Proceedings of the 8th International Nursing Conference on Education, Practice and Research Development in Nursing (INC 2017)

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Analysis of Psychology, Social, and Immunity in HIV/AIDS Patients Who Had Been Worked as Migrant Indonesia Worker in East Java

Misutarno Misutarno, Nursalam Nursalam, Tintin Sukartini
Based on a recent study done at five Indonesia workers which infected HIV and AIDS in District Tulungagung, shows each 40% respondent is in denying and anger phase, 80% respondent in anxious social response, and 80% respondent has some CD4 under 350/µl. Design of this research is analytic descriptive...
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Implementation of work safety permit as an effort to prevent accidents at PT petrokimia gresik

Amarin Yudhana
Implementation Safety permit to be used as a form of worker control in performing high-risk jobs to suppress the risk of workplace accidents. The manufacturing sector is one of the many business sectors are classified as very susceptible to accidents. The causes of workplace accidents in the manufacturing...
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Interpersonal Interaction Between Nurse and Family to Improve The Performance of Health Center Relationship Between Dietary Habit And Menstrual Pattern With Anemia Of Adolescent In Sman 1 Ngunut Tulungagung

Eva Agustina
This study aims to determine the relationship of dietary habits and menstrual of anemia in adolescent girls in SMA Negeri 1 Ngunut Tulungagung. This research used an analytic correlation with a case control study and a quantitative approach . The sample in this study are young women aged 15 to 17 years...
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Analysis of Patient Satisfaction and Interest of Patient on Doctor Servicing Health Care Provider in the Healthcare and Social Security Agency

Sandu Siyoto, Elya Irawan Putri
Health services as health facilities for health service of first strata who responsible to carries out individual health efforts and society health efforts still minim. Good quality service will give satisfaction and interest on patient. This reseach purposed to analyze of patient satisfaction and interest...
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Early Detection Of Existence Of Ova In Nail Of Primary School Children Viewed From Personal Hygiene State Elementary School Sentul 2 In The City Blitar

Yenny Puspitasari, Maulina Nurikasari 
The general purpose of this research is to know the correlation among personal hygiene and the ova on the nails of primary school students at State Elementary School Sentul 2 of Blitar. This research is kind of analytic observation by using cross sectional methods. The population of this research is...
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The Effect of Theory of Reasoned Action Implementation on Dietary and Physical Activity Adherence in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus Type 2

Kusnanto Kusnanto, Iqlima Dwi Kurnia, Jatmiko Jatmiko Andi Rama
Most of patients with type 2 diabetes failed to follow the dietary recommendation due to lack of motivation, memory and intention. Thus, level of obedience still low. Being physically active requires a combination of difficult tasks such huge expenditure of effort, and continued persistence (McAuley...
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Family Experience in Caring for HIV Positive-Indonesian Migrant Workers: A Phenomenological Study

Nursalam Nursalam, Ninuk Dian Kurniawati, Abu Abu Bakar, Tintin Sukartini
This study aimed to investigate the experience of family and relative of Indonesian migrant workers to take care of their family members who are HIV-infected. Method. This study employed a phenomenological hermeneutics methodology. Data were gathered from 9 respondents who were primary carers of HIV-infected...
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Optimizing of Family Support in Improving Resilience of Cervical Cancer Client Post Radikal Hysterectomy and Bilateral Salpingo Oophorectomy Which is Getting Chemotherapy

Esti Yunitasari
Cervical cancer is now still being first ranked and highest cause of death among cancers in women in Indonesia with the highest incidence at 27 percent. Various side effects occur as a result of cervical cancer treatment. Effective coping for increasing the resilience of cervical cancer patients is necessary...
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Mind-Body-Spiritual Nursing Care in Intensive Care Unit

Ninuk Dian Kurniawati, Suharto Suharto, Nursalam Nursalam
The fast-paced and high technology environment coupled with high acuity and life-threatening patient conditions in intensive care unit (ICU) have led the nurse focused on professional competence and technical skills to maintain a stable physiological condition. This may result in negligence of other...
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Role Provider In Increasing Of Early Initiation Of Breastfeeding Covered To Mother Of Sectio Caesarea In Hospital

Sestu Retno Dwi Andayani, Nursalam Nursalam, Budi Budi Santoso
Early Initiation of Breastfeeding in the process of labor in Section Caesarean (SC) is rarely implemented because of pain from the surgical wound, the effect of anesthesia, discomfort mother, and yet the milk discharge after surgery. The purpose of the research was to create a model of comfort nursing...