Proceedings of the 2014 Conference on Informatisation in Education, Management and Business

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Cultivation, Mining and Innovation of Rural Soft Power Resources

Li Wanjin
Rural soft power is the rural potential, tacit and ultimate core development force. Through the universal education of socialist core values, it can cultivate villages’ innovation spirit soft power, improve innovation rural organization service function, and improve rural organization soft power. It...
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Influence Factors Analysis on Rural Land Circulation under the Perspective of Financial Support-Taking Tongren region of Guizhou Province as an Example

Piao Jing, Jin Keyi
Based on the rural of the Tongren region in Guizhou Province, the rural land circulation index system has been structured, and with the field survey data as samples, it analyzes the rural land circulation index with the method of principal component analysis factors, the result of which shows that the...
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Exploration on the Career Development of Ecology Tourism Economy Hotel Core Staff

Niu Wentao, Zhang Chunguo
The core employee of the hotel is the key factor affecting the survival and development of ecological tourism and the economic hotel. Therefore, the research of core employees' career development about the economic hotel is particular important. This article through questionnaires, carry out on-site...
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Researches On The Problems And Solutions Of SME Financing Status Quo

Li Guanyue
The medium and small enterprise plays an irreplaceable role in China's national economy, but harsh financing environment seriously restricts and even endangers the survival and development of medium and small enterprises. First, this article introduces the status and characteristics of SME financing....
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Hebei Economic Development Countermeasures Study Under the Background of Jingjinji Integration

Chang Xiulian
As a populous province of Hebei, it should enhance its level of development in order to achieve the sound and rapid economic development in the province. But in the actual development, Hebei province did not make full use of the geographic location near the Bohai, Beijing and Tianjin, which leads to...
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Researches On The Centralized Accounting Impact On Corporate Financial Audit

Li Guanyue
Centralized accounting system is an important measure to improve our country's fiscal and financial revenue and expenditure system reform. Since the late 1990s, it quickly expanded in full swing throughout the country. This paper described the definition of centralized accounting system and the difference...
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Study on Problems and Countermeasures in Good Politics Order Establishment Process

Wang Shiyou, Liu Junlong
In current process of Chinese market economy development and constant deepening, various social contradictions also appear, which is a challenge to market economy, and also a serious test for current politics order. This paper makes an analysis of existing problems in current politics order establishment...
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Study on the Income Gap between the Residents of Eastern, Central, and Western China based on the Perspective of the Export-oriented Economic Development

Zhu Guangya
Foreign capital utilization and exportation have always been China’s two core pillars of China’s development of export-oriented economy since 1978, which have together facilitated China’s great economic achievement. In the meantime, however, China is now among those countries with most unequal distribution...
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The new research of China’s inflation

Li Hai quan
The amount of money should be created, which matches the goods with the domestic money supply over the country that year's goods too much, will inevitably lead to inflation. With M2, therefore, the country's broad money supply and its GDP was created, in comparison with the commodity value of M2 / GDP...
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Promote the Construction of University Culture and University Spirit to Enhance the Competitiveness of the Colleges and Universities

Meng Qinghe
University is a kind of culture. The source of improving the core competitiveness is the construction of university culture. There is only one core and soul of the university culture , which is university spirit. University want to improve its core competitiveness, the basic point lies in the improvement...
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The space evolution research of economic competition in Golden Delta Counties of the Yellow River

Li Xiaobo
Based on the estimation of interestedly economic competition among counties of Golden Delta in the Yellow River from 2006 to 2012 by using the principal components analysis, method and Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis. The result demonstrates that economic competition of the majority of the regions...
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From cultural inertia to cultural evolution -On the new perspective of rural cultural construction of Chang Zhutan outskirts

Liu Hongbo
Cultural evolution refers to the process of representing the form of time; this process is ongoing, often cumulative and progressive. After this process, the cultural phenomenon organized the changes systematically. A cultural form or a cultural stage connects another culture or another form of cultural...
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Development of school sports facilities resources for social sharing model

Song Yingdong
Through literature, questionnaires, interviews and other methods, we investigated the status of school gyms opening up and analyzed school resources and social sharing stadiums effects and causes. The results show: the opening stadiums mainly based on outdoor venues; the opening time of project are quite...
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Dynamic CGE Study on Development Process and Change of Physical Education Teacher Team since the Founding of New China

Fei Yin, Dong Zuo
Since the founding of new China, physical education industry has made considerable achievement in China, and physical education teacher team has also obtained a long-term development. In order to explore the development path of P.E teacher team and provide basis for the exploration and accumulation of...
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Application research of functional training in the Athletic Training

Lin Longfei
In this paper, literature review method is used, based on the functional fitness training, and in close connection with athletics projects point, having in-depth study of the basic content of athletics and physical training specific training methods. And this paper presented some physical training methods...
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Re-recognition on the Higher Dance Education in the Age of MOOC

Chen Li
MOOC becomes very popular all over the world within just two years. With the development of MOOC, colleges and universities are full of passion and challenges. Its emergence is an important turning point of higher education reform. In this paper, the characteristics and advantages of MOOC are summarized,...
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Intrinsic Relationship with Performance Conscious of Sexy and Latin Dance

Yang Jinfeng
Latin dance is one kind of the sports collected sports, dance, art. Its comprehensiveness, artistry are strong, and it has rich aesthetic content. It is not only romantic, and full of passion, but also has a vibrant form of artistic expression, loved by the people.
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On Connotation of Social Responsibility of Higher Education

Wang Shaolin
Social responsibility of Higher Education Research refers to that in a strong sense of social care and educational care, researchers do independent thinking to "meet human needs and development and talent", and focus on "what a good society is, and what good education is, what kind of education can contribute...
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Analysis on the Digital Media Design Education Research Points

Wang Xinmin
Along with the development of market, the social demand on the talented personnel in digital media design gradually trends to rise year after year. With the purpose of fulfilling the social demand, many colleges and universities in China have offered digital media design major. With regard to the current...
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Secondary Vocational Schools Influence Factors Analysis of Accounting Major Students’ Ideological Education Work

Xia Xiu-fang, Wu Tan, Liu Xuan-yu
Secondary vocational schools accounting major students’ ideological education work to improve comprehensive management level of accounting major students’ ideological and moral accomplishment and schools is of great significance. In this paper, with a secondary vocational school accounting major students...
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Study on Optimization of Social P.E Major Course System at University

Qi Shenghua, Yue Hong
It uses literature material method, analyzes the theoretical basis of course system optimization and proposes the basis idea of course system reform. The result shows that optimization of social P.E major course system can be conducted through two aspects and three levels, which not only should reflect...
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Chinese Traditional Sports thoughts about keeping in good health and its Modern Value of Health Research

Han Zhong
Chinese traditional sports regimen is established on the basis of traditional Chinese culture, it is a traditional sports item. It is a product of the traditional Chinese culture and the social sciences two-way interaction in specific social and historical conditions; it is academic frontier research...
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Study on “Class Type” Higher P.E College Talent Cultivation Mode

Qi Shenghua, Yue Hong
In order to meet the social development and P.E major with multiple major coexisting practice demand, this paper proposes “class type” cultivation mode. Through the analysis of talent cultivation mode status and trend, it proposes the protection measures of talent cultivation mode reform and makes statement...
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Research on the Development of China's Automotive Vocational Education under School-enterprise Cooperation Model

Sun Huanxin
The research was based on the problems of current Chinese automotive vocational education under which school-enterprise cooperation model. After detailed study of the background information and current situation of China's automotive vocational education, a series of related solutions were carried out,...
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The inspiration of the Development of Postmodernism for College Student’s education administration

Cui Yuexin
Postmodernism was a popular philosophy of cultural trends in Western society in fifties and sixties of the 20th century. It advocates decentralization, emphasizes differences, encourages diversity, respects equal dialogue. Its influence covered over education, culture, society, particularly its education...
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Study on Middle Vocational Chinese Teaching and Professional Course Teaching Practice

Li Baoqin
In recent years, middle vocational Chinese teaching is in difficulty, and it is mainly “knowledge-based” mode, and general teaching color is strong, which cannot reflect middle vocational education feature, ignoring the social economic function of vocational education. This paper takes two middle vocational...
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Study on the Development of Media and Its Education At the present stage

Li Xinyu
It is an important task to develop the media industry and liberate the media productive force. It is also inseparable from the productivity theory of Deng Xiaoping to recognize and analyze the problem which is our ideological weapon. In the system, productivity theory is the core of its theoretical framework....
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Research on Strategy of Improving substantial Results of Sports Biochemistry Course

Zhu Qi’e
Pointed out the objective reality of current situation of sports biochemistry course lagging subject development,it is bad for training reserve sports biochemistry course substantial results is the key to resolve this problem,proposed three strategies:exquisite choice and careful interpretation for substantial...
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Analysis on Importance of Multimedia Technology Teaching in Music Theory Teaching

Liu Yi
Music theory is a key part of university music teaching, which is the foundation and premise of students learning overall music course and improving music appreciation and expression ability. With the development of information technology, multimedia technology has gradually applied in university music...
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Researches On the Representative Works and Performance Practices of Contemporary Jingdezhen Ceramic Painting

Wang Fangli, Wu Junfang
This article consists of the following parts: First, introduces the development of Jingdezhen ceramic painting in detail.Second, analyzes the performance practices of contemporary Jingdezhen ceramic painting from three aspects, such as the performance practices of the artists in Jingdezhen institutes.Finally,...
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The cultivation of cross-cultural communicative competence in college English teaching

Zhao Guizhen, Lei Xianhui
The ultimate goal of foreign language teaching is to cultivate the ability of using target language to communicate with people from different cultural backgrounds. Learning a foreign language is not only to master the pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and idioms, But also to know the culture of the...
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Teaching Experience of Sports Anatomy

Zhu Qi'e
Sports anatomy is a branch of human anatomy,it is a basic compulsory course for all majors which are related to physical education and sports human science in Colleges and Universities.To explore the relationship of human structure and sports action is the main task of this discipline.according to the...
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Research on Educational Reform and Development of College Sports under the Background of Modern Education Technology

Li Hui
In today's era of striving to develop a variety of educational tools, under the background of modern educational technology, teaching methods get more widespread attention and application for its special features and advantages. It has quick impact on the traditional system of teaching methods to promote...
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Analysis and Reflection of German Higher Vocational Education Training Mode

Zhang Yabo
German higher vocational education training mode has distinctive features, In-depth study of the content and features of the German higher vocational education, and exploration of its regularity and successful experience will have great significance and inspiration on higher vocational education and...
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How to Cultivate the Innovative Thinking Way of Students in the Teaching of Animation Key-frame Design

Liu Shaohui
Animation Key-frame Design (i.e. animation action design) is a process of key-frame designer to complete one of the roles according to the development of animation and the intention of director. Animation Key-frame Design is a comprehensive teaching process with both practical and innovative characteristics....
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Discussion of Carrying Out Comprehensive Training of Combat Mode in Noncommissioned Institutions

Liu Zhongmin, Zhou Zelong, Xie Rongyue, Tan Xianglin
Comprehensive training is important to test the practicality teaching graduate students of military academies comprehensive ability and quality, is a key step to serve the students professional skills capacity for transformation, is to implement President Xi "able to fight, to win the war" important...
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Landscape Accessories in the Landscape Design of the Environmental Art

Tao Ning
Along with the improvement of the living standards, people’s pursuit of urban landscape design becomes new, and landscape accessory is an essential element of the modern urbanization construction; to add landscape accessory into the landscape design of the environmental art can not only can beautify...
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Identification of value: Reflections on the education of socialist core value system

Dai Caihong
To improve college students' education of socialist core value system is effective, the value identity is important link. In education, we should give full play to the university thought politics theory class teaching as the main channel and the campus cultural environment influence character by environment...
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A Brief Exploration into Scientific Thought and Aesthetic Ideas of Plato

Wang Zhide
In the long history of the development of western aesthetics, the relationships between science and aesthetics, especially the relationship between mathematics and aesthetics, are very close. Ancient Greek culture has a notable feature. It has a keen interest that can be hardly compared with by any other...
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Research of Development Trend of College Physical Education under the concept of lifelong sports

Chen Shan
Lifetime Sports is the inevitable trend of development of physical education, as an important part of sports, physical education and community colleges is also bound to be affected by the concept of lifelong physical challenges and impact, how to implement the concept of lifelong physical education in...
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The Research of the role of College Physical Education in College Students' Mental Health and Education

Huang Qiang
On the basis of in-depth analysis of the meaning of the Mental Health, the thesis analyzed that the important role of college physical education in promoting college students’ mental health. Also, it is suggested some very important issues for college physical education throughout the mental health education:...
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Humanistic Spirit Education in College Basketball Physical Teaching

Tang Xu
The lack of humanistic spirit in college basketball physical teaching is leading to the lack of innovative capacity of college students; it is also the root causes affecting the teaching effect. In teaching process, strengthening the countermeasures of college sports humanities education, raising the...
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Analysis on Watercolor Painting Art Language and Contemporary Watercolor Painting Development

Wang Qiaoqiao
Watercolor painting is a painting method with water and transparent paint, which has transparent, green and elegant features. The watercolor painting language is the drawing art of taking “water” and “color” as the media to express the ideology and consciousness. This paper takes watercolor painting...
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Development Research of psychology education under the background of humanism

Zhang Yanmei
With the development of modern education, and the progress of social civilization, cognitive level of teachers and students is also rising, while continuing to update the modern teaching equipment, methods of psychology education also have changed to a large extent compare with the past. In this paper,...
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Thinking and Exploration of Building "Iron-making" Course System

Gui Yongliang, Hu Binsheng, Hu Changqing
In view of the the characteristics of metallurgical engineering " iron-making " teaching content closely combined with production practice , puts forward building "course system of iron-making "which aims to break the boundaries between the four courses of " iron-making " teaching content.At the same...
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Reform and innovation research of English majors Talent Training Mode of universities

Li Xia
With the formation of China's market economic system and because of the global economy integration and social informatization, the "scholastic" single-subject teaching model attached to foreign language and literature have difficult in meeting the social demand for English professionals. Social form...
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Research and Practice of Mathematics Teaching in Higher Vocational College

Liu Ying
The rapid development of higher vocational education has become one of the hot social concerns. The discipline of mathematics is an essential foundation in vocational education. In order to innovate in the Higher Mathematics Teaching Model for vocational colleges, and help vocational students who originally...
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Research on the Eco-criticism of British Romantic Poetry

Yang Ying
Eco-criticism has changed the topography of English Romantic Poetry. The value and significance of classical writers and the works have been criticized in the new re-adjustment mode. Thus romantic poetry reading and research have generated a lot of new meanings and literature has renewed vitality to...
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The Concept of Yin and Yang and Ancient Literature

Xie Guorong
The relationship between the concept of Yin and Yang and ancient literature is rarely discussed by people currently. This paper makes an initial analysis of concept of Yin and Yang and ancient literature relationship from three aspects of combination, change and neutralization. In literature creation,...
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Analysis on the Meaning of Polysemous Word “Drop in”

Tian Shuo, Xu Yingdong
This paper uses the basic category, metaphor, metonymy and prototype theory in cognitive linguistics to analyze the meaning range of Japanese word “drop in”. For the polysemous verb of Japanese vocabulary, the second language learners are difficult to distinguish between the usages in the learning process,...