Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Wireless Communication and Sensor Networks (WCSN 2016)

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High-Precision Synchronized Pulse Generation for Mobile Multistatic Radar System

Li-Chen Zhu, Chen-Ning Zhao, Qing-Zi Guo, Xiang-Yuan Bu
In order to settle the problem of time and frequency synchronization of Mobile Multistatic Radar System (MMSRS), an algorithm that combines pseudo-noise (PN) code ranging and dynamic fine phase shift capability of Digital Clock Manager (DCM) module in FPGA is proposed to realize accurate synchronized...

Discrete Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithms for the Prize-Collecting Call Control Problem on Lines

Qian-Na Cui, Xing Wu, Qiao-Yan Zhu
In this paper,we propose two discrete particle swarm optimization algorithms to solve a prize-collecting call control problem on lines based on the classical particle swarm optimization algorithm. The two algorithms combine simulated annealing and genetical methods with particle swarm optimization respectively....

Development of Micro Fiber Edge Detection System Based on Grey System Theory

Yan Wan, Zi-Lin Shi, Shuo-Lei Sun
Based on the grey system theory, Nib lack algorithm and hole filling algorithm, the automatic detection system of micro fiber edge is developed. The mathematical model and design idea of the algorithm are introduced, and the design results are presented. The experimental results show that the design...

Dynamic key updating with voice quality preserving for Voice over Internet Protocol based on steganography

Li-Ping Zhang, Shan-Yu Tang, Yi-Jing Jiang
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) achieves cheap cost and provides flexible features by delivering voice packet over Internet Protocol. Compared with conventional public-switched telephone network, transmitting voice packets over public channel has to face more challenges due to the security threats...

Blind Identification of Space-time Block Coding (STBC) Using Single Receive Antenna over Frequency-selective Fading Channels

Hong-Wen Lin, Ke-Yuan Yu, Zhao-Gen Zhong, Shuai Liu
Blind recognition of STBC is an important issue in the non-cooperative context. However, the research on blind recognition over frequency-selective fading channels has been rarely reported. This paper introduces a novel and efficient algorithm for the frequency-selective fading channels to classify STBC...

Research on Bulk Cement Logistics Optimization Based on Quantitative Loading System

Feng Guo, Liang Tao, Xia Chen, Jin-Li Li, Fang Wu
In this paper, the quantitative loading and weighing system is designed to optimize the current bulk cement delivery process. Directing at the traffic congestion and reciprocating weighing problem during the cement plant vehicles in and out of the factory, the article designs a quantitative loading system...

An Optimized Model of Water Resources Assessment and Its Application

A-ling Song, Rong-Ping Fan, Hai-Feng Liu, Shou-Sheng Liu
In this paper, the classical WPI model is optimized by using principal component analysis, and a PCA based evaluation model is proposed. When the model is applied to the water resources data of Beijing area, the experiments have shown that the evaluation efficiency of WPI is significantly improved. And...

A survey of clustering algorithms in community detection of complex networks

Le Bo, Yang Shi, Hao Fang, Mei Wen
Complex network analysis begins in the 1930s, and the community structure in complex networks is a major characteristic that has been widely concerned. This paper introduces the basic and core ideas of several typical clustering algorithms in community detecting, and analyzes the advantages and disadvantages...