Proceedings of the International Conference on Teacher Training and Education 2017 (ICTTE 2017)

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The Dilemma of Reading, Writing, and Counting in Early Childhood Education: A Qualitative Descriptive Study

Hana Pertiwi, Yudianto Sujana, Rahma Pudyaningtyas
Playing with children can optimize child development, provide life experience and is the fundamental right of children, however, pencil and paper have become a regular activity for children in this era. Although many studies have concluded that learning to read, write and count is not necessary for early...
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Declarative Sentence Spectrograph Produced by Children with Autism

Ika Septiana, Bambang Yulianto, Kisyani Laksono
The purpose of this paper is to describe the concept of Indonesian toward autistic children. Everyone can produce a language sound. It can also be done by autistic children. Autistic children are special kids. Those children have special ability. Even though they are special, but their speaking ability...
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Primary school students' barriers on learning Javanese Language: a case study in Central Java, Indonesia

Linda Nurmasari, Slamet Subiyantoro, Siti Fadhilah
Teachers in primary school expressed concern about students' lack of understanding of Javanese language, especially in the use of Javanese language levels. Although Javanese language is their mother tongue, students did not have many opportunities to learn Javanese language well. This study aims to describe...
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Learning Model of Multicultural Harmonization in Tolerance of Eleventh Grade in SMA Muhammadiyah 10 Surabaya

Muhammad Muharror
Differentiation in nationality is necessity because the awareness of national identity forms a similarity of taste and fate. Multicultural harmonization and mutually reinforcing one with the other effect on the common are good and the strength of thenation. Tolerance is the cornerstone of a plural society....
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The Role of Peer Group, Parental Involvement and Classroom Climate on Students' Achievement

Mr Sasmoko, Hardijanto Saroso, Ms Lasmy, Yasinta Indrianti, Aqeel Khan
The development of students is often marked by the success of achieving student achievement in school. The achievement is often used as one of the benchmarks of the success and performance of a school. However, it is possible that on the other hand the development of students is also influenced by family...
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Euphemism, Orthophemism, and Dysphemism in the Translation of Sexual Languages

Sulistini Putranti, M. R. Nababan, Sri Tarjana
This paper analyses the translation of sexual languages from an English novel into Indonesian. The term euphemism comes with orthophemism and dysphemism which mean sweet talking, straight talking and speaking offensively. While euphemism is used to manipulate taboos, impoliteness and profanity, dysphemism...
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Toward Successful Career Of Vocational Education Students Through Improving Business Communication Skills

Mr Suroto, Ms Susilaningsih, Ms Harini
Global competition in the field of employment encourages educational institutions, i.e. schools, to improve the skills of their graduates. There are some skills required in the work place, known as transferable skills, which help students to win the competition in developing their career. One of these...
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Teachers' Voices: Solutions to Various Problems in Schools

Wachid Purwanto, Yosi Wulandari
This opinion aims to describe the solution to the problems faced by teachers in schools. The subject of this opinion is the opinion articles of the teachers in the rubric Untukmu Guruku, Radar Semarang online edition of May-June 2017 which contains fifteen opinion articles. The results of this opinion...
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Analysis of Student Empowerment Role in forming Student Wellbeing

Yasinta Indrianti, Sasmoko, Emny Yossy, Adi Suprapto, Hendry Hartono
Creating classroom conditions to the degree of realization of student wellbeing is the most important thing for educational institutions because it is closely related to the outcome both academically and non-academically. Therefore it takes various efforts so that students can feel wellbeing. One of...
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The Implementation of Testlet Assessment Instrument in Solubility and Solubility Product Material for Measuring Students’ Generic Science Skills

Ika Ratna, Sri Yamtinah, Mr Ashadi, Mohammad Masykuri, Ari Shidiq
Science generic skills cannot be separated from conceptual learning. In order to measure the science generic skills that had by student, it is needed the assessment instrument that easily used and appropriately to measure science generic skills. The aim of this study is to measure students’ science generic...