Proceedings of the International Conference on Tropical Agrifood, Feed and Fuel (ICTAFF 2021)

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First Report of an Ice Cream Cone Bagworm Manatha Conglacia Haettenschwiler (Lepidoptera: Psychidae) in Oil Palm Plantations of Central Kalimantan, Indonesia

Fitrah Murgianto, Edyson Edyson, Yendra P Setyawan, Lukas M Tamba, Adhy Ardiyanto, Abdurrahman H Siregar
Bagworm is a defoliating insect in oil palm plantations that recently became the main problem since reported can decrease the production significantly. Metisa plana, Mahasena corbetti, Pteroma pendula are types of bagworms can be found in several areas in Indonesia. The objective of this study was to...
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Effectiveness of Dolomite on Growth and Yield of Maize (Zea mays l.) in Dry Land

Amik Krismawati, Evy Latifah, Sugiono
The study had been conducted in dry land a site in East Java was in Kediri District during the rainy season I, 2018 –2019. The research was designed in RBD, 4 replicates, and 6 treatments, namely: A = without fertilizer, B = 300 Urea ha-1 + 400 kg NPK Phonska ha-1 (Recommended Rates of Inorganic Fertilizers...
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Evaluation of Soil Characteristics on Coffee Land in Sinjai Regency, South Sulawesi

A. Assa, Jamilah Jamilah, A. Pratama, R. Wahyudi, Mamang, A.N. Amalia, D. Indriana
The soil chemical properties were important factors influencing growth, productivity, quality, and coffee flavour. The research aimed to evaluate the soil characteristics of coffee land at different growing altitudes in Sinjai Regency, South Sulawesi. The soil samples were collected in June 2019, within...
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Benzyl Amino Purine (BAP) Growth Regulator Application and Shoot Origin Stem Lai (Durio kutejensis) Against Growth Durian (Durio zibethinus Murr) Grafting Seedlings

Syamad Ramayana, Bambang Supriyanto, Widi Sunaryo, Susylowati Susylowati, Sabeth Adiastie
This study aims to determine the concentration of Benzyl Amino Purine (BAP) and the exact origin of scion shoots to optimize the growth of durian (Durio zibethinus Murr) grafting seedlings. This study was arranged in a completely randomized design (CRD) consisting of two factors with four replications....
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Investigation of C-Organic Content, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium Nutrients, pH Soil and C/N Ratio of Tidal Rice Fields in Sidomulyo Village, Anggana District, Kutai Kertanegara Regency, East Kalimantan

Suria Darma, Syamad Ramayana, Sadaruddin, Bambang Suprianto
The purpose of this study was to investigate the content of organic C, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium nutrients, pH soil and C/N ratio in tidal paddy fields in Sidomulyo Village, Anggana District, Kutai Kertanegara Regency, East Kalimantan; use for productivity sustainability conservation; and identify...
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Nutritive Value of Botanical Fraction in Maize By-Products from Various Varieties

Endang Sutedi, Budi Utomo, Heri Kurnianto
This study was conducted to evaluate botanical fraction from three varieties of maize by-products. Maize varieties evaluated were Bisi 816, Pioneer 12 and Bima2 obtained from different locations. The plants were harvested at the grain maturity stage. The stover was partitioned based on its botanical...
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Study on Genetic Variability and Heritability in F5 Segregating Generation for Yield and Its Compenents in Yardlong Bean

Florentina Kusmiyati, Syaiful Anwar, Bagus Herwibawa
Yardlong bean is one of the important vegetable crops in Indonesia. Immature pod of yardlong bean has various colour such as green, whitish green, red and purple. Artificial cross was done between purple and whitish green pod to get F1. First filial (F1) were advanced to F5 segregating generations for...
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Nutrient Concentration of N, P and K in the Components of Eucalyptus pellita F. Muell Tree in East Kalimantan, Indonesia

Ria Paranoan, Wawan Kustiawan, Marjenah Marjenah, Wahjuni Hartati, Syahrinudin Syahrinudin, Sukartiningsih Sukartiningsih, Triyono Sudarmadji
Eucalyptus pellita F. Muell is one of the species developed in industrial forest plantations that has the potential for pulp and paper. Therefore, this research aims to determine the concentration of N, P, and K nutrients in the Eucalyptus pellita F. Muell tree components. This research was conducted...
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Microbial Diversity in Post-Mining Land in Makroman Kelurahan, Sambutan District Samarinda City

Sopialena Sopialena
East Kalimantan is one of the areas rich in mining land, one of which is coal. Coal mining activities in Kaltim are generally carried out with open mining techniques, namely by clearing land, peeling top soil, moving the top layer of soil, and then mining coal. This technique results in physical, chemical...
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Paddy Farm Income in Relation to Experience and Geographical Regions in East Kalimantan, Indonesia

Karmini Karmini, Karyati Karyati
The low level of paddy farm income is serious problem in the development of paddy farming in East Kalimantan. The results of some previous studies showed experience has ability to influence farmer income, however, limited studies discussed about geographical regions. The objectives of this study were...
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Sensitivity Analysis of Swiftlet Farming in Kota Bangun, District Kutai Kartanegara Regency, Indonesia

Mursidah Mursidah, Abubakar M. Lahjie, Masjaya Masjaya, Yaya Rayadin
farming is a high-risk business. However, given the level of income (as measured by financial viability), most swiftlet farmers take the risk. Swiftlet farming is a business that lasts for a long time. During this period there are several changes that occur, which will affect the viability of the business....
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Performance of Nutmeg (Myristica fragrans) Post Harvest and Marketing in East Halmahera Regency

Asmanur Jannah, Sari Anggarawati, Sunardi Sunardi, Isnain Turuy
Nutmeg (Myristica fragrans) is an evergreen tree indigenous to Banda Island of Indonesia. In 2018 nutmeg production in Indonesia was 36,242 tons from 202,325 ha land, whereas the biggest production from the center production i.e. North Maluku Province. The aim of the study was to determine the performance...
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Value Added Analysis in the Processing Business of Palm Plant Products (Arenga pinnata Merr) in Minta Village, Penyinggahan District, West Kutai Regency

Tetty Wijayanti, M. Erwan Suriatmaja, Hepi Hepi
Sugar palm is one of the plantation crop commodities that has a high potential economic value. Almost all parts of the palm plant can be used, starting from the roots, leaves, stems, fruit, and palm fiber. The purpose of this study was to analyze the income and added values of the palm processing business...
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Role of the Agriculture Sector in Poverty Reduction in East Kalimantan

Mariyah Mariyah, Agung Enggal Nugroho
The agricultural sector provides support for food availability, employment, and increases household income in the urban or rural area. Household income determines expenditure and becomes the basis for determining the poverty line. East Kalimantan economy is still dominated by the mining sector. The development...
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Social Factors Influencing the Goat Farmers Knowledge of Waste Processing in Banyumas Regency, Central Java, Indonesia

Krismiwati Muatip, Hermin Purwaningsih, Lis Safitri, Aris Dwi Pamungkas
Goat farming produced environmental pollution from livestock waste. On the other hand, the waste has economic value after being processed into compost. The farmers should not only be able to grow the goat but also process the waste into compost. The study aimed to analyze the influence of duration being...
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Preparation of Sea Cucumber (Holothuria scabra) Powder: Effect of Pre-treatment on Its Nutritional, Antioxidant Activity and Morphological Characteristics

Ansharullah Ansharullah, Andi Besse Patadjai, Asranudin Asranudin, Tamrin Tamrin
Sea cucumber (Holothuria scabra) has a prospect of being one of the nutritious ingredients because it contains complete nutrients, including carbohydrates, essential fatty acids and amino acids, as well as several bioactive components that are believed to have functions as antioxidants, antibacterial,...
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Nitrogen Fertilizer Use Efficiency of Irradiated Mutant Rice

Ania Citraresmini, M. Hanani, N. Robifahmi, I. Milyardi, T. Bachtiar, N.A. Flatian
The carrying capacity of rice plants to meet national food demand is inseparable from effective and efficient cultivation techniques. The need of rice plants for fertilizer is a recurring problem, due to the farmers’ tendency to apply fertilizer, especially urea, at the excessive doses. Balanced fertilizer...
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Chemical Analysis and Microbial Population of Belacan Depik, Fermented Fish Product of Rasbora tawarensis

Eva Murlida, C. Nilda, Murna Muzaifa
Depik (Rasbora tawarensis) is a typical endemic fish of Lake Laut Tawar in Central Aceh Regency, Indonesia. Local people process depik fish into fresh, dried and fermented forms. Femented depik fish called belacan depik, which is one of favorite food by local community. However, research on the quality...
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Adressing the Sustainable Agricultural Agenda: Gac Fruit Benefit in Qur’an and Value Chain Perspective

Ahmad Shabudin Ariffin, Ramisah Mohd. Shah, Khalilullah Amin Ahmad, Hasrul Bin Hashom
Gac fruit is one of the exceptional varieties of fruits that contain numerous secrets and wonders; which according the text of Qur’an, the benefits of fruits in paradis frequently discussed and as natural resource, medical and health. However, since prior studies have solely concentrated on the content...
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Kombucha Fermentation from Cascara with Addition of Red Dragon Fruit (Hylocereus polyrhizus): Analysis of Alcohol Content and Total Soluble Solid

M Muzaifa, S Rohaya, C Nilda, K R Harahap
Dried coffee skin (cascara) can be used as a raw material for making kombucha because it still contains a number of important nutrients. The addition of fruit to kombucha fermentation is currently widely used to get the sensation of carbonated drinks but has the potential to increase the alcohol content....
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The Relationship of Halal-Logistics Value Creation on Firm Performance in Perlis

Hasrul Bin Hashom, Nainatul Farzuha Binti Nor, Nor Izham Bin Subri, Mohd. Anas Zakwan Bin Sabri
Malaysia as one of leading country in halal industry shows tremendous achievement in global market by providing Sharia compliance products and services. Therefore, with almost 90% populated by Malay Muslim, Perlis provide vast market value to product and service related to halal in term of food and beverage,...
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Adaption of Technological Implementation Towards SMEs’ Perlis Performance in Halal Industry

Nainatul Farzuha binti Nor, Hasrul bin Hashom, Nor Izham bin Subri, Muhammad Anas Zakwan bin Sabri
Adaption of Information Communication Technology (ICT) among SME’s is becoming more important in enhancing the holistic competitiveness in halal market challenging. Today, Halal food industry is rapidly growing and has contributed to the Malaysia’s economic development. Small Medium Enterprise (SME)...
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The Characteristics of Cassava Var. Gajah (Manihot esculenta C) Derivative Products as a Thickening Agent in the Manufacturing of Tamarind (Tamrindicus indica) Paste

Sulistyo Prabowo, Maulida Rachmawati, Yulian Andriyani, Agustu Sholeh Pujokaroni, Kintan Katrin, Nurmita Sari
Cassava var. Gajah (Manihot esculenta C) is a typical crop of East Kalimantan which has potential to be developed into a carbohydrate-based agricultural industry commodity. However, the cassava var. Gajah has not been used optimally, and limited research has been done. We conducted this research to utilize...
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Determination of Moisture, Ash, Protein, Polyphenolic, Flavonoids, and Amino Acid Contents and Antioxidant Capacity of Dried Mekai (Pycnarrhena tumefacta Miers) Leaf as Potential Herbal Flavor Enhancers

Miftakhur Rohmah, Bernatal Saragih, Nur Amaliah, Kristopal Kristopal, Yuda Hendriansyah Eka Putra, Anton Rahmadi
Mekai leaf (Pycnarrhena tumefacta Miers) is used by the Dayaks tribe as a glutamic acid substitute to enhance the umami flavor of traditional foods. A dried mekai leaf is applied directly to the pan during cooking. Mekai contains glutamate, but its amino acids and other properties such as antioxidant...
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Effect of Baking Temperature and Duration Towards Proximate, Crude Fiber Content and Antioxidant of Sweet Potato Snackbar Coated with Soursop Yoghurt

Maghfirotin Marta Banin, Uzair Nur Aziz, Maulida Rachmawati, Marwati Marwati, Aswita Emmawati
Snack bars are defined as snack products in the form of stems and are a mixture of various ingredients such as cereals, fruits, nuts, which are bound to each other with the help of a binder agent. Utilization of purple sweet potato and soursop fruit to diversify food and improve its quality and nutritional...
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Processing of Olein Fraction Red Palm Oil with Minimal Refining Method and Optimization of Deodorization Process

Deny Sumarna, Sumardi Hadi Sumarlan, Susinggih Wijaya, Nur Hidayat
Red Palm Olein (RPOn) is the result of refining and fraction of Crude Palm Oil (CPO). In the conventional refining of CPO, carotene which is a pro-Vitamin A is intentionally removed to get a clear colored oil. This research is comparing between two methods are Method I and Method II. Method I is started...
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Potential of Agricultural By-Product as Ruminant Feed in North Aceh District

Y. Yusriani, N. Usrina, M. Sabri
North Aceh District is one of the districts that produces ruminants and has great potential in the agricultural sector which will produce by-product so that it can be used as animal feed. The study was conducted from January to December 2018 in North Aceh district, Aceh Goverment. This study is a descriptive...
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Constant 12 and Hahslm 472319 as Universe Creation Code on Tortoise Shell in Covid Economic Era

RM Aziz
The purpose of this study is to analyze the meaning contained in the morphology of the tortoise carapace and plastron using an Islamic approach in the Covid pandemic situation and the simultaneous economic and social crisis. The objects in this study include tortoises, the sociological impacts of the...
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Cases of Subclinical Mastitis in Dairy Cattle, Microbiological Quality and Residues of Antibiotic Cow’s Milk: A Case Study in Tanggamus District

Veronica Wanniatie, Arif Qisthon, Purnama Edy Santosa, Dian Cahya Hadi, Oktora Luhur Handika, Ammar Naupal Shodiq, Dedy Yuliawan
The aim of this study was to determine cases subclinical mastitis in dairy cattle, microbiological quality and residues of antibiotic cow’s milk from dairy farm in Tanggamus District. This research was conducted in January 2020 in Tanggamus District, Lampung Province. The milk samples used in this study...
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The Bioinformatics Analysis in the Whole Genome mtDNA Sequence of Chickens (Gallus gallus)

Suhardi Suhardi, Widya Pintaka Bayu Putra, Rofik Rofik, Servis Simanjuntak, Khoiru Indana, Ari Wibowo
Chicken is important livestock in the world that is kept for egg and meat productions. This study was aimed to perform a bioinformatics analysis in the whole genome mtDNA (16,979 bp) of many chicken breeds. Total 84 whole-genome mtDNA sequences were used in this study and obtained from the reference...
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Effort to Reduce Fat and Cholesterol of Quail Eggs Using Citronella Oil in Feed

Elly Tugiyanti, Soegeng Herijanto
The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of citronella oil supplementation in feed on fat and cholesterol levels of quail eggs (Coturnix coturnix japonica). The materials used were 100 female quail Coturnix-coturnix japonica, quail commercial feed, commercial citronella oil. The design used...
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Semen Quality of Etawah Crossbreed Bucks Fed with Urea Moringa Molasses Multinutrient Block Supplemented with Native Grass Basal Feed

Nursyam Andi Syarifuddin, Muhammad Rizal, Muhammad Riyadhi, Anis Wahdi
Moringa leaves contain high and complete nutrients, so they can be used as a making block for multinutrient blocks to improve semen quality. This study aimed to evaluate the effect of using moringa leaf flour in a multinutrient block on the semen quality of Etawah crossbreed (EC) bucks fed by the native...
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The Effect of Addition Lempahong (Baccaurea lanceolata) Fruit Extract on pH, Organoleptic, and Antioxidants of the Making Yoghurt

Arif Ismanto, Lulu Khizanatusani, Muh. Ichsan Haris, Khoiru Indana, Ari Wibowo
Yogurt is a dairy product made through a bacterial fermentation process. The addition of lempahong fruit (Baccaurea lanceolata) which contains antioxidant compounds, is expected to add the unique taste of lempahong fruit and as a source of antioxidants as a functional processed animal product. This research...
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Analysis of Peranakan Etawah Goat Breed Production Efficiency in North Samarinda Sub-District

Surya Nur Rahmatullah, Rudi Saputro, Muhammad Erwan Suriaatmaja
The sustainability of meat supply has to support by animal production efficiency, understanding the technical efficiency of the Peranakan Etawah goat farming is essential. The current study assessed the technical efficiency of Peranakan Etawah goat production in the North Samarinda Sub-District. A purposive...
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The Impact of Pre-Slaughter and Slaughter Procedure on Animal Welfare and Behavior Changes in Cattle at Local Abattoir in Samarinda-Indonesia

Ari Wibowo, Fikri Ardhani, Apdila Safitri, Suhardi Suhardi, Via Inestika, Dinar Anindyasari, Khoiru Indana
The aim of this research was to address the impact of pre-slaughter handling and slaughtering process on animal welfare and changes of cattle behavior at local abattoir in Samarinda-Indonesia. To investigate the influence of pre-slaughter and slaughter procedures on stress levels and cattle behavioral...
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The Correlation and Relationship Between Diameter Increment and Climatic Elements in a Secondary Forest of Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, Malaysia

Karyati Karyati, Isa B. Ipor, Ismail Jusoh, Mohd. Effendi Wasli
Climatic elements play important roles in the growth of plants. The aims of this study were to determine correlation and relationship between plant growth and climatic elements (rainfall, rainy days, temperature, relative humidity, and solar radiation) in a secondary forest of Universiti Malaysia Sarawak...
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Implementation of Land Rehabilitation to Reduce Soil Erosion and Surface Runoff by Sengon (Falcataria moluccana) and Jabon (Antocephalus cadamba) Plantation

Sri Sarminah, Karyati, T. Hartono, F. Afandi
Land productivity and stability can be reduced due to damaged watershed systems and increased surface runoff and erosion in soil. Unsustainable land management is one of the factors affecting land degradation, most of the decreased quality of the land is caused by soil erosion. Implementations of land...
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Strategic Design for Sustainable Tourism Management on Pangempang Beach

Marlon Ivanhoe Aipassa, Sam Johan Emil, Erwiantono Erwiantono, Rochadi Kristiningrum, Yosep Ruslim
Strategic Design for Sustainable Tourism Management in Pangempang Beach. Pangempang Beach is an object and tourist attraction which is included in the category of developing areas and most of them have not been developed and managed professionally. The purpose of this study was to analyze land suitability,...
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The Potential of Residual Processing of Indonesian Marine and Coastal Areas as Biogas Energy

I Made Aditya Nugraha, I Gusti Made Ngurah Desnanjaya, Jhon Septin M Siregar, Lebrina Ivantry Boikh
Indonesia’s marine and fisheries products are enormous. This potential certainly results in the production of catch and cultivation, which is so large and indirectly affects the processing activities. The amount of processing activity seen from the existing potential of 6,181,997.48 tons per year is...