Proceedings of the 1st International Conference Of Education, Social And Humanities (INCESH 2021)

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Application Interactive Learning Media in Macromedia Flash 8 to Improve Learning Outcomes of Fiqh Lesson

Agus Budiman, Nurul Salis Alamin, Riza Ashari, Putri Hilmiyah Fahirah Absantik
Learning Outcomes is best part of learning process. Optimal learning outcomes the facile from good learning process. The one of important components in the teaching and learning process is the learning media. Learning media program that can be benefited is the application of Macromedia Flash 8 based...
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Implementation of Constructivist Learning in Online Learning at the PPKn Universitas Muhammadiyah Ponorogo Study Program

Ambiro Puji Asmaroini, Hadi Cahyono, Prihma Sinta Utami
The purpose of this study is to understand the implementation of constructivist learning in bold learning at the PPKn Study Program, Muhammadiyah University of Ponorogo. This study uses a descriptive approach with qualitative research methods. A descriptive qualitative approach, namely describing the...
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Building Students’ Character in an ICT-based Learning; Does it matter? ICT, Character Education, and Listening Instruction

Ana Maghfiroh, Margana, Dyah Setyowati Ciptaningrum, Erna Andriyanti
The need to integrate Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and character education (CE) is widely issued in education, especially in the Indonesian curriculum. However, a challenge to integrate both ICT and CE simultaneously in language education has not much been explored. The present study...
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Management and Sustainability Challenges of Early Childhood Education Institutions in Pandemic Era

Anik Lestariningrum
A new life must be carried out in all aspects, including adjusting to the new order of all levels of education, including early childhood education institutions. The biggest problem is the sustainability of the organization and the continuity of early childhood to continue the education process at the...
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The Urgency of Interregional Cooperation for the Development of New Areas: Studies in Indonesia

Ardhana Januar Mahardhani, Sunarto, Sulton
The concept of autonomy that is still running brings enormous benefits for districts to develop their regions according to their existing potential. Although there are still many districts in Indonesia that are stagnant in the development and development of new areas, districts tend to wait for instructions...
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The Implementation of Local Wisdom-Based Audio-Visual Media to Improve Cultural Literacy in Elementary Schools

Ari Metalin Ika Puspita, Udin Syaefudin Saud, Vismaia S Damayanti, Nanda William, Angga Setiawan
Education plays an important role in determining whether a country can be said to be developing or vice versa. Education is needed by every human being as a means for developing the values that exist within them, such as social, moral, religious and cultural values. Based on the results of observations...
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Detection of Student Learning Styles Using the Index of Learning Style

Arief Hidayat, Kusworo Adi, Bayu Surarso
Detection of student learning styles is needed to determine the level of motivation and learning performance of a student. In addition, for teachers, it is useful to prepare various kinds of learning materials in various media to accommodate these different student learning styles. To detect student...
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Language, Symbolic Violence and COVID-19 Vaccination Policies in the Virtual Arena

Arief Nuryana, Andrik Purwasito, Pawito, Sudarmo
The language that netizens echo or tweet via Twitter is not without meaning. Interpreting the subtle vibrations of society in the virtual world of Twitter must be carried out continuously and continuously so as not to lose the trend which is always moving, developing, and dynamic. This study examines...
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Analysis of Students’ Learning Independent During Online Learning (During the Covid-19 Pandemic)

Arta Ekayanti
Independent learning is a condition where students have control over their own learning. This is very essential when we in the new normal era, considering that independent learning affects the success of learning activities. This study investigated students’ learning independence and then presents the...
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The Use of Smartphone-Based K4P Citizenship E-Learning as Civic Literacy Strengthening in Civic Education Courses

Arum Putri Pertiwi, Iffah Nurhayati
The selection of smartphone-based e-learning media in civic education courses is a learning medium used to strengthen civic literacy. This article us a qualitative approach with a descriptive type. The data obtained through interviews via google forms and literature studies on maintaining civic literacy...
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Wayang Pegon: The Way Malang People Embrace Differences

Astrid Wangsagirindra Pudjastawa, Yudit Perdananto, Helmy Bastian
In Malang, ther is one of the sub-Wayang Jawatimuran genres, namely Wayang Pegon or commonly known as Wayang Gado-Gado, which is the wayang genre that was born in the 1970s as a way for Malang puppets to survive. This study aims to determine the existence of Wayang Pegon among Malang people and preventive...
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Construction of Malang Leather Puppet Show

Astrid Wangsagirindra Pudjastawa, Yudit Perdananto
Pedalangan Gaya Malang / Malang Leather Puppet Show commonly called Wayang Malangan in its development becomes sub dominant when compared to Surakarta or Yogyakarta. Wayang Malangan is often said to have complimented the writing of the two main genres in the world of puppetry. As a result, many lay people...
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Development of Learning Media Based Android “Tretan BIPA” for Cultural Learning Materials in BIPA Interest Class of Indonesian Language and Literature Education Program, Trunojoyo Madura University

Ayyu Subhi Farahiba
This research aims to develop learning media based Android for cultural learning materials, especially Madura culture in BIPA interest classes in the Indonesian Language and Literature Education Program. This media is used to facilitate BIPA class students in preparing teaching materials, especially...
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Establishment of Student Entrepreneur Characters in Elementary School During the Covid-19

Badawi, Agung Prihatmojo, Sigit Suharjono
This study aims to determine the integration of entrepreneurship education in the formation of entrepreneurial character during the Covid-19 pandemic. The methodology used in this study is a qualitative method. The technique of determining the subject with certain criteria (purposive sampling) is 5 teachers...
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Cultivating Young Learners’ Creativity Through Story Telling in Remote Learning

Betharia Sembiring Pandia
During COVID 19 pandemic, all teaching and learning process seem to be changed a lot in terms of teacher-student interaction, teaching method, assessment and so on. Despite of the changes, teachers are urged to manage themselves to cope with this situation. One of the most eseential thing is to find...
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Development of The Entrepreneurship Mentoring Model with The Great Technopreneur Principles for UMKM Affected by Covid-19 in Gunungkidul Regency

Catarina Wahyu Dyah Purbaningrum, Afriyanti, Hadi Cahyono
The purpose of this research is to: (1) develop the entrepreneurship mentoring model based on The Great Technopreneur (TGT) that is feasible to apply to UMKM affected by Covid-19; and (2) produce TGT-based entrepreneurship mentoring materials for UMKM. This research is research and development (R&D)...
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Emergency Remote Teaching Practices in the Perspective of Cognitive Load of Multimedia Learning Theory

Daniel Ginting, Yusawinur Barella, Andini Linarsih, Ross Woods
The pandemic period encourages educators to adapt to various models of digital platforms. To promote learning, effective instruction delivery via multimedia should take into account how students process information. This study aims to make a sketch of how teachers teach students of higher education in...
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The Teacher’s Efforts to Train a Small Percentage of Unemployed Student’s Self-sufficiency in Facing a Normal New Life in SLB C Pertiwi Ponorogo

Defi Firmansah, Hari Guswantoro, Neri Wijayanti, Syarifah
Each child needs an education that matches his physical and psychological circumstances. Special needs children require special care to get the education their needs. For the special needs of the tunagrahita, the most important education is to exercise their independence, such as the ability to clean...
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Parents’ Roles in STEAM Learning in Early Childhood

Dian Kristiana
This study aims to describe the role of parents in STEAM learning in early childhood. The research method used in this study is a qualitative research with the method of observation, interviews and documentation about the role of parents in implementing STEAM learning in children aged 5-6 years. The...
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Critical Discourse Analysis of “Answer To Non Muslims Common Questions About Islam” by Using Norman Fairclough

Diyah Atiek Mustikawati
The purpose of this study is to decribe the e-book translation of D Zakir Naik on answer to non muslim coomon question about Islam with the approach of critical discourse analysis Norman Fairclough. The study included text analysis (description), discourse practice (interpretation), and social practice...
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The Leadership of the Regent of Madiun in Developing Madiun Regency as a Pesilat Village

Dony Adi Saputra, Ismi Dwi Astuti Nurhaeni, Kristina Setyowati
The leadership factor has an important role in carrying out activities and running an area. Regional culture has a function to be able to unite every human/society of various characters in order to realize the vision and mission of its leadership. Madiun Regency has declared its territory as a fighter...
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The Role of Parents in Motivating the Children in Online Learning of Candimas 3 Public Elementary School North Lampung in Covid-19 Pandemic

Elizar, Dewi Sri Kuning, Agung Prihatmojo
Covid-19 pandemic is very dangerous for human health in all over the world. The effort in breaking the virus chain have been done by doing social distancing with many roles, including the online learing for the students. Online learning needs more roles from the parents. They are hoped can change to...
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Organizational Communication Conflict Analysis in Contact Center Hai (Help Answer Improve) of the Ministry of Finance, Indonesia

Erys Al Fauzi Minhando, Andre Noevi Rahmanto, Sudarmo
There are several types of information services run by the HAI (Help, Answer, Improve) Contact Center of the Ministry of Finance, namely ticket email, call center, chat, and social media. There is a fact that the number of new policies regarding the service system and financial regulations at the beginning...
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The Urgency of the Prenuptial Agreement as an Early Marriage Agreement

Ferry Irawan Febriansyah, Alfalachu Indiantoro, Wafda Vivid Izziyana
This research aims to give rights to the prospective husband and wife who are going to get married to protect their property before getting married. The pre-marriage agreement actually aims to protect each individual as a legal subject whose rights are protected. The Prenuptial Agreement is an interesting...
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Batu City Government Decision Making Regarding the Opening of Tourism Objects During the Pandemic

Fitri Amalia Sari, Sudarmo, Didik G. Suharto
Batu City is one of the cities in East Java that has earned the nickname a tourist city because it has natural beauty and various tourist destinations. The tourism sector is the largest contributor to local revenue (PAD) in Batu City. However, the Covid 19 pandemic has an impact on the tourism industry,...
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The Implementation of Homeland Loving Education Character by the Students of Civic Education Universitas Muhammadiyah Ponorogo

Hadi Cahyono, Ariefa Efianingrum, Marzuki
This research aims to know the implementation of Homeland Loving education character by the civic education students Universitas Muhammadiyah Ponorogo. The method used is descriptive qualitative. The study focused on the implementation of Homeland Loving education character, civic education students,...
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Internalizing the Value of Pancasila Local Wisdom Based on the Saprahan Tradition Strengthening the Character of the Nation

Hasmika, AR Endang Danial
Character is unique values, manifested by a person’s personality which is formed from the internalization of various policies that are believed and used as a way of seeing, thinking, behaving, acting in everyday life. Seeing that recently character problems have tended to decline, marked by cases of...
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Development of Pancasila Based on Science and Technology in Building A New World Order Era Pandemic Covid-19

Hassan Suryono, Bekti Utomo
A number of positive confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Indonesia continue to increase fastly. The Covid-19 pandemic has a significant impact on people’s lives. Several values and norms must be restructured to produce a social system in building a new world order in the era of the Covid-19 pandemic. This...
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Understanding of Islamic Worldview as Basis for Islamization of Science

Heru Saiful Anwar, Safiruddin Al Baqi, Moh Alwi Yusron
Muslim scholars have tried to discuss many topics and issues in order to answer the main problems of the Ummah through an Islamic perspective. However, in the Islamic context, at this time it is still unclear the separation between branches of science or disciplines that study issues from the Islamic...
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Mobilizing Village-Owned Enterprises (BUMDes) Through Affirmative Development Policies in Rural Areas

Hikmah Nuraini, Endang Larasati, Sri Suwitri, Hari Susanta Nugraha
BUMDes is a means of improving the welfare of the people in rural areas by developing the village economy. BUMDes is a government affirmative policy that aims to mobilize a socially just rural community economy. Data was collected through interviews, observation, and documentation. The method used to...
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Collaborative Problem-Solving Instrument for Assessing Student’s Problem-Solving Ability: Initial Development and Validation

Ikhfan Haris, Arfan Arsyad, Muhammad Sarlin
The purpose of the study is to develop an instrument of Collaborative problem solving for assessing the student’s problem-solving ability. Collaborative problem solving is a critical competency of the 21st century for student and career readiness. To assess student skill in Collaborative problem solving,...
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Using a Smartphone Application (Notes) to Improve Math Learning Outcomes in Online Learning During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Intan Sari Rufiana, Wahyudi, Dwi Avita Nurhidayah
The COVID-19 epidemic has wreaked havoc on many systems, including education and the learning process. During this epidemic, the learning process, which was originally face-to-face, demands teachers/lecturers to adapt in order to provide engaging learning. The essential element that must be prioritized...
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Gender Responsive Implementation in Village Government

Isna Fitria Agustina, Lailul Mursyidah, Hendra Sukmana
Justice and gender equality in all aspects of development are indicators of good governance, including village governance. This is evidenced by the existence of indicators of development success in the form of the Gender Development Index (IPG) and the Gender Empowerment Index (IDG). Gender Mainstreaming...
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Mathematical Problem Solving in Terms of Digital Literacy Ability

Karsoni Berta Dinata, Masitoh, Windo Dicky Irawan, Darwanto, Junaidi
Solution of mathematical problem needed creativity in determining the problem solving strategy. Creativity that is usually done when dealing with a problem is by searching for information related to the problem on the internet. This study aims to describe solving mathematical problems in terms of digital...
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The Development of Electronic Teaching Materials for Learning ICT on Language Teaching During Covid-19 Pademic

Khusnul Khotimah, Rini Susilowati
This article is an article on the results of research on the development of ICT on Language Teaching teaching materials in the form of an electronic book (e-book) with an electronic publication file format (epub) for online learning during Covid-19 pandemic. The method used is the method of research...
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Development of “Pa Asik” Flashcard Gaming Media as a Prevention of Physical Violence in Children 4-6 Years in Dki Jakarta

Kibitiah, Susianty Selaras Ndari
This study aims to develop a product in the form of flashcard game media for children aged 4-6 years. The research and development method (Research and Development) with the ASSURE model is used. The “PA ASIK” flashcard game media was developed as an effort to prevent violence against children aged 4-6...
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Analysis of Education Sector Policies During the Covid 19 Pandemic: A Literature Review

Koento P.N. Irianto, Kristina Setyowati, Rino Ardhian Nugroho
The Covid 19 pandemic hitting the world, especially Indonesia, has affected many sectors, including the economy, health, education, and many more. This research focuses on the impact of the Covid 19 pandemic on the education sector and the steps taken by the government to continue education during a...
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Optimizing Human Resources Development in the Era of Industrial Revolution 4.0

Lilis Sri Sulistiani, Muslih Faozanudin
The rapid development of technology affects various sectors including changes in service orientation in the public sector towards the digital era. This change requires qualified human resources. This study aims to analyze competence as a means of optimizing human resource development in the era of industrial...
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Issues in Coaching and Mentoring in Basic Training for Civil Servant Candidates: A Qualitative Study

Lisa Nazifah
Coaching dan mentoring are widely used as learning methods not only for private employees but also for civil servant candidates. Before becoming a civil servant in any Government institution in Indonesia, one should participate in compulsory training named Basic Training. Based on Regulation of the Head...
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The Concept of a Cultural Playground for Implementing Patriotism in Early Childhood

M. Fadlillah, Ida Yeni Rahmawati, Rendy Setyowahyudi
The development of playgrounds for early childhood continues to progress on a regular basis. Various playground models have been developed to stimulate early childhood growth and development. Unfortunately, no playgrounds exist that specifically introduce Indonesian culture. Whereas the introduction...
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Conflict Resolution on Martial Arts Organization Through Collaborative Governance: A Case Study in Timor Leste

Manuel Ximenes, Sudarmo, Kristina Setyowati
Conflicts involving members of martial arts organizations can be seen as a common phenomenon due to various factors. One of the contributing factors is the military-political crisis as well as the eastern and western racial conflict so-called “Lorosa’e no Loromonu” that occurred in 2006. Besides, the...
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Efforts of the Language Village Forum in Strengthening the Disciplinary Character of Course Participants During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Maqrifa Wahyu Perdana, Marzuki
The Language Village Forum (FKB) as an organization that houses course institutions must be able to guarantee safety and security for the surrounding community and newcomers who come to English Village to take language courses during the Covid-19 pandemic. This study aims to describe the efforts of the...
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Implementation of National Instrument and Bangkok Rules During the Pandemic Period Through Hydroponics Skills Training by Bandung Women’s Penitentiary

Markus Marselinus Soge, Denny Nazaria Rifani
Coaching is the main breath in the state’s treatment of inmates. Under the provisions of the national instrument and the Bangkok Rules, female inmates undergo self-reliance coaching related to comprehensive gender job skills training. Inmates at the Bandung Women’s Penitentiary were given self-reliance...
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The Most Contributing Factor on Indonesian Early Primary Students Resilience During Pandemic COVID-19

Muhibuddin Fadhli, Rochmat Aldy Purnomo, Deka Dyah Utami, Betaria Hastuti, Sylvester Arnab, Katherine, Richard, Dominic Mahon
Since the Indonesian government declared an emergency status for the pandemic in early March 2020, changes to the online learning system have occurred and are being implemented massively in Indonesia. The policy requires students to have the ability to survive (resilience) during changes in the learning...
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The Students’ Strategies to Engage with Extensive Reading

Niken Reti Indriastuti, Diyah Atiek Mustikawati
Extensive reading (ER) is an approach of learning reading which is usually regarded as the opposite of intensive reading. Extensive reading is an independent reading in which the learners read the material they choose themselves. The principle of extensive reading is letting the readers choose the reading...
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The Development on Material Aspect of Mobile Learning Media Laboratorium Tafsir Sains (Labtafsin)

Niken Sylvia Puspitasari, Ahmad Fadly Rahman Akbar, Hanifah Amini, Ahmad Shafwansyah
Scientific Interpretation is a way to study kauniyah verse by integrating the Qur’anic verse with the theory of Science. Along with the times, learning techniques and methods have shifted from the traditional pattern; teacher-center learning to technology-based learning that places students as the main...
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Fun and Innovative Literature Learning

Ninawati Syahrul
The need for teaching literature in schools is a necessity, including in triggering and encouraging students to love reading. For this reason, superior literary works need to be introduced in improving the literacy skills of students. The purpose of this study is to describe and apply a new paradigm...
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Online Learning Implementation with Digital Media in Elementary School

Nur Samsiyah, Sarwiji Suwandi, Andayani, Raheni Suhita
Although there have been many studies on learning in the pandemic era and the new normal era, there is still little evidence to suggest that the implementation of learning can be done online by implementing digital media effectively. The purpose of this study is to explain the implementation of digital...
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Arabic Language Learning Design Through Smart Apps Creator Applications

Nurul Abidin, Syamsul Arifin
The digital era is a time when all aspects of life can be done digitally. This period is sustainable and endless. Human want it themselves because they want everything to be done practically, efficiently. The same thing goes for education aspects. Students and all academicians want practical, conducive,...
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Zoya Herawati’s Authorship: Is It Agency and Construction of Canon Literary Reproduction?

Nurul Khurriyah, Setya Yuwana Sudikan, Tengsoe Tjahjono, Suhartono, Udjang Pairin, Darni
This study aims to track the rate of Zoya Herawati’s authorship in accumulating her capital in order to gain legitimacy as an influential author. Her works Prosesi (1999), Derak-Derak (2005), short story Warisan (2005) and novel Jamaloke (2018) repeatedly showing unpopular polemics. Narratives about...
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The Social Innovation of the Prototype of Local Culture of Wayang Golek Reyog Ponorogo

Prihma Sinta Utami, Sulton, Betty Yulia Wulansari
The local culture of wayang golek (rod puppet) Reyog Ponorogo is one of the new innovations in the field of culture by collaborating between wayang golek and Reyog Ponorogo arts. This article aimed to describe and explain one of the social innovation efforts of the local culture of Reyog Ponorogo which...
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Thinking Process of Skeptical Students on Hoax

Purna Bayu Nugroho, Rulik Setiani, Venty Meilasari
This study aims to find out the thinking process of students skeptical at hoaxes in terms of assimilation and accommodation framework. The research method used was descriptive qualitative. The data was collected through tests and interviews. The subjects of this study were students of Muhammadiyah Kotabumi...
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Maintaining Students’ Extrinsic Motivation in Online Learning: Teachers’ Problem

Rana Azzahro’, Ana Maghfiroh, Niken Reti Indriastuti
As one of the affective variables, motivation appears as predictor of the performance in a foreign language learning. One of them on the extrinsic motivation of the teacher. However, some teachers have difficulty maintaining the enthusiasm and motivation of students in learning, one of which is in an...
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The Actualization of Civic Education in Strengthening Youth Generation State Defense Spirit

Ratu Aulia, Cecep Darmawan
The state defense is an obligation that must be carried out by all citizens. Entering the third millennium the flow of information quickly enters Indonesia and makes everything easier, this also harms the inclusion of external values that are incompatible with Indonesia’s character which has become an...
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Evaluation of Surabaya Smart City Implementation in Realizing Smart Government, Smart Economy, Smart Environment, Smart Living, Smart People, and Smart Mobility

Rizky Purna Aji Galih Pangestu, Desiderius Priyo Sudibyo, Rino Ardhian Nugroho
The Surabaya government policy which is called a “smart city” is a manifestation of the implementation of the E-government program in Surabaya. Regional innovation aims to improve the performance of local governments in the digital era. The target of these regional innovations is directed at accelerating...
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Living Qur’an Curriculum Development for Gifted Student in Primary School

Saeful Anam, Ahmad Zaenuri
This article aims to explain the construction of the Living Quran curriculum in the learning process for gifted students in elementary schools; and identify the outputs resulting from the development of the living Qur’an curriculum for gifted students in elementary schools. The main problem of this research...
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Anger and Control in Islamic Education

Saiful Anwar, Muchamad Adam Basori, Samsirin, Sintya Kartika Prameswari
The long period of the Covid 19 pandemic has an impact on the mental condition of people who are easily emotional and angry. The phenomenon of anger, insults, and bullying spreads in many lines of life and even destruction and murder occur to close people and even loved ones. Surprisingly, learning about...
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Improving Students’ Metacognitive Ability Through Multisensory Learning in Primary Schools

Sigit Dwi Laksana, Ayu Wulansari, Lilis Sumaryanti
Elementary school-age children experience a phase called formal operations, as stated by Jean Piaget in his theory of child cognitive development. Where at this stage the child begins to learn thoroughly involving all his five senses, and in the learning process the child needs something concrete and...
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Phonology and Pronunciation Improvement (Students’ Perspective)

Siti Asiyah, Ana Maghfiroh
Speaking English fluently and correctly is very important and needed in this globalization era. This is a great opportunity for a student of literature and English education to play a role in the development and improvement of the community’s ability to speak English. English Education students as prospective...
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The Development of Learning Models I Am Proud of Indonesia in My Waterland (Abita Learning) to Improve Understanding the Rights of Obligations and Attitudes Thinking Critical Students in Sman 8, Depok City

Sri Rahayu Pudjiastuti, Muhamad Sutisna, Suidat, Pat Kurniati, Etty Kasmiyati
I am proud of Indonesia my homeland (Abita Learning) learning model to apply to understand the concept of rights & obligations and critical thinking attitude because “this Abita Learning model can generate student activities to improve student understanding”. The purpose of this Research and Development...
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Building the Value of Mining Company Through a Financial Fundamental Theory Approach: Experience in Indonesia

Sriyono, Dany Putri Ekawati
Previous researchers have researched mining quite a lot, but the study has a lot of theorizing on production, optimization, and risk. Research on the condition of the Company’s economic micro has not done much before. This study aims to know and analyze Net Profit Margin, Earnings Per Share, and Growth...
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Strengthening Student National Insight Through Kemuhammadiyahan Courses

Sulton, Ardhana Januar Mahardhani, Sunarto
This study aims to identify and describe the role of the Kemuhammadiyahan course in strengthening the national insight of the students of the Pancasila and Civic Education Departmen at the Muhammadiyah University of Ponorogo. This research is a qualitative research with data collection methods in the...
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Critical Discourse Analysis in Cyber Media “Penanganan Covid-19 ala Jokowi: Penolak Vaksin Dijerat Pidana”

Sumarno, Sri Widayati, Dewi Ratnaningsih
Writing is the result of someone’s creative process that contains certain ideas. The writer’s ideas in an article will show the attitude he has. The environment is one of the factors that shape the author’s opinion in work. The theme chosen is clearly a theme that is often heard by a writer. News about...
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Actualization of Pancasila Values with Strengthening Anti-Corruption Education in School

Sumaryati, Lisa Retnasari
Pancasila values are abstract, general universal, but cannot be changed. Actualization of Pancasila values in all aspects of social, national and state life. The implementation of Pancasila values can be maximized if it is adjusted to policies that are solutions to problems faced by the nation and state....
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Analysis of Online Learning Policy for Citizenship Education Subject Teachers in Digital Literacy Development

Sunarto, Sutrisno, Ambiro Puji Asmaroini
This study aims to determine the online learning policies by educational institutions, both their implementation and their impact on Citizenship Education teachers in the development of digital literacy. This research method uses qualitative research with an analytic study approach to Civics subject...
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The Role of PPKN Teachers in Growth State Attitude of Class IX Students at Sman 1 Wonogiri, Wonogiri District

Suyahman, Indri Octavia
The purpose of this study was to obtain an overview of the role of PPKn teachers in fostering the attitude of state defense of students at SMA Negeri 1 Wonogiri. This type of research is descriptive qualitative, with the research subjects: PPKn teachers and grade IX students at SMA Negeri 1 Wonogiri...
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The Influence of Religiosity on the Resilience of Class 1 Students Intensive at the Darussalam Gontor Ponorogo Modern Islamic Boarding School

Taufik Rizki Sista, Wahyu Putranto, Abu Darda
The aims of this research is to discover the influence of religiosity toward resilient ability of student class one experiment in Gontor main campus. The research hypothesis assumed that the class 1 intensive students at the Pondok Modern Darussalam Gontor Ponorogo have a high level of religiosity, so...
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Kohesivity of Pancasila Village Based on Local Wisdom Values (Phenomenologi Studies at Balun Village, Lamongan Indonesia

Timo Cahyo Nugroho
Balun Village, Turi District, Lamongan Regency, has a predicate as Pancasila village. The predicate is given not without reason, because balun village can be said as a miniature of diversity from Indonesia. In this village there are at least three religious communities, namely Islam, Christianity and...
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The Transformation of Accounting Profession Qualifications in The New Normal Era

Titi Rapini, Rizki Listyono Putro
The accountant is one of the important elements in a company, namely processing business activity data into managerial and financial strategic information. The COVID-19 pandemic has a negative impact on all aspects of life, including the accountant. With the COVID-19 pandemic, accounting principles under...
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The Value of the Saprahan Tradition in the Sambas Malay Community as a Strengthening National Identity

Tri Utami, Suharno
The Indonesian nation is a nation having a variety of religions, ethnicities, races, cultures, customs, and traditions spreaded throughout Indonesia. The diversity of Indonesia is wealth as well as a blessing that must be preserved for the Indonesian people. The purpose of this study is to describe the...
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Leadership Study in Managing Social Capital in Flood Disaster Management in Madiun District

Triambodo Andi Kristantiya, Sudarmo, Desiderius Priyo Sudibyo
The biggest obstacle in controlling and mitigating floods is the lack of participation and awareness of the community in managing the surrounding environment. The lack of management can be seen from the function of the drainage system that is not running well, such as rivers or gutters that are clogged...
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Critical Discourse Analysis on Difficulties in Teaching English Skills During Pandemic: Indonesian’s English Lecturers Perspectives

Triastama Wiraatmaja
This research aims to discover the most difficult English skills to teach during pandemic that compelled education system to shift to online teaching from the perspectives of English lecturers in Indonesia. Those English skills are; speaking, writing, listening, and reading. This research employed survey...
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The Village Government Efforts to Reduce Poverty in Nganjuk Regency

Trimurti Ningtyas, Binti Mutafarida, Anisa Wulandari
The village government, as the policy holder, plays a major role in controlling the poverty rate. The purpose of this study was to determine the role of the village government effort in reduce poverty in the village of Sekarputih. This research uses qualitative research methods with descriptive approaches....
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Philosophical Juridical Study About the Rights of Freedom of Public Prevention

Freedom to express opinions in public is a human right guaranteed by the 1945 Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which in its implementation often creates problems, gets stuck in problems of law enforcement or human rights violations. The following research aims to answer two...
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Relevance of the Characteristics of Realistic Mathematics Education in Mathematics Learning in the New Normal Era

Uki Suhendar
In realistic mathematics learning, students acquire concepts based on their experiences which are then linked to mathematics. The characteristics of RME include use of context, use of models, student contributions, interactivity, and intertwinment. In Indonesia, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, mathematics...
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Fitting Scientific Approach Teaching Models to Higher Order Thinking Skill: Problematic in Indonesian Language Classes at Schools in Madiun

V. Teguh Suharto, Dwi Setiyadi, Nur Samsiyah, Tri Wahyuni Chasanatun
The learning process in schools must be carried out by applying scientific approaches based on higher order thinking skill. Paying attention to this policy, teachers can apply various innovative learning models. The implementation of scientific approach - based models with higher order thinking skill...
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Humanical Values and Enviromental Values in the Folklore at the Region Bringin District, Ngawi Regency Literary Ecocritic Approach

Vinsca Sabrina Claudia, Sarwiji Suwandi, Nugraheni Eko Wardani
Folklore is obtained from community stories that connect events by providing expressions of interest and need as a characteristic of certain group. Furthermore, it has a relationship between local elements and environmental conservation by showing concern as a symbol of awareness and strengthening the...
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Citizenship Education Challenges in Border Areas: A Case Study in Sebatik Island, Nunukan Regency, North Kalimantan Province

Wahyudi, Idrus Affandi, Cecep Darmawan
Citizenship Education is an Education of Nationalism and Patriotism that aims to form a smart and good Citizen. However, the Border Area is a vulnerable area experiencing a weakening of nationalism because of its location that has direct access to neighboring countries. Among the border areas of the...
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Exploring Mathematics Education Students Presentation Skills in Differential Equation Assignment Through Online Learning

Wasilatul Murtafiah, Marheny Lukitasari, Nurcholif Diah Sri Lestari
Presentation skills are one of the skills that prospective mathematics teachers must possess because they support pedagogical competence. Pedagogical competence is one aspect of teacher professional competence that is important for future teacher candidates. This study aimed to explore the presentation...
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The Mewarei Kindship System in Lampung Pepadun

Windo Dicky Irawan, Juhardi Basri Karsoni, Berta Dinata
This article was written to describe the form of the Lampung Pepadun community kinship system related to traditional inheritance in Kotabumi, North Lampung. Of course, the data in this study are kinship groups related to the Mawarei custom in the people of Lampung, Pepadun, Kotabumi, North Lampung. The...
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The Use of Think Pair Share Model to Improve Stundents’ Skill in Writing Persuasive Paragraph at Elementary Teacher Education of Universitas Muhammadiyah Kotabumi Academic Year 2020/2021

Yasinta Mahendra, Berta Apriza, Rohmani
This study to describe whether there is an increase in the ability write persuasive paragraphs in PGSD Muhamadiyah University students after the Think Pair Share learning model is applied. Is there an increase in the ability to write persuasive paragraphs after participating in learning to write persuasive...
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Contribution of Citizenship Education in Developing Civic Skills to Face 4.0 Era During the Pandemic in Indonesia

Yayuk Hidayah, Nufikha Ulfah, Anis Suryaningsih
Opportunities and challenges in the era 4.0 and new normal are sporadically scattered in various aspects of human life, including in the field of education. Citizenship Education as one of the subjects with the nuances of embodiment of good citizens in Indonesia is taking part in contributing to face...
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Law Etiquette; The Paradigm of Legal Protection

Yogi Prasetyo, Aries Isnandar, Ucuk Agiyanto, Surisman
This article aims to explain law development in Indonesia as well as the legal behavior as a paradigm of legal protection. This article applies a sociological research method with a legal philosophical approach. The results of the research showed that the development of law in Indonesia depends on particular...