Proceedings of the 45th International Philological Conference (IPC 2016)

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General and special features of Mongolian etiological narratives

Dmitrii Nosov
Among the Mongolian peoples living in the territory of Mongolia, Russia and China, are widely used texts from the genre designation of "domog-lger" (Mong: tales-legends). Under this name hides so-called etiological or explanatory tales, popular around the world. They accumulate different views on the...
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Expedition in Margaritovo (Azov sea region): studies of "former Arnauts"

Alexander Novik
Etnolinguistic field work in Rostov on Don region (village Margaritovo) was organized in 2015. The materials of this expedition are focused on ethnic identity of local population in the border of Russia and Ukraine, traditional culture, popular medicine, etc.
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Visual images in "The House, in Which..." novel by Mariam Petrosyan

Ksenia Overina
This paper examines some aspects of Mariam Petrosyan's "The House, in Which..." novel's poetics and reception. One of the major characteristics of this novel is that it is full of visual images, striking metaphors, memorable descriptions. At the same time, this text contains a lot of gaps, ambiguities....
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Combinatorial Properties of German Idioms: a Corpus Study

Irina Parina
The present paper deals with the combinatorial properties of idioms as one of the issues of constructing the new German-Russian dictionary of idioms based on corpus data. Corpus data analysis makes it possible to find subtle semantic differences between idioms closely related in meaning, to choose equivalents...
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Speech production: emocio vs racio

Larisa Piotrovskaya
The analysis of emotional and rational evaluation interaction in speech production is based on L. S. Vygotsky's psychological theory and his concept of the "dynamic semantic system". The dynamics of semantic system is analyzing at the following stages: motivation, general conceptualizing and semantic...
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On relative chronology of the fall of jers, rise of new jat' (/ê/) and close-mid /ô/ in Old Russian

Mikhail Popov
The paper discusses controversial problems of relative and absolute chronology of the fall of the jers and the rise of the new jat' and close-mid /ô/ in South Old Russian dialects. Not only the principles of diachronic phonology but the Old Russian written records of the 12th c. corroborate the...
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Utopia discord: the problem of boundary in Frank Wedekind's short story 'Mine-Haha, or On the Bodily Education of Young Girls'

Vladimir Poruntsov
The paper deals with the intersection of utopian and transgressive frames in Frank Wedekind's short story 'Mine-Haga, or On the Bodily Education of Young Girls'. This results in ambiguous utopia-forming process, since the author's intention faces contradiction between individual and collective modes...
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Sentiment analysis of reviews based on automatically developed lexicon

Ekaterina Protopopova, Grigoriy Bookia, Olga Mitrofanova
The talk deals with experiment on automatic processing of sentiment words and constructions. Peculiarity of our approach is determined by the similarity measure developed by the authors and applied to ranging of sentiment units. Our research is based on the Russian corpora of camera reviews from Yandex.Market...
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English Romanticism: Grounds of Historisizing

Asya Rogova
Perceiving themselves as creators of history and being conscious of the future readers English Romantics sought to understand how to be truthful conveying historical knowledge: to present accentuate differences of existing perceptions of their time or what was really important and due to be remembered....
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To the question of register characteristic of texts - descriptions of objects "from memory"

Yuliya Rogovneva
The article from the point of view of the communicative-functional approach analyses the communicative register and grammatical features of non-fictional descriptive texts ®from memory¯. Analysis of the communicative and linguistic parameters of these texts demonstrates that they are based on informative...
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The plot of the noble bandit: literary classics and new heroes

Irina Rozina
The article is devoted to the plot of the noble bandit. The focus of the domestic film version of "Dubrovsky" and the reincarnation of the image of the noble robber in contemporary Russian cinema.
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Hinting as a politeness strategy in natural interaction

Ekaterina Rudneva
The article focuses on indirect speech acts/ hints when requesting in the workplace and family setting. The data is analysed within the linguistic politeness framework and interactional approach. The analysis demonstrates discursive nature of indirectness: the meaning is constructed by both (all) participants,...
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Albanian dialects: towards the contact typology

Aleksandr Rusakov
The paper considers the different types of Albanian dialect areas sub specie of the language contacts: more and less balkanized areas, zones of the language shift, migratory dialects and so on.
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On the relation between norms of the Russian literary language and Russian as the state language

Tatyana Sadova, Dmitriy Rudnev
The paper deals with the problem of correlation between the concepts of ®Russian language as the state language¯ and ®the modern Russian literary language¯ in connection with the implementation of the federal law ®On the state language of the Russian Federation¯. It is revealed the heterogeneity of norms...
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The Theoretical Problems of Quality Assessment in Translation

Victor Shadrin
The paper deals with one of the fundamental problems of modern Translation Studies - quality assessment techniques in translation. An integrated approach to solving the problem is suggested, a hierarchical organization of normative quality parameters is presented.
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VIRTUE vs VICE as Constituents of the English Language Conceptosphere

Nadezhda Shadrina
The paper deals with the concepts VIRTUE and VICE which constitute the universal conceptosphere of the human language. Their lexical presentation is interdependent and the cognitive structure fuzzy, indistinct.
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Multiple repetition of discourse markers in everyday spoken Russian

Tatiana Sherstinova
The repetition of discourse particles ("well, well", "yes, yes, yes", etc.) is a special feature of everyday spoken language. The paper presents statistical data concerning the frequencies of such forms in the ORD corpus of Russian everyday speech obtained as a result of n-gram analysis. The study of...
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Standard Setting: validity, reliability, practicality

Svetlana Shevchenko, Elena Prokhorova
The article focuses on the analysis of the factors ensuring validity, reliability and practicality of the standard setting,basing upon the results of the international project on linkingSt.Petersburg University's Second Certificate Test (English Language) to the CEFR, that were obtained during the stage...
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The phraseology of biblical origin in modern Russian mass media

Jarom¡ra Sindeldarova
The text presents an analysis of the specifics of the functioning of phraseological units of biblical origin in the modern Russian mass media language. Many biblical expressions are used in the modern Russian speech and affect media readers, viewers and listeners. Specific examples confirm that, despite...
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The Images of East Women in Lady Mary Wortley Montagu's "Letters of the East"

Larisa Sidorchenko
The purpose of the article is to give an overview of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu's "Letters of the East" published only after her death in 1763 which have given her a place high among the great letter-writers of the world.
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New arguments for the discussion on two- and one-component sentence patterns

Marina Sidorova
The article contains new arguments in favor of the two-component pattern which is regarded in communicative-functional syntax as the basic and essential feature of any sentence (opposed to the formal syntax discrimination of two- and one-component sentence patterns in the Russian language system). These...
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Crowdsourcing in Translation: The Problem of Motivation

Natalia Silinskaya
Crowdsourcing translation is becoming more and more popular. The article is dedicated to the factors motivating unprofessional volunteer translators to participate in crowdsourcing projects (material interests, a sense of inclusion, social recognition, cognitive interest, altruism, etc.). It also considers...
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Epistle of Peter III of Antioch about azymes in Slavic translations

Alexander Sizikov
The paper overviews Slavic translations of the Epistle of Peter III of Antioch. There are three versions: short, concise and complete. The short version was included in Nomocanon. The concise version has only the second half of the epistle about the sacramental bread. The translation was made during...
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On possible causes for evolution of actant marking in Balkan Slavic

Andrey Sobolev
The paper presents results of research supported by RSCF grant 14-18-01405. The evolution of actant marking in Balkan Slavic, finalized in loss of case as a category, is explained by replication of Romance grammatical patterns in symbiotic Slavic-Romance ethnic communities. Striking parallels in differential...
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"Impracticality" as one of the features of national character (on the basis of narration of Natalia Tolstaya)

Larissa Sretenskaya
The paper presents the analysis of the semantic content of the concept "impracticality". Semantic and language realization of this concept is based on the narration of Natalia Tolstaya.
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Sentence boundary modelling in spontaneous monologue

Anton Stepikhov, Alexander Shipilo
The paper describes the first results of statistical modelling of sentence boundaries in Russian spontaneous speech. The study is based on the corpus of Russian spontaneous monologue which contains information about inter-annotator agreement in sentence boundary detection and morphological annotation....
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Zoomorphic Cultural Codes in the Semantis of Bulgarian and Russian Similes

Radostina Stoyanova
This article deals with zoomorphic cultural codes of Bulgarian and Russian linguistic pictures of the world, in which images of domestic and wild animals often underlie the associations with human qualities and traits of character. The content of similes of the Bulgarian and Russian languages reflects...
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Phonetic institutions in Saint-Petersburg/Petrograd/Leningrad of the 1900-1930s

Natalia Svetozarova
The publication presents the Petrograd/Leningrad phonetic institutions of the 1930s, that have been most relevant for working out a comprehensive investigation of language sound structure as well as for popularizing phonetics proper, but are underestimated, indeed forgotten at present. These institutions...
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Typology of the relationships between the components of the compound abbreviation equivalency

Vyacheslav Terkulov
An equivalency cluster is a junction of the units called text equivalents which are derivatively bound with the compound abbreviation and functionally and semantically identical to it. The research considers synchronic and diachronic approaches to the description of compound abbreviation equivalency...
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Russian Adversative Conjunctions under Asymmetric Relativisation

Daniel Tiskin
We point out the differences between the Russian conjunctions i 'and', a and no 'but' as regards their ability to conjoin relative clauses: a is unacceptable if relativisation takes place across-the-board, but is grammatical if the second conjunct contains a resumptive pronoun in the trace position....
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Some observations on the semantics of the token with the prefix pere- in Pskov dialects

Olga Vasiljeva
The article describes nouns and adjectives with the prefix pere- represented in the latest parts of the Pskov regional vocabulary with historical data. Building on etymological and dialectal dictionaries attempt to interpret the semantics of the prefix in these tokens.
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The Woman-Child and the Woman-Personality: H. Ibsen's "A Doll's House" in the Light of Kierkegaardian Ideas

Andrey Yuriev
The article reveals the link between H. Ibsen's "A Doll's House" and Kierkegaardian ideas. The focus is Nora's development containing parallels with the Kierkegaardian doctrine of "stages of life".
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The Strategies of Translation of Relative clauses in Old Basque and Modern Basque

Natalia Zaika
The article deals with the ways of translation of relative clauses in Modern Basque and Old Basque. The clauses in which the relativisation is restricted are taken into account. Both strategies gaining currency and disappearing ones are analyzed.
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Great lexicographer Leontii Vasilyevich Kopetsky

Victor Zakharov
All specialists in Czech philology deals with well-known Russian-Czech and Czech-Russian dictionaries. And all specialists in Russian philology abroad too. This article talks about the vicissitudes of the life of its creator, L. V. Kopecky (22.8.1894-4.4.1976). Features of the dictionaries created by...
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The image of the heroine in the lyrical cycle "Amoretti and Epithalamion" by E. Spenser

Zizhu Zhang
In the article the image of the bride in the lyrical cycle "Amoretti and Epithalamion" by E. Spenser is investigated. In this image the combination of individual features of the heroine's real prototype and topical lineament of the beloved in love lyrics is accentuated. The purpose of the article is...
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The Motif of Feminine Corporeality in M. Atwood's novel "The Handmaid's Tale"

Evgeniya Zharkova
This article analyzes the aspects of feminine corporeality in the dystopia "The Handmaid's Tale" by the Canadian writer M. Atwood, in which the appeal to violence over the body allows the author to create a convincing picture of the suppression of the individual in a totalitarian society and to show...
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On the word order in Latin support verb constructions

Elena Zheltova
The article concerns word order within the support verb constructions in Latin classical prose. The author concludes, that alternation DI / ID (where D - Direct object, I- Indirect object) depends on the deictic-denotative properties of NPs involved in such collocations. The relative frequency of a certain...
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Otto Weininger's "Geschlecht und Charakter" by Russian symbolists

Alexey Zherebin
The article is devoted to perception of the book of an Austrian writer Otto Weininger "Geschlecht und Charakter" (1903) by Russian symbolists. The Russian dialogue with Weininger evolves due to the fact that for the symbolists he was "their own" and "alien" at the same time. Finding Weininger's features...