Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Science and Social Research (ICSSR 2013)

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Quantitative Analysis on the Relationship between Hubei’s Financial Input in Education and the Economic Growth

Jianguo Wang, Xiaoyan Wang, Jue Fu, Changjun Zhang, Jiangqiang WANG, Kai Deng
This essay conducts an empirical research and quantitative analysis with the application of econometric methods and models, such as VAR theory and impulse response function, on the relations between the financial input of Hubei in education and the economic development during the past decade. Studies...
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Research about the influencing factors of Inter-organizational knowledge transferring based on alliance environment

YueFeng Zhou, XueQing Jing
In order to study the effecting facts of inter-organizational knowledge transferring, it mainly analyses from potential difference and trustful level, and builds up the model which describes the potential difference and trustful level have effect on the average level and transferring rate of the alliance....
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A DEA-GA multi-objective scheduling algorithm for Chip-Multiprocessor

Song Chai, Yubai Li, Chang Wu, Jian Wang
In this paper, a Data Envelopment analysis based Genetic Algorithm (DEA-GA) is proposed for multi-objective scheduling on Chip-Multiprocessor. The proposal adopts modified GA as the searching heuristic to explore the solution space, and the fitness of each individual (schedule) is evaluated using the...
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Path Creation: a Comparative Study of new Product Development Perspective

Liping Yin
Existing literature does not explain well why incumbent high-tech enterprise can not engaged in breakthrough innovation for path creation in the tide of mobile Internet revolution. This article through deeply comparative analysis the new product development process of the two PC companies, finds the...
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Short-Term Fluctuations Reason Analysis of Exchange Rate Based on Microeconomic

Xiao Luo
The traditional model of exchange rates, which use macroeconomic variables as its determinants, cannot give a good explanation of short-term fluctuations in the exchange rate. The main reason is there are some implied assumptions in the model, such as public information, the same investors and independent...
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Research and Analysis for Development Status of Rural Informatization in China

Wenqiu Ma, Xiu Wang
Rural informatization as the crucial part of urban and rural harmonious development, it has important significance to accelerate the agricultural modernization construction, and to build a new socialist countryside. Combining with current status of rural informatization, this research tries to analyze...
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Dimensional Barcode Integrated Application Platform --Solution for Beverage Industry

Wensong Tu
This paper discusses the industry two-dimensional bar code technology in the beverage industry solutions, to solve specific problems in practical production, manufacturing, sales for the topic, starts from the technical characteristics, advantages of overall design concept and the specific solutions...
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The Reseach of AES algorithm and application in cloud storage system

Zhiyi Fang, Yao Sun, Yujing Sun, Jianming Yang
With the rapid development of Internet technology, the data of the users’ information have raised up largely, so internet storage became more and more important in today’s life. In this paper, a cloud storage system has been designed and implemented. By using AES encryption algorithm, the security mechanism...
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The Research on NSSC Key Service Mechanism in Mobile Network

Zhiyi Fang, Ying Wang, Zelin Deng, Fan Yang
Network Security Service Center (NSSC) is responsible for key distribution in network communication. This paper focuses on the security of key management mechanisms of mobile network service center, based on the traditional method of Key generation, and makes a certain research on the key generation...
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IMPROVED APIT Algorithm and Its Application in Core Poisoning Systems

Zhiyi Fang, Hongyu Sun, Zelin Deng, Fan Yang
Wireless sensor network (WSN) is widely used in intelligent medical, coal monitoring and etc., and poisoning is one of the most important technologies of WSN. APIT (approximate point in time) is one of the efficient poisoning algorithm in WSN, the advantage of APIT is the localization error rate is lower...
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Power Resource Pooling Management SystemV1.0

Fan Yang, Yan Wang, Lan Li, Peipei Sun
Catering to private clouds market, Power Resource Pooling Management System provides unified management,integrated resource allocation and workflow analysis of Power7 series servers for the customer business department by personalized graphic display.Power Resource Pooling Management System also provides...
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The Performance Evaluation of third-party logistics customer service based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation

Mengyun Xiao, Li Zhou
According to the features of the customer service of third-party logistics, setting up its KPI system of customer service, and then use the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation to evaluate the service performance of third-party logistics enterprises based on the evaluation system, and finally use example to...
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On Applied Skills of Character Design in Graphic Design

Liuyi Yang
Graphic design is an academic study which reflect aesthetics, and it is also an important part of visual communication. Font design is a form of composition that apply in the graphic design. Font is a symbol formed in human daily life that can express some kind of topics and substance, and those symbol...
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Analysis for Individual Knowledge Management of University Teacher

Changjiao Qiao, Yonggui Mu, Jingbo Ai
As a new manage mode and method, knowledge management is applied to educational areas. Under the current training systems for university teachers, efficient management of teacher’s individual knowledge is restricted by two elements: First, consciousness absence for knowledge management, and seriously...
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Game Model on the Governmental Decision in River Basin Ecological Protection

Xian-shi Li, Jian LI
It is a principal-agent relationship in the process of the implementation of river basin ecological protection, which causes the game between the different governments inevitably. Game theory can explain the decision makers’ behavior under specific conditions. From analyzing the game model, it finds...
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Analysis and Suggestions for Improvement of Human Rights Education in China

Yongmei Xia
This paper studied the development process and current status of Human Rights Education (HRE) in China. Three deficiencies were revealed, including the lack of legal regulations and legal protection for HRE with unclear main obligations, the incomplete HRE system, and the deficient HRE training for civil...
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Gender difference of Beijing graduates’ employment

Jun Kong
A parametric survival model of Weibull analysis for this study indicates that a gender difference of employment existed in Beijing graduates in 2007. This paper finds that the ordinary university female graduates have better job opportunities than the males. The females are more easily to find jobs when...
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A Study on the Relationship among Resident Saving, Economic Growth, Monetary Policy and Stock Trading Volume in China

Yunlong Shao, Chenglei Dai, Chongchong Lin, Jing Zhu, Wenhao Kang, Pan Sun
The development of the stock market has close ties to the country’s economy, the savings and the monetary policy, the relationships among four of them are still attracting a lot of researchers’ attention. We use the Vector Auto Regressive approach to made empirical analysis on those. We have found that...
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Negative Effects of Beijing’s Air Pollution Caused by Urbanization on Residents’ Health

Yujie Tuo, Xianxi Li, Jichao Wang
In 2013, the frequent haze weather has caused widespread concern. Accompanied by the fast urbanization in 1990s, air pollution appeared in Beijing soon, and the air pollution has threatened the residents’ health in Beijing. Through learning from London’s experience, this article will combine London’s...
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Comments on Effect of Previous Industrial Structure Adjustment In ShanXi Province

Lu Zhang, Yao-wen Xue
Based on the reasons coming from assessment conclusion, the passage evaluate the previous industrial structure adjustment policy implementation effect of ShanXi province. The results show that the previous industrial structure adjusting did not bring significant improvements to ShanXi province. The key...
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Research on the Strategic Design of the Industrial Technological System from the view of Independent Innovation

Minglei Ding, Zhi Chen
The development of industrial technological system(ITS) plays an important role in the new round of changes in the world economic structure and technological revolution, also in the path of Chinese industrialization, economic restructuring and sustainable development. Based on the situation and strategic...
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A Study on the Transition of Women’s Social Status in Contemporary Russia

Shuang Chen
It has been more than 20 years since the collapse of the Soviet Union in December 1991, during which the successor States of the former Soviet Union, the Russian Federation, implements a series of reforms. Russia has developed greatly at all levels of social life, and Russian women's social status has...
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Study on quality control of modern agricultural supply chain based on food safety

Yuchen Yao, Fangtao Jiang, Li Zhang
This paper analyzed the particularity of agricultural supply chain, established a quality control model of modern agricultural supply chain. Erect supermarket distribution center as the key point of quality control, implement a one-stop quality testing by setting testing standards, testing process, testing...
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On the practical teaching system of the major of scenic development and management in vocational college

Qiaomei Xu
As the key link and feature of vocational education, the practical teaching is irreplaceable for the personal training and directly relates to the success of vocational education. With its strong practicality, the major of scenic development and management fosters managing and service talents in the...
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Comparative Analysis of Manufacturing and Logistics Linkage Development and Logistics Outsourcing

Yongsheng Liu, Yindi Cheng
Manufacturing and logistics linkage development has caused widespread concern and active practice in the industry. Whether in theory or in practice, however, a lot of people simply understand manufacturing and logistics linkage as logistics outsourcing, which will restrict the linkage development of...
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The Generation and Application of New Business Models in Cross-cultural Management ---based on the cases of Chinese innovative Internet business model

Xi Jiang, Bo Xu
We analyze the different influences of external environment (politics, economics, soci-culture and technology) in the generation and application of new business models. The approach of this paper is case study of Chinese innovative business models which are based on the Internet technology. Then the...
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The Current Situation and the Strategy for the Development of Logistics Park in Chinese Bonded Area

Mo Kuang, Ping Chen, Mingjun Tan
It is since that Chinese Bonded Area was set in April 1990, Chinese Logistics Park has been shaped gradually. It is developing by reference to varied Free-trade Areas in different countries, together with the objective requirement of Chinese Reform and Opening-up and Chinese Economic Development. The...
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Study on the method and procedure of logistics system modeling and simulation

Hongbo Wang, Zhongwei Wang
With logistics system becoming more and more complex, whose internal relationship becoming stronger than before, the modeling and simulation method also becomes more and more important during the process of logistics system completion and strategy. Simulation provides a new method for solving the complexity...
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A Discussion on the Development of Higher Vocational Students’ Individual Learning Capability

Feng Yan
as an important expression of the higher vocational students’ quality, the individual learning capability is analyzed in detail in this dissertation. The training channels of individual learning capability mainly include three aspects, namely, the inner subjective factor, the dominant extrinsic factor...
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A Probe into the Impact of Mass Media on Public Policy

Ling Xu
Taking the internet as an example, this dissertation analyzed the influence of mass media on the formulation and implementation of public policy. Compared with the public policy, the mass media play the intermediary and supervisory role and displays strong cohesion for its effect on public policy. In...
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Enterprise Valuation Based on UFCF Discount Model Take Changyu A as an Example

Xiaohua Song, Chen Qi
With the rapid development of China's capital market, the enterprise valuation becomes more and more important. In China, the discounted cash flow method is the most widely used method in the practice of enterprise valuation. This paper researched the related theories of unleveraged free cash flow discount...
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Rational Reflection on the “Layered-Teaching-in-One-Class” for Basic Computer Education in Accounting Vocational Colleges

Fang Wang
It is an important measure to conduct the layered-teaching-in-one-class reform for basic computer education. Starting from the unique features of students and the characteristics of basic computer education in accounting vocational colleges, this article has stated the necessity of the layered-teaching-in-one-class...
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Development and Design of Multi-media Teaching Courseware –The Internet

Zhuoyu Mo
Most programmers would prefer Authorware to design and make multi-media courseware. It is the Authorware7.0 that the writer choose to complete the multi-media courseware of Internet. And FLASH MX and IBM are also utilized to complete the icon and some cartoon of the courseware.
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Hongyun Guan, Shu Fang, Jing-xue Jiang
Combustion audio is one of the adjoint physical phenomenons of fire, and in this paper, a experiment system which based on a infrasonic sensor is built up to acquaint the combustion audio signal, and different burning materials, such as paper, cotton, oil and wood, were tested to prove the existing of...
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Research on Applications of Human Resource Information System in SMEs

Wei Song, Feng An
Nowadays, information technology and human resource management unite together more and more closely. Human resources information systems can play an important role in the modern enterprise management. But there are many problems in the application of human resource information systems in Chinese SMEs,...
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Design and Implementation of Encryption System for Mobile Hard Disk

Si-ming He, Yong-hai Yu, Da-chuan Chen, Jing-quan Li
At present,in order to solve the data leakage of a hardware encryption system for mobile hard disk and the changing key that is not flexible,the hardware encryption system for mobile hard disk drive based on FPGA—AES system is designed and implemented.This method not only achieves the real-time encryption...
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Blind Pixels Auto-Searching Algorithm for IRFPA based on Scene

Dachuan Chen, Siming He, Ding Chen
One of the important factors which influence the imaging of IRFPA array is the quantity and distribution of bad pixel. Based on the features of infrared image, response characteristics of IRFAP’s bad pixel and the corelation of adjacency pixel, this paper put forward a new method to detect bad pixel...
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Study of the Characteristics and Practice Guidance of Girls Sports Teaching

Cairong Wu, Jie Deng
Physical education is one of the important modules of comprehensively cultivating the comprehensive talents of quality education. Aiming at the research for girls' sports teaching has increased year by year, and it indirectly reflects that the status of the girls' sports teaching in physical education...
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Empirical Research on the Influential Factors of Students' Preference on College Elective English Courses Based on the Principal Component Analysis

Quan He, Tian Wu, Pi’an Yin
With the increasing diversity of university courses and the improvement and promotion of freedom elective system, college English courses are also gradually incorporated into the range of elective courses. And it is found that students have obvious preferences in the choice of those courses; these preference...
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The innovative research on the talent training modes for higher vocational accounting major in Guangxi

Junmin Wang, Yan Zeng
The talent training modes of the higher vocational accounting major must break the traditional course teaching system which sets the accounting theories as priority and practice training as secondary. This paper carry innovative research on theoretic and practical talent training modes in accounting...
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The Empirical Study of Low Carbon Development and Economic Evaluation System-Take a city in Hebei Province as an Example

Hong Zhang
The low-carbon economy is developed vigorously in the world, but how to evaluate the effect of the low-carbon economy reasonably has not been reached. In this study, analytic hierarchy process (AHP) is used and a city in Hebei Province is taken as an example to establish the low-carbon economy evaluation...
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Analysis on the Problem of Computer Teaching Reform Based on Optimized Strategy Decision-making Model

Jinping Song
Many colleges and universities have taken place large changes in the configuration of computer education resources and education environment. This paper expounds the current status and cognition of computer teaching in colleges and universities. And on the basis of this, this paper analyzes the problems...
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Discussion on Coupling Relationship between the Negative Transfer and Pragmatic Faults in College English Teaching Practice of Translating Chinese into English

Xuejun Lu
Negative pragmatic transfer of mother tongue is the main cause of pragmatic failure in the teaching practice of Chinese to English of Chinese colleges. The analysis and understanding of this cause is the basic requirement of the college English education system. This paper establishes the correlation...
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The R Cluster Matrix Analysis of Physique Characteristics of Kazak Students in China

Yinan Ma
Object: R cluster matrix analysis is used in this research which will explore the physique characteristics of kazak students, and provides the rational theory of the reform of physical education in minority areas of china. Method: we used the R cluster matrix analysis to build the model of physique index...
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Research on the Evaluation Model of Cognitive and Behavior and the Influencing Factors Non-Language Factors

Yuan Yu
The final goal of English teaching is to make English learners correctly use English in their work, study and life, and they can express the English in the higher level. Nonlinguistic factors are the important influencing factors of the ability of spoken English, and they have great influence on the...
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The effect research of multimedia-assisted music teaching based on principal component analysis----- For example HeNan xuchang college

Ping Li
Currently, multimedia-assisted music instruction has been widely used in colleges and universities. The diversification trend of music teaching and greatly promoted students' absorbing ability have increased the extensive use of multimedia-assisted instruction in music teaching. To solve the problems...
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Multimedia application’s positive analysis on university music education

Fengfeng Zhang
This paper discusses multimedia platform’s positive analysis on university music education, mainly discusses the concept and characteristics of multimedia platform, analyzes music teaching design theory and performs feasibility analysis on how to apply multimedia to university music teaching. This paper...
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Research on teaching methods reform and insurance major graduates' employment adaptability

Ronghui Fu, Lingling Qin
The teaching methods of insurance major in the field of higher education should aim to improve students' comprehensive quality, employment ability, and should be reformed by adopting feasible measures. Insurance major graduates’ employment adaptability has something to do with teaching methods. Graduates...