Proceedings of the International Conference on Science and Education and Technology 2018 (ISET 2018)

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The Role of Achievement Emotions to Cognitive Load

Mr Sugiyo, Mr Sunawan, Yuli Kurniawati Sugiyo Pranoto
The purpose of present study was to identify the impact of university students’ achievement emotions on cognitive load during attending statistics class. Three hundred and thirty-nine students of statistics classes from various department in Universitas Negeri Semarang, Indonesia, were involved in this...
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The Ability of Scientific Reasoning and Mastery of Physics Concept of State Senior High School Students in Palembang City

Suhardi Effendy, Yulianti Hartono, Ms Ian
Reasoning is an indispensable ability of learners in physics learning as it is related to the learning outcomes achieved. This study aims to obtain a picture of scientific reasoning in 231 high school students in Palembang City in academic year 2017/2018. The type of this research is descriptive research...
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Quality Assurance: The Model of Quality Evaluation of Sport Exercises Achievement

Mr Suharjo, Imran Akhmad, Rahma Dewi
This research is aimed to establish the model of quality evaluation of the achievement sport exercises. This study generated some products such as: (1) document of quality, which includes; a) exercises quality standard, b) procedures manual, c) works instruction (2) developing instruments of quality...
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Adaptive Capacity of Coupled Ecosystem – Social System in the Community Who Live in the Graviar : A Case Study the population in the areas of Brintik Hill Graveyard Communities in Semarang, Indonesia

Y.Y.F.R. Sunarjan
I see, there are two system in the world. Social system and ecosystem. There are multidimensional problems.. Individuals, families, groups in the population, in the areas of Brintik Hill Graveyard Communities in Semarang..They live in miserable housing conditions and have bad sanitary and hygienic conditions....
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Learning Development Through Local Identity and Multicultural: Papuan-Ness High School Students Jayapura

Susanto T. Handoko, Mr Wasino, Mr Masrukhi, Hamdan Tri Atmaja
The main problem of history learning in Papua is the alienation of students with the content lessons. Because most of the historical content is far from the reality of everyday life of the students because of the setting and locality generally from outside Papua. Therefore, history learning must emphasize...
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Development of Inquiry Assisted Educational Video to Increase Students' Learning Independence in SMPLB Ungaran

Susi Agung Purwaningtyas, Ani Rusilowati, Ms Fianti, Dwi Perwitasari Aninditya
The purpose of this research is to develop an educational video worthy of use to develop self-reliance of deaf students in SMPLB Ungaran. Low student learning independence needs to be trained and enhanced because the primary purpose of Special School (SLB) is to produce an independent graduate. Another...
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A Factual Analysis of Teacher Working Group (Twg) Physical Education Health and Sport In North Indralaya South Sumatera, Indonesia

Rahayu Syamsuddin, Rahayu Tandiyo, Sumaryanto Setya, Totok
The professionalism of the Physical Education Health And Sport (PEHS) teachers is determined by their competence. The means of competence development can be done through Teachers Working Group (TWG) PEHS. The factual conditions in the implementation of TWG PEHS has not matched with existing guidelines....
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The Learners Perceive of Written Corrective Feedback in Writing Multicultural class

Tazkiyatunnafs Elhawwa, Dwi Rukmini, Januarius Mujiyanto, Djoko Sutopo
The study attempts to explain the learners perceive of WCF in writing multicultural class at English Department of IAIN Palangka Raya. This study belongs to descriptive research. The participants of the study are the students of three ethnic groups consisting of twenty five students. The data are collected...
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Junior High School Deaf Students’ Analysis of Multirepresentation Ability in SMPLBN Ungaran

Tina Anggraini, Sunyoto Eko Nugroho, Bambang Subali
This study’s purpose is to determine the ability of multirepresentation of students with special needs after problem-based learning model applied. Deaf students need multiple representations to make it easier to understand subjects especially on physical materials. The method used in this research is...
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The Effectiveness of Management Model for Multicultural-Based Sociology Training to Enhance Teachers’ Professional Competence

Totok Rochana, Maman Rachman, Achmad Slamet, Achmad Rifai
The objectives of this study are: to describe the management model for multicultural-based sociology training to enhance teachers’ professional competence; and to describe the effectiveness of management model for multicultural-based sociology training to enhance teachers’ professional competence. This...
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Establish Renewable Resources for ASEAN Economic Community through Entrepreneurship Training as a Learning Model for Tutors of “Kejar Paket” C Programs

Tri Joko Raharjo, Tri Suminar, Bagus Kisworo
Asean Economic Community (MEA) is a challenge for Non Formal Education in developing renewable human resources that are reliable, competitive, competent, professional and competitive with other countries. From this problem, it is necessary to develop Entrepreneurship training model for Tutors of Kejar...
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Implementation Of Police Academy Information System In Learning Management At Police Academy Semarang

Tri Widada, Achmad Slamet, Totok Sumaryanto Florentinus, S Martono
Learning management in Police Academy Educational Institutes and Training is covers planning, implementing, evaluating and controlling. But, there are some lectures that use monotonous lecturing on the lesson plan and most of students feel less concentration about it. The aim of this study is to analyse...
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Javanese Long Pepper’s Extract as Alternative Energy on Sport for Gymnastics in Central Java

Tubagus Herlambang, Galih Dwi Pradipta
Javanese long pepper knows for its stimulant effects for nerves to increase body stamina. The part that used as an aphrodisiac is its fruit, and it is suspected that the active compound which acts as an aphrodisiac is piperine. Javanese long pepper’s extract has potential as an energy stimulant for sport....
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Effect of Nicotiana tabacum Extract Concentration as Biopesticide on protein content of Robusta coffee beans and skin

Tyas Soemarah Kurnia Dewi, Haryuni Supartini, Endang Suprapti, Sapto Priyadi, Didik Dwi Ardiyanto, Achmadi Priyatmojo, Misri Gozan
Tobacco is a plantation commodity used as the main ingredient of cigarettes. Nicotiana tabacum extract as biopesticides are nicotine content, d-limonene, pyridine, and indole on tobacco used as pest control of plants. This study examined the Effect of Nicotiana tabacum Extract Concentration as Biopesticide...
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The Organisational Change of Yayasan Persekolahan Masehi Sumba (Yapmas) Based on Excellent Orientation

Umbu Tagela
The aims of this research are (1) To describe Yapmas’ vision and mission; (2) To describe the Yapmas’ program progress in Sumba; (3) To describe the local government, the Dutch Church, Sumba Christian Church, society and funder contribution to Yapmas; (4) To describe Yapmas’ effort in planning related...
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Strategic Factors of Teacher’s Commitment in Salatiga

Wahyu Tri Astuti, Tri Joko Raharjo, Mr Haryono, Suwito Eko Pramono
The aim of the research is to analyze the direct influence of teachers’ ethic and teachers’ performance toward teachers’ commitments. Research method used is quantitative method which is using Krejcie table as the sample of the research. There are 172 of Civil Servant Teachers (PNS) of Public High School...
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Effectiveness of 3CM Learning Model with Blended Learning on Improving Creative Thinking Ability in Mathematical Problem Solving

Wahyudi Wahyudi, St. Budi Waluya, Hardi Suyitno, Mr Isnarto
Creative is one of the most important and highest competencies in Bloom's latest taxonomy, so it is necessary to have everyone including preservice teachers. Creative not only in producing products in the form of objects, but can be creative in terms of thinking in solving problems, including mathematic...
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Analysis on Players’ Playing Skills During the National Volleyball League (Proliga) 2016

Waluyo Waluyo, Soegiyanto Soegiyanto, Hari Setijono, Mr Sulaiman
The setback in our national-level volleyball teams is caused not only by factors of guidance and competitions. Playing skill also constitute a basic factor for producing maximum achievements. Therefore, this research was intended to analyze the skills of female Indonesian national-level volleyball teams...
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Efforts to Overcome Burnout in Pastoral Counseling

Yoseph Pedhu, Mungin Eddy Wibowo, F.N Sudarnoto Sugiyo, Ms Laura
Burnout is a condition that is experienced by pastoral counselors which causes the loss of motivation, ideas, and goals; followed by physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion. Burnout can cause the loss of interest and motivation of pastoral counselors. The purpose of this article was to elaborate the...
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Model of Physical Activity Based on Perceptual Motor for Kindergarten Learner: Study Analysis of Energy System and Neurology

Sugiharto Yudanto, Amirullah Rachman Hari, Setya Rahayu
Perceptual motor activity involves brain and body to complete motion tasks together. Perceptual motor activity is associated with academic achievement. This research aims to produce a model of physical activity based on perceptual motor for kindergarten learners and to conduct the study on energy system...