Proceedings of the 2018 4th International Conference on Social Science and Higher Education (ICSSHE 2018)

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Study on the Present Situation and Improvement Strategy of Work-integrated Learning in Higher Vocational Colleges

Liying Liu, Renjie Yang, Guofeng Bian, Shuwen Wang
The work-integrated learning is the basic way to cultivate applied talents in higher vocational colleges. It is the common need of the development of higher vocational education and the development of industry and enterprise. However, there are many problems in the implementation process of work-integrated...
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The Exploration and Practice of Seminar Teaching Method in Professional Graduate Education

Xin Song, Lei Yang, Yu Shi, Yanhong Du
According to the training target of professional graduate education in China, the research on the teaching mode reform based on the Seminar teaching method was proposed. The Seminar teaching method target was clarified. Then the “Information retrieval” course was taken as an example. And the Seminar...
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Perplexity and Countermeasures: the Analysis of the Elements of the Transformation and Development of New Universities

Liang-Yong Huang
The transformation and development of newly-built colleges and universities are the strategic measure of national higher education, which is an important guarantee for the upgrading of economic transformation and the supply-side structural reform. This paper summarizes and analyzes the main problems...
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How University Students’ “Double Chuang” (Innovation and Entrepreneurship) Steps Out from “Three Highs” and “Three Lows”? -- Based on the Research of Universities in Jiangxi, Zhejiang and Hubei

Xiaoyuan Li, Siman Deng
This paper, through the investigation of college students and entrepreneurship graduates in Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Hubei and other provinces, found the “three highs” and “three lows” phenomenon of university students’ “Double Chuang” and “Four restricts” that stop university students from doing “Double Chuang”....
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The Elements of Chinese Traditional Culture Embodied in the Advertisement Design

Chen Yi
Commercial advertisement is the advertisement that has close connection with commodity, commercial activity, commercial category. This paper aims to solve the problem of the lack of traditional cultural features in modern commercial advertising. By analyzing the development of commercial advertisement,...
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Study on the Inefficiency of Cooperative Learning and its Countermeasures in College English Teaching

Xiaofeng Wu
With the continuous development and expansion of education in China, teaching methods have been innovated and developed with the development of society. In today's college English teaching, many new teaching methods are also coming out of the old. Among them, cooperative learning has been widely used...
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Research on Application of Virtual Reality Technology in Production Practice of Bioengineering Specialty

Jing Su, Junqing Wang, Piwu Li, Wenjun Lan
Professional production practice is a part of the bioengineering teaching, which plays an important role in improving students' ability to analyze problems and solve problems. However, there are some common problems in the practical teaching of bioengineering specialty. For example, appropriate companies...
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Research on the Perception of Tourism Image of Xinjiang Tianchi Lake Scenic Spot Based on Online Travels

Jiaxiu Guo, Haiyang Yan
In order to learn the tourism image of Tianchi Lake scenic spots in tourists' mind and increase the overall attraction of Tianchi Lake scenic spots, this paper analyzes 300 travels from Ctrip website and Mafengwo by adopting ROST CM6 text analysis software based on Tianchi Lake. It concludes that the...
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Research on the Quality Improvement of Education Talent Cultivation in China's Higher Engineering

Jie Liu
Under the current development situation of new technology, new industry and new economic, the core requirements of higher engineering education with new ideas, structures, mode, quality and system give a new connotation to the quality of higher engineering education since China becomes the full member...
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Influence of Regulation on Chinese Tobacco Industry from the Perspective of Game Theory

Shen Shen, Min Jiang
Tobacco industry enjoys monopoly, and the tobacco products share the characteristics of high margin, high revenue as well as addictiveness and harmfulness. The Chinese tobacco industry has been in a system of state monopoly, which, on one side, ensures stable development of the tobacco industry, and...
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Controlling the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Education and Technology Fusing Tendency Research

Yizhen Liu, Bo Gao, Yanming Wang, Li Liu
After the fourth Industrial Revolution comes, the whole world facing digitized era, it is imperative to the revolution of fusing education and technology in China. This article deals with virtual reality plus teaching; virtual/cloudy computing plus teaching; big data plus teaching; artificial intelligence...
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Bilingual Teaching in Medical Colleges and Universities in China: Problems and Suggestions

Cheng Chen, Xuecheng Wang, Xiangfa Zeng, Fei Chen, Yamin Jiang
With the increasing demand for national talents and medical development of China, Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China issued a document in 2001 to advocate the use of foreign language for specialized courses teaching. As it is emphasized that the important task of education development...
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Research on Improving the Quality of Scientific Research Management Team in Colleges and Universities

Jinming Liu
As the main organizer and service provider of scientific research activities in colleges and universities, the quality and business ability of scientific research management team plays a basic role in the effectiveness and quality of scientific research management in colleges and universities. By analyzing...
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Research on the Mode of Cultivating Innovative Talents among Undergraduate Students Majoring in Mechanical Engineering

De-hai Zhang, Yan-qin Li, Yu Ma, Ying Gui, Jian-xiu Liu
Through the analysis of the present situation of college mechanical engineering education in China and existing studies from other countries, we construct a platform for the innovation training program by universities and enterprises for undergraduate students in mechanical engineering. This platform...
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The Status Quo and Countermeasures of Graduation Design for Engineering Colleges

Qing Sun, Qiliang Zhang
The quality of graduation design is an important indicator to measure the success or failure of undergraduate education. The paper analyzed the graduation design status of engineering colleges and the factors that affect the quality of undergraduate thesis, and put forward effective strategies to improve...
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On the Intrinsic Vitality of Socialist Core Values

Xiaoxi Gao
The scientific, mass-centered, national and open characteristics of social core values reflect that it is scientific in content, rigorous in logic and complete in structure. The rich connotation encompasses the stability of political direction, the guidance of scientific concepts, and the promotion of...
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Exploration and Practice on Stimulation of Students’ Interests in Theoretical Physics Courses

Yi Jin, Shi-Yuan Li
How to stimulate university students’ interests in studying theoretical physics courses is a general question for most universities. Taking electrodynamics as an example, we bring out and illustrate four relevant ways in detail, which are teaching guidance for each knowledge point, notice on physical...
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Research on Individual Difference Teaching of Advanced Mathematics in Higher Vocational College

Xiaoming Jiang
With the continuous extension of the enrollment scales of higher vocational colleges, the quality of new students is uneven and the mathematics level of the students is declining. Advanced mathematics, as an important basic course, plays an important role in the students’ follow-up courses and the development...
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Application Research of CBCT in Orthodontics

Hongyu Xu, Yuanjun Wang
CBCT (Cone Beam Computer Tomography) has been widely used in various fields of oral cavity because of its high resolution and low radiation. Through the comparison between CBCT and traditional spiral CT, it showed the advantages of CBCT in orthodontics field and exampled how to use CBCT for the diagnosis...
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Diversified Case Teaching of Automatic Control Principle

Yanhong Du, Renjie Yang, Li Wang, Xishuan Hu
Automatic Control Principle is a strong theory course. The diversified case teaching method is introduced into the course, including multiple teaching materials such as courseware, video and experiment. According to the existence of strong theory, complex formulas, complicated mathematical derivation...
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Study on Action Mechanism of Industrial Development Supported by National Quality Infrastructure

Hui Liu
NQI includes metrology, standards, certification and accreditation, inspection and testing, and other basic elements which are closely related and interacted with each other, forming a systematic and organic whole. With the continuous development of social progress, NQI gradually presents the fundamentality,...
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Exploration and Practice of College-Enterprise Cooperation in Training Students' Engineering Ability

Qingyue Wei, Ming Li, Man Meng, Yingzhong Tian
Engineering education is a kind of higher education method that all countries in the world are actively discussing. Cooperation between college and enterprise is an effective way to improve the effectiveness of engineering education. However, in the specific practice process, there are many problems...
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An Analytical Reading of Gloriana: a Ceremonial Opera of the Twentieth Century

Chih-Yuan Mai
Gloriana, an opera based on the life of Queen Elizabeth I was Benjamin Britten and William Plomer’s attempt to construct a national myth for a new era. The work is dedicated for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Opera, as being a ritualistic art form, has played a crucial role in the series of coronation...
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A Comparative Study of Two Parallel Reading Comprehension Tests

Huijie Li
Multiple-choice question is widely used in reading comprehension tests even though its disadvantages are well recognized. However, there is little literature available about the optimal alternatives to MCQ. Heaton criticizes that MCQ has no communicative feature and maintains that text itself should...
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Practical Teaching Reform Research on Logistics Management from “Industry-University-Research” Perspective

Yunqiu Jiao
With the rapid development of China’s logistics industry, the lack of logistics professionals, especially the high-quality and complex logistics personnel, has become one of the bottlenecks restricting the healthy development of logistics industry. This thesis aimed to analyze developing strategies for...
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The Design and Implementation of the Data Classification System

Dandan Xue, Zengguo Sun, Yang Liu, Rui Shi, Jie Ding
The artificial data classification is time-consuming and inefficient. To solve this problem, the data classification system is developed to classify the data automatically and helps users to find the inconsistent points easily. Firstly, the requirement analysis, the summary design, the detailed design...
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Approaches to Optimize and Innovate the Policies of Poverty-relief Medical Insurance Mechanism for Impoverished Population -- A Case Study of Hebei Province

Haifang Feng, Jinguo Ye
Currently, the bottleneck in the targeted poverty alleviation is the poverty due to illness or the return to poverty owing to illness. As a result, Hebei Province in August of 2016 issued Implementation Program (Trial) of Improving the Medical Assistance to Impoverished Population to Prevent Poverty...
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Study on the Cultivation of Innovation Ability of New Energy Science and Engineering Speciality by Practical Training

Li Wang, Yanhong Du, Dengchao Jin, Xinyuan Liu
New energy science and engineering specializes are oriented towards the new energy industry. It is a multi-disciplinary emerging industry requiring practitioners in this field to have interdisciplinary backgrounds, knowledge innovation and comprehensive application capabilities. The innovation ability...
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Assessing the Effects of Entrepreneurship Education in Private Universities in China

Yan Wang, Lei Nie
Assessing the effects of entrepreneurship education in different national and cultural context or the type of universities is an important direction of the research field. Based on the commonly used model and scale in previous studies and adopting quasi-experiments with control group design this study...
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Dialectical Methods and Means in the Teaching of Probability and Statistics

Xiaonan Xiao
Based on the teaching practice of probability and statistics, this paper probes into the dialectical methods and means in the teaching of probability and statistics, explores how to further strengthen the interactive and practical teaching, also discusses how to cultivate the students' dialectical creative...
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The Construction of "Four Horizontal Lines and Four Vertical Lines" Curriculum Systems in College Accounting Major

Jie Ren, Yu Yang, Yuan Zhang, Binrong Wang
As an important base for the formation of basic knowledge for accountants, colleges and universities have assumed their important mission. Taking Tianjin College, University of Science and Technology Beijing as an example, this paper analyzes the construction of accounting professional course system...
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Survey of Internet Overuse Status of College Students and Its Influencing Factors

Miaojing Li, Xue Zhou, Chunmei Li, Bo Liang, Xinyu Cui, Shengzhong Rong, Yongkui Yin, Hui Zhang, Yanru Fang, Hao Wang, Junfeng Hao, Zhibao Huang
This paper investigated medical students’ Internet overuse status and influencing factors related. A stratified cluster sampling method was used to investigate undergraduates from Mudanjiang Medical University. The unconditional logistic regression was adopted to analyze related factors of affecting...
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Research on the Discourse Power and Dominant Power of Ideological and Political Education in the Work of Mass Organizations in Universities

Xin-Jian Zhang
The work of mass organizations is facing new opportunities and challenges under the new era background, which is an important part of the Party's work in universities. In the light of the 18th Party Central Committee's new strategy for reform and development of mass work, the university should proceed...
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Study on Teaching Reform of Basics of Computer Courses in Applied Universities in the Context of the Internet -- Taking Wuhan Business University as an example

Jie Shen, Tianhong Zhou, Gongjiang Chen, Ying Tong, Zhiqing Han
In view of the teaching of basics of computer courses in applied universities in the context of the Internet, we analyze the necessity of course setting, the rationality of teaching in separate majors or classes and the cultivation of practical ability. Combining reform experiments in recent years, a...
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The Study on Rural Vocational Education to Keep Within Limits of Poverty in the Era of Post Poverty

Hong Zeng, Xingzheng Xiao
The major purpose of this article is to discuss the farmer’s vocational education and how to improve their technological consciousness through foster talents for the vocational education. Helping poor people to step into the Post Poverty and establish the pattern of sustainable affluence is so necessary....
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Thinking on the Cultivation of Applied Talents in Local Colleges and Universities

Naizhu Huang, Li Jiang
The transitional development of local colleges and universities meets the needs of China's economic and social development and the adjustment of higher education structure. The transition from a local college to a university of applied sciences which aims to cultivating applied talents must achieve five...
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University Students Participating in Institution Construction of University Library Service Management -- Taking Yunnan Agricultural University Library as an example

Yanqiong Li
University students' participation in university library service management is an effective means to alleviate the shortage of human resources in university libraries. At present, University students mainly participate in the service management of university libraries in the form of work-study programs...
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Application of Flipped Classroom Teaching Model in Intercultural Communication Courses in Universities and Colleges in Yunnan Province

Ping Yang, Shi Qian
The "bridgehead" strategy and "the Belt and Road Initiative" strategy have transformed Yunnan from a southwestern border area into the front and core of opening the southwestern region to the world. In terms of the reality of social development and education in Yunnan, under the new background of the...
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Historical Evolution of Intermarriages between China and the West and Differences between Chinese and Western Traditional Concept of Love and Marriage

Ping Yang, Shi Qian, Min Zheng, Yun Cai
With the increasingly frequent exchanges between China and the West, the scope of exchanges has expanded from the economic and cultural fields to a deeper and broader level. With the increase of contacts between Chinese and westerners, it is natural to fall in love with and get married to each other....
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The Tension between the Patent Act and the Lanham Act in the US -- Taking the Trade Dress Protection for Product Configuration for Example

Wei Zhang
For many years, many courts have been confused about the question of whether trade dress protection under the Lanham Act can be applied to product configuration in an expired utility patent. Some courts insisted that if the product configuration is nonfunctional, it could obtain trade dress protection....
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Analysis of the Influence of Internal Control Environment on Accounting Information Quality

Shujun Sheng
Accounting information distortion has existed for a long time, but why? People blamed the accounting work belonging to the enterprise management system at the beginning, and the accounting principles and systems for standardizing enterprise accounting behavior. However, the related regulators and workers...
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Analysis of the Challenges and Countermeasures of College English Education in Media and Information Era

Hong Huang
In the current media and information age, the communication mode of information has changed greatly. College English teaching also faces the change of teaching environment. So, education has many challenges. College English is different from other courses, and the learning of many English contents needs...
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The Group Cooperative Learning: Value, Practice and Reflection -- Taking Primary School Mathematics Teaching as an Example

Liping Pan, Chaoyang Fang
The Group Cooperative Learning is one of the important learning methods advocated by the new curriculum reform. Because of the influence of the traditional cognitive teaching theory of "paying attention to the result of knowledge acquisition and neglecting the process of knowledge acquisition" for a...
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The Application of Engineering Cognitive Museum in Engineering Training Teaching

Peng’an Qian
Engineering Cognitive Museum of HeFei University of Technology is a non-profit education base which displays people the connotation of engineering in various forms like real objects, models, display boards, pictures and diagrams. In the course of “Engineering Training”, through analyzing and summarizing...
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Does Entrepreneurial Education Promote the Performance of Makers? -- Survey from Zhejiang Province

Feixiao Yin
This paper studies the relationship between entrepreneurship education (EE) and entrepreneurial performance (EP) of college students, and it introduces entrepreneurial intention ((EI) as an intermediary variable to test the effect of EE, and discusses the influence mechanism of EE on EP of college students....
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QoS Indicator System Design for Collaboration Oriented Web Service Composition

Zhong Wu
In order to solve the problem of the dispersion and unity of the QoS (Quality of service), this paper builds a qualified web service composition QoS indicator system. Firstly, it mines deeply the SQoS indicators from the web service composition providers’ view and the CQoS indicators from customers’...
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The Influence from College Physical Education on the Development of Students' Physical and Mental Health

Xin-ying Liu, Zhong Wu
Promoting and gradually perfecting the development of students' physical and mental health in school physical education is an important aspect of improving the quality of physical education. Physically and psychologically comprehensive development of students is an important factor in social progress....
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The Times Connotation and Ways of Realization of Horse Culture in Wuhan

Quan’an Gui, Yangzhou Xiang
Through researching the literature of countries and regions owning advanced horse industry in the world, we can figure out that these places attach high attention to cultivating horse culture and creating atmosphere. It is also the long history for over one hundred years that make horse culture boom....
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Research on the Influence of Teachers' Scientific Research Ability on Students' Job Opportunity and Competitiveness

Ying Yan, Haiyun Gan
Against the background of the increasingly demanding employment of college students, how to improve the competitiveness of graduates from average universities has become a research focus in personnel training of higher education. The relationship between teachers’ scientific research ability and employment...
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New Relationship of the Antarctic Treaty System and the UNCLOS System: Coordination and Cooperation

Jingchang Li
United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) system applies to all the ocean of the world, while Antarctic Treaty System (ATS) applies to the land and ocean of south of 60 ° S. Therefore, the ocean of south of 60 ° S will be regulated by the UNCLOS system and ATS simultaneously. Conservation...