Proceedings of the 2020 6th International Conference on Social Science and Higher Education (ICSSHE 2020)

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A Study on the Law and Enlightenment of University-Enterprise Cooperative Patent in Yunnan Province

Lina She, Yunjie Yang, Li Zhang, Chunfang Luo
Taking 32 undergraduate universities in Yunnan Province identified by the Ministry of Education as the research object, based on the patent data jointly applied by universities and enterprises in Yunnan Province from 2010 to 2018, this study started from the law between the total number of patents and...
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Systematic Arrangement of Courses to Improve students’ Professional Innovation Capability

Bingxin Shi, Yrysbaeva Aidana, Xizi Xu, Yibing Wang, Deng-Guang Yu
Many college students from Chinese colleges and universities and even some graduate students are good at the professional theories, but their professional practices are very limited due to a series of objective reasons, let alone their professional innovation capability. Among those reasons, the separate...
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Research on Teaching Practice of “Ideological and Political Course” in Major College Physics—Taking Electric Field Strength as an Example

Zhenping Xie
The fundamental task of education is to “cultivating people by virtue”. This article takes the electric field intensity as an example, fully excavates the ideological and political elements contained in the teaching content, and conducts exploration and practice in classroom teaching to give full play...
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Research on the Patent Exclusivity Licensing of School-Enterprise Cooperation in Yunnan University

Lina She, Yunjie Yang, Chunfang Luo
Through analyzing the patent data of 32 universities and enterprises in Yunnan Province, this work studied the relationship between technology maturity, geographical distance between universities and enterprises, and school-enterprise cooperation experience and the tendency of universities to adopt exclusive...
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Research on the Blended Teaching Mode of Advanced Mathematics Based on Rain Classroom

Peiyu Yan
This article aims to give full play to the main body status of students, divide the teaching content into “online articles-offline articles-combined articles”, and construct the advanced mathematics trinity of “before class-while class-after class” based on the application of Rain Class Mixed teaching...
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Development, Validity, and Reliability of the Humanistic Literacy and Employment Ability Scales for Vocational School Students

Zhuo Wang
The current study designed two literacy scales to investigate the humanistic literacy and employment ability of vocational school students. According to the investigation (N=87), we identified that the humanistic literacy scale included two dimensions of literary quality and language application ability,...
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Research on the Teaching Mode of “Linear Algebra” Based on Online Teaching

Xiuli Cheng, Yanhong Wu
As a product of informationization, online teaching plays a very important role in talent training and teaching practice, and has gradually become a positive and effective teaching method. In order to ensure a good teaching effect on the premise of completing the teaching task, it is necessary to match...
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The Connotation and Field Practice of Xi Jinping’s “People-centred Philosophy” in Health Communication

Jin Wang
Health Communication plays a key part in the implementation of Healthy China Strategy, and Xi Jinping’s “People-centred Philosophy” functions as a guiding ideology, defines the dominant role of people in health communication. This paper aims to examine the connotation and reviews of the practice of the...
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Exploration and Practice in the Public Art Course “Clothing Colorology”—Taking Minjiang University as an Example

Yajing Shi
This paper focuses on how to build a useful and interesting public art course for clothing colorology within the background of aesthetic education in colleges and universities. Over several years of exploration and practice, the author has attempted to use a variety of methods to carry out teaching activities,...
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The Function and Significance of News Communication from the Perspective of Epidemic Prevention and Control

Yongqing Sun
Taking news communication as an example, this work first analyzed the current situation of the role of news communication since the outbreak of the epidemic, then clarified the important role of news communication in the epidemic prevention and control, and popularized relevant knowledge about how news...
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Research on the Precision Teaching and Research Strategy of Teacher Ability Improvement in the Era of Big Data

Fengxiang Jiang
This work mainly explores the ways to improve teachers’ ability through precision teaching and research in the era of big data. It is necessary to make full use of big data for precision teaching and research, to study innovative teaching methods, to deepen the research of teaching content, to create...
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The Reasons for the Waiver of the Right: An Overview from the Point of View of Russian Criminal Proceeding Doctrine

Irina N. Chebotareva, Olesya S. Pashutina, Irina V. Revina
The realization of rights protection and legal interests of individuals and legal units, suffering from criminal actions, as well as those under penal action can be regarded as the primary task of Russian criminal procedure law. The participants of a criminal procedure have a wide range of rights, realizing...
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Research on the Integrated Teaching Mode of Online & Offline Education under the Background of Internet Plus

Qing Sun, Qiliang Zhang, Yanhong Lin, Juan Bai
With the continuous advancement and innovation of modern science and technology, information and communication technology has an increasing impact on education. “Internet Plus” has become a national strategy, and has produced a new teaching mode and formed a new teaching concept combined with education...
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Comparison of Live Teaching Methods Based on the Live Classroom System and the Video Conference System in the Context of the COVID-19 epidemic: A Case Study of a Robotics Teaching Course

Wei-jie Yang, Fang-fang Du
The live teaching based on the live classroom system (LTBLCS) and the live teaching based on the video conference system (LTBVCS) were widely applied in colleges and universities in China in the context of the COVID-19 epidemic. The purpose of this study was to compare these two live teaching methods...
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The Innovative Development Path of Propaganda Posters in the Dissemination of Mainstream Values

Jinsong Yu, Shengli Chen
Based on the social communication function of propaganda posters, this paper analyzes the practical path to achieve innovation and development in the dissemination of mainstream values in the new era as a traditional art form emphasizing ideological expression. It demonstrates that carrying forward the...
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Reasoning Research on the Integrated Teaching of Higher Mathematics and Automation Courses in Colleges and Universities

Guosheng Wang, Bing Liang
Many courses of automation major in colleges and universities are theoretical and difficult to teach and study, which is undoubtedly a great challenge to teachers and students. Based on many years of experience in teaching automatic control principles, modern control theory, robot control and other courses...
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Analysis on the Present Situation of Patent Transformation of Universities in Yunnan Province

Lina She, Jing Luo, Jianmin Wang, Fuping Feng
The research on patent transformation is of great significance to the practice of transformation of scientific and technological achievements in universities. Based on the perspective of patent transformation, this study excavated and analyzed the patent transformation information of 32 universities...
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Analysis on the Countermeasures of Patent Transformation and Promotion of Universities in Yunnan Province

Lina She, Yaxue Chen, Yunjie Yang, Fuping Feng
Based on the current situation of university patent transformation in Yunnan Province, it was found that the invalid patents accounted for 16.29% of the patents transformed by universities in Yunnan Province. Patent conversion was mainly distributed in Kunming, but not in most other cities. This study...
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Reputation Risk of Tanzanian Tourism: The Role of Tanzanian Students in China

Shubila Kikoko
Although Sub-Saharan Africa is developing rapidly with vibrant business environment and modern skylines, it is also known as the “dark continent”, the home of many awful stories of violence, famine and genocide. It is a fact that perception about a tourist destination is a reality to the prospective...
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The Influence of Meta-Language Consciousness on English Teaching Mode of Tibetan College Students

Lanfen Ji, Dianjun Lu
Improving English teaching level in minority universities is of great significance to the development of regional economy and culture. Study on the training of meta-language consciousness and its relationship with English teaching and learning has been carried out in many aspects. Through analysis of...
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Practice and Exploration of “Tries-Tries” Flipped Classroom Teaching Mode in Mechanical Courses

Yihua Zhang, Dong Zhao
As a new teaching mode, the flipped classroom has become a research and application hotspot in university education. How to realize the conversion between students and teachers in flipped classroom and how to organize the implementation process of learning before class, in class and after class are the...
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Research on the Current Situation of Graduate Education under the Guidance of Teaching Supervision

Chenguang Wang, Fanbo Wang, Chunhui Shi, Yanqiu Hu, Yuguang Lv
The teaching supervision mechanism is an important measure and effective way to supervise and ensure the quality of research and teaching in the period of postgraduate education. However, many problems were exposed in the supervision system of postgraduate education and teaching in China during the novel...
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Integration Research on Migrant Workers Returning Home to Start Business with the Data from Jilin Province

Yanling Cao, Hongying Li
Lots of problems emerged in entrepreneurship such as low educational level, narrow social network, lack of start-up capital make returned migrant workers fail in starting business. In order to resolve the above issues and improve entrepreneurial performance of returned migrant workers, questionnaires...
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Reflection on the Reform of Basic Curriculum Examination Mode in Higher Education Popularization

Xiaofeng Zhu, Yongming Zhang, Yuying Jiang
At present, higher education has entered the stage of mass education, and the old examination and assessment methods can’t meet the needs of basic course teaching. According to the course attributes and teaching objectives, to explore various forms and modes of examination and assessment, these assessment...
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Research on the Construction of CAD Characteristic Teaching Materials Based on the Integration of Production and Education in Higher Vocational Colleges

Qikai Yu, Xuwei Jiang, Fanyu Zhang, Jingyu Yuan
The integration of production and education is a new integration of innovation and development of higher vocational education and transformation and upgrading of enterprises. While teaching Material CAD is the key to the development of intelligent manufacturing Vocational Education under the background...
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Discussion on the Inheritance Path of Traditional Skills Based on the Public Elective Course of “Han Embroidery Craft” in Jianghan University

Shengli Chen, Jinsong Yu
Based on the public elective course of “Han Embroidery Craft” offered by Jianghan University, this paper discusses the teaching practice path of promoting traditional skills of intangible cultural heritage among college students. It is suggested that local colleges and universities should adopt the measures...
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The Ways to Achieve the Objectives of Single-Chip Computer Course

Yuan Liu, Yanan Zeng, Haiyun Wu, Guimei Dong
Due to the lags in the training mode of college students’ learning and practical ability and the unsymmetrical situations between the teaching content and curriculum practice system and the training objectives of applied talents, the outcome-based education theory was applied in the teaching design of...
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Teaching Method Reform of Professional English Course for Measurement and Control Major under New Engineering Education Background

Yanan Zeng, Yuan Liu, Haiyun Wu, Jin Li, Yanrong Yang, Ruokui Chang
Training new engineering talents is an inevitable trend of new engineering education in colleges and universities. However, under the background of new engineering construction, the teaching method of traditional professional English course for measurement and control major are limited by problems, such...
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Reform and Practice of Mineral Processing Innovative Talents Training System for International Engineering Education: Taking Wuhan University of Science and Technology as an Example

Wenbo Zhou, Ming Zhang, Dabing Yang
In accordance with the disciplinary characteristics of the mineral processing engineering major of Wuhan University of Science and Technology, this article aims at cultivating high-quality international engineering application-oriented talents, and focuses on improving students’ engineering practice...
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Error Analysis of Learning Chinese Detachable Words for Mongolian Students

Tingting Mi
In order to help the Mongolian students to learn Chinese detachable words more effectively, this work firstly analyzed the errors of the detachable words by the results of the questionnaires which Mongolian students have already done, then discussed the types of the errors, try to find out the reasons...
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Research and Practice of “Integration of Management and Technology” Food Specialty Compound Talents Training Mode

Yichen Peng, Fei Pei, Ji Xia, Anxiang Su
Contemporary college students are widely accustomed to receiving a passive “indoctrination-styled” education. Meanwhile, teaching methods have not been able to completely break free from the constraints of traditional “technology and theory” training models of Food specialty. In response to this situation,...
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“Microcourse” Based Flipped Classroom Teaching Mode for Ideological and Political Education of Colleges and Universities

Yeqin Lu
“Microcourse” and flipped classroom are hot topics in the world higher education field in recent years. At present, the problems of teaching stylization and lack of learning motivation and autonomy are common in ideological and political teaching in colleges and universities. Therefore, introducing microcourses...
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Mobile “English Speaking Practice + Micro-Teaching”: An Experiment on Developing English Teaching Skills of English Education Majors in China

Yang Feng
In order to change the current insufficient spoken English and teaching skills of English education majors in China, this study proposed a new mobile training mode of “English speaking practice + micro-teaching”, and conducted a 16-week experiment to 106 students in English education major. After practicing...
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Study of Online Teaching with Rain-Class during COVID-19 Period

Xichen Lin, Xinjian Zhang
Under the situation of COVID-19, Chinese students, especially in Wuhan, have to stay in isolation for a long time. To ensure students could continue their study works and receive a good education at home, teachers need to try their best to give lessons online. This article states online teaching experience...
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Discussion on the Course Construction of Hierarchical Introduction for Medical Cases of Pyreticosis Treated by Traditional Chinese Medicine—Taking Hainan Medical University as an Example

Kai Li, Xian Wang, Chang Liu, Jingyu Zhao, Yinglian Liu, Mi Li, Yiqiang Xie
Medical cases could improve the ability of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) students in clinical treatment based on syndrome differentiation. Nowadays, medical cases teaching is not systematic or curricular. In order to improve students’ clinical thinking ability and TCM clinical skills of syndrome...
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Synergetic-Based Study of the Development of Network Literature Industry

Boyao Zhang
This paper studied strategies to promote the development of network literature industry by using the concept of order parameter in synergetic theory. The network literature industry is a complex system mainly composed of five subsystems and these subsystems compete and cooperate with each other to promote...
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An Empirical Study on Management Optimization of Undergraduate Design Link in Design Major—A Case Study of School of Art and Design of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology

Qian Zhang, Wei Chang, Lu Peng, Chang Liu
The undergraduate graduation design of design major is the most complex part of practical teaching in colleges and universities, which needs systematic and effective teaching process management to match it. This work took the School of Art and Design of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology as the...
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Research on the Training Mode of Applied Innovative Entrepreneurial Talents under the Cooperation Mode of School-Enterprise—A Case Study of the School of Logistics and Trade of Xi’an Eurasia University

Dapeng Ren
Colleges and universities need to keep pace with the times to adjust the talent training model and cultivate applied innovative entrepreneurial talents in the new era. The study is aimed to study how to effectively train innovative entrepreneurial talents in colleges and universities, and explore the...
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Development and Practice of Data Analysis Course for Business Major in Higher Vocational Colleges

Kai Chen
In order to meet the needs of enterprises for business data analysis talents, business majors in higher vocational colleges have opened data analysis related courses. Taking the course development of data analysis for business talents as the research object, this work systematically summarized three...
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Analysis on Construction of Engineering Ethics Course of Transportation Specialty

Wen-feng Wu, Xu-xiu Wang, Shuai Yang, Fan Sun, Yong-yan Chen, Yong-hui Wei, Jia Liu
The negative benefit of science and technology has become constantly prominent and the ethical issues of some heavy construction have been highlighted for the past few years, arousing an extensive discussion on engineering ethics issues in academic circles, which also promotes educators to reflect on...
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Research on the Cultivation Mode of Application-Oriented Professional Master in the Two Stages of Production and Education Integration

Xu-xiu Wang, Wen-feng Wu, Shuai Yang, Fan Sun, Yong-yan Chen, Yong-hui Wei, Jia Liu
As a unique degree type in China, a professional master mainly focuses on the unification of technical practice and higher theoretical education. With the development of science and technology, there is an increasing demand for professional masters in China. This paper analyzes the existing professional...
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Policy Analysis of new Professional Farmer Cultivation in Sichuan Province Based on Process Model

Yu Han, Ge Wen, Yongmei Xia
The study aims to analyze the policy implementation of the new professional farmer cultivation in Sichuan Province using the method of policy implementation process model. It is pointed that policy within the system and the correlation of integrity is not enough, the coordination of executive organization...
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Research on the Legal Regulation of Personal Information Protection and Utilization in the Prevention and Control of COVID-19 Epidemic

Weimin Ouyang
In the prevention and control of COVID-19 epidemic in China, big data technology provides crucial scientific and technological support. Big data technology, on the one hand, played a huge role in the key issues of the prevention and control of COVID-19 epidemic that quickly identify potential infections,...
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Influencing Factors of Choosing Modern Apprenticeship Program for Higher Vocational College Students—Taking E-commerce Major of A University as an Example

Yu Zhao, Huaxin Wang
Based on the TPB theory, this work constructed a model, collected questionnaire data from students majoring in e-commerce in a higher vocational college in eastern China, and used Probit model to test the factors affecting students’ choice of modern apprenticeship program. The results showed that the...
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The Aesthetic Education Methods of Fashion Design Majors in Colleges and Universities—Taking Clothing and Design Faculty of Minjiang University as an Example

Yu Lin, Yonggui Li, Huimin Zhuang
Chinese colleges and universities attach much importance to aesthetic education in developing students’ quality education, especially for those students majoring in fashion design. The objective of this study is to explore the aesthetic education methods of fashion design majors in colleges and universities....
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Talent Training of Information and Communication Engineering Postgraduates by Innovative Achievements

Zhendong Yin, Zhilu Wu, Dasen Li, Chengyu Hou
The discipline of information and communication engineering has the characteristics of rapid updating of knowledge system, wide range of scientific research directions, the rapid development of cutting-edge topics and high requirements for innovation ability. It is the forefront of competition in the...
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Research on the Application of Cooperative Learning Model in the Teaching of Chinese Fashion History

Huimin Zhuang, L Yonggui, Yu Lin
In order to explore the effectiveness of cooperative learning in the course of Chinese Fashion History, this paper first introduces the concept of the cooperative learning model briefly and explains the necessity of a cooperative learning model in the course of Chinese Fashion History. Then this study...
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Pros and Cons of Using Gamification in the Russian Education System

Irina N. Chebotareva, Andrey V. Lyaskovets, Veronika V. Makhova
The article analyzes gamification as an educational technology applied in higher education institutions. For this purpose, the system of views regarding the positive and negative aspects of the use of gamification in the educational process is studied and generalized. The article describes the main components...
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The Attributes of the Waiver of the Right: An Overview from the Point of View of Russian Criminal Proceeding Doctrine

Irina N. Chebotareva, Olesya S. Pashutina, Irina V. Revina
The participants of modern Russian criminal proceedings exercise a wide range of rights. Using them they are able not only to promote their interests but to influence the proceeding and the outcome of the case. The possibility to exercise or to waiver the right has no less important than the realization...
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Research on the Influence of Preference Privacy Setting on Information Disclosure Behavior of Mobile Commerce Users

Tao Zhang, Jinsong Li, Chunfu Li, Ziyu Zhu, Kun Zhao
In the m-commerce environment, the improper disclosure of privacy information and excessive access by the third party results in the lowest willingness of users to disclose personal information. Therefore, it is of great significance for the healthy development of mobile commerce to study the effective...
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Evaluation of Teaching Quality and Construction of Guarantee System of College Professional Curriculum under the New Situation

Yanqiu Hu, Yuguang Lv, Shilei Shan, Mingqi Ren
Under the new situation, the teaching quality of colleges and universities is the key to ensure the development of teaching and the cultivation of talents, and it is the prerequisite to realize the transportation of high-quality, high-level and high-skilled talents. In other words, the quality of teaching...
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Exploration and Reflection on the Library Emergency Services of Colleges and Universities under COVID-19—An Investigation on Anti-Epidemic Service in Hubei Colleges and Universities Library

Lang Chen, Chi Zhang
In the course of novel coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19) epidemic, the library service guarantee measures in colleges and universities were summarized and analyzed by investigating the official websites and WeChat public accounts of 32 public colleges and universities in Hubei Province. This work reflected...
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Course Construction of Radio Frequency Electronic Circuits Based on OBE Concept

Chengyu Hou, Yaqing Zhao, Zhilu Wu, Di Chen, Longwen Wu
Engineering education professional certification is an international engineering education quality assurance system. And it is also an important basis for achieving the international mutual certification of engineering education and engineer qualification. Its core idea is outcome based education (OBE)....
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Historical Image of Overseas Chinese of the Xijiang River Basin in Guangdong Province

Ting Wu
This work attempts to analyze the migration trajectory of the overseas communities in Xijiang River Basin in Guangdong Province based on the county historical materials. Results show that villagers in this area moved abroad as far back as in the Ming dynasty, but mass migration occurred after the mid-19th...
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Trust Evaluation of Users in Social Community Based on Virtual Identity Association Analysis

Jianying Xiong, Juan Luo
Effective network trust evaluation can promote the self-discipline of users’ information behavior. Due to the data source of traditional trust assessment is relatively single, the purpose of this study is to obtain the comprehensive performance of the same entity in different network communities to make...
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Action with “Internet Plus”: How Vocational Colleges Cooperate with Enterprises

Rendong Jin
How vocational colleges cooperate with enterprises has been an important concern in running the vocational higher education system. The purpose of this work is to figure out what the ways colleges cooperating with enterprises are by analyzing the difficulties in talent cultivation and by sorting out...
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Educational Design of Leadership Development Programs for University and College

Yunfeng Liu, Pinghua Wei, Xingyu Ding, Zhaozhi Qiu, Xingang Shen, Zhibing Zhong
Leadership education is an important part of talent training in university and college. This article summarizes the ways and methods of leadership training for university and college students, and based on the knowledge of the leadership construction curriculum system of university and college students...
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Exploration of Course Teaching Reform Practice under the Background of New Engineering Course and Engineering Education Certification—Taking “Digital Fundamentals” as an Example

Xiaoling Li, Jimin Yuan, Jianguo Wei
Engineering education certification is proposed in the context of integrating new era engineering education with international standards to guide modern engineering education and cultivate international engineering talents with the concept of “student-centered, results-oriented, and continuous improvement.”...
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Impact of Blended Course Selection System on Undergraduates’ Learning Outcomes: A Logistic Model Approach

Xiufeng Xing, Aiqin Xi, Xueying Zhang
The course selection system is fundamental to teaching management as well as students’ learning outcome in colleges and universities. In this study, we examine the impact of a blended selection system on learning outcomes for undergraduates in both microeconomics and macroeconomics. Unlike the previous...
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Excavation and Arrangement of Course Thinking Elements in Quantum Mechanics

Shixue Song, Jing Wang
Course thinking is a hotspot in the curriculum reform of universities of China, and is the demand to achieve the educational objective of morality education. Taking quantum mechanics as an example, we proposed our viewpoints about course thinking, such as what is course thinking, how to realize it and...
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The Contingency Relationship between Strategic Orientation and Competitive Advantage: The Influence of Environment Uncertainty

Xiaoyan Quan, Lijuan Xu
Positioning theory and resource-based theory are both influential in strategic management. However, the two theories hold opposite views on “resources of competitive advantage” and put forward opposite strategic orientation suggestions. This paper argues that the two theories should be viewed from contingency...
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Research on Cosmetic Consuming Behavior of Female College Students Influenced by Weibo Marketing

Jinhong Huang, Lin Song, Jingyi Sun, Yaping Tian, Qiang He
To investigate whether and how cosmetic enterprises influence the consuming behavior of female college students via Weibo (the Chinese micro-blogging platform), the author confirmed the measurement dimension by reading literature and interviewing and introduced trust as the intermediary variable. The...
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How Does Live Streaming Improve Educational Efficiency in Museum Education?

Rendong Jin
The museum provides visual education activities for the audience with displays composed of physical objects and other auxiliary forms. The mass media are now much more diverse than ever before, and live streaming has become one of the most popular new media because it is real-time, novel, and interactive....
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The Impact of Civil Servants’ Career Calling on Their Learning Behavior—The Mediating Effects of Career Commitment

Jianglin Ke, Yuan Zeng, Chen Chen
Although various positive effects of career calling have been found, few studies link career calling with civil servants’ learning behavior. In order to address this problem and find out the way to promote the self-regulated and continuous learning of the civil service team, from the individual level,...
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Research on Marriage Problems and Countermeasures of Rural Disabled Persons

Ning Zheng, Xiaofeng Cong, Xiaojie Gong
The problem of disabled people is becoming more and more prominent, especially in the aspect of marriage. Disabled persons are facing difficult marriage, high divorce rate, high rate of widowhood problems. On the basis of reviewing the literature on marriage of disabled persons, the work finds that disabled...
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The Influence of Internet Celebrities on the Mainstream Values of College Students: Evidence from Beijing Questionnaire

Zhengyu Tao, Le Sun
Nowadays, the industry of Internet celebrities is hot, and the interaction between Internet celebrities and fans can easily affect the thinking and behavior of fans. Due to the strong plasticity of the values of college students, this article selects different types of Internet celebrities as the research...
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Exploration and Practice on How to Improve Non-English Major Students’ Public Speaking Ability—An Action Research on English Public Speaking Classes in Kunming University

Min Yang, Rongrong Pan
As an art form, the purpose of integrating EPS classes into the college English curriculum is not to cultivate college students as professional speakers, but to enhance their language proficiency and critical thinking ability. Through systematic teaching in a selective course of Kunming University, the...
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An Application-Oriented Teaching Case of Eigenvector

Li Dai
Linear Algebra is famous for its abstraction and it is difficult to study for students. The eigenvector is one of the most Abstract mathematical concepts in university mathematic education. Taking the problem of selection of leader vertices in network as the research object, combining the concept of...
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The Present Situation and Improvement Measures of Undergraduate Teaching Quality in Colleges and Universities

Yanqiu Hu, Shilei Shan, Yuguang Lv, Mingqi Ren, Lin Yang, Wei Ma, Quanyu Lin
Undergraduate education is an important part of China’s education system. Currently, with China’s attention to the field of education, relevant departments have offered strong support and created good conditions for undergraduate education from the educational environment, educational resources, educational...
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Research on the Impact of Government Accounting System on the Construction of University Financial Information System

Guanqiong Yan, Lingling Chen
In order to improve the construction level of financial informatization in universities, the impact of the government accounting system on the construction of financial informatization in universities and the problems that exist in it are comprehensively analyzed. The anchor point is studying the background...
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Research on First-class Curriculum Construction Based on OBE Concept—Taking Electrical Engineering Course as an Example

Yanan Gou, Lei Li, Wenxuan Dong
First-class undergraduate courses are launched for the construction of innovative and challenging courses with high-quality and high-level, and for the adoption of the OBE education philosophy. Taking electrical engineering courses as an example, this article aims to explore the construction of high-quality...
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Research on the Construction of “3+1”Professional Practice Teaching System of Big Data Management and Application Major

Liang Xu
In this paper, big data management and application major’s practice teaching system is presented to train big data analysts in China. As the big data management and application major is established relatively late and there are few types of research on the practical teaching system of training big data...
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Study on Improvement in Employment Quality of College Students

Qidong Deng
This research mainly explored which factors can affect the employment quality of college students based on human capital and social capital. Firstly, the work took the graduation destination and salary level as the measurement indexes of employment quality, and then used the feature selection test and...
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The Teaching of Contemporary American Literature at the Pictorial Turn

Yang Yang
Professor W.J.T.Mitchell announced that we are at the pictorial turn, which can be reflected in our daily life and the humanities field. The fields of contemporary American literature and literary criticism have been affected by such a visual turn. In the face of the change, it is necessary to integrate...
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How about the Status of Perceived Organizational Justice in Different Kinds of Organizations with the Background of Building an Innovative Country?

Yonghua Pi
Improving the ability of organizational innovation has become a national strategy in China. Some types of research found that organizational justice is an important factor influencing the performance of organizational innovation. Therefore, the study of perceived organizational justice has positive practical...
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The Study on English Critical Thinking Skills of Agricultural Students Based on Chinese Traditional Culture

Xin Zhang, Shide Li
In the context of globalization of economic development, there are higher requirements for the English international exchange level of agricultural talents in China, which means that the new situation has a higher demand for agricultural students’ English critical thinking skills. This paper expounds...
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Study and Practice of Talents Training Mode Based on OBE for Business English Major

Xiaomei Wang
Traditional talents training modes can’t meet the needs of new business workplace for business English professionals. This paper proposed a new talents training mode based on Outcomes-based Education (OBE) concept. Training objectives and curriculum system of Business English talents training are first...
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Questionnaire Survey Research Report of Oral English Learning Needs—Taking English Specialty Classes of Nursing Majors in a Vocational Medical College as an Example

Lei Xu
In order to investigate oral English learning needs of students in a vocational medical college, 114 nursing majors were selected as research subjects. Through a questionnaire survey, classroom observation and semi-structured interview, students’ status quo, learning problems and needs of oral English...
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Comparative Study on the Policy Advocacy of Think Tanks in Chinese Universities from the Perspective of Resource Dependence

Jia Guo, Hao Wang
University think tank is an important part of the think tank system in China. Based on the theory of resource dependence, this paper constructs the framework of resource dependence in the policy advocacy of university think tank. The comparative case study of university think tanks with remarkable achievements...
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The Application of Combination Training Method in Football Teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges

Geng Liu
Combined training method is a method of combining actions according to the teaching rules and objectives, which is rewarding to cultivate students’ comprehensive quality and achieve better football teaching effect. Combined training method integrates the elements of tactics, technology, physical fitness...
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An Empirical Study on the Relationship between Capital Input and Educational Information Asymmetry in China

Ruiying Jin, Jing Nan, Jianbo Bao, Bill William Robovsky
China’s overall education level has been drastically improved since the reform and opening-up, benefiting from the continuous growth of fiscal education expenditure, but the development and the accessibility of education among different regions is unbalanced; there is an obvious information asymmetry,...
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Reform Countermeasures of Course System of Environmental Specialty Based on Virtual Simulation

Xiaohong Xu, Bo Zhang, Xiangyang Wu, Xiaohong Zhou, Song Han
In order to achieve the goal of Jiangsu university personnel training, taking Environmental Protection Equipment Engineering specialty as an example, the paper constructed the course system based on the virtual simulation platform of environmental pollution control engineering and equipment, and put...
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Satisfaction Study of Endowment Insurance for Urban and Rural Residents in Wuhan

Chong Yao, Xinxian Huang, Yang Chen
The purpose of this work is to find out the factors influencing satisfaction degree and to put forward suggestions to improve the satisfaction degree of the basic endowment system for urban and rural residents. This study applied quantitative and empirical analysis to construct an index model for Wuhan...
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Practice and Exploration of “Competitive Teaching Method” in the Teaching of Advertising Design and Production in Colleges and Universities

Yihan Jia
Discipline competition plays an important role in practical teaching in colleges and universities. For students, discipline competition is not only an effective test of the learning effect of theoretical knowledge course, but also can exercise their practical nature. For teachers, they can have a better...
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Evaluation on the Effect of Cultivation Mode for New Engineering College Students’ Innovation Ability in Local Colleges and Universities

Mu Li
Under the background of new engineering, the development of new economy challenges the cultivation of traditional engineering professionals. In order to improve the effective teaching effect of students, this work established the effect evaluation index system of innovation ability training mode in view...
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Construction and Implementation Path of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Curriculum System for Local Colleges and Universities

Mu Li
Taking Jiamusi University as a case study, this work analyzed the development status of innovation and entrepreneurship curriculum system at home and abroad, and constructed the implementation path of innovation and entrepreneurship curriculum system. Through adding new contents of “innovation and entrepreneurship”...
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Discussion on Requirements and Training Strategies of Programming in Ocean Engineering

Heng Jin, Mengfan Lou, Jiaxing Ma
The development of the ocean is receiving more and more attention. To train a group of high-quality ocean engineering talents is a goal of current higher engineering education. Programming ability, as an important skill required for the development of computer technology since the 21st century, has a...
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The Stratified Teaching Mode of Basic Courses Based on the Subject Enrolment and Classified Training

Xiaofeng Zhu, Yongming Zhang
To date, the subject enrolment and classified training has been becoming a new mode of talent training and a welcoming trend of teaching reform for colleges and universities in China. In this context, to better consolidate the foundation of students and achieve the goal of “wide caliber and thick foundation”...
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The Enlightenment of the Princeton Model of TCFL on College English Teaching in China

Xi Zhang
The methodology of the Princeton Model of TCFL (Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language) is widely used in Chinese language courses in many North American universities and proves to be highly effective in promoting students’ language skills and proficiency, with a deep influence in the field of second...
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Research on the Management of Makerspace under the Background of Industry-University Cooperation

Peiyu Bo, Bin Sun
The construction and development of makerspace is a significant pathway to carry on innovation and entrepreneurship education, which has experienced more than a decade. In the process of development. There are bottlenecks, such as the difficulties of market expansion and the limitations of the mentor...
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Performance Measurement System of Domestic Garbage Sorting in China: An Improved Balanced Scorecard

Zipei Chen, Jie Ming
Domestic garbage sorting has been put on the agenda in China. To promote the implementation of the strategy of garbage sorting and cooperate with its management, it is of certain significance to construct the performance measurement system. According to the characteristics that garbage sorting is composed...
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Social Network Analysis on Tourist Perception of Museum Tourism

Yan Shi, Yuan Gao
Based on the comments of museum tourists, social network-based tourist perception analysis is conducted for tourists in different types of museums. This paper collects the evaluative text information of museum tourists on, and analyzes these comments of museum tourists by using high frequency...
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Impact of Global Trends and the Coronavirus Challenge on Consumer Behavior

Lenka Švecová, Galina Ostapenko, Jaromír Veber
The study examines the global trends that have emerged over the last twenty years, such as digitization reflected in e-commerce, sustainable production and consumption, and the latest global challenge - coronavirus pandemic to understand their impact on customers’ behavior. The study employs qualitative...
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Study on the Cultivation of Youth Red Culture in the New Era—A Case Study on Red Resources of Sichuan-Shaanxi Soviet Area

Kaili Chen, Tingting Liu, Qingman Ren, Hongying Zhang
“The flourishment and strength of the youth promise the prosperity and power of the country.” In the new era, whether the young generation can carry on and develop the red culture and red genes is closely related to the future and destiny of the party and the country. Strengthening the cultivation of...
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Evaluation and Countermeasures of Science and Technology Resource Allocation in Hubei Province Based on Factor Analysis

Yan Wang
Hubei is a big province of science and education, and it is an important and urgent task for our province to further optimize the allocation of scientific and technological resources and improve the efficiency and benefits of the output of scientific and technological activities. This paper first introduces...
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Employee Innovation Behavior in the Perspective of Servant Leadership

Shiwen Liao, Xin Zhu
Innovation is the source and motive force of Enterprise’s existence and development, and the driving force is the innovation behavior of employees in the final analysis. How to stimulate employees’ innovation behavior effectively has become an urgent problem to be solved in current organizations. The...
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Historical Memory and National Identity

N. Gusevskaya, E. Plotnikova
Historical memory is the basis, the mental core of public consciousness that provides the ability to identify an individual and the entire society as a whole. Historical memory is the most important catalyst for social consolidation. The article shows the historical memory role in national identity shaping....
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Quality Development of China’s Academic Journals in a New Era

Min Li
Taking China’s academic journals under the background of the new era as the research object, this paper systematically analyzes the problems of their high-quality development. First of all, it points out the necessity of high-quality development of China’s academic journals under the plight of serious...
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Implications of PAD Class Model in College English Teaching and Learning of Application-oriented Universities

Min Yang, Lirui Duan, Zhou Chen
As a new teaching mode, PAD class was proposed by Xuexin Zhang in 2013, which aims to improve students’ autonomous learning ability through the combination of traditional and discussion classes. Since its first introduction into college classroom teaching, it has been extended to all stages of education...
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Research on the Teaching Methods of Integrating Chinese Culture into College English Teaching under the Strategy of “Chinese Culture Going Global”

Rongrong Pan, Min Yang, Zhou Chen
The study is aimed to explore the effective teaching methods to reinforce the teaching of Chinese culture in traditional college English class through a case study. It pointed out that the lack of culture-related teaching contents, limited Chinese culture literacy of teachers and poor cultural awareness...