Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Sport Science, Health, and Physical Education (ICSSHPE 2018)

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Softball Referee Quality based on Reviewed Anxiety Level

Y Firmansyah, N Kusmaedi, Komarudin Komarudin
The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship with the performance of softball referees based on qualification levels. The research methods used correlational methods. The research sample was determined based on purposive sampling during softball that occurred in three championships. The data...
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Improving Self esteem and Games Performances through Games based Learning in Physical Education Content Basketball at Secondary High School

Ahmad Hamidi, Sofyan Achmad Hanif, Mochamad Asmawi
The purpose of this study is to examine and analyze the effect of games-based learning in physical education of Basketball game on junior high school students’ self esteem and skill play in class VII. This study uses quasi experiment with pretest-posttest without control group design which implemented...
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Integrating Life Skills into Volleyball Extracurricular Activity Program

Rita Rohmanasari, Amung Ma’mun, Tatang Muhtar, Risma Risma, Isna Daniyati Nursasih
Youths participation in sports is entrusted to develop life skill and positive adolescence development. The purpose of this research was to find out of the impact of sports extracurricular to the development life skills of the senior high students. The method of this research was quasi-experimental design....
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The Influence of Teaching Styles on the Skill of Badminton Reviewed from Motor Educability

Ashadi Cahyadi, Herman Subarjah, Yunyun Yudiana, Yusuf Hidayat
Introduction: teaching style is considered to have an influence on badminton skills by looking at the aspects of motor educability. Purpose: This study aims to see the influence of teaching style on badminton skills in terms of high motor educability. In this study also pay attention to the influence...
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The Implementation Impact of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Methods for the Increase of Anaerobic Abilities (Experimental study of physical training for 28 day meeting on student activity unit women futsal UPI Bandung)

Fitri Rosdiana, Dikdik Zafar Sidik, Agus Rusdiana
Futsal is football game which required speed, all players must have dynamic and fast movement ability. So that each player is required to have excellent physical ability. HIIT methods is one of the effort to improve the physical abilities which is anaerobic and aerobic. The purpose of this research is...
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The Application of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Method to the Increase of Aerobic Ability of Female Futsal Players

Yunita Sari, Dikdik Zafar Sidik, Komarudin Komarudin
Physical training is one of some important and decided factor in reaching the achievement. There are some method of training that can be used in increasing the abilities of physic. Futsal is the sport which need the prime physical ability. One of some components of futsal player physical ability as the...
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Effect of Sport Activity on Elderly Hypokinetic Trend and Risk

Nurlan Kusmaedi
The purpose of the present study was to measure hypokinetic trend and risk status of the elderly who active in five kinds of sport; and to describe the difference of training effect of five kinds of sport to elderly hypokinetic trend and risk. The expost facto method was used for this study. Subjects...
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The Progressive Muscle Relaxation and Try Out of National Exam to the Level of Anxiety

Jajuli Heri Fauzi, Eka Nugraha, Yusuf Hidayat
The purpose of the study was to investigate the effect of progressive muscle relaxation and try out of national exam on decreasing anxiety levels in the face of national examination. The method used is quasi experimental method. The population of high school students of class XII boarding school and...
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The Effect of Outdoor Education on Cohesion of a Karate Team

Bella Eka Kusumawardani, Novi Syaidatul Karimah, Rian Kurnia, Sagittarius Sagittarius
The problems that the author adopted in this study is about the influence of the Cohesion Outdoor Education team sport athlete said in UKM karate UPI Bandung. Often seen less compact athlete during practice or during a match, it can be seen from the quality of athletes during exercise and when competing....
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Effect of Lateral Cone Hops and Hurdle Hops Training on the Power of Legs Muscles

Muhammad Sardi Akbar, Boyke Mulyana, Deris Maulana, Reki Siaga Agustina
This study aims to determine the effect of lateral cone hops training on the legs muscle power of the karate athletes, the effect of hurdle hops training on the legs muscle power of the karate athletes and the difference in effect between lateral cone hops and hurdle hops training on the legs muscle...
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Improving the Quality of Adaptive Health Education Services for Disabled Students (Influence of media in the use of volleyball games on courage and the results of down passing learning of deaf students)

Beltasar Tarigan, Hendya Alif Junanda, Amung Ma’mun
The aim the present study is to investigate the use of media in volleyball match on deaf students’ courage and learning output in underarm pass in Sekolah Luar Biasa Citeureup Cimahi. The method used is experimental research. The present study involved 12 students consisting 6 students in the experimental...
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Development of Test Instruments and Audio Based Concentration Measurements for Blind Students in Bandung, Indonesia

Beltasar Tarigan, Ahmad Zulfikar, Lilis Komariyah
The purpose of this study was to compile an audio-based concentration test and measurement instrument for blind students in the city of Bandung, due to the lack of valid and reliable test and concentration measurement instruments for blind students. This research uses Research & Development (R & D) method....
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Needs Analysis of the Application of Sport Science to Improve Physical Condition of Junior Tennis Athletes

Rina Ambar Dewanti, Beltasar Tarigan, Dian Budiana
One of the main objectives of sport is to pursue optimal achievement. To develop progressions and measure this achievement requires the application of sport science. A key area of sports science in through strength and conditioning programming to help athletes to be stronger, faster, powerful, agile...
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Objective Thermal Comfort of Sport Facilities

Yopi Kusdinar, D. Cahyani, Rishka Mardiana
Sport Facilities facing some problems related to the comfort felt by the player. The static air conditions are common during indoor exercise. High level humidity in the air is not very supportive to the process of evaporation of sweat that is needed when exercising. This condition can make people can...
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Sedentary Behavior among Male and Female Older Adults (Demographic and gender study in West Java)

Sumardiyanto Sumardiyanto, Kuston Sultoni, Jajat Jajat
The purpose of this review is to describe sedentary behavior differences among male and female older adults. The studies reviewed were limited to 277 older adults (> 60 years old) who are willing to be interviewed and fill in the International Physical Activity Questionnaire (IPAQ) short form Indonesian...
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Relation of Coordination Eye-Foot with Shooting Precision in Soccer Games

Basiran Basiran, Ridha Mustaqim
This study aims to determine the many eye-foot relation to the accuracy of shooting. Often there is an error when shooting. The method taken from this research is descriptive correlative. The population of this research was 15 athletes of SSB AC-GARIS U-17 as many as 15 people with total sampling technique....
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Quality of Life of Disabled Children Study in Special and Inclusive School

Ginan Nugroho, Yudy Hendrayana, Eka Nugraha
This research was aimed at describing the quality of life different ability children going to special and inclusive school in Medan City, North Sumatra reviewed by the Domain Quality of Life from each school; physical health, psychology, social and environment, by using cross sectional survey. There...
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Quality of Nursing Work Life in Subang Hospital Indonesia

Sri Sumartini, Asih Purwandari Wahjoe Puspita, Tirta Adikusuma Suparto, Slamet Rohaedi, Anggun Permatasari
Quality of Nursing Work Life is a concept that describes perception of nurses to the fulfillment of necessary pass through work experience in organizations, until the purpose from quality of nursing work life can suitable with the management function for managing a superior human resources along with...
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Enhancing Intrinsic Motivation through Innovation in Voice Ball for the Blind

Febriana Pratiwi, Amung Ma’mun, Yudy Hendrayana
The purpose of this study is to identify and analyze the intrinsic motivation of learning in children with blind through the application of innovative learning media through voice ball in physical education. An experimental research method using a one group pretest-posttest design. Treatment is done...
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Developing Fundamental Movement Skills Using Movement Education Models in Elementary School 3rd Grade

Ricky Wibowo, Widi Wardiana
The purpose of this study was to developing fundamental movement skills (FMS) using movement education models Its used experimental method, pretest-posttest control group design. Third grade elementary school students (n=150, boys=84, girl=66) were enrolled in this study. Participants were randomly assigned...
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The Relationship between Hand-Eye Coordination and Strength of Stomach Muscle on Clear Forehand Capability in Badminton Game on Student of Ciambar 1st Junior High School, Sukabumi District

Haerul Ikhsan
In this research purpose to know relation between coordination of eye-hand and the strength of stomach muscle to students in class VIII at SMPN 1 Ciambar have as background by role important coordination of eye-hand and the strength of stomach muscle in the badminton games. This research uses survey...
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Development of Instruments Batting in Softball with Live Pitching Implementation for Students

Oom Rohmah, Agus Gumilar, Burhan Hambali, Salman Salman
This study aims to develop a hit skill test instrument in a softball game through the application of live pitching tools. The application of a live pitching sensor instrument in the development of a hit skill test instrument for students has never been done in Indonesia. The data from the live pitching...
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State of Life Satisfaction and Physical Fitness in Elderly through Gateball Sports in Terms of Economics

Sufyar Mudjianto
This study departs from elderly people who experience problems with the level of life satisfaction and physical fitness. The research design used is causal-comparative, namely knowing how much the state of life satisfaction and physical fitness in elderly through gateball sports in terms of economics....
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The Level of Participation of the Bicycle Community in Improving Self-Esteem

Yusuf Dwi Meirianto, Komarudin Komarudin, Mulyana Mulyana
This study aims to determine the relationship of the level of participation of the bicycle community in the city of Bandung in improving self-esteem, the sample of this study was fifty people. Sampling is done by using Stratified Proportional Random Sampling technique. This research method is quantitative...
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Validity and Reliability of Physical Education Learning Motivation Questionnaires

Lutfi Nur, Adang Suherman, Herman Subarjah, Dian Budiana
The purpose of this study is to determine the validity and reliability of physical education learning motivation questionnaires. The subjects in this study were 32 seventh grade junior high school students aged 13-14 years. The instrument testing method used is the Corrected Item-Total Correlation test...
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The Effect of Learning Model and Critical Thinking Skills to Solve Motion Situation Problem Ability in Invasion Game

Anjar Muhamad Ikbal, Yunyun Yudiana, Tite Juliantine
Problem solving in invasion game is related activities thinking ability and decision ability to related motion situation problems that must solved in game situations. The purpose of this study to examine the effect of learning model and critical thinking skills to problem solving ability motion situation...
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Contribution of Biomotoric Components to the Performance Athletes Number Canoeing 1000 Meter

Syahid Nur Yasin, Amung Ma’mun, Agus Rusdiana
The purpose of this study was to reveal a description of the contribution of biomotor components to the performance of paddle number 1000 meter canoeing athletes. The sample in this study were Indonesian male paddler national athletes totaling 19 people with an average age of 25 years, height 175 and...
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Correlation between Motor Ability and Long Jump Skills of Students

Ervan Kastrena, Adang Suherman, Amung Ma’mun, Eka Nugraha
Objectives: The purpose of this study was to investigate the correlation between motor ability and long jump ability in children adolescent based on public schools. Method: Participants in this study were high school children (n = 60, 60 boys between the ages of eighteen to nineteen years, class X)....
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Integrating Life Skills into Sport Club Activity

Isna Daniyati Nursasih, Amung Ma’mun, Agus Mahendra, Risma Risma, Rita Rohmanasari
This study aims to determine the effect of life skills development programs into sports clubs by integrating life skills components into exercise programs compared to sports clubs and sample groups not involved in sport club activities. The instrument used is Life Skills Scale for Sport questionnaire....
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Effect of Exploratory Fitness Education on Social Skills

Risma Risma, Andang Rohendi
This study aimed to determine whether the exploratory fitness education effect toward students' social skills. The research method used is the method of experimental research method. The participants were 56 university students of Health and Recreation Educational Program FKIP Universitas Galuh Ciamis....
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The Influence of Modification Field Towards the Hit Playing Skills and Drives in a Squash Games

Krisno Giovanni, Fathan Al Ghifari, Nuryadi Nuryadi
The purpose of this research is to know the influence of the modification field towards the spanking Playing Skills and drives in a squash game. The methods used in this research is experimental with observation instruments AIAP (Assessment Instrument Appearance Playing) and test drive forehand and backhand....
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Physical Education Students’ Psychological Skills in Facing Sport Competition

Wulandari Putri, Mesa Rahmi Stephani
Psychological skills have important roles in the performance of sport. Unfortunately, research related to psychological skills of Physical Education college students, who often interact with sport competition, is scarce. Therefore, this study was aimed at exploring the Physical Education college students’...
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Performance Profile of Kayaker Team Indonesia

Syahid Nur Yasin, Amung Ma’mun, Agus Rusdiana
The purpose of this research is to know the fitness level of physical condition of athletes National Kayak Kayak Indonesia. The sample in this study is the national athlete of the son of Indonesian rowing totaling 19 people with the average age of 25 years, 175 height and body weight 74. The method in...
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How is the Achievement of Students’ Physical Literacy?

Brio Alfatihah Ramayudha
The purpose of this study was to find out how the physical literacy of elementary school students. This research is a survey research with 21 students. The instrument used in this study was Canadian Physical Literacy Assessment (CAPL). The results showed that the Physical Literacy Profile of Grade 6...
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Effectiveness of Teaching Physical Education on Junior High School in Indonesia

Kristi Agust, Adang Suherman, Nuryadi Nuryadi
The purpose this study was to determine the effectiveness of amount of time spent by students in teaching Physical Education process. The method used in this research is descriptive with subjects consisted of 4 junior high schools in the city of Pekanbaru Indonesia consisting of 7 Physical Education...
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Impact of Outdoor Education Mountaineering Program on Environmental Concern, Increasing Economy and Social Interaction on Mount Artapela Ascent

Dede Iman Suhendra, Ryan Abu Bakar, Amung Ma’mun, Yusuf Hidayat
The purpose of this study is to explore environmental problems in the Upper Citarum River by revealing the impact of the outdoor education program mountaineering program on Mount Artapela on environmental concerns and economic levels. The method used in this study is expose facto. The population is the...
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Building Ability of Sport Students Statistical Reasoning through Statistical Reasoning Learning Environment (SRLE)

Nidaul Hidayah, Wahyudin Wahyudin, Turmudi Turmudi
This study discusses learning models that can improve statistical reasoning skills for sports students who take statistics courses. Statistical Reasoning Learning Environment or abbreviated as SRLE is a learning model based on constructivist social theory with six learning principles which focus on developing...
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Physical Self-Concept of High School Students

Jajat Jajat, Adang Suherman, Yusuf Hidayat, Mulyana Mulyana
The study aimed to investigate physical self-concept differences based on gender and extracurricular involvement. Two hundred and three students, 112 were male and 91 females, 76 non-involvement extracurricular, 31 sports extracurricular and 96 other extracurricular involvement were completed: Physical...
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Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Physical Fitness with Football Referee Performance

Yudi Nurcahya, Dadan Mulyana, Sagitarius Sagitarius
The purpose of this study is to analyze the relationship between emotional intelligence and physical fitness with the performance of football referees. This study uses a quantitative approach with descriptive research methods. Data analysis techniques used were Pearson correlation and linear regression....
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The Phenomenon of Women’s Body Mass Index

Mustika Fitri, Jajat Jajat
The article aims to discuss about Body Mass Index (BMI) of women. The research uses mix method. The data are collected by studying 186 participants. The participants are 99 early women adults and 87 late women adults. All of them join the sport recreation program in different sport clubs in Bandung....
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Performance Improvement of Basketball Athletes based on Statistical Analysis

Lukmannul Haqim Lubay
The purpose of this study was to determine how much influence the statistical-based model for U16 year athletes. Statistical model is related to: Number of throws that are not right on target and right on target (abbreviated as FG), Number point throws (PTS), Number of assists (AST), Number of balls...
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Skipping Rope and Double Dutch Lessons for Elementary School Students

Didin Budiman, Dian Budiana, Agus Mahendra, Ricky Wibowo, Rani Meidiati, M Rizki Akbari
The purpose of this study was to measure the children response to newly introduced lesson contents they never experienced before; they are skipping rope and double dutch. Preceded by introducing these skipping rope and Double Dutch skills to PE teachers through a short training, then all teachers are...
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The Implementation of Contextual Learning in Improving the Quality of Motor Development Course for PETE Students

Agus Mahendra, Nuryadi Nuryadi, Lukmannul Haqim Lubay, Mesa Rahmi Steppani
Learning a theoretical lesson with so many contents related to facts and information like the course of “Children Motor Development,” can be so boring and non-motivating to the students. From repeated experiences, it can be observed that the class atmosphere is mostly relatively passive and characterized...
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Validity and Reliability of Penalty Stroke Tests in Hockey Games for Junior High School Students

Rikky Ridwan, Angga M. Syahid
A penalty shot often determines the team's success in winning. Penalty skills are needed because they have a role and contribution to the success of the team to achieve victory if the match is held in the match-making competition. The purpose of this study is to standardize and cultivate a measuring...
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Injury Incident Rate Impact toward Adversity Quotient of Female Futsal Athletes

Afianti Sulastri, Sehabudin Salasa, Upik Rahmi, Yasinta Depki Andriyani
Adversity Quotient (AQ) is a reflection of personal resilience in facing the problems. In sports, endurance is such an important thing that will enhance the athlete's performance in competition. Injury experience is one factor that can be influencing the athlete's performance. Dealing with that condition,...
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The Influence of Maturity Stage on Superoxide Dismutase and Catalase Activity in Red Guava Fruit

Afianti Sulastri, A. A. Soemardji, Sukrasno Sukrasno, Amaliya Amaliya
Oxidative stress due to free radicals can cause various cell damage and its components inside, such as proteins, lipids, and DNA. Oxidative stress can be inhibited through antioxidant compounds. The liver as an essential organ plays a significant role in the metabolism process, produces endogenous antioxidant...
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The Physical Ability of the Assistant Referee in Decision Making in the Indonesian League

Mochamad Yamin Saputra, Herman Subarjah, Komarudin Komarudin, Yusuf Hidayat
The decision of the referee and assistant referee in football can be determined by several factors, one of which is the position when making a decision. When the assistant referee takes a decision, the ideal position is always at the same level as the last defender, with a view that must look at the...
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Risk Factors of Dementia in Elderly at Nursing Home

Lisna Anisa Fitriana, Slamet Rohaedi, Sri Sumartini, Linda Amalia, Lilis Komariyah
Dementia is a deficit of intellectual function, including language disorders, cognition, personality, visuospatial skills and memories of daily activities. The purposed of this study is to identify the risk factors of dementia in elderly at nursing home. The research design used is correlative descriptive...
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Moderate Intensity Exercise Eliminates the Inflammation Marker in the Liver of High-Fat-Diet-Induced Obese Mice

Pipit Pitriani, Hee-Geun Park, Wang-Lok Lee
The obese metabolic complication has already occurred nowadays. The purpose of the study was to investigate the effect of moderate intensity exercise on inflammation marker in the liver of high fat-diet-induced-obese mice. The 4 weeks male C57BL/6 mice were randomly dispersed to three groups: normal...
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Prioritizing Intelligence in Conducting Football Training

Ahmad Chaeroni, Nurlan Kusmaedi, Andre Igoresky
The training program used by SSB ASCO did not pay attention to the intelligence aspects so that it had not been able to speak much in football matches in the city of Padang. This study aims to find out whether there is a relationship between the level of intelligence and basic techniques of football...
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Nutritional Status of Children with and without Pneumonia

Linda Amalia, Budi Somatri, Septian Andriyani
One of the highest disease of Acute Respiratory Infections (ARI) is pneumonia. Pneumonia is a lung infection caused by viruses or bacteria. There are several risk factors that can cause pneumonia, one of the factor is nutritional status. The Aim of this study was to find out the comparison of nutritional...
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Life Kinetik Training in Improving the Physical Condition of Football Athletes

Komarudin Komarudin, Patriana Nurmansyah Awwaludin
The physical condition training method for football athletes is still relatively low. In European countries, physical condition training is varied, even lead to multitasking training through life kinetik. So that the performance of athletes is better at performing tasks. The study aims to examine the...
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Sports-Based Integrated Camps: The effect on responsibility and student knowledge of drug dangers

Nur Indri Rahayu, Imas Damayanti, Yati Ruhayati
This study aims to determine the effect of student participation in sports-based camps on the knowledge of the dangers of drugs and the level of student responsibility. This study used pre-experimental with pre-posttest group design. The subject of this research were 20 female high school students in...
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Portrait of Motor Learning for Kindergarten Students

Nuridin Widya Pranoto, Mulyana Mulyana, Nurlan Kusmaedi
This study aims to get an overview of motor learning in kindergarten students. This research is descriptive type with a qualitative approach. Techniques used are interviews, observation, and documentation. The study sample consisted of 30 kindergarten teachers and 50 kindergarten students. Based on the...
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Sport Science Students Entrepreneurial Mindset: Impact of muslimah sportswear online business course

Yati Ruhayati, Imas Damayanti, Nur Indri Rahayu
This paper is documenting sport science student’s entrepreneurial mindset as an impact of muslimah sportswear online business course. The study was conducted using both quantitative and qualitative research methods. 20 sport science program students where having an enterpreneurial course. After that,...
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The Analysis of Fundamental Movement Skill in Primary School Student in Mountain Range

Didik Rilastiyo Budi, M. Nanang Himawan Kusuma, M. Syafei, Mesa Rahmi Stephani
This study aims to analyze the fundamental movement skill in primary school student. The method using descriptive method and the amount of sample is 20. Fundamental movement skill measure through TGMD-3. The data analyzed by percentage method. 50 percent children in lack level. And only 20 percent in...
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The Effect of Futsal toward Neuroplasticity (Experiment study on Junior High School)

Jajat Darajat Kusumah Negara, Sri Widia Jusman, Ermita Ibrahim Ilyas, Rini Sekartini
Nowadays, Futsal is a sport that is very famous of sport for children, teenagers to old age. The characteristics of futsal are very dynamic with high mobility and tend to be anaerobic metabolism. Futsal can affect fitness; improve cognitive function and brain neuroplasticity. There are several parameters...
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Relationship of Self Control, Critical Thinking, Motivation with Volleyball Games

Budi Gunawan
Physical education should be a tool to achieve educational goals. However, in the learning process, there is often no teaching process. Teaching is very ineffective, sometimes the learning is meaningless and does not convey educational messages. This is certainly not independent of the role of the teacher...
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Analytical Study on Nationalism Sense of West Java National Sport Week's Athletes

Nina Sutresna, Lilis Komariyah, Etor Suwandar
Many athletes transfer from one region to other region in few last years often being highlighted in achievement sports. It is undeniable that some stimulus such as gratitude money offered during regional competition (i.e. POR) even in National competition (i.e. PON), money is one of the reason for athletes...
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Relationship between Gross Motor Skills and Body Mass Index of Children with Intellectual Disability

Kuston Sulton, Jajat Jajat
Previous studies of typically developing children have reported significant negative relationships between gross motor skills (GMS) and body mass index (BMI). The purpose of this study was to determine if this relationship exists among children with mild intellectual disability (ID). Thirty (30) children(10.2±3.1yrs)...
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The Effect of Behavior on Short-Term Memory Capabilities

Unun Umaran, A Suhermana, H Subarjah, M Zaky
The study was conducted because several theories say physical activity can provide a positive influence on cognitive function. The research method uses Ex Post Facto with an intact-group comparison approach. The research sample is a member of the bike to work community, which is between 20 and 35 years...
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The Influence of Self-Regulated Learning towards Self-Esteem, Self-Efficacy, and Self-Control of Physical Education Students on Table Tennis Learning

Yusuf Hidayat, Dian Budiana, Andi Suntoda, Burhan Hambali, Cep Ubad Abdullah
This study aims to examine the effect of the Self-Regulated Learning Model (SRL) on self-efficacy, self-esteem, and self-control of students of the Faculty of Sport and Health Education (to be later referred as FPOK), Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, in learning table tennis games. The study was carried...
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Inductive Learning Methods towards Learning Outcomes

Mustika Fitri, Dian Budiana, Adang Suherman
This study compares a class implementing a deductive learning method and a class implementing inductive learning method on Pedagogical Issues subject on Sport Education students at a postgraduate degree in Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia. The method is an experimental research method. It has been found...
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Developing Physical Education Learning Model to Promote Active Lifestyle

Dian Budiana, Gano Sumarno, Cep Ubad Abdullah
This study aimed to find out the physical activity index of elementary school students in Bandung, Indonesia. Three schools with different clustering levels (high, medium, and low) were chosen and their students were requested to fill out questionnaire regarding nutrition, physical activity at schools,...
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The Impact of Outdoor Education and Outdoor Game on Self Concept and Assertive Behavior

Teguh Satria, Herman Subarjah, Kardjono Kardjono
This study aims to test how big the impact of Outdoor Education and Outdoor games are against the Self-esteem Concept and behavior of Assertive Students Elementary Laboratory Pilot UPI Tasikmalaya. The sample in this research totaled 32 students, techniques the taking of purposive sampling. Method the...
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Awards for Achieving Athletes to Increase Welfare

Reza Ryanantama Cristi, Komarudin Komarudin, Nuryadi Nuryadi
The background in this study is to see the awarding of athletes who are performing. This study aims to see how the implementation of awarding both athletes and coaches in terms of financial and non-financial. This research method is a descriptive study, the population in this study athletes and coaches...
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Physical Activity of Blind Children in Terms of Parenting

Akhmad Olih Solihin, Yudha M. Saputra, Berliana Berliana, Zaenal Alimin
This study departs from the idea that parenting is fundamental to the survival of a child, each parenting style that is carried out by parents will describe the child’s behavior, both physically and mentally. Compared to other children, those who have barriers to vision have additional challenges to...
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The Difference of Anthropometric Growth and Development Velocity Between Lower Classes and Upper Classes Group of Primary School Children

Gano Sumarno, Agus Mahendra, Bustanil Arifin
This research aim is to compare the anthropometric growth and development of children in primary school, between group of lower classes (1st to 3rd grade) and upper classes (4th to 6th grade), in terms of the speed and magnitude of its changes in stature, circumference and wide. The data is gathered...
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Early Childhood Motor Development: Descriptive study in moslem kindergarten school

Mesa Rahmi Stephani, Gano Sumarno, Ricky Wibowo
The early childhood is critical period in lifetime. The purpose of this study is to figure the children fine and gross motor development in four and five years old. The research methodology used Ex-post Facto in early childhood students who have attended in Kindergarten school. The population four and...
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Profile of VO2 max Student Athletes in West Java before Facing Multievent POPNAS in 2017

Gumelar Agusman Sarief, Nuryadi Nuryadi
The purpose of this study was to determine the profile of VO2 Max level in West Java student athletes. The research method used is descriptive quantitative with a survey approach. Data retrieval in this study using Test cooper 2.4 km. The subjects of this study were West Java student athletes in 10 sports...
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The Relation between Underwater Length and the Swimming Speed of 50 Meters Backstroke

Kardjono Kardjono, Muthia Rachmawati
This research is proposed to find out the relation between the underwater length and the swimming speed of 50 meters backstroke. It used a descriptive research method. The instrument of this research is for measuring the variable which in a form of index text. Video shooting by the camera (DSLR) is done...
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Correlation between UPI Sports Science Program Students’ Knowledge and Their Supplement Consumption Behavior

Imas Damayanti, Yati Ruhayati, Nur Indri Rahayu
This research was aimed at knowing sport science program students’ knowledge and behavior toward food and drug supplement consumption used for sport performance. Method used was descriptive correlation using questionnaire and interview technique. Results showed that students’ knowledge level was varied...
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The Influence of Pedagogical Competence on the Development of Psychomotor Aspects of Students of Physical Education Learning in SMAN 1 Sukabumi

Indra Ramadhan, Tatang Muhtar, Haerul Ikhsan, Lufty Bela Dina Hakiki
This study discusses the influence of pedagogical competence to the development of aspects psychomotor students on physical education learning in SMAN 1 Sukabumi. This study focuses on aspect psychomotor students in learning physical education, by assessing those aspects of the physical education teacher...
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Application of Learning Softball Using Modified Glove and Ball for Developing Basic Movement Skills Throwing and Catching for High School Students

Mudjihartono Mudjihartono, Wahyudianto Wahyudianto, Agus Gumilar
This study aims to determine how the application of softball learning using equipment glove and ball modification can be carried out in physical education learning can perform basic motion throwing and catching skills for student. The method used is classroom action research with the research design...
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Sports Development in West Java: Sports policy review

Anang Setiawan, Yudha M. Saputra, Amung Ma’mun, Nanang Fattah
Sports development in Indonesia is currently a very interesting issue. Each region has shown quality in its sports through infrastructure development and sports achievements. Sports development in each region is outlined in the form of policies with the target of achievement and prestige of the region....
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The Profile of Child and Teenager Students’ Physical Activity

Nuraeni Septiawati, Amung Ma’mun, Bambang Abduljabar
The research is motivated by the problem of physical inactivity which is a problem in the world of education, especially for students. The purpose of this study was to determine the profile of physical activity of adolescents and children’s students in elementary, junior high and high school. The method...
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Motivation in Learning Physical Education for Junior High School Students in Indonesia

Lutfi Nur, Adang Suherman, Herman Subarjah, Dian Budiana
The purpose of this study is to see a picture of the condition of student learning motivation in physical education subjects in junior high school. This study is conducted on junior high school students involved 52 students, consisting of 30 male and 22 female students. A survey is used as the research...
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Incidence and Risk Factors of Anemia in Breast Cancer Patients having Chemotherapy in Dr. Moewardi Hospital

Wiwik Ekorinawati, Ambar Mudigdo, Brian Wasita
The prevalence of breast cancer at Dr. Moewardi Hospital is currently ranked first on oncology cases at 18.92%. Chemotherapy is effective in fighting cancer cells, reducing tumor size, and giving a good prognosis in patients. Side effects of chemotherapy are indigestion with a manifestation of decreased...
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The Influence of Chest Style Learning Methods on the Decreasing of Students Anxiety Level

Sandey Tantra Paramitha, Badruzaman Badruzaman, Febri Fitria Wulandari, Made Agus Wijaya, Muhtar Asshagab, I Wayan Repiyasa
This research aims know the influence of water relay games against a decline in the level of anxiety of students in learning the basic techniques of swimming breast stroke. The research method used is the method of experimentation with the design of the study randomized pretest-posttest control group...
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Competitions in Physical Education Using Sports Education Model

Agi Ginanjar, Adang Suherman, Tite Juliantine, Yusuf Hidayat
The objective of this study is to provide an overview of the Sport Education Model in the process of learning physical education how to make the competition that can be beneficial for all students involved. The results of this study when the competition is given in the right way or can with the right...
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Application of Games Model Training in Football Based On Multimedia

Kartono Pramdhan, Herman Subarjah, Hamidie Ronald Daniel Ray, Dikdik Zafar Sidik
Complexity of Soccer Must be given in training sessions with use special tasks with the aim of increasing interaction and increasing the ratio of player participation in decision making. The ability to choose an appropriate response in a game situation is a type of decision making that requires several...
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Anthropometrics’ Growth and Development Patterns of Elementary School Children in Bandung

Andi Suntoda Situmorang, Agus Mahendra, Ricky Wibowo, Sutanto Aji Utomo, Febrianda Febrianda
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the status and pattern of physical growth and development of elementary school students in Indonesia, by measuring students’ anthropometric dimension. Participants in this study were elementary students from partner schools consisting of 5 schools, involving...
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The Modern Rhythmic Motion Pattern as the Content of the Rhythmic Activity

Surdiniaty Ugelta, Mustika Fitri
Nowadays, the modern rhythmic motion pattern can be categorized as the education model in the schools. The modern rhythmic motion patterns are being great options for the students because those are appropriate with the heyday of the millennium era, such as gymnastics, aerobic, moderen dance, and line...
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Improving Active Learning Time on Physical Education Using Movement Education Model

Nana Sutisna, Adang Suherman, Amung Ma’mun, Mulyana Mulyana
The purpose of this study was to determine the curriculum model in order to increase the active learning time. The research method used was a quasi-experimental posttest only design randomized control group design. The sample of this study was the seventh grade students of Junior high school Negeri 1...
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Validation of the Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivation Scale Among Beginner Badminton Child-Athletes

Yusuf Hidayat, Burhan Hambali
The aim of this study is to determine the factorial validity and reliability of the extrinsic and intrinsic motivation scale (EIMS) in badminton training context. The study involved 312 beginner badminton child-athletes aged 10-12 (Mage =11.14; SDyears =1.62) in West Java. EIMS is an adaptation and modification...
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Applying of Patterns of Strength Training and Running Up Stairs with Interval Training Methods to Improve Futsal Player Fitness

Dikdik Zafar Sidik, Asep Sumpena, Iman Imanudin
This research is aimed at knowing the impact of running stairs to the improvement of anaerobic capacity which in this research consists of the ability of movement speed and agility, Power, and the aerobic capacity. Method used to obtain data and goals to be achieved is the experimental method, by the...
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Active Lifestyle of Sport and Health Students: A comparison of active lifestyle between university students in Indonesia and England

Dian Budiana, Adang Suherman, Amung Ma’mun, Disman Disman, Martyn Morris
This paper aimed to identify active lifestyle of university students in Indonesia and England. A number of students from the Faculty of Sport and Health Education, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, and students from the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, Coventry University, England. Each faculty selected...
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Personalized System of Instruction (PSI) Model: Using audio visual on basket ball learning

Silvy Juditya, Adang Suherman, Amung Ma’Mun, Agus Rusdiana
Basketball training, especially lay-up shoot, is a basic movement skill that is difficult for students to acquire. This is because the complexity of the move is far more difficult than other basic basketball movements. In addition, the learning model applied during the learning process tends to be ineffective....
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Prediction of 2000 Meters Indoor Rowing Performance Using a 100 Meters Sprint, 60 Second Sprint and 6000 Meter Test

Dede Rohmat Nurjaya, Amung Ma’mun Agus Rusdiana
The purpose of this research is to predict the performance of 2000 meters indoor rowing using 100-meter test, 60s test and 6000-meter test. The sample used is 22 rowing athletes, consisting of 10 male lightweight athletes, 3 male heavy weight athletes, 7 female light weight athletes and 2 female heavyweight...
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Prediction of Rowing Ergometer Performance from Functional Anaerobic, Aerobic and Muscle Power

Dede Rohmat Nurjaya, Amung Ma’mun, Agus Rusdiana
The purpose of this research is to find predictors of 2000 meters indoor rowing performance from the aspect of physical condition that is the ability of aerobic, anaerobic and muscle power. The samples used were twenty-six (26) rowers, consisting of 16 male rowers and 10 female rowers, aged 19 ± 29 years...
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Emotional Intelligence Validity and Reliability

Boby Agustan, Nurlan Kusmaedi, Yudy Hendrayana, Bambang Abduljabar
The purpose of this study is to determine the validity and reliability of emotional intelligence in the influence of learning modification and emotional intelligence on learning outcomes. This emotional intelligence instrument was adopted from Schutte, 1998 which was later adapted by Fidmawan Hadriastika...
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Survey Study of Psychological Conditions of Martial Arts Athletes

Rajip Mustafillah Rusdiyanto, Herman Subarjah, Amung Ma’mun, Mulyana Mulyana
This research is a survey study on the pencak silat athletes’ psychological condition. The purpose of this study will provide a psychological description of the athletes. This study is expected to maximize the achievements of martial arts athletes by providing an overview of the psychological requirements...
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Improve Student Behavior Respect through Learner Model TPSR Judging from Assertiveness

Muhammad Rizki Mauludin, Mustika Fitri, Nina Sutresna
This study was aimed to describe the effectiveness of Teaching Personal Social and Responsibility (TPSR) and Direct Instruction (DI) learning model to increase the student respect behavior seen from assertive. The research used experimental method in which the experiment group and the control group was...
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Talent Identification and Development of Football Sport based on Player Position of PSGC 2018

Vila Elin Rusliani, Dikdik Zafar Sidik, Dian Budiana
The main problem for any clubs is to identify players who are likely to benefit from a more structured approach to talent development. Based on exposure problems, the author intends to examine about the identification and development of Talent Sports football games based on the position of the 2018 PSGC...
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A Collaboration of Assertive Training and Physical Activities to Develop Assertive Behaviour in Students with Deafness

Linggi Andiri, Berliana Berliana, Yudy Hendrayana
The purpose of this study was to obtain an overview of the development of Assertive behavior of deaf students through collaborative learning in Assertive Training and Physical Activity. The method used is an experimental method with the design of The Randomized Pretest-Posttest Control Group Design....
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Prediction of Anthropometric Influence on the Volleyball Playing Skills

Yopi Kusdinar, Amung Ma'mun, Agus Rusdiana
This study aimed to test the predictions of anthropometric variability with game performance assessment instrument on volleyball player. This research using descriptive correlation with participants as many as 35 athletes, aged between 20-22 years from three universities club in West Java Indonesia....
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The Increase of Swimming Distance Ability Using Tools for Flippers & Back Buoys and Kickboard on Freestyle Swimming Learning for Sports Science Students Beginners

Badruzaman Badruzaman
The purpose of the study was to increase the ability of swimming distance freestyle between those who used Flippers & back buoy, kickboard aids and those without using tools. Methode; used true experiment, pre-test and post-test design with the control group, and determined randomly assignment devided...
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Development of Ergonomic Penjas Ball

Eka Nugraha, Ricky Wibowo, Burhan Hambali
Media/learning tools are one of the important factors to help students succeed in increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of achieving learning objectives in the teaching and learning process in schools. The ball is the dominant tool/media in sport learning. The results of the preliminary study show...
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Empirical Analysis of Sports Participation through Sarjana Pendamping Penggerak Pembangunan Olahraga (SP3OR) Deployments

Endi Rustandi, Adang Suherman, Amung Ma’mun
Government efforts to develop sports as stated in article 21 paragraph 4 of Law No. 03 of 2005 concerning the national sports system that coaching and developing sports is carried out through family channels, educational channels, and community channels based on the development of sports for all people...
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Improving Hearing Impaired Students’ Assertive Behavior through Parachute Games

Berliana Berliana
The study was aimed to investigate the effect of parachute games on hearing impaired students’ development on their assertive behavior. An experiment method using The Randomized Pretest-Posttest Control Group Design was employed to answer the research question. 24 hearing impaired students of SLB Negeri...