study uses qualitative methods to describe the model of disaster-awareness communities...
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Model of The Social Capital Based Community Entrepreneurship Education (CCE) For Empowering Community: A Initial Theoretical

Entoh Tohani
This paper seeks to examine social capital in community entrepreneurship education (CCE) in the context of community economic empowerment. The importance of social capital is utilized in the implementation of community entrepreneurship education due to CCE nowadays many of which are implemented more...
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Inclusive Education Training Model Based On Need Assessment And Andragogy For Elementary School Teachers

The problem that occurs in Padang Elementary School is the lack of competence in implementing inclusive education from the teachers. This study aims to develop a training model based on need assessment and andragogy in order to improve the competence of teachers in implementing inclusive education in...
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The Influence Of Group Leadership And Climate Group To The Empowerment Of Farmer Group In The Village Of Sumber Rejo Beringin Subdistrict Deli Serdang Regency

Yusnadi, H. Silvia Mariah
Farmer group is a place for farmers to obtain various innovations in agriculture through the learning process. As a forum for learning, farmer groups should have the independence to develop groups based on their needs, so that groups become empowered. Group empowerment is linked to many factors, including...
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Increasing Teacher Performance for School Quality Improvement

Nurhizrah Gistituati
From the studies that have been conducted concerning teacher performance at several schools and also from the interviews with several principals in West Sumatera shown that teacher performance has not yet as it is expected. It cannot be denied that teacher performance is the heart of the school in carrying...
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Interaction Between Technology With Learning Activity

The study aims to describe the interaction between technology in learning as a learning experience, in the context of the field of professional practice for undergraduate education technology. Our main focus is the meaning and essence of the learning experience, on the integration of technology in learning....
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The Effect of Betengan Game On the Socio-Emotional Skills of Pre-School Children

Sri Maryati Deliana, Ummi Khaedaroh Jazilah, Hartono
This research is aimed at analyzing differences in children's socio-emotional development prior to and after playing Betengan game at TK Al Maghfiroh Semarang and analyzing the measure of socio-emotional skills development after playing Betengan game at TK Al Maghfiroh Semarang. This research employed...
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Out of School Learning in Study Tour Program For Improving Social Competence Students in Gembira Loka Zoo

Sujarwo, Tristanti
The activity of out of school learning purpose to develop social competence and morality of students because this activity have done together and responsibility so that it can to develop student ability. The aims of this research are; (1) understand the implementation of out of school learning in study...
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Early Childhood Education Teachers' Effective Communication Based Teaching Skill

Yuliani Nurani, Ade Dwi Utami
This research aimed to develop a set of effective communication based teaching skills for early childhood education teacher which evolved according to Indonesian National Curriculum Framework used recently in Early Childhood Education Department, Faculty of Education, Universitas Negeri Jakarta. The...
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The School Principals' Strategies for Effective School Development in Primary Schools in Bulango Timur, Gorontalo

Novianty Djafri, Risnawati R. Ibrahim
This study aims (1) to describe strategies of the school principals of primary schools in Bulango Timur, in accordance with the schools' visions and missions; (2) to apply leadership professionals; (3) to reform for more conducive school environment; and (4) to build partnership between the school and...
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Academic Procrastination of Undergraduate Students: The Role of Academic Self-efficacy and The Big Five Personality Traits

Yogi Swaraswati, A. Rachmad Djati Winarno, Haryo Goeritno
The current study aimed to examine the relationships between academic self-efficacy, the Big Five personality traits (extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, and openness), and academic procrastination among undergraduate students. Two hundred and seven undergraduate students in...
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The Improvement Of The Guidance And Counselling Teachers Or Counsellors' Understanding On The Five Focuses Of Individual Counselling Service And Their Application

Understanding and applying the five focuses of individual counselling service are the essential parts in increasing the quality of the students' daily life regarded as the goal of guidance and counselling service at school. Unfortunately, there are still a number of Guidance and Counselling teachers...
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Teaching Character Education to Primary School Students through Javanese Ethnolinguistics

Oktaviani Adhi Suciptaningsih, Suwarno Widodo, Titik Haryati
Globalization as the most powerful phenomenon of the present time is widely contested for its positive and negative outcomes. To Indonesian context, particularly to the Javanese, it brings more negative impacts than the advantages causing the decrease of primary school students' character as seen from...
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Evaluation Study of the Small and Medium Business Assistance Program to Increase the Life of the Community-Based People

Anan Sutisna, Arifal Isnain Herginanto
This study aims to describe the success of the mentoring program in improving the livelihood of community-based people of small and medium enterprises which incorporated in the Self-Help Groups (KSM). This mentoring activity has a strategic role. Therefore, it needs to be carefully evaluated by using...
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Teacher Guidance and Counseling Efforts to Prevent Cheating Behavior

Riska Ahmad
Academic dishonesty or cheating is behaviour that is done by the students, they have become a serious problem in the world. One of the functions of guidance and counselling teacher is to prevent the occurance of bad behaviour. So, guidance and counselling teachers should strive to prevent cheating behaviour....
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The Development Of Elementary School Headmaster's Managerial Performance-Assessment Model Based On Competence Standard

Wahyu Sri Ambar Arum
This research is aimed to 1) formulate the model of headmaster managerial performance assessment based on managerial competency standard and 2) develop more effective model of headmaster managerial performance assessment. This research uses Research and Development method (R and D) and fishbone diagram...
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Measuring The Quality of Pedagogy Infrastructure in Web Based Instruction Using Learning Object Framework (LORI) to Promoting Student's Writing Skill in Indonesian Language Subject

Taufik Ikhsan Slamet
Promoting student's communication skill, particularly in writing, has been issue for the past decades. Some researches have been conducted to formulate the framework of learning environment which is developed to engage to describe the wuality and its characters of pedagogy infrastructures in web based...
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The Life of Women's Entrepeneurs Case Study of Women Empowerment in Education Tourism Kampung Coklat Blitar District

Roesminingsih, I Gusti Lanang Putra Eka Prismana
Kampung Coklat is an Educational Tourism has changed the way of life of women in Plosorejo village. The presence of Educational Tourism has benefits society, especially women. Women who have been preoccupied with domestic sector or home contributors to family income supplements. They have the opportunity...
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Strengthening Quality Of School Based On Accreditation At Boarding School

Sitti Roskina Mas, Yulan Radjia
The research objectives were to find out to (1) leadership and teacher commitment in strengthening quality based on accreditation, (2) students' commitment to maintain quality of MAN IC Gorontalo. The research used a qualitative descriptive research with case study design. Data were taken from head master,...
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Application of 'say yes or no' Game in Instilling Character Education in Early Childhood

Samsiah, Rapi Us Djuko
Cosby S. Roger and Janet K Sawyers (1995) Playing is one of fun children's world activities. It can raise children's intrinsic motivation, provide serenity and life balance for them. Instilling education for early age children, particularly for character education is noteworthy, Lickona (1991) states...
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The Implementation of School-based Management for School Effectiveness

School-based Management (SBM) has been implemented in Indonesia since 2000, but after 16 years of implementation there are still many schools that have not succeeded in implementing it. This article aims to measure the impact of SBM implementation on school effectiveness. The objectives are to find out:...
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Understanding Profession Identity of Junior High School Counselor in Malang City

Arbin Janu Setiyowati
This study aims at acquiring the understanding of profession identity of Junior High School Counselor within Malang City. This study used qualitative design using phenomenology approach. The result of this study revealed that 1) counselor comprehend their role and capacity as a form of responsibility,...
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The Effect Of Pogil Assisted With Mind Mapping Toward The Science Learning Outcomes

Desak Putu Parmiti, I Gede Margunayasa
The aim of this study was to determine the effect of POGIL assisted with mind mapping toward the science learning outcomes. The type of this study was quasi experimental research with non equivalent design posttest only control group design. The population of this research was the students of grade 5...
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Developing College Students' Soft Skills through Generative Learning Model

Yetti Ariani
Generative learning method is based on constructivism theory with assumption that students develop mathematics knowledge actively. The analysis of this experiment research shows that the implementation of generative learning model in Mathematics Instruction course in the Faculty of Education UNP improve...
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Developing Literacy Reading Teaching Materials by Using Big Books as an Effort to Build the 2nd Grade Students' Characters in Elementary School

Taufina Muhammadi
Producing appropriate literacy reading teaching materials as an effort to establish the 2nd grade students' characters is regarded as a crucial goal in literacy reading topics. Moral degradation that could threaten the Elementary School students' positive characters is viewed as a huge problem to be...
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Scientific Article Education Evaluation Of Inclusion Of Junior High Schools In Central Java

Eka Sari Setianingsih, Widyaningrum
Education inclusion is schools had to accommodate all children without looking at the physical condition, intellectual, social emotional, linguistic or other conditions. Education inclusion is a education services to its students have needs special education in regular school which is extraordinarily...
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Increasing Learning Result of Student IV Students Using Constructiveness Approach

The background research that has not fully maximized learning outcomes The aim of this study was to describe the learning outcome with a constructivist approach. This type of research is classroom action research with qualitative and quantitative approaches. Research conducted at SDN 11 Piai Tangah District...
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Developing The Big Questions And Bookmark Organizers (Bqbo) Strategy–Based Literacy Reading Learning Materials In The 4th Grade Of Elementary School

Taufina, Chandra
This research is intended to produce BQBO strategy – based literacy reading learning materials for the 4th grade students of Elementary School which are valid, practical, and effective. To produce the prototype of the materials, Plomp Model was applied. The prototype was revised by using Self Evaluation...
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Material Writing Characterized Narration For Elementary School

Darnis Arief
Field observation of the authors shows that learning to write a narration in the fourth grade of elementary school has not been effective, so that the students' writing has not been in suitable with the provisions. Therefore, the development of teaching materials to write effective character narratives...
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Validity Analysis of the VARK (Visual, Auditory, Read-Write, and Kinesthetic) Model – Based Basic Reading and Writing Instructional Materials for the 1st Grade Students of Elementary School

Mayarnimar, Taufina
This research aims to produce Lesson Plan and learning materials of Basic Reading and Writing by using VARK (Visual, Auditory, Read-Write, and Kinesthetic) Model in the 1st grade of Elementary School. The development was done on the basis of the students' needs. They were assumed to have low ability...
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Career option and its problem

Wenny Hulukati
Abstract-Problem statement of this research is students have not yet understood career option. This research aims to analyze students' career option in class X of SMA Prasetya Kota. This is a quantitative descriptive research with one variable namely students' career option. Research samples are 59 students....
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Inclusive Education: a Descriptive Study In Sidoarjo Regency

Wiwik Dwi Astuti, Anggun Dyah Anjarsari
Many children with special need can not go to school and get a proper education because of the school's distance is too far. Therefore, every sub-district should has at least one inclusion school for every level of education. Considering the analysis context, the researcher studies the inclusion education...
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Processing Skills in Science Instruction as a Means to Increase Elementary School Students' Mental, Physical and Social Basic Skills

This paper aims to explain the definition of processing skills in science instruction in elementary school, the importance of processing skills, the theme on applying processing skills, the skills that usually used in science instruction (observing skills, classifying, communicating, measuring, predicting,...
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Revitalization of Javanese cultural values system: An idea of character education based multicultural

I.M. Hambali
Old Javanese work of literature, which is script, is cultural inheritance contains of Javanese people living aspects in the past. Javanese work of literature mostly presents description about people living at that time, such as social order, social relationship pattern, or values supported community...
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The Readiness Of Institution, Supporting And Inhibiting Factors As Well As Strategy In Enhancing The Quality Of Students' Scientific Work Publication

Achmad Supriyanto, Burhanuddin, Raden Bambang Sumarsono
This research aims to examine the readiness of institution, supporting and inhibiting factors as well as strategy in enhancing the quality of students'scientific work publication. This study used descriptive research design. The population consisted of the chairmen of institutions and the journal manager....
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Integrative and Collaborative Education Models in Primary School Teacher Education Department

Wahyu Sukartiningsih
In the application of Integrated Thematic learning in the 2013 Curriculum, for the early grades (I to III class grade), Indonesian subjects are filled with science and social studies subjects. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare materials that accommodate each of the characteristics of Indonesian,...
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A Study of Career Adaptability and Career Planning of Faculty of Education Students of Universitas Negeri Malang

This study aim to describe career adaptability and career planning of the students of faculty of education of Universitas Negeri Malang East Java Indonesia. Research conducted by mixed method adapted from Tasakkori model. Research population were fifth semester student of faculty of education. Research...
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Urgency cognitive-behavioral counseling based on local wisdom for junior high school counselor in East Java

Nur Hidayah, M. Ramli, Husni Hanafi
The cultural encounters of counselors-counselees have great influence to the success of counseling services. Counseling services in Indonesia still use western theory, have not considered the value of eastern culture. One of the study of Indonesian culture, especially East Java contains uniqueness in...
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Evaluation of Student Training Implementation in MSK Course At Educational Technology, Universitas Negeri Padang: Perspektive Training Participants

Zuwirna, Yeni J Fetri, Ulfia Rahmi
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the training activities undertaken by the students of Educational Technology in the framework of the implementation of Training Systems Management courses. The evaluation is reviewed from the implementation process that has been done in the semester of January-...