Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Social Sciences (ICSS 2018)

1097 authors
Melo, Isye Junita
The meaning of policy guarantee to protect the insured in insurance
Melo, Isye Junita
Supervision Aspect as the Instrument of Law Enforcement in the Activity of Foreign Investment
Meruntu, Oldie Stevie
Pragmatic Implicature of Manado Malay Speakers' Questions
Mewengkang, Alfina
English Teacher Efforts to Improve Students' Listening Ability: A Study at Don Bosco Catholic Junior High School Tomohon
Misbakhun, Mr
Anti-Corruption Education (PAK) Teaching Materials Based on Local Character in Social Science Subjects (IPS) to Build Anti-Corruption Culture for Young Generation in Surabaya
Mokat, Jetty Erna Hilda
Leadership Characteristic in the County Decentralization Era
Mokat, Jetty Erna Hilda
The Impact of Implementation Based on the Policy Development Neighborhood for the Social Welfare in the City of Manado
Mokat, Jetty Erna Hilda
Value system in the Context of woman leader’s decision making
Monika, Santy
The Ability to Understand Narrative Text of The Second Semester Students of Indonesian Language and Literature Academic Year 2017/2018 of Musamus University
Muchoiyyaroh, Lilis
Kartini and The Feminism Thinking in Javanese Nobles Women (Women Priyayi)
Mudana, I Gede
The Practice of Social Entrepreneurship in Mount Batur Trekking Tours, Bali
Muharram, Mr
Effectiveness of Situational Leadership Director of Fajar TV Makassar, Indonesia
Mujahid, Imam
Habitus And Capital Of Young Politicians on Pileg 2014 Contestation Arena in Makassar City
Mukar, Merlin Maya
Transmitting Local Wisdom through Minahasan Folkore
Mukarromah, Nur
Correlation Between Family Support and Quality of Life: People Living With Tuberculosis in Surabaya
Muklim, Marlia
The ethics of teacher’s speech acts in indonesian language subject at eighth grade students of SMP Negeri 2 Palopo
Muliani, Mr
The Effect of the Implementation of Training Program on the Performance of Investigating Officers in the Armed Forces General Inspectorate
Murdiyanto, Lobja
Evaluation of Londslide Hazard Levels Post 2014 Flood Disaster In Manado City
Murdiyanto, Mr
The Development of Contextual Learning in Location Analysis Learning
Murdiyanto, Sumilat
The growth of wild settlements in the city of Manado
Murni, Ni Gst Nym Suci
Beach Utilization as Tourist Attraction and Ritual in Badung Regency
Murni, Ni Gusti Nyoman Suci
Harmonious Culture-Based Computer Application Model to Assess Microfinance Institution Performance
Murtedjo, Mr
School Environment Supporting Teacher Performance Improvements
Murtedjo, Mr
The Relationship of Parental Socio-Economics Level with Children Education Pattern In Benowo Subdistrict, Surabaya
Murtedjo, Mr
The Effect of Teachingbooks and Prior Knowledge on Learning Outcome of Geography
Murtini, Sri
The Study of Economic Development Differences of Wonocoyo and Besuki Village Panggul Sub District Trenggalek Regency
Murtini, Sri
The Analysis of Critical Thinking Ability Differences Between Cognitive Field Independent and Cognitive Field Dependent Students on the Topic of Atmosphere Dynamics for Grade X Students
Murtini, Sri
Analysis Of Development Potential Of Heritage Tourist Attraction In Surabaya With Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) Approach
Murtiningsih, Ms
Anti-Corruption Education (PAK) Teaching Materials Based on Local Character in Social Science Subjects (IPS) to Build Anti-Corruption Culture for Young Generation in Surabaya
Musa, Chalid Imran
Determinant Factors Affecting the Business Performance of Silk Enterprises in Wajo Regency
Musnir, Diana Nomida
Developing Integrated-Acoustic Learning Model Based on Banyuwangi Local Culture For Character Growth of First Class Students Primary School
Mustadjar, Musdalia
Working Pattern of Women Farmers In Increasing Family Income
Mustadjar, Musdaliah
Local Knowledge As Consciousness To Avoid Primordial Sentiment
Mustari, Mr
Social Security For Domestic Workers in Indonesia
Mustari, Mr
Government Duty In Fulfillment Of Rights To Work For People With Disability In Makassar South Sulawesi
Musthofa, Syamsul
Scoring Sustenance with Simpati Capital: The Beggar's Strategy in Getting Money
Mustika, Maya
Building Social Awareness Through Meditation
Mutaqy, Rosikh Musabikha
Rural Women Cheating Strategy
Mutiah, Ms
Multicultural Interreligious Society
Mutiah, Ms
Indonesia Mass Media Are Males: The news coverage of "Bakmi Janda" noodle eatery
Muttaqien, Arif Rahman
Pak RT is Our Hero
Muzayanah, Ms
The Utilization of Transformation of Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) for Healthy Forest Assessment
Muzayanah, Ms
The Effect of Green Open Space Proportion on Air Ambient PM10 Reduction of Surabaya City
Nadir, Muhammad
Revitalizing the Value of Pancasila in the Development of the Character of Indonesian Citizens
Nadiroh, Ulin
I Love Indonesia: A Portrait of Community Streetism Punk Street Rebel Probolinggo
Nadiroh, Ulin
Construction Integrity and Professionalism of Education Personnel
Nadiroh, Ulin
I Treat My Body For My Customer Satisfaction
Nadiroh, Ulin
The Pattern of Early Marriage for Girls
Nadra, Nyoman Mastiani
How Can the Conventional Travel Agent Survive in Digital Era?
Nadra, Nyoman Mastiani
Analysis of Use of Global Distribution System In Tourism Industry In Indonesia Using Technology Acceptance Model: a pilot survey in Bali.
Nagauleng, Andi Mukarramah
Competencies of a Lecturer without English Education Background (WEEB) in English Teaching at UIN Alauddin of Makassar
Najamuddin, Mr
Barongsai as a Strengthening Tool to Reach Harmonious Multiculturalism
Najamuddin, Mr
The Role of Women Traders Economy in The Central Market of Balangnipa District of Sinjai
Najamuddin, Mr
Appakatide: the living principles of Muhdi Akbar teaching community (social studies on the emergence of harmonious life in Selayar)
Najering, Rifal
Social Capital of Hajj in Kajuara
Najoan, Meity
The Dutch East Indies Policy For the Plantation in Java
Najoan, Meity
The Changes Of Minahasa’s Traditional Marriage Sub Ethnic Tountemboan Society In Raanan Lama Village Of South Minahasa
Narahawarin, Margaretha Febriany
Portrait of Environmental Conditions in Urban and Rural Areas in Abdur Arsyad’s Stand-up Comedy
Narahawarin, Margaretha Febriany
Great Archetypal Contents in A Short Literary Work: The Old Man and The Sea
Nasrawati, Mr
A Significance Study of Finding Difficult Words Technique
Nasution, Mr
Application Of Experiental Learning Model In History Learning
Nasution, Mr
The Profile Of Micro Small Medium Enterprises At The Monetary Crisis Era In1997-1998 Case Study: Intako Sidoarjo
Nasution, Mr
National Anthem and Nationalism in Football
Nasution, Mr
Nagarakertagama Manuscript As Historical Route in East Java Tourism Development
Ngadiman, Angelia B.
Utilization of Green Open Space on the Boulevard City of Manado
Ngarawula, Bonaventura
Local Wisdom Si Tou Timou Tumou Tou In Forming Tolerance of Tomohon City People of North Sulawesi
Ngarawula, Bonaventura
Policy Implementation of Government Regulation No. 19 of 2015 at the Religious Affairs Office Sukun District in Malang City
Ngarawula, Bonaventura
Analysis of Financial Planning Policy on Credit Union Based on CIPP Evaluation Model (Context, Input, Process, Product)
Nggaruaka, Tobias
Character Education Praxis in Namaku Teweraut by Ani Sekarningsih
Ningrum, Nonik Kusuma
Society Empowerment Through Ecotourism
Niswah, Fitrotun
Innovation in the Public Sector in the Digital Era (A Study of the Process Diffusion of SIMPUS in Yogyakarta)
Niswah, Fitrotun
Village Finance System (SISKEUDES): Transparency of Village Asset Management Toward Open Government Partnership
Niswaty, Risma
The Influence of Education Policy Implementation Toward the Availability of Professional Teachers In 3T Areas in Indonesia
Novia, Ms
Students’ Mental-Modeling Ability (MMA) in Concept Understanding of Vector
Noviyanti, Ms
Institutional Studies and Regulation The Disaster Management in Malang Indonesia
Noviyanti, Ms
The Role of Government in Population and Civil Registration Service Online (E-lampid)
Nugroho, Arinto
Social Security For Domestic Workers in Indonesia
Nugroho, Arinto
The Urgency of the Opening of East-West Archipelagic Sea-Lanes in Indonesia
Nugroho, Arinto
Supervision Aspect as the Instrument of Law Enforcement in the Activity of Foreign Investment
Nur, Andi Saparuddin
HOTS Test Construction Based on Orientation to The 2013 Curriculum Assessment Standards
Nur'aini, Khumaeroh Dwi
The Utilization of Edmodo in Blended Learning
Nuralim, Mr.
Cooperative Establishment Service System in the Cooperative Office and Small and Medium Enterprises (UKM) Makassar City
Nurhayanti, Ketut
Development of Essence Test Instruments on The Learning of Hindu Religion to Form a Student’s Spiritual Intelligence
Nurjati, Ms
Integration of Moral Didactic Values and Patriotism of Hikayat Hang Tuah in Social Studies Learning to Build the Soul of Nationalism in Middle School Students in Surabaya
Nurlela, Mrs
The Changes of a Symbolic Meaning of Tedong in the Socio-Cultural and Economical Structure among the Devotees of Aluk Todolok Belief in Tana Toraja, South Sulawesi
Nurvitasari, Evy
The Utilization of Edmodo in Blended Learning
Nuswardani, Nunuk
The Handling of Cases of Forest Fire Using the Model of Progressive Interpretation of Law
Oja, Hubertus
Local Communities On The Frontier: Impact of Environment, Population and Socio-Economic Changes in Sota District
Oka, I Made Darma
The Motivation of Serangan Community to Support the Development of Tourism at Serangan Village
Oktairyanda, Trenda Aktiva
Review Acts Of Corruption Through The Perspectives Of The Ethics Of Public Administration Theory
Olii, Sanerita Tresnawaty
Time Markers in Mongondow Language
Oroh, Elisabeth Z.
A Study on Verbal Phrases in Tagulandang Dialect of Sangirese
Oroh, Hilda Vemy
The Development of Contextual Learning in Location Analysis Learning
Paat, Wensi
English Teacher Efforts to Improve Students' Listening Ability: A Study at Don Bosco Catholic Junior High School Tomohon
Pada, Andi Tenri
Social Interaction Of Local Communities With Migrants And Changes In The Structure Of Local Communities (Study On Plural Society In Makassar Industrial Area)
Padatu, Bartholomius
Government 2.0: Alternative Public Sphere and Public Policy Making Process (Region Government of Surakarta Case Study)
Paida, Andi
Empirical Study on Curriculum Feasibility Through Learning Material: Evaluation And Development
Paksi, Hendrik Pandu
E-Learning as Media Teaching Learning Pancasila Education in Universitas Negeri Surabaya
Palar, Wimsje Revlin
Pragmatic Implicature of Manado Malay Speakers' Questions
Palittin, Ivylentine Datu
Analysis of Social Behavior of Aibon Children in Merauke