Proceedings of the International Dental Conference of Sumatera Utara 2017 (IDCSU 2017)

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Virgin Coconut Oil and Its Antimicrobial Properties against Pathogenic Microorganisms: A Review

Nur Ainatul Mardia Mohamad Nasir, Zurainie Abllah, Anil Azura Jalaludin, Intan Azura Shahdan, Wan Nor Hayati Wan Abd Manan
Virgin coconut oil (VCO) is the purest form of coconut oil, essentially water-clear or colourless that consists mainly of medium chain saturated fatty acids. For over many decades, the biological properties of VCO have been widely explored and investigated due to their antimicrobial potentials. The large...
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The Relationship between Recurrent Aphthous Stomatitis and Iron Deficiency Anemia

Nurdiana, Pocut Astari
Recurrent aphthous stomatitis (RAS) is a common oral mucosal disease characterized by regular, round or oval, painful ulcers with an erythematous border that recur on a regular basis on the nonkeratinized oral mucosae such as labial, buccal, alveolar, and ventral tongue mucosa. Different etiologies and...
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The Correlation between Inclination and the Thickness of Maxillary Central Incisors at Orthodontic Clinic of RSGM FKG USU (Research Report)

Nurhayati, Amalia Oeripto
In an orthodontic treatment, the labio-lingual movement of the anterior teeth is required to improve the sagittal relationship of the maxillary and mandibular arch in order to achieve a more harmonious profile. However, excessive force to the teeth movement could lead to iatrogenic effect, therefore...
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The Changes of Position and Angulation of Condyle Mandible Before and After Orthodontic Treatment in Class II Malocclusion by Using Cephalometric Radiograph

Nurmuhayannah, Erna Sulistyawati, Nazruddin
The condyle position is important for the balance of the stomatognathic system. The changes of the condyle position from the normal position can cause Temporomandibular disorders (TMD). Malocclusions may cause condyle position changes at the Temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Treatment of skeletal class...
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The Effect of Citrus Limon and Whitening Toothpaste to Teeth Color Changes ( Study on the Right Maxillary Central Incisor of 18 Year Old Female)

Octarina, Elfira Aprilianti
The acids of Citrus limon is believed to be able to brighten teeth, meanwhile whitening toothpaste is able to remove stain of the teeth. The purpose of this study was to observe the effect of Citrus limon water and whitening toothpaste to teeth color changes. Fifteen female students of Dentistry Faculty...
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The Effect of Upper Incisor Anteroposterior Position Changes on the Lip Profile in Class I Malocclusion

Okky Windyasari, Muslim Yusuf
Soft tissue analysis has always been an integral part of the diagnosis and planning of orthodontic treatment. Treatment plans in Class I malocclusions, with or without the extraction of the first four premolars are still debated, since the perceived premolar extraction effect will be "flattening face"....
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The Role of TGF Beta 1 and PDGF BB in Wound Healing of the Palate

Olivia Avriyanti Hanafiah, Reevanash Poravi, Devina Angga, Trimurni Abidin, Syafrudin Ilyas, Marline Nainggolan, Endang Syamsudin
Oral wound healing is a process that consists of three highly integrated and overlapping phases inflammation, proliferation and tissue remodelling. These phases involve the interaction between many cells and growth factors that work together from the beginning of an injury to complete tissue formation...
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Aging Process Immunity and Its Relation with Periodontal Disease in Genetic Aspect

Pitu Wulandari, Elza Ibrahim Auerkari
One of the factors that related to biological aging in humans is genetic. The aging process can occur due to genetic accumulation and epigenetic modification that lead to progressive cellular damage and weakened tissue functions that causing limitation of abilities to maintain the balance/ homeostasis....
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Relationship between Cigarette Smoking and Candida Colony Count in Dental Student at Faculty of Dentistry University of Sumatera Utara

Puteri Ridha Ramadhani, Nurdiana, Pocut Astari
Cigarette smoking can be described as an activity where a person is enjoying the nicotine smoke produced from the burning tobacco. It contains 4800 chemical substances that are harmful to the body such as nicotine, tar, and carbon monoxide, which then cause changes to the oral cavity. One of the changes...
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Black Triangle, Etiology and Treatment Approaches: Literature Review

Putri Masraini Lubis, Rini Octavia Nasution, Zulkarnain
Currently, beauty and physical appearance is of a major concern for many people, along with the greater demands of aesthetics in the field of dentistry. Aesthetics of the gingival is one of the most important factors in the success of restorative dental care. The loss of the interdental papillae results...
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Association of Clinical Evaluation and Patient's Level of Satisfaction among Complete Denture Wearer

Putri Welda Utami Ritonga, Luveena Loshini Prabakaran
Dentist's evaluation of complete denture differs from patient's evaluation. Dentists prioritize the clinical aspects of dentures, such as vertical dimension, aesthetic, stability and denture-bearing area while patients measures their satisfaction based on aspects, like aesthetic, mastication, comfort...
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Depiction of Post-Odontectomy Pain Levels in Universitas Sumatera Utara Hospital Period of February-March 2017

Rahmi Syaflida, Hera Ismayani Sugianto
Odontectomy is one of the most common minor surgery performed in dentistry. Every patients will experience postoperative pain after odontectomy. Pain is subjective, each individual reports pain based on his/her own perception. The pain rating scale is used to measure the pain intensity of a patient....
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Oral Mucosal Lesions as Initial Presentation in Lupus Erythematosus Patient (A Case Report)

Rani Handayani, Gus Permana Subita, Siti Aliyah Pradono
Lupus erythematosus (LE) is a chronic inflammatory disease caused by interference of the immune system. There are several criteria to establish a diagnosis of this disease including oral mucosal lesions. Oral mucosa lesions are an important part because they can be the initial presentation of LE. The...
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The Difference Number of Bacterial Colonies between Smokers and Non-smokers Gingivitis Patients in Periodontics Department at USU Dental Hospital

Regina Carsa Bagin Apriani, Pitu Wulandari, Martina Amalia
Periodontal disease is a chronic inflammation disease which caused by bacteria in the periodontal tissues. The predisposing factors are smoking, stress and alcohol consumption. Smoking can deteriorate the dental health and increase the risk of gingivitis. Smoking may causes various diseases in oral cavities,...
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The Association between Number of Tooth Loss, Tooth Loss Quadrants, and Occlusal Support with Temporomandibular Disorders in Partially Edentulous Patients

Ricca Chairunnisa, Ribka Julia Sihombing
Loss of one or several teeth can disturb the balance of the composition of the teeth in the arch that causes imbalance occlusion of teeth so that the teeth will receive a larger load. Stresses imposed by the structure of the temporomandibular joint is imbalance and would interfere with the function of...
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Difference in Effectiveness of Dental Health Education between Braille and Audio Method towards the Knowledge and Oral Health (OHIS) Score among the Blind Children in Karya Murni Foundation, Tunanetra Foundation and Binjai Special Needs Foundation

Rika Mayasari Alamsyah, Siska Ella Natassa
Blind children are the children with weak eyesight or complete loss of vision. Limitation of vision affects their ability to gain knowledge regarding oral health which will affect their oral hygiene status. This aim of this research is to determine the difference in effectiveness of dental health education...
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The Importance of Serology Examination in Diagnosis of Multiple Ulcers in Oral Cavity (Serial Cases)

Rolis Anggi Wuriyanti, Anandina Irmagita Soegyanto, Gus Permana Subita, Harum Sasanti Yudoyono Nugroho
Recurrent Aphthous Stomatitis (RAS) and Recurrent Intraoral Herpes (RIH) are the most common oral lesions found in dental practice. The diagnosis can be made based on patient's history and clinical examination. Due to similarity of size, shape, number, and location of these ulcers, however, it may be...
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Antibacterial Activities of Extract Curly Chili (Capsicumannum. L) on Fusobacterium Nucleatum: An in Vitro Study

Sisca Yudistira, Widyawati, Resti Iswani
The progress of most caries process caused the root canal infection. Bacteria that dominated in root canal infection were Fusobacterium nucleatum bacteria that were 48%. This infection needed endodontic treatment. One of the influencing factors was microorganism. It can be eradicated by root canal irrigation....
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Orthodontic Treatment Needs Based on Aesthetic Component (AC) among Adolescents in Medan

Siti Bahirrah, Mimi Marina Lubis, Hilda Fitria Lubis
The prevalence of malocclusion in Indonesia is high while dental health behaviour among adolescents especially towards malocclusion is inadequate whereas health services has not been satisfied. One of the most used index, Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need which consists of aesthetic component and dental...
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Remineralization Evaluation of Cocos Nucifera Extracts via Element Quantification

Siti Fatimah Rahamat, Wan Nor Hayati Wan Abd Manan, Zurainie Abllah
Demineralization causes plaque calcium (Ca) to dissolve out from the enamel. Prolonged condition would allow enamel caries to worsen. To reverse the condition via remineralization, abundant of free available Ca and phosphorus (P) in the saliva are required. Thus, daily diet with high Ca and P content...
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Relationship between Salivary Flow Rates and The Amount of Candida in Saliva in Smokers

Surya Nelis
Smoking is one of the predisposing factors for oral candidiasis. The mechanism is possibly caused by chemical substances in cigarettes that can provide nutritionS for candida, local changes in epithelium that which leads to candida colonization, decreased antibodies in saliva and decreased salivary flow...
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Hormonal and Genetic Role Affecting the Bone Resorption in Patients with Osteoporosis

Susi R. Puspitadewi, Elza I. Auerkari
Increasing age, especially in postmenopausal women, shows a decline in anabolic hormones activity and an increase in anti-anabolic hormones activity. This causes bone resorption and may lead to osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a degenerative disorder marked by decrease in bone mass because of imbalance...
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Efficacy of Fluoride Varnish and Cheese on White Spot Lesions Remineralization: Evaluation Using Laser Fluorescence

Susi Sukmasari, Wan Nurfazliyana binti Wan Fauzi, Zati Balqis binti Mohammed Azme, Anisa Kusumawardani, Iswan Zuraidi Zainol
Objective is to investigate the effectiveness of combining application of fluoride varnish with chewing cheese on white spot lesion remineralization. The research is a blinded quasi experimental study that was conducted on 521 occlusal white spot lesions (OWSL) of 69 dental students who were randomly...
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The Effect of Jamblang (Syzygium Cumini (L) Skeels) Leaves Ethanolic Extract on the Adhesion of Streptococcus Mutans to Hydroxyapatite

Suzanna Sungkar, Dewi Agustina, Al Supartinah, Tetiana Haniastuti
Streptococcus mutans plays an important role in the pathogenesis of caries. This bacteria has virulence properties involve in the formation of biolm on tooth surface. Surface protein antigen peptide (SpaP) is one of the virulence properties of S. mutans that play role in adhesion of S. mutans to the...
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Anti-Caries Effect of Resin-Modified Glass Ionomer Cements as Orthodontic Adhesive Material through Scanning Electron Microscope Examination (In Vitro)

Teguh Aryo Nugroho, Sondang Pintauli, Amalia Oeripto
One of the major problems of fixed orthodontic treatment is controlling the enamel demineralization that occurs around the bracket. RMGIC is a modified composite resin with anti caries-effect caused by fluoride release. This study aimed to determine the effect of anti caries RMGIC as an orthodontic adhesive...
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Root Canal Configuration of Permanent Mandibular First and Second Molars Using Radiographic Tube Shift Technique in Dental Hospital Patients at Faculty of Dentistry Universitas Sumatera Utara

Trelia Boel, Dewi Kartika, Dennis
The knowledge of the pulp anatomy plays an important role in the success of endodontic treatments. Mandibular molars have been reported with complex configuration canal anatomical, making them one of the most difficult teeth to manage endodontically. The aim of this study was to examine the root canal...
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Treatment of Class III Malocclusion with Reverse Twin Block in the Growing Child (Case Report)

Trio Novalia, Nazrudin
Class III malocclusion has a great variation of skeletal pattern in either the antero-posterior orvertical planes. If left untreated, Class III malocclusion in the growing children will become worse with age, presented by the growth of the mandible exceeding the growth of the maxilla.A male patient aged...
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Correlation of Arch Length and Width to Anteroposterior Lip Position in Class I Non Extraction Malocclusion

Ulfi Fatwa Khasni, Muslim Yusuf, Nurhayati Harahap
The purpose of this study was to determine the correlation between the anteroposterior position of the lips against changes in the length and width of the dental arch in Class I malocclusion non extraction. The sample was 30 patients PPDGS Orthodontic clinic of FKG USU. The sample used was 30 before...
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The Comparative Antimicrobial Effect of Activated Virgin Coconut Oil (AVCO) and Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) against Dental Caries-Related Pathogens

Ummi Aqilah Haron, Zurainie Abllah, Nur Ainatul Mardia Mohamad Nasir
The present-day diet is astoundingly cariogenic, owing to the fact that high food intake with plenty of fermentable carbohydrates present in them. Classic regime against dental caries such as fluoride is often not able to cope with the resultant massive cariogenic challenge. Therefore, demands of alternatives...
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Proliferation Activity of Mucosal Epithelial Cell Nucleus With AgNOR Staining in Smokers and Non- Smokers

Wilda Hafni Lubis, Gowri A/P Krishnarao
Oral cancer detection is difficult in the early stages leading to high mortality rate of the disease. Therefore, a new method of early detection of oral carcinoma is required as treatment in the early stages is more effective at minimizing morbidity. The purpose of this study was to examine the differences...
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The Relationship of Mandibular Bone Density Level to Femur Bone Density Level in Ovariectomized Female Rats given Isoflavones and 17-estradiol

Wita Anngraini, Tri Budi W. Rahardjo, Ichramsjah A. Rachman, Deddy Muchtadi
Osteoporosis is a multifactorial disease, and the most common type of osteoporosis is involutional osteoporosis associated with aging and menopause. Estrogen deficiency in menopause and post-menopause is a major pathogenic factor in bone loss. Osteoporosis in the skeletal bone of the body also occurs...
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Dentist Role in Congestive Heart Failure Patient (Serial Cases)

Wiwik Mayanti, Anandina Irmagita Soegyanto, Harum Sasanti
Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) is a condition where the heart is unable to pump adequate blood to organs and tissues, due to one-part failure so that there is blood pooling in the heart. CHF patient needs more attention by dentist, because oral focus infection can affect patient's heart condition. Furthermore,...
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Piezocision as a Novel Approach for Accelerating Orthodontic Treatment (Literature Review)

Yufridika, Nazruddin, Nurhayati Harahap
According to the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) the length of comprehensive orthodontic treatment can range from approximately 12 to 36 months, depending on treatment options and individual characteristics. One of the biggest challenges an adult orthodontic patient is the duration spent...
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Effect of Obesity to Salivary Flow Rate and Buffer Capacity

Yumi Lindawati, Darmayanti Siregar, Lilia Sarifatamin Damanik
Obesity is one of the criteria of nutritional status parameters caused by the accumulation of fat that occurs gradually and influenced by many factors, one of which is the low of physical activity. Differences in nutritional status that occur in each individual leads to the differences in salivary secretion....
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Minimum Inhibitory Concentration of Probiotic Soy-Milk Yoghurt (SOYGHURT) Towards Porphyromonas gingivalis [IN VITRO]

Zulfan M. Alibasyah, Diana Setya Ningsih, Sunnati, Ridha Andayani, M. Irvan Juliansyah
The main cause of chronic periodontitis is Porphyromonas gingivalis that can be found in subgingival plaque. Porphyromonas gingivalis can be inhibited by probiotic product such as yoghurt. Yoghurt is a beverage from milk that proceed by fermentation with adding lactic acid bacteria. Yoghurt is usually...
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Comparison of Caries Status and Saliva Condition (pH, Buffer Capacity, Flow Rate, and Volume) among Down Syndrome and Normal Children aged 6-18 Years Old in SLB C Medan Helvetia and Medan Timur District

Zulfi Amalia Bachtiar, Siti Salmiah, Luthfiani, Emmenuelle Clarisa
Down Syndrome (DS) is type of mental disability caused by genetic disorder in chromosome 21. DS causes inability to maintain oral hygiene thus dental caries are commonly found in children with DS. Purpose of this research is to study the difference between caries experience and saliva condition and determine...