Proceedings of the International Conference on Transformations and Innovations in Management (ICTIM 2017)

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Research On Relationship Between Regional Corruption And Performance Of Listed Companies

Fan Yang, Haining Wu, Wenjie Yang
The research aims to test the relationship between the degree of corruption and the performance of listed companies. Based on listed companies' data before and after the implementation of the "eight bans" in 2005 and 2011, we will use the method of empirical research to analyze the impact of regional...
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Switching Factors In Mobile Service Providers: A Qualitative Study From An Arab Country

Kamel Rouibah
Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is the process by which a subscriber keeps his mobile phone number if he decides to switch between different mobile service providers (MSP). In this case, customers will not worry to inform their network of friends and family members that their number has changed every...
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An Assessment of SME's Export Competitiveness: A Case Of Kazakhstan

Aidana Zhaishylyk, Lifan Xu
The main aim of this study is to analyze factors, which affect SME's export competitiveness in Kazakhstan. In order to achieve the aim, the survey was conducted. The numbers of respondents were 40 SMEs, which is located particularly in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Moreover, in order to testify the relationship...
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Kazakhstan's Revealed Comparative Advantages in Agricultural Exports

Nurdana Zhaishylyk, Fang Sun
This paper evaluates the issue of revealed comparative advantages in the case of Kazakhstan's agricultural exports. The aim of this paper is to determine the changing pattern of comparative advantages of Kazakhstan's agricultural sector over period 2006-2016. Kazakhstan is a recent member of WTO. Therefore,...
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Comparing the Origins of External Default, Domestic Default and Banking Crisis

Chien-Jung Ting, Ching-Shu Wang
Purpose of this paper is to explore the origins of external default, domestic default and banking crisis. Using Random Forest (Breiman et al.,1984) to measure variable importance, we adopt the long-dated cross-country data on public debt developed by Reinhart and Rogoff (2009), which covers 66 countries...
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Analyzing the Relationship between Batch Sizing and Bullwhip Effect in Two-tier Supply Chain: A Case Study of Selected Pakistan Rice Firms

Shoaib Yousaf, Matloub Hussain
The purpose of this research is to investigate the bullwhip effect in two tier supply chain. Simulation has been used as a methodology to analyse the impact of batching on bullwhip in rice industry of Pakistan. Two cases of the rice industry have been chosen as a sample. The contribution of this research...
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Transmission and Distribution Industry Project Management Informationization

Yingying Yu, Chongming Zhu
Nowadays, there are thousands of transmission and distribution equipment production enterprise in the scale of electric power industry. Their products' homogeneity is serious. As China's economy is slowing, competition between enterprises has become increasingly fierce, the price of the products is cheaper,...
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The Macro-micro Factors Analysis on the Evaluation System of the Graduate Students' Education Service Trade

Jingwei Xu, Shikun Gong, Li Shen
The service trade of international education is a profound reflection of the strength of competitiveness a nation's education has. Since China's accession to WTO, domestic education industry gradually started to present itself to the service trading market. Education service trade has greatly evolved...
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Does Energy Subsidy Policy Affect Sustainable Energy Development?: Evidence From Indonesia Using Granger Causality Test on CO2 Emissions

Dede Supriatna Makbul, Yantao Wang, Janthima Rodkrajab, Satria Dijaya
This study was conducted to analyze the effect of energy subsidy on country's sustainable energy development by looking in depth at the statistical data on CO2 emissions in Indonesia. The method used in this study is Granger Causality Test and used series data from 1986-2014. Granger Causality Test showed...
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Does China Need to Abolish Family Planning Policy? - Analysis of Family Planning Policy and Two-child Policy

Yuanyuan Zhou, Yumin Lin
Family-planning policy in China has been implemented for more than 40 years. It has reliably reduced the size of the population, but inevitably it also brought a serious problem of population aging. In 2015, China introduced a new fertility policy "Two-child policy", which means each couple can have...
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The Dilemma of Direct Selling in China

Yuexin Miao
Direct selling has a history nearly 100 years, many scholars have given out their opinions about what is direct selling, but in fact the concept of direct selling is not clear. However, what is direct selling is not the question puzzled the people in China. In practical, the key issue is the ethical...
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Research on the Growth Mechanism of the Cruise Industry

Ling Sun, Huangming Xie, Hanwen Zhang, Wei Liu
The growth of the cruise industry refers to a process in which the cruise industry experiences its life cycle. The growth mechanism of the cruise industry can be divided into exogenous dynamic mechanism and the endogenous dynamic mechanism. In this paper, we build a simple cruise industry growth momentum...
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The Simulation Analysis of Cruise Route Planning

Ling Sun, Huangming Xie, Hanwen Zhang, Wei Liu
With the rise in popularity of the cruise market, several schemes and procedures are planned in order to cater for this advancement. Mainly, this paper demonstrates the principal approaches towards constructing plans for designing cruise routes. First and foremost, each port is ranked according to its...
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Bioeconomy and / or Biotechnology: Limited Improvements in Turkey

Irfan Kalayci, Ali Duran Uzun, Hatice Özkurt
Organic farming sector, on the way of sustainability and integration with bioeconomy, has some radical changes in the world. One of the causes for the emerging of bioeconomy is "self-sufficiency for food". Bioeconomy consists of bio-goods (energy, medicine, etc.) produced through existing and new technologies...
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Defense Investment and Reconstructioning Industry: Vision 2023 of Turkey

Ali Duran Uzun, Irfan Kalayci, Onur Demirci
Each country has to reserve a share optimum amount of defense investment from the budget. If a country's defense is inadequate, other investments will remain to be an inadequate level in the country. World military expenditure in 2016 totaled about $1.68 trillion, around 2.2 percent of world GDP. From...
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Research on the End-game Effect in the Implementation of Regional Economic Planning - An Empirical Study Based on Sub-provincial Cities

Zhan-Bing Huang, Ying Liu, Shan Wu
Is there end-game effect in the implementation of regional economic planning? According to the game theory, there is no difference between the final game and the one-time game when approaching the end of the game. The participant's non-cooperative behavior will not be punished, so the dominant strategy...
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The Impact of Brexit on Motor Industry in UK

Aimin Zhang, Ran An
The paper provides studies review on the effect of English economy after Brexit in June 2016 and an analysis of risks arising in the motor manufacturing industry under the effect of Brexit. The economy of UK is in general experiencing stable growth in the latest years, but from the perspective of trading,...
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Study on the Efficiency of Logistics Industry and Its Influencing Factors in The "core Area" of the Silk Road Economic Belt

Qinmei Wang, Yu Zhang
Using the DEA model from the overall efficiency, pure technical efficiency and scale efficiency of three aspects: the overall and points of provinces and autonomous regions, national evaluation of the silk road economic belt "core" (including the five northwestern provinces in China and the five central...
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The Impact of Public Health Expenditure on Economic Development - Evidence From Prefecture-level Panel Data of Shandong Province

Lin Li, Maoguo Wu, Zhenyu Wu
Public health expenditure is an indispensable part of social economy. The public has always paid close attention to public health expenditure. In order to study the quantitative relation between public health expenditure and social economic development, this paper investigates prefecture-level cities...
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Justice Enhances Commitment When Coupled With Empowerment

Dilawar Khan Durrani, Xiangyang Li, Julia Yalalova
This study explores the impact of organizational justice on employee commitment. It also analyzes the mediating role that psychological empowerment plays in the relationship between organizational justice and empowerment. The sample for this study consisted of 206 respondents from various service sector...
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Key Success Factors of International Joint Ventures Operating in China - A Sino-German Perspective

Tim Gewiss, Jonas Oestersporkmann
International Joint Ventures (IJVs) are one the main models of multinational firms entering foreign markets and China in particular. Despite benefiting from various advantages, many partnerships eventually fail. Accordingly, it is of great importance to study factors that determine success of IJVs. Substantial...
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Cross Cultural Online Shopping Consumer Behavior: Comparision of China and Turkey

Volkan Husnu Gurcan
In this paper we examine online shopping behavior of two developing countries, China and Turkey. Local cultures have strong effects on consumer behavior in online shopping. Thus examining the cultural effects and examining the differences between different cultures are crucial to propose international,...
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Effects of An Aging Population in Shaanxi Province on Consumption Structure

Dandan Li, Shan Wu
In recent years, the trend of the aging of the population is more and more obvious; an aging population has gradually become a problem that cannot be ignored. In view of the aging population in Shaanxi province, we study the influence of the consumption structure analysis on the aging population. At...
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A Comparative Study on Knowledge Transfer Between Turkish and Chinese in Manufacturing Industry

Murat Meta, Xiangdong Chen
In this paper, the concept of 'knowledge transfer' is restricted to the marketing, technological, and managerial knowledge between companies. The overall interaction between developing countries is investigated in terms of the knowledge transfer. We extract the factors of interaction between the companies...
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Does Financial Repression Promote Outward Foreign Direct Investment in China?

Wenping Hou
Using the time series data from 1982 to 2005, we conduct whether the financial repression is the motivation for outward foreign direct investment of China or not. The empirical result shows that the Chinese financial policies promote OFDI of China significantly and population dependency ratio does not....
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Analysis of Digital Marketing Strategies of Overseas Universities in China with University of the West of Scotland as An Example

Caiyong Zhuang, You Zhou, Fu Lin
The study abroad market in China has been made a great deal with the development of China's reform and opening-up, and more and more overseas universities have been joining the market. In the age of digital, how overseas universities interact with Chinese audiences effectively through the digital marketing...
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The Making Of Contemporary Australian Monetary Policy - Forward Or Backward Looking?

Ying Chen, Maoguo Wu
Monetary authorities rarely disclose their true reasons for their policy reactions. Tracing the policy reaction function to see if the monetary authority is using simple rules would offer profound insight into the past behavioral relationship between the monetary authority and economic agencies. A reasonable...
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Image Consumption of People Perceived As Leaders

Julita Majczyk
The purpose of this paper is to examine the way in which the press creates, sustains, and enhances a leader's legitimacy. The research subjects are not leaders considered as flesh-and-blood human beings, but rather the images of people perceived as leaders and their impact in the process of societal...
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The Analysis of Digital Marketing among SMEs in Chaozhou City

Caiyong Zhuang, Shanwei Lin, Fu Lin
With the growing importance of digital marketing among companies, it is essential for the companies, especially the SMEs, to take a proactive approach in utilizing the digital marketing channels. The purpose of this essay is to investigate SMEs' digital marketing usage in Chaozhou and to provide recommendations...
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The Necessity and Feasibility of Docking China's 'the Silk Road Economic Belt' with Russia's 'the Crossing-Eurasian Development Belt'

Haiping Xu, Ye Zhang
The Silk Road Economic Belt and the Crossing-Eurasian Development Belt are two strategies which are respectively put forward by China and Russia for the common development of Europe and Asia. As the strategies are both coincident as well as complementary, how to dock these two economic belts has become...
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Self-efficacy and Career Satisfaction: the Mediating Role of Work Effort

Julia Yalalova, Li Zhang
This study examines whether or not employees' willingness to exert high level of work effort mediates the correlation of self-efficacy and career satisfaction. Another intention is to find if there exist gender differences in self-efficacy, career satisfaction, and work effort. Data were collected from...
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Dao Intelligence and Dao Leader Well-being

Dilin Yao, Jun Chen
Chinese traditional philosophy can offer a rich source of insight for current leadership studies. The aim of this article is to discuss two main aspects of Dao philosophy, Dao intelligence and Dao leader well-being. The article makes two contributions to knowledge. First, it outlines a conceptual model...
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Dao Philosophy and Non-action Management

Dilin Yao, Jun Chen
Traditional Chinese philosophy can serve as a rich source of insight for management studies. The aim of this article is to discuss two main aspects of Dao philosophy, non-action management and non-action leadership. The article makes two contributions to knowledge. First, it outlines a conceptual model...
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A Survey Study in Vertical Cooperation of Chinese Fruit Supply Chain

Jun Chen, Chao Chen, Dilin Yao
Facing fierce global competition, Chinese fruit industry has to transfer its growth pattern from simple quantity expansion to quality upgrading. Vertical cooperation is one of the most helpful methods through this process. In this occasion, this paper aims to analyze the situation of vertical cooperation...
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Tail Dependence Analysis of Extreme Fog and Haze Weather Occurring in Beijing and Tianjin Based on Copula Function and EVT

Yubo Ma, Guangkuo Gao
In order to quantitatively verify that there is a strong correlation between the occurrence of extreme haze in Beijing and Tianjin. First, we estimated marginal distribution functions of the occurring of extreme fog and haze weather in two cities according to the POT model. Then, conditional probability...
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Analysis on the Comparative Advantage and Export Competitiveness of China's Fruit Products

Jun Chen, Chao Chen, Dilin Yao
China is the world's largest producer of fruits. The fruit industry occupies an important position in the national economy. Since 1993, fruit yield volume and orchard area of China have been ranking the first place in the world. The improvement of the export competition of China's fruit products still...
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The Development of Cross Border E-commerce

Feng Ding, Jiazhen Huo, Juliana Kucht Campos
Cross-border e-commerce is one type of international e-commerce similar to cross-border e-tailing. An increasing amount of people are shopping online across the borders, especially in China. By systematic review recent academic papers and research reports, the current situation of its development was...
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Building a Strong Customer-brand Relationship From CBBE

Liang Qiao, Hui Wang
As business competition gets more and fiercer, corporate competition accordingly escalates from parts to the whole. On top of it comes the brand competition, and plays a crucial role in the process. This article cited Olin's description and gives a detailed discussion on the elements of Keller's (1993)...
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Research on Diffusion of Wechat Based on Bass - BP Combination Model

Yaping Jiang
Wechat diffusion has the nonlinear variation characteristics and the law which can not effectively described by signal prediction algorithm. Therefore, this paper presents a Bass-BP diffusion model. Firstly, use the classical Bass model to preliminary forecast the Wechat's data, and then use the BP neural...
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Questing for Brand Authenticity of Luxury Products: Consumers' Goal-contingent Process as Self-image Conformation Online

Samuel Kwok, Kate Maguire, Gertrude Shotte
This paper draws attention to the question of brand authenticity of luxury products when consumers shopping online. Illustrations from most of the luxury brands show that marketers control the ways and timing of the marketing information dissemination process. Attributes of a luxury product, for example,...
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Research on Logistics Problems of Network Marketing for Fresh Agricultural Products Based on "INTERNET+"

Huan Wang
Nowadays, the network marketing of fresh agricultural products has become a new trend. But its logistics still shows many problems, mainly including unscientific logistics organization, low conjunction between network marketing platforms and logistics links, and lack of specialized third party logistics(TPL)...
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Research on the Influencing Factors of Excessive Consumption Online - Based on the Theory of Planned Behavior

Yanping Tao, Junyi Meng, Lu Huang
With the development of Internet economy, the excessive consumption in online shopping has gradually become a social problem. The existing research on excessive consumption is mainly from the irrational consumption, in fact, the excessive consumption in the specific form of expression, the influencing...
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Super-connected: How Techno Tourism Redesigns Our Lives Through Meaningful Travel

Rakshha Kumari Karna, Qiang Ye, Arodh Lal Karn
The techno-tourism life brings together insights about innovative tourism and examines how travel life is influenced when social network structure like "Facebook" enters the picture. The end result is a landmark analysis of digital socialization and the knock of the internet and digital media across...
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A Critique of the Impact of Consumer Dissatisfaction

Portia Opoku Boadi, Guoxin Li, Andrew Adjah Sai, Philip Antwi
Research into consumer satisfaction levels have gone far enough for several years now, however, much has not been done to reiterate how consumers will react and deal with their dissatisfaction and the effect it has on the companies. The main objective of this paper was to review literature that depicts...
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Study on the Characteristics and Mechanism of Ethnic Tourism Community Contradiction

Congyuan Li
In China, with the development of tourism in the resources of ethnic culture and natural landscape has achieved great results. With the development of tourism in ethnic regions, the issues about the stakeholders of the ethnic minority areas are more outstanding, some disputes take place in the ethnic...
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Factors Influencing Travelers' Acceptance of Mobile Marketing: Comparative Analysis of China and Kazakhstan

Liang Wang, Guoxin Li, Bolatov Adilzhan, Portia Opoku Boadi
The paper is aimed to examine factors affecting travelers' acceptance of mobile marketing in China and Kazakhstan. Based on technology acceptance theories we developed a conceptual model of antecedent factors and marketing-related mobile activity related to the acceptance of mobile marketing practice....
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Innovation Clusters in Petrochemical Industry in Asia-Pacific Zone

Natalia Victorovna Trifonova, Yana Yazepovna Klementovichus, Irina Leonidovna Borovskaya, Aleksandra Sergeevna Proshkina, Irina Samvelovna Vardanyan
The article examines the role of innovation clusters in petrochemical industry in Asia-Pacific Zone. According to Sapience Integra model, the key element of an innovation cluster is an intellectual result cluster functioning, including technologies, skills and competencies, as well as knowledge. The...
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Research on Competitive Advantages and Strategies of Port Enterprises in China

Hanwen Zhang, Wei Liu
After years of construction and development, China's port enterprises have made great progress, in terms of capital, technology and management, which are basically in the positive direction. This paper lists the status quo and problems of the development of port enterprises in China. Based on the current...
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Construction and Sustainable Development of the Cross-border E-commerce Economic Regions in China

Li Xiong, Yao Liang, Mingming Liu
The Cross-Border E-Commerce has attracted the attention of the community due to the fact that its development promoted the growth of global trade and the world regard it as the new engine of economic development and format of industrial transformation in the new period. In the research, the Yangtze River...
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Innovation Performance Research On China's New Generation Information Technology Industry in the Digital Economy Context

Yangyang Huang, Guangkuo Gao
Under the background of digital economy, China's new generation of information technology industry is developing rapidly. The main purpose of our study is to explore the influencing factors of innovation performance of this industry. From a microcosmic point of view, this paper takes domestic listed...
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The Mediating Role of Ethics in the Relationship Between Attitudes and Corruption

Marwah Zuhaira, Ye-Zhuang Tian, Zaid Mahmood
This research examines the roles of ethics in the relations between individual attitudes and corruption in Iraqi universities. Correlation analysis and linear regression are used to estimate the relations among individual attitudes, ethics, and corruption. Gleaned from 600 female and male workers, and...
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Understanding Individuals' Insecure Behavior: Factors Affecting the Decision to Refuse the Adoption, Use, or Expanded Use of Protective Information Technology

Piia Perälä, Tiina Koskelainen, Mikko Siponen
In recent years, the need for protecting Internet-connected devices has increased as the number of Internet-connected devices has risen in households. Despite the increased need, some individuals still refuse to run protective information technologies (PIT) for security on their Internet-connected devices....
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Critical Considerations for Organisation-specific Information Security Policy Development

Hanna Kinnunen
Organisations use information security policies (ISP) to guide the use of their information assets. Previous literature has presented ways to develop ISPs from suggested content to development methods; however, these approaches encounter problems when they are applied in organisations without adequate...
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Strategic Contents and Evolution of Online-offline Ecosystem in New Internet Economy: A Coopetition Context Perspective

Qiang Zhang, Yan Wang
New-generation information and communication technologies and concurring socioeconomic changes trigger the emergence of online-offline ecosystem as new way of organizing business. Treating business model as the gene of business ecosystem to cope with external technological and socioeconomic pressure,...
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Multilevel Study on Psychological Empowerment and Perception of Barriers to Innovation: the Moderating Influence of Collectivism Orientation and Job Formalization

Caihong Zhang, Weilin Li, Canqiu Zhong, Chunlin Liu
This research builds and tests a conceptual model on the process how psychological empowerment affects perception of barriers to innovation after synthesizing concerned theories. Based on statistical analysis to the survey data collected from south China, we find that, as anticipated, personal level...
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Smart Bed Design for Senior Citizens: A Quality Function Deployment Approach

Jiao Chen, Xiaosong Zheng, Jiehui Jiang
With the increasing number of senior citizens, the quality of their life arises more attention. Smart beds can be used as intelligent tools to easy their life. Besides, as the user-oriented care becomes more dominant recently in healthcare industry, especially for the elderly, Quality Function Deployment...
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Economics of Crowdfunding by What-if Analysis Approach

Ieva Astrauskaitė
Fund raising alternative, demand forming activity, information spreading and sharing instrument, strengthening the communities and expanding networks, a tool for socialization - these are the crowdfunding benefits to economics. However, the numerical values are missing in various researches due to the...
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Measurement Index of Synergistic Innovative Capability: An Empirical Investigation on the SMEs in Zhejiang Province

Jiasheng Sun, Dandan Cai
With the trend of win-win model and collaborative development, more and more SEMs tend to cooperate with large enterprises, suppliers, customers, competitors, government, research organizations and intermediary organizations. Under the context of open innovation, this paper builds the measurement indicators...
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The Spatial Distribution Characteristics of Enterprises in Beijing Chaoyang CBD

Hanming Gu, Yuegang Chen
Beijing Chaoyang CBD plays a pivotal role in Beijing becoming one of the economic operation and control centers in the Asia-Pacific region. By using SPSS analysis, spatial Gini coefficient, Kriging interpolation method and kernel density estimation, we analyse the spatial distribution characteristics...
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An Artificial Intelligence Application in Portfolio Management

Xiaoqiang Zhang, Ying Chen
Artificial intelligence (AI) aims to supplement and even substitute for practically all tasks currently performed by humans. Under the drive of external forces and technological advances, AI is used in various domains. Among these, AI applications in finance is facing a promising future. This paper reviews...
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Empirical Research on the Effectiveness of Momentum Strategies in Shanghai Stock Market

Zhenyu Zhao, Xiemin Liao
The effectiveness of momentum strategies and contrarian strategies is an important component to reflect market characteristics. This paper employs the market adjustment model, which segmentally examines the effectiveness of the momentum strategies of the Shanghai stock market from July 2014 to April...
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Profit Transferring of Multinational Enterprises in the Chinese Industry by Transfer Pricing

Yuqi Sun, Jingwen Li, Xiaosong Zheng
Decentralized enterprises, such as multinational enterprises (MNEs), adopt transfer prices to coordinate the strategies of the operating functional divisions and marketing divisions in a multinational environment. This paper analyzes the existence of profit transfer though transfer pricing among MNEs...
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Different Effects on Earnings Management of Four Kinds of Executive Power: An Empirical Study in China

Lingyun Wang, Julan Wang, Long Zhang, Enhua Hu
This paper takes an empirical study to examine and evaluate different effects on earnings management of four kinds of Executive power by taking the samples of 216 listed enterprises with equity incentive plan. Executive power was decomposed into four types: organization structure power, expert power,...
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Involvement of Management, Audit Committee and Earnings Quality

Chuan Zhang, Xiayan Huang
This paper exams how managerial power affect the governance effectiveness within the audit committee from the cases of A-share listed companies in 2013-2015. Studies show that the power erosion of the audit committee has a negative effect on the earnings quality of listed companies, while the management...
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A Test of "black Thursday Effect" of Chinese Stock Market

Guosong Wang, Pei Jia
As a kind of market anomaly shared by various national stock markets, week effect has important research value in EMH study, and "black Thursday effect" is a part of all the week effects. In this paper, Shanghai Stock index and Shenzhen A share index were analyzed to verify the existence of week effect....
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Empirical Analysis of Real Estate Financial Risk in Wenzhou

Wanhao Chang, Lichen Chou, Bin Hu
The risks of real estate finance are related to economic stability and financial development in a region. In Wenzhou real estate market, the falling house price and folk borrowing crash in recent years have increased the risks of real estate finance. Based on the data of Wenzhou statistical yearbook...
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A Brief Analysis on Dividend Puzzle Based on Behavioral Portfolio Theory

Guosong Wang, Keqi Zhang
Dividend puzzle is the phenomenon that private investors take dividends and capital gains as two things and like dividends more. This problem was once a difficult problem of behavioral finance. However, with continuous development of traditional financial theory, dividend puzzle explicated by related...
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Other Comprehensive Income and Earnings Management - An Empirical Analysis Based on Modified Jones Model

Feng Yin, Qiangling Zheng
Based on the revised Jones model, this paper studies the relationship between earnings management and other comprehensive income using the sample date of Chinese A-share listed companies in 2008-2015. It is found that the presentation of other comprehensive income can reduce the degree of earnings management...
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A Study on the Reduction of the Main Shareholding of the Growth Enterprise Market

Ling Qiao
The reduction of major shareholders of listed companies has always been the focus of the market, the important shareholders "clearance" reduction of the case is more common. As of today, the GEM in April 2016 to now, there are 479 listed companies, which have a significant reduction in the behavior of...
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A Study of Commercial Banks Interest Rate Risk Management under Interest Rates Liberalization

Yun Zhou, Xiaosong Zheng
Interest rate risk emerges with the development of interest rate marketization in China, which makes rate risk management become more and more important. Interest rate risk sensitive gap is one of the most useful management tool to assess and control interest rate risk. This paper uses interest rate...
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A Study on the Measurement of Systematic Risk in China's Securities Industry

Xiaojing Guo
This paper calculates the risk spillover effect of China's securities companies based on the GARCH CoVaR model, and makes an empirical analysis on the contribution of 10 listed securities companies to the systemic risk of the securities industry. The study shows that the size of the risk spillover %CoVaR...
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Research on Credit Risk Identification of Real Estate Industry in China's Commercial Banks

Yifan Huang
The core competitiveness of commercial banks is reflected in the ability of risk management, and the most important of all risk management is credit risk management. In addition, for commercial banks, real estate loans are a very important source of income, therefore, investment in real estate funds...
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Review of the Impact of Investor Sentimental Analysis on Stock Price

Liang Dong, Ming Li
The development of behavioral finance makes the relationship between investor sentiment and stock market becoming the research center of academic circles. On the basis of some literatures, it is important to explain the relationship between investor sentiment and stock returns, which is important to...
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Multiscale Cross Sample Entropy Analysis for China Stock Markets and International Crude Oil Price

Xudong Wang, Xiaofeng Hui
This paper presents multiscale cross sample entropy (MSCE) analysis for the synchrony relationship between China stock markets and international crude oil price. Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SSE, SZSE) Composite Indexes are used to represent China stock markets. WTI (West Texas Intermediate...
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The Research of Effects That Capital Structures Had on Operating Performance of Commercial Banks

Zhe Cui, Guohua Wang
Capital structure is directly related to the operating performance of commercial banks. Thus, the effect that a capital structure had on the operating performance draws the attention of the industry and academia. This paper used SPSS19.0 software, selected return on assets, non-performing loan ratio,...
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Relationship Between Equity Incentive and Corporate Performance in Listed Companies From the Empirical Point of View

Yinghui Bai, Guohua Wang
Equity incentive is an effective long-term incentive system to solve the principal-agent problems appeared in the middle of the twentieth Century, making managers able to participate in corporate decision-making with the identity of shareholders, share the profits and risks. Equity incentive promote...
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An Empirical Study about the Effects of "Business Tax Reformed to Vat" On Firms' Bargaining Power - Based on DID Model

Yanling Wang, Jiaxi Wang
This paper empirically examines whether the Business Tax reformed to VAT policy has an impact on the bargaining power of reformed industry firms based on DID Model by using the A-share companies listed in both Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange from 2010-2015. The bargaining power of...