Proceedings of the 2018 6th International Education, Economics, Social Science, Arts, Sports and Management Engineering Conference (IEESASM 2018)

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The Systematic Endogenous Mechanism of Financial Crisis Based on Big Data Analysis and its Quantitative Analysis

Fengrui Zhang
By reflecting on the evolution logic of the subprime mortgage crisis in the United States, this paper finds that the subprime mortgage crisis directly triggered by the decline of house prices and the rise of benchmark interest rates in the United States has evolved into a global systemic financial crisis...
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The Realization of Portable Mobile Power Supply with Low Power Consumption

Han Yang, Jiancheng Du, Jiajie Chu, Hangyi Mu
With the emergence of a large number of smart mobile products, it has brought great convenience to our life. However, at present, the battery power of mobile devices cannot provide longer endurance to the equipment, so portable power supply came into being. According to the structure characteristics...
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The Endpoint of Costume Designing—Creating New Lifestyle

Jun Yin
As a kind of material production, costume designing starts from meeting people’s needs and ends with the creation of lifestyle. This paper demonstrates that costume designing ends with lifestyle creation from three aspects: the essence of costume designing, the development history of costume designing...