Proceedings of the 2015 International Power, Electronics and Materials Engineering Conference

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Numerical Simulation of Biomass Gas Purification of Square Section Venturi Scrubber

Zhenhui Luan, Libo Zhu
Venturi scrubber is usually used to purify biomass gas. In order to improve efficiency of biomass gas purification of venturi scrubber, a test apparatus of the square section venturi scrubber was established to purify biomass gas. On the basis of analysis of the surge flow and the model selection of...
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A New Definition of Multi-Infeed Short Circuit Ratio Considering Control Modes of DC System

Kang Zhao, Dong Yang, Yutian Liu
The mathematical relationship between reactive power consumed by DC system and AC voltage on inverter bus is derived under different control modes, respectively. Based on these relationships, a new definition of multi-infeed short circuit ratio (MISCR) is formulated from the power-flow model of PQ decoupled...
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Network Mode based on Multi-communication Mechanism

Yibin Fan, Zhifeng Liu, Sheng Zhang, Ying Lin
For the sake of improving green energy-saving efficiency of the radio communication system,we proposed a green energy-saving algorithm for multichannel communication system based on the energy consumption model analysis. Firstly, mathematical model of the multi-channel energy consumption minimization...
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Safety Voltage Control Strategy for High Voltage Ride-Through of Doubly Fed Induction Generator (DFIG)

Zehua He
a DFIG high voltage ride-through method with the consideration for the safe operation voltage of the generator unit is proposed in the article. Based on the dynamic reactive support capability of DFIG, during grid voltage swell, the reactive powers outputted by the grid-side converter and the generator...
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Research and Analysis of LIBS Spectra for Qualitative Data

Zhendong Ji
As the qualitative analysis software of laser induced breakdown spectra (LIBS) mainly relies on the principle of proximity and artificial identification, we developed a spectral data processing software, which manages background subtracting, filtering, peak searching and elements identifying, etc. The...
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Design of Indoor location System Based on Power Line Communication and RFID

Xiaojun Liu
The paper designs an indoor location system based on RFID and power line carrier technology, introduces the hardware structure and software system working principle. Use low-voltage power line inside the building to solve the field wiring and information transmission. Use RFID technology to get position...
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Research on and Application of Digital Visual System of Power Communication’s Indicators

Lijie Wu, Zhiyuan An, Xinjian Shu, Yong Zhang
As the scale and the size of communication networks increase rapidly, power communication has stricter requirements in the communication scheduling intensification. This paper firstly analyzes the requirements of digital visual systems (DVS) of communication’s indicators. It also classifies these indicators...
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Research on Functional Design of Power Information and Communication Scheduling Intensive Support System

Fangfang Dang, Huiping Meng, Shiwen Wang, You Sun
In the process of comprehensive promoting the electric power enterprise information and communication provincial, city and county "integration, specialization, lean" construction, the scheduling "integrated" support system can't fully meet the needs of intensive development of information and communication...
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Research on Intelligent Patrol System of Electric Power Communication Based on Dispatching Intensification

Zhiyuan An, Fangfang Dang, Lijie Wu, Yi Yang
The paper presents a design of Electric Power Communication Patrol System based on Dispatching Intensification. The system overall architecture, system security architecture, and system function architecture are elaborated in detail. The system overall architecture mainly explains the perception layer,...
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Research on concentrated-model of Transmission Network Management System based on Cloud

Huiping Meng, Zhen Luo, Lei Sheng, Yongqiang Guo
.The electric power transmission network management is changing from decentralized to province-centralized mode to adapt to the development trend of power grid. For the current hierarchical management situation of transmission system, the paper mainly studies the centralized mode. Considering the difficulty...
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Natural Frequency and Dynamic Response of Rotor System of Steam Turbine Modelled with Euler-Bernoulli Beam

T.T. Deng, J.S. Wang, X.J. Li, J.L. Zhong, S.B. Wang, S. P. An, W.G. Yang, D. X. Jiang
Based on Finite element method (FEM), analysis of natural frequency and dynamics response is carried out in this work. Firstly, modeling of rotor system in steam turbines is analyzed with Euler-Bernoulli beam element. Secondly, natural frequency of the rotor system is obtained and compared. Thirdly,...
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Behavior Analysis of Water Droplets in Wake Flow of a Transonic Cascade

Lanxin Sun, Tao Sun, Yigang Luan
The compression process in an axial compressor with water injection is a complex two-phase flow involving many changes of water existing forms. Boundary conditions close to the real ones of water droplets on compressor blade are extremely important for numerical simulation. Water droplet impinging and...
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Circular-Slide Wave Energy Converter

Shuqin Liu, Deguang Li, H. Ming Chen
A CS-WEC utilizes an artificial spring created by feedback control of sliding-mass angle on the circular track; it is free of problems associated with mechanical springs. This paper also demonstrates that the harvested power is always more with the spring than without, and with the spring, the power...
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Operation Risk Assessment of Power System With High Risk Wind Power Ramping

Xinyuan Tong, Hongtao Wang
In order to evaluate the risk of wind power curtailment and loss of load brought by wind power ramp event on power system, risk assessment model of wind power ramp event based on Monte Carlo method is established. According to the result of wind power prediction system, the wind power model of day-ahead...
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An Utility Application for Circular-Slide Wave Energy Converter

Deguang Li, Shuqin Liu, H.Ming Chen
A Brazil near-shore wave energy converter uses a large float and a long arm to drive a pump-turbine-generator system on land. This paper proposes to convert the float into a Circular-Slide Wave Energy Converter with on-board power generating equipment.
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Research on the development of Chinese traffic cloud computing

Hua Chen
Traffic is an important area of cloud computing application and development, and the traffic cloud computing is a key means to provide powerful support for the basic service and promote the coordinated development of the transport system by service model innovation and information resources integration...
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Dynamic Model of Wind Speed Distribution in Wind Farm Considering the Impact of Wind Direction and Interference Effects

Zhe Dong, Ran Li, Lei Dang
The accurate and practical wind speed model of wind farm is the basis of the relevant research work of wind power prediction. This paper based on the wind farm and the real-time data of wind turbine, put forward a kind of dynamic distribution model of wind speed that consider the wind turbine wake and...
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A Feature Selection Method Based on Competition Winners Mechanism

Chengyan Li, Xiaodong Wang
Feature selection plays an important role in the field of text categorization. The traditional feature selection methods such as information gain(IG), the weight of evidence for text(WET) , feature selection and so on are commonly applied in text categorization. However, the traditional feature selection...
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Digital LCR Instrument Oriented Wind Driven Power Control

Weijia Zhang, Wenxia Liu, Shengli Sun
With respect to the multi-state and multi-objective optimization problem of renewable energy grid-connection inverter system, this paper came up with a multi-mode predictive power control method to grid-connection inverter system, which established the discrete predictive model for island model and grid-connected...
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Study on Behavior of Breakup and Radial Migration of Droplets in a 5-stage Compressor

Lanxin Sun, Tao Sun, Yigang Luan
As an economical and effective means, water injection technology is currently used to improve the gas turbine power and efficiency. Due to the relatively long residence time of water droplets in the multistage compressor, the droplets may have a large amount of migration along the radial direction in...
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Research on Predict Induction Ground Wire Producing

Guangmin Jiang, Ting Yuan, Desheng Ding, Yixin Ding, Lin Han, Yaowei Wu, Jinglong Mu, Chunmei Guan, Hongda Huang, Weisong Qu, Zhiheng Chen
The current transmission line is constantly improved and updated, in order to save space, a lot of back and multi-line double back. Power lines during the operation induced voltage is very large, you must mount the ground. Ground wire must be multi-strand copper wire, whose cross-sectional area of not...
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Research on Radial GIS Substation Design

Lin Sun, Ting Yuan, Hongda Huang, Yixin Ding, Jinglong Mu, Bo Zu, Chunmei Guan, Kaizhi Wang, Wei Liu, Ren Liu, Yaowei Wu
By analyzing large GIS substation hub horizontally style, typical sub-voltage electrical layout design, grading flat and interior layer, sub-voltage, level of body building. Discuses the principles of the annular radial GIS substation and square radial GIS substation layout design. Generally large hub...
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Determination of Diphenylamine in Powder by Pure Diphenylamine as External Standard Substance

Bin Zhang, Xiao-yu Li, Ran Xiong
The content of diphenylamine in standard powder is determined by pure diphenylamine as external standard substance in this paper, the value of relative deviation is in the range of ±3%. The method was applied to the analysis of samples of powder, the vales of RSD (n=6) were found to less than 3% and...
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Research of Reclaimed Rubber for High Strength Conveyor Belt Used at High Temperature and Normal Pressure

Wei Feng Zhang, Chuan Sheng Wang, Fu Xia Zhang
Regeneration technology for waste rubber has been an important research subject in rubber industry for many years, but currently the enterprise mature reclaimed technology, mostly existence of high pollution, high energy consumption problem, can not meet the requirements of energy saving and environmental...
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Research Progress in Tidal Current Energy Power Generation Device

Yongding Wang, Haoyang Lu
Energy shortage and environment pollutes aggravate ceaselessly all over the world. As a green clean pollution-free renewable energy, tidal current energy has characteristics such as large reserves, wide distribution, predictability, little environmental pollution, etc. Development and utilization of...
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Dawson-type Polyoxometalate and Carbon nanotubes Nanocomposite for high-performance Supercapacitor Electrodes

Shuping Liu
A nanocomposite film based on Dawson-type polyoxometalate cluster (P2W18) carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and chitosan (CS) were prepared on quartz and ITO substrates by layer-by-layer (LbL) method. These lms were characterized by UV–vis spectroscopy, cyclic voltammetry (CV) and Scanning electron micrographs...
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Electrochromic Composite Films of Tunable Color based on Polyoxometalate and Auxiliary Materials

Shuping Liu
The addition of another electrochromic component has been considered to be an important way to obtain multicolor film. Herein, we fabricated the composite films containing polyoxometalate (POM) clusters, auxiliary materials and polyelectrolyte on quartz and FTO substrates by layer-by-layer assemble method...
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Experimental Study on LiNbO3 as Q-switched crystal in 1319nm laser

Yan Sun, Wangsheng Liu
It is usually with Q-switched technologies in order to obtain the peak power of laser pulses[1].This paper analyzes the characteristics and the electro-optic effect of LiNbO3(LN) crystal. We use LN as Q-switched crystal of 1319nm infrared laser and estimate its required voltage. The corresponding experimental...
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Research on the Dynamic Comprehensive Evaluation of Power Quality Based on the Improved Scatter Degree

Min Guo, Weidong Chen, Qingren Jin, Hongbo Chu
In view of the sensitivity of power quality indices on different loads, a method for the dynamic comprehensive evaluation of power quality based on the improved scatter degree was put forward. Firstly, according to the sensitivity of power quality indices on different loads, the order relation among...
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The Control of DBPs Formation from Different Organics by Chloramine Disinfection

Xuejiao Wang, Wenzhou Yan
The organics in the water after advanced treated and to be disinfected are classified basing on different characteristics. Compared with chlorination, the control of DBPs formation from different organics by chloramination is studied. The test results show that, the chloramine can reduces the TTHM and...
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Three-dimensional simulation of floating wave power device

Xixi Pan, Shiming Wang, Yongcheng Liang
Due to large amounts of traditional energy consumption, faces increasingly dry up, people began to look for alternative new energy. And waves in the ocean energy can make a very good substitute, so countries began to study wave energy power generation. In the study of wave power device, the movement...
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Common Information Model Expansion for Distributed Wind Power

Yuehui Huang, Dongying Zhang, Jiutong Lin, Dewei Liu
Large-scale distributed wind power connected to grid must be dispatched and managed by the provincial gird dispatch center. In order to unify representation of wind power equipment’s information and function in various applications, this paper extends the common information model of the wind plant based...
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Research Based on Cohesive Zone Model for Interface Delamination of Waste Plastic Chip

Xueping Liu, Zufu Pang, Dong Xiang, Yongkai Zhang
The interface delamination of waste plastic chip will seriously affect the value of their recycling reuse; therefore, it has been a hot issue in recycling researches of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). Based on the exponential cohesion theory, this paper has researched chip delamination...
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A TCM-Based Remote Anonymous Attestation Protocol for Power Information System

Ruizhong Chen, Lihao Wei, Hong Zou, Meijie Zhai
Project development in a power enterprise always needs to authorize external devices access to the enterprise intranet for testing. In order to avoid an external device with a virus and pose a security risk to the power information system, external devices should have strict security assessment before...
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Energy Consumption and Energy Management in Precision Machinery Industry

Yueh-Ling Lin, Chih-Chieh Lin, Hung-Sheng Chiu
This study develops a machine tool consumption and energy management platform. The proposed method established a variety of electricity profile in order to differentiate various processing status in machining conditions. The platform provides energy related application services, including machine monitoring...
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Real-time Simulation of Photovoltaic Generation System Based on Dspace

Xiaobo Yang, Qingduo Yin, Jihong Qian, Ying Chen, Xiaoyu Xi
A detailed simulation model of Photovoltaic (PV) generation system based on MATLAB/Simulink and the detailed mathematical presentation, is established first. Its inverter-based simplified model, i.e. the switching-function equivalent model is proposed and simulated, overcoming the limit of traditional...
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Loss Analysis of a 100kW PV Inverter

Ruiming Yuan, Hengchun Ding, Jihong Qian, Ying Chen, Xiaoyu Xi, Xiaobo Yang
This paper deals with the power loss of a photovoltaic inverter system. The research aims at revealing the loss mechanism of different parts and developing corresponding mathematical calculation methods of the loss. In the first part the structure of a commonly used three-phase grid-connected PV inverter...
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Simulation on Equivalence between Layered Space Plates and Homogeneous Steel Impacted by a Tungsten Sphere

Ran Xiong, Bing Zhang, Tongjun Xu
To research on the equivalent of perforating through layered space plates and homogeneous steel, based on the rule that the limit penetrating velocity, the penetration process of tungsten sphere into layered space plates and homogeneous steel was simulated with LS-DYNA finite element code, the numerical...
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A review of the eco-industrial park evaluation of high energy consumption and high pollution industry

Jun Liu, Yang Wang, Hongjing Zhang, Jieping Han, Jindong Cui
At present, haze weather occurs in each big city of China in different extent. The problem of haze has become one of the biggest environmental problems now and the high energy consumption and high pollution industry is the source of haze weather. This paper takes the evaluation of eco-industrial park...
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Design on electric supercharger controller based on Brushless DC motor

Bingyong Gou, Yanqiu Yang, Honggang Guo
Three-phase brushless DC motor is adopted as the drive motor for electric turbocharger in the paper. The selection of DC motor without position sensor is adopted three-phase star connected two-two excellent performance conduction mode as electric machine work to simplify the circuit structure design,...
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Research on the Effect of Substation Main Wiring on the Power System Reliability

Yuxin Zhao, Tao Liu, Yanxin Shi
The research of the reliability will be further into the substation level with the combination of the substation main wring and power system. In this paper, the power system reliability considering the effect of the substation main wiring reliability evaluates by two different methods which are the analytical...
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The Development of Power Amplifier for the High-Power Magnetic Suspension Bearing Blower

Wentao Yu, Hongwei Li, Shuqin Liu
The blower with Active Magnetic Bearing (AMB) has the advantage of high speed, high reliability, small size, good adaptability. Power amplifier is an important part of the magnetic bearing system, directly determines the magnetic bearing system performance. The three-level PWM signal generation algorithm...
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A Generally Applicable Laser Doppler Velocimetry

Lili Zhao, Meishan Jin, Jing Li
Photonic Doppler velocimetry (PDV) is a fiber-based interferometer which has been widely used in dynamic shock physics research. Although the conventional PDV systems are simple to construct, it has special requirement to the probe for getting appropriate amount of reference light. This paper proposes...
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A design of receiver front-end low-noise electrical tuning amplifier circuit

Xiubin Ye, Di Zhang, Guopeng Kou
This paper proposes a design scheme on the low-noise electrical tuning amplifier circuit of receiver front-end. According to key indicators to be achieved, it made a overall simulation design of the front-end amplifier by ADS, focusing on the analysis of the characteristics and parameter selection method...
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Noncontact Extraction of Breathing Waveform

Yuzhe Zhang, Fei Shang
This paper presents a video-based method to extract breathing waveform from the upper body movement associated with breathing, which is based on Eulerian Motion Magnification and principal component analysis (PCA). Using our method, we are able to obtain the breathing waveform which contains different...
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Multi-innovation Self-tuning Kalman Filter with Unknown Parameters Systems

Jun Yue, Ying Shi
Based on the multi-innovation least squares algorithm and the optimal Kalman filtering method, a new multi-innovation self-tuning Kalman filtering algorithm is presented for systems with unknown model parameters. It avoids the flaw of classical Kalman filter which needs to accurately know the model parameter...
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The stability analysis of 3-RPR wind tunnel test bed based on workbench

Ziyan Shao, Wenjia Chen, Yongjin Hu, Guanjian Li
This paper introduces a kind of wind tunnel test bed with a 3-RPR structure. Ansys workbench is chosen to be the main tool here to measure the structure’s stability. Linear static structure analysis, modal analysis and harmonic response analysis are carried out to detect the force, the frequency and...
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Numerical Simulation of the Carbon Fiber Composite Material Front Floor of Car by PAM-RTM

Junyang Ji, Tingting Liu, Chao Fu, Zhong Li, Xuihui Gan
By simulating the runner of the VARI molding process with PAM-RTM about the front floor of the car, examines the different injection methods, different influence of distance of hose guide for filling time, analyzing the resin flow patterns, the effects of the mold cavity pressure distribution and the...
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Research on Welding Residual Stresses of Welded H-Beam Considering Butt Weld and Fillet Weld

Changchao Zhou, Jia Liu, Runchang Zhang
In this paper welding residual stresses of welded H-beam considering both butt weld and fillet weld have been researched. Taking the welded H-beam frame as background, basing on technological parameters of arc welding construction sequence and the fabricated method, the three dimensions thermal-mechanics...
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Research on High Frequency Signal Anti-interference and Corresponding Applications on the Design and Implementation of Cheating Signal Detector

Kun Hou, Yongfeng Ren, Guoxin Liu
With the bursting and rapid development of computer science and technology, the need for designing signal anti-interference devices is urgent. Therefore, we conduct research on high frequency signal anti-interference and corresponding applications on the design and implementation of cheating signal detector...