Proceedings of the II International Scientific-Practical Conference "Psychology of Extreme Professions" (ISPCPEP 2019)

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Provision of psychological safety of younger pupils of cadet classes

Irina Baeva, Lyudmila Shakhova
The author's approach to ensuring psychological safety in the educational process is presented. Cadet classes place increased demands on the capabilities and resources of the child, therefore the task of accompanying these educational programs from the point of view of ensuring the psychological safety...
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Dynamic control of functional condition as prevention’s technology of mental disadaptation transport’s workers

Irina Barannik, Svetlana Belyaeva
The algorithm of parameters calculation of two psycho-diagnostic systems is presented in the article. The aim is to compare the results of research on the dynamic control of functional condition of transport’s workers, the calculation of the individual average indication and individual norms that must...
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The relationship of proactive coping and severity of symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder

Elena Belinskaya, Alexandr Vecherin, Elena Agadullina
The goal of this study was to examine the relationship between proactive coping strategies and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The study used Proactive Coping Inventory to measure the severity of proactive coping strategies. ICD-11 criteria were used to study the symptoms of PTSD. Data was collected...
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Emotional-volitional regulation of the activity of a chief of law enforcement agency

Irina Berdnikova
Paying attention to the increased emotionality and stressfulness of professional situations of a chief of law enforcement agency, the author of the article emphasizes the importance of the emotional-volitional regulation of his activity. The article highlights the basic provisions of the empirical research...
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“Psychological readiness”. Definition and approaches

Anastasiya Boitzova, Nataliya Simonova
The paper is concerned with definitions of the concept “psychological readiness”. The paper discusses psychological and pedagogical approaches to the essence of the concept “psychological readiness” in scientific studies. Various definitions of the concept “psychological readiness” and their content-related...
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Goals and principles of the use of visual communication in extreme conditions

Olga Chernysheva
The article represents theoretical and methodical materials to ensure the creation of an effective system of navigation that contribute to the optimal organization of the people movement in extreme situations. It is based on three stages model, which includes the stage of orientation, the set (readiness)...
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The Importance of Professional Activity in The Reflexion-Axiological Mechanism of Life Successfulness of The Personality Police Officers

Nanalya Deeva
The article poses the problem of resource potential and understanding of life successfulness as a mechanism, characteristic and condition. The understanding of the reflexion-axiological mechanism of life successfulness is revealed. It describes its relationship with the significance of professional activity....
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Neurobiological preconditions of behavioural adaptive strategies under extreme conditions of activity

Larisa Deryagina
The aim of the work was to identify neurobiological preconditions of efficiency behavioural adaptive strategies of subjects under extreme conditions of activity. The research used an instrumental study technique of making decisions under conditions of choosing among several alternative reactions. Psychodiagnostic...
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Subjective Assessment of the Quality of Life of Specialists working in the Arctic Economic Zone in Yakutia

Aida Egorova, Valentina Davydova
The article describes the main aspects of the subjective assessment of the quality of life by highly qualified specialists living in the Arctic economic zone of Yakutia, some differences were revealed in the assessments of the quality of life and factors affecting the subjective satisfaction and psychological...
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Specifics of Demographic Development of Arctic Regions as a Determining Factor of Social Management System Development Evaluation

Maria Egorova, Tatiana Karlova, Sergey Sheptunov
Nowadays, the role of the Arctic in the world is constantly growing. Many states link their long-term goals with the Arctic region. Since 2000, the changes that are occurring in the region have global economic and political consequences. The concept of human development has emerged in recent years as...
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Professinal orientation of adolescents – representatives of indigenous population of the Russian Far North

Natalia Flotskaya, Svetlana Bulanova, Mariya Ponomareva
At present, the Arctic is a strategic region, to a large extent ensuring political and energy security of Russia. Development and effective use of the Arctic territories require professional personnel ready to work in extreme natural conditions. Indigenous peoples of the Far North, living in the Arctic,...
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Personal profile of the armed penal staff in places of detention

I.S. Ganishina, L.N. Fedoseeva, I.V. Suchkova, T.V. Kirillova, S.A. Pashukov
the significance of the study is determined by the specific activities of the FPS security units, which guard the boundaries of correctional institutions. The use of physical force, special means and firearms makes particular demands on the personal profile of an armed penal employee serving in places...
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Occupational risks of personal deformities and psychological distress of evening school teachers

Lyubov Golina, Nataliya Vodopyanova, Dina Zinovyeva
The article discusses the analysis of occupational risks in the activities of an evening school teacher and presents the results of an empirical study of professional and personal deformations and a decrease in the welfare of teachers in “open” and “closed” evening schools
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Occupational stressors in the structure of daily stress of modern people

Larisa Golovey, Marina Petrash, Olga Strizhitskaya, Svetlana Savenysheva
The article is devoted to the study of the structure of daily stressors and determination of the place of occupational stressors in it, identification of relationships between the number of stressors with the level of stress and satisfaction with various aspects of life. Sample: 334 people aged 20 to...
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Prevention of Professional Burnout of Teachers

Yury Gorblyansky, Oksana Ponamareva, Elena Kontorovich, Ksenia Khodareva, Valeria Fedyakina, Evgenia Volynskaya
A comprehensive study of the risk factors of occupational burnout of teachers of primary general education, secondary general education and further education was conducted. Reliable associations between working conditions (including psychosocial work factors), health, and occupational burnout among teachers...
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Psychological factors of personal safety culture of electric network masters

Luydmila Goryunova, Sergei Fedorov, Lada Vereshagina, Victoria Pogrebitskaya, Olga Voronina, Nikolai Lepekhin, Marina Kruglova
Personal safety culture is defined as “the product of individual and group values, attitudes, perceptions, competence, and employee's behavior patterns”. The study identified the factors of the corporate safety culture: the involvement of employees in the organization of communication on security issues;...
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Features of stress resistant personality of dispatchers, air traffic controllers and registration agents in the airport system

Natalya Karabushchenko, Tatiana Pilishvili, Nina Sungurova
The modern, fast-changing world affects the performance, livelihoods and well-being of man. In the conditions of information, rapid technological changes and digitization in various spheres of life, certain professional attributes are required. There is a need for a professional who is able to make correct...
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Personal factors social risk of their frustration and professional burnout of the employees of crisis centers of EMERCOM of Russia

S. Khripunova, D.M. Zinovyeva, O.A. Dolgopolova, E.V. Pankratova
The problem of search of personal factors of professional readiness, stress resistance of specialists of crisis centers of EMERCOM of the Russian Federation is among the relevant due to the fact that their activities are carried out in extreme situations. Their psychological stability affects the health...
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Diagnostics and prediction problem of personality adaptation in emergency situations under conditions of the Arctic Regions

T.V. Kirillova, S.V. Zabegalina
The emergency situations in the Arctic Regions arise both under the influence of natural and human factors. Personality disadaptation highly increases the risk of mistake in the activity, the risk of emergency. Diagnostics of personality adaptation is performed by means of objective and subjective methods...
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The Factors of Mental Maladjustment of Law Enforcement Officers

Maria Korehova, Andrey Soloviev, Iгina Novikova
The article presents the data of the study of mental maladjustment factors of law enforcement officers. The study involved 153 employees of the Internal Affairs bodies. It is established that more than 30 % of experts of an extreme profile have a complex of mental disadaptation signs. The system of factors...
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Adjustment of youth to military and professional activity in extreme conditions of Arctic region

Irina Korelskaya, Irina Karkavceva, Elena Beletzkaya, Irina Varentsova
The success of adaptation to service in military units places high demands on professional-applied physical and psychological training of the young generation. Three levels of adaptation to military units in the extreme conditions of the Arctic region are proposed.
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Ensuring health of shift workers in context professional risks in the Arctic

Yana Korneeva, Marina Arefina, Natalia Simonova, Galina Degteva
The reported study was funded by RFBR according to the research project № 18-013-00623. The Arctic is a territory characterized by a huge area, special climatic conditions, and also rich reserves of natural resources. Currently, the region is actively developing projects for the extraction of minerals....
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Comparative analysis of psychological safety of shift workers in the South and North of the Russian Federation

Yana Korneeva, Egor Pryalukhin
The purpose of the study: to identify the features of psychological safety of specialists in shift work organization in the North and South of the Russian Federation. Samples: 1) 68 shift workers of diamond production in the Far North at the age of 26 to 59 years, the experience of the shift method in...
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Psychological risks for shift workers in the Far North and south of Russia

Yana Korneeva, Natalia Simonova
The study was sponsored by the Russian President's grant for state support of young Russian scientists - PhD (МК-6409.2018.6). Climatic-geographical, production and social factors place demands on the body of a shift worker, exceeding his reserves. This excludes the possibility of complete adaptation...
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Coping with loneliness among shift- working extreme professionals: could a family be a coping resource during life transitions?

Tatiana Kryukova
The paper contains an overview of stress-coping research concerning loneliness experience (Cacioppo et al.; etc.). Stress-coping research data concerning loneliness experience is large: Cacioppo, Fowler, Christakis. Emotional deprivation, lack of a close partner and subjective loneliness are connected...
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Motivational Characteristics of Employees Professional Destruction at the Penal Executive System

Marina Kubyshkina, Tamara Tyulyubaeva
Оne of the main goals in the penitentiary system (PS) of Russia is the formation of a highly professional, stable, balanced cadre corps, capable of solving the professional tasks assigned to it. In this regard, there is an active study of the professional and professional activities of employees and...
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Features of the correlations of professional identity and professional deformation of employees of the internal affairs agencies of Russian Federation

Olga Kuznetsova, Maria Tunkina
Currently, the concepts of «professional identity» and «professional deformation» are not studied and operational enough in the system of internal affairs agencies, there is no meaningful comparison of these phenomena at the theoretical and empirical level. Research of their correlation will help to...
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Cyber Socialization of Russian Youth: Risks of Professional Self-determination

Sergey Lenkov, Nadezhda Rubtsova
This study examined the role of cyber socialization in various kinds of professional choices (field, profession, job, university). The sample consisted of 605 employed individuals, 181 males and 424 females, who graduated from university in the period from 2003 to 2017. We used the «Utrecht work engagement...
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Rationale for directions of psychological coaching of educational organizations employees working with adolescents showing self-injurious behavior

Elvira Leus, Andrew Soloviev, Iгina Novikova
Nowadays the emergence of psychological and pedagogical assistance programs or “coaching” programs is on the front burner. It is associated with the need to establish conditions for healthy personality development in the process of working activity. Coaching is an activity aimed at creating a system...
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Personal Determinants of Stress-Coping Behaviour Demonstrated by Employees of The Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defence, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters

Olga Lobza, Varvara Korotkova, Tatiana Bunakova
This paper analyses individual, psychological, personal characteristics, tolerance to stress, resilience and coping behavior of specialists working in extreme environments. To identify personal determinants of stress-coping behavior demonstrated by male employees of Emergencies Ministry of Russia we...
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Human factor as a cause of aircraft accidents

Nikolay Lyssakov, Elena Lyssakova
The human factor in aviation is the system and many sciences concept directly connected with flight safety and professional reliability of personnel. According to preliminary assessment of the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) the human factor is a dominant cause of aircraft accidents. The purpose...
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Psycho prophylaxis of professional deformation of internal affairs officers in the context of the competence approach

Natalia Martirosova, Alexandr Ksenofontov, Alexandra Kalashnik
The article deals with the issues of psychological work on the prevention of professional deformation of internal affairs officers in the context of the competence approach. The development of measures aimed at creating the conditions for the competence development of each individual employee in accordance...
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Psychological stability of the staff members of logging enterprises as a key resource for work under extreme conditions

Sergey Medvedev, Elena Sokolova, Aleksander Mokhirev, Tatyana Lugovskaya
The article deals with the problems of increasing the efficiency of wood resources processing. It shows the developed methodical approach to increase the processing efficiency. It consists of five stages, which all are disclosed in detail providing examples. Approbation of the proposed approach justifies...
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Emotional Attitude To Media Image Of Migrant

Roman Osin, Vsevolod Konstantinov
The article presents the results of the analyses of a phenomenon which involves the attitude to an image of the working migrant in the modern world in the conditions of media influence among different representatives of social and demographic communities. The results of the empirical research which was...
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Perception of Daily Stressors in Ambulance Personnel of Saint-Petersburg and Archangelsk

Marina Petrash, Elena Postnikova
The present research considers the structure of everyday stressors in Ambulance personnel of St. Petersburg and Archangelsk. The purpose of the study was to analyze severity of daily stressors in Ambulance personnel living in different regions. The sample included 192 first medical aid employees: 121...
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Peculiarities of Stress Manifestation in Emercom Employees

Z.N. Platonova
The purpose of this study is to research the characteristics of the occupational stress manifestation, one of the most pressing problems of extreme psychology. Furthermore, this problem is highly relevant for specialists of extreme professional activities (employees of security agencies: submariners,...
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Interrelation of stress resistance and adaptability at doctors and students of medical institute

Margarita Pogodayeva, Julia Chepurko, Olga Molokova, Tatyana Nikulina, Svetlana Matafonova
Relevance of research. The profession of the doctor belongs to one of the most difficult, psycho- emotionally intense and responsible kind of activity. The quantity of occupation types which carry to activity in special and extreme conditions constantly extends. Extreme conditions of professional activity...
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Training of psychologists of the penal system for provision of psychological assistance to condemned persons for violent crimes

V.S. Ponkratova, D.V. Sochivko, E.Yu. Kholopova, G.I. Aksenova, P. Yu. Aksenova
convicts, techniques, psychological protection, psychological assistance, psychocorrection, model of training of psychologists, program of training of psychologists
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Hardiness of inhabitants of the north: regional and generational factors

Margarita Postnikova, Nadezhda Sivrikova
Stress factors are increasing in the modern world and the scientific community has to search for resources to ensure the effective functioning of the individual in all conditions. Numerous studies have shown that turning a traumatic situation into something positive improves physical health and well-being...
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Psychological representation of an emergency situation in the professional activity of railway employees

Darya Pyatun
The article discusses the phenomenon of “psychological space”, a brief theoretical analysis of the psychological space is conducted one of the methodological procedures for studying the features of the psychological space of emergency situations is tested. The empirical material was compiled on the basis...
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Attitude to health as a factor of accident-free truck drivers

Elena Rodionova, Vladislav Dominiak, German Nikiforov, Zoya Dudchenko
The article discusses the factors related to health in connection with the accidents of truck drivers. The basis of the study of implicit attitudes towards health and disease lies in the model of orthogonal implicit attitudes. The study of long-distance drivers used the Double-Target IAT method (a modified...
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Risks of pedagogical profession: the determination of deformations by the sphere of teacher’s activity

Evgeny Rogov, Ludmila Zheldochenko
Risks of personality’s professionalization in mass professions are usually associated with the duration of the realization of the main professional functions, without considering the specifics of the risks within the framework of individual specializations. Perhaps this explains, in practice, the lack...
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The main occupational health risks under the work in the Arctic region

Nina Rubtsova, Igor Bukhtiyarov
Workers morbidity and occupational and work related diseases development risks as result of adverse occupational and environmental factors exposure effects decrease is an actual task. Brief analysis of main occupational factors and principal ways of main problems decision are presented taking into account...
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World ocean flight around the North Pole: Effects to pilots’ psychophysiological state

V Serikov, O At’kov, Mikhail Rubtsov
In order to determine the main human body psychophysiological parameters, assisting to implementation of work during the flight in the Arctic region, there were carried out the assessment of some pilots’ psychological parameters before and after round-the-world oceanic flight around the North Pole on...
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Analysis of strategies of coping behavior of future pedagogues as markers of personal readiness for professional activity

Ekaterina Shubnikova
The article considers the fact that pedagogical profession has recently become increasingly stressful, and teachers are increasingly getting under negative stressful conditions, which can result in professional burnout and other professional destructions. Those professional destructions can lead to negative...
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Opportunities of readiness formation of the criminal-executive system employees to actions in the emergency circumstances

Vasily Smykovsky, Elena Lobanova, Alexander Kiselev
The article is devoted to the analysis of the readiness phenomenon of the Penitentiary system employees to act in case of emergency. Based on the results of the formative experiment, the possibilities of developing the motivational-volitional, cognitive and activity components of this readiness are determined...
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Labor motivation as a condition of professional development of penal officers in correctional institutions

Aleksandra Speranskaya, Svetlana Prokopeva, Anastasiya Chertovikova, Yulia Smirnova
The article reveals the significance of the labor motivation for penal officers’ professional development. The extreme nature of work with inmates influences greatly on penal officers as well as has a negative impact on their professional activity. Knowledge of psychological conditions that determine...
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Professional health and viability of EMERCOM employees

Lyudmila Stanovova, Olga Zakharova
The article discusses with the professional health and vitality of rescuers of the Ministry of emergency situations. To this end, the study of professional health and vitality of rescuers of the Ministry of emergency situations through the study of their coping behavior, neuropsychological stability...
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Professional selection as a scientifical-practical problem

V.A. Tolochek, V.V. Vilches-Nogerol
The aim of the research: historical-theoretical analysis of scientific foundation and practice of psycho-diagnostic methodology application in solutions of the tasks of professional selection. Hereby, the complex of questions concerning the problem of professional selection (methodology and methods,...
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Interrelation Between Life Quality Assessment and the Functional Status Indicators of the Organism Basic Systems of Students of Higher Education Institution of Emercom of Russia

Diana Tserfus, Maria Karagacheva, Tatyana Ivanova, Irina Akindinova
This article presents the results of an experimental study assessing student’s life quality and living standard, as well as the results of measurable physiological indicators that reflect the status of their cardiovascular and respiratory systems. The analysis of these results was carried out with the...
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Socio-Psychological Adaptation Of The Operational Staff Of The Ministry Of Emergency Situations To Activities In Extreme Conditions

Olga Tuzova, Anna Sergeeva, Irina Sinkevich
The relevance of the study of the adaptation of the operational staff of the Ministry of Emergency Situations is due to the fact that the extreme nature of the activity requires not only professional selection, but also social and pedagogical support for employees, monitoring their psycho-emotional state,...
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Developing the Stress Resistance of Flight Dispatchers

Margarita Uvarova, Elena Kedyarova, Nadezhda CHerneckaya, Vera Monzhievskaya, Natal'ya Russkih, Ol'ga CHuvashova
The paper is devoted to the research of stress resistance of flight dispatchers. We consider stress resistance an integrative personal quality that is basic for productive professional activity in extreme conditions. The optimal (high) level of stress resistance can be considered the key professional...
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Extreme working conditions of recovery train personnel

Lada Vereschagina, Ludmila Goryunova, Marina Kruglova, Vladimir Kruglov, Victoria Pogrebitskaya, Sergei Fedorov
Professional psychological selection has become an integral part of personnel management in many sectors of the economy. At the same time, despite the apparent need, such selection is not carried out in such an emergency area as the elimination of the consequences of accidents on the railway. The purpose...
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Profesional Destructions of Employees at Enterprises Against the Background of the Problem of Labour Productivity Growth

Alexander Vnutskikh, Dmitriy Pishchalnikov, Vladimir Tolochek
The authors take as a premise the necessity to connect the research of psychological aspects of extreme working conditions with the study of the phenomenon of professional destruction of personality and the issues of labour productivity. Having become chronic in Russia, the problem of labour productivity...
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Professional risks of burnout syndrome among surgeons

Natalia Vodopianova, Elena Starchenkova, Elena Stolyarchuk, German Nikiforov, Anastasiya Ponomareva, Svetlana Myasnikova
The article presents the results of an empirical study of the features of professional burnout, life position, subjective representations of professionally difficult situations and mental states of surgeons from the standpoint of personal and organizational risks of professional burnout.
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Professional personality strain markers in the staff of the criminal executive system of different departments

Anna Zelyanina
The article analyzes the markers of professional personal deformation and describes the features of their manifestation in the staff of the penitentiary system with different content of professional tasks (department staff and employees who work directly with suspects, accused, convicted). It was attended...
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Problems of psychological well-being and distress of the personality: causes and consequences

Dina Zinovyeva, Olga Dolgopolova, Elena Pankratova, Svetlana Khripunova, Alexander Chernov, Natalia Vodopianova
The article discusses the study, analysis and systematization of ideas related to psychological well-being (PW) and its levels, models in the context of personal health, free from professional and personal destructions. Employees of the Main Office of the Ministry of Emergency Situations took part in...
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Assessment and Management of Psychosocial Risks at Workplace

Yury Yurievich Gorblyansky, Elena Pavlovna Kontorovich, Oksana Petrovna Ponamareva, Ksenia Vladimirovna Khodareva, Valeria Vladimirovna Fedyakina
The result of the study, which was aimed at defining the psychosocial work factors and establishing their relationship with the health status of employees of electric locomotive building enterprise, shows the significance of these factors. Assessment of psychosocial factors is the basis of the management...