Proceedings of the 2023 7th International Seminar on Education, Management and Social Sciences (ISEMSS 2023)

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Online corrosion management based on the situation of long-cycle operation of oil refining chemical plants

Chenyang Du, Xiaowei Li, Chang Liu, Ce Song, Jianyu Lu
Long-cycle operation of a plant can help enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency and improve economic benefits, and has now become a goal for enterprises to pursue, but to achieve long-cycle operation of a plant requires the joint efforts of all parties. This paper analyzes the basic conditions...
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Study on Credit Risk in Logistics Banking Business

Shuo Feng, Xiaofeng Hui
The study on the impact of stress testing on banks is carried out in extreme circumstances, which is an important task that banks need to carry out regularly or irregularly after lending. It focuses on the determination of macro-factors in stress testing of logistics banking business. Taking the relevant...
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The Impact of Student Emotion Granularity on Cognitive Reappraisal Towards Teachers

Mengqing Liu
A useful technique for controlling emotions is cognitive reappraisal, which plays a significant role in education. The cognitive reappraisal of an individual is influenced by a variety of scenarios. This study examined the impact of emotion granularity on cognitive reappraisal from multiple perspectives...
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The Analysis on the Situation and Typical Practice of Tenure System and Contractual Management of Managers in State-Owned Enterprises

Yunfei Xu, Guohong Zhang, Wei Zang, Shiyi Xiao
With the full implementation of the tenure system and contractual management of managers in state-owned enterprises, it has accumulated rich practical experience and achieved remarkable results. However, due to the short implementation time of contractual management of managers, in the specific implementation...
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The Analysis on the Problems and Countermeasures of Deepening the Tenure System and Contractual Management of Managers in State-owned Enterprises

Yunfei Xu, Wei Zang, Guohong Zhang, Shiyi Xiao
State-owned enterprises has seized the important “window period” to promote the reform of tenure system and contractual management of managers, and ensure the implementation of the reform with greater strength and effectiveness. However, in the process of implementation, there are many difficulties and...
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Innovative teaching of ideological and political courses at Guangxi Mechanical and Electrical Engineering School

Jiaru Li, Savitri Chitbanchong, Wichian Intarasompun
This research aims to analyze the current status and problems in teaching the ideological and political course at Guangxi Mechanical and Electrical Engineering School. It also proposes strategies for innovative teaching in this course.
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A study on the factors influencing residents’ willingness to participate in smart community governance

Xiaoge Zheng, Xiaomeng Tian
This research paper explores the concept of “smart communities” and investigates residents' willingness to participate in smart community governance in the context of Changsha City, a pioneer in smart community development in the central region of China. The study draws on a literature review, theoretical...
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Research on the integration of environmental protection concepts in Contemporary College English Teaching under the online and offline mixed teaching mode

Chan Lin, Jingjing Chen
With the in-depth development of information technology, in the field of education and teaching, teaching ideas, teaching methods and teaching models have ushered in an important opportunity for development and innovation. The emergence of online learning mode has greatly enriched students' learning...
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Research on the Construction of College English “One Core, Two Wings and Three Evaluations” Smart Classroom Based on Curriculum Ideology and Politics

Miaomiao Wang
This study constructed a smart classroom to carry out college English teaching reform with classroom teaching as the core, second classroom, and online teaching as “two wings” and provided a more comprehensive evaluation system. Questionnaires and interviews were adopted as instruments to examine the...
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Study on improving resilience governance ability of urban public security from the perspective of high-quality development

Ruyi Fan
Resilient governance of urban public security is an inherent part of high-quality development and the core of public governance in the new era. It plays an extremely key role in promoting the positive interaction between high-quality urban development and high-level security, and building livable, resilient...
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An Investigation and Discussion on Common Diseases in Field Geology Practice for College Students

Yun Jia, Caihong Hu, Yinglu Qin
To do well in the prevention and treatment of common diseases in field practice for college students, 1306 students from the Zigui Practice Base of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) were selected as the research objects. The 27-day outpatient clinic visits were counted, including the daily number...
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An Investigation and Analysis on Constitution Identification for Elderly Population over 65 Years Old

Yun Jia, Yifeng Zhang
To provide theoretical basis for the prevention and health care of the elderly with traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), 752 elderly people over 65 years old in a university community in Wuhan were investigated with the question form of TCM constitution combined with the judgments of the TCM doctors,...
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How to Apply Cross-linguistic Semasiological Differences in Chinese Teaching: a Study on Repetitive Particles

Ying Zhang
In the process of learning Chinese as a foreign language, students from different countries make different semantic errors because of the inevitable negative interlingual transfer. To better solve this problem, deep understanding on cross-linguistic semasiological differences is required. In this study,...
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Research on the countermeasures to improve the employment ability of students in higher vocational colleges

Zhijuan Wang, QhamariahBinti Samu
Higher vocational teaching is increasingly carried out, the expansion of enrollment development is also with the increasing training programs in China, all aspects of China's economy have changed, higher vocational students in the severe career competition, the pressure is increasing. As the higher...
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Analysis of Political Legitimacy in Feudal China from Weber’s theory

HuaFei Shi
Traditional legitimacy reveals one of the features of Chinese politics: super politics. This is mainly reflected in Chinese politics as the system of “the same structure of the clan and country”, and this structure led to the domination order in feudal China. This ruling order was also shaped and maintained...
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Impact of Classical Piano Music on Student Test Anxiety

PeiWen Huang
Numerous studies have shown that music may have an emotional and spiritual influence on humans, and there are many studies further exploring this field these days. Sound has already been used in hospitals and institutions for a long time. Music and music therapy, dating back to the start of human civilization,...
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Research on the Development History of China’s 0-3-year-old Infant Care Service Education Policy

Xi Liu
In order to promote the long-term and stable development of China’s population, and optimize the birth policy, the policy of “children’s education” is clearly put forward. Childcare policies and services are an important part of China’s government's solution to children's welfare. How to effectively...
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The Influence of Family Factors and Teacher Expectations on Secondary School Students’ Academic Achievement Motivation: A Multiple Linear Regression Analysis based on the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) 2018 Database of Four Provinces in China

Qin Zhang
This research adopted PISA 2018 Student Questionnaires Database to process the sample figures in four participating provinces of China (Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang), by investigating the academic achievement motivation among 10330 15-year-old students. Specifically, the study employed multiple...
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A Study of the Need for Data Capabilities in Military Academies

XiaoDan Ma, JunPing Yao, xiaoJun Li
Military data is an important strategic resource to support national defense and military construction. To further promote the integration of data analysis with the actual needs of the military for trainees. This paper explores the relevance to the actual military business domain and clarifies the application...
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Cultural Memory and Interpretation of Meaning: Mongolian Dance in the Perspective of the Chinese Nation Community

Fang Zheng, Qi Li
General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: “The history of China is a course of the integration of various ethnic groups into a diverse and unified Chinese nation, and it is a history of the great motherland where all ethnic groups jointly created, developed, and consolidated unity.” The exchanges, communication...
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The Impact of ChatGPT on Human Society

ZiZhang Zhao
This paper aims to explore the profound impact of the AI language model ChatGPT on human society. We first introduce the working mechanism and developmental history of ChatGPT, followed by an in-depth discussion of its applications in various sectors including education, business, health, and entertainment....
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A Clinical Study on the Music Therapy within Educational Institutions

JiaYi Liu, ChuYun Wang, Lai Wei, YinRui Liu
This study examines music therapy as a clinical treatment within psychology, and its implications within the learning environment to enhance education. It identifies the formation of music therapy and outlines its usage within clinical research and treatments. It highlights the implication of music therapy...
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Gender and Family Violence Impacts in LGBTIQ Communities

The aim of this paper is to propose an enhanced policy for Monash University’s HR department to address gender and family violence among LGBTIQ communities. The paper highlights the significance of recognizing power dynamics within gender frameworks and acknowledging the abuse that the LGBTIQ community...
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How to Improve the Interest of Hefei High School Students in Chinese Historical Relics

Jinran Huo, Chenyang Zhang, Bolin Yang, Yuwen Zeng, JunYuan Zheng
With the general increase in pressure on our students to China’s college entrance exams, fewer and fewer secondary school students are willing to spend their free time appreciating our country’s cultural relics, and the number of offline museum visits is declining due to the spread of the New Crown epidemic....
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Research on the Conservation and Presentation of Chinese Cultural Heritage

SuWan Song, XinYi Feng, QingXia Wu, YiXin Wang
Cultural heritage exhibition is an important part of cultural heritage protection and management, which is closely related to the protection and transmission (i.e. popularization and promotion) of cultural heritage, and it has an inestimable value and great effect on the development of cultural heritage....
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Body Rights and Autonomy: Gender equality and women’s reproductive decision-making

ShiJing Zhu
In the present context, the issue of whether women possess independent and autonomous reproductive rights warrants examination. This study employs data from the China General Social Survey to investigate the relationship between gender equality and women’s reproductive decision-making authority. The...
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The Research on the Mechanism of Social Attachment Role in Social Media

XinYi Yang
The rise of smart phones has greatly facilitated people’s daily life, mobile phone dependence has also attracted more and more attention. Social media has become an increasingly popular platform for communication, learning, and collaboration. While social media has undoubtedly changed people’s lives...
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Social Trust and Enterprise Earnings Management

XiaoYu Wei, JiaWei Chen
Social trust, a crucial part of informal institution of enterprises, plays a significant role in corporate management. With enterprises listed on China’s A-shares market traded on Shanghai-Shenzhen Stock Exchange from 2010 to 2020 as research samples, this study empirically investigates the impact of...
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Digital Dissemination of Jiageng Architecture and Culture

ZhenZhen Chen, LingXuan Wang, YuQin Kong
Jiageng architecture has had a profound influence on Xiamen’s architectural style, but the ways for the public to understand Jiageng architecture are very limited. This study aims to improve the efficiency of the dissemination of Jiageng architecture culture through digital means, So that more people...
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Performance Management: Impact of Organizational Behaviors on Collective Performance

Min Guo
This study addresses the impact of organizational behavior on employee performance, highlighting the qualitative measurements of performance management. The essay outlines the implications of performance management in human resource management and underpins the multifaceted perspectives in the theoretical...
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A study on the mental health status of female college students from the perspective of ideology and politics

—Take medical colleges as an example

Jie Liang
From the ideological and political perspective, this paper evaluates the mental health of female college students by empirical means. Taking Medical College as an example, the evaluation indicators of mental health of college students are analyzed into depression, anxiety and attention. The research...
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An Analysis of the Multiple Characteristics and Function of the Inter-party Regulation Language

Hao Zhang
Inter-party regulations are an important institutional foundation for the CPC’s self-construction and governance. After 100 years of development, a relatively systematic and mature system of inter-party regulations has been developed. Language is the specific form of expression of the rules and regulations...
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Analysis of The Problem of Family Members who lingering in Unaccompanied Hospitals and Its Causes——An Example of A Tertiary Hospital in China

JianRui Wu
Family caregivers play an essential role in providing support to patients, but the understanding and practice of this role can vary significantly across cultures. In China, family caregivers often consist of relatives who accompany and care for the patient during their hospital stay. This practice is...
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Bank competition and monetary policy in regulating economic leverage

LingLing Zeng, MengQiong Han, YiChen Zhou, Jie Zuo
The purpose of this study is to investigate the relationship between bank competition, monetary policy regulation, and the economic leverage ratio, aiming to provide valuable insights for optimizing monetary policy and enhancing the competitiveness of the banking industry. Empirical data from the Chinese...
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A Survey of College Students’ Attitudes towards Negative News during the Epidemic Period

QianHui You
His paper collects relevant information through questionnaires, and uses one-way ANOVA to analyze college students’ attitudes towards the negative news during the epidemic, and whether the negative news has an impact on college students’ psychology is related to gender. Finally, it is concluded that...
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Examine the Student Perceptions of Online English Language Learning in Primary Schools based on gender difference

Sheiladevi Sukumaran, JiaWen Yu, DaYi Chen, XinXiang Gao, HongYing Li, Jing Zeng
This study examined the experiences of 60 primary students in Seremban who were engaging in online English learning as a result of the pandemic. The study explored potential differences in cognitive perceptions amongst students of different genders in online English lessons. The consequences suggested...