Proceedings of the 2015 International Power, Electronics and Materials Engineering Conference

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The design of grinding wheel balancing control system and control software

Chao Liu, Wufa Liu, Chunlei Mei
In order to reduce the unbalance of grinding wheel influence on machining accuracy and the life of grinding machine, a new grinding wheel dynamic balancing control system has been designed, it contains hardware and software part of the system. The system is based on ARM (STM32F417) as the core processor,...
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Fault Diagnosis of Power Transformer Based on Memristive Neural Network

Xun Wang
Memristive neural network is applied to fault diagnosis of power transformer in this paper. A model of memristive neural network built by MATLAB Simulink can be used to diagnose and analyze the failure information. Experimental results show that the proposed method can achieve better results and has...
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The research of electrothermal driving characteristics of NiTiCu shape memory alloy wire

Shengliang Zhu, Hongbo Dong, Guihua Zhang, Yulong Wu, Jihang Wu, Li Zhao
The effects of current on restoring velocity and deformation time of NiTiCu shape memory alloy wire were investigated by loading different electrical current. The results show that the deformation time decreases rapidly with increasing driving current, but the deformation time decreases slowly when the...
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Seismic Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Hollow Bridge Piers Retrofit with ECC Jacket

Zhiguo Sun, Baokui Chen, Bingjun Si
A new design was proposed in which the Engineered Cementitious Composites (ECC) was used to improve the seismic behavior of the reinforced concrete hollow bridge piers. The ECC jacket was used both in and out of the cross section of the hollow bridge piers to improve the strength and ductility of the...
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Research of underwater sensor network routing protocol based on the depth

Yanping Cong, Xiao Li, Mengdie Xu, Bo Yin
Underwater sensor network(USN) has a battery replacement, positioning difficult hard, great depth of nodes is poor, traditional routing algorithm of the two-dimensional plane land web is difficult to apply, routing algorithm based on the geographical position, there is also a difficult position and so...
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Design of virtual circuit experiment based on the LabVIEW

Hui ling Si
This article is designed by the LabVIEW circuit experiment module, common in the course each module specific program design scheme is given, and ultimately successful debugging operation. Based on the introduction of virtual instrument, can not only save costs, and to update and adjust teaching methods...
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The simplified model of a magnetic body dropping in a pipe

Xing Chen
It is a common phenomenon that when speaking of a magnetic drop from a copper pipe, we often ignore to study it carefully, just thinking that is too simple. In this paper, we try to establish a simplified model to represent the regular moving pattern of the magnetic body according to the law of electromagnetic...
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Preparation, characterization and photo activities of Nano-TiO2 thin film

G. Tian, L.N. Zheng, X. Ai, X.R. Jiang
TiO2 sol is prepared by sol-gel method, nano-TiO2 thin film on ceramic surface is prepared by dip-coating techniques and is tested by using XRD and AFM, and bactericidal activity of nano-TiO2 thin film is separately studied by Natural fell bacterium experiments and Artificial fell bacterium experiments....
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Kaolin suspension compound processed by biological flocculant and ferric salt

Z. Zhang, L.N. Zheng, X. Ai, X.R. Jiang
By using kaolin suspension as the research object and the coagulation test as the basis, the optimum dosage and the fractal floc characteristics of high turbidity and low turbidity water processed by the biological flocculant (BFs) and FeCl3 were investigated. The results demonstrated that the optimum...
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Reliability Assessment of Satellite Ni-Cd Battery based on the End of Discharge Voltage

Cui-ying Duan, Guang Jin, Jing-lun Zhou, Tian-yu Liu, Lang Zhang
Ni-Cd battery is the key component of the satellite energy system with the characteristics of long life and high reliability, and few or no failure occurs in its traditional life testing. In this paper, based on the performance degradation modeling method, we establish a dynamic degradation model to...
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Toxicity of CuO nanoparticles on the root of Arabidopsis thaliana

Lina Xu, Mou Yu, Jing Zhao
CuO nanoparticles (NPs) are widely used in commercial applications. With increasing CuO NPs production, CuO NPs are likely to present in the environment and pose a potential threaten to ecosystem. In this work, 20 and 50 mg/L CuO NPs and 0.15 mg/L Cu2+ were used to test the toxicity to Arabidopsis thaliana...
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Analysis of Acoustic and Spray Combine Agglomeration to Removal of Coal-fired Fly Ash Fine Particles

Jie Wang, Jianzhong Liu
Particulate pollution is a major kind of atmospheric pollution. The fine particles are seriously harmful to human health and environment. Acoustic agglomeration has been proved as a promising pretreatment to control the emission of fine particles. Based on the acoustic agglomeration, this paper investigates...
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Enhanced Biodegradation of HMW- PAHs using Immobilized Microorganisms in an Estuarine Reed Wetlands Simulator

Ruying Huang, Weijun Tian, Huibo Yu
Biodegradation of pyrene and indeno(1,2,3-cd)pyrene in reed rhizosphere soil was carried out in a small-scale wetland simulator using reed as well as microorganisms immobilized on cinder beads under natural environmental conditions. The results show that the stability of the introduced strains was enhanced...
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Simulation and optimization of micro power generation process by utilizing urban natural gas pipeline pressure energy

Xiaxi Li, Hui Zhang, Wendong Xu, Linlin Xing, Wei Duan
Transmission pipelines carrying natural gas across long distances often work at high pressures (up to 10 MPa). The high-pressure natural gas is regulated though a throttling device, which results in much waste of pressure energy. Meanwhile, more pressure reducing stations exist the problem of no electric...
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Characteristics of Ying Shan formation Carbonate Sequence Stratigraphy in middle of the Tarim Basin

Jianfa Han, Hao Li, Xiaoyong Hu, Qinglong Wang, Yubin Song
The Ying Shan formation carbonate systems is identified 11 kinds of sequence boundary characteristics ,generalized 3 genetic types of sequence boundary and divided into 5 third-order sequence(Sq1-Sq5) to establish sequence stratigraphic framework in Ying Shan formation , Tarim Basin by the integrated...
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pH-responsive dispersed reduced graphene oxide using poly(3-aminophenylboronic acid) via in situ polymerization method

Huixia Feng, Hamza Abdalla Yones, Lin Tan
Homogeneous aqueous suspensions of graphene have been prepared by chemical reduction of graphene oxide in the presence of poly(3-aminophenylboronic acid) (PABA) in alkale solution. The graphene sheets in thus prepared suspensions can stable several months and can be switch to aggregated state with lower...
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The Simulation of Automotive Braking Energy Recovery System based on AMESim

Bin Li, Lan Tang, Hao Jiang
Based on AMESim, this paper focuses on the modeling and simulation of a particular bus. Setting a certain speed for the bus, and then take braking. Through analyzing the process of braking energy recovery and launching of the bus, a series of simulation curves are obtained. And then, it is concluded...
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Photocatalytic Degradation of Methyl Orange over Nitrogen-doped TiO2 Prepared by Ultrasonic Method

Huifang Zhang, Ling Sun, Qinhua Sun
Nitrogen-doped nano-sized titania N-TiO2 photocatalysts were prepared by sol-gel process followed by ultrasonication.The photocatalytic decomposition of methyl orange in aqueous solution was used as a probe reaction to estimate their photocatalytic activities.Applying means of XRD,TEM and UV-Vis DRS...
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Facile synthesis of porous cobalt oxides through solvothermal method

Lijuan Wan
The morphology may significantly influence the properties and applications of materials, thus the ability to tune the structure, size, and shape of inorganic materials is an important goal in obtaining nanomaterials with novel properties. A novel and facile synthesis route for the manufacture of porous...
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Synthesis of cuprous oxides thin film with different morphologies by electrodeposition

Lijuan Wan, Dongxiang Cheng, Ping Wang
Cuprous oxides thin film with different morphologies were formed on F-doped tin oxide (FTO) covered glass substrates by potentiostatic deposition of cupric acetate. The effects of electrodeposition temperature and Br on the crystal morphologies of cuprous oxide were studied. Different crystal morphologies...
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Solvothermal synthesis of octahedral nickel oxides nanoparticles

Lijuan Wan
Controlling the morphology of inorganic nanomaterials attracts more and more attention, due to the influence of morphology on the material properties and application. The nanostructures of nickel oxide (NiO) has attracted great interest because of its unique physical and chemical properties for a broad...
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Screening and Culture Condition of Lipase Strains from Biodiesel

Chaocheng Zheng, Xinren You
Biodiesel, a biodegradable, sustainable and clean energy has attracted growing interest in recent years, mainly due to development in bio-diesel fuel and ecological pressures including climatic changes. In this study, lipase strains FS14 extracted from soil which is polluted by oil and fat were analyzed...
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Study on the surface modification of kaolin plasma technology

Yichao Zhang, Huawei Yuan, Hui Zhang, Quanjun Liu
Using plasma technology for pre-processing of kaolin by sedimentation settling tests to verify the performance of kaolin change.Then silane coupling agent and ethanol pretreatment plasma technology kaolin modified by sedimentation experiments to study its effect modification. The results showed that:...
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Thermogravimetric Analysis of Hercynite Synthesized by Reaction Sintering

Junhong Chen, Mingwei Yan, Jindong Su, Bin Li, Wenjun Mi, Jialin Sun
The hercynite synthesized at 1600 in protection atmosphere was thermogravimetrically analyzed. The results show that the change of oxygen partial pressure during sintering transforms some Fe2+ in the hercynite crystal structure into Fe3+ but the hercynite structure remained. Based on the modal for hercynite...
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The Power System Analysis Based on Neural Network

Yang Chen
With the rapid and bursting development of pattern recognition technique and power system theory, the combination of the two is urgently needed. We argue that a filter bank that is designed from perceptual evidence is not always guaranteed to be the best filter bank in a statistical modeling framework...