Proceedings of the International Scientific and Practical Conference on Digital Economy (ISCDE 2019)

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Digital model of the dairy industry of Siberia

M.K. Chernyakov, M.M. Chernyakova
The studies are devoted to the currently incompletely solved both in theoretical and practical aspects problem of managing the development of the dairy industry. One of the tasks aimed at solving it is the need to develop a non-standard approach to the theoretical foundations of regulation of this industry...
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Methodology for evaluating effectiveness and forecast of the digital economy projects

A.A. Zhigir
The article is devoted to the consideration of the stages of development and implementation of a digital economy development strategy in our country, as well as the methodology for evaluating the digital economy projects effectiveness and forecast. The application for evaluating the digital projects...
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Educational digital complex for the specialists training in the operation of information and communications equipment for space purposes

E.A. Novikov, K.Yu. Tsvetkov, D.A. Sevastyanov
The concept of creating an educational digital complex for the specialists training in the operation of information and communications equipment for space purposes is outlined. The goals and objectives of the digital educational complex development are formulated. As a result, a single digital educational...
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Municipalities community preferences vector and management digitalization practice

S.S. Gordeev, S.G. Zyryanov
The basics of assessing the quality of life in conditions of limited statistical data and use as an additional resource of sociological information are considered. The key characteristic is the vector assessment of social wealth of living conditions. The system of indicators based on sociological estimates...
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Competency readiness of labor resources to digital economy

M.I. Plutova, E.E. Lagutina, I.V. Sadkova
Currently, the economic development of countries is directly dependent on the full scale of digitalization processes. As a new trend in social development, digitalization has replaced informatization and computerization. On the scale of economic and social life of both a single country and the whole...
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Digital technology entrepreneurship in modern regional development

I.V. Korchagina, O.V. Sychjova-Peredero, R.L. Korchagin
Digital technology entrepreneurship is an important element of the transition to the digital economy, a factor of accelerating regional development. But this type of entrepreneurship has been studied insufficiently in the scientific literature. The aim of the study is to determine the impact of digital...
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Mobile money development in sub-Saharan Africa: Its macroeconomic effects and role in financing development

Tijani Forgor Alhassan, Ahou Julie Koaudio
In developing countries, specifically in sub-Saharan Africa, mobile money comes with huge benefits to users by facilitating users to better manage their cash flows, it allows firms and start-ups to invest, foster the creation and expansion of businesses, reduce transaction costs, pool capital (funds)...
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Innovative industrial production environment and improving its economic efficiency

R.K. Isgandarov, K.A. Rasulov
The theme of the article is of particular relevance, since innovative approaches and innovations in the industry are considered important and effective for all periods. In this study, the authors use comparative reconciliation and descriptive methods to analyze the modern industrial environment and make...
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Digital financial assets application for enterprise economic resilience provision

A.O. Nedosekin, A.N. Kozlovsky, Z.I. Abdoulaeva
Objective. The report describes options for improving the economic resilience of industrial enterprises by organizing the issuance and circulation of digital financial assets (DFA). Economic resilience is understood as the ability of an enterprise to achieve its strategic goals in a timely manner under...
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Participatory projects data system development for their appropriate launch and selection

Marina Tsurkan, David Mamagulashvili, Svetlana Mironova
The relevance of the article is caused by the necessity to use information technologies and digital methods during the selection and launch of regional participatory projects. The objective of the paper is to develop technical task pattern for PIMS of LISP projects with the emphasis on launching models...
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Digitalization and innovative development of the poultry subcomplex

D.A. Karkh, I.S. Kondratenko, S.V. Potapova
The purpose of the research article is to identify the problems of digitalization and innovative development of the poultry product subcomplex, conduct research, and suggest ways to improve it. State programs aimed at developing the poultry and food subcomplex of Russia have yielded results: the share...
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Electronic and digital technologies in the accounting system of property rights to securities

T.V. Reshetnikova, A.I. Reshetnikov
The subject of this study is economic relations arising in the process of the interaction between issuers, investors and the accounting system of property rights to securities involving registrars and depositories, taking into account the necessity of electronic and digital technologies using. The possibility...
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Digital tools for searching and booking of tourist products

M.S. Shmarkov, L.I. Shmarkova, I.I. Sergeеyа
The article outlines the importance of solving the problem of effectively organizing the search and booking of travel products formed by tour operators, the success of which depends on the digital technologies and tools used. The aim of the article is to study approaches to the digital organization of...
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Modern aspects of systemic support and improvement of the quality of life of older citizens in the digital economy on the example of the Khabarovsk territory

L.E. Piunko, E.V. Tolkacheva
The article is devoted to the study of socio-economic aspects of the life of older citizens in Russia, the review of the modern state program "Demography" in the context of improving the quality of life of older citizens, the features of its implementation, including the issues of vocational training...
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Gamification for Business Development

Eleonora Cernikovaite Migle, Karazijiene Zaneta
Gamification changes the rules of engagement for education, business management and as a result-changes the behavior of customers. As [17], [7], [18], [6], [8] predicts that by the 2020, more than half of Global 1000 organizations will use gamification as the primary mechanism to transform their business...
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Digitalization as a way to improve the interaction of customs and tax authorities during customs control after the release of goods

E.V. Zhereben, N.G. Lipatova
The aim of the study is to analyze the current state of digitalization in the activities of the federal executive bodies (FEB) by the example of cooperation between customs and tax authorities during customs control after the release of goods (CCRG). It is shown that in the current conditions of globalization...
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The Study of Software Market in Russia

E.V. Kislitsyn, M.V. Panova, L.A. Sazanova
One of the priority directions of development of the national economic system is the formation of Russian digital platforms and import substitution in the field of software. However, the current growth rate of the Russian software market is not enough to fully provide domestic products to all commercial...
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Development of digital banking services in Russia today

O.V. Kotova, N.Yu. Novikova, A.S. Frolova
The article discusses the features of banking service, defines the difference between banking accommodation and banking service. Its components are analyzed, as well as the importance of each of them for the consumer. The concepts of "digitalization" of the economy, "factory of the future" and its types,...
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Digital economy and retail competitiveness

N.S. Necheukhina, T.I. Buyanova, O.V. Mustafina
The article presents the results of a study that determine the need for the widespread introduction of innovations in the practice of accounting and analytical work for economic entities in retail trade. This is due to the general trend of the digital economy and related innovations. The relevance of...
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Features of identification, recognition and initial assessment of fixed assets in Russia and China in the era of new industrialization

A.Yu. Popov, I.E. Vlasova
This article discloses the features of the definition, composition, recognition and initial assessment of fixed assets in Russia in accordance with domestic and international financial reporting standards and in China. The main goal of the work is to compare domestic and foreign methods of reflection...
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The contribution of transport logistics to the competitiveness of domestic products in the context of digitalization

L.G. Protasova, O.N. Zueva
Improving competitiveness is quite relevant for Russia. In our opinion, this problem can only be solved by the joint efforts of all interested parties: state, specific enterprise, suppliers, partners, consumers and society. The development of the country's economy is ensured by the competitiveness of...
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Industry 4.0.: advanced approach

S.G. Pyankova, E.R. Zakirova, E.N. Yalunina, O.T. Astanakulov, P.V. Veselukhina
The article contains the basic concepts that characterize the term Industry 4.0, presents the research results of leading analytical agencies, presents a comparative description of the traditional approach and flexible management methods, analyzes the “digital” trade balance of European countries, presents...
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Building logistic information systems using the blockchain digital economy method

Z.B. Khmelnitskaya, E.S. Bogdanova, M.L. Ivich
The article discusses the use of progressive methods of the digital economy in building an information and logistics system and issues related to the organization of production logistics when using the digital economy. Using the example of a logistics operator, the possibility of introducing blockchain...
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Improving accounting and analytical support for monitoring settlements with contractors based on it technologies

L.V. Iurieva, E.R. Sinianskaia, O.V. Savostina
The article discusses the possibilities of using IT technologies to increase the efficiency of monitoring settlements on receivables and payables of a commercial organization. As the object of study, the activities of management companies in the field of housing and communal services were selected. Such...
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Cash-out in trade and service networks: advantages and prospects in Russia

V.V. Kremleva, O.I. Dudina, N.S. Necheukhina
It is no secret that banks incur serious costs for maintaining cash flow. Several bank services are involved in this at once: cash desk, collection, bookkeeping. Some Russian banks have already begun testing a new service. In Russia, a new Cash-out service (purchase with cash) has appeared, which allows...
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The competitiveness and potential of Russia in the global business tourism market in the context of digitalization

E.I. Okhrimenko, O.T. Ergunova
In the article, the authors examined the factors that influence the formation of the country's tourist image; The distinctive features of the Russian climate, which affect the tourist attractiveness of the Russian regions, are identified and analyzed; factors that made it possible to increase the global...
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Digital model of optimal investment budget formation

M.K. Chernyakov, V.A. Yatsko
The study discusses the problems associated with substantiating the optimal size of the investment budget. At present, the generally accepted approach is the one that involves a joint analysis of two schedules: of investment opportunities and of marginal cost of capital. This approach assumes that the...
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The system of economic processes in conjunction with digital technology

S.S. Akimov
The aim of this work is to display the structure of economic processes in their relationship with digital technologies. The study provides a literature review and analysis of economic processes and their transformation in connection with the development of digital technologies and the transition to a...
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Neurolinguistic and neuromarketing effects on consumer behavior

S.V. Karpova, I.V. Rozhkov, O.E. Ustinova
The current market environment is extremely competitive. In recent years, increased competition and competitiveness among companies has grown exponentially, increasing the range of products on the market. In this regard, the development of business strategies that guarantee their long-term survival is...
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Digital technologies development factors in the industrial park structures

A.E. Plakhin, M.S. Khokholush, M.V. Selezneva
The relevance of the study is due to the need of accelerating the digitalization of Russian industry. According to foreign authors, sectoral and territorial imbalances in the level of digitalization are one of the main reasons for the slowdown in economic growth. On the other hand, the challenges facing...
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The influence of digital technologies on the development of economic subjects

D.M. Prostova, A.D. Tikhonova, N.G. Sosnina
The article analyzes the impact of digital technologies on the results of economic activity, highlights the main directions of digital transformation, as well as the features of modern economic processes. The authors analyzed the business digitalization index, the intensity of using digital technologies...
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Application of NFC technology in proximity marketing

Lubica Gajanova, Jana Kliestikova, Margareta Nadanyiova
New needs emerge for wireless communication with the growing proliferation of mobile devices. As mobile devices evolve from the means of making phone calls into an integral part of personal life, there is a need to ensure communication of these devices at a much more personal level. Proximity marketing...
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Knowledge-intensive markets and information technology development: conditions and results

I.V. Filimonenko, A.V. Moskvina, O.V. Ryzhkova
The relevance of the formation of new high-tech markets for the transition of the region to an innovative development model is determined. A multisectoral development model focused on “smart" specialization technology has been used as an instrument of formation. Criteria for choosing priority markets...
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Difficulties in the implementation of crowd projects: Russian features

M.P. Prokhorova, T.E. Lebedeva, A.A. Shkunova
The article describes the difficulties and problems arising from the implementation of crowd projects in Russian conditions. The aim of the work is to describe the practice of crowdsourcing, highlighting the difficulties of implementing crowd projects, formulating possible ways to overcome them. In the...
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Key aspects of crowdfunding workers motivation

T.E. Lebedeva, M.P. Prokhorova, S.V. Bulganina
The article describes the possibilities of crowd workers' motivation when implementing projects in Russian conditions. The aim of the work is to describe the Turkers' motivation practice of crowdsourcing and crowd project organizers, highlighting the difficulties of implementing crowd projects, formulating...
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On strengthening the control potential of value-added tax in the EAEU in the context of digitalization

N.G. Vishnevskaya, N.P. Melnikova, D. Vishnevskiy
The article summarizes the results of a study of the level of development of the administration of value-added tax (VAT) in the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union at the present stage, introduces a classification of systems. The following factors were identified as factors in building an effective...
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Project financing opportunities in the digital economy of municipal solid waste

A.M. Gubernatorov, E.B. Tutukina, M.M. Kiloeva
The solution of the problem of sustainable economic development largely depends on the system of solid waste management (MSW). The accumulation of waste brings a huge indelible environmental, economic and social damage, reduces the potential of environmental sustainability of the Russian Federation....
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Electronic commerce in Russia: problems and prospects of development

I.V. Minakova, O.I. Solodukhina, T.N. Bukreeva
According to official statistics, the share of the digital segment of the world economy is 23% (USD 17 trillion). By 2020, the volume of the digital economy will increase by USD 4 trillion, and its share in global GDP will reach 25%. Digitalization is gradually infiltrating all sectors of economy. The...
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Goodwill as an economic resource in the digital economy: recognition and measurement

V.S. Plotnikov, O.V. Plotnikova
At present, there are often theoretical and applied discussions on the digital economy. In the context of the transformation of the digital economy into a systemic economy, the problem of the conformity of modern accounting statements to the needs of a wide range of stakeholders in a reliable assessment...
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Evaluation of human resources potential in the Omsk region under digitalization condition

V.F. Potudanskaya, E.A. Kipervar
The article is devoted to the study of human resources potential in the Omsk region from the point of evaluative characteristics. The purpose of the article is to systematize and clarify approaches to the assessment of human resources potential, reasoning the feasibility of a comprehensive study. We...
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University 4.0:new education technologies in the digital economy

L.K. Gurieva, R.I. Btemirova, M.A. Kovaleva
The new, often called the fourth, industrial revolution, which is often named “Industry 4.0”, is a quite expected event, which is systematically and sufficiently detailed described in the forecast studies of scientists from many countries starting from the beginning of the 20th century. Defining the...
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The trend of price dispersion for the same goods in the e-commerce: the reasons for the emergence and preservation

G.L. Azoev, E.V. Sumarokova, O.V. Azoeva
The rapid development of e-commerce leads to a number of new problems related to the definition of e-commerce prospects and the future of traditional trade, the regulation of national and cross-border e-commerce, the evaluation of the effectiveness of e-commerce in different business areas and the impact...
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Modeling the strategic management process in ADONIS:CE considering global digital trends

T.A. Kokodey, A.M. Kolesnikov, T.I. Lomachenko
In this study, the optimal format of strategic management of an enterprise was formalized based on a developed methodological approach to the formation of an optimal multicomponent strategy (which is a set of individual strategies) under conditions of a polycyclic environment considering global digital...
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Digital economy in the BRICS countries: myth or reality?

I. Lazanyuk, S. Revinova
The article discusses the current situation of the formation and development of the digital economy in the BRICS countries. The comparative analysis of the BRICS countries based on key requirements such as availability and reliability of the data, the possibility of cross-country comparisons. As comparative...
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The study of the influence of interregional integration on the level of digital development of the EAEU countries

S.V. Shkiotov, M.I. Markin, M.A. Mayorova
The Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) is quite a new regional integration association and it is not only faced with institutional challenges of growth (the opposition of the national elite, unification of rules and standards, specific model of resolving economic disputes), but also challenges posed by volatile...
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Increasing the competitiveness of older age groups in the digitalization environment

L.V. Trunkina, E.A. Kipervar, M.S. Mizya
The article considers demographic and economic aspects of the labor market in Russia associated with the use of labor of senior age groups. The paper analyzes the demographic and economic situation in the labor market, gives an assessment of the natural population movement, reveals the demographic aging...
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Smart contracts in international trade in services in the field of intellectual property

A.R. Mukhtarova, N.I. Lesnova
The paper studies how to use a smart contract, including for the coordination and fulfillment of international contractual obligations for trade in services in the field of intellectual property. Attention is drawn to the special nature of smart contracts as self-enforceability and self-sustainability....
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Integral assessment of the population’s quality of life as an urgent task of the digitization program for the regional economy

L.I. Menshikova, N.V. Zykova, E.A. Mordovian
For the successful implementation of national development programs of the country, the informed choice of the objects and technologies of “impact” provided by them on the part of state authorities, it is necessary to develop a unified interdisciplinary approach to assessing the quality of life of citizens,...
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Methodological aspects of economico-mathematical modelling of the dairy cattle breeding development

M.I. Ivanova, A.A. Ivanov, N.A. Yastreb
The paper proposes a methodological approach to determining the development directions of dairy cattle breeding, based on the application of economico-mathematical modelling. The purpose of the study is to clarify the methods of economico-mathematical modelling of dairy cattle breeding at the regional...
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Blockchain as a means of transforming the subject’s cognitive attitudes

N.A. Yastreb
The paper is devoted to the problem of transforming the structure of subject’s cognitive attitudes under the influence of the introduction of blockchain technology. It is shown that they are based on the attitude to truth, which determines faith in the attainability of truth, the choice of practices...
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The digital economy in Romania: theoretical approaches and the current state of development in the context imposed by the European Union

Maria Ciurea
For Romania, as a member of the European Union, this digital age launches new challenges through which it is required to take measures and elaborate governmental strategies, to exploit the digital potential for the benefit of citizens, to integrate new technologies into the economic and social structure,...
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Work satisfaction survey in the digital economy

L.K. Gurieva, I.Z. Togusova, S.K. Tokaeva
The modern economy, based on the widespread adoption of digital technology, is becoming increasingly dependent on human capital, which role is steadily increasing in comparison with other types of capital. According to expert estimates, the personnel of companies that are carriers of specific knowledge,...
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Learning success factors for university students in context of digitalization in education

S.V. Kosovskikh, L.N. Filonova, N.F. Usynina
Due to rapidly changing modern world technologies, the employers, when hiring the university graduates, enquire not merely into the level of their professional knowledge, but also a predisposition toward learning, potential successfulness, capabilities and actual abilities. Currently, due to digitization...
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Implications of modern digital technologies in higher education

Ţălu Ştefan
This article offers new insight into a set of issues related to modern digital technologies in higher education. Also, there are analyzed their impact and some specific aspects of the dynamic interaction between them in today’s context of higher education. The impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution...
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The development of students' creativity by expanding the modal experience with ternary information signals

E.A. Gafarova, O.N. Shvartskop, G.A. Didenko
Relevance. The student’s personal creativity is a socially significant quality. The importance of expanding the psychophysiological basis of the individual for productive creative activity has been proved in the studies of a number of scientists. The effectiveness of the ternary presentation of information...
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The qualimetric aspect of digitalization in the formation of professional competencies of university graduates

V.A. Belevitin, E.I. Giss, V.V. Rudnev
The digitalization of the economy, state, and municipal manage-ment, as well as all spheres of society, poses new global challenges for the education system. In the new context of the relationship between business, the state and citizens, there is a demand for specialists who not only possess theoretical...
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Trends and perspectives of using blockchain technology in the digital transformation of the education system

A.G. Savina, L.I. Malyavkina, I.V. Sergeeva
The digital transformation of the education system, due to modern conditions for the development of socio-economic relations and information and communication technologies, involves a radical modernization of its information technology landscape through integration with end-to-end digital technologies....
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The model of special computer interface for learning adult students

I.B. Bashmakova
This investigation is carried out to create a model of special computer interface interface for learning adult students. Author suggests taking into account such factors as user’s experience, individual phychological characteristics in order to create most suitable scripts for computer supporting learning...
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Digital technologies aimed at the development of personal and professional readiness in the work of teachers in inclusive education

N.A. Kalugina, T.V. Borzova
The relevance of the studied problem is due to the need for the search for qualitatively new ways and means of professional training for future teachers that meet the challenges and requirements of the modern world. On the one hand, there is an introduction of digital educational technologies based on...
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The use of innovative digital technologies in the educational process of the university

T.L. Chernysheva
The article substantiates the idea that modern education is becoming a branch of a digital economy, the development of which sets the task of modernizing the education system, including through the use of cloud technologies, electronic educational portals, augmented and virtual reality when implementing...
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The development of a culture of digital relations in the educational environment

L.N. Nugumanova, G.A. Shaukhutdinova, T.V. Yakovenko
In the article, the authors address one of the most urgent issues in the upbringing of the younger generation: the digital homelessness of students. It can be stated that children love for gadgets was considered harmless for a long time, before the appearance of extremely disturbing and dangerous symptoms,...
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Social engineering as a technology of pedagogization in the conditions of transformation processes in Russia

I.Yu. Blyasova, S.V. Istomina, L.Yu. Zaitseva, K.D. Buzaubakova, A.M. Sikhaeva
The article analyzes the relevance of using social engineering in the pedagogical activity of an educational organization to form the necessary personal characteristics of students as future "builders" of the country's public relations. The main characteristics of the method of social engineering are...
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Systematic information security training in elementary school

M.I. Bocharov, M.S. Mozharov, I.V. Simonova
Issue and purpose. The article reveals the urgent problem of the systematic training of information security (IS) in primary school. The purpose of the article is to present an approach to the formation of the content of information security education for primary school children, taking into account...
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Digital learning methods for the digital economy

S.V. Shaytura, K.V. Ordov, A.M. Minitaeva
The transition of the economy to a digital basis requires a significant change in the structure of education. The country's economy will need personnel who are fluent in computer technology. Some specialists will need to retrain. The problem of employment of graduates is a pain point in higher education....
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The use of virtual distance learning technologies in conducting pre-study courses in mathematics to prepare for the unified state examination at a specialized level

G.R. Guzairova, I.Kh. Bikmukhametov, R.R. Bakirova
The article explores the use of virtual distance technologies to solve complex math problems in preparation for the unified state examination. The purpose of the article is to create a learning functional tool that makes it possible to remotely conduct pre-study courses in mathematics using the IDRoo...
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Digital educational environment in Russian schools in the estimation of parents

Z.V. Proshkova, M.N. Yashina
This article presents the opinions of schoolchildren’s parents about the digitalization of the school environment. The family assessments of digital educational technologies that are in demand at the school are analyzed in detail. In the sociological study, the focus group method was used, that is, a...
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Computer-network approaches in the occupational guidance of modern teenagers

V.G. Kamenskaya, L.V. Tomanov
The work is devoted to the analysis of the problems of occupational guidance of teenagers as the most important task of school education. The technology of a computer-network approach for determining professional preferences of schoolchildren and the possibilities of mastering preferred professions is...
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Dictation introduced at lectures as a practical method to increase the effectiveness of teaching software engineering in a digital era

A.I. Razumowsky
The article discusses prerequisites for the need to change the lecture form of training at a university. This results from the fact that during the oral presentation by the lecturer, the student rarely began to use notes. Instead, the student takes photos of the notes on the information board or presentation...
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Future teacher training to cope with pedagogical tasks in small group through e-learning

I.V. Slikishina, M.S. Mozharov, A.E. Mozharova
Pilot training of future teachers at Novokuznetsk institute (branch) of Kemerovo State University is described in this article. The most important direction of education is future teacher training to cope with pedagogical tasks through electronic education (e-learning) on the basis of LMS Moodle jointly...
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Development of a generator of practical tasks in higher mathematics using the Microsoft Office suite and LaTeX digital typesetting system

S.A. Mukhanov, A.I. Arkhangelsky, A.A. Mukhanova
Successful teaching of mathematics to students is impossible without their independent fulfillment of practical assignments. The preparation of a set of individual assignments in traditional ways requires a large amount of time and effort from the teacher. At the moment, there are various assignment...
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Modeling of digitalization of management in cyber-physical systems of reorganization of residential territories

V.O. Chulkov
Digitalization of management and decision-making automation reduce the number of managerial personnel, increase the reliability of management, ensure the effectiveness of made decisions, increase profits and save resources. In Russia, unlike the foreign practice of digitalization, there are no outdated...
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Using digital technologies for forming empathy of would-be school teachers

Yu.V. Salamatina
The article considers the problem of the forming a culture of empathic behavior of would-be school teachers in the digitalization of the educational space. The author of the article outlines the relevance of the problem studied, when researchers in Russia and abroad increasingly focus on the formation...
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The use of digital technologies in the teaching of mathematical disciplines to generate student interest in research activities

E.V. Kondrashova
The development of digital technologies in education helps to optimize certain types of independent work of students, including research. Since the conduction of research work involves the use of not only classroom time for conducting classes, but also extra-curricular activities, it is proposed to use...
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Digitalization as a way to reduce the possibility of deviant behavior in higher education

N.Yu. Vlasova, E.L. Molokova, E.S. Kulikova
The relevance of the research is due to the high intensity of the development of scientific ideas about the development of digitalization processes with an almost complete absence of researches of these processes in the field of solving the problem of deviant behavior in higher education. The hypothesis...
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Economic deterministic ensemble classifiers with probabilistic output using for robust quantification: study of unbalanced educational datasets

S.M. Abdullaev, Y.K. Salal
The overall goal of our work is to find economic and robust supervised machine learning methods which adequate to both individual and collective Student Performance Forecast (SPF). The individual SPF are subject of well-known classification methods but collective SPF is subject of quantification learning...
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Career counseling for hearing impaired people using information technology

A.P Avdeeva, O.A. Oreshkina, Yu.A. Safonova
The article presents the program and scenario of career coaching for people with disabilities. Career coaching is considered as a process, that contributes to the personal and professional development of a student with disabilities. The stages, priority objectives and methods of coaching are highlighted....
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Multimedia presentations in the educational process: innovation or vulgarization of education?

M.K. Elisafenko, E.E. Protasova
The article considers the problem of the practicability of using multimedia presentations in the process of organizing the educational process in higher education institutions in modern conditions of switchover to the post-industrial stage of development of Russian society. The authors are convinced,...
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Assessment of the effectiveness of the use of technology of stream-learning at the university

O.N. Griban, I.V. Griban, S.S. Arbuzov
The processes of globalization and the widespread use of the Internet led to changes in all spheres of human life, and above all - in education. In modern conditions, when Russia faces the strategic task of creating a digital educational environment, and almost every pupil or student spends a significant...
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Prospects for the spatial organization of the regional

E.G. Efimova
The article is devoted to the spatial organization of the regional professional education system under new economic conditions: digitalization processes, new industrialization, the beginning of the information era, etc. The factors of the functioning and development of the regional system of professional...
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Automated individually-oriented methodological systems of the formation of competencies

V.V. Pleshev
The relevance of individually-oriented approaches to learning is caused by necessity for taking into account the individual characteristics and needs of students and, at the same time, the requirements of employers to form professional competencies. The objective is to automate the process of forming...
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Cross-border educational space in digital economy

T.R. Tereshkina, S.V. Tereshchenko
The necessity of creation of cross-border educational space between Finland and Russia is showed. The research connected with the attitude of Finnish and Russian students and teachers to eLearning was done. The results of the survey of students and teachers of St. Petersburg and Finnish universities...
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Virtual and augmented reality technologies in virtual industrial learning worlds: research and application

N.N. Voit, S.Yu. Kirillov, S.I. Bochkov
Virtual and augmented reality are highly developing technologies which finds an application in many life spheres, particularly in educational process and manufacturing. It features real-time image changing and experiencing the presence effect. Moreover, manufacturing companies have been facing challenges...
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Training of students - future teachers to the use of digital technologies in professional activities

T.V. Bezhanu, S.A. Zonova, S.I. Markova
Following the Federal state educational standard of basic general education, one of the indicators of mastering the basic educational program by a graduate is the formation and development of competence in the use of information and communication technologies (ICT). In this regard, the higher educational...
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Development of digital culture of higher school students

O.V. Ufimtseva, M.A. Ivanenko
The article deals with development of digital culture as an important condition of on-line and distance learning which are considered to be progressive and effective as they allow students to get complete and new information in any area rather quickly. The role of digital culture in digital environment...
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The dual learning system as the basis of the mechanism of interaction between educational institutions and production reality

I.Yu. Blyasova, L.Yu. Zaytseva, A.Yu. Akmalov, R.V. Vinnikova, N.V. Byakova
The article analyzes the relevance of using the dual learning system in the pedagogical activity of educational organizations for forming the necessary personal characteristics of students as future specialists. The main characteristics of the dual learning system are presented; features of its use in...
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Approaches to assessing the quality of distance learning in higher education through the development of tools for monitoring learning outcomes

V.A. Beskrovnaya, E.M. Freidkina, T.I. Vinogradova
The paper focuses on the analysis of developments in the system of professional education associated with the intense application of distance learning technologies. The study of distance learning as a historically and dynamically progressing phenomenon made it possible to identify the set of factors...
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Student's electronic portfolio as a tool for creating project teams

O.V. Kuripta, O.V. Minakova, A.R. Deniskina
The purpose of the research work was to develop a methodology for the formation of project groups. The analysis of the features of the implementation of projects at the multidisciplinary technical university has been carried out. The criteria for the selection of applicants to participate in project...
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Gaps in educational programs in the context of global digitalization

A.V. Platov, Sh.S. Zikirova, E.N. Podsevalova
The global digitalization of the economy has led to the transformation of labor market requirements. The European Union, the USA and Russia have responded to these changes by adopting training programs and initiatives with new digital skills. The formal education system demonstrates a lag behind new...
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Build qualities and competencies for students through activities experience

Thi Hieu Phi, Do Huong Giang Nguyen, Khuyen Le Van
Practical experience is an important requirement of student-oriented teaching. The new general education program also requires hands-on experience activities. Although there have been studies on practical experience education and learning through experiences in the 80s of the twentieth century, In Vietnam,...
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Practices with proven effectiveness in training of students in the design of an inclusive digital environment

N.A. Kokanov, S.A. Kurnosova, T.Yu. Lushnikova, Yu.V. Petrova
In pedagogical science, higher education, and the activities of a teacher, a contradiction between the aggravation of the problem of implementing the conditions of an accessible environment in the field of education and the need for special training of students competent in designing an inclusive digital...
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Problems of education digitization in Ukraine

Halyna Rossikhina, Vasyl Rossikhin, Tetyana Kaganovska
The paper analyzes the prospects for the development of the national education system of Ukraine, taking into account the potential of digitization. It is substantiated that the provision of a socioeconomic recovery is possible only if both society as a whole and individual non-profit sectors are considered...
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Practice of implementing electronic educational resources at the university of economics

A.P. Kovaltchuk, E.L. Ilina, K.A. Miloradov
The relevance of the study of implementation of electronic forms of education into the educational process in the Russian Federation is determined by the need for a new positioning of Russian universities. Nowadays, universities consider students as active seekers of knowledge who wisely use various...
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The impact of the digital economy on the development of Russian law

I.A. Vladimirov, R.A. Iksanov, L.K. Rashitova
The article reveals the impact of the digital economy on the development of certain branches of Russian law, regulating a particular particular sphere of agricultural and business relations. digital identification to improve existing mechanisms to protect the rights of digital users.
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Expert assessment issues of civil legal protection of computer software and databases based on the example of the software complex for payment systems within the housing and utility infrastructure

D.A. Toporov
The automation of payment system for housing and communal services using copyright-protected item, computer programs and databases comprise a set of tools for the development of housing law, which, in the days of global digitalization of the economy, proves the issue is to be viewed through the lens...
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The problem of robotic activity in qualifying criminal acts

D.V. Puchkov
The article describes the main directions of the emergence of the problem of robotic activity and its resolution in qualification of criminal acts. This problem is largely accounted for by the fact that robots that are able to fully adapt to the conditions of work and production have the ability to automatically...
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Autonomous robot as a source of increased danger in law: harm prevention problems

E.V. Mishchenko, T.V. Letuta, A.E. Shukhman
The law has a number of structures, the use of which, by analogy with the law, is possible in the conditions of the gradual introduction of autonomous robots into economic turnover. Will today's legal regulation be able to handle the issues of preventing harm with robots increasingly wide-spreading and...
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Human rights associations in the framework of the digital economy

F. Shukhov, Yu. Konstantinova
The digital economy and digital technology have become an integral part of today's life, which, however, remains to be enforced. Digital human rights that have arisen with digital technology often require protection already now. To protect human rights, there are human rights non-governmental associations...
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Legal regulation of access to information: comparison of Russian Federation and abroad

N.A. Pruel, G.A. Menshikova, E.G. Melnikov
Legal regulation of access to information: comparison of Russian Federation and abroad
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Blockchain Technology and Law (questions of theory and practice)

I.B. Lagutin, N.V. Vycherova, O.S. Shumakova
This article is devoted to the analysis of the mechanisms of legal regulation of the Blockchain system, as one of the new directions of development of the world economy. The authors define all basic concepts used in the implementation of crypto-currency technologies, study the existing experience of...
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Law and digital technologies in ensuring the environmental safety of a modern city

I.G. Pirozhkova, M.A. Zheludkov, Mustafa Ahmed Jasim Jasim
The article is devoted to the analysis of the evolution of the concept of “digitalization” as a legal category as a whole and its application in modern interdisciplinary studies at the intersection of urban studies, the theory of architecture and urban planning, the theory of environmental security,...