Proceedings of the 2018 4th International Conference on Social Science and Higher Education (ICSSHE 2018)

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Evaluation on Development Trend of Distributed Power Industry in China Based on Prosperity Model

Jun Dong, Rong Li, Pei Wang, Qi Zhang
Distributed power generation has become an important part to develop low-carbon economy, build ecological civilization and achieve sustainable development for the countries around the world. However, with the rapid development of distributed power industry in China, there is no effective means for forecasting...
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Reform and Practice of Innovative Models for Electrical and Electronic Courses Based on “Internet +”

Fengli Jiang, Chunling Chen, Bingxin Sun
With the advent of the “Internet +” era, the “Internet +” teaching has become an important part of the teaching reform in various universities. There are many defects in traditional network teaching, for example, the teaching contents are simply copied in class to the network; the students did not participate...
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"Socialism of the 21st Century" in Latin American Countries: Major Challenges and Prospects

Shu Rong, Xiaofan Dong
The Socialism of the 21st century in Latin American countries, a result of long-standing political, economic and social contradictions, was put forward by President Hugo Chavez to reform the country. As an overall development strategy, ''Socialism of the 21st century'' is a breakthrough for developing...
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Applications of Virtual Reality Technology on Cultivation of Undergraduates in Agronomy Specialty

Yihong Hu, Wenshuai Zeng, Chenzhong Jin, Xuejiao Zhang, Yong Chen
The cultivations of experimental and practical abilities are the most important aspects during the education of undergraduate students in the agronomy specialty. But some experiments and off-campus practical trainings are restricted by the real conditions, and actually the undergraduate students cannot...
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Construction of Self-compiled Teaching Materials for Agricultural Professional Master Degree Courses

Yihong Hu, Wenshuai Zeng, Chenzhong Jin, Xuejiao Zhang, Yong Chen
The culturing goal of agricultural professional master degree is to educate qualified talents with innovative and vocational abilities for the local economical construction and the selection of teaching materials for students is a key ring in education. At present, some of the teaching materials adopted...
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Research on the Interactive Model of Taxable Income Adjustment and Temporary Difference Increment

Peng Zhao, Zhiping Jiang, Shiqing Huang
We develop a model to analyze the interactive relationship between the taxable income adjustment based on income statement and the increment of temporary difference based on balance sheet. The results indicate that: in each period, the temporary taxable income adjustment equals the income tax-related...
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Exploration of Cultivating mode of Creative and Interdisciplinary Talents for Engineering Students Based on Interdisciplinary Projects

Renjie Yang, Guimei Dong, Yanrong Yang, Yong Wei
The construction of innovative and interdisciplinary groups is of great significance to the cultivation of students' cooperation and innovation ability. The cultivating mode of creative and interdisciplinary talents for engineering students is proposed. Firstly, a high-level and interdisciplinary teacher’s...
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Analysis on the Structure of Chinese Spoken Sentence " V ye bu V"

Zhaodi Xing
Taking the commonly-seen expression in spoken language "V ye bu V " (V refers to verb, "ye" means "also" in English and "bu" has the negative meaning in English) as the research object, this paper analyzes the characteristics and meaning of each component of such structure and expounds its discourse...
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Discussion on the Second Classroom Construction of Applied Agricultural College

Yiming Liu, Yu Shi, Hua Liu, Yun Han
This paper investigates how to establish an efficient complementary education system of second classroom, in applied agricultural colleges. By analyzing the achievements and challenges in the second classroom of a well-known applied agricultural college, we propose methods to optimize the construction...
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An Analysis of the “Prisoner’s Dilemma” in the Theatrical Effect of Educational Predicament

Lianying Zhou, Yicheng Gong, Deyi Li
Theatrical effect in behavioral economics is adopted to vividly interpret the "high-cost but inefficient" dilemma in the current Chinese education, and then the “prisoner’s dilemma” in game theory is used to analyze the educational dilemma. By introducing the discount factor, a finite and infinite prisoner's...
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Deep Connotations of Marx’s Theory of Social Interaction from the Contemporary Perspective

Li Xu
Development of every theory is a progressive, back-and-forth long process. Marx’s theory of social interaction is no exception. It is established through Marx’s development and innovation of previous scholars’ theoretical achievements. As an important part of historical materialism, Marx’s theory of...
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Study on the Economic Effect of China's Free Trade Port -- Taking Hainan Provinces as an example

Xiaoyi Li, Yinqiu Wu
Hainan Free Trade Port has become a new form and new platform to further deepen its opening to the outside world for China. However, as the current implementation of the free trade port strategy is still at an early stage, domestic studies mostly remain at the strategic level and policy level, which...
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Market-based Short-term Electricity Price Forecast Based on EEMD and ARIMA

Jun Dong, Xihao Dou, Dongran Liu, Dongxue Wang
With the development and implementation of pilots in the Chinese spot market, the importance of electricity price forecasting to various entities in the electricity market is also constantly emerging. At the same time, with the continuous deepening of China's electricity market construction, the electricity...
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Exploration of the Innovative Development of Secondary Vocational Education in the New Period

Ruyi Cai, Shixin Li, Chaonan Fan
In the new period, the demand for technology-based talents in the society is increasing. Secondary vocational schools as educational academies for training technical talents should also explore innovative development ideas in light of changes in social needs in order to improve the quality of secondary...
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Research on Strengthening the Team Construction of College Organizer in the New Era

Yun Han, Yu Shi, Yiming Li, Hua Liu
This paper made the analysis from the two aspects: the current status of college organizer team construction in the new era and existing problems in the team construction, putting forward five effective measures to solve the research on the organizer team construction, strengthen the study and training,...
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Pathogen Load and the Nature of Ingroup Derogation: Evolution of Ingroup Derogation Based on the Sexual Penna Model

Chun Hu, Xiongfeng Li, Qi Wu
Ingroup derogation is a preference and affinity for outgroup members over ingroup members which contradicts both expert and lay beliefs. In present study, we further tested the evolutionary ingroup derogation hypothesis by using computational modeling analysis based on the modified sexual Penna model...
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Makerspace-based Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education System in Higher Education

Lanyong Zhang, Jiajia Zhou, Qiang Pan, Liang Li, Hongdan Liu
This paper focuses on facilitating innovation and entrepreneurship by removing barriers between higher education institutions and incubation centers, between incubation centers and enterprises, and in higher education institutions to provide college students with technological, incubating, financing,...
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Theories of Pragmatics and Its Applications in EFL

Yong Chi
By analyzing the specific examples from the textbooks of College English, this paper discusses the basic theories of pragmatics: deixis, presupposition, the cooperative principle, the politeness principle, investigates the applications of the theories in College English teaching, and points out the significance...
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A New Approach of Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities with School History Museum as Carrier

Peiqi Liu
The School history museum is a valuable asset accumulated in the course of school development. It is of great importance to develop and utilize the school history museum to pass on the excellent historical culture of colleges and universities, improve the pertinence of ideological and political education...
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Research on the Application of Analogy Method in Electromagnetism Teaching

Bingbing Chen
Electromagnetism is a very important basic course for physics major. Combining with the needs of school application transformation and teaching experience, the idea of analogy method is introduced into the teaching of electromagnetism. Students’ understanding and memory on the knowledge can be promoted...