Proceedings of the 2023 7th International Seminar on Education, Management and Social Sciences (ISEMSS 2023)

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Shakila Yacob, Berat Cicek, Joanna Rak, Ghaffar Ali
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at 2023 7th International Seminar on Education, Management and Social Sciences (ISEMSS 2023) during 14-16 July 2023 in Kunming, China. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the [Scientific Committees and reviewers]...
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Research and Exploration of Legal Service Issues in the Free Trade Zone Based on the Principle of Development Foundation

Luyan Xie
Focusing on the purpose of services trade liberalization, this paper first analyzes tourism service trade under the GATS framework and the status of international tourism service trade in China, and introduces and analyzes the experience practices of countries or regions with high degree of tourism service...
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Analysis on the Governance Path of Rural Public Crisis in China During Covid-19

Shiqi Liang
Effective governance is the premise of rural revitalization and is of great significance to the relief of public crises and the restoration of rural order. To improve and optimize the governance path of the rural public crisis in China, this paper, from the perspective of COVID-19, adopts the literature...
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Research on the influencing factors of college students’ online learning behavior -- Taking some universities in Dalian as an example

Xianyun Wu, Chunhua Lv, Dekuan Liu
Online learning has many advantages such as portability, flexibility and repeatability, so it is widely accepted by teachers and students. In order to improve the use efficiency of online learning platform for college students and provide new reference for the development of online learning, the students...
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The Similarities and Differences between the Legal Thought of the Qin Dynasty and Machiavelli

Yixin Ling
In developing the Qin Dynasty from a weak borderland state to a vast empire, its founding thought—Legalism, had a decisive impact on the content of its law. The Warring States Period before the establishment of the Qin Dynasty and the Renaissance period in which Machiavelli lived were the social transformation...
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Dynamic Scheduling Study of Flexible Job Shop Considering Machine Failure Rate

Wenmin Han, Zhuoya Feng, Jiahui Cai
For the flexible job shop dynamic scheduling problem, set machine priorities based on machine failure rates, a scheduling model with the objective of minimizing the maximum completion time and machine load balance ratio is established, and an improved ABC algorithm is designed to solve it. An external...
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Exploring English Vocabulary Memorization Strategies of Chinese College Students

Taking BaiCiZhan, MaiMemo, Scallop, and No Memorize Word App as Examples

Ronglu Xia
Vocabulary learning is the foundation of English learning, and English learning without talking about vocabulary learning is often ineffective. However, learning English vocabulary has always been a difficult task for Chinese students. Due to the problems of learning methods, tools and approaches, many...
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Research on Cognitive Level to Internet Medical Treatment of Residents in Remote Areas and Its Influence Factors

Ziwei Liu
Internet medical service is a comprehensive medical service based on information technology and modern medicine, providing a powerful means to solve the imbalance of medical resources. However, in real life, some residents in remote areas do not know about the internet medical services. In this paper,...
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Research on the Effect of Family Capital on Education Expenditure

Xuewei Han
The widespread educational anxiety in China has led each student family to increase education expenditures, but different families have different resources and educational investment capabilities, which in turn exacerbates educational inequality. Based on the analysis of the family capital of 2905 students...
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Identifying Factors Associated with Medical Errors in the 20th Century

Ruoxi Liu
It is inevitable that clinical errors will occur, and these errors can have disastrous effects on the patient, the clinicians, the nurses, and the institution. Care protocols that shield patients from preventable damage must be developed to create a secure healthcare system. Consequently, this article...
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Impacts of the Spanish Flu and COVID-19 on Higher Education

Tong Zhu
The Spanish Flu and COVID-19 pandemics caused both positive and negative impacts on higher education. They caused the closure of higher education campuses and difficulties in several aspects like the difficulty of learning, financial difficulty, and so on. However, higher education’s response brought...
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The Influence of Environment on Motivation for Second Language Acquisition

Junling Chen
Motivation for second language acquisition (SLA) is one of the key topics in language acquisition. Researchers have found that intrinsic factors positively impact motivation in second language learners. However, there needs to be more widespread knowledge of the positive impact of external factors on...
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The impact of charismatic leadership on organizational strategic goals

Zhao Wan
With the rapid development of the economy, various types of organizations face various problems in the transition period. In response to actual development needs and the removal of developmental barriers, charismatic leadership plays a unique role in leading organizations during this transition period....
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Exploring Reasons for Choosing a Mode of Care Service: A Comparative Analysis between the Elderly in Chinese Rural and Urban Areas

Pinyu Li
The aging is getting worse in China, and elders need more time to think what modes of care service they choose. But there are disparities in finance, education and medical resources distribution especially. With these disparities, this article is about the elderly’s reasons for choosing home-based care,...
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A New NATO? the United States Strategy in the Asia-Pacific Region

Zhixing He
In recent years, the conflict between China and the United States has drawn tensions in the Indo-Pacific region. With the worry about the escalation of the conflict, there is a discussion of whether a new NATO in the Indo-Pacific region will be formed to counter the Chinese government’s influences. This...
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The Environmental Impact Research Based on L2MSS

Sihan Yang
Zoltán Dörnyei’s L2 Motional Self System is a crucial theoretical foundation for researching motivation in second language learning and has been successfully used in the field of second language acquisition. The author began with a number of influencing elements and wanted to investigate and comprehend...
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The Environmental Impact on the L2 Motivational System in the Chinese Context

Lingjiao Zhu
The Learning motivation is an important factor that affects second language acquisition and directly influences learners’ ultimate learning achievements. Learning motivation is also influenced by many factors. This paper combines the theory of the L2 Motivational Self-System and analyzes the impact of...
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The Influence of Reading on English Speaking

Yifei Jia
For non-native speakers, it is challenging to make communication easier. This study shows that the improvement of oral English ability has become the most challenging task for non-native speakers. Therefore, this paper aims at the influence of reading on oral English learning and will introduce the trouble...
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The Impact of Bilibili on the English Learning of Chinese Primary and Secondary Students During the Pandemic Period

Yixuan Dai
The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges to education worldwide, forcing schools and students to switch to online learning. In China, the pandemic has accelerated the development of online education and video-based learning, with Bilibili emerging as one of the most popular video-sharing...
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The Influence of Online Education on the Quality of Chinese Middle School Students’ English Learning

Qianshen Gao
The period between the start of 2020 and the end of 2022 was a special time that COVID-19 pandemic attacked the whole world and made people struggled a lot. In those three years, Chinese people are asked by government to stay inside once the virus breaking out so that it may decrease the risk of infection....
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Investigating Reading Comprehension Strategies among English Language Learners in Middle Schools: A Systematic Review

Yonglin Ruan
Literacy levels among middle school students can be a significant indicator of academic success and college readiness in a knowledge-based society, while the reading performance of ESL adolescents is well below the average due to language proficiency, background knowledge of the reading texts, and selection...
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Exploration on building and sharing experimental teaching demonstration center under the background of integration of industry and education

Liyan Zhou, Minggang Liu, Wei Sun
In recent years, with the deepening of teaching reform, the investment in university laboratories has significantly increased, especially in the context of “Integration of industry and education”, the talent training model of undergraduate colleges has changed from academic to application oriented, and...
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Impact of Education Investment from Local Government on Household Education Expenditure in Primary and High School

Lijuan Feng, Yuzhe Nie, Xiangyu Yu
The primary and high school stage is the key period for young people to become successful. Each family has to spend corresponding education funds, but the investment in family education in different regions and different periods is different. There are many influencing factors, and the financial investment...
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The Influence of Different Corrective Feedback on the Enthusiasm of Primary School Students in English Classes

Kuanjie Tang
China has gradually promoted the development of English education in primary schools. How to use evaluation language to improve the initiative of primary school students to learn English and protect the enthusiasm of primary school students to learn English have been highly concerned by English teachers....
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Research on the Relationship between Education Financial Investment and Higher Education Gross Enrollment Ratio

Zihan Hao, Xudong Liao, Biying Qiu
For China today, the higher education business can be considered pivotal to achieving further development. Therefore, this study focuses on data from nine Chinese provinces and ministries and analyzes data collected through the National Bureau of Statistics for the past 10 years. First, the contribution...
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Chinese fandoms on Weibo: devotion and aggression

Ruoxin Yang
Sina Weibo is one of the popular social media sites in China. It boasts millions of users. Digital social media can easily bring together fans from different geographical areas on the same platform and can turn their actions into a digital presentation that can be recorded and disseminated. This paper...
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Factors Influencing on Educational Expenditure and Regional Differences in Educational Expenditure Per Capita: Based on the National Bureau of Statistics in 2020

Yutong Xin
As an important livelihood project, education is often concerned by researchers in various fields. Meanwhile, education equity is also an issue that governments at all levels and all sectors of society pay close attention to. The timeliness of such research is relatively important, which requires the...
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The Analysis of Elections and People’s Will from Theories of Machiavelli and Foucault

Yue Xi
The debates over the results of elections have been a controversial topic over past decades. Drawing on the political philosophies of Machiavelli and Foucault, this paper argues that while elections can provide a mechanism for the expression of popular will, they are also deeply embedded in structures...
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Japan’s Foreign Policy Choices Under the Trilateral Game between China, the United States and Japan

Yatong Zeng
In the post-epidemic era, global changes have intensified while global economic growth has slowed. The complex domestic and international environmental changes have inevitably influenced Japan’s foreign policy choices. However, they generally still follow the unprincipled tradition of neoconservatism...
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Government Affairs Microblog Investigation and Research

Lie Li, Wenxi Li, Weijing Xu
In recent years, more and more users have joined online social media groups, and the openness and transparency of social platforms have led to the wide dissemination of information, including government affairs microblogs. Government affairs microblogs have become an important way for people to understand...
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Dialogism in the Works of Hao Liang

Xi Liu
From a dialogue perspective in literary theory, this article analyzes the relationship between ancient and modern, East and West, and material and spiritual reflected in the works of Hao Liang. It first introduces the dialogue theory proposed by literary theorist Mikhail Bakhtin, and analyzes Hao Liang’s...
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The Influence of Local Economic Development Level on Higher Education

Le Feng, Ruixi Cheng, Wenzhe Song
The relationship between the level of economic development and higher education has become a social issue worthy of study and discussion. The economy, the cornerstone of national and ethnic development, is relevant to every part of society; and education is a part of society that is of great concern...
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Economic tools and political Purposes----- Case Study of Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan

Jichen Wang
The Taiwan Strait has always been a political issue of concern to the international community. In recent years, Sino-US relations have become more sensitive to the Taiwan Strait issue, and the reunification of Taiwan and mainland China has also received increasing attention. In 2022, the U.S. Speaker...
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Turkey’s Diplomatic Performance and Tendency in the Context of the Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Dijingwen Yang
After Erdoğan came to power, Turkey’s foreign policy has been presented with a more active and independent character with its balancing strategy well applied, all of which is reflected in its diplomatic performance in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. By analyzing Turkey’s diplomatic performance during the...
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Why grandmothers take care of grandchildren? Research of middle-class elder women in Chinese cities

Xiaoli Gao
In China, many grandmothers are taking part in caring for grandchildren. The paper focuses on urban middle-class families with grandmothers as their caregivers. It is analyzed the gender bias and the structural oppression faced by older women in China with evidence from some in-depth interviews in Beijing...
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The Dilemma of French Retirement System Reform under Macron’s Administration and Implications for China

Shiqi Meng
The retirement system has always been an essential topic in social livelihood issues in all countries. The French retirement system has undergone a long reform process, but the fiscal deficit, social aging, and other problems have never been solved. In 2023, Macron’s government launched the seventh reform...
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From Mao to Xi, Bureaucratic Network Structure in China

Boyang Zhang
In China, the orientation of human relations society motivates the specific type of corruption: personal networks structure inside bureaucratic systems. As a form of corruption, its existence strongly relates to the inner structure of governance. The author tries to explore the double direction connection...
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The Rise of South Africa’s Peace Diplomacy Practice in the Post-Apartheid Era——From the Aspect of Niche Diplomacy

Jianan Wu
After the abolition of apartheid in 1994, South Africa actively participated in global governance and began to play an increasingly important role in the international community. The paper analyzes South Africa's peace diplomacy in the post-apartheid era through a case study approach. South Africa,...
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Study of EU Resettlement Policies for Ukrainian Migrants in the Case of Romania

Jinglin Wang
As the Russian-Ukrainian conflict continues, the EU launches a temporary protection policy to deal with a large number of Ukrainian refugees. Romania has also been active in helping Ukrainians, including opening new border crossings and establishing refugee protection agencies. This paper analyzes the...
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The US-China Technology Competition: Inevitability, Development and Impact

Feiyang Wang
China uses the latecomer comparative advantages of developing countries through the “Flying geese model”, which makes China move up in the global industrial chain. China and the United States have inevitably fallen into the Thucydides trap, which contradicts the U.S. position as the world leader in not...
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Research on the Influencing Factors of English Teaching in Compulsory Education in China

Sihan Li, Qianai Zhang
Education is a hot topic in modern society and a stage that everyone has to go through. Education is not stagnant but constantly evolving, and English education has gradually become a focus in the field of education. Nowadays, people pay increasing attention to the improvement of English education level....
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The Comparative Analysis of English Teaching Methods: Based on the Comparison between Chinese Traditional English Teaching Methods and that of TESOL’s

Xinrui Li
Nowadays, Chinese students must learn English in the nine-year compulsory education and the international elites also need English as an asset. However, there are apparent differences when people examine the methods that teachers across the world use to teach English. Through the comparative analytical...
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The Influence of Multimodality in the Digital Era for Teaching and Learning English as a Second Language

Lin Liang, Yuhan Yao
The global proliferation of technology is rapidly changing the form of instruction and the way content is delivered, inspiring educators to innovate their teaching methods to meet the diverse needs of students. Today’s students are increasingly engaged with multimodal texts through social media and are...
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Closing the Digital Gap: Empowering Elderly Communities in the Age of Smart Healthcare

Jinglin Guo, Hanyu Yang
The digital divide is an increasingly pressing issue that affects older adults, as they are less likely to have the opportunity and ability to use digital technology due to individual and institutional factors. This research aims to explore the factors that lead to the digital gap and analyzed the individual...
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The Impact of the Combination of Online English Learning App Cambly and TESOL on English Learners

Tingyu Liu
In the past three years, the world has been plagued by epidemics, and achieving face-to-face teaching between teachers and students has become a common problem. More and more classes are moving online. The rapid development of technology and the further spread of electronic products has laid the foundation...
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Exploring the Factors Influencing Individuals’ Choices of Primary Medical Treatment

Xueying Jiao
China is currently promoting the construction of a hierarchical medical system. Primary diagnosis is an important part of the hierarchical medical system, which promotes the sinking of medical resources, reduces the burden on hospitals, and facilitates residents’ access to medical care. This article...
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Regional Differences in the Supply of Medical Resources in China

Guanhao Geng
This paper examines the regional discrepancies in medical resource distribution across China and their implications for healthcare access and quality. It aims to investigate the patterns of healthcare resource allocation, and the contributing factors to regional differences. Using examines 12 articles...
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Analyze on the Development of China’s Educational Inequality

Hejinnan Xia
Education is the core foundation for a country to become strong and prosperous. Chinese education needs to continue to enhance its international influence. Every educator aspires to enhance the quality of education and expand the pool of skilled individuals in various domains, as their ultimate goal....
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Patients’ Healthcare-seeking Preferences of Pediatric Healthcare Providers in Beijing, China

Boyuan Zhang
Patients’ healthcare-seeking preferences is an important factor in the development of the multi-tiered medical system in China, which especially stress relationship between community health institutions and tertiary hospitals. This study aims to identify influential values forming patients’ healthcare-seeking...
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Pedagogical Advice for Novice English Teachers in Non-key High School

Yanyan Cao
The right use of teaching strategies is quite significant for novice teachers because this is the beginning period in their careers. The methods that the teacher used in English teaching will have a longstanding effect in shaping teachers’ beliefs and values in the future. This paper will focus on teaching...
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The Influence of Pinyin on English Learning and the Way to Learn Phonetic Symbols Correctly to Avoid the Adverse Effect of Pinyin

Shuyang Dong
Pinyin is the most important spelling tool for Chinese language learning, but Pinyin has influenced English learning to some extent. However, this paper will find out the similarities and differences between pinyin and phonetic symbols by comparing them. On the one hand, Pinyin has a beneficial effect...
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A Study on the Teaching Methods of Chinese EFL Teachers

-Based on the Six Principles of TESOL and Krashen’s Input Hypothesis

Chenyuan Gong
With the accelerated development of world multi-polarization and economic globalization, the learning needs of English as a global language are constantly increasing. Compared to the international community, and influenced by traditional educational concepts and cross-cultural differences, the shortcomings...
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Formal, Nonformal, and Informal Education in China

Shiyu Zhou
Since the implementation of China’s double reduction policy on July 24, 2021, formal education has received increasing attention, while the status of nonformal and informal education has gradually declined. In this social context, this paper adopts a literature analysis approach to conduct a comprehensive...
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Innovative Technologies, Supply Chain Concentration: A Quasi-Experiment from China

Xuantong Song, Simiao Sun, Shuli Wang, Chenyu Liu
This study examines how the innovative technologies affect supply chain concentration. Additionally, we investigate whether this impact will vary under the different regions. China has occupied a position in cutting-edge technology with the support of policies from the Chinese government, which provides...
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Problems with Diagnosis Related Group in China

Chenghui He
Diagnosis Related Group (DRG) has been piloted nationwide since 2018, during the pilot process, the pilot institutions have achieved certain results in controlling the consumption of medical resources and health insurance fund expenditure, reducing the burden of hospitalization on patients and standardizing...
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Fat Girls of All Kinds, Unite!--Sentiment Analysis on Comments to Influencers of Plus Size Women’s Clothing at Xiaohongshu

Fangzhong Zhang
Many existing studies have focused on the pursuit of thinness as a body display on social media, which triggers body image anxiety and negative emotions among users; however, fewer existing studies have examined whether blog posts about plus-size women’s clothing can elicit body positivity and increase...
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Research on the Innovation for the Culture and Tourism Industry Digitalization Management Based on the Emerging Engineering Education

Changhu Wang, Fengwu Li, Guanlei Wang, Zeyang Cai, Wenjing Wang
In the current era of emerging engineering education, the culture and tourism industry is compelled to respond to the challenges posed by the rapid development of digital technology. The increasing trend of emerging digital engineering technology development is expected to lead to the emergence of the...
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Comparison of Preschool Education between China and the United States

Kexin Ma
With the increasing demand for innovative talents in the global talent market, the impact of preschool education on children's learning ability and exploratory spirit is increasingly receiving attention. Since the 21st century, Chinese educators have made adjustments and improvements to preschool...
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Discussion on the Characteristic Teaching Ideas and Methods of Male Preschool Teachers Reciting Traditional Chinese Preschool Poetry

Hui Liu, Yibei Shi
Reading is a skill that must be mastered, for boys majoring in preschool education .While infant poetry is a special kind of poetry that will be used in the pre-school stage.When reciting children's poetry ,male preschool teachers should use various techniques to express delicate emotions and create...
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The Influence of Farmers’ Perception of Interests and Fairness on their Willingness to Cooperate in the Exercise of Collective Ownership of Homestead

Ruohui Zhou
Collective homestead ownership is rooted in the important economic system of collective ownership, which is an important manifestation of public ownership of land in our country. In the process of the "three rights separation" reform of the homestead, the pilot areas are actively exploring...
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Differences in the Education System between China and the United States

Zhiqian Zhou
In recent years, China's economic and cultural strength has risen, and education in China has also received increasing attention. This article will use literature analysis to address the current educational differences between China and the United States. Starting from the history and culture of...
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The Core of Love in Modern Films—Take the films “BaiLan” and “La La Land” as Examples

Kankan Li
Since the invention of films, the love of different things has been a major film theme. Among them, the love of dreams and love of romantic love seem to be the main body of filmmaking. As time goes by, dreams and love become more and more abundant in modern films. Take the modern film “Bai Lan” for example,...
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Evolution of Disney Princesses and Its Impact on Young Girls

Zihan Jin
Background The media has a significant influence on children's gender perception. Disney film is one of the most popular children's media, and the content about gender roles conveyed in the film will become an essential factor affecting children's gender cognition. In addition,...
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Research on the Current Situation and Path of Financial Crisis from the Perspective of Economic Globalization

Jie Niu
Economic globalization has become one of the main characteristics of today's world economy. However, globalization has also brought a series of new challenges and risks, including financial crises. Financial crisis is a complex phenomenon that not only affects the financial system but also has far-reaching...
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Racialized Challenges to the Social and Academic Integration of Asian International Students in the United States: The Impact of Identity Confusion and COVID-19

Tianyu Feng
This article evaluated and summarized the key problems faced by Asian international students in the United States, with a particular focus on three major areas: adopting US culture, mental health issues and pressures associated with academic and career pursuits, and racial discrimination. Through literature...
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Problems of Food Security in China: What are the Potential Solutions?

Yichen Hao
The paper explores the food security issues in China and gives some suggestions about how to solve the problem of food security in China. This phenomenon has been observed for many years and scholars have different interpretations about this topic. Through the case study method, this research is to discuss...
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Research on the Creative Design of ICH and Brand Co-branding

--The example of Dunhuang ICH

Yi Chen
Based on the phenomenon of intangible cultural heritage (hereinafter referred to as “ICH”) and brand co-branding, this article analyses the ways and status of ICH culture and brand co-branding, and analyses the ideas of ICH cultural and creative products. The article also analyses the creative design...
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Study on Entertainment of Serious Topics in the Context of Developing Network Media – Taking COVID-19 as an Example

Zitong Zhang
The Internet has rapidly developed to drive we-media short videos into the masses’ sight. With the gradual increase of social pressure, people require releasing their pressure through entertainment and recreation, which endows entertaining topics with a great weight over serious ones. As various memes...
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Comparison of Chinese Education and the U.S Education

Qihang Hu, Yang Zhou
This paper mainly focuses about the differences of Chinese education system, and the U.S education system in university level. Based on two different educational system, it appears to be the boss system have flaws and something needs to be improved. In Chinese educational system, the school should more...
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Analysis on the Reconstruction of Villages in Min County from the Perspective of Ecological Environment

Chuanli Wei, Xiaoyuan Li
Since the reform and opening up, China's rapid urbanization has given rise to many ecological environmental protection problems. The concept of "development before governance" has posed severe challenges to subsequent urbanization development. Coupled with the constraints of the urban-rural...
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How to Build Grassroots Academic Organization Better in China University under the Background of Big Data

Mengmeng Sun, Haiyan Liu
Teachers are an important part of higher education, and the construction of grassroots academic organizations is of great significance to promote the improvement of teaching quality and academic research level in universities. Grassroots academic organization of university is an important channel for...
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Research on the Evaluation of the Emergency Response Capacity of Highway Maintenance Squad

Ruihua Yang, Weina Wang, Qiancheng Zhou
According to the connotation of the emergency function of the highway maintenance squad, the evaluation system of the emergency response capability of the highway maintenance squad was constructed with the emergency management capability, resource guarantee capability and base guarantee capability as...
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A Study of an Efficient Curriculum System for Junior High School History Education in China

Yujia Xiang
In this scholarly paper, the author explores the pervasive issues in Chinese history education, including monotonous content, challenges in engaging students, and students' lack of understanding concerning the purpose and value of studying history. To address these concerns, the paper proposes a...
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Research and Exploration of a new Model of Physical Dance Teaching Based on the Background of Big Data

Mengan Zhao, Haiqin Lin, Weimin Zhao
With the rise of Internet technology and the advent of the Big Data era, the number of Internet sites and users is increasing dramatically. The amount of information, knowledge and data being generated is also enormous. It is becoming increasingly difficult for users to access the data they want, and...
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A Study of Legislation on Private Data Law

Siyu Li
This essay examines the uprising social concerns on privacy law, with the current challenges in its legal system and legislation process. It outlines the definition of privacy and data privacy, it further opens an academic discussion on the ethical consideration of Data Privacy with references to Immanuel...
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Study on the Role of Ai In Improving Announcer’s Speech Skills

ShiLong Qu
This paper examines the role of artificial intelligence in improving announcers’ speech skills. In the part of research background and significance, it expounds the importance of announcer’s speech skills and the application prospect of AI technology in announcer training. In the related technology review...
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Changes In Attitudes of Migrants Toward The Host And Home Country

Xinrui Huang
This essay explores the changes in attitudes of migrants towards their home country and host country. The study is conducted on American students attending universities in China and Chinese students attending universities in the United States. The hypothesis of the study is that even though migrants’...
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The effect of setting speaking and listening test in Guangzhou High school entrance examination

Hengrui Xu
In order to cultivate the talent people who were capable to communicate or learn from other countries, the government in People Republic of China set up English discipline in 1960s. The conventional educational mode in China is exam-oriented mode. People cast doubt that this mode only emphasize reading...
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Unlocking Second Language Students’ Potential: ChatGPT’s Pivotal Role in English for Academic Purposes Writing Success

Wei Tang
ChatGPT, a freely available artificial intelligence tool launched in 2022, boasts powerful text processing and interaction capabilities due to its hundreds of millions of parameters. This study delves into the application of ChatGPT for English for Academic Purposes (EAP) writing among second language...
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Research on the improvement path of technical service level in higher vocational colleges under the background of digital transformation

Zhou Li
Facing the arrival of the digital age in the international community, vocational education must update the education mechanism in a timely manner to serve the digital transformation and upgrading of the regional economy. This paper analyzes the problems existing in the technical services of Chinese higher...
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A Study of Luxury Show-off Consumption in Chinese Society Based on the Perspective of Cultural Sociology

Xinzhi Gao
Nowadays, with social and economic development, national income has increased. For Chinese consumers, experiencing a poor life has increased their desire for a better material life. The rise of the Internet showcases the carnival of popular culture and consumer society. However, whether conspicuous consumption...
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The Development of China’s Linguistics Education

Jieqiong Wang
This study aims to examines the current conditions of China’s linguistic curriculum in English education and identifies the underlying problems for a proposal of development plan. This article analyzes the current situation of intercultural awareness in English teaching and focuses on the importance...
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A Study on the Agenda Setting of Academic Misconduct in Chinese Universities under the New Media Environment

Xinyu Xie, Hongxia Ai
This paper will explore the influence of social media on adolescent social behavior. With the popularization of social media, more and more young people are using these platforms to communicate with their peers, which has raised concerns about their social development and behavior. This study focuses...
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Research on Chinese Tech Talents Demand Prediction Based on Grey-BP Neural Network Combination Model

Yilin Wang
The development of science and technology and the construction of a tech talent team are crucial for China’s economic and social growth. To predict the demand for tech talent, an index system is constructed by analyzing relevant factors affecting the total demand. Prediction models based on BP neural...
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Unveiling the driving mechanism of farmer entrepreneurship regularization under e-commerce platform embedding

Yafei Pan, Yongyuan Ma
With the policy support of “e-commerce for poverty alleviation”, informal entrepreneurial activities for farmers embedded in e-commerce platforms have proliferated. Guiding farmers’ entrepreneurship from the informal market to the formal market and formalizing entrepreneurship has become an important...
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“Global Citizens” or “Youth in the Walled City”: An Analysis of News Consumption Behavior among Urban and Rural High School Students

Wanying Jiao, Benyuan Huang, Wanying Jiao
In recent years, with the development of mobile Internet, the mass consumption of news has shown new behavioral characteristics. People can choose different platforms, different content, etc. according to their own needs, especially contemporary teenagers who are “Internet natives”. They have been exposed...
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Research on enterprise epidemic Grid-based management from a fractal enterprise perspective

DongDong Guo, JiXiang Meng, YinChan Mei, GuangHui Yu
During the COVID-19, with the uncertainty of epidemic change and repetition, the environment of enterprises has become increasingly complex. How to reduce the huge impact of the epidemic on enterprise operations, enterprise epidemic management is very important. From the perspective of fractal enterprise...
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Strategic Choices and Order Transformation of Major Power States in East Asia-The Transformation of East Asian Tribute Order in the Yuan and Ming Dynasties as an Example

Zihuan Yang, Zhou Jiang, Yuerong Tang
The views of established studies on anarchic order in East Asia are analyzed based on the theories of international power structure, international institutional change, and international normative studies of the three major theoretical schools. the pattern of power distribution in East Asia is changing...
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Research on the Precise Path of Ideological and Political Education in New Era

Xue Han, Lu Bai, Bing Han
Under the background of the new era, it is an urgent need of building a powerful socialist country and realizing the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. This paper deeply expounds the connotation of the precision of ideological and political education in colleges and universities,...
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Research on Mental Health Education of College Students Based on Group Psychological Counseling

Lu Bai
In the present process of the mental health education in colleges and universities, a growing number of college teachers attach importance to the way of group psychological counseling. Combining group psychological counseling with the conduction of undergraduate mental health education, it is effective...
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On the Restricted Application of Collateral Consequences of Petty Offenses In China

-Based on the Research into the Crime of Dangerous Driving under the Influence of Alcohol

Xinmiao Liu
In recent years, under the dominance of a positive criminal law view of criminal legislation, petty offenses have also reached more offenders and their families, and the circle of crime is increasingly expanding. Among the eight current petty offenses, the most controversial is the crime of driving under...
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A Study of Enterprise Warehouse Management Based on Intelligent Logistics

Pang Ying
As a new logistics model, smart logistics is being adopted by more and more enterprises for its high efficiency, intelligence and safety features. Based on extensive literature, this paper summarizes and analyzes the importance of warehouse management for enterprises, the definition and significance...
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Research and Countermeasures of Freshmen’s Psychological Problems from the Perspective of Interpersonal Relationship

FengHua Chen
The new generation of college students of digital natives are surrounded by the network from birth. Their communication and communication with people are more on the Internet. As they enter the university, living, eating and studying with students from all over the world, it is difficult to avoid a lot...
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Research on influencing factors of elderly Douyin adoption and Use behavior: based on Diffusion of innovations theory and Uses and Gratifications theory

Changhua He, Mengyao Yu, Lijun Shi, Yuhan Deng
The Douyin platform is popular among users of diverse ages, including the elderly. This study utilized the diffusion of innovations theory and the uses and gratifications theory to analyze the factors that influence the aged population's adoption and use of Douyin and to provide relevant improvement...
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Improving parent-child relationship based on Satir’s iceberg theory: An example of parent-child relationship in Chinese families

Haotian Xiong
With the development and evolution of the times, the importance of parent-child relationships within families has gradually increased internationally. Based on the composition and changes of parent-child relationships internationally, this study will take the parent-child relationships of Chinese families...
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Study on green transformation of engineering construction enterprises from the perspective of sustainable development

Xiaoyan Dai, Kai Hu, Yingang Wang
Sustainable development is one of the core connotations of chinese-style modernization, green low-carbon transformation has become the only way to high-quality sustainable development of enterprises. Based on the new requirements of the green development of engineering construction enterprises, this...
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Study on Translation Strategies of Ancient Poetry Quoted in Chinese Political Documents

--Taking Xi Jinping: The Governance of China as an Example

Siwei Zhu
Xi Jinping: The Governance of China is of great significance for the international community to have a more comprehensive and objective understanding of China's development concepts and methods in the new era. This dissertation explores the applicability of ecological translation theory to the translation...
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An Analysis of the Current Situation and Influencing Factors of Ageism of Middle School Students

Adam Sidney Wang
To investigate the current situation and influencing factors of ageism among 207 middle school students mainly in Beijing, an online questionnaire survey was conducted, and the geriatric discrimination scale formulated by Fraboni was used to investigate the current situation and influencing factors of...
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A Study on the Construction of the Blending Teaching Model of “A Survey of France” Based on the “Production-oriented” Theory

Shanshan Wang
Through the “production-oriented approach”, the course of “A Survey of France” is transformed from “input” to “output-input-output”, and the teaching model combining online teaching and offline teaching expands the teaching dimension. In this course, students’ language production ability can be promoted...
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Analysis of the narrative characteristics of topical short videos that have attracted the attention of mass media

Taking how Erjiu Cured My Mental Friction after Being Back in the Village for Three Days as an example

Siyu Wang
With the rise of new media, brief clips, characterized by their short length, flatness, and rapid speed, are swiftly entering people's minds. This article analyses the narrative characteristics of topical short videos that have attracted mainstream media attention and uses the most viewed short...