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The ‘Karen’ Fallacy: Debunking Reddit’s Stereotype of Facebook Moms

Sophie Ariella Tanujaya, Reynald Setyawan
The term “Facebook moms” refers to mothers who frequently participate in Facebook group discussions. They use Facebook as a platform because it allows them to create groups to accommodate their needs including attachments and express their opinions without the word-limit constraint. However, there is...
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“Midwife/Nurse-Uniformed Man” Romance Trend: The Internalization of Patriarchal Values and the Relevance of Post-New Order State Ibuism

Averil Khalisha Paramesti
Recently, the Indonesian public discourse has been stirred up by the stereotypes of midwives and nurses who are obsessed with having romantic relationships with army personnel or police officers (collectively known as “uniformed men”). Pre-wedding photographs of midwife/nurse-uniformed man couples are...
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Literary Translation Agents in the Space of Mediation:

A Case Study on the Production of The Pilgrimage in the Land of Java

M. Yuseano Kardiansyah, Aprinus Salam
This study investigates the emergence of mediation space as a consequence upon the practice of translated literary production by its particular agents. Inspired by Michaela Wolf’s thought – that is influenced by the Bourdieusian field concept and Bhabhasian third space concept – the study is focused...
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Voicing the Politicization of Veil on Reputed International Journal Articles

The Case of Uyghur and Hui

Eva Leiliyanti, Eka Nurcahyani, Fariza
In China, Muslim veil has been seen as the most controversial object. Since the establishment of People’s Republic of China in 1949, the government has been focusing on the act of ‘de-veiling’ by executing firmly the law of veil ban towards the Uyghur, one of the two Muslim majority in China, while quite...
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A Reflection on Assessment and Evaluation Changes During COVID-19

Henny Putri Saking Wijaya
COVID-19 has forced changes in all aspects including education. Educational institutions have made a big change when moving from offline to online platforms. Teachers has to learn new tools to teach online. Within a short period of time, they need to use Google Classroom or other Learning Management...
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Syntactical Construction of Verbal Composition

Heny Sulistyowati, Agung K. Mahatmaharti, Muh Fajar
One of the morphological processes combining two or more elements of a word (morpheme) to create new meanings is called composition. The process of forming compound words has the development of forms based on parts of speech’s construction, namely nominal composition, verbal composition, and adjunctive...
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Drop your ‘Hello!’ here!”: Investigating the Language Variation Used in Online Classroom for Tertiary Level in Indonesia

Laila U. Qodriani, I Dewa Putu Wijana
The COVID-19 pandemic situation in 2020 puts the entire educational sector into online activity globally. The communication process in teaching and learning activity has moved into computer-mediated communication and the explosion of the online classroom has become the most favorite media. One of the...
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Authorial Voices on Hijab Discourse in Malaysia: Reading Q2 and Q3 Scopus-Indexed Journal Articles

Eka Nurcahyani, Eva Leiliyanti, S.A. Zulkarnaen
The vast interpretation of the veil has led to a divisive discourse. In western society the veil is attributed negatively. On the contrary, in Malaysia the veil has been seen as positive attribute. This study aims to examine the authorial voices of Q2 and Q3 Scopus-indexed International Journal articles...
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Authorial Voice on Hijab Discourse in Singapore: Discursive Reading on the Reputed International Journal Article

Nurul A. Kurniati, Eva Leiliyanti, Larasati N. Putri
Hijab discourse is extensive as it keeps offering new understanding and perspective to the progressing discussion on the cultural, social, and religious spheres. Singapore with its parliamentary representative democratic politics is one of the countries that allow its citizens to practice and wear their...
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Redefining Hijab Discourse in Indonesia: A Discourse Analysis on Authorial Voice of Reputed International Journal Article

Eva Leiliyanti, Nurul A. Kurniati, Nannita
Hijab has been positioned as an attribute that represents religious devotion or a form of bodily oppression. The use of Hijab in Indonesia – the country with the largest Muslim population in the world – is recontextualized and redefined through the various discussion of hijab discourse which then transformed...
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Philosophy of the Musical Instrument “Klengkopak” of the Dayak Deah Tribe

Ellysa J. Agusti, A. M. Susilo Pradoko, Syahrul Faizin
Klengkopak is a traditional musical instrument made by the Dayak Deah tribe of South Kalimantan. The tribe believe that every single component of the musical instrument has great values of life. This is qualitative research using the semiotic approach. This research was conducted through digging up any...
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Cultural Study: Ghumah Baghi Philosophy of Besemah Ethnic Society

Prayogi Wijaksono, Martono, Awal Putra Suprianto
Ghumah Baghi, house for Besema people was traditional house in Pagaralam of South Sumatera, Indonesia. The architectural, contractions, internal and external decoration, and the function of the house of reflect the culture and value of Besema’s society. It was owned by Jurai (Tribal Leader) and Besema...
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A Cultural Study on the Weaving Craft Tembe Nggoli in the Social Life of the Dompu People

Awal P. Suprianto, Martono, Prayogi Wijaksono
Tembe Nggoli is a traditional woven fabric of the Dompu and Bima people. It has been the traditional clothing of Dompu people since the mid-17th century. It is a weaving craft in the form of sarong which it differs from Songket. This study focuses on philosophical beliefs behind Tembe Nggoli in Dompu...
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Hybridity in Constructing Indonesian Muslimah’s Identity in Digital Space

Deny Efita Nur Rakhmawati, Habiba Al Umami, Dwi C. Kartiko
Hijab nowadays has functioned more than just a religious practice but also as a fashion statement. As the globalization grows, the spread of western culture is also unavoidable. The growth of hijab as religious practice and as a fashion statement has combined both cultural and religious value. This study...
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Online Learning During the Covid-19 Pandemic and Its Physical Impact on Lecturers

Retnayu Prasetyanti Sekti, Anik Juwariyah, Trisakti
Online learning during a pandemic that is carried out continuously with serious concentration can have an impact on one’s physical health. Based on the phenomenon found, in online learning in the Department of Sendratasik, FBS Unesa, there were physical complaints from lecturers, such as: saturation,...
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Critical Thinking on Developing Creative Instruction: The Practice of Teaching English in Indonesia

Fauris Zuhri
The purpose of the research is to describe how an English teacher develops creative instruction through critical thinking in practice teaching-learning in Indonesian English Language Teaching. This research focuses on critical reflection on developing the concept of innovative education in the preparation...
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Effectiveness of KWLA (Know, What, Learned, Affect) Strategy in Improving the Ability of Reading

Yulianah Prihatin, Raras H. Sari
This research begins with the importance of the role of reading in people’s lives in the modern era. In addition, the low interest in reading Indonesian people who are not balanced with advances in technology. The more advanced technology has an impact on the ease of accessing information, but on the...
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Teachers’ Politeness Strategies in Delivering Feedback on Classroom Presentation of English Undergraduate Students

Riyan Febriansyah, Syafi’ul Anam
Teachers often use specific strategies to maintain the classroom atmospheres and minimize the social distances among the teachers and the students. One of these strategies is called the politeness strategy. Unfortunately, even though the aim of conducting politeness strategy is to build students-teachers...
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The Role of Yogyakarta Sultanate in the Development of Yogyakarta Classical Batik

Citra Rahma El Kautsar, Hadjar Pamadhi, Syahrul Faizin
Batik is associated with the respective community as the creator, the connoisseurs, and the owner of batik motives in a single society. In relation to the statement, the Yogyakarta Sultanate has played certain roles within the development of Yogyakarta classical batik. Thus, the objective of the study...
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The Development of Indria Level Piano Learning Material With Practical Tutorial Methods for Music Study Program Students

Joko Winarko, Agus Suwahyono, Raden Roro Maha Kalyana Mitta Anggoro
Piano major is a music program that is well-known in the Music Study Program, Universitas Negeri Surabaya. With the availability of pianos in each class, even the Music Study Program, Universitas Negeri Surabaya is the only university in East Java that has baby grand piano facilities for lecture activity....
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Analysis of Language Errors at the Level of Syntax in Writing Free Discourse Text

Cicik Arista, Subandi
The occurrence of errors in the foreign language learning process is something that is common in the foreign language learning process. This is because the logic of the learner’s language still has a dependency on the logic of the mother tongue as a form of the process of mother tongue interference....
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Project-Based Learning Model as an Alternative Learning to Build Student’s Writing Skill

Subandi, Cicik Arista, Rendy Aditya, Muhammad Farhan Masrur
Writing skills is the most complicated and complex level in the language learning process. Therefore not a few students have difficulties on writing. To help overcome these difficulties, research has been carried out using the project based learning model using the lesson study method. This Research...
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The Implementation of Mentoring Learning Model to Build Mandarin Basic Sentence Writing Skill

Muhammad Farhan Masrur, Subandi
Writing skills are placed as more complicated skills in learning Mandarin. There are some errors that occurred frequently to students when conducting a simple sentence-making. To help these difficulties, research has been carried out using a mentoring learning model using the Class Action Research method....
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Illocutionary Acts in Lost in Thailand Detective Humor Movie

Subandi, Herina Endah Pangesty, Galih Wibisono
The meaning of a speech is not always identical with the structure of the speech form and it cannot only be traced based on types also its constituent of internal elements. It is because the meaning of speech has a correlation between speech and the actions that the speaker is doing. The external element...
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The Error Analysis of Narrative Text on Mandarin Discourse

Case Study of Indonesian Students in China

Subandi, Xiao Renfei, Galih Wibisono
Discourse is the highest level which has a very complex level of complexity so that it is prone to errors, especially related to learning the skill of writing discourse text. This happened to Indonesian students who were studying Mandarin at CCNU. Based on the results of identification and analysis,...
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Japanese Compound Sentences of Syntactic Structure Acquisition in University Students’ Speech

Mintarsih, Bambang Yulianto, Subandi, Urip Z. Fanani, Nise S. Sasanti
The aims of this study are to describe and analyze the construction and transformation of Japanese coordinative compound sentences of third level university students’ speech among Japanese education program students who have passed N3 level. This study focused on the coordinative compound sentence in...
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Form and Theme in Merindu Kampus: A Reflection Note About Pandemic Covid-19 by Indonesian Language and Literature Students

Parmin, Tengsoe Tjahjono, Heny Subandiyah, Ririe Rengganis
The covid-19 pandemic has hit the world, including Indonesia. The Indonesian goverment has therefore issued policies including large-scale of social restrictions (PSBB). Several institutions issued policies, including Universitas Negeri Surabaya (UNESA). UNESA has been implementing online learning since...
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Dancing as an Expressive Media in the Middle of Pandemic

Setyo Yanuartuti, Warih Handayaningrum
The decrease of body immunity has occurred in everyone due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which requires people to study, work, pray and do lots of activities at home. Dancing is a medium of expression that can be used to restore immunity for choreographers. The purpose of this paper is to examine the choreographers’...
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The Implementation of the Cultural Exception Concept on the French Cinema Development and the Complexion of its Domestic Movie Theater Industry

Annisa Lazuardi Rahma, Henny Saptatia Djajati Nugrahani
The French government is committed to providing a special treatment on cultural products by implementing the Cultural Exception on the French cultural policies relating to the cultural industry such as the French cinema industry and its domestic movie theater industry. In an effort to protect the French...
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Learning Journal: A Tool to Help Students Grasp the Course Content

Ririn Pusparini, Esti Kurniasih
When all students assume that it is a difficult subject to understand, it is a teacher’s duty to find a way to solve that problem. Teacher needs to provide a tool or media to make students able to grasp materials easily, express ideas freely, and participate actively in class discussion, and learning...
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Designing WhatsApp Stickers With Madurese Cultural Identity as a Visual Communication Media to Raise Awareness of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

Naufan Noordyanto, Nugrahardi Ramadhani
The increasing number of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) cases in Island of Madura, Indonesia is not accompanied by people’s behavior to contribute in preventing its spread, such as not implementing health protocols. Therefore, the public needs to be encouraged to increase awareness about it. The research...
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Framing of COVID-19 in German and Indonesian News

Ajeng D. Kartika, dan Tri E. Lestari
News discourse concerning COVID-19 is currently a trending topic in the world since it has affected world economic sector. Moreover this pandemic that has taken place since March 2020 has become a lively headline for discussion because of the massive transmission of the virus with an increasing number...
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Vocal Class in Method Lecture During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Budi Dharmawanputra, Heri Murbiyantoro, Harpang Y. Karyawanto
The Covid-19 pandemic has affected on Vocal Class in Method lecture in the Music Study Program, Sendratasik (Drama, Dance, and Music) Department, Faculty Language and Arts (FBS), Universitas Negeri Surabaya (UNESA). Changing the lectures system from face to face meetings to an online system raises its...
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Alternative Assessment Practices and Difficulties on EFL Students’ Speaking Skill

Aminatus Sa’diyah
This study examines emerging strategies and problems of alternative assessment for the teacher. Although the concept of an alternate test or an instructor appraisal is a different assessment approach than traditional methods, speaking skill remains a good learning process. The participants of this study...
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Analysis of the Use of Japanese Jujudoushi no Tsukaikata by Students at Japan Language Department of Language and Art Faculty of Manado State University

Jourike J. Runtuwarouw
The study measures trends in errors and mistakes made by students in using the phrase Jujudoushi in Japanese. This study aims to determine students’ error level in using grammar specifically on the lexical level of the verb in the phrase Jujudoushi Japanese. This research was conducted by using descriptive...
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“Learning Freedom”: Repositioning the Teachings of Nem Sa Ki Ageng Suryomentaraman

Sri Sulistiani, Syamsul Sodiq, Mariam Ulfa
The “Learning Freedom” policy is a framework for preparing graduates with character, honest, tough, who are ready to use and relevant to the need to become prospective leaders who uphold the dignity of the nation. Students are given the freedom to develop themselves and have insight into their scientific...
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Development of Vocabulary Using Ladder Snake Game

Agusniar Dian Savitri, Kisyani Laksono, Dadang Rhubido, Made Pramono, Indra Himawan Susanto, Raras Tyasnurita
Vocabulary is the necessary foundation of a language. The introduction of vocabulary has been practiced since children learn to speak. Some new words are then known and used to enrich speech and convey their intentions. Vocabulary development becomes an essential part of language learning, besides reading...
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Ethnolinguistic in German Idiom With Plant Lexicon

Tri E. Lestari, Ajeng D. Kartika, Hespi Septiana
The purposes of the research is to to explain the culture which is reflected in the German idiom that uses the lexicon of plants. The research uses qualitative research. The data used in this study is the idiom of German dictionary named Duden Redewendungen in 2012, while the data are sentence that contain...
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Art as the Medium for Cultural Preservation Across Cultures

Hasprina Resmaniar Boru Mangoensong, Setyo Yanuartuti
Humans have their own unique way to adapt with nature. Rural people place themselves as a part of nature. However modern people place themselves as a different entity from nature and tend to dominate nature, so natural resources exploitation is inevitable. This purpose of this article is to find a concept...
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The Development of Sustainable Village Design Model Using Educative Graphic Mural on Community’s Environmental Responsibility Through the Application of Participatory Design Method

A Case Study: The Colorful Village of Kampung Cumpat Kenjeran Surabaya

Senja Aprela Agustin
The growing trend of colorful villages (kampung) in Indonesia in recent years has triggered the multiplication of this type of style or design. This model was firstly initiated at Code Village, Yogyakarta. Other similar application started to emerge in the past years, such as at Jodipan Colorful Village...
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EFL Pre-service Teachers’ Reflections on Student Teaching

Kusumarasdyati, Pratiwi Retnaningdyah
Being reflective is a prerequisite of effective teaching of English as a foreign language (EFL). Without reflecting on their own practice, it is virtually impossible for teachers to identify what they have done well and what needs to be improved. It is essential, therefore, to develop the EFL teachers’...
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Language Errors in German Class

Wisma Kurniawati, Ajeng Dianing Kartika
Language errors generally occur in foreign language learners including German learners at Universitas Negeri Surabaya. Learners make language errors both verbally and in writing, at the phonological, morphological, syntactic, grammatical, and lexical levels. Language error analysis is significant to...
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What’s in a Name? Literary Anthroponymy in Children’s Literature

Widyastuti, M.R. Nababan, Riyadi Santosa, Agus H. Wibowo, Slamet Setiawan
The aim of this study is to examine the type of characters‟ names. It encounters one of the most extreme cases in dealing with literary characters in their ontological status: are they are treated as real people or as textual format? Literary characters are created to build a plot of the story. Generally,...
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The New Normal Way in the Post-Truth Politics: Reinterpreting the Concept of New Normal in Indonesian Mainstream Daily Newspaper

Ali Mustofa
The term “the new normal” emerges in the time of the spread of the coronavirus disease pandemic in 2019 (Covid-19) in Indonesia and other various parts of the world. The terminology is interesting to study since it opens up various perspectives that head off to several important areas of people’s lives...
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Comparison of E-learning and Direct Learning Impact on Cello Major Learning During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Harpang Yudha Karyawanto, Raden Roro Maha Kalyana Mitta Anggoro, Marda Putra Mahendra
The current Covid-19 pandemic has limited all activities outside the home. This condition encourages optimal use technology as an alternative option especially in the implementation of the teaching and learning process. It is not only economic factors that are affected even the education aspect is currently...
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Monologue Development on Ludrukan Garingan Using Gaya Markeso Approach

Welly Suryandoko, I Nengah Mariasa, Prayudi Setiawan Prabowo
The final result of this study is a teaching product for drama lesson in a form of Monolog Ludrukan Garingan monolog. This study is a developmental study because it produces teaching book guidance about Ludrukan Garingan monolog using Gaya Markeso approach. The result of the material development will...
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The Use of Humor in Teaching Listening

Fithriyah Inda Nur Abida, Rahayu Kuswardani, Oikurema Purwati, Diana Budi Darma, Widyastuti
Humour is an effective teaching tool as it can encourage an atmosphere of openness, enlarge students’ diverse thinking, and develop their retention of the presented materials. Most importantly humor has been a part of our pedagogical system. Humor is applied to teach languages concerning the major skills...
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Transformation of Rinding Gumbeng Traditional Art

Vivi Ervina Dewi
Rinding gumbeng is a traditional art from Ngawen, Gunungkidul, Special Region of Yogyakarta. Truthfully, rinding gumbeng is a musical accompaniment to the rice harvest ritual ceremony. As time goes by, rinding gumbeng has both value and function transformations. This study used qualitative research methods....
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Intercultural Place e-Branding (IPB) of Travel Agent Websites in Special Region of Yogyakarta

A Computer Mediated Discourse Analysis (CMDA) Approach

Agita Risma Nurhikmawati, Sigit Ricahyono
This research aims to examine how verbal modes (words) and visual (images) are used to build e-branding, brand design and brand communication in specific, of the Special Region of Yogyakarta (Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta/ DIY) as a tourist destination for foreigners in the travel agent websites. This is...
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Access to Infrastructure in Arts Education

Learning from the Pandemic

Indah Chrysanti Angge
This research is based on the occurrence of Covid-19 pandemic in all countries which has an impact on various sectors, including in the field of education. This study illustrates how the online learning systems in graphic arts subjects whose characteristics are practical courses, and describes the supporting...
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Presupposition Used by the Student and the Lecturer

Lisetyo Ariyanti, Adam Damanhuri, Mamik Tri Wedawati, Much. Khoiri
This research conducted the presupposition used by the lecturer to respond the student’s proposal to be the student’s supervisor. Presupposition is the expression used by the speaker to give assumption to the hearer on the speech delivered by the speaker. The research had three research questions, the...
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Development of Poster as Media for the Beginner Students in Writing Class of German Department

Dwi Imroatul Julaikah, Tri Edliani Lestari, Agus Ridwan
Research development of poster is motivated by the reality of students in German Department in UNESA. In this department, Germany is taught as a foreign language. The students have problems in writing class, especially for the beginners. Based on a preliminary observation shows that the students have...
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Resistance in Rabet oder das Verschwinden einer Himmelsrichtung by Martin Jankowski

Lutfi Saksono, Fahmi Wahyuningsih, Rr. Dyah Woroharsi Parnaningroem
Rabet oder das Verschwinden einer Himmelsrichtung by Martin Jankowski presents a fictional character, but the events in this novel are authentic. This novel describes the origin of the peaceful revolution (friedliche Revolution) in East Germany from 1987-1989. At that time East Germany was under authoritarian...
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English Department Students’ Problems With Standardized English Proficiency Test

Wiwiet Eva Savitri, Ahmad Munir, Asrori, Nur Chakim
Most people think that standardized English test (SEPT) will never be a problem for English department students. Their almost every day encounter with English is seen as a benefit that makes them fluent English users. However, the fact is different. A preliminary study in an English Department in a university...
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Self-Regulated Learning Skill to Improve Students’ Writing Competence for Junior High School

Arik Susanti, Ian Puja Pratama
In the digital era, the writing skill must be mastered by students to express their opinion and ideas. To stimulate students’ awareness, motivation, belief, and knowledge of the quality of students’ writing, it can be used Self-Regulated Learning (SRL). This study aims to investigate whether SRL can...
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Building Hoax Resistant Generation at Higher Education Institution

Hendi Pratama, Widya Amalia
Hoax is defined as news which contains uncertain things or not even facts of a phenomenon. It has been studied since the 17th century and carried out in every sector. Hoax leads our young generation into misleading information and understanding. The objectives of this research are to find out students’...
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Composing Sentences Skill Using Word Card Games “Si Tera”

Dadang Rhubido, Kisyani Laksono, Agusniar Dian Savitri, Made Pramono, Indra Himawan Susanto, Raras Tyasnurita
Arranging sentences is one of the language skills that need to be practiced since elementary school. This ability is the basis for the preparation of complete writing. Covid-19 pandemic made some learning constrained, including composing sentence skills. Learning at home is somewhat different from school....
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The Use of KASINO (Synonym Word) Learning Media in the Intermediate Grammar Class of BIPA

Hespi Septiana, Masilva Raynox Mael, Tri Edliani Lestari
Learning Indonesian grammar for foreign speakers requires media that is attractive and easy to understand. One of the materials presented to Indonesian Language for foreign speakers (BIPA) students in intermediate class is the concept of equivalent words and opposite words. This study aims to describe...
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Students’ Expression of Attitude on Covid-19-Related Composition: A Study on Martin and White’s Appraisal System

Laily Maulida Septiana Harti, Kurniawati
This study investigates Attitude, one of the sub-system of Appraisal, in the students’ expository writing, especially on Covid-19-related topic. Seven student compositions from Expository and Analytical Writing course conducted in a state university in Surabaya were selected purposefully to undergo the...
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Product Development of Innovative Arts Learning Based on Local Wisdom With Copper Metal Basis

Trisakti, Mintowati, Ina I. Pratita, Indah C. Angge
This study is conducted in order to produce innovative arts learning products based on local wisdom through the product development of the Fine Arts Study Program students’ learning outcomes in the Basic Metal Craft course. This research is a development study using ADDIE model. The quality and effectiveness...
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Student’s Ideological Conflicts During Debating Practices in Language Learning: A Reflective Study

Sueb, Arik Susanti, Lina P. Hartanti, Hujuala R. Ayu
This study aims to explore the ideological conflict experienced by students during debating practices in EAP classes. As current paradigm of higher education competency demands the integration of critical thinking skills and information literacy from various perspectives and cultures in the learning...
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Graphic Organizers for Students’ Descriptive and Narrative Writing

Anis Trisusana, Arik Susanti
Writing is one of skills that must be mastered by learners to face the globalized world that they will be productive and creative. It is classroom research design since the purpose of this study was to investigate the students’ writing ability. It was conducted in one of paragraph writing classes in...
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The Effectiveness of Online Flipped Learning Based on Problem-Based Learning Model in the Language Editing Course at Indonesian Language and Literature Education Program

Prima V. Asteria, Syamsul Sodiq, Trinil D. Turistiani, Yunisseffendri
The learning system implemented in the research is a combination of online learning with the flipped learning, while the learning strategy based on problem based models. The preparation of learning materials adopts student learning needs using the Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic principles. Therefore,...
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Form, Meaning, and Function of Idiom in Basa Suroboyoan

Basa Suroboyoan is basically part of the East Java sub-dialect. Basa Suroboyoan has many peculiarities that appear in the use of lexicons, expressions, and idioms that are harsh. Even though it is seen as very harsh to standard Javanese speakers in general, the existence of Basa Suroboyoan is quite steady...
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Hygiene and Health in the Lyrics of Japanese Children’s Folk Songs

Yovinza B. Sopaheluwakan, Rusmiyati, Miftachul Amri
Hygiene and health are two things that are closely related. As a proverb that is often heard “Kebersihan adalah pangkal kesehatan”. Now, life during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are encouraged to keep the hygiene and health at least start from ourselves. Japanese children’s folk song 童謡 is a medium that...
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Analysis of Student Translation Results (Indonesian - German) in Auszug Thesis 2019

Suwarno Imam Samsul, Ari Pujosusanto, Yunanfathur Rahman
The German Language and Literature Department of Unesa requires writing a summary of the thesis in Indonesian (Abstract) and German (Auszug) to students. However, in reality, there are still many problems in the preparation of “Auszug”. Readability is still a problem that is often encountered in this...
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The Profile of Elementary School English Teachers’ Competence in Surabaya

Esti Kurniasih, Ririn Pusparini
Teaching English to young learners is different from teaching English to adults. Due to young learners’ characteristics, elementary or primary school English teachers should be very creative in implementing joyful learning for their students so that students will be able to acquire and learn the target...
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Indoglish in Social Media Platforms and Its Significance as a National Language Planning Material

Study of Language Attitudes of Young Generation in the Digital Age

Khusnul Khotimah, Farid Pribadi, Mintowati, Anas Ahmadi
Indoglish is a distinctive and unique form of language and is a blend of English and Indonesian. The purpose of this study is to describe the language attitudes of the younger generation in the digital era towards the phenomenon of indoglish in social media platforms and to expose its significance as...
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Mang-tèmang the Traditional Event of the Madurese People as a Blessing Ceremony

Eko W. Rahayu
This article aims to reveal the uniqueness of the mang-tèmang performance as a tradition of blessing ceremonies in the life of the Madurese people. The form of the performance is in the form of the activity of giving gifts in the form of money from relatives and attendees to a child during a reception...
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The Development of Main Stringed Instrument Module (Violin) for Beginner Level in the Music Study Program

Dhani Kristiandri, Vivi Ervina Dewi, Moh. Sarjoko
The main stringed instrument subject for beginner level is the first semester practicum subject in music art study program Universitas Negeri Surabaya. However, there are many obstacles in the implementation such as the variety of the students. Scale charts, etude, and songs given by the lectures which...
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Javanese E-Fairy Tale Book Design With Audio About Covid-19 as an Education for Prevention of Covid-19 Transmission in Children

Latif Nur Hasan, Sri Sulistiani, Udjang Pairin
One thing that must be protected during the Covid-19 pandemic is children. Although many experts say that children are not susceptible to this virus many children are infected and some of them die. Therefore, education is needed to prevent transmission of Covid-19 in children. Education about COVID-19...
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Humor Critical Discourse Covid-19 Countermeasures

Sugeng Adipitoyo, Adam Damanhuri, Danang Wijoyanto
The purposeof this study are to find (1) the historical andsocial contexts contained in the critical humorous discourse of the response to covid-19, (2) thediversity of power that is opposed by the critical discourse of humor against the response to covid-19, and (3) ideology that is upheld by a critical...
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Learning From Home Video Tutorial for Computer Graphic Courses

Tri C. Kusumandyoko, Fera Ratyaningrum, Siti Mutmainah
Lectures during the COVID-19 pandemic have obstacles that need to be found for practical solutions. Computer Graphics as a practicum subject in normal conditions is usually carried out by the lecturer’s direct instruction method as the tutor. This method turned out to be ineffective in the Learn From...
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Learner Autonomy in Mandarin Class

Mamik T. Wedawati, Galih Wibisono, Subandi, Urip Z. Fanani
In having good teaching-learning process and result in foreign language classes, students need to meet their being comfortable in doing all the learning process. In this situation, learner autonomy becomes one significance aspect to be considered especially since the learning process was held online....
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Is it a Must to be on Campus to Learn? Best Practice of Teaching and Learning Process in Higher Education Through Online Courses During Covid-19 Pandemic

Oikurema Purwati, Fahri
Covid-19 pandemic brings a lot of changes in all sectors of life, including in educational section. However, it is not changing the vision and mission of educational aims and objectives. This pandemic has changed the mode of teaching-learning process in all level of educational system, from beginners...
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Preparing Students for Post-COVID-19: Looking at the Bright Side

George M. Jacobs
As this paper is written in September 2020, the zoonotic-induced COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause major problems around the world, including in Education. The purpose of this paper is to suggest ways that students can prepare to turn the challenges caused by COVID-19 into positive changes for themselves,...
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Uplifting Refugee’s Capacity Through Refugees-Based NGO in Malaysia

Mashitah Hamidi
This paper explores the experiences of refugees-based NGO in managing, advocating and promoting refugee’s capacity in the host country. The main objective of this preliminary study is to analyze how this NGO plays a pivotal role in empowering refugees group to survive in the host country local setting....
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Maintaining Positive Branding of Regional Heads Amid the Covid-19 Pandemic

Agus Machfud Fauzi
Regional heads are leaders who face the people directly at the regional government level in Indonesia, in contrast to the President who is geographically distant from the people. The covid-19 attack comes suddenly, there is no long preparation process, if the regional head is unable to handle the Covid-19...
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Development of Language-Games Snakes and Ladders for Fun

Agusniar D. Savitri, Kisyani Laksono, Dadang Rhubido, Made Pramono, Indra H. Susanto, Raras Tyasnurita
In 2020, Indonesia and various other countries in the world experienced a pandemic period of the Coronavirus or COVID-19. Several policies have emerged. They are starting from the Presidential Decree of the Republic of Indonesia number 11 of 2020 concerning the determination of the public health emergency...
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Feasibility of Media for Healthy Living Patterns for Elderly Through Herbal Beverages to Prevent Covid-19 Transmission

Ahmad Bashri, Imam Marsudi, Rojil N. Bayu Aji, Kunjung Ashadi, Mukhzamilah
Corona Virus Desease 2019 (Covid-19) has become widespread as a global pandemic. One of the most vulnerable to contracting is the elderly. Educational media is needed to provide education for the elderly to avoid the Covid-19 outbreak. The purpose of this study was to determine the feasibility of a healthy...
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Supporting the Availability of the Basic Needs of Lidah Wetan Society Affected by Covid 19

Ajeng D. Kartika, Yunanfathur Rahman, Dwi I. Julaikah
The outbreak of the Covid 19 virus or what is commonly referred to by the community as the Corona virus has been declared a pandemic in Indonesia. The spread of the virus is so fast, especially in big cities, including Surabaya, with the highest number of victims infected with Covid 19 in East Java....
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The Discussion on Concept of Women Rights in Islamic Sufism

Anbreen Y. Khan, Rachmah Ida, Muhammad Saud
Sufism usually perceived as only talking or dealing with spiritual matters, basically expressing serving to mankind, and therefore, it should be examined with Islam and women rights. This articles applies the concept of Islamic feminism to analyze women’s rights in the Sufi literature. The paper presents...
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Healthy Lifestyle Physical Education Teachers Based on Physical Activity and Body Mass Index

Anung Priambodo, Vega C. Dinata, Sasminta C.Y. Hartati, Bayu B. Prakoso, Fifukha D. Khory
It has become a global agreement if physical education (PE) in schools aims to promote physical activity (PA). The PE teacher as a promoter, should have active lifestyle to be an example of what is promoted. However, the PE teacher’s body shape is still not ideal, the question is, what is their PA? This...
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Development of Emotion Management Model for Parents Worker on Facing “Study from Home”

As the Efforts to Improve Family Immunity in The Time of Covid-19

Ari khusumadewi, Yuni Lestari, Denok Setiawati, RD Putri Aisyiah, Hijrin Fithroni
The Parent problems since the social distancing period which they were applied the policy of working from home and studying at home. The work at home policy applies to ASN and several companies, while the home study policy applies to all levels of education in East Java. With this policy parents are...
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Perception of Civil Engineering Students Towards the Effectiveness of Virtual Learning Implementation During Covid-19 Pandemic

Arie Wardhono, Andang Widjaja, Didiek Purwadi, Bambang Sabariman, Arik Triarso
The Coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) epidemic is increasingly spreading throughout the world and has been declared a pandemic by world organizations. This compels educational institutions to issue a lockdown policy on-campus activities by emphasizing at online learning (virtual learning) process....
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Social Construction of Falun Dafa Practitioners in Increasing the Body’s Immunity to Prevent COVID 19 Through Cultivation Practice in East Java

Arief Sudrajat, Pambudi Handoyo, Thomas N. Aji, Sri M. Purwaningsih, Taufiq Hidayat
The corona virus pandemic, known in its scientific language as Covid-19, is currently the most deadly health threat in the world. Death rates worldwide have reached more than 1 million. Drugs to overcome this disease have not been found so that one way to fight infection with this disease is to increase...
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Drama in the Midst of A Pandemic

Arif Hidajad, Autar Abdillah, Bambang Sugito, Jajuk Dwisasanadjati, Welly Suryandoko
In times like today, the arrival of the Corona pandemic has become something that is threatening. Anxiety everywhere, feeling threatened, feeling uncomfortable, and feeling insecure are things that accompany the arrival of the pandemic. Victims fell and spread everywhere, however, if we take a deeper...
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Online Counselling Website for Student Psychological Assistance in Learning From Home

Bambang D. Wiyono, Budi Purwoko, Najlatun Naqiyah
There are several psychological problems that arise during Learning From Home (LFH), where students experience anxiety and academic stress related to online lectures. The research objective was to develop an online counselling website to provide psychological assistance during the Learning From Home...
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Organizational Effectiveness in Helping Affected Communities Covid-19

Bambang Widodo, Muzayanah, Totok Suyanto, Eko Budiyanto, Nugroho Purnomo
This research is based on field facts related to the Covid-19 pandemic that has hit Indonesia. Apart from the health side, the impacts are also economic and social. The high unemployment due to layoffs in the formal sector and the loss of informal sector jobs must be seriously addressed by the government...
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Building Student Character Through Javanese Children’s Story Dongeng Saka Magetan

Darni, Surana, Octo Dendy Andriyanto, Haris Supratno, Yunita Ernawati
This study aims to describe the character values in Javanese children’s story based on local wisdom of Magetan Regency. Character is an important aspect in education in Indonesia today. Digitalization and the flow of foreign cultures flowing like a flood have eroded the sense of patriotism, including...
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Android - Based Sport Board Games for Intellectual Disabilities

Dwi C. Kartiko, Dwi L. Juniarisca, Abdul R. S. Tuasikal, Bayu B. Prakoso, Faridha Nurhayati
This paper aims to develop suitable digital sport board games based on the android system. The system is used to improve motor performance and the creative behavior of the intellectual disabilities athletes. It also tries to evaluate the athletes’ responses in practicing the games through the derived...
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Need-Assessment of Physical Activity as an Effort to Increase Immunity During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Edy Mintarto, Bayu Agung Pramono, Yetty Septiani Mustar, Kunjung Ashadi, Mochamad Purnomo
COVID-19 has a negative impact on human immunity. The rate of patients infected to death continues to increase every day. The social restriction protocol makes people reduce activities outside the home including physical activity or sports, even though physical activity is one of the treatments in maintaining...
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Rasch and Classical Test Theory Validation of Automated Assessment Tool for Measuring Students’ Creativity in Computer Programming

Ekohariadi, Yeni Anistyasari, Ricky Eka Putra
Creative thinking is one of the skills that must be mastered by students in the 21st Century. Some students fail and do not proficient in computer programming because they have low creative thinking skills. One of the computer programming learning to increase creativity is digital storytelling. The most...
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Collaborative Entrepreneurship and Group Commitment as a Strategy for Survival in the Pandemic Covid 19: A Case Study of SMEs in Bogo Village - Bojonegoro Regency- East Java

Elsye Tandelilin, Karina C. Rani, Nikmatul I. E. Jayani, Noviaty K. Darmasetiawan
The Coronavirus (COVID-10) outbreak causes a global economic slowdown and hit hardest to micro and small businesses. Most of them are shuttered and far more experiencing financial difficulties, raising questions, how they will survive in this situation? Moringa plant is known as a beneficial plant to...
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Improving the Community Economy in the New Normal Era Through the Application of Rebahan

Eva H. Fanida, Fitrotun Niswah, Suci Megawati, Tjitjik Rahaju
The Coronavirus Disease-2019 (Covid-19) pandemic has changed the way of life of humans from something that was previously uncommon to become a normal thing and even an obligation, the current condition is canceled by the new normal conditions, where people ultimately have to live side by side with the...
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Quality of Life and Level of Physical Activity in Sports Education Students During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Faridha Nurhayati, Endang S. Wahjuni, Dony Andrijanto, Irma Febriyanti, Arifah Kaharina
This study aims to determine the quality of life and the level of physical activity of sports education students at Surabaya State University during the COVID-19 pandemic. This research is a quantitative descriptive study with a survey method. The population is all sports education students in sports...
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Children’s Education Through Artistic-Aesthetic Negotiations in Batik Motifs Making at “Untukmu Si Kecil” Foundation Jember Indonesia

Fera Ratyaningrum, Marsudi, Eko Agus Basuki Oemar, Meirina Lani Anggapuspa, Muh. Ariffudin Islam
This research focuses on the making of batik motifs for elementary school children with artistic and aesthetic as the main points in children’s education when making batik. This research is importants because (1) discusses the power of arts in educational disciplines that uses aesthetic and cultural...
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The Covid-19: Problem-Solving and Survival Way of Low-Income Families

Guntur Trimulyono, Muslimin Ibrahim, Mahanani Tri Asri, Isnawati, Lisa Lisdiana
The Indonesian government has declared the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (Covid-19) virus outbreak as a nonnatural national disaster. A healthy behavior, social, and physical distancing should be implemented to break the chain of the Covid-19 virus transmission. This research aimed to determine the problem-solving...
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Parental Engagement in Children’s Online Learning During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Abdul Hafidz, Nurhasan, Akh. Muzakki, Syafiul Anam, M. Sholeh
The emergencies caused by the covid-19 pandemic include many things, one of them is education field which have a new regulation to learn from home. However, not all parents can follow the learning process from home, because not all parents have sufficient time or qualifications to accompany their children....
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Representation of Information Literacy Skills Interpreted From GPA and Gender: A Study of Prospective Science Education Teachers

Hasan Subekti, Arindra Trisna Widiansyah, Aris Rudi Purnomo
Information Literacy Skills (ILS) is an essential component in the university in preparing generations to face global challenges. This study aims to interpret the ILS in terms of the average Grade Point Average (GPA) and gender. Participants in this Prospective Science Education Teachers (PSET) in East...