Proceedings of the 2016 2nd International Conference on Social Science and Technology Education (ICSSTE 2016)

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Research on the Multimedia Information Retrieval Algorithm based on Information Restructuring and Image Reconstruction

Nian Li
In this paper, we conduct research on the multimedia information retrieval algorithm based on the information restructuring and image reconstruction. With the massive growth of information resources, people through various retrieval tools for too much information, led directly to information overload....
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Research of Integration Method of Interpersonal Teaching and Man-machine Teaching in College English

Tianyang Zhao
with the rapid development of hi-tech at present, the college English curriculum teaching of higher education in our country faces an inevitable deep reform and innovation. In order to effectively improve the English application ability of undergraduates, this paper analyzes the integration of interpersonal...
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Research on the Factor Analysis and Logistic Regression with the Applications on the Listed Company Financial Modeling

Pengwen Xiao
In this paper, we conduct research on primary factor analysis and logistic regression with applications on the listed company financial modeling. In this paper, the brief introduction of the basic background of China's listed companies financial index research and the research process, on the basis of...
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Study on a Selection Strategy for Mobile Terminals of Hospital Business

Qingbin Wu, Yu Meng, Wenxing Deng
as a bridge between mobile application and users, the mobile terminal is a key part of the whole mobile health. Therefore, how to select appropriate terminals for different application scenarios and user requirements is the first issue to be solved currently in the process of building mobile health system...
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Empirical Analysis on the Relation Between Electronic Industry Development and Energy Consumption

Mengdi Yu, Zilong Wang
Data from 1996 to 2012 is used to conduct co-integration test, VAR model and Granger causality test in order to examine the relation between China's electronic industry added-value and energy consumption. The result of co-integration test illustrates the long-term equilibrium of the relationship between...
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Research on the Trend of Modern Interior Design Education Reform from the Perspectives of Aesthetics and Traditional Regression

Jianwei Ban
In this paper, we conduct research on the trend of modern interior design education reform from the perspectives of aesthetics and traditional regression. Professional interior design technology is to adapt to the needs of economic development of practical talents in the central plains, with the spirit...
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The Design of Interactive Teaching Model for College English Course in Web-based Span

Ying Zeng
Traditional college English teaching model centered on grammar and words teaching. However, information technology brings about a reformation in college English teaching model. According to constructivism, language teaching requires plenty of raw materials and practice in real life. Web could serve as...
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Research on the Reform and Practice of English Listening Teaching for Application-guided Universities

Peng Qian
In this paper, we conduct research on the reform and practice of English listening teaching for the application-guided universities. In the recent years at home and abroad for a lot of work on listening teaching, has made some breakthrough. Through the study of literature, however, we found that compared...
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Analysis of the Development Mode for Medium-sized Enterprise in Low-carbon Economy

Guohua Luo
Low-carbon economy, as the economic development mode of a new era, is of great significance to the development of society with far-reaching influence. As low-carbon economy obtains more attention, the development of low-carbon-high-efficiency economy becomes the trend all over the world. For small and...
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Research on the Development of Modern Environment Art Pattern under the Perspectives of Green City and Environmental Protection

Kang Zhou
In this paper, we conduct research on the development of modern environment art pattern under the perspectives of green city and environmental protection. Environmental art and practical function refers to the practical use of it, fitness for a particular purpose or use value, is also the most concern...
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Exploration and Research on the Category Management for the Chain Retail Enterprises: Taking Jiajiayue as Example

Shan Zhao
In this paper, we conduct research on the category management for chain retail enterprises while taking Jiajiayue as the example. Category management theory research has more than ten years history, its core has been basically mature theory. The future study of category management focuses more on how...
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Research on the Existing Problems and Countermeasures for Enterprise Cost Management under Modern Enterprise System

Yanhong Song
In this paper, we conduct research on existing problems and countermeasures for enterprise cost management under the modern enterprise system. Speed rising as a basic result of the business development, combined with the economic environment changing, enterprise work flow and the work division of labor...
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Research on the Micro Class and the Applications on English Flipped Classroom Design for Application-Oriented Universities

Qingyun Xu
In this paper, we conduct research on the micro class and general applications on English flipped classroom design for the application-oriented universities. Flip the classroom as a kind of the classroom teaching reform practice, not only does it require the participation of each a teacher, but also...
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A Knife-edge Input Point Spread Function Estimation Method for Document Images

Jianqiang Zhong
In this paper the progress of document image Point Spread Function (PSF) estimation will be presented. At the beginning of the paper, an overview of PSF estimation methods will be introduced and the reason why knife-edge input PSF estimation method is chosen will be explained. Then in the next section,...
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Analysis of the efficiency of financial support for agriculture in China under the DEA model

Qiu Li, Chunping Wang
The development and growth of modern agriculture can not be separated from the government, policy support, especially financial support. There is a huge contradiction between limited financial resources and agricultural expenditure, if agricultural production relies on the expansion of the scale of fiscal...
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An analysis of the efficiency of financial support for agriculture in Liaoning Province under the DEA model

Qiu Li, Chunping Wang
In this paper, the Liaoning Province as the object of study, of the funds of financial expenditure for agriculture in Liaoning Province efficiency were studied. At the same time, the application of principal component analysis method (PCA) to deal with all kinds of data, as far as possible to eliminate...
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Research on the Network Intrusion Detection System based on Modified Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

Xuesong Wang, Guangzhan Feng
In this paper, we conduct research on the network intrusion detection system based on the modified particle swarm optimization algorithm. Computer interconnection ability put forward the higher requirements for the system reliability design, the need to ensure that the system can support various communication...
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Research on the Automatic Music Creation System based on the Human-Computer Interaction and Artificial Intelligence

Sui Wu
In this paper, we conduct theoretical research on the automatic music creation system based on the human-computer interaction and artificial intelligence. With the rapid development of modern computer technology, the computer music software and the hardware of the agreement, the computer music has already...
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Research on the Development of Pattern Recognition and Applications on Digital Music Recognition and Creation

Sui Wu
In this paper, we conduct general research on the development of pattern recognition and applications on the digital music recognition and creation. Voice is the most convenient tool in human communication and exchange of basic information and the most important media, therefore, speech recognition has...
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Research on the Digital Music Generating Model based on the Music Mapping and Visualization Technology

Sui Wu
In this paper, we conduct research on digital music generating model based on the music mapping and the visualization technology. Music creation, composers in the form of the structure of the organization in following some specific development logic, conform to the aesthetic taste of the audience is...
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Research on the Data Mining Technique and the Applications on the Modern Computer-Assisted Music Creation

Sui Wu
In this paper, we conduct research on the data mining technique and the applications on the modern computer-assisted music creation. In today's high-speed development of modern computer technology, the computer music creation mode is widely used in the field of composing, music, recording, and other...
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Research on the Accurate Computer Music Composition Mode under the Background of Big Data

Sui Wu
In this paper, we conduct research on the accurate computer music composition mode under the basic background of big data. From the perspective of music theory, in terms of micro notes jump within a certain range, will not cause discomfort, notes there are upward at the same time, the downward makes...
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Research on the Graph Theory and Topology Optimization Model with the Applications on Mobile Communication

Dianji Lv, Guojuan Zhou, Xinjie Wu
In this paper, we conduct research on the graph theory and the topology optimization model with the applications on mobile communication. The mobile communication system based on smart antenna technology is the hotspot of research in the field of wireless communications. Smart antenna in order to study...
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Discussion on Administrative Law protection for Pension Rights and Interests of the Lost Only-Child Elderly in China

Zehua Feng
Lacking of shelter and care from their children, Chinese lost only-child elderly are impoverished and their mental state compared to older people in general are more fragile and sensitive. They have even united themselves for self-help, while their efforts have been often unhelpful. Their scale has been...
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The Teaching Practice of the Cross-Border E-Commerce to Business English Majors in Vocational and Technical Colleges: A Study Based on the Theory of CLIL

Jing Yi
In order to make the teaching practice in the business English major in vocational and technical colleges meet with the new requirements of cross-border e-commerce for business English majors, the theory of CLIL needs to be used in business English teaching process. Compared with the traditional teaching...
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Research on the Combination Mode of Modern Product and Industrial Design under the Green Design Background

Liying Wu
In this paper, we conduct research on the combination mode of the modern product and the industrial design under the green design background. Our enterprises must set up the industrial design as the basis of the new mechanism, treatment of product, enterprise and market to trinity, cannot be indifferent...
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A Probe into the Moral Education in College English Teaching

Mengshan Jia, Xiao Tang
College English is a general compulsory course which lasts longest in the period of higher education. It means that College English teachers are the ones who contact with their students most often and influence their students most deeply. Every teacher bears the responsibility of teaching and educating,...
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Integration of industry cooperation development research in Bohai Economic Rim

Junwei Xing
Integrated development of industrial cooperation is the core content in the Bohai economic rim.Industrial structure convergence of Bohai economic rim mainly exist in macro three industries while it rarely exist in the manufacturing industry and other internal meso level.Learning from changing tendency,...
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Research on Developmental Trend of Modern Multimedia Technology and the Influences on Courseware Making

Xiangbin Gao
In this paper, we conduct research on the developmental trend of the modern multimedia technology and the influences on the courseware making. Compared with the traditional classroom teaching courseware, distance education of multimedia courseware and have a lot in common, also have different places....
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The Importance of Visual Identity Graphic Design in Cities

Chufan Zhang
The identity system depends on tangible architecture, landscape roads and so on, but it doesn't equal to the supplement of its subject but an indispensable constituent part. As the finishing touch of the whole urban space, by means of design of elements such as symbols, graphs, characters and colors...
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Research on the Logistics Cost and Enterprise Operation Efficiency with the Influences on International Trade

Yuan Lin
In this paper, we conduct research on the logistics cost and enterprise operation efficiency with the influences on international trade. With the deepening of the reform of the market economic system in our country, and the advancement of the reform of state-owned enterprises and government function...
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Analysis of Southern Taihang Tourism Production and Research on Brand Marketing Strategy based on SWOT and PST

Zhentao Xu, Wei Zhu
Under the new normal economic environment, the traditional tourism faces competition, but also new opportunities in the emerging service industry. Thus, to enrich the expanding tourist market is a powerful guarantee of industrial development. Market research is based on binding to the marketing environment...
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Research on the Pushover Methodology and the Applications on the Bridge Seismic Performance Improvement Scenarios

Feng Wang
In this paper, we conduct research on the pushover methodology and the applications on the bridge seismic performance improvement scenarios. Bridge is an important part of the traffic lifeline engineering, and after the earthquake, if the bridge damage, that will hinder the timely disaster relief operations,...
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Research on Development Track of Computer Music and the Influences on Musical Creation

Sui Wu
In this paper, we conduct research on the development track of the computer music and the influences on musical creation. With the advent of the new era of digital music, new music through also started the personal computer revolution. We only have one computer can onto the road of their own music and...
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Research on the Modern Music Composition Development Direction under the Digital and Computer Background

Sui Wu
In this paper, we conduct research on modern music composition development direction under the digital and computer background. We can hear the music work, at ordinary times is the musician and sound engineer through three different stages of product created by mutual cooperation. The development of...
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Research on the Europe and the United States Musical Compose Mode Development and the Influences on Computer Music in China

Sui Wu
In this paper, we conduct research on the Europe and the United States musical composes mode development and the influences on computer music in China. All referrals audio music system and software audio sound is provided by the electronic sound, because of the different on the basis of the electronic...
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Research on the Developmental Trend of Computer Music Composition under the Background of Popular Music and Aesthetics

Sui Wu
In this paper, we conduct research on developmental trend of computer music composition under the background of popular music and aesthetics. In the process of the Chinese modern music history, popular music communication for the selection of music ontology, the audience for popular music transmission...
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Research on the Multiple Intelligence Theory and the Applications on Computer Music Creation

Sui Wu
In this paper, we conduct research on the multiple intelligence theory and basic applications on the computer music creation. Music is the oldest and the most universal human and one of the art form of appeal, is a human structure to realize the thoughts and feelings through specific acoustics indispensable...
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A Case Study about Accuracy and Fluency in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language

Mengke LI
This case study aims to address how to promote accuracy in the main stream of focusing on fluency. During the period of data collecting, face to face interviewing is used to get some ideas about the relationship between accuracy and fluency when students learning Chinese from Chinese teachers in one...
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Research and Exploration on the National Traditional Sports Resources in Lancang River Valley under Culture Oriented Background

Lujun Li
In this paper, we conduct research on the national traditional sports resources in Lancang river valley under culture oriented background. Really in Chinese traditional sports culture must be confirmed and reflect on the moment, only a clear definition of the concept of national traditional sports and...
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Research of Tourism Development from the Perspective of Industrial Cluster

Yanyan He
With the rapid development of IT, tourism has had many complicated problems in the process of developing towards the fine and deep orientation. IT reform has made the same fields closer in relationship and cooperation among different fields is also gradually deepened. Due to its high correlation, tourism...
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Research of 'Employment-oriented' Talent Cultivation Mode of Tourism Major in the Third Batch Colleges

Yuanyuan Xiu, Weihua Huang
Third batch colleges are the products of the popularity and the rapid development of higher education. Through taking advantage of the premium and sufficient educational resources of parent higher universities and combining the advantage of privately-funded colleges to absorb social capital, they have...
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Research on Chinese and Foreign Cultural Thinking Modes and the Influences on English Education Activities

Lingyun Yu
In this paper, we conduct research on the Chinese and foreign cultural thinking modes and the basic influences on English education activities. Reading and writing are the input and output of language skills and cultural knowledge. In order to ensure the students in English writing can output tunnel,...
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Research on the Mobile Highway Measurement System Development and Optimization Model with Data Oriented Thinking

Wei Pan, Lijuan Zhang
In this paper, we conduct research on mobile highway measurement system development and the optimization model with data oriented thinking. Measurement engineering is one of the oldest subjects which have a long history. It is always with contemporary surveying and mapping science and technology and...
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Research on the Experimental and the Testing Mode of Highway Bridge Load Capacity based on Static Analysis

Wei Pan, Tiezeng Zhu
In this paper, we conduct research on the experimental and the testing mode of the highway bridge load capacity based on the static analysis. Modal parameters is refers to the bridge structure calculation of modal frequencies and mode shapes and modal parameters such as the quality. Modal parameters...
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Research on the Modern Material Purchasing and Management Mode under the Background of Informatization

Jiancheng Zhang, Yu Zhang, Jian Xiao, Jianjun Li, Lei Wang
In this paper, we conduct research on the modern material purchasing and the management mode under the background of informatization. Material is to maintain the normal operation of all kinds of resources integrated, the procurement is a significant means to ensure the enterprise supply as material purchasing...
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An analysis of the application of pleasurable teaching methodology in track and field teaching

Lin Zhai
The deepening of educational reform and the issuing of the new curriculum reform lead to that traditional track and field teaching cannot satisfy the needs of contemporary education. In accordance with the demand of education for all-round development and the new curriculum reform for pleasurable track...
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Research on the Novel Business English Education Mode based on Feedback Learning and Interactive Teaching Method

Weiping Wang
In this paper, we conduct research on the novel English education mode based on feedback learning and interactive teaching method. Business English, which is based on general English, from the angle of English language features of text represents connotation of business English vocabulary expressed more,...
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Study on the Current Situation of the Physical Health Promotion Plan Implementation in Jinan's Middle School Students

Qi Shenghua, Kaibiao Zheng
To know well the current situation of the physical health promotion plan implementation in Jinan's middle school students, 240 students and 30 P.E. teachers in Jinan's Shungeng Middle School, Yuying Middle School, Yuxian Middle School, Qixian Middle School, and Shi Liu Li He Middle School were chosen...
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Research on Listed Company Financial Management Mode Innovation Trend under the Registration System Background

Pengwen Xiao
In this paper, we conduct theoretical research on the listed company financial management mode innovation trend under the registration system background. Cycles of the core macroeconomic environment is each enterprise that must face the reality of the problem, for the listed companies, the macroeconomic...
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Research on the Major Factors that Influence the Consumer Psychology in the Marketing Process

Yan Zhang
In this paper, we conduct research on major factors that influence the consumer psychology in marketing process. In marketing system, customer relationship management mainly summarized as: the purpose of the enterprise with the high quality products, fast and perfect service to attract new customers,...
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A Study on the Development Situation of Sport Resources in Yunnan Section of the Silk Road By

Youfeng Wang, Peipei Yang
The ancient Silk Road is the main way that connected the communication between ancient China and foreign countries. Until now, many regions along the Silk Road still have broad prospect for development. These abundant tourist resources are also rich in cultural aspects. Among their natural scenery and...
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Under the background of the coordinated development of beijing-tianjin-hebei model description of higher vocational education in hebei province

Xiujuan Dong, Yujie Zhang
The concept of integration of Beijing Tianjin Hebei has been proposed for more than ten years, long-term since the region in a "how to integrate resources, practice and achieve common development", but as "Beijing insurance" thought influence, allowing the emergence of unequal opportunity around the...
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Research on the UI and UE Design Techniques and the Status in HTML5 Website Development

Li Wang
In this paper, we conduct research on the UI and UE design techniques and the status in the HTML5 website development. With the continuous development of science and technology, the user demand for computer software design level enhances unceasingly, the software development workers must deep going research...
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Research on the Core Factors of Influencing College Students' Entrepreneurial Success Rate under the Perspectives of the Law and Team Management Perspectives

Yandong Zhang
In this paper, we conduct research on primary core factors of influencing college students' entrepreneurial success rate under the perspectives of the law and team management perspectives. College students' entrepreneurship education is cultivating he students innovative spirit and creative ability as...
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Research on the Structured Data Mining Algorithm and the Applications on Machine Learning Field

Xiaodui Deng
In this paper, we conduct research on the structured data mining algorithm and applications on machine learning field. Various fields due to the advancement of informatization and digitization, a lot of multi-source and heterogeneous data distributed storage, in order to achieve the sharing, we must...
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Research on the Interactive Training Pattern and the Applications on the Modern Emergency Rescue Training Activities

Hua Zhang, Guoping He, Na Zhang, Baichao Xu, Chuanzhu Lv
In this paper, we conduct research on the interactive training pattern and the applications on the modern emergency rescue training activities. In emergency rescue training linkage the ecological communities, important is not gathered themselves together, and not the size of the momentum and the strength...
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Modelling and Optimization on the Microchannel Heat Convection of Two Phase Flow Model based on Numerical Simulation and Calculation

Yujun Han, Huijing Cao
In this paper, we conduct research on the microchannel heat convection of the two phase flow model based on the numerical simulation and calculation. In the previous study, once found in the microchannel fluid under different conditions of dryness, reflect the different flow patterns and heat transfer...
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Research on the Economic Strategy of Cross-Border Electronic Commerce for Middle and Small-Sized Enterprises

Chongjie Zhang
In this paper, we conduct research on the economic strategy of the cross-border electronic commerce for the middle and small-sized enterprises. Cross-border e-commerce in our country has more than ten years of development history, is an integral part of foreign trade and economy, also emerged many operation...
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Empirical Research on the Enterprise Human Resource Management and Its Influences on Strategic Development of Enterprise under the Mass Innovation Background

Lili Lu
In this paper, we conduct research on the enterprise human resource management and its influences on strategic development of enterprise under modern mass innovation background. Human resource management involves the enterprise each managers, human resources department should become an enterprise real...
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Research on the Relationship of Objective Environmental Resistance and Chinese Medical Students' Professional Identity in Universities

Sijia Lou, Panpan Yang, Ming Jin, Zhenzhen Cai
In this paper, we conduct research on the relationship of objective environmental resistance and the Chinese medical students' professional identity in the universities. Vocational value is home to people the value of for a professional cognition and value judgment, it directly dominate people's professional...
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Research on the Developmental Trend of Education Pattern of the Contemporary College Students' Ideological and Political Education under the Background of Internet Era

Xueshi Yan, Bo Ma
In this paper, we conduct research on the developmental trend of education pattern of the contemporary college students' ideological and political education under the background of Internet era. The ideological and political education the popularization of scientific knowledge, promote the scientific...
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Research on the Countermeasures and Approaches for Enhancing the Employability of Contemporary College Students from the Perspective of Ability-Guided Pattern

Xueshi Yan, Bo Ma
In this paper, we conduct research on the countermeasures and approaches for enhancing the employability of contemporary college students from the perspective of the ability-guided pattern. In the case of rapid economic development, to solve the employment problem of college students, we must rely on...
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Research on the Interactive Teaching Mode and Quality-Oriented Education Theory with Its Applications on Colleges and Universities Sports Teaching

Jiangjing Du
In this paper, we conduct research on the interactive teaching mode and the quality-oriented education theory with its applications on colleges and universities sports teaching. Physical education class hours are limited. In the teaching material content on the choice of considering the students' ability...
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On Effect of Marital Loyalty Agreement

Yuyu Yang
The loyalty agreement between husband and wife is not regulated by civil law, but by family morality. Autonomy of will does not apply to the regulation of personal relations between spouses. The civil law of China does not recognize the contract of couple identity.
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Research on the Local Culture and Corresponding Influences on English Linguistics from the Etymology Perspective

Xiaomei Wen
In this paper, we conduct research on the local culture and corresponding influences on the English linguistics from the etymology perspective. In the form of linguistics, language is a form of system, the research is in the form of the combination of form and meaning, language learning is rules and...
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Research on the Development Direction and Trend of Interior Design Education under the Green Building Background

Jianwei Ban
In this paper, we conduct research on the development direction and trend of interior design education under the green building background. Due to the development of the social economy and people living standard rise, the public has produced great changes to the requirement of the interior design, for...
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Research on the Effective Education Mode based on MOOC Platform and Traditional Teaching Auxiliary Pattern

Lili Ban
In this paper, we conduct research on the effective education mode based on the MOOC platform and traditional teaching auxiliary pattern. MOOC course content covers many disciplines, from natural science to humanities curriculum exists or not is entirely up to the student's popularity. In MOOC system,...
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Research on the Development of Microteaching and the Applications on Contemporary College English Teaching

Yinna Su, Yahui Hu
In this paper, we conduct research on development of microteaching and the applications on the contemporary college English teaching. Along with the rapid development of higher vocational education, the ministry of education put forward to improve the quality of higher vocational education teaching,...
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Research on the Challenges and Developmental Trend of Accounting Computerization in China under the Internet Background

Jingjing Cao, Dongliang Pan
In this paper, we conduct research on the challenges and the developmental trend of the accounting computerization in China under the Internet background. With the development of China's network economy, Chinese enterprises will be more and more big, in order to meet the requirement of enterprise economic...
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Analysis on the Effect of Family Consumption Psychology on the Economic Demand Structure under the Background of the Financial Crisis

Ji Zeng
As is known to all, the global financial crisis produces tremendous negative impacts on the economy progress and development of all countries. In order to change the situation and promote a more stable economic development, the targeted fiscal policy is adopted in all countries to stimulate the economy....
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Research and Analysis on the Bilingual Teaching Practice of Principles of Economics

Jin Li
In recent years, the bilingual teaching has attained a rapid development in the field of education in China, and also has been expanded to all discipline categories including economy, literature, and international culture, thus promoting China's education to gradually keep pace with the world education...
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The Construction and Practical Application of the Model for Analyzing the Contribution Degree of the Two Factors Affecting Sales

Wenwei Jin
In this paper, by decomposing the sales volume into two factors (i.e. the number of merchants replenishing stocks and the average number of the stocks replenished by merchants) from the angle of the sales volume composition, a model for analyzing the two factors affecting sales was constructed. By quantitatively...
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The Design and Implementation of Cloud Computing Network Teaching Platform

Shangyou Ju
Along with the constant economic improvement and development in China, information technology has been rapidly developed and applied. All fields are inseparable from the support of information technology. Cloud computing technology is derived and developing from information technology. How to make the...
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Analysis on Brand Value Evaluation and Management

Jicheng Li, Fangfang Wang
Brand is an important intangible asset of enterprises and plays a vital function in building up a good external image of enterprises. Enterprise brand plays a positive role in relieving the contradictions of product supplies to some extent and then brings about excess profits and value for the healthy...
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Discussion on China's Marxist Ideological Marginalization under the Network Background

Shuangyin Li, Baihong Li, Yanjie Hao
In recent years, the network development is accelerated. In this background, there are new opportunities and serious challenges for the further development of the Marxist ideology. In the process of constantly strengthened network openness, the advantage of the Marxism ideology discourse power has been...
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Study on College Physical Education based on Hierarchical Teaching Model

Ruilin Liang
Along with the constant improvement of China's economic development, the quality-oriented education reform is being greatly implemented, in which training the high-quality talents with an all-round moral, intellectual, and physical development is the goal. The development of the physical education can...
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Study on the Problems of Transferring the Proceeds of Crime under the Mainland-Taiwan Reciprocal Judicial Assistance

Anmin Lin
In this paper, we conduct research on the problems of transferring the proceeds of crime under the Mainland-Taiwan reciprocal judicial assistance. At present, the cross-border economic crimes are frequent, so that the cross-border money laundering rate is induced greatly. The disputes about the cross-border...
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Analysis on the Application of Chinese Culture to Tourism English Course Teaching in Colleges and Universities

Hong Liu, Linping Zhao
English is a kind of cultural manifestation, so the integration of language with culture is of feasibility to some extent. The purpose of colleges and universities to offer tourism English course is to provide a better tourism service for foreign tourists and promote them to understand China's history...
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Study on the Current Situation of Shaanxi Agricultural Insurance and the Development Strategies

Hui Liu
Situation combined with policy-related agricultural insurance in Shaanxi and the industry development of Shaanxi rural economy practice, carry out from the Shaanxi agricultural economy development and the agricultural insurance current situation analysis, found the main problems in Shaanxi agricultural...
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Analysis on the Business Administration Problems in Market Supervision and the Countermeasures

Rui Wang
Industrial and commercial administrative departments shoulder an important responsibility for the comprehensive market supervision, and usually directly contact with the market's main body. These departments are gradually strengthening the administrative law enforcement and laying more emphasis on the...
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Study on the Optimal Application of Mathematical Model to Transportation Problem

Weizhu Wang
Many factors such as value, bulk, shape, and measuring unit are involved in the transportation industry and also present different transportation characteristics and the hierarchical characteristics based on the transport demands. Thus, differences in the presentation of these aspects such as transportation...
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Discussion on the Urban Design Course Teaching Reform in Landscape Architecture Program

Binglu Wu
In the landscape architecture planning and design, urban open space is one of the important research contents. However, in the process of constructing urban open space system, a study only relying on the open space is difficult to conduct. In the urban design course teaching, the ultimate goal of landscape...
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Discussion on the Large-scale Collaborative Development and Evolution of Network-based Trusted Software

Wei Yang, Liming Geng
Along with the informatization of the global information resources, the Internet network application is more and more extensive. Software has been in every field; the demand for software development is increasingly greater; the software development market is mainly manifested in the modern engineering....
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Specific Strategies for Applying the Excellent Traditional Chinese Culture to the Construction of the Ideological and Political Education Model based on the Idea of "to Educate People with Courtesy and to Foster People with Morality" for College Students

Fangyun Ye, Ling Li, Weimin Zheng
The idea of "to educate people with courtesy and to foster people with morality" is integrated into the ideological and political educational model for college students, so as to clearly know the theory bases, activate practice, and deeply implement the spiritual education. It is incorporated into the...
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Analysis on Training the Integrated Language Competence of Students based on the Perspective of English Speech

Juan Yu
It is well known that in the process of communication, the competence in making speeches is one of the important means, which is a very practical skill. In the process of teaching, English speaking activities are used as aided methods, thus not only promoting students to effectively cultivate the competence...
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Optimizing Educational Resource Allocation and Promoting the Balanced Development of English Education between Urban and Rural Areas--Take Xi'an as an Example

Xiaoxia Lu
The balanced allocation of educational resources in the urban and rural areas has great affect on the balanced development of English education in these areas. With questionnaire and interview, the author learns and analyzes the gap and disequilibrium between the allocation of English educational resources...
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Research on Modern Enterprise Management Accounting Development Trend and the Influences on Promoting the Enterprise

Dongliang Pan, Jingjing Cao
In this paper, we conduct basic research on the modern enterprise management accounting development trend and the influences on promoting the enterprise. Management accounting subject refers to the management accounting as the services of a particular unit. Because of the management accounting mainly...
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An Exploration of the Application of Communication Technology and Network in Computer Control

Deji Shang
With the constant development of the economy, the high-speed development of network technique and computer communication technology as well as the continuous development of communication technology and network technique keep renewing computer automatic system, which has been applied to many fields, providing...
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Internet culture--a new way for ideological and political education of university students

Mao Yang, Yan Wang
At current internet has been an indispensable part in university students' life. Internet culture changes and influences contemporary university students' ideology, behavior pattern and moral concept and has a far-reaching influence on the ideological and political education of university students, and...
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Research on the ecological model of English Teaching

Jinghong Guo
The traditional English teaching is an isolated process for teachers to carry out teaching activities, but with the development of the times, this kind of teaching method in the teaching practice has been unable to meet the requirements of the comprehensive development of students, nor really let students...
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Research on the present situation and development strategy of universities

Xiaoxian Lv, Lan Yang
In the 21st century, relying on technological innovation to enhance the comprehensive national strength and core competitiveness of the country, establishment of a national innovation system has become the common choice of governments. 18th CPC National Congress proposed the implementation of "innovation-driven...
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The Basic Strategy and the Main Path of the Transformation of Universities

Xiaoxian Lv, Chunmei Yang
Under the new situation of economic development there are new requirements to the talent education in Colleges and Universities.From the perspective of government and enterprise, this paper analyzes the support strategy including policy system, operation mechanism. The colleges and universities should...
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University human resources management mechanism innovation exploration and research

Lan Yang, Xiaoxian Lv
with the advent of the era of knowledge economy, colleges and universities of human resources management is facing new challenges, only to constantly innovation,can improve their strength. This paper first introduces the background and necessity of the university human resources management mechanism...
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University human resources management problems of reality and countermeasures

Chunmei Yang, Xiaoxian Lv
Now the low utilization rate of the human resources in colleges and universities, which is mainly due to the human resource structure is unreasonable,and the internal mechanism is not sound and the check of choose and employ persons and incentive mechanism is imperfect, and so on.Then we need to improve...
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Study of the Power Grid Enterprise Performance Based on Data Envelopment Analysis

Shuguo Zhang, Jingjie Niu
In this paper, data envelopment technology is applied to estimate the comprehensive technical efficiency of power grid enterprises and study its pure technical efficiency and scale efficiency. The calculation result is analyzed. Through the analysis of the actual operation results of the input redundancy...
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Mass media on college students' ideological and political education influence and countermeasures research

Linlin Dang
With the development of science and technology especially the network technology, mass media have an important impact in college students' study and life, provide opportunities for college students' ideological and political education work, also brought a challenge. On the basis of in-depth analysis...
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The Research on the Ideological and Political Education Function of College Student Community

Qianying Ma
With the continuous development of higher education in China, the ideological and political education of college students has been paid more attention. How to strengthen the ideological and political education of college students, explore more educational channels and methods and highlight the effectiveness...