Proceedings of the International Scientific and Practical Conference “Digital agriculture - development strategy” (ISPC 2019)

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Software package for optimum design of rice maps

Mihail Korobochkin, Elena Dmitrieva
In order to solve the problems of optimal division of rice irrigation map into checks, “RIS” software package was developed which implements dynamic programming methods and works on the basis of Windows operating system. The algorithm of design block operation is described based on a dynamic programming...
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Applying a digital method for measuring leaf area index of tomato plants

Mostafa Mahmoud Mohamed Abdelkader, Ahmed Suliman, Mikhail Puchkov, Elena Loktionova
Non-destructive methods of measuring leaf area are suitable for scientific experiments, and allow the measurement of the same plant several times during the growing period. The method was used to estimate the Leaf Area Index (LAI) of tomato plant in different growth stages. LAI was estimated by measuring...
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State policy for digitization in agricultural sphere: foreign experience

Elena Ustinovich, Mikhail Kulikov, Yuri Vorobev
Today the world is in a new technological trend – the digital transformation. The transition to digital technologies in the world has been going on for several years and covers various sectors of the economy and social production – from the media and tourism to agriculture and health care. In 2017, the...
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Digital design and monitoring of farming systems

Nikolai Stepnykh, Olesya Zhukova, Arthur Zargaryan
In the course of digitalization, not enough attention is paid to the design and monitoring of farming systems that in most cases are created in text format on paper and electronic media. This form does not meet the requirements of information technology development of the industry and the needs of agricultural...
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Application of omix technologies in studying of BLV biological diversity by gag gene

Natalia Blazhko, Sultan Vyshegurov, Kirill Shatokhin
This paper is the part of a large-scale project concerning studying of bovine leukemia virus biological diversity and of the influence of BLV structural characteristics on virulence and hematolytic blood parameters of infected animals in Western Siberia. This part is devoted to the study of the influence...
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Special aspects of digital transformation in agriculture sector of economy

Petr Akmarov, Natalia Gorbyshina, Olga Kniazeva
The role of the agricultural sector of the Russian economy in the innovative development of the national economy is shown in this article. The results of agrarian reforms in our country and their impact on the rise in the efficiency of production are presented. Basic comparative characteristics of domestic...
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Using digital technologies for classification of domestic pigs by the type of live weight growth

Kirill Shatokhin, Sergey Nikitin, Sergey Knyazev
This publication identifies the problem of classification of domestic pigs by type of growth intensity and final live weight. It is shown that the existing classification allows quite flawed examples of representatives of separate classes. The authors of this article decided to enhance the existing classification...
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Digitalization of technical service: formation and development prospects, impact on the efficiency of agricultural production

Grigory Iovlev, Irina Goldina, Movses Saakyan, Vladimir Zorkov
Digital technologies occupy an ever-increasing place in the development of both the economy as a whole and its individual industries, including agriculture. According to the director of the Department of Development and Management, the state information resources of the agro-industrial complex of the...
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Digitalization of technical service

Grigory Iovlev, Irina Goldina, Anatoly Nesgovorov, Vladimir Zorkov
The article describes the direction of digitalization development in technical services: management and document flow; digital diagnostics of transport and technological machines; digital service book; staff training. The key points of each of the directions of the development are taking into account....
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Culture of economy in the digital society

Dmitriy Stozhko, Lyudmila Zhuravleva, Tatyana Kruzhkova, Ekaterina Kot
The article deals with the problem of using digital technologies in the modern economy, and the impact of these technologies on the content and nature of the culture of the economy. Identified specific ways to improve the digital economy in the context of a culture of the economy and overcome the contradiction...
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Genetic markers of antibiotic resistance of pathogenic bacteria in the milk of cows and goats

Natalia Bezborodova, Olga Sokolova, Marina Ryaposova, Maria Isakova
This article represents the results of studies of the microorganism resistance to antimicrobial agents detected by PCR in the milk of cows and goats. In 94.1% of cow milk and in 80.7% of goat milk samples specific DNA regions of microorganisms were detected: Staphylococcus spp., E. coli, S. aureus, S....
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Indicators of severity and intensity of the working process at robotized farms in the Middle Ural

Egor Skvortsov, Alexander Semin, Ekaterina Skvortsova
The scientific idea is that robotization of agricultural production results in a significant change in severity and intensity of the working process. Different sociological research methods were used to assess these changes. Robotization causes a transformation of the occupational pattern of workers...
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Digital models of naive, adaptive and rational expectations of regional agriculture forecasting

Nataliya Timofeeva
The development of agriculture in Russia is a high-priority task. Implementation of “Digitalization of Agriculture” program by 2021 will allow solving a number of problems existing in this industry (food security of the country, export potential increase, etc.) and creating a high-tech branch. One of...
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Digital Economy as a Factor of Increasing the Socio and Economic Sustainability of Rural Territories

Olga Rubaeva, Tatiana Nikitina
The paper presents the justification of the digital economy as a factor of increasing socio-economic stability (sustainability)of rural areas. The levels and stages of the digital economy formation are determined. The author gives an explanation of the concepts of sustainable development and digital...
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Creation of tools for digitalization of agro-industrial coplex on the basis of innovative development management

Galina Butko, Fedor Zotov, Tatyana Sichinava
In the article are the questions of forming of innovative mechanism of support of agriculture. The importance of the role of the state in solving the problem is noted. Attention is paid to the Russian and foreign experience of stimulating the transition to the innovative way of development according...
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Impact of the complimentary nature of the digital resource on the accelerating dynamics of the agricultural sector

Ludmila Shсerbakova, Elena Evdokimova, Svetlana Savintseva
The paper is devoted to the study of the prospects for developing agriculture on the basis of the information revolution. The paper presents a number of reasons showing the increasing role of food production. The dynamics of the information technology sector is presented and new trends in the development...
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Key competences of industry professionals in the digital economy

Oksana Berishvili, Natalia Strekalova, Anna Khramtsova
The ongoing digital transformation of the economic and social life of society has led to a change in the models of competence development, which are based on systematic knowledge about the nature of digital technologies, cloud computing and cognitive technologies, Big Data technologies, Internet of Things...
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Tendencies of digitalization of agriculture in Russia

Elena Ilchenko, Zinaida Varlamova, Olga Soskova
The commitment to digital economics is one of the prior directions of Russian development. Russia focuses on the introduction of digital technologies into economic activity of the country. Full gradual work on the introduction of digital economy in the spheres of national economy will become the platform...
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Potentials of the use of IoT-technologies in agricultural sector

Lyudmila Paklina, Nikolay Revenko
The agro-industrial complex at its up-to-date stage of development is an important sphere for massive introduction of IoT-technologies, which are able to change traditional approaches to the use of agriculturally used areas, to the growing of cultures and providing the population with safe and cheap...
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Using of electronic field database for analysis of the effectiveness of agricultural technologies

Sergey Gilev, Arthur Zargaryan, Elena Nesterova
In this article, we are talking about the example of using an electronic database on the state and functioning of agricultural landscapes (fields) which was created in the Kurgan Research and Development Agricultural Institute for the calculation of economic effectiveness for each field, analysis, and...
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Creation and use of the module "Sustainable agrolandscape" in the framework of the digital transformation of agriculture

Elena Kotsur, Natalia Kapitulina, Yuliya Yusova
The digital transformation of agriculture in the Russian Federation is designed to optimize the use of agricultural land, which should contribute to an increase in labor productivity in agricultural enterprises and a reduction in the cost of agricultural products. To come to this result is impossible...
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Detecting uncut crop edge with convolutional neural networks

Denis Protasov
The paper proposes an approach to determining the boundary between cut and uncut crop, which is one of the most important tasks in creating a system of assistance to the combine operator. The approach is based on semantic segmentation of images that come from a camera installed in the combine cab. Semantic...
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Using high-precision farming systems in the agricultural sector - the path to digital agriculture

Yury Zubarev, Denis Fomin, Nikolai Zubarev
The article analyzes the current state of land and agricultural resources in the Russian Federation and the Permskiy kray. It is noted that the use of geographic information systems is possible in the diagnosis of plants by express methods of remote sensing of the earth. The necessity of introducing...
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Approach to evaluation of the digitalization level in crop production of the Pskov region

Ivan Voiku, Ivan Sandu
Development and improvement of the State Science, Technology and Innovation policy, designed to accelerate the processes of digitalization, should be based on qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the current state of the regional and sectoral economy. The diversity of evaluation methods, which...
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Digital economy in the transition conditions to "Quick Response Manufacturing" model

Vladimir Lavrow, Dmitriy Stozhko, Andrey Shilovtsev
The article deals with the problem of using digital technologies in the agrarian economy of the Russian Federation in the context of solving the problem of its new modernization. It has been suggested that its main prerequisites are, firstly, the growing importance of the intellectual assets (capital)...
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Phenotypic effects of polymorphism of the calpastatin gene (CAST), associated with growth and development indicators, in West Siberian mutton breed

Antonina Afanasyeva, Vladislav Sarychev, Galina Goncharenko
One of the modern ways to improve the breeding qualities is selection using the genetic markers or the marker-assisted selection. At the present stage of animal breeding development, and sheep breeding in particular, marker-assisted selection methods have high practical application, which is based on...
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The specifics of the digital transformation of agriculture

Marina Zhukova, Andrey Ulez'ko
At the present stage of the formation of the theoretical and methodological basis of the digital economy, insufficient attention is paid to the issues of digitization of certain branches of national economy, including agriculture. The effectiveness of introducing digital technologies largely depends...
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The effects of the digital transformation

Andrey Ulez'ko, Pavel Demidov, Alexander Tolstykh
Digital economy is understood as the level of development of a social production system, involving the massive use of digital, information and communication technologies and allowing of fundamental modernization of the system of intersubjective interactions, while digital transformation is interpreted...
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The complexity of digitization of agriculture in Russia

Boris Voronin, Alexander Mitin, Oleg Pichugin
The article describes the process of transition of agriculture of Russia to digital agriculture and describes the list of tasks, the solution of which will allow it to be carried out in a comprehensive and planned way. The process of digitization of agriculture includes the solution of several problems....
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The economic essence of the category of precision agriculture

Gennady Beznosov, Alexander Semin, Egor Skvortsov, Svetlana Volkova
Precision agriculture technologies started in late 1980s in the United States and Australia with the development of a global positioning system (GPS), geographical information systems (GIS), remote sensing and simulation modeling. Their use increase crop yields, the efficiency of fertilizer application...
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Data-driven approach in digital agriculture: survey of farmers

Aleksandr Koshkarov, Tatiana Koshkarova
The issues of increasing the efficiency of agriculture are relevant in connection with the growth of the world population. One way to solve this issue is to collect and analyze big data to support decision-making in the industry of crop production. Such an approach can allow a farmer to monitor the condition...
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Service business-model of enterprises of agricultural engineering as the most important factor of digitalization of agro-industrial complex

Zinaida Varlamova, Elena Ilchenko
The digitalization of the economics of the Russian Federation as a prior direction of the country development requires taking decisions in the key sectors of economics, one of which is agro-industrial complex (AIC) of Russia. It seems that one of the most important factors of the digitalization of the...
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Immunological reactivity of calves with associated respiratory infections

Antonina Poryvaeva, Elena Pechura, Oksana Tomskikh, Alexander Krasnoperov
Associated respiratory infections are a special type of infection. They have a combined effect on the organism. We conducted this study in order to determine impairment of immunological reactivity in calves aged from 5 days to 4 months for respiratory diseases caused by pathogen associations. Determination...
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Urban agriculture as the main vector of development of the modern city

Galina Bykova, Natalya Korshunova, Dmitry Chistyakov
Nowadays, urbanization involves a symbiosis of architecture, nature and agricultural activities of a person. The inclusion of agricultural facilities in the structure of the city becomes a topical task of architects. In this case, a necessary condition is to use modern achievements in the field of technical...
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Soil mapping using geo-information technologies

Marat Shayakhmetov, Alla Zinich, Alexandra Gindemit
This paper presents the review of the current state of agricultural land based on GIS technologies using materials of Earth remote sensing on the example of the forest-steppe zone of Western Siberia which is the most developed and populated territory of this region. We used multispectral images of the...
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Electronic field map is an informational basis for growing sustainable business in agriculture in the face of land quality differences

Olga Dolmatova, Yuri Rogatnev, Valentina Scherba
The paper presents the practical application of the author's methodology for determining the efficiency of grain crop production and build on this basis an electronic map. The offered technique is based on data of actual and planned use of arable land based on the assessment of agricultural land and...
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Trends of the development of methods for determining the viability of crop seeds

Maksim Moskovskiy, ViKtor Khamuev, Kirill Lepeshkin
Scientific research to determine the viability of the system of cleaning and sorting of seeds. An analysis of the current state of determining seed viability has shown that, despite many studies, the main task of promising research projects is the development of a high-precision X-ray laser, a device...
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The soil bank models for information support for the training of agrarian specialists

Lidiya Senkova, Larisa Grinets, Galina Vyatkina, Darya Tarbeeva
Agricultural establishment requires information on a complex natural object – the soil, which is the main productive force of agricultural production, and the information must be timely available. The experience of creating material and virtual soil bank models, attracting its funds for educational activities,...
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Developing an IoT system for an agricultural enterprise on a single-board computer platform

Viktor Maslakov, Elena Butsenko, Aleksandr Kurdyumov
The article discusses the main trends in the development of agriculture and the agro-industrial complex. Currently, for this industry, the priority tasks are the improvement, development and implementation of projects of intelligent agriculture, which includes the principles of automation and production...
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Automated business-process assistance system at small commercial agricultural enterprise

Julia Torkunova, Diana Korosteleva, Olga Bogomolova
The article describes the main trends in the digitalization of agriculture: software applications, cloud services, remote sensing, precision farming. The main business processes in a small commercial agricultural enterprise are considered. Automation of business processes largely determines the timeliness...
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Influence of Anti-tuberculosis Drug KIM-M2 on Morphology of Lymph Nodes, Spleen, Liver and Lungs of Guinea Pigs Infected with M. bovis

Vasiliy Vlasenko, Valentina Pleshakova, Yuriy Gichev
Conjugation of immunogenic fraction separated from microbial cells of BCG strain with stimulating component proved to be a promising direction in the creation of anti-tuberculosis drugs. One of such components is KIM-M2, a complex of thermostable soluble antigens extracted from microbial cells of BCG...
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Information and analytical support of innovations in agricultural production: Russian experience

Tatiana Larina, Nikolai Zavodchikov, Galina Petrova, Vladimir Shakhov
Innovation is one of the key factors in modern agriculture development as it provides labor productivity growth, keeping the natural resources biocapacity. Smart farming is a priority in the world developed countries. It includes informing of the advanced science achievements and pollution consequences...
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Transformation of competition environment in conditions of digitalization of agriculture

Olga Vasilieva, Lyudmila Lazareva
The article considers actual questions of change of competitive environment at the agricultural markets as a result of digital transformation of AIC (agro-industrial complex). The peculiarities of markets and their change in the result of digitalization are stated as well as factors, interfering into...
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Methodological approach to the socio-economic development of rural areas in the context of a digital economy

Tatyana Bukhtiyarova, Dmitry Demyanov
The analysis of works devoted to various aspects of import substitution made it possible to single out import substitution as the most effective national and regional development strategy. The development of digital technologies is relevant not only in the economic sphere, but also in agriculture. Digital...
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Structural features of the mucous membrane of the pelvic part of the urogenital canal of fur animals of the canine family

Vladimir Telenkov, Gennady Khonin, Sergey Meleshkov
The prostate gland and the mucous membrane of the prostatic pelvic part of the urogenital canal were studied in a silver-black fox and a blue fox, the representatives of the predatory order belonging to the family of canine. The research method used was morphometry. The correlation analysis of the data...
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Dependency between photosynthetic intensity of pinus nigra subsp.”Pallasiana”and environmental factors and their change during vegetation under conditions of the southern coast of the Crimea

Oleg Ilnitsky, Andrey Pashtetsky, Yuri Plugatar
The dependence of the net photosynthetic rate of Pinus nigra subsp. pallasiana on environmental factors, leaf temperature, transpiration and their change during the growing season were investigated under the conditions of the Southern Coast of the Crimea. The mapping of the response function of photosynthesis...
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Digitalization in the field of agricultural marketing

Olga Alekhina, Galina Ignatyeva, Dmitry Khodov
The subject of this article is the current state and prospects for the development of digital technologies in agricultural marketing including e-channels for the promotion of agricultural products. Main digital forms of promotion were described and classified, among them: electronic exchange trading...
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Concept of network management of commercial activities in agricultural organizations

Aleksandr Maksimenko, Olga Kovalenkova, Svetlana Tekucheva
The article provides information on concept of creating a model of commercial activities network management for agricultural organizations. In the modern information world, important factors in the development of commercial activities of organizations of the agro-industrial complex are the construction...
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Digital image analysis in determining the color number of vegetable oils

Olga Peregonchaya, Nadezhda Korolkova, Svetlana Sokolova
Digital color transfer technologies allow a more accurate and more sensitive visual analysis of the chromaticity of objects in various fields of science and practice. The quality and composition of agricultural raw materials and food products is often evaluated by appearance and color. The article substantiates...
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Fall tillage of eroded sod-podzolic soil

Alexander Lentochkin, Tatyana Babaytseva, Petr Ukhov
Implementation of modern technologies for the production of agricultural products in each soil and climatic zone which are based on efficient resource-saving methods of tillage will make a significant contribution to the Federal Scientific and Technical Program for the Development of Agriculture of the...
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Informatization of Astrakhan agriculture under conditions of Caspian states international relations development

Konstantin Markelov, Viacheslav Golovin, Yuri Brumshteyn
The paper describes specific features of Astrakhan region’s agro-industrial complex (AIC); shows the necessity of increasing its competitiveness under the conditions of developing international relations of the Caspian states, import of agricultural products from abroad and other Russian regions. Authors...
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Formation of regulatory documents data to ensure the information system operation in the production process

Nadezhda Kazantseva, Galina Tkachuk, Victor Aleksandrov
The use of radionuclide materials for animal treating is one of the new directions of veterinary medicine. A new technological process for obtaining Lutetium trichloride-177 has been developed for medical purposes, with the use of registration information system, documentation and the life cycle maintenance,...
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Digitalization of agriculture: strategic opportunities and risks for Russia

Natalia Baryshnikova, Antonina Sukhorukova, Nataliia Naidenova
The paper contains the summarized results of a study of strategic opportunities and risks of digitalization in the Russian agriculture in a context of increasing of productivity, sustainable development of agrifood system and better advancing Russian food and agricultural raw materials in the global...
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Predicting crop yield of triticale in the regions of Russia for the production of bread products using the CGMS system

Alena Zemlyankina, Tatiana Larina
Forecasting crop yields is important part for the agricultural development system of the country. The production and prediction of triticale yields have direct impact on national and international economies, and play an important role in the food management in Russia. In Russia, special attention is...
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Study of electrical aerosol spreading in closed agricultural premises

Рetr Lekomtsev, Anatoliy Niyazov, Elena Dresviannikova
Relevance of this research centers around the need to improve the methods of electro-aerosol disinfection and disinsection of air and surfaces in closed livestock buildings and poultry houses. During this research, the tasks were set to develop a mathematical model of electrical, dynamic and kinetic...
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Influence of biostimulating supplement on economically useful abilities of bees in the Udmurt Republic

Svetlana Vorobyova, Marina Vasilyeva, Dmitry Yakimov, Anastasia Tronina
The use of bioactive substances in apiculture as a composition of sugar supplements normalizes the course of the biological processes – it activates enzyme systems, increases the digestibility of nutrients and also increases immune resistance to adverse environmental factors. Beekeepers widely use mineral...
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Agroecological assessment of perennial ryegrass varieties in the conditions of the Udmurt Republic

Sergey Kokonov, Ivan Temkin, Tatyana Babaytseva, Elmira Vafina
In cultivating field crops, the variability of quantitative characteristics is undoubtedly caused by growing conditions and “genotype × environment” interaction. Combined approach to the consideration of this issue showed that the growth of potential productivity of agricultural crops due to selection...
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Milk producing ability and reproductive qualities of the daughters of stud bulls whose semen was obtained using different methods

Alexander Lyubimov, Ekaterina Martynova, Yulia Isupova, Ekaterina Yastrebova
In the course of this research, parameters of the efficiency of sexed semen use were studied, as well as peculiarities of growth and development of the offspring, parameters of milk producing ability and reproductive qualities of daughters of stud bulls whose semen was sorted by sex and was obtained...
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Mineral fertilizers and insecticides in the formation of seed yield of the oil flax varieties

Elena Korepanova, Vera Goreeva, Ramis Galiev, Ildus Fatihov
The effect of fertilizers and insecticides on the yield of oil flax varieties in the Middle Ural in years 2016-2018 were determined under our study. The soil of the experimental locations was characterized as semi-cultivated. The preceding crop before our study was the winter triticale. The experiment...
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Digital technologies as the factor of development of agro-industrial clusters in the countries of africa

Yoro Ella Gouly, Auzbi Gusov
In this article the author carries out scientific consideration of a question of use of digital technologies as factor of development of agro-industrial clusters in the countries of Africa. The main problems that can be focused scientific research in the further study and research of digital technologies...
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Experience of the organization of digital agro-engineering education in Astrakhan State University

Ravil Arykbaev, Alexey Rybakov, Olga Bespalova
The article presents the rationale for the prospects for the development of digital technologies in relation to the agricultural production sector, actualizes the problems of training highly qualified specialists to reduce the staff shortage in the digitalization of the agro-industrial sector. The organization...
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Issues of computer simulation for management of restorative successions of degraded vegetation cover in the epicenters of desertification of the North-Western Pre-Caspian region

Mikhail Puchkov, Maksim Lysakov, Aleksandr Koshkarov
The tendency to an increase in the foci of desertification in the region of the North-Western Pre-Caspian region is currently taking shape. The North-Western Pre-Caspian region serves as a geographical standard of the arid belt of the Russian Federation and is a combination of arid complexes highly responsive...
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About training of personnel for digital agriculture

Vladimir Trukhachev, Aslan Apazhev
The article reveals essential issues of personnel training for digital agriculture. The results of the expert survey of 54 agricultural universities top management of the country, devoted to issues of personnel training for digital economy, have been described. As a result of the study, the ranking of...
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Biotechnology as a heart of innovation in nursery management of ornamental plants

Tatyana Lekontseva, Alexander Fedorov, Anna Khudyakova
The article presents the results of three-year studies on microclonal propagation of climbing roses «PalaisRoyal», «Camelot»and «Nahema». At the stage of proliferation the optimum concentration of cytokinin 6-benzylaminopurine (6-BAP) in the Murashige and Skoog medium (MSO) for three varieties of roses...
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Intelligent process control system of water treatment for nutrient solutions of drip irrigation

Vladimir Kasatkin, Nadezhda Кasatkina, Marianna Svalova
On the basis of theoretical and experimental studies on water treatment for nutrient solutions of drip irrigation technologies for growing cucumbers in protected soil, as well as experience in the development and technology of artificial intelligence (AI), the structure of an artificial neural network...
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Digitalization of agriculture as an element of food security provision at present stage

Olga A. Rushchitskaya, Elena Kulikova, Tatyana Kruzhkova, Olga E. Rushchitskaya
This article discusses current issues related to the digital economy development in modern market conditions. Digitalization processes are being actively implemented and invested in practically all sectors of the market, but the agricultural sector is not yet covered in the necessary volume. There are...
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Improving areas of state support for youth entrepreneurship in the development of a digital economy

Alexander Alekseev, Lyubov Zubareva
The development of youth entrepreneurship is very important for the formation of the digital economy. Agriculture is a very conservative industry. It needs separate forms and methods of state support. Law does not fix the concept of youth agribusiness and this is a problem. Blockchain technology makes...
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Bioclimatic basement for mesoscale agricultural land use assessment in Samara region

Elena Samokhvalova
The necessity of bioclimatic approach in the agricultural land use assessment in the Russian Federation constituents is substantiated in this paper in order to improve land use management. Mesoscale bioclimatic potential assessment using dynamic-statistical simulation of basic grains production process...
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The structure of closed energy cycle with self-regenerating soil fertility

Tatyana Glushchenko, Tatyana Bedych, Vasiliy Podvalnyy, Yuri Cherkasov
This article describes the use of biomass and human waste products for producing heat and electrical energy, considering the characteristics of the region. The article considers the possibility of using agricultural waste and animal waste, municipal solid waste and sewage sludge to ensure the energy...
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Digital economy in the agribusiness management and rural areas development

Valentina Kundius, Nina Pecuh
This paper presents the growing role of the digital economy in the management of enterprises and organizations of the agro-industrial complex, and the development of rural areas in terms of innovative agricultural development. The issues of the information infrastructure and security, are revealed, the...
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Technologies of intellectual analysis of the data in agricultural research

Viktor Buyarov, Vadim Shumetov, Aleksandr Buyarov, Yulia Mikhaylova
An important factor in increasing the efficiency of decisions made on the results of agricultural research is the use of advanced digital economy technologies. However, in practice, the analysis of empirical results is often limited to a pairwise comparison of means on impact options, without taking...
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Opportunities and problems of digital transformation of small and medium-sized businesses in agricultural production

Nina Kuznetsova, Antonina Ilyina, Anna Pukach
The authors studied the possibilities of digitization of agriculture and the need to use it in modern conditions of economic development, investigate the main directions and tasks of implementing digital transformation of agriculture as a whole and in small-sized businesses. The authors propose three...
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The effect of SNP polymorphisms in growth hormone gene on weight and linear growth in crossbred Red Angus × Kalmyk heifers

Foat Kayumov, Vladimir Kosilov, Nikolay Gerasimov, Olga Bykova
The aim of our research was to study the effect of single-nucleotide polymorphisms in growth hormone gene on variability of weight and linear growth in crossbred Red Angus × Kalmyk heifers (F2). The experimental animals were reared in “Agrofirma Aduchi” Ltd. in Tselinniy region, Republic of Kalmykia....
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Development prospects of agrarian science and education in the formation of digital economy

Valentina Kundius, Olga A. Rushchitskaya, Olga E. Rushchitskaya, Ekaterina Kot
The article substantiates the importance of the development of agrarian science and education in the conditions of innovative development and digitalization of the economy sectors in agro-industrial complex. The problems of the digital economy in the agro-industrial complex are identified. Priorities...
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Innovative development of Uzbekistan agroindustrial complex

Nuritdin Yuldashev, Vladimir Nabokov, Konstantin Nekrasov, Bobir Tursunov
Uzbekistan possesses high potential for production increase of environmentally safe horticultural and livestock products, population supply with them, their promotion to the world markets. By the strategy of actions in five priority directions of the Republic of Uzbekistan development in 2017-2021 the...
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Digitization of agro-industrial complex – a power tool of development

Aida Dukeyeva, Dinara Zhamalova, Aigerim Yesmurzina, Gainiya Yesseyeva
This article discusses the issue of digitalization of the agro-industrial complex, using the example of two locations of the same size, soil cover, predecessors, put up two sowing units “John Deere 1820”, a navigation system was installed in one of the units. According to the results of the sowing works,...
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Automated system of optimal cattle selection for breeding (part 1)

Alexey Deshevykh, Svetlana Kovalchuk
According to studies by various authors from countries with developing and underdeveloped economies, the main stumbling block in the field of animal husbandry is the lack of methods for selecting the optimal breed of cattle on the basis of ecological and geographical characteristics of the region. The...
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Development of the Real-Time PCR method for detection of ss52050737 polymorphism of lhcgr gene in cattle

Svetlana Kovalchuk, Anna Arkhipova, Аrina Tagmazian
Embryo transfer is one of the key technique in reproductive animal biotechnology. One of its crucial step is the selection of donor cows that are most sensitive to the hormonal stimulation of superovulation. One of the promising genetic markers of the reproductive status of cattle is the gene encoding...
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Forecasting of digitalization development in agriculture on the basis of the system analysis methods

Shamil Gazetdinov, Olga Semicheva, Almaz Nigmetzyanov
This article considers the forecasting methodology of a complex system development – digitalization of agriculture on the basis of a wide use of the Internet of Things and Information Technologies in productive and economic processes and also of information and analytical systems that have been created...
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Expert and analytical technologies in the sphere of agribusiness management

Vadim Shumetov, Alla Kolomeychenko, Mikhail Mikhaylov
An important factor for improving the efficiency of business processes in the agroindustrial complex is the use of progressive technologies of the digital economy at all levels, that include individual agricultural producers and implies an accurate work of agricultural consultancy system. However, the...
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The role of training industry experts with digital competencies in the development of rural areas

Olga Kosenchuk, Alla Zinich, Irina Ivanova
This article presents the results of monitoring staffing of the agro-industrial complex of the region, educational services of higher and vocational education programs which include digital competencies. The following key problems in this area were revealed: lack of personnel, low qualification level,...
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The statistical analysis of cytomorphological traits in the distant apple and pear F1 and F2 hybrids (Malus x Pyrus) from artificial and spontaneous outcrosses

Roman Papikhin, Maxim Dubrovsky
The complex morphometrical traits of leaf epidermal tissue in species forms Pyrus communis L. and Malus baccata Borkh. were studies to establish statistically significant differences. These traits can serve as a marker selective indicator of saturation degree estimation in a complex of genes from each...
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Semi-empirical model for the evaluation of protein retention during tangential filtration of whey using ceramic membrane elements

Vyacheslav Eremenko, Alexander Cherepanov, Andrey Tararkov
This paper considers some results of using tangential filtration by ceramic membrane elements for the treatment of whey. Five samples of filtrate which was obtained by four different ceramic membranes were used for experiment. These membranes have pore size 400, 200, 100, 65 and 50 nm. A semi-empirical...
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Immuno-biological evaluation of individual genetic variants of bovine leukemia virus in the conditions of the Ural region

Maxim Petropavlovskiy, Natalia Vereschyak, Natalia Bezborodova, Olga Oparina
Leukemia in animals is a serious disease of the cancer nature – the hemoblastosis, the etiologic factor of which is the bovine leukemia virus belonging to the family Retroviridae, the genus Deltaretrovirus. The causative agent is widely spread all over the world, including the Russian Federation. The...
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Stress resistance as a factor in the suitability of cattle for robotic milking

Olga Chechenikhina, Yulia Stepanova, Ekaterina Kazantseva, Aleksey Stepanov
The use of industrial technologies in modern enterprises, based on the comprehensive modernization of most production processes, leads to an increase in the impact of a number of negative factors and their quantity. This contributes to the stress in animals. The purpose of this research is to assess...
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Revisiting the question of the small business development in the agricultural sector

Elena Bakanova
The article is devoted to the development of small agricultural business in Russia. The aim of the study is to identify the importance and significance of digitalization in the agricultural sector of the economy, as well as the possibility of using digital technologies as a priority factor of state support...
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Environmental state of soils and plants in the area of exposure to emissions of fluorides of the cryolite plant and agrochemical methods of protection from effects of pollution

Yuriy Baykin, Ludmila Karengina, Alexey Belichev, Alexander Fyodorov
According to field surveys of arable soils in the zone of anthropogenic emissions of the cryolite plant, the levels of soil contamination with fluorine, depending on the distance to the source, were determined and the correlation of agrochemical soil indicators with the content of fluorine in them was...
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Productivity and quality of broiler chicken meat with the use of preparations “Apex” and “Emicidin”

Viktor Buyarov, Olga Andreeva, Yulia Mikhaylova
The article is devoted to solving a relevant problem - increasing the efficiency of industrial production of broiler chicken meat. The aim of the study was to study the effect of environmentally friendly products "Emicidin" and "Apex 3010" on the productivity of broiler chickens under the conditions...
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Method of minimizing the risk of reducing the production of agricultural products by means of fuzzy logic

Ruslan Bischokov, Elena Didanova, Vladimir Trukhachev, Madina Marzhokhova
The results of the analysis and prediction of climatic changes in the empirical time series of precipitation regimes and air temperature regime of the initial observations of meteorological stations located in the territory of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic for the period 1955-2017 are presented. Estimates...
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Digitalization of agriculture

Anastasiya Vlasova
The growing population of the Earth means an increasing demand for agricultural products. By 2025, the United Nations projected a 70% increase in food production. The domestic agricultural sector faces the task of increasing labor productivity and competitiveness through the use of the latest scientific...
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Family farming in youth assessments

Lyudmila Zhuravleva, Elena Zarubina, Natalia Simachkova, Natalia Fateeva
The article presents the first stage results of a sociological study on the attitude to family farming of young people conducted at the Ural State Agrarian University. The object of the research is the student youth of the Agrarian University, family farming enterprises. The subject of the study was...
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Specialists training in the area of management accounting in the conditions of digital transformation of the economy (data from Russia)

Aleksey Bobrishev, Nikolay Lyubushin, Natalia Krivorotova, Genaz Dudayev
The goal of the study is to identify prospects and limitations in the system of economists training for digital agriculture. A multidimensional study has been conducted in the context of several focus groups of respondents, which allowed assessing key competencies of accounting specialists compared with...
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Morphological characteristics of a placenta of a goat when it is normal and at a stillbirth

Anna Lazareva, Ludmila Drozdova, Natalia Semenova, Anna Barkova
The article presents the results of histological examination of a placenta of a goat when it is normal and in the pathology of stillbirth. The experiments were carried out at the Department of Morphology, Examination and Surgery of the Ural State Agrarian University. The study has been carried out with...
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Comparative ultrastructure of skeletal muscles of broiler chickens and quails

Ulyana Kundryukova, Ludmila Drozdova, Yakov Beikin, Svetlana Pichugova
The article presents the results of comparative ultramicroscopic studies of skeletal muscles of broiler chickens and quails (39-40 days old). Uneven maturation of striated muscles of the pectoral muscle fibers of broiler chickens was revealed during ultramicroscopic studies. Destruction of cristae and...
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Digital agriculture in improving spatial economic development of rural municipalities in Russia

Elena Dvoryadkina, Dmitry Karkh, Elizaveta Belousova
Digitalization of economy taking place in the Russian Federation poses new challenges to smaller and less developed municipalities, such as municipal districts, a type of rural municipalities in the Russian system of municipal division. Having fewer resources than larger urbanized municipalities they...
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Peculiarities and development trends of the Russian agro-industrial complex under digitalization conditions

Aleksandr Kurdyumov
The article considers issues of the development and improving competitiveness of the agro-industrial complex of Russia, associated with changes in digital economy and the introduction of information-digital systems. Based on the methodological principle of the increasing role of the impact of changes...
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Problems of digitalization of continuing education in agrarian universities

Alla Matveeva, Roman Krasnov
Continuous Online learning is one of the most important and promising tools to modernize the modern education system. The Structure of the work is based on the principle of content analysis of scientific literature and Internet sources "from the general to the private", in which the theory is projected...
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Opportunities for the introduction of smart contracts in the agro-industrial complex of Russia

Dmitriy Nazarov, Anton Nazarov, Elena Kulikova
Many advanced technologies appear in the period of digitalization of economic processes, in particular, one of these technologies is the blockchain. The application of this technology is used in many areas: information technology, law, state, and municipal administration, etc. This article discusses...
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The Implementation and Effectiveness of geographic information systems and Location Intelligence technology in digital agriculture

Dmitriy Nazarov, Vladislav Shvedov, Elena Lyashenko
A significant change associated with the implementation of information technology occur in the period of digitalization of economic processes in the Russian Federation in all areas of activity. In particular, agriculture is one of the most extensive areas in our country. This article discusses the tools...
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Kinetic model of microorganisms aggregation at absorbing immobilisation on nozzles in continuous and intermittent action machines

Gennadiy Pishchikov
The problem of biological cells aggregation is one of the fundamental in biology, biophysics and biochemistry. In real-world application particularly in biotechnological processes of number of productive industries: microbiological, food, pharmaceutical, it is necessary to solve application tasks of...