Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Sport Science, Health, and Physical Education (ICSSHPE 2018)

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The Development of Achievement of Women Judo Athletes from West Java

Ira Purnamasari
As one of martial sports that is generally preferred by men, Judo is considered as a tough sport for women. Besides, social and cultural aspects also don’t support women to play Judo. West Java is one of barometers for Judo sport in national level. West Java athletes on Judo made a great achievement...
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Validity and Reliability Test of Construction of Power Legs Test Measurement

Mona Fiametta F, Firas J, Hadi Sartono, Dudung Hasanudin Cholil
In order to get a maximum of peak performance, we coaches are not allowed to close themselves from the development of the current era because if the coaches close themselves we will lack the creative things we can make for athletes to support the achievements that the coach wants, for example of making...
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Theoretical and Empirical Review on Sport Education Model (SEM) and Physical Self Concept (PSC) in Game Activities in Schools

Suherman Slamet
This research plan is corroborated by several theoretical basis and research results that the right model applied by the teacher will provide convenience for students in learning. The application of strategies and approaches by the teacher to students must pay attention to the potential of the students,...
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The Relationship between Abdominal Muscle and Legs Power with Turning Time on 100 Meters Free Style Swimming

Reza Herdiyansyah, Sandey Tantra Paramitha
The study was aimed to investigate the relationship between abdominal muscle and legs power with the return time on 100 meters free style swimming. The study was set as a descriptive correlation study that involved 10 members of UKM Aquatic BS UPI by using purposive sampling technique. Measurement tool...
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The Medical Officer Experiences of Indonesia Women Futsal Team

Upik Rahmi, Suci Tuti Putri, Afianti Sulastri, Siti Zulfa
Futsal is a kind of sport that has a high risk of being injured. Incident of injury can give serious consequence for player, team (especially when there is no substitute player who has the same quality), and public health system. The study shows that women tend to have ACL injury risk that is higher...
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Contribution of Athletes’ Physical and Mental Abilities to Their Performance

Bambang Erawan, Widi Kusumah
This study aimed to identify the contribution of athletes’ physical and mental abilities to their performance when they are competing. The method used in this study was descriptive analysis. The sample was selected through a purposive sampling technique. The sample consisted of wrestling athletes registered...
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Content Validity of the Enjoyment Instrument in Physical Education Learning: A Field Study

Sucipto Sucipto, Beltasar Tarigan, Amung Ma’mun, Yunyun Yudiana
This study aims to estimate the value of the validity of the content of the instrument of exercise enjoyment in physical education. The study was conducted on seven lecturers as academics called the Subject Metter Expert (SME). This preliminary research was carried out in the city of Bandung Indonesia...
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The Influence of Peer Teaching and Cooperative Learning Models towards Students’ Self-Confidence and Cooperation in Learning Volleyball

Tite Juliantine, Agi Rismanugraha, Dian Budiana
This study aims to find out how the influence of peer teaching model and cooperative learning model of self-confidence and student teamwork in volleyball game. This research uses quantitative approach with experimental method which will get a primary data. How to obtain the data, the researcher uses...
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Analysis of Former Athlete Coaching Model in Indonesia: A preliminary study

Nuryadi Nuryadi, Yusuf Hidayat, Dian Budiana, Jajat Darajat K Negara
Post-athlete careers are a phenomenon that attracts public attention, not only in terms of success but also in terms of failure of former athletes in living the life of retirement from the status of athletes. This preliminary study aims to look at the post-athlete career coaching model. The research...
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Developing Ergonomic Balls

Eka Nugraha, Ricky Wibowo, Burhan Hambali
Modified sports equipment is such an important factor in having learning media in physical education. This study aimed to design a physical education learning medium with ergonomic in accordance with the anthropometric mapping of Indonesian students. This study used a mixed method with design basic research...
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The Analysis of Muscle Performance on Softball Pitching Motion

Yudy Hendrayana, Jajat Darajat K Negara, Agus Gumilar
Picthers play an important role in softball, especially when defending. Pitching is a high explosive motion involving both smooth and big muscles especially an upper limb. This study aimed to acquire data and empirical proof of muscle performance on learning softball pitching based on science through...