Proceedings of 2013 International Conference on Information Science and Computer Applications

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A wireless sensor network DV-Hop localization algorithm

Huami Yang, Qi Wang, Zhuang Liu
This paper first introduces wireless sensor networks self-positioning classical algorithm DV-Hop (distance vector-hop) algorithm, then analyze its shortcomings, Finally, a new improved algorithm and through improved algorithm matlab simulation verify the situation after the positioning accuracy.Comparative...

Intelligentized Dispatching Control of Railway Transport of Molten Iron in Metallurgical Enterprise

Xiaoyan Yang, Bingmou Cui, Jie Chen
Focusing on railway transport of molten iron in steel enterprise, this paper tries to meet the demand and supply of molten iron between blast furnace and steel mill through TPC (torpedo car) transport. Taking mill railway as a network, based on path selection of molten iron transport and automatic collision...

Design and Implementation of Vehicles Monitoring System Based on Android Mobile Terminals

Nuan Sui, Chunhai Zhang, Hao Liu, Yanxiu Sheng, Xi Wang, Zhiqiang Wei
With the popularity of android smartphone and the increasing number of the vehicles the problems of obtaining real-time vehicle status information and historical trace information have attracted considerable attention. For these two problems, the vehicle monitoring system client running on android smartphone...

The application of Information Management in Construction Contracts Management

Hua Liu, Chunqiao Zhao
After the reform and opening up, China's market economy gradually recovered its prosperity, and information technology industry has also been developed following the reform. Till the 21st century the era of information explosion is formed and every industry cannot live without information management....

Data Mining in Cloud Computing

Xia Geng, Zhi Yang
Mining is a process of extracting potentially useful information from raw Data, so as to improve the quality of the information service. With the rapid development of the Internet, the size of the data has increased from KB level to TB even PB level; The object of data mining is also more and more complicated,...

Chinese Question Classify Model Based on Interrogative Semantic Unit

Yue Hu, Bo Liu, Shouwei Zhang
The concept of interrogative semantic unit was proposed, recognition algorithm for interrogative semantic unit was provided on the basis of this concept, and question classification was carried out by combining interrogative semantic unit with HowNet. The test shows that this method obtains good classification...

The Development and Prospect of New Technology in Modern distance education

Yunguang Chen, Xue Dong
Modern distance education is a new way of education derived from the extensive application of new technologies. With the development of new technology & media, distance education is also developing. This paper goes as follows: firstly, introduce the concept of distance education and the importance to...

Design and implementation of wellsite data transmission system based on C/S

Baolei Ma, Yanmei Zhang
The paper introduces the data transmission system in the Petroleum Industry with the help of programming systematically. The wellsite data could be available for the usage of other Petroleum Service Departments by using this system. The perfection of Internet technology enables network programming to...

Safety-Oriented Software Architecture Design Approach

Yuling Huang
Software Architecture; Software Safety; Safety Requirements; Safety Tactics

Sensor Technologies for Prognostics and Health Management of Electronics

Wenxue Yang, Zhe Chen, Feng Yang
This paper introduces the sensors and their sensor technologies. The required attributes of sensors for the development for PHM of electronics are discussed. Finally, their trends in sensor systems are presented.

Two-Dimensional Barcode Image Super-Resolution Reconstruction Via Sparse Representation

Gaosheng Yang, Liu Ningzhong, Yuan Gao
To solve the problem of super-resolution reconstruction in the two-dimensional barcode image, this paper applies the technique of super-resolution reconstruction based on sparse representation into this area. Given the characteristics of the two-dimensional barcode image, this paper presents a new approach...

Research on Map Matching Algorithm Based on Nine-rectangle Grid

Li Cai, Bingyu Zhu
Map matching is the key problem of floating car technology. On Shenzhen taxi GPS data pre-processing of the premise, using “Divide and Conquer”methodology for reference, the map matching algorithm based on nine palaces has been proposed, which can overcome the problem of low computing efficiency in common...