Proceedings of 2013 International Conference on Information Science and Computer Applications

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Markov Decision Process Parallel Value Iteration Algorithm On GPU

Peng Chen, Lu Lu
This paper defines an Out Of Play model based on Markov Decision Process. The best path for playing can be found and recommended by using this model, and a value iteration algorithm of Markov Decision Process is used to implement the model. In this paper, the implementation of this model with CPU is...

Applications of Clonal Selection Algorithm Based on Tabu Criteria in Combinatorial Optimization

Yongfei Miao, Yufu Yin, Yunpeng Wang
Clonal selection algorithm has a shortcoming when solving the problem of combinatorial optimization which is that the antibody diversity of population evolution declines in later stage. Therefore, this paper has improved the selection operator of this algorithm and introduced tabu criteria. What’s more,...

The application of Information Management in Construction Contracts Management

Hua Liu, Chunqiao Zhao
After the reform and opening up, China's market economy gradually recovered its prosperity, and information technology industry has also been developed following the reform. Till the 21st century the era of information explosion is formed and every industry cannot live without information management....

Regression Testing for Automatic Fare Collection System of Rail Transit

Mo Cheng, Maolin Zhang
Since regression testing technologies are mainly for software systems, there are few research about the access detecting of the auto fare collection system in rail transit. This paper study the multi-level functional modeling, the source code importing of detected object, the historical test information...

Two-Dimensional Barcode Image Super-Resolution Reconstruction Via Sparse Representation

Gaosheng Yang, Liu Ningzhong, Yuan Gao
To solve the problem of super-resolution reconstruction in the two-dimensional barcode image, this paper applies the technique of super-resolution reconstruction based on sparse representation into this area. Given the characteristics of the two-dimensional barcode image, this paper presents a new approach...

Algorithm for Map/Reduce-based association rules data mining

Wenqi Wang, Qiang Li
In order to realize massive information data mining, the traditional Apriori algorithm is updated into a Map/Reduce-based frequent itemsets generating method, so as to distribute the massive data into several servers for parallel processing. The construction of Hadoop platform helps to realize this method...

A Method to Reduce Correction Error for Electromagnetic Wave Propagation Model

Tiegang Zou
Electromagnetic wave propagation model needs to be corrected before it is used to predict wireless signal coverage. Control of the correction error will directly affect the accuracy of coverage prediction. A method to reduce the correction error is introduced in this paper. In this way, we carry out...

A Weighted ML-KNN Model for Predicting Users’Personality Traits

Xianglin Zuo, Baoping Feng, Yuan Yao, Tianyi Zhang, Qian Zhang, Mengmeng Wang, Wanli Zuo
Gaining insight into human personality and its impact on human behavior is very valuable in many applications, such as web information credibility prediction. In this paper, we explore using weighted ML-kNN model for automatic recognition of personality traits of web users, based on a given composition...

A Secure Localization Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks with Mobile Anchor Nodes

Jifeng Cui, Feng Xu, Wei Zhou
In process of localization in wireless sensor networks (WSNs) to improve localization precision, lower network cost and reduce network consumption, mobile anchor node-based localization algorithms for WSNs are ceaselessly put forward and improved. In WSNs localization algorithm with a few mobile anchor...

Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Images Classification Method Based on Learned Dictionary

Min Li, Jun Shen, Lianjun Jiang
A novel hyperspectral image classification method based on learned dictionary is presented in this paper. Firstly, the sampled image pixel and its classification vector are combined as sample pair. Secondly, defined as a sample vector, the sample pair are used for sparse coding and dictionaries learning....

Research on Map Matching Algorithm Based on Nine-rectangle Grid

Li Cai, Bingyu Zhu
Map matching is the key problem of floating car technology. On Shenzhen taxi GPS data pre-processing of the premise, using “Divide and Conquer”methodology for reference, the map matching algorithm based on nine palaces has been proposed, which can overcome the problem of low computing efficiency in common...

Use OWC Control to Achieve Lamp Energy Consumption Comparison

De-yan Wang
When develop a B/S management system for the LED lamp company, there are many data need analysis on WEB Page. How to directly display lamp energy consumption, we use OWC control to draw the picture. The experimental results prove that the method is simple, effective.