Proceedings of the 14th International Renewable Energy Storage Conference 2020 (IRES 2020)

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Load Forecasting in District Heating Systems Using Stacked Ensembles of Machine Learning Algorithms

Till Faber, Matthias Finkenrath
For district heating, heat demand forecasting is playing a key role for an optimised power plant dispatch. Machine Learning can help to significantly improve forecasts of thermal loads. The prediction quality of neural networks is higher than that of decision trees in most cases. However, compared to...
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Use of Pressurized Oxidation of Cu2O as a Means of Improving the Performance of Redox Based Thermochemical Energy Storage Systems

Sike Wu, Cheng Zhou, Behdad Moghtaderi
CuO/Cu2O is a promising redox pair for thermochemical energy storage. This is primarily because of its suitable reaction temperature, high reaction enthalpy, high oxygen-carrying capacity, wide availability, and competitive cost. In this study, the influence of pressurized oxidation on a pure CuO/Cu2O-based...
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Development of Phase Change Materials Based on Mixtures of Salt Hydrates Through Theoretical Prediction and Experimental Investigation

Christoph Rathgeber, Henri Schmit, Stefan Hiebler, Peter Hoock
Latent heat storage using phase change materials (PCM) provides thermal energy storage systems with high storage capacities in small temperature ranges. Most of the PCM used in applications undergo a phase change from solid to liquid and vice versa storing heat in repeated melting and crystallization...
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A Decision-Making Tool Based Analysis of Onboard Electricity Storage

Egemen Sulukan, Alperen Sarı, Doğuş Özkan, Tanay Sıdkı Uyar
Energy has been used in maritime transportation, while fossil fuels began to be used more extensively since the industrial revolution to carry more products and obtain higher propulsion power. However; climate change appeared as one of the striking problem areas around the globe, where the scale and...
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Electricity Storage With a Solid Bed High Temperature Thermal Energy Storage System (HTTES) - A Methodical Approach to Improve the Pumped Thermal Grid Storage Concept

Günter Schneider, Hartmut Maier, Jonas Häcker, Simeon Siegele
High Temperature Thermal Energy Storage (HTTES) systems offer a wide range of possible applications. Since electrical batteries such as Li-ion batteries suffer degradation and since complete battery-systems are expected not to fall to low cost levels (IEA-WEO report 2018 [1]) until 2040, it becomes economically...
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Investigation of Thermal Behavior of Paraffins, Fatty Acids, Salt Hydrates and Renewable Based Oils as PCM

Evdoxia Paroutoglou, Alireza Afshari, Peter Fojan, Göran Hultmark
Latent heat thermal energy storage (LHTES) using phase change materials (PCM) is a renewable energy solution that is applicable for implementation in space cooling due to its high energy storage density. A novel thermal energy storage which will encapsulate a PCM layer to absorb the rejected heat from...
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Distribution System Planning with Battery Storage using Multiperiod Optimal Power Flow

Jaap Pedersen, Birgit Schachler, Anya Heider, Guido Pleßmann
The ongoing energy transition introduces new challenges for distribution networks and brings about the need to expand existing power grid capacities. In order to contain network expansion and with it economic costs, utilization of various flexibility options to reduce expansion needs is discussed. This...
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Developing and Stabilizing Salt-Hydrate Composites as Thermal Storage Materials

Gayaneh Issayan, Bernhard Zettl, Walter Somitsch
The success of thermochemical storage technologies is currently defined by sorptive materials. High adsorption heat and kinetics are material properties, which should correspond to application demands, such as utilizable temperature range and cyclability. Following the example of zeolite production in...
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Interaction of Energy Storage Technologies and Synthetic Fuels in Long-Term Decarbonization Scenarios

Diana Böttger, Christoph Kost, Daniel Wrede, Benjamin Lux, Tobias Fleiter, Benjamin Pfluger, Judith Heilig, Norman Gerhardt, Michael Haendel
With the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement, the international community has reaffirmed its commitment to tackle anthropogenic climate change with the goal of limiting the global average temperature increase below 1.5 °C, but to a maximum of 2 °C above pre-industrial levels. Against this background, we examine...
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Harnessing Value From Circular Economy

Kirsikka Kiviranta, Tomi Thomasson, Jonne Hirvonen, Matti Tähtinen
Energy systems with high shares of variable renewable power generation have an increased need for power system flexibility. In parallel, renewable energy has an important role in circular economy as circular activities such as material processing consumes power and heat. This paper examines if harnessing...
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Potential of Electric Vehicles for Providing Regulating Power Based on German Mobility

Mohammed Hijjo, Paul Scheer
The ongoing transition of the energy sector, as well as the rising adoption of electric vehicles (EVs), both have led to new requirements to keep up with these new technologies. One of the main challenges to the grid operators is to keep the balance between the generation and the demand through the so-called...
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The Efficiency and Profitability of the Modular Multilevel Battery for Frequency Containment Reserve

Markus Förstl, Nam Truong, Marc Möller, Holger Hesse, Arthur Singer, Thomas Weyh, Andreas Jossen
The modular multilevel battery (M2B) is a novel approach to integrate battery storage into the electricity grid. This paper obtains the efficiency and financial benefits of a working prototype system, compared to conventional systems for frequency containment reserve (FCR). The efficiency is determined...
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Design and Performance Analysis of a Latent Heat Storage for the Operation of a High-Temperature Methanol Fuel Cell

Lisa Deinert, Robert Daschner, Andreas Hornung
Due to ever stricter economical and legislative regulations, the efficiency of technical processes has to be constantly increased. Besides many other efficiency enhancing methods, the use of waste heat has a great potential to save energy. In particular, the use of waste heat at temperatures above 373...
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Comparison of Strategies for Thermal Storage Operation to Increase the Share of Renewable Energy in District Heating Systems

Nicolas Witte-Humperdinck, Christian Thommessen, Florian Nigbur, Jan Scheipers
Combined heat and power (CHP) plants are the main supply source in Germany’s district heating systems (DHS). Usually the generated power is fed into the power grid. Because CHP plants normally come along with thermal storages the heat supply operation is flexible, so that the electricity production can...
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Development of an Industrial Heat Storage Using High-Temperature PCM-Graphite Composites

Herbert Zondag, Gertjan Herder, Michel van der Pal, Simon Smeding, Gerard Elzinga, Robert de Boer
A material development study is carried out on high-temperature PCMs with graphite. D-Mannitol and adipic acid are tested as high temperature PCM materials for application in industrial steam systems. The study concludes that adipic acid is easier to use because of better chemical stability and much...
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Probability of Correct Decision–Making at Triggering of Load–Shifting, Intended for Low CO2 Intensity and Low EEX Trading Prices via Simple Grid Frequency Monitoring

Stefan Krauter, Lin Zhang
To provide a simple control signal to operate residential Load–Shifting or Demand–Side–Management, the monitoring of actual grid frequency seems to be an appropriate method. Due to the present inflexibility and the lack of sufficient throttling capabilities of residual lignite and nuclear power plants,...
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District Battery for Optimized Use of Photovoltaic Energy

Kira Meisenzahl, Eberhard Waffenschmidt
The aim of this work is the comparison of a common storage to individual batteries for an improved use of generated photovoltaic (PV) generation for a planned residential area of 22 houses. For this purpose, a simulation tool has been developed. It compares the storage concepts regarding grade of autarky...
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Load Profile Analysis of Medium Voltage Regulating Transformers on Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

Robert Beckmann, Ewald Röben, Jens Clemens, Frank Schuldt, Karsten von Maydell
Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) already cover a large part of the Frequency Containment Reserve (FCR) in Germany. If these are built at locations of conventional power plants, the infrastructure available there may be utilized. In this paper we investigate how the secondary voltages of two medium...
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Performance Evaluation of a Cylindrical PEM Fuel Cell and the Stack

Suseendiran S. Ravichandran, Gowri Mohandass, Amit C. Bhosale, Raghunathan Rengasamy, Ramya Ramkumar, Suman Roy Choudhury
Air-breathing fuel cells, due to their ability of using oxygen directly from air, have the potential to emerge as a primary power source for various applications. Cylindrical fuel cells offer the advantage of higher gravimetric and volumetric power densities compared to conventional planar fuel cells....
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The Role of Batteries in High Power Charging Infrastructure

Karin Jahn, Carl-Friedrich Klinck
The project “Cities in Charge” aims at deploying high-power DC and AC charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in twelve different regions in Germany. Foci of the project are the acceleration of the expansion of electro mobility in the target areas, the investigation of interaction of vehicle owners...
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The Community Size Effect on the Techno-Economic Performance of Solar District Heating Systems

Mohamed Hany Abokersh, Manel Vallès, Luisa F. Cabeza, Dieter Boer
The Solar assisted district heating system (SDHS) is a promising path to accelerate the sustainable movement toward clean energy production in order to solve the challenges of the energy crisis and climate change. However, in real conditions the SDHS is often suffering from a mismatch between the predict...
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Solid Sorption Refrigeration With Calcium Chloride Methanolates on Technical Scale

Karsten Neumann, Marlies Wiegand, Oliver Opel, Kathrin Korhammer
Thermochemical solid/gas sorption systems are known for their environmental benefits. They can use low-grade temperature sources for supplying cold storage and cooling of buildings. The thermochemical working pair calcium chloride/ methanol is well suited for sorption refrigeration and storage due to...
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Challenges Associated With The Construction And Operation Of Seasonal Storage For A Small Solar District Heating System: A Multi-Objective Optimization Approach

Mohamed Hany Abokersh, Manel Vallès, Luisa F. Cabeza, Dieter Boer
Solar assisted district heating systems (SDHS) is a promising pathway towards sustainable transaction to clean energy production. However, the technical performance variation due to the misestimation of the seasonal storage tank (SST) combined with inadequate financial assessment and insufficient environmental...
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Heating Sector Decarbonization With Renewable Gas and Power-to-Heat

Robert Weiss, Heidi Saastamoinen, Jussi Ikäheimo
Deep decarbonization, which comprehends activities whose aim is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in all economic sectors, is necessary to reach the goals of the Paris agreement. Consumption of fossil fuels in individual buildings is an important source of emissions. In this paper we study the economic...
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Experimental Investigation on Phase Change Materials for Thermal Management of Lithium-ion Battery Packs

Stephan Thaler, Roman Lackner, Sylvicley Figueira da Silva, Robert Hauser
Most batteries generate a significant amount of heat during charge or discharge, which has to be dissipated by adequate cooling, as the temperature of the battery is a crucial parameter for the battery performance. An ideal battery thermal management system (BTMS) should be able to maintain a uniform...
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Using Short-Time Storage Potentials of Run-of-River Hydropower for Frequency Control

Bastian Hase, Christian Seidel
With a growing share of fluctuating renewable energies, such as wind and photovoltaics, predictable power generation capacities become more and more important. In parallel, the decarbonization of the energy sector calls for additional balancing energy technologies. We developed an operation strategy...
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Storage Efficiency of Cold-Crystallizing Long-Term Heat Storage Material

Konsta Turunen, Annukka Santasalo-Aarnio, Ari Seppälä
Efficient and compact long-term heat storage material would enable effective utilization of renewable energy sources by balancing the long-term variations in production and consumption. However, current materials still require higher storage capacity, efficiency and reliability for large-scale use. Previously,...
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Experimental Investigation on Melting of Paraffin in Latent Thermal Energy Storage

Mateo Kirincic, Anica Trp, Kristian Lenic, Igor Wolf
This paper presents an experimental research of melting of paraffin inside a latent thermal energy storage. Experimental setup consists of a water-water heat pump, hot and cold water tanks and latent storage tank. Latent heat storage is a shell-and-tube type tank, consisting of 19 concentric tubes with...
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A Comparison Study of Sensible and Latent Thermal Energy Storage Used in Domestic Hot Water Solar Heating System

Josip Batista, Kristian Lenic, Anica Trp, Fran Torbarina
Numerical analysis of domestic hot water solar system with sensible and latent thermal energy storages (TES), for specific residential building, has been presented in this paper. Numerical models of systems are developed in the Trnsys environment, consisting of the sensible or latent thermal energy storage...
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Hybrid Electrical Storage Solutions for Developing Reliable Transport Systems

Paul Nicolae BORZA, Mihai MACHEDON-PISU, Marius Catalin CARP
Hybrid Electrical Storage could be considered a solution for developing sustainable transportation systems. But, are they reliable? In terms of life span, reliability, availability, and range, conventional vehicles such as cars, buses, trains are better than electrical or hybrid ones. However, traditional...
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Integration of Buildings as Energy Storage in a Smart Grid

Friedrich Sick, Sabine Krutzsch
Buildings are a cost-effective alternative to other storage technologies and can support an electricity-driven operation of the electrical grid if their heating and cooling systems are connected to the grid. For the implementation into a real operation the knowledge about the state of charge of the building...
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Experimental and Numerical Investigation of the Melting of a Spherical Encapsulated Phase Change Material With Variable Material Data

Valerie Pabst, Robert Güttel, Peter Renze
The efficiency of energy applications will gain importance throughout the next years. Development and optimization of future systems, needs to consider power supply, capacity, flexibility of system integrations and economic profitability. Thermal energy storage concepts based on macro-encapsulated phase-change...
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Adsorbed Renewable Energy Gas Storage

Georg Klepp
Gases like hydrogen and gas mixtures like biogas are an important renewable energy resource. For storing, the gas is compressed and transferred to pressure vessels A sustainable and effective alternative is the adsorption of the gas by porous media. Adsorbed gas storage is of particular relevance for...
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Speicherregelkraftwerk – Optimization of Self-Consumption by Using Battery Storage

Zixian Wang, Wolf Limburg, Natalie Melnik, Markus Jaschinsky, Mike Blicker
In this paper a unique set-up of a battery storage integrated in a wind fam is presented. The wind farm Curslack in Hamburg-Bergedorf and a battery storage with a special controller set-up represent the project “Speicherregelkraftwerk. The wind farm and the battery storage share one grid. This paper...
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Simulation of a Multilevel Storage Model for a Renewable German Electricity System

Nico Wehrle, Eduard Heindl
This study analyses energy storage requirements on the basis of a completely renewable energy supply in Germany, taking into account several storage classes. Real hourly data of the provided electrical energy and the existing installed generation capacities for wind power and solar power from 2012 to...