Proceedings of the International Conference on Teacher Training and Education 2017 (ICTTE 2017)

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Classification and Characteristics of Historical Learning Media

Mr Aksa
Conventional learning is deemed less appropriate to the dynamics of the development of science and technology. In an effort to improve the learning process in accordance with the needs and development of the era, the function of learning media is very important to be utilized. Therefore, classifying...
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The Application of Mind Mapping Learning Model to Improve the Students' Learning Outcomes and Liveliness

Allan Saputro, Mr Basori, Cucuk Budiyanto
The objective of this research is to improve the students' learning outcomes and liveliness through the application of Mind Mapping model in learning web programming. The problems in this research are the existence of a class that still uses the conventional methods, and the value of the students' learning...
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Literacy Practice in Vocational Engineering Education: Is It Necessary? (A Case Study on the Concrete Construction Course)

Anis Rahmawati
Literacy skills, both reading, and writing are often regarded as something that is not so important for vocational students to pay attention. In fact, in today's rapid growth of industrial technology, workers are required to have adequate literacy skills that enable them to keep up with the developments....
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EFL Students' Difficulties and Needs in Essay Writing

A. Ariyanti, Rinda Fitriana
Having observed the writing class and EFL students' essays in previous semester, the researchers found that their essay were in poor quality. This situation portrays the fact that writing is a complex skill to learn in English language acquisition. This study is aimed to investigate the difficulties...
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The Relationship of Anxiety, School Burnout and Well-Being in High School Students

Ayu Andriyani, Amirah Himma, Siti Alizar, Zakki Amin, Mr Mulawarman
School as center of adolescent social life has an important role to help students to achieve well-being. But in fact, adolescence is often vulnerable to individual problems such as stress, anxiety, and self-destructive behavior. The current study examined the mediation effect of state and trait anxiety...
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Learning Needs Analysis of 3D Stereoscopic Textbook: An Empirical Study of Primary School Pupils and Teachers in Science Learning

Dede Permana, Mr Sarwanto, Peduk Rintayati
This study is descriptive and explorative research which is aimed to find out the needs of students and teachers against the textbooks based 3D stereoscopic images towards the implementation of science learning based on curriculum 2013 framework design by using thematic learning concept. Because the...
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Self Efficacy on Narrative Writing Ability of Primary School Student

Feby Inggriyani, Nurul Fazriyah
The purpose of this study is to obtain empirical data about the effect of self efficacy on the ability of writing narrative. The method used is survey with expost-facto technique. The study was conducted at Lengkong subdistrict Bandung city in fifth grade school year 2016/2017. Research sample at Pelita...
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Boostering Students' Life Skill through IT Based Project Learning

Dewi Wahyuni, Hasan Zainnuri
The Indonesia Qualification Framework (IQF) implicitly states that institutions serving undergraduate program should prepare students with life skill through their curriculum development. In the undergraduate program curriculum, hard skills and soft skills have to be given accordingly; hence, life skills...
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Empowering Students' Creativity in Creating Students' Worksheets Using Authentic Materials

Ellisa Handayani, Hasan Zainnuri, Moh. Salimi
This paper aims to describe the ability of students in creating and developing students' worksheets using authentic materials. Creating and developing students' worksheets are the final project of those joining English Language Teaching Materials Developments (ELTMDev) class in English Education Department...
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Developing Supplementary English Material based on Project Based Learning for Nursing Students of Medical Department of SMK Citra Semesta Indonesia Yogyakarta

Hikmah Pravitasari
The objectives of this research were: (1) to investigate the quality of the existing course book used in SMK CSI Yogyakarta, and (2) the development of the Supplementary Project book in SMK CSI Yogyakarta. This research was conducted at SMK Citra Semesta Indonesia (CSI) Yogyakarta in 2016. This research...
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Experiential Learning Approach to Teach Content Courses in an EFL Teacher Education Program

Ista Maharsi
This study explores the implementation of experiential learning approach in a four-credit Classroom Management course in an EFL teacher education program. There were 74 students participating in this study. The experiential learning cycle follows that of Kolb's theory which consists of concrete experience,...
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The Deployment of Scaffolding as a Strategy to Enhance Students' Reading Competence: A Case of Indonesian EFL Teachers

Lanjar Utami, Joko Nurkamto, Prof Gunarhadi
Scaffolding is a type of instructional strategy in socio-cognitive perspective. It can be used to support and foster students' reading competence in reading comprehension lesson. However, there were not many teachers deploying it in their classroom practices. This research explored the types of scaffolding...
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Self-Evaluation of Special Education Teacher Competence in Inclusive School in Indonesia

Munawir Yusuf, Erma Sari
This study aims to determine the competence of special education teacher (SET) in inclusive schools in Indonesia based on self-evaluation, including pedagogic, personality, professional, social, and special education competencies. This research is a survey research with quantitative approach involving...
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Local Knowledge in Non-formal Education: A Case Study in Historical Learning at SKB Sukoharjo

Ranulin Windarsari, Mr Djono, Mr Sunardi
Corruption, individualism, consumptive and westernized lifestyle have become a general perspective in Indonesian society. This happens due to the globalization influence that easily affects all aspects of community life. Therefore, the government seeks to prevent and improve the lifestyle through character...
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Classroom Interactional Competence of English Classes in Higher Education

Ms Soraya
English Students of higher education are expected to have mastery in the language as well as ability to think critically. However, the characteristic of EFL (English as a Foreign Language) classes shows that teacher tend to dominate the class. Thus, the research aims to discover the classroom interactional...
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The Role of Local Wisdom in the Malay Folklore Mempawah as Base of Character Education on Children in Primary School (Study Folklore in West Borneo)

Sri Kusnita, Sarwiji Suwandi, Muhammad Rohmadi, Nugraheni Wardani
This article analyses the describe the role of local wisdom which is contained in Malay folklore Mempawah in forming character education for children of elementary school. Local wisdom in society is very important because it shows customs, traditions, and cultural values which have rooted in society...
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Vocational Welding Excellence â€" Integration by Adopting AWS Level I and II Entry and Intermediate Level Welder Curriculum Guidelines and Welding Educator Certification under the American Welding Society Established Programs

Steven Snyder, Dina Septriana
Integration of vocational welding curriculum and increasing the skill levels of the welding instructors is essential for success in Indonesia. This paper reflects on the current-status and direction of welder training in Indonesia and establishment of the American Welding Society (AWS) Accredited Welder...
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Need Analysis in Development of Teaching Factory in Higher Education

Tri Murwaningsih, Subroto Rapih
Open Unemployment Rate (TPT) for undergraduate (S1) actually experienced a significant increase. Recorded Bachelors unemployment rate increased from 5.34 percent in February 2015 to 6.22 percent in February 2016. Thus a strategic step is needed to align the world of education and the world of work. One...
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Identifying and Analyzing the Relevance of Prospective Science Teachers' Inquiry Abilities and Peers' Concept Understanding in Microteaching Course

Dr Suciati, Riezky Probosari
Question is one of the media that can be used by science teachers to train inquiry students' abilities. Interaction between teacher and students through inducement questions can be known how extent of science teachers' inquiry abilities in the implementation of inquiry-based teaching. The purpose of...
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Identification of Academic Culture Dimensions in Entrepreneurship Learning at Universities in Central Java

Ms Susilaningsih, Prof Siswandari
This study aims to identify academic culture in entrepreneurship education. Therefore, its result can be used for improving entrepreneurial learning process at universities as to grow an entrepreneurial culture. In long-term, the growth of entrepreneurial culture among students is indirectly expected...
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The Development of Supplements Book in Geography Subject Studies for Senior High School Student

Syafrida Selfiardy, Mr Sarwono, Puguh Karyanto
Based on the need assassement (including instructional analysis and analyze learners and context),the supplement book of geography is necessary to be developed. This research was conducted in order to develop a supplement book for hydrosphere material that can be used as an educative learning tool for...
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Linguistic Features and Local Wisdom Content in EFL Student's Narrative Texts

T. Zein, T. Sinar, Ms Nurlela
This study is aimed to investigate linguistic features and local wisdom content in EFL students' narrative texts and its pedagogical implementation. This study employed qualitative content analysis method as the research design. Writing sheet was used as the instrument of the research. The data were...
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Effectiveness of Guided Inquiry Laboratory-Based Module and Indicator of Analytical Thinking Skills in the Matter of Respiratory System in Senior High School

Wahyu Mardoyo, Prof Sajidan, Mr Maridi
This research was purposed to knowing the effectiveness of module which is based on guided inquiry laboratory method in order to increase the analytic thinking skill toward respiration system matery of XI MIPA at Senior High School 2 Sragen. This research was used the research and development (R&D) method...
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Development of Mobile Learning Module Based on Student's Learning Style for a Mechanical Engineering Education Course

Wisnu Sasongko, Indah Widiastuti, Budi Harjanto
Recent advancements in the capabilities of mobile devices have led to an increased interest in leveraging them for learning, especially in the field of engineering education. Mobile learning has become great tool for delivering educational resources in which learners can not only access the module anytime...
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The Learning of Arts and Cultures in the Farm Field School for the Illegal Indonesian Migrant Workers' Children: A Case Study of from Community Learning Center (CLC) at Sabah, Malaysia

Slamet Subiyantoro, Tjahjo Prabowo
The objective of the study was to explain the status of school and cultural art learning materials presented to students of CLC (Comunity Learning Center) cultivation school. The location of the research was taken purposively at 3 (location) of learning that is CLC Belinin, Cli Serat Bangsa Kimanis and...
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Classroom Engagement and Mathematics Achievement of Senior and Junior High School Students

Mr Sunawan, Halen Dwistia, Kusnarto Kurniawan, Sri Hartati, Afriyadi Sofyan
The purpose of present study was intended to clarify the prediction of classroom engagement on mathematics achievement of senior and junior high school students. A correlational study design was applied with involving a total sample of 368 students (134 junior high school students and 234 senior high...
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Lecturers' Instructional Practice based on Students' Core Competencies Development: A Study Conducted at English Education Department

Mr Hadiyanto, Mr Syahrial, Akhmad Habibi, Nunung Fajaryani, Ms Masbirorotni, Ms Failasofah
This study examined the development of English Education students' core competencies based on lecturers' intsructional practice report. The core competencies in this research include two domain: soft skills and hard skills. Soft skills and hard skills are categorized into sub-domain. Self evaluation...
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Vocational High School in Indonesia Facing ASEAN Economic Community (AEC)

Riris Lawitta, Lasmita Sihaloho, Juli Arianti
The implementation of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), which has been started since December 2015, is expected to encourage the economic progress of ASEAN and each country to have a positive impact on the economic progress together. Indonesia is the country with the largest population in Southeast...
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Earthcomm-based Multimedia Learning of Geography in Improving Learning Motivation and Spatial Ability of the High School Students

Achmad Hidayaht, Mr Sarwono, Yasin Yusup
This research aimed to analyze the needs of EarthComm-based learning multimedia of geography, the effectiveness of the multimedia to improve students' motivation and spatial ability; and analyze the feasibility of multimedia utilization in two public high schools in Surakarta (MAN 2 and SMA MTA) by using...
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The Influence of Emotional Intelligence toward Life Satisfaction of Elementary School Teachers (Case Study in South Jakarta Region)

Adi Suprapto, Emny Yossy, Sasmoko, Yasinta Indrianti
Low teachers' welfare contributes to low quality of education in Indonesia. So naturally if teachers then do side jobs in order to meet the needs of everyday life. Problem of research how tendency of Life Satisfaction and Emotional Intelligence of elementary school teachers? Research was conducted in...
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Critical Thinking and Activity Capabilities in Collaborative Learning Using Digital Media through Lesson Study in Zoology Subjects

Agus Haryono, Mr Suatma, Shanty Savitri, Elga Araina
Vertebrate and animal development subjects are covered in Zoology courses in the University of Palangka Raya which is learned in third and fourth semester. These subjects differ in content. Vertebrate course covers animal structure, while animal development course is more about the process of development....
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The Effectiveness of the E-Module of Economics Learning on Problem-Based Learning used to Improve Students' Learning Outcomes

Ahmad Jaenudin, Prof Baedhowi, Tri Murwaningsih
The rapid development of technology and science brings influence on education. it requires planning in conducting learning process utilizing technology advances. One of the ways is the utilization of teaching media such e-module as electronic learning material that is practically used in learning process....
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The Use of Learning Media with MOODLE Approach to Improve the Quality of Education: A Literature Study

Andika Sari, Prof Baedhowi, Dyah Indrawati
This article aimed to find out whether using moodle approach as a learning medium can improve the quality of education. The method used in this research was literature study. The background of the research was the fact that the rapid development of technology has become a very useful and beneficial means...
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The Development of Constructivist-Based Economic Module to Improve the Students' Learning Outcome in Private Senior High Schools in Kupang City

Andri Loe, Prof Baedhowi
This research aimed to analyze the development of constructivist-based economic module and to analyze the effectiveness of constructivist-based economic module to improve the learning outcome of Private Senior High Schools in Kupang. This research and development employed Borg and Gall's with modification...
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The Integration of Samin Culture's Values in the Historical Learning

Ardian Putra, Mr Djono, Prof Sariyatun
Learning in history plays a very important role, learning is clearly seen not only as a process of transferring ideas, but also the maturation process of learners to understand the identity, identity and character of the nation through the understanding of historical events. Character education in schools...
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An Analysis of Students' Science Process Skills in Hydrolysis Subject Matter Using Testlet Instrument

Sri Yamtinah, Mohammad Masykuri, Mr Ashadi, Ari Shidiq
Science process skills could not be separated from the process of conceptual understanding in teaching-learning of science and applied science. The skills needed to be identified and discussed as skills which were implementable in many subjects. The assessment on students' skills was influenced not only...
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Moral Value or Character in Fantasy Story

Atikah Anindyarini, Fathur Rokhman, Mimi Mulyani, Prof Andayani
This research aimed to find theme, moral value, and character of ten fantasy stories existing in MELARIN fantasy story collection book published by Mayaza Publishing in 2016. The research method employed was qualitative descriptive one. This method was selected because this study attempted to find and...
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Cognition Regulation of Biology Education Students

Bowo Sugiharto, Aloysius Corebima, Herawati Susilo, Mr Ibrohim
Regulation of cognition is a part of metacognition serving as a basic construction of such cognitive skills in controlling learning process as planning, information management strategies, monitoring, debugging strategies, and evaluating. This explorative survey research aimed at comparing the five component...
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Implementation of Problem Solving with Concept Map to Improve Critical Thinking Skills and Chemistry Learning Achievement

Budi Utami, Sulistyo Saputro, Mr Ashadi, Mohammad Masykuri, Alimin Sutanto
This study aims to improve: (1) student achievement on chemical equilibrium material through the implementation of Problem Solving learning model with concept map, (2) students' critical thinking skills on chemical equilibrium with Problem Solving and concept map. This research is an Action Research...
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Utilization of Geopark Medium for Resource Based Learning in Social Science to Improve Motivation and Learning Activity of Junior High School Students

Dadang Harimbo, Yunastiti Purwaningsih, Dewi Wardani
Resource-Based Learning approach by utilizing geopark medium in Grade VII of State Junior High School in Bulukerto Subdistrict make students more active, easy to understand the material presented by the teacher and motivate the students to not experience the saturation of learning. Geopark medium is...
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The Implementation of Two-tier Multiple Choice (TTMC) to Analyse Students' Conceptual Understanding Profile on Heat and Temperature

Mr Sukarmin, Ms Suparmi, Dewi Ratnasari
Conceptual understanding and physics learning process are related to each other. Conceptual understanding makes students able to transform knowledge into multiple representations and application in daily life. The aim of this research is to analyse students' conceptual understanding of heat and temperature...
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Scientific Approach Based for Problem-Based Learning of Marketing Subject to Improve Vocational Students' Critical Thinking Skill

Dewi Sari, Soetarno Joyoatmojo, Dewi Wardani
Students' learning effectiveness is influenced by learning environment consisting of learning model and approach. Vocational school learning in Surakarta is problematic since it is teacher-centered. The teacher teach the students by using conventional method so that the student tend to be passive especially...
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The Strengthening of Students' Empathy through Living History

Dewicca Nadilla, Prof Sariyatun, Mr Sunardi
History education in the curriculum of 2013 has a dominant role to shape the character of the nation. One of the roles of learning history is to awaken and maintain the spirit of nationalism that can be achieved by understanding the past in the context of the present. Therefore, it takes a model of historical...
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Development of Craft and Entrepreneurship Module for Green Economy

Dwi Arifianti, Wiedy Murtini, Tri Murwaningsih
This study aims to: (1) knowing the needs analysis in the development of module based craft and entrepreneurial of green economy, (2) Examine the appropriateness of modules craft and entrepreneurial based on green economy, (3) Analyze the effectiveness of the module craft and entrepreneurial on green...
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E-Book for Problem Based Learning to Improve Learning Outcome of the Students

Dwi Astuti, Prof Siswandari, Djoko Santosa
The rapid development of science and technology results in the change in all of life sectors, including education domain. The change of education domain occurs in learning media use in which electronic book (called e-book) starts to develop today replacing previous book used manually. The objective of...
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Socio-Cultural Values of Selimbur Caye Oral Tradition in Pasemah Ethnic Bengkulu

Een Syaputra, Prof Sariyatun, Mr Sunardi
This article aimed to: 1) describe the content and meaning of Selimbur Caye oral tradition; 2) analyze the socio-cultural values of Selimbur Caye oral tradition. This research used qualitative descriptive method. Data collection was conducted using in-depth interview, participatory observation, and documentation....
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Learning from Problems: Ideas for Pancasila Education Course Design

Eko Meinarno, Airin Saleh
This article is a narrative description of the ideal concept of teaching and learning Pancasila Education Course for undergraduate students. The conceptualization of this concept is made to answer the situation of the current social life in the society, which is no longer in harmony with the values of...
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The Analysis of Generic Science Skills of High School Students

Elok Khabibah, Mohammad Masykuri, Mr Maridi
The success of increasing students' understanding in science can be measured by the students' basic ability while they are in the learning process. This basic ability is known as generic science skills. Generic science skills are the combination between science knowledge and skills. The purpose of this...
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Virtual E-Learning Media to Improve Vocational School Students' Learning Outcome

Fanni Rahmawati, Prof Baedhowi, Lukman Hakim
The aim of this article is to know whether the use of virtual e-learning media can improve vocational school students' learning outcome. This article is written by reviewing relevant literature. The problem faced in teaching vocational school students is the use of traditional method in which the teacher...
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The Needs of Interactive Electronic School Books to Enhance the Critical Thinking Skills of the Students

Febriana Pradana, Agus Suyatna
Physics electronic school books (BSEF) that are currently used in the schools are static and have not optimized its digital format. The purpose of this research is to produce a dynamic and interactive BSEF design that can be used for self-study, designed with scientific approach, and can foster students'...
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Structural Relationships between Technological Knowledge, Content Knowledge and Pedagogical Knowledge

Feri Setyowibowo, M. Sabandi, Mr Sunarto
The relationships between technological knowledge (TK), content knowledge (CK) and pedagogical knowledge (PK) are still considered inconsistent and are still debated among the learning experts. The current research aims to examine the empirical structure in the relationships between Technological Knowledge,...
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The Effect of Thematic Progression Pattern Toward Students' Writing Expository Paragraph

Fitri Nurdianingsih, Yuniarta Purnama
Writing is a complex skill to be mastered by the university students. This skill involves not only cognitive aspect but also affective aspect such as emotions, apprehension, and motivation. The objective of this research was to find out whether there is a significant different between the students' writing...
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Active Learning as a Key to Students' Success: An Overview from Students and Lecturers' Perception

Gita Hati, Rudi Afriazi
Over the past decades, the education paradigm in Indonesia has been shifting from the teacher-centered to the student-centered learning, including in higher education institutions. In student-centered learning (SCL), students are expected to be independent, active, as well as to be responsible for their...
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Investigating Students Creativity Based on Gender by Applying Virtual Laboratory to Physics Instruction

Mr Gunawan, Ni Suranti, Nina Nisrina, Ria Ekasari, Lovy Herayanti
Creativity is one of important goals of education. Students' creativity can be enhanced in information technology-assisted classroom. This study investigated the increase of students' creativity as they follow virtual laboratory-aided physics classroom sessions. The research was conducted towards three...
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Using Online Peer Review through Discussion via Schoology to Enhance College Students' Proficiency in Argumentative Writing: A Case Study

Hasan Zainnuri, Dewi Cahyaningrum
Due to its difficulties, many students find that writing is challenging and many teachers struggle to find effective methods to teach the skill. The primary aim of this study is to review the use of Schoology, a Learning Management System (LMS) with its peer review and discussion feature to enhance the...
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Can Interactive Learning Improve Learning Experience? A Systematic Review of the Literature

Henrica Lukita, Yudianto Sujana, Cucuk Budiyanto
Interactive learning is a method that encourages students to be active in learning and able to interact with others. The term interactive learning, however, has been associated with the independent learning using computer technology. Interactive learning is used for many benefits in the learning process....
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Profile of Elementary School Pre-Service Teacher Based on High Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) on Natural Science Subject

Idham Atmojo, Prof Sajidan, Widha Sunarno, Mr Ashadi
Scientific inquiry and project-based learning can foster the ability to think, work, and be scientific and communicate it as an important aspect of Life Skills. Science learning emphasizes the provision of direct learning experience through the use and development of process skills and scientific attitudes,...
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Effectiveness of Project Based Learning on Empowerment Critical Thinking Skill toward Preservice Teacher on Primary Teacher Education Program

Kartika Suryandari, Prof Sajidan, Sentot Budi, Zuhdan Kun
The aims of the research to empirically test of empowerment critical thinking skills toward preservice teacher through Project Based Learning (PjBL) in Primary Teacher Education Programs. The research was done by quasi experimental (Research Based Learning) and comparison (traditional instruction) groups....
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An Activity using a Personal Blog as Reflective Learning among University Students in Academic Writing Course

Khotimah Mahmudah, Nur Drajati
A blog has long been used in the field of education in which it is still a blog designed for certain groups and purposes. While the use of students' personal blog is still rarely used. In responding to the case, a teacher has several creative ways to deliver academic writing materials to the students....
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Learning Local History in Pekalongan to Increase Solidarity of Vocational High School Students

Lidya Jayanti, Mr Sunardi, Nunuk Suryani
Local history has role in building of student's solidarity. The solidarity focuses on the relationship among people in group and becomes the basic of life bounding with moral values and belief. Patriotic values in local history will be eternal if are applied in daily life so that can give the respond...
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The Peculiarity of E-Learning XHTML Editor (EXE) Based on Attention, Relevance, Confidence, Satisfaction (ARCS) to Improve the Students' Learning Motivation of Vocational High School

Luthfi Aini, Prof Siswandari, Hery Sawiji
The modern advancement of technology has changed the way people live, the way people communicate, and the way people learn. Moreover, the technology appearing in the field of education, especially for Vocational High School students in using technology as a medium of learning to improve student learning...
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Development of Two-Tier Multiple Choice Question Assessment Instruments for Measuring Science Process Skills Global Warming

Mirrah Singamurti, Sri Yamtinah, Suryadi Utomo, Mr Ashadi
Psychomotor has many indicators, psychomotor indicators owned among students vary so that there needs to be improvements associated with psychomotor students. Psychomotor indicators have in common with the indicators contained in the ability of the science process skills, so that each student can improve...
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The Development of Lesson Study in History for Social Science Learning in Elementary School

Muhamad Chamdani, Mr Wahyudi
This study was a research and development of historical material of social science learning with lesson study model. The data sources of research were students, peer, teacher, and authors. The data was collected through observation, questionnaire, and written test. The objectives of research were: (1)...
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Learning History through Historical Movies: Bringing Living History into Classroom

Muhammad Azmi
Learning history would be done in various ways. In traditional learning, history learned by reading a book or hearing a story about the past or simulate the past with role-playing. In the digital era, history learned by the student with digital forms, such as multimedia learning, mobile learning and...
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Models of Teaching English Using Curriculum 2013 for High School Students

Dr Ngadiso, Teguh Sarosa
Based on Permendikbud 65/2013, the main activity of teaching and learning process using curriculum 13 uses models, methods, media, and learning resources which are appropriate with the characteristics of the students and the subject matter. The choice of approaches whether the teacher will use thematic,...
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Historical Comics' Development of Babad Wirasaba to Improve Senior High School Students' Historical Awareness in Purbalingga

Handika Aji, Nunuk Suryani, Mr Warto
The purpose of this research is (1) analyzing the level of awareness of the history of the students and the use of learning media history at SMA Purbalingga, (2) Develop media comics history Chronicle Wirasaba (3) to evaluate the effectiveness of the use of the history of the Chronicle Wirasaba comic...
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Improving Foreign Language Learning by the Mean of Learning Management System: Review of the Literature

Putri Wulandari, Cucuk Budiyanto
Due to the advancement in web technologies, learning management systems are becoming involved in various fields of distance education. The computer-facilitated teaching and learning have been enticed audiences for various advantages offered by the management systems. This paper reviews the need for computer-aided...
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Tracing the Development of Student's Argumentation in Science Classroom: Knowledge Acquisition and Motivation

Riezky Probosari, Fatma Widyastuti, Prof Sajidan, Mr Suranto, Baskoro Prayitno
This empirical study on 4th- semester students' argumentation performance in biology education program is reported. This research aims to find out how was the students constructing and building their own argument in many scientific cases, the way they reform knowledge and maintain their motivation related...
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The Effect of Problem Based Learning (PBL) Model and Jigsaw Type of Cooperative Learning Model with Prezi Aid on the Students' Learning Outcome

Sahat Renol, Soetarno Joyoatmojo, Mintasih Indriayu
PBL model and jigsaw type of cooperative learning model with prezi aid are two learning models that can increase the students' ability in solving problem, improving students' activeness, improving the students' ability in technology use and improving the learning outcome. This research aims to find out...
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Child-Friendly Educative Game Tools (APE) in 3Ps Perspectives

Mr Senowarsito, Siti Musarokah
The consciousness and unconsciousness violence against children in learning process are still found in almost schools in Indonesia. They still place pupils as the object of teaching without paying much on how to fulfill student's needs, the need of getting knowledge, comfortableness, protection, and...
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Need Analysis on Developing Teaching Instruments of Mathematics for Senior High School

Septiana Wijayanti, Joko Sungkono
This study aims to analyze the needs of developing teaching instruments of geometry, especially in solid figure, by using creative problem solving (CPS) with somatic, auditory, visual, and intelligence (SAVI) based. This is qualitative study. The subject in this study is the students of Class XII in...
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Learning Model of Attention, Relevance, Confidence, Satisfaction (ARCS) Supported by Video Tutorial to Improve the Students' Learning Motivation in Vocational High School

Sigit Wahyudi, Soetarno Joyoatmojo, Hery Sawiji
This research is based on the low motivation of learners in Vocational High School. Students are not common to play an active role in learning so that it makes them feel bored. Therefore, the teacher tries to use ARCS supported with video tutorial as a learning medium in order to create an interesting...
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Development of E-Book-Based Discovery Learning to Improve Motivation and Learning Outcomes on Accounting Education University of Flores East Nusa Tenggara

Sofia Bau, Mr Sunardi, Mr Sudiyanto
This study aimed to develop e-book based Discovery Learning and improve motivation & learning outcomes of accessible offline e-Book through windows or android smartphone. This research was conducted for the second semester students of Economics Education Study Program especially in learning accounting...
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The Application of STAD Cooperative Learning Using Picture as the Media to Improve Students' Learning Outcomes and Motivation in Learning Social Science

Sri Handayani, Yunastiti Purwaningsih, Wiedy Murtini
This research aimed to describe the effect of the STAD type of cooperative learning model application on learning motivation and outcome of Social Science in the in the 9th graders of MTs Negeri Sragen. This study was a Classroom Action Research (CAR) conducted in three cycles. Each cycle consisted of...
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SEEFESR Learning Model as an Approach to Improve Quality of Learning

Sri Sumarni
SEEFESR (see, find, explain, share, and record) is a learning method which has the following steps: gathering information, finding answers in pairs, explain the answers to each other in pair, presenting the answers of each pairs before the class, and repeating the explanation by recording it in audio...
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Integration of Acculturation Values of Masjid Sulaiman Banyumas in History Learning

Suci Rahayu, Prof Sariyatun, Leo Sutimin
The Great Mosque of Nur Sulaiman is one of the historical sites in Banyumas, built in 1755 by the Regent of Banyumas, R.T. Yudonegoro III. This research elucidates indigenous values of Nur Sulaiman Great Mosque. The indigenous values of the architecture were analyzed with literature study involved collecting...
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Use of Android Media in Indonesian Language Skills Learning

Mr Suhartono
The purposes of this study are to describe the use of android media in learning and to improve the quality of learning Indonesian language skills of student teachers of primary education through the use of android media. The research method of the study uses action research design. The subjects of this...
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The Effectiveness of Project Based Learning Method In Local History Learning Using The Document-Archive of Bima Sultanate in 1930-1950 to Improve Source Critical Ability of Students

Ms Sumiyati, Prof Sariyatun, Leo Sutimin
This study aims to find out the effectiveness of the implementation of Project Based Learning (PBL) in local history learning by using document-archive of Bima Sultanate as an effort to improve source critical ability of students. From the research, it was revealed that Project Based Learning is strongly...
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Multicultural Approach in Learning as the Attempt of Reinforcing Indonesian Diversity in Elementary School

Ms Suswandari
These days, the dynamics of social interaction in Indonesia is affected by various issues that are threatening the diversity of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia (NKRI). This study aims to describe the multicultural approach in learning in elementary school as an effort to strengthen the student's values...
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Education for Agrarian Resource Management Through Agrarian Citizenship Movement in Rural Areas

Triana Rejekiningsih, Dr Triyanto, Itok Kurniawan
In countries with agrarian potentials such as Indonesia, the villages play a very strategic role in agrarian resource management. The villages with agrarian potentials, however, are currently unable to manage agrarian resources particularly land, and they tend to rely on the policies of supra-village...
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The Development of Public Relations and E-Book Protocol Based on Active Learning Approach to Improve Learning Motivation and Outcome of Vocational Middle School Students

Umar Suyanto, Asri Riani, Tri Murwaningsih
The objective of research was to develop E-book media based on active learning approach that can be accessed offline through Windows or Android Smartphone, to improve the students' learning motivation and outcome in Public Relations and Protocols learning in Vocational Middle Schools (thereafter called...
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Comparison Students' Reasoning Skills between 'Numbered Head Together' and 'Think Pair Share' Based on Portfolio

Via Yustitia
Student reasoning skills for students are very significant to develop in solving the mathematics problem. Several ways to improve the ability of Mathematics reasoning is through NHT and TPS. The purposes of this study were to find out the average competence of student's reasoning skills between the Numbered...
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The Development of Realistic Mathematics Education (RME) for Primary Schools' Prospective Teachers

Mr Wahyudi, Mr Joharman, Mr Ngatman
This research mainly focuses on: (1) the development of Realistic Mathematics Education (RME), (2) improving the effectiveness of Mathematics learning with the application of RME, and (3) constraints and solutions in the implementation of RME for primary schools prospective teachers. This research was...
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PBL Implementation In History Study Groups Integrated With Javanese Culture

Winahyu Yuniyati, Leo Sutimin, Mr Warto
Javanese culture are a way of living that will always evolve, this culture belongs to the people of Java and will be passed down to the next generation. The high schoolers often forgot the adiluhung of Javanese culture, so there need to be a lesson on the way to solve problems, in school. The goal of...
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Boosting Indonesian Students' Character with Imaginative Literature

Wiwin Widyawati
Literature, especially imaginative ones has a purpose to amuse and move the feeling of the readers. More than that, actually imaginative literature also has the potentiality to keep and develop human characteristics. In this globalization era, many students need guidance in developing their motivation...
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The Effect of Learning Method on Economic Learning Outcome of High School Students in Bima

Mr Yendi, Djoko Santoso, Tri Murwaningsih
This research aimed to determine the effect of teaching method toward learning result of students in Economics class XI social Sciences at SMA Negeri 2 Wera and SMA Negeri 3 Wera distric Bima Nusa Tenggara Barat. The method used in this study, using descriptive quantitative. The method used in this study,...
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The Design of Children Educational Game Interface: Review of the Literature

Yope Anugerah, Cucuk Budiyanto
Alongside the development of graphical resolution of computer displays, computer games become a prominent media for educational and recreational purposes. The visual in video games is believed to have a major role in learning, as the learning happens with visual description. Although computer games have...
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Old Literature Learning Strengthens the Character of Prospective Teachers (Needs Assessment Analysis)

Yosi Wulandari, Wachid Purwanto
Based on the achievement of graduate learning formulated by the Association of Indonesian Language and Literature Studies Program, the old literature course is one of the subjects that need to be mastered as an Indonesian teacher candidate. In addition, the nawacita that the government wants to realize...
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The Development of Kaiwa Lesson Book with the Content of Indonesian Culture to Improve the Speaking Skill in Japanese Language

Lispridona Diner, Dyah Prasetiani
The background of the development research is the presence of potentials and problems. The potential is that the lesson book of kaiwa (conversation) used today is in the content of Japanese culture. However, many students have no chance to travel to Japan so that they cannot imagine the location and...
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Comparative Study between Robomind and Scratch as Programming Assistance Tool in Improving Understanding of The Basic Programming Concepts

M. Faisal, Rosihan Yuana, Mr Basori
Dull learning, not prioritizing to the learning experience and process that is a teacher-centered learning becomes an obstacle in process of learning. The use of Programming Assistance Tool (PAT) can be a solution to overcome the obstacle. By using PAT, a teacher can create fun activities in the learning...
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Teaching National Language Based on Local Language: Contrastive Linguistics Approach

Pujiati Suyata, Triwati Rahayu, Roni Sulistiyono
This study was aimed at: (1) analyzing of the contrast between the national language and the local language using contrastive linguistics approach (2) facilitating the beginning learner with different local language in learning the national language in order to improve their language mastery. The research...
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Evaluation of Teachers' Performance Based on Group of Age in Implementing Learning Process in Central Kalimantan

Joni Bungai, Indra Perdana
The quality learning process can not be separated from the role of teachers as an educator. The Older teachers can be seen with their commitment to students. Younger teachers usually cultivate students' curiosity and interest in learning. Teachers recognize and try to fulfill their responsibilities to...
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The Initial Managerial Competence of Teachers Nominated as School Principal Candidates and the Response of Educational Authorities to the Policy of Principal Preparation Program

Ratna Juwita, Ady Saefudin
Peraturan Menteri Pendidikan Nasional/Permendiknas (Regulation of the Minister of National Education) Number 13 Year 2007 states that managerial competence is one out of five mandatory competencies that must be possessed by school principals. Teachers are not required to posses this competence, but as...
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Ethnic Identity and Other-group orientation on Javanese and Chinese Students

Zakki Amin, Mungin Wibowo, Lobby Loekmono, Sigit Hariyadi, Binti Isrofin
Ethnic identity is an important component of the self-concept, which contributes to the formation of attitudes toward other groups. The current study focuses on Javanese and Chinese as two ethnic groups who are majority and minorities in Indonesia, purpose to investigate the direct and indirect effect...
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Teachers' Competence in Creating Classroom Action Research (CAR) Proposal

Ikhsan Latif, Dewi Sari, Mr Riyadi
Reflection of the learning process is evaluation activities undertaken by a teacher to determine the deficiencies and weaknesses of learning activities that have been done. One effort to overcome these deficiencies and weaknesses is to do Classroom Action Research (CAR). CAR can improve the quality of...
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The Optimization of Teacher Competencies to Improve Education Service Using Teacher Collaborations Model

Ms Rokhmaniyah
This article describes the results of research aims to: (1) explain the steps of applying teacher collaboration model to improve education service in elementary school (2) to optimize teacher professional competence through teacher collaboration model. This research is a action research. The action is...
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The Environmental Awareness Profile of Elementary School Pre-Services Teacher

Siti Patonah, Sentot Rahardjo, Mr Cari, Prof Sajidan
Damage to the environment around us is increasing. The role of education is very strategic to make improvements, especially early education. Prospective elementary teachers as an educator at a low level should be able to carry out this role effectively. The purpose of this study was to level of knowledge...
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A Content Analysis of Bright 1: A 2013 Curriculum-Based Textbook for VII Grade Students

Ari Purwani, Dewi Rochsantiningsih, Diah Kristina
A content analysis of 'BRIGHT 1' English textbook is a research on the way a 2013 curriculum-based textbook is presented. This study reports on a content analysis investigating whether 'BRIGHT 1' for year VII students meets the characteristics of a good English textbook and reflects the 2013 curriculum....
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Holistic Thematic Learning in the Elementary School: Is It Thematic and Holistic?

Nurul Ain
The purpose of this study is to describe the holistic thematic learning at elementary school in the implementation of Curriculum 2013 in Indonesia: ie to know wether the learning is thematic and holistic. The research method used is descriptive qualitative. Data were collected through documentation,...
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Teachers' Perceptions Towards Digital-Based Teaching Material

Ayu Sari, Nunuk Suryani, Dewi Rochsantiningsih, Mr Suharno
The aims of this study are (1) to describe the English teachers' technical readiness towards digital-based teaching materials, (2) to describe the English teacher's attitude towards digital-based teaching material, (3) to describe the English teachers' obstacles towards the development of digital-based...