Proceedings of the International Scientific and Practical Conference on Digital Economy (ISCDE 2019)

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Blockchain in HR

V.A. Koncheva, S.V. Odintsov, Leonid Khmelnitski
Blockchain is an innovative IT technology that will undoubtedly determine development of our network society in post-modernity of the coming decades. Being a young technology, blockchain needs a doctrinal explanation and a well thought regulation to ease contradictions that will arise as a result of...
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Information policy, strategic management of information security and problems of legislative regulation on the example of Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Khabarovsk region

A.A. Oblasov
Information policy is an integral part of the policy of governing bodies at all levels, as well as a necessary stage for the transition to a modern information society. The subject of this study, along with information policy, is its legislative regulation – the impact on information policy with the...
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Regarding the issue of recognition of personal data, posted on the Internet as publicly available personal data

N.V. Vasilyeva, S.V. Praskova, Yu.V. Pyatkovskaya
The article is devoted to the studying the problems of determining the degree of personal data privacy, posted on the Internet. The authors of the article note absence in legal science and legislation of a unified approach to determining degree of openness or confidentiality of such personal data, including...
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The right to disconnect in digital economics

M.V. Chudinovskikh
Development of digital technologies leads to the fact that employees take care of constant communication resulting in accumulated fatigue, efficiency loss. Digitalization requires updating the current rules regulating the working time and the right to rest. The paper gives the content analysis of "the...
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The virtual property under the legislation of the Russian federation: present state and development trends

N.N. Kovaleva, N.A. Zhirnova, M.V. Filimonova
This paper examines the legal status of virtual property under the Russian legislation and in research works of contemporary Russian scientists. The virtual property, as the product of virtual worlds, is gradually getting involved into the real civil circulation and its objects are becoming the real...
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New forms of non-standard employment: aspects of renewal of the state policy of employment promotion of population

I.A. Glotova, T.Yu. Lushnikova, E.A. Saikova, N.A. Kokanov, L.N. Varankina
The paper presents new forms of non-standard employment as a result of the economy digitalization process. There are reported different approaches and points of view on non-standard employment as well as classification of main forms of such employment based on study of international and nation investigations....
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Regulating criminal liability for violations related to the use of digital signatures in the context of the digitalization of the economy

A.A. Grebenkov, M.I. Sinyaeva, S.S. Polyanskaya
The legal framework regulating the use of digital signature is one of the necessary conditions for the introduction of electronic document management, which is a required step to ensure the functioning of the digital economy. Currently, a qualified digital signature, the certificate for which is issued...
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Legal regulation of counteraction to administrative offenses in the conditions of digitalization

K.A. Sultanov, E.V. Kashkina, P.V. Ustinov
The paper discusses the legal aspects of the security of the information society through the prism of criminal law and administrative science, identifies the most important issues, and suggests ways to solve them. The analysis of crime acts and offenses in the digital environment, committed with the...
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Multitasking in forming legal framework for digital economy (national project case)

A.E. Zubarev, I.V. Zhukova, T.S. Korobeynikova
The article is result of study by the authors to identify and justify new tools for managing industries. Modern management paradigm is based on the creation of conditions for the integration of information flows, cadastres, databases and technologies necessary for analyzing the situation and making managerial...
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Problems of understanding and legal regulation of e-government in Russia

V.N. Shutova, N.V. Keshikova, A.G. Samusevich
For about 20 years, Russia has been actively implementing the Concept of the Development of E-Government. At different stages, both positive and negative results were achieved. Currently, the next stage, which is aimed at improving the legislation in the field of regulation of state electronic services,...
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The role of Russian notaries in ensuring digital security of civil circulation

I.I. Aminov
The paper discusses the processes of penetration of digital relations at all levels of interaction of participants within civil circulation. It is noted that the transition to the "digital economy" carries a number of risks, which dictates the need to find a balance between comfortable and quick execution...
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The imperfection of the legal regulation of non-cash payments as a criminogenic factor

R.Z. Shakhbazov, G.I. Plohih, V.K. Tarykin
This article is devoted to the analysis of the legal regulation of non-cash payments in the Russian Federation in the context of considering the imperfection of the legal regulation of the relevant field as a factor that has a negative impact on the criminal situation in the Russian state. In this article,...
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Safeguarding of critical digital infrastructures

G.G. Shinkaretskaya, I.S. Lyalina
The paper deals with the legal regulation of safeguarding of critical digital infrastructures at the national and international levels. Particular attention is paid to issues of cooperation between countries to protect critical infrastructures within the framework of the United Nations and its specialized...
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Legal enforcement of import substitution in the field of digital sovereignty protection of the Russian Federation

I.F. Kolontaevskaya, E.V. Kamenskaya, I.A. Uvarova
The paper determines the need for effective organizational and legal measures in the Russian Federation to stimulate import substitution in the information sphere. It is proved that the Russia’s transition to the import substitution of digital products and software is caused by real threats posed by...
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Sociological digital methods to explore personal educational way: internet forum

Z.V. Proshkova, G.I. Saganenko
This article presents the results of a methodological analysis of the digital sociological method of the Internet forum, that is, the study of thematic group discussions on the Internet, and compares the findings reached while studying the motives of the family choice of online schools in high school....
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Media myths about the Karelian border-zone and reality: a cultural approach

I.M. Suvorova, A.A. Skoropadskaya
The purpose of the article is to verify media myths about Karelia through comparison with observation. The study is conducted on the basis of a sociological survey of the republic residents, an analysis of theoretical sources on the topic and statistical data obtained during a scientific expedition....
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The concept of sustainable environmental and economic development in the transition to the digital economy

A.A. Salamatov, E.А. Gnatyshina, D.S. Gordeeva
Introduction. Network economy does not reduce the flow of economic crimes: forgery of facsimile signatures, unauthorized intrusion into state secrets, etc. use the Internet along with law enforcement terrorists. It is safe to say that each positive aspect of the digitalization of society is opposed by...
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Methods of digital linguistics used in complex research of means expressing action iterativity

G.F. Lutfullina, D.S. Mukhamedzyanova
The article discusses how to use the methods of corpus linguistics to recreate the expression plan of iterativity. Thanks to digital search methods such as search, for example, in the linguistic corpus, it is easy to find necessary examples with the appropriate verbal form. The research is based on the...
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Development of conceptual model for digital monitoring of extremist attitudes and identification of risk groups in the youth environment

I.V. Vicentiy, O.N. Popova, S.M. Eliseev
The relevance of the study is determined by the growth of international terrorism and extremism in recent decades. With the growing dynamics of social change, it is important to quickly respond to both positive and negative changes. In a postindustrial society, the most important issue is the speed of...
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Digitalization and scientometrics in assessing the migration of scientists

A.E. Sudakova, A.A. Tarasyev
The article presents the development of bibliometrics as a tool for assessing scientific activity. The term “bibliometrics” has various formulations and applications: the development of a discipline, the citation of scientists, the study of affiliations of scientists. The transformation of this tool...
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Visual representation of graffiti in the media environment: between art and vandalism

N.A. Simbirtseva, R.Yu. Porozov
Grasping of the environment, whether it be urban or virtual, by modern youth often happens thanks to not non-institutionalized practices. Creation of graffiti, in particular, is one of such practices. This practice has come out far beyond physical space and achieved the status of a comprehensive representation...
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Problems and prospects of studying video blogs as a channel for shaping public opinion of Russian young people

V.Yu. Grushevskaya
This article addresses the question of studying the impact of video blogs on the public opinion of young people. The study of this phenomenon requires the integration of the developments in a wide range of social sciences. The article summarizes the approaches of modern social and humanitarian sciences...
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Human creative potential in digital society: social technologies of development

E.D. Shetulova, M.V. Zaladina
Man is a being who has the ability to create. Creativity was an important component of activity throughout the existence of mankind. However, in the context of an emerging digital society, creativity is becoming one of the key factors in the functioning of the economy and social institutions. Accordingly,...
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Generation "Z" as a generation for market of goods and services in digitization

A.I. Matveeva, R.V. Krasnov
The article describes the peculiarities of market consumption of goods and services of representatives of «generation Z» in the era of digitalization. The methodological basis of the article is the work of Strauss and Hove's Theory of Generations in the United States, as well as Mark Prensky's research...
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Negative consequences of digitalization and their reflection on the axiological position of teachers and students

T.V. Filippovskaya, A.S. Serdiukova, S.A. Diakonova
The article focuses on the negative aspects of reflecting the introduction of innovative technologies in the pedagogical context of interaction between students and teachers. It describes elements of a conflict of interest between university administration, bureaucratic structures and educators. It also...
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Integration of the Internet into social reality of contemporary Russian youth: current situation and potential consequences

D.V. Rudenkin
The unusual speed of distribution of Internet in the life of Russian society made circumstances of growing up of contemporary young Russians very specific. Growing up in the conditions of rapid spread of Internet in the society, many of them are accustomed to perceiving the Internet as a natural and...
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Transformation of political process in digital society: case of contemporary Russia

D.V. Rudenkin, A.V. Loginov
The paper is aimed to grasp those essential features of political process that it possesses nowadays in Russia due to digitalization of everyday life. It became a common point in academia now to argue that we should be persistent in our willingness to understand those changes that arise in the political...
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Automated system for measuring integral pain index of patients during general anesthesia

V.M. Sokolskiy, I.Yu. Petrova, M.V. Sokolskiy
For optimal control of the analgesia level during general anesthesia an objective assessment of the real-time patient’s current state is necessary. Such estimates are based on the production and processing of large amounts of data. The authors developed requirements for an automated system for assessing...
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Marketing communications integration in healthcare industry: digitalization and omnichannel technologies

G. Azoev, E. Sumarokova, G. Butkovskaya
Nowadays the major tendency in pharmaceutical industry is digitalization. Digital technology influence both external media-related and internal aspects of the company’s business operations. Given that, the defining feature of pharmaceutical companies is the fact that they operate in b2b and b2c markets....
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Information system for monitoring the movement of drug products

S.V. Greibo, N.N. Pronkin, O.V. Filippova
The development of modern information technologies in medicine allowed to introduce an information system of motion monitor-ing, which makes it possible to track each package of drug prod-ucts. In Russia alone, more than 7 billion packages of drug products are produced and imported from other countries,...
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Blockchain technology in the production and supply of pharmaceutical products

A.M. Makarov, E.A. Pisarenko
Blockchain technologies can be used in any industry where verification and logging of certain actions are required. In particular, in the manufacture of medicines it is necessary to have reliable information about the origin of the raw material from which the drug is made, and the process of production...
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Methodological foundation of comprehensive support for dialysis patients based on artificial intelligence technologies

I.A Lakman, A.A. Padukova, Sh.R. Nafikov
The existing software products represented by intelligent decision-support systems based on machine learning algorithms have minimal functionality and solve highly targeted problems in the field of hemodialysis. The aim of the study is to formulate the methodological foundations of the development...
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Informatization of health care: stakeholders interaction

A.D. Trakhtenberg, E.G. Dyakova
This article focuses on the analysis of theoretical models allowed to explain the reasons of the chronic problems in the field of healthcare informatization. The authors assume that problems are steadily reproduced and are of a general nature. The most important of these ones relate to a lack of interoperability...
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Methodological aspects of evaluating the efficiency of the medical service provision based on Big Data

S.A. Kozlova, I.S. Ferova
Improving the population’s quality of life is one of the key tasks of our time for the social policy of the States. Ensuring a healthy lifestyle and promoting well-being for all at any age is one of the goals of sustainable development. The relevance of the research topic in this paper. The paper discusses...
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Comparative analysis of trends in Russian, Chinese and American consumer behavior in the digital environment

Yu.A. Maltseva, K.A. Danilova
In this paper we described the main trends of consumer behavior in the conditions of digitalization of the economy in Russia, the United States and China, the drivers of development of marketing theory and practice and the questions for further research are identified. We are convinced that the transformation...
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Smart cities: knowledge generation effectiveness in the digital economy

Evgeny Popov, Wadim Strielkowski, Maxim Vlasov
The aim of the present study is to develop a set of tools for quantifying the effectiveness of knowledge generation in the digital economy by identifying the relationship between the effectiveness of new knowledge generation and the digital resources on which it is based. In the study, the relationship...
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Big Data Driven Marketing

A.D. Nazarov
The transformation of many areas of activity occurs during the economy digitalization. One of these popular areas of activity is marketing. Marketing is an integral part of any business. The main trend of the economy digitalization is Big Data or Data Science. The capacity of Big Data in marketing is...
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Digital triggers in the system of formation and management of the investment portfolio of a metallurgical enterprise

L.I. Yuzvovich, M.S. Maramygin, M.P. Loginov
The subject of this study is the economic relations that arise in the process of formation and management of the investment portfolio of a metallurgical enterprise based on digital triggers. The high importance of investment projects for business should be recognized by the management of the company,...
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The financial activities of non-profit organizations at the regional level in the context of digitalization of the sectoral economy

A.I. Chunakov, S.P. Sazonov, A.S. Dmitriev
The article discusses the features of financing non-profit organizations of the Volgograd region in the context of digital economic development. The dynamics of the number of non-profit organizations in the period 2015-2019 is given, the results of the first presidential grants competition in 2019 are...
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Assessing the digital development of human capital

E.V. Shirinkina, E.V. Zavedeev, N.I. Strih
The relevance of the study is due to the fact that digitalization stimulates a significant reorganization of companies, creates new requirements for the skills of employees. Global challenges in the digital development of human capital are associated with the transformation of the vision of priority...
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Instagram digital data analysis services

D.M. Nazarov
The article analyzes various approaches to the definition of the concept of “digital economy” and “digital services” and defines digital services. The author considers the digital services of the Instagram network and analyzes their functionality for the presence of digital data accumulation and their...
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Integration of foresight methods into the educational process on the basis of increasing the communication connectivity of the scientific and educational space to increase the economic efficiency of research works of masters and doctoral students

S.S. Sagintayeva, R.A. Zhanbayev, A.Sh. Abildina
There are a large number of educational technologies, which for the most part do not take into account that learning should be directed to the future, should be taught to predict and be ahead of modern advances in science and technology. In our opinion, a foresight can act as a tool for its assessment,...
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Human capital as a determining resource for the introduction of digital technologies in the region’s economy

M.A. Gundorova, S.A. Grachev, O.A. Donichev
The article deals with the analysis of the processes of human capital development in the context of the introduction of digital technologies in the Federation subjects. The hypothesis of the study is the assumption that the human capital accumulating in the regions has a decisive influence on the formation...
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The use of digital technologies in methods of managing the budget process of the Russian Federation

E.A. Razumovskaya, A.G. Lachihina, Dukhani Adil Bashir Dahir
The article deals with the study of the digital technologies role in optimizing the budget process of Russian Federation. The authors conducted a comparative analysis of information systems and software systems to support the budget process; special attention is paid to the analysis of the main information...
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The use of digital financial technologies in strategies to optimize the structure of household financial resources

E.A. Razumovskaya, D.Yu. Razumovskiy, K.V. Pletnev
The article presents the results of a study verifying the initial hypothesis that there is a direct effect of the level of financial literacy of the population on the use of digital financial instruments by households. The structure of household transactions by disposing of disposable income in dynamics...
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Insurance telematics: problems and development prospects in Russia

T.D. Odinokova, T.B. Rekechinskaya, N.A. Istomina
The topic of digitalization of the economy is one of the most popular topics, and the digitalization of financial services is almost the driver of its development. At the same time, digital technologies have gained the greatest popularity in financial services in the banking sector. As the analysis showed,...
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Internet communications as a mainstream marketing activity in the digital environment

Yu.A. Maltseva, K.A. Danilova, I.V. Kotlyarevskaya
The paper considers the specifics of marketing activities in the Internet space, identifies expert assessments of the development trends of digital communication tools and the main trends in communication activities for 2019-2020 and formulates promising research tasks in the field of Internet marketing.
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Digital compliance of the formation and manage-ment of the investment portfolio of a metallurgical holding

L.I. Yuzvovich, T.S. Kadochnikova, E.Yu Polyakova
The relevance of the research topic is determined by the high im-portance of investment activity for the successful functioning of companies. Investment activity occupies an important place in the organization’s business, since without it it becomes impossible not only to develop the company (increase...
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Theoretical and methodological knowledge of the information economy under the prism of innovation and digitization

N.M. Kraus, K.M. Kraus, A.A. Maslov
This electronic document is a “live” template and already defines the components Features of theoretical and methodological knowledge of the informational economy are researched and generalized in the article. The content of the dialectical system “information-knowledge” is revealed. It is established...
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Challenges in implementing digitalization in the poultry subcomplex

D.A. Karkh, I.S. Kondratenko, T.I. Fadeeva
This article identifies the problems of digitalization in the poultry product complex. The poultry subcomplex is one of the key subsystems of the agricultural sector of Russia. We have come a long way in the development of the domestic poultry subcomplex over the 2000s. Negative dynamics have been observed...
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Taxation of business income from the use of digital information and communication technologies

E.A. Smorodina, O.A. Boytush, M.I. Lvova
In this article, the subject of the study is the tax burden of organizations engaged in new activities using digital information and communication technologies. The purpose of the work is to determine the features of the crypto economy, which should be taken into account in the development of measures...
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Main trends of development of banking innovation in the digital economy

Yu.V. Kuvaeva, A.I. Serebrennikova, V.V. Shvedov
The article is devoted to the description of innovative technologies on the basis of which banking products (services) are created or their sales channels are formed. It is established that a number of banking innovations are just beginning to be used by Russian banks, and some have already become quite...
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Integrated assessment approaches to network resource status of regional socio-economic systems

V.S. Novikov
These days it is difficult to imagine a field of activity (private or public) without computer technology. One way or another, the socio-economic activity of an individual or society is performed with the help of ICT, Internet, computer technology and software products. For example, in the social sphere,...
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Analysis of the project “Digital School of the Municipal Employee” in the field of state municipal administration

N.Yu. Vlasova, E.S. Kulikova, E.L. Molokova
This article discusses the issues of improving competence and qualifications from the standpoint of increasing the efficiency of using human potential in the state municipal administration field. The SMA sphere is the basis for the successful development of any territory, determines its competitiveness...
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Innovation in the national digital financial services market

M.P. Loginov, N.V. Usova
Subject of research. Innovation policy in the market of digital financial services. Purpose of research. Studying the theoretical foundations of the digital financial market development on the basis of state innovation policy and introducing a system for ensuring the innovative development of service...
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University Virtual Representation Index in the Context of Digital Marketing

A.D. Nazarov, E.V. Radkovskaya, N.D. Tovmasyan
Websites and their effective optimization and promotion through web analytics and internet marketing become the integral part of educational services during industrialization and transformation of digital economy. Now, when most of applicants chooses a university on the basis of information on the Internet,...
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Optimization of repair facilities based on the theory of reliability in a digital economy

E.V. Dolzhenkova, L.V. Iurieva
Reliability theory allows determining the economically feasible level of equipment operability at an industrial enterprise. the development on this basis of business planning and effective resource supply of the production unit contribute to the successful functioning of the industrial enterprise as...
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A model for managing the sustainable development of industries under the new industrial revolution

D.V. Kotov, V.V. Biryukova, S.F. Sayfullina
Due to the development and widespread adoption of technologies of the fourth industrial revolution, there was a need to revise ap-proaches to the sustainable development of industries. A critical analysis of the existing approaches describing the industrial revo-lution, the sustainable development of...
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Risk assessment of projects implementing technology 4.0 industry in the oil and gas business

I.V. Burenina, V.V. Biryukova, S.F. Sayfullina
The article presents the results of the development of individual technology 4.0 industry in the energy business study. It was noted that the development of robotization technologies is one of the priority innovative technologies, including the use of unmanned aerial systems, the Smart Well and Smart...
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Process of structural-digital transformations in rural territories and agricultural sector

T.I. Bukhtiyarova, A.N. Semin, I.V. Hilinskaya
The present-day conditions objectively provide for implementing the requirements of digital economy. The study presents the main directions of forming and developing digital economy of agribusiness industry and rural areas, worked out on the principles of system and indicative approaches, and project...
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Mathematical tools for assessing rural development by separate components

D.G. Demyanov, A.N. Semin, Yu.S. Nemykinа
The authors justify the main points of the theory and methodology of assessing the potential for sustainable developing rural areas on the basis of systematizing factors which affect the dynamics and structure of changes in their potential. The authors use modeling methods to determine the projected...
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Health digitalization alternative: is there one or not?

F.I. Badaev, T.V. Filippovskaya
The authors ask a question and give an ambiguous answer to it. On the one hand, there is no alternative to digitalization of healthcare, as this is confirmed by the global process of the Fourth Technological Revolution, the experience of foreign countries in testing and widespread adoption of interaction...
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The use of unmanned aerial vehicles in monitoring the implementation of the project to introduce unused agricultural land in the Penza region

M.Yu. Mikheev, A.G. Volkov, S.V. Kolesnikova
The article discusses the need to increase agricultural production in connection with the growth of the world's population. One of the ways to accelerate the development of agricultural production is the extensive commissioning of unused agricultural land. A project has been approved in Penza region...
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Study of the information space for assessing the quality of life of the Arctic zone population

N.V. Zykova, L.V. Konovalova, T.N. Ushakova
At the present stage of economic development, issues related to the use of digital technologies come to the fore. The article substantiates the need to develop a model of economic management in the digital market, aimed at ensuring the coherence of information resources of the territories of the Russian...
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«Fintech» in digitalization of banking services

B.K. Rodin, R.G. Ganiev, S.T. Orazov
The article analyzes the approaches to the definition of «fintech», which is one of the main trends in the banking market. The authors analyze the semantics of this term using a systemic methodology and give an interpretation based on an in-depth analysis of internal and external factors and trends in...
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The digital transformation of subjects of investment and construction activities interaction mechanisms

A.I. Vishnivetskaya, T.H. Ablyazov
Currently, the intensification of the digital development of the investment and construction sector is an urgent task both abroad and in Russia. The article substantiates the relevance of conducting a comprehensive digital transformation at the level of various subjects of investment and construction...
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Search for the optimal branching structure from paired copulas when forming an investment portfolio

E.G. Knyazeva, V.A. Tatyannikov, D.V. Kandaurov
The article is devoted to the problem of modeling the stock returns of companies in various industry and country affiliations. The main attention is paid to comparison of two methods of structuring a constructure from paired copulas: the maximum spanning tree method and the author's method, which involves...
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Digital management railway

V.Ya. Tsvetkov, S.V. Shaytura, K.V. Ordov
The article describes the results of the digital railway control system as a complex system study. The article shows the difference between the terms digitization and digitalization. The connection between the digital control system and the digital economy is revealed. The article describes the twelve...
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Universities as social and economic development drivers in regions

D.V. Rodnyansky, R.A. Abramov, V.N. Bulgakova, E.A. Khryuchkina, I.N. Makarov
The article analyzes the impact of universities on the social and economic development of regions in terms of selected performance indicators of higher education institutions using the example of federal universities of the Russian Federation and parameters for assessing the regional development of the...
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Economic impacts and historical factors of the technology development

J.V. Hasanova, K.A. Nadjafova
The purpose of this research is to explain the relationship between the technological development and economic growth and to provide a systematic approach. That is why the concept of transfer of technology and economic expansion are discussed in accordance with different stages of historical development....
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Conceptual features of strategic management in the digital economy

P.A. Levchaev, B. Khezazna
A prerequisite for ensuring strategic opportunities for the financial development of the Corporation is the financial strategy, which occupies a key position in the corporate governance system. A comparative study of the classical views of management in the intensification of the processes of digitalization...
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Development of interregional cooperation in the field of innovation in the context of digitalization

I.A. Tronina, G.I. Tatenko, S.S. Bakhtina
The current development trend of all modern socio-economic systems is digitalization. The aspects of digitalization are firmly included in almost all areas of society, and the economy is stepping up its movement in the digital direction and becoming digital. Digitalization in Russian conditions is manifested...
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Analysis of the indicator of attracting investments of the region in the period of the digital economy

O.A. Kondratenko, R.T. Latypov, D.V. Reznichenko
The contemporary condition and development level of any territory is an essential indicator of the living standards of each territory subject. This issue is explored from different perspectives and many researchers come to the conclusion that the quality of life is primarily determined by the territory...
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Particularities to communications with consumer of the tourist services in internet-space

E.G. Radygina, N.A. Zhabreeva
Internet presents itself special space of the communications, in which are formed new structured relations and communication relationship. The Communications in sphere of the services are not only information-saturated by process, but also influence upon waiting the consumers and perception them quality...
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Grain farming informatization indicators

I. Generalov, S. Suslov, R. Bazhenov
The goal of research is to justify the system of economic efficiency indicators in the grain farming, taking into account the modern requirements of agribusiness digitalization, which allows a comprehensive assessment of the economic efficiency factors in the grain farming and to reveal the degree of...
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Issues of statistical evaluation and statistical forecasting of the digital economy development directions in Russia

L.E. Piunko
The article is devoted to the specifics of the counting statistics for individual clusters related to the digital economy in Russia; peculiarities in the definition of digital social and digital economy, the Russian transition to a professional standard in the field of labor and his integration into...
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Enterprise development management based on digital economy methods

Yu.V. Pakhomova, T.S. Narolina, A.A. Boeva
The article considers a service enterprise activities, determines the financial health of a service enterprise in the market, proposes a model of regulatory demand that allows to determine the share of mobile service providers in the subscriber bases increase. The expanded use of management in the regional...
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Trends in the financial technologies development during the economy digitalization

G.V. Tcvetova
The goal of research is to consider the main trends in the financial technologies development and to analyze the reasons for their active penetration into the financial services sector. The evolution of financial technologies development is considered and it is concluded that there is a significant expansion...
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Special features of digitalization of technological development management of production enterprises

V.S. Zharov
This article is devoted to the analysis of the mechanisms of legal regulation of the Blockchain system, as one of the new directions of development of the world economy. The authors define all basic concepts used in the implementation of crypto-currency technologies, study the existing experience of...
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Models of cluster and digital integration of high-tech industries of the Eurasian Economic Union countries

V.V. Avilova, F.N. Shaykhutdinova, K.S. Kuramshina
The relevance of developing models reflecting the possibilities of integration processes and cooperation between high-tech industries of the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), taking into account trends in the digital transformation of the economy, is substantiated. The aim of the study...
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SWOT-Analysis of Information Technologies Application to Form Future Managers’ Communicative Competence

A.G. Mikhaylova, I.V. Balynin, N.N. Nizhneva
Interpersonal communication affects the state, behavior, attitudes, regulation of joint activities of all participants. The purpose of this study is to theoretically and experimentally prove the possibility of using breakthrough information technologies in the future managers’ professional and communicative...
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Information Technology Application to Improve Future Professionals' Financial Literacy Competence

I.V. Balynin, A.G. Mikhaylova, N.N. Nizhneva
The overall level of financial literacy of the country's population largely determines its economic development. The low level of such knowledge leads to negative consequences not only for consumers of financial services, but also for the state, the private sector and society as a whole. The development...
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Problems and prospects for the telecommunications industry development in emerging a digital economy

T.V. Bakunova, E.A. Trofimova, N.R. Muzafarov
As of today, the telecommunications industry in Russia and around the world stand at the threshold of introducing a new, fifth generation of mobile communications. Like previous generations, 5G will give impetus to the development of not telecommunications only, but also other sectors of the economy....
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Biometrics as a method of information security in the banking sector digitalization

T.V. Bakunova, E.A. Trofimova, E.V. Lapteva
Today, biometrics as an integral component of the information technology market and an indicator of the digital economy as a whole is becoming a convenient tool for solving a wide range of tasks, but at the same time it has some drawbacks, the main of which is high exposure to fraudulent attacks.The...
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Assessment of housing construction dynamics in Russia on the basis of neural network modeling

L.E. Surkova
This article discusses the application of neural network modeling to analyze the dynamics of housing construction in Russia. The analysis of construction for the period of 2015-2018 is carried out. The main economic factors affecting the pace of construction are determined. The article presents a brief...
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On the issue of risk structuring of the use of Internet of things technologies in logistics

I.L. Kaftannikov, N.S. Dzenzeliuk, A.P. Zhernov
Internet of Things technologies are being implemented in all spheres of human activity. The application of such technologies and elements of cyberphysical systems is especially active in areas equipped with a large number of various devices and systems. Logistics is one of these areas. From the one hand,...
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Меthods of Employee Engagement in A Digital Economy

E.V. Golubtsova, Yu.N. Zhukova
Modern economy has undergone a sea change under the influence of digital and electronic technologies – the scientific and technical achievements of the last several decades triggered development of the economy in a new direction. Innovative technologies are introduced in all the spheres of our life changing...