Proceedings of the 2018 International Conference on Social Science and Education Reform (ICSSER 2018)

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Research on Entrepreneurship Education of College Students Based on Electronic Commerce

Qian Lin
Entrepreneurship education is a new talent training mode in college education. China's higher education institutions are constantly exploring more practical ways of entrepreneurship education to enhance college students' entrepreneurial awareness and to improve their entrepreneurial ability. The popularity...
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Research on the Construction of An Ecological System for College English Teaching of Private Institutions of Higher Learning in the Era of We Media

Lina Zhao, Xinyu Dong
As an important concept, ecological has been widely applied to teaching in recent years. Ecological teaching refers to the interactions between knowledge and teachers, between teachers and students and between students and knowledge. The above participants are connected and interact with each other,...
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Research on the Construction of Financial Support System for Small and Micro Enterprises (SME) in China

Pingnv Li
Small and micro enterprises(SME) are the main body of national economic organization, which play an irreplaceable role in promoting economic growth, expanding employment, increasing tax revenue and promoting social stability. The necessary capital investment is an important guarantee for enterprise development,...
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Research on the Development of International Students Education in China against the Backdrop of "The Belt and Road" initiative-Taking Tianjin Agricultural University as a Case

Fang Yin
The Belt and Road initiative has promoted the development of education for international students in China, which has in turn provided human and intellectual support for the construction of the "The Belt and Road". However, there are problems in the education of foreign students in China, such as regional...
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Research on Taguchi TOPSIS Method in Logistics Service Quality

Miao Tang, Tiedan Wang, Dinghong Peng
With the rapid development of e-commerce, the logistics industry has also received much attention. Therefore, how to choose the best service quality logistics enterprise from a large number of logistics enterprises has become the primary problem faced by enterprise users. In order to select the highest...
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The Impact of Distance Learning on Foreign Language Education

Zhengxia Liu
Distance learning (DL) involves some forms of learning that uses technology. Some educational researchers claim that DL based on digital technologies is changing the landscape of language learning. Foreign language online teaching is a new and rapidly development process, there are many challenges facing...
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Financial Risk Assessment of Listed Companies in Environmental Protection Industry Based on Self-Organizing Neural Network

Hongji Wang, Jianhua Zhu
In China's securities market, the number of companies in financial difficulties is increasing, which has caused very serious losses and consequences for all parties. This paper takes 25 listed companies of environmental protection industry in Shanghai and Shenzhen in 2016 as research object, and uses...
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How to Make Traditional Advanced Mathematics Classrooms Walks out of MOOC Storm

Min Zou, Rongsan Chen, Meng Su
Specific to the great impacts incurred by MOOC storm on traditional advanced mathematics classrooms, this paper has provided specific and effective coping strategies. We have considered the factors of all aspects, and provided many suggestions, for instance improving the professional quality of teachers,...
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Research on Personalized E-Commerce Recommendation Platform

Qiong Li, Fang Chai, Li Chen
With the deep integration of Internet and E-Commerce, using network technology to analyze and explore users' interest, and providing personalized services for them are becoming a popular application of online transactions. In order to solve the problems of low recommendation quality and poor real-time...
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An Empirical Analysis of the Impact of Macroeconomics on Real Estate Market-Based on the data in China (2006Q1~2017Q4)

Jiwen Jiao, Weiyu Jiao
This paper sets up a VAR(1) model by collecting the quarterly data on China’s macroeconomic and real estate industry. By means of Granger Casualty Test, impulse response function and variance decomposition, the paper studies the impact of macroeconomic variables on real estate variables. The conclusions...
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A Multidimensional Analysis of Medical Tourism in Shandong Province-Based on Swot Analysis

Lixia Zhang, Qian Lin
This paper mainly analyzes the advantages of transportation location, resources and industry foundation. At the same time, the disadvantages of inadequate medical tourism development, insufficient R&D investment and imperfect supervision institutions are analyzed. But the medical tourism of Shandong...
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Study on the Improvement of Chinese Contract System Based on Smart Contracts

Chengrong Chen
Although the smart contract as the new product in the era of block chain contract shall not be only limited to the property-related agreements stipulated by the Contract Law of People's Republic of China, the Chinese contract provisions shall be perfected accordingly due to its contract attribute. In...
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The Important Role of Growing Consciousness in the Career Development of Junior High School Teachers

Fang Yao, Dengguang Yu
The Chinese Ministry of Education requires that the primary and secondary schools should provide more conditions and school-based training for promoting the teachers’ developments. However, teachers should have enough wills and consciousness about their own growth because growing consciousness is the...
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To Sow the Seeds of Innovation Consciousness in Junior Middle School Students Based on Material Engineering

Fang Yao, Dengguang Yu
Nowadays, innovation education is very important for fostering advanced social labors. This requires that the teenage students should be cultivated the innovation consciousness as early as possible. In this paper, some new methods are disclosed for sowing the innovation consciousness seed to the students...
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Talking about the Influence of Financing Methods and Financing Tools on the Long-term Smooth Development of China's Real Estate Market

Lizhong Gao
The real estate market, one of pillar industries in China, has a long development cycle and large investment along with capital intensive. Only by ensuring the stability of the real estate market, solving its financial problems and protecting the company from phased cash pressure at the development stage,...
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Application of Virtual Reality Teaching Method in Combination with Practical Teaching Method in the Undergraduate Teaching of Colleges-Taking the Course of Rolling Technology as an Example

Bing Liu, Wanjun Zhu, Yi Cao, Yan Liu, Ye Sun
This paper has introduced the application of virtual reality teaching method in combination with the practical teaching method in the theoretical teaching of application-oriented undergraduate colleges. Virtual simulation system is used to build the training platform consistent with the actual production...
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Research on Business Model and Innovation Model-Taking MI Company as an Example

Fengrui Liu, Xiaohui Hu, Fuchang Li
With the development of the Internet, e-commerce is widely used in modern commerce, which promotes the development of economy and society and changes people's shopping patterns and lifestyles. As business model and innovation model are the foundation of a company, MI's “Hardware + Internet + New Retail”...
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Investigation on the Decomposition Work Process of Public Hospitals in Harbin

Shujun Chen, Yuwen Chi
With the deepening of urban public hospital reform, the long-term liabilities of public hospitals have become an urgent problem for the government. This article takes Harbin as an example, analyzes the current situation of the debt relief process in public hospitals in Harbin. Based on the city's own...
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Criminal Law Regulation on Illegal Transplantation of Human Organs in China

Shiwen Liu
The Amendment to Criminal Law (VIII) issued in 2011 regulates the crime of human organ transplantation, which criminalizes independently the behavior of organizing the sales of human organs. Although this provision makes up for the vacancy in the field of criminal law for organ transplantation in China,...
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Legal Analysis of the Right of Self-determination of "Hong Kong Independence"

Jian Liang, Tianchong Yao
At present, local awareness is growing in Hong Kong. More and more "Hong Kong independence" advocates "the right to self-determination of the nation" and attempts to separate from the motherland by conducting a referendum. Hong Kong independence members use international jurisprudence as a cloak of social...
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Xi Jinping's Contemporary Value of Strictly Administering the Party's Thought

Siqi Wang
The Party's strict administration in an all-round way has rich thought and connotation: taking the party constitution as the highest standard, strictly administering the party with the strictest discipline and the most serious attitude, covering the content, cycle, and subject, the party members and...
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Research on the Educational Concept of Parents with Infants at the Age of 1-3-Taking the Parents of Dalian Montessori International Early Education Center as an Example

Lina Zhang, Yuyan Chen
The world has reached consensus on the importance of the early education of infants at the age of 0-3, while the educational concept of parents is the “pillar” for the physical and mental development of infants at the age of 0-3. On the basis of Dalian Montessori International Early Education Center,...
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Everlasting Classics: The New Model of the Expression of Traditional Culture in the New Era

Aiwei Ding
Today, the cultural variety show market is faced with development impediment such as homogeneity and fatigue, but Everlasting Classics is still in its infancy and has realized phenomenal communication. Combining with the characteristics of the new era context, this paper makes a systematic text analysis...
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Analysis of the Relationship between Media and Social System

Xiaodong Zhang
A perfect social system needs the guarantee and impetus from the advanced media, which refers to the “people’s politics” and “people’s power”. At the same time, the media, as the tool for the interpersonal information exchange, has a positive influence on promoting social democratization. Nowadays, we...
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Study on the Legality of Right to Decide Human Organ Transplantation in China

Wenyi Qi, Tianchong Yao
Human organ transplantation is an important symbol of medical development to improve the survival rate of some patients. However, the supply and demand of human organ transplantation is not balanced in China. This paper focuses on exploring the legislation on human organ transplantation to adapt to the...
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Research on the Ability and Quality of College English Teachers Against the Backdrop of Educational Globalization

Huayan Sun
This paper mainly analyzes the development of the global education and the new requirements to the teachers, especially the English teachers. It aims to identify the ability and quality that the college English teachers should possess against the backdrop of educational globalization. As the international...
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Study on Temporal and Spatial Evolution of Placenames Named in Yi Nationality Language in Guizhou Province

Wujun Xi
The aim of this study was to find the temporal and spatial evolution situation of placenames named in Yi nationality language in Guizhou province. Distribution direction and average center indexes were used to indicate temporal and spatial evolution situation. The results showed that the spatial distribution...
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Development Opportunity of Cultural Industry in Fujian Province under the Strategy of Free Trade Zone

Dong Chen
The establishment of China (Fujian) Pilot Free Trade Zone has not only brought great historical opportunities for the development of cultural industry in Fujian Province, but also brought severe challenges to the cultural industry. At present, the cultural industry in Fujian Province should seize the...
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Comparative Research about the Contemporary Preschool Teacher Education in Germany and France

Lina Zhang, Chunyan Wu
By means of documentary methods, this paper compares the preschool teacher cultivation in Germany and France from the aspects of pre-service cultivation and post-service cultivation of preschool teacher education. It analyzes the differences in the performance of preschool teacher cultivation in Germany...
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Discussion on Ocean Concept of Marx and Engels from a Historical Perspective

Li Xu, Xia Wang
Ocean is known as the cradle of human civilization. In the history of mankind, progress of the human society cannot be separated from the ocean. Marx and Engels had creatively expounded on their understanding of ocean from the perspective of world history. This paper starts from the development history,...
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Introspection on the Improvement of Ideological Work Ability of College Counselors under the Network Environment

Meijun Ding, Wen Zheng, Zhiqiang Mao
The network environment has expanded into a new space for the development of modern society. During the process of college students’ education, the network environment is changing their thoughts and behaviors deeply, making college counselors face enormous work challenges and risks. This article re-examines...
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Exploration on Carrying out Ideological and Political Course Education for Biomedical Engineering Specialty-Taking the Course of Introduction to Medical Instrument Overview as an Example

Jie Lyu, Dan Lyu, Yang Liu, Shijun Guo, Geer Yang
This paper has introduced the professional characteristics and professional quality requirements of biomedical engineering specialty, and then on the basis of the current phenomenon in which professional skills is more emphasized while ethics and professional spirits in the link of cultivating professional...
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Study on Research-Oriented Teaching Based on Project Guidance in Signal Processing Courses

Feng Zhang, Yinxi Xu, Yuqin Dou, Li Zhao
The signal processing courses are theoretically strong and mathematically advanced. At same time, they also provide basic theories and basic methods for the construction and design of information processing systems. Traditional teaching method centered on teachers focuses on theoretical teaching, and...
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Research on the Training Strategies of Infants' Reading Ability

Lina Zhang, Sizhuo Chen
The experimental results show that the reading ability of infants is the driving force for the development of their abilities in all aspects. The aim of this paper is to understand infants' reading level well and improve their reading ability. By using documentary method, the paper analyzes the situation...
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Research on the Relationship between Iron Ore Futures Price and Spot Price in China

Hui Sheng
Based on cointegration test, vector error correction model and impulse response function, this paper took the relevant daily data from October 2013 to May 2018 as the research object to study the relationship between iron ore futures price and spot price in China. The results show that there is a long-term...
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Study on the Teaching Mode of College English Writing from Meme Perspective

Li Tian
In college English teaching, how to effectively improve the writing skill of the students has always been a great concern to the teacher. This article aims to work out an effective and feasible teaching mode from the perspective of meme to improve the writing ability of college students. The author conducts...
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Exploration on the Scientific Connotation of Medical College Students’ Innovation and Enterprise Ability

Dan Lyu, Jie Lyu, Haiping Cheng, Chunyu Shan
On the basis of in-depth understanding of the innovation and enterprise education theory at home and abroad, this paper took “the innovation and enterprise subject of medical college students” as research object and tried to scientifically determine the basic elements of medical students' innovation...
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Spatial Dimensional Shift in Graphic Design and Visual Communication

Jianghui Liu, Handun Xiang
In the process of decoration and graphic design, it is often necessary to reflect a three-dimensional image. How to better transform two-dimensional graphics into three-dimensional rendering in the two-dimensional state of the plane is what designers need to think and learn. Visual illusion is a kind...
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From Passiveness to Activeness: the Transformation of China’s Regulatory Measures on Weibo

Bei Guo
Chinese internet censorship has attracted wide attention from all over the world. With the increasing importance of Weibo in the daily life of the Chinese people, it is necessary to explore how the Communist Party of China specifically responds to and regulates Weibo among other social media. This paper...
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Investigation and Analysis of Humanistic Quality of College Physical Education Teachers

Degang Xu, Zhenxiang Tian
Starting from the investigation and analysis of the humanistic knowledge reserve of university physical education teachers, it is found that some university physical education teachers lack literature knowledge, historical knowledge, artistic knowledge and complete philosophy and law knowledge. Based...
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Industry-University-Research Cooperation in Professional Translation Teaching

Qianqian Qu
This paper analyzes the current status of language service industry, professional translation teaching and the existing problems. The purpose of this paper, correspondingly, aims to make some explorations for translation professionalization in universities where the traditional translation teaching cannot...