Proceedings of the International Seminar on Promoting Local Resources for Sustainable Agriculture and Development (ISPLRSAD 2020)

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Response of Insects to the Light and Coloured Sticky Traps

A. Kardinan, P. Maris
Research regarding response of insects to the light and coloured sticky traps have been done in fruit and red chili garden in Sumedang and Lembang area. The coloured sticky traps consisted of transparent, grey, brown, black, red, yellow, green, blue, and white were placed at fruit and red chili garden,...
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Impact of Methyl Salicylate Lures on the Mint Aphid, Eucarazzia elegans (Hemiptera: Aphididae) Density and Natural Enemy Abundances in Common Sage Fields

A. Zarkani, F. Turanli
Methyl Salicylate (MeSA) could be naturally produced by plants as an herbivore-induced plant volatile (HIPV) for attracting natural enemies as well as inhibiting herbivore populations. This study evaluated the attractiveness of synthetic MeSA lures to the natural enemies and its impact on Eucarazzia...
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The Potential of Trichoderma spp. Endophytes as Biological Control Agents Against Ceratocystis sp. Causes of Acacia Stem Rot Disease in vitro

Fifi Puspita, Rachmad Saputra, Nur Hasanah
Ceratocystis sp. is an important pathogen in acacia plants. This pathogenic fungus causes stem rot disease which can cause the death of mature plants within 4 - 7 years with a disease attack percentage of nearly 80%. The common controlling technique is carried out by using chemical pesticides, for that...
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Biocontrol Delivery System of Bacillus subtilis and Trichoderma harzianum Formulated with Graphite and Silica Nano Particles to Control Phytophthora infestans in vitro

Luciana Djaya, Hersanti, Tohidin, I Made Joni, Anissa Rahma
A novel biocontrol delivery system by using graphite was proven effective in controlling bacterial plant pathogens. In this study, a consortium of biocontrol agents, consisting of Bacillus subtilis and Trichoderma harzianum, was formulated in graphite added with silica nano particles (NPs). B. subtilis...
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Effect of Initial Inoculum Level of Cowpea mild mottle Carlavirus on Mottle Disease Development and Yield of Soybean

Mimi Sutrawati, Sri Hendrastuti Hidayat, Bonny Purnomo Wahyu Soekarno, Ali Nurmansyah
Cowpea mild mottle virus (CPMMV) was reported causing systemic mottling, chlorotic blotch, and leaf malformation on cowpea from several tropical regions of Africa, Asia, and South America. Recently, CPMMV infection was reported from several soybean growing areas in Indonesia with high incidence. The...
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Combined Effect of Methanol Extract of Persea americana Seeds and Cassia alata Leaves Against Staphylococcus epidermidis

Morina Adfa, Ni Made Candra Gusatyana, Andre Mudyanto, Avidlyandi Avidlyandi, Dwita Oktiarni, S. Salprima Yudha
The aim of this study was to analyze the individual and combined antimicrobial effects of avocado seed (Persea americana) and ketepeng cina leaf (Cassia alata) methanol extracts against Staphylococcus epidermidis using the Kirby Bauer assay. Variations in the proportions of P. americana to C. alata (A:...
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Survival Rate and Feed Conversion Ratio of Milkfish in Different Silvoaquaculture Ponds

Muarif, Y. Wahyudin, D. Merdekawati, Mulyana, F.S. Mumpuni
Silvoaquaculture is a model of brackish water ponds that combines aquaculture with mangrove conservation. This study examines aspects of feed conversion ratio (FCR) and survival rate (SR) as benchmarks for milkfish production that are maintained in three different types of silvoaquaculture ponds (Empang...
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The Potential of Fungal Isolates from Vermicompost Water Extract to Inhibit Alternaria solani in Vitro and Suppress Early Blight Disease in Tomato

Noor Istifadah, Retno Anjani Putri, Fitri Widiantini, Sri Hartati
Early blight disease caused by Alternaria solani, Sorr is an important disease in tomato. Biological control is one of the environmentally-friendly control measures of the disease. Vermicompost is a potential source of antagonistic microbes for biological control of plant diseases. The objective of this...
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Ganoderma spp. Basidioma Variation from Infected Oil Palm on Smallholder Peatland Plantation in Kampar Regency, Riau, Indonesia

Rachmad Saputra, Anthony Hamzah, Fifi Puspita, Besri Nasrul, Irfandri
A total of 15 types of Ganoderma diversity in the world have been identified. In Indonesia, information related to the variety of Ganoderma has not been widely reported. Ganoderma is the main cause of stem rot disease of oil palm plants, which has been reported to attack at various stages of plant growth....
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The Ability of Fruit Fly Bactrocera spp. (Diptera: Tephritidae) Attack Different Age and Variety of Chili Pepper

Tamrin Abdullah, Sri Nur Aminah, Andi Nasruddin, Fatahuddin
Fruit fly Bactrocera spp. (Diptera: Tephtitidae) is the very important pest attacks many crop including chili pepper. The amount of injury to chili pepper caused by Bactrocera spp. depends on age and variety of plant. The purpose of research is to study the attack intensity of Bactrocera spp. to different...
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Selection of Culture Medium and Incubation Time for Growth and Production of Beauvericin by Local Beauveria bassiana

Y. P. Roswanjaya, N. A. Saryanah, W. Nawfetrias, H. Rosdayanti, A. L. Putri
Beauveria bassiana, an entomopathogenic fungus, is a high producer of beauvericin (BEA). BEA is a proven and useful compound as a mycoinsecticide for plant pest control and a potential antifungal and anticancer agent for human. BEA produced by Beauveria bassiana fungi, mainly found as an intracellular...
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Seed Biopriming Using Rhizobacterial Isolated Mixture on Increasing Growth and Yield of Shallots (Allium ascalonicum L.)

G. A. K. Sutariati, T. C. Rakian, Muhidin, A. Madiki, C. K. Aji, La Mudi, Andi Khaeruni, Gusti Ngurah Adhi Wibawa, Musadia Afa
Shallot is very potential to be developed in Southeast Sulawesi, but its productivity is very low, so it needs technological innovation, including the use of microbes as a promoter of plant growth. This study aims to evaluate the effectiveness of shallots seed biopriming using a mixture of rhizobacterial...
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Production of Bacillibactin Siderophore from Soil Bacteria, Bacillus subtilis: A Bioinoculant Enhances Plant Growth in Arachis hypogaea L. Through Elevated Uptake of Nutrients

S Lalitha, S Nithyapriya
Siderophores are iron chelator low molecular weight secondary metabolite produced by microorganisms found in limited iron environment. In this study, a bacterium capable of secreting siderophores was isolated from the iron deficiency rhizosphere agriculture soil from Salem district, Tamil Nadu, India....
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Antimicrobial Activity of Metabolites from Chaetomium to Control Root Rot (Phytophthora parasitica) and Colletotrichum gloeosporioides (anthracnose) in Citrus

Pheaktra Phal, Kasem Soytong, Rujira Tangon, Song Jiaojiao
Citrus diseases were studied which found anthracnose caused by Colletotrichum gloeosporioides and root rot caused by Phytophthora parasitica which seriously invaded in Thailand where citrus are grown. The chemical fungicides have been traditionally using by the growers until those chemicals are non-effective...
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Bioecology of Cletus capitulatus Fabricius (Hemiptera: Coreidae) on Fameflower Talinum paniculatum Jacq. (Gaertn)

Rismayani, Rohimatun
One of the local medicinal plant resources widely used for medicine is a fameflower Talinum paniculatum Jacq. (Gaertn.). This plant is mostly used for energy drink or tonic to stimulate performance. Coried bug, Cletus capitulatus (Hemiptera: Coreidae), was found attacking T. paniculatum plant in the...
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Trichoderma and Bacillus as Combined Biocontrol Agent of Moler Disease on Shallots

Susilo H. Poromarto, Supyani, Supriyadi, SA. Indriani, Hadiwiyono
Moler disease of shallot (MDS) or basal plate rot caused by Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. capae (Foce) is an important disease on shallot. In low land such Brebes Central Java where is one of the center production of shallots in Indonesia, the disease is the most important and harmful. The specific symptom...
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Nanoparticles Constructed from Neosartorya hiratsukae to Control Drechslera oryzae Causing Brown Spot of Rice

Kessara Unthuraloet, Kasem Soytong
The toxic chemical fungicides for plant disease control has been used by farmers for years. Those are faced hazardous effect to the surrounding environment, and the chemicals were toxic chemical residue remained in rice products which harmful to the consumers. It is increasing interested to search the...
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Milk Production and Milk Income Over Feed Cost of Dairy Cow Fed Fermented Cassava, Tabut Block, and Concentrate Containing Curcuma xanthorhiza and Yeast

E. Sulistyowati, Jarmuji, S. Mujiharjo, Irnad, D. D. Listiono, T. Supriadi
The objective of this research was to evaluate four diets that were applied in lactating dairy cows. The diests were forage and rice bran (RB), forage and a combination of fermented cassava (1.7kg/d) and C. xanthorhiza liquid (0.7kg/d) (FCC), forage and Tabut block (6 blocks/d) (TB), and forage and lactating...
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Performance of Cattle Fed with Fermented Solid Decanter as Concentrate Diet

I. Badarina, E. Sulistyowati
Palm oil sludge (POS) or solid decanter was one of palm oil mill wastes that had a potency as feed. Its protein content closed to ricebran. The high crude fiber fractions were the problem of POS regarding to its digestibility. Pleurotus mushroom was known as one of white rot fungi through bioconversion...
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Physicochemical and Sensory Characteristics of Kawa Daun from West Sumatra at Different Smoking Time

Ifwarisan Defri, Nurheni Sri Palupi, Nancy Dewi Yuliana
The goals of coffee leaves pruning are for faster coffee fruit growth and an easier harvesting process. The waste of pruning coffee leaves is utilized by the native people of West Sumatra, especially in Tanah Datar to prepare local traditional beverage “Kawa Daun”. The name derives from the local language...
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Exploration of Fish Gut Associated Actinobacteria for its Anti-Microbial and Anti-Quorum Sensing Properties

M. Vadivel, G. Venugopal, V. Angamuthu, R. Manikkam, J. Joseph, W. Aruni
The study was undertaken to explore the gut associated actinobacteria from marine fish with specific to antimicrobial and anti-quorum sensing activities. A total of 25 actinobacterial strains were isolated from fish gut samples using starch casein agar and Kuster’s agar medium. About 12 morphologically...
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The Effect of Combination of Calcidifier (CaCO3 and Averrhoa bilimbi L.) to External and Internal Egg of Isa Brown Laying Hens

Osfar Sjofjan, Danung Nur Adli, Raden Roro Choirunnisa’ Irene Auwy, Achmad Fadil Ihsan
The research purpose is to carry out the possible effect combination between CaCO3 and Averrhoa bilimbi L. (calcidifier) on external and internal egg of isa brown laying hens. 80 one-day-old isa brown laying hens were randomly allocated to 5 dietary treatments and 4 replicates. Five treatments used for...
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Feeding Management of Red Jungle Fowl Offsprings by Community in Seluma District, Bengkulu, Indonesia

Sutriyono, J. Setianto, A. H. K. Amrullah
Domestication of red jungle fowl has been done in Seluma District, Bengkulu Indonesia. Domestication is done for many purposes, and has produced breeds of burgo chicken, which is currently bred. The objective of the study was to evaluate the feeding management vof red jungle fowl and its offspring by...
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Effect of Turmeric and Garlic to Sauropus androgynus-Bay Leaves Containing Diet on Hematological and Blood Lipids Profiles in Broiler Chickens

Urip Santoso, Yosi Fenita, Kususiyah
The use of antibiotics for livestock has been banned since January 2018; therefore it is necessary to look for alternative ingredients. The addition of turmeric and garlic to Sauropus androgynus-bay leaves containing diets on hematological and lipid profiles in broilers was investigated. This study used...
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The Potential Side Product of the Oil Palm Plant as Animal Feed in Aceh Tamiang District, the Province of Aceh

Y. Yusriani, F. F. Rahmah, S. Ratnawaty, N. Hilmiati, S. Tirajoh, A. R. Hasyim
The province of Aceh is one of the provinces that prioritizes the development of palm oil commodities for the plantation sector. In the development of oil palm, the secondary products that can be produced are in the form of oil palm fronds. One of the problems faced in the development of cattle is the...
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Improvement of the Quality of Duck’s and Chicken’s Meat Using African Leaf (Vernonia amygdalina)

Z. Suhaemi, S. G. Hidayati
Animal product with high body weight and low cholesterol will improve the quality of the product. This study aims to determine the response of male local duck and broiler chickens, which are given African leaf meal (ALM) in their rations, to body weight and blood lipid content. The treatment that will...
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Effects of Giving Bay Leaf (Syzygium polyanthum) Extract Into Drinking Water on External Morphometry in Mojosari Alabio (MA) Male Duck

Anggraeni, Ristika Handarini, Ary Ridho Musthofa
Mojosari Alabio (MA) is a local breed characterized by its qualitative and quantitative specific performance. Utilization of herbs including Indonesian bay leaf containing phytochemicals such as flavonoids is a way to improve the potential and productivity of MA ducks. Flavonoid is polypherol compounds...
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The Digestibility of Different Level of Palm Kernel Cake and Rice Bran Supplementation in Sheep

Dwatmadji, Tatik Suteky, Indah Lestari, Mafika Sari, Mei Manurung
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of giving oil Palm Kernel Cake (PKC) and rice bran with different proportions to the digestibility of dry matter (DM), organic matter (OM), crude protein (CP), crude fiber (CF), and energy in sheep. Twelve (12) sheep were divided into 3 treatments...
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Identification of the Origin of Domesticated Red Jungle Fowl by the Community in Bengkulu Province, Indonesia

Johan Setianto, Sutriyono, Suharyanto
Red jungle fowl is one of the important species that has the function of ecology, economy, and aesthetics. The red jungle fowl and their offsprings have an important role for rural communities. The communities in Bengkulu Province had done a domestication of the red jungle fowl. Until now, the conservation...
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Physiological Responses and Blood Profile of Broiler Chicken Supplemented with Red Dragon Fruit Peel (Hylocereus polyrhizus) Subjected to Transportation Stress

Nurmeiliasari, Yosi Fenita, Een Zitriyani, Fitrianti Firdaus
Measurements on physiological responses and blood profile in 60 broiler chickens were conducted to evaluate the effect of red dragon fruit peel supplementations against three-hour road transportation stress. Broiler chickens aged 35 days were distributed into four treatment groups based on levels of...
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In-Vitro Rument Liquid Characteristics (pH, VFA, and NH3) From Sugar Cane Top Fermented with Different Levels of Phanerochaete chrysosporium

Rani Winardi Wulan Sari, Novirman Jamarun, Elihasridas, Gusri Yanti
One of the limiting factors of utilization sugar cane top as animal feed was it’s lower digestibility and feed consumption compared to grasses. Sugar cane top can be consumed by cows as much as less than 1% dry matter based on live weight. This due to high lignin content of sugar cane top and difficult...
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Factors Affecting Adoption of Beef Cattle Artificial Insemination (AI) in Smallholder Farmer in Bengkulu Province, Indonesia

Tatik Suteky, Dwatmadji
This research aimed to determine factors affecting beef cattle adoption of Artificial Insemination (AI) in smallholder farmers in Bengkulu Province, Indonesia. The sample was chosen through random sampling, from 4 districts in Bengkulu Province. The total sample was 80 beef cattle smallholder farmers....
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Bird Diversity on Tanimbar Islands with Special Reference to the Tanimbar Corella (Cacatua goffiniana)

Tri Haryoko, Mark O’Hara, Berenika Mioduszewska, Mohammad Irham, Dewi Malia Prawiradilaga, Hari Sutrisno, Lilik Budi Prasetyo, Ani Mardiastuti
The Tanimbar Islands located in the Wallacea region have particularly important ornithological values due to high level of endemism. Avian researchers have carried out expeditions to Tanimbar since long time ago starting with Forbes in 1882. An iconic bird of the Tanimbar Islands is the endemic Tanimbar...
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A Multicriteria Decision Making and Fuzzy-AHP Approach for Formulating Strategy to Develop Organic Agriculture in Bengkulu Province, Indonesia

Arief Firdaus, Teguh Adiprasetyo, Hery Suhartoyo
Strategy formulation was conducted to develop organic agriculture in Bengkulu Province. This research used multi-criteria decision-making tools which were analytical hierarchy process (AHP) and strength-weakness-opportunity-threat (SWOT) analysis to generate alternative strategies. Then, fuzzy analytical...
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Water-Saving Methods in Irrigated Rice Fields in Chanthaburi, Thailand

Bancha Wiangsamut, Manoch Koolpluksee, Chaiwat Makornpas, Maria Evangeline L. Wiangsamut
Khao Hawm Mae Paya Tong Dam (KHMPTD) is healthy traditional rice and an attractive rice variety grown in Chanthaburi, Thailand. Due to the increasing water scarcity for rice, there is a need to develop alternative irrigation systems using less water in producing high grain yield. The study aimed to assess...
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Study on the Suspension Extract of Agro-industrial Plant Waste and the Compost Type on the Change of Soil Chemical Properties and the Yields of Shallot (Allium ascalonicum L.)

Dermiyati, T. Hananto, IS. Banuwa, A. Niswati, SB. Yuwono
Shallot cultivation has constraints in regarding less fertile soil and lacking of soil nutrients. This study aimed to determine the effect of suspension extracts of the agro-industrial plant wastes (banana weevil, pineapple rhizome, and oil palm empty fruit bunches) and the type of compost (solid and...
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Zinc Amendment Decreased Nutrient Contents of Liquid Organic Fertilizer

F. Fahrurrozi, Z. Muktamar, S. Sudjatmiko, N. Setyowati, M. Chozin, D. N. Sari, E. R. Togatorop, U. Salamah
The use liquid organic fertilizer (LOF) has been found to be effective as complimentary nutrients for solid organic fertilizer in organic vegetable production. The amendment of zinc (Zn) increased the activities of decomposing microbes to decompose solid organic fertilizer which eventually increased...
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Induction of Plantlet Regeneration on Shallot (Allium cepa var. Aggregatum)

M. Marlin, M. Handajani, Y. Yulian, R. Rustikawati, R. Herawati
Micropropagation is an alternative method for producing pathogenic contamination-free shallots seedlings. The aim of this research was to determine the optimum balance of auxin-cytokinin and sucrose concentration in stimulating the plantlet regeneration on shallot. The research was conducted from March...
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Future Uncertainty of Sustainable Paddy Fields in Bengkulu Indonesia

Muhammad Faiz Barchia, Satria Putra Utama, Ridha Rizki Novanda, Andi Ishak
Main constraint of rice cultivation for staple food supply and national food security as sustainable agriculture indicator in Indonesia is reduced productive paddy’s fields because of land use changes for other agricultural commodities and non-agriculture land use. Aim of this paper to review some causative...
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Addition of Coconut Water and Banana Extract on MS Media to Stimulate PLB (Protocorm Like Bodies) Regeneration of Dendrobiumgatton sunray

R. Herawati, D. W. Ganefianti, A. Romeida, Marlin, Rustikawati, Habibi
Organic material is widely used for propagation of orchids, namely coconut water, extracts of tomatoes, bananas, bean sprouts and potatoes which can be added to certain media as a provider of nutrients, amino acid minerals, and growth regulators. This study aims to determine the effect of the concentration...
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Implementation of Rice, Corn, Soybean Intercropping Planting System on Acid Land Agroecosystem in Lampung Area

Slameto, Meidaliyantisyah, J. Barus
The acidic wetlandsof 410,177 ha in Lampung are potentialfor food crops. The main characteristic of acid land is relatively low productivity for main food crops such as rice, corn, and soybeans. A study of agricultural technology innovations application with intercropping systems of rice-corn-soybean...
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Production and Quality of Seven Basil (Ocimum basilicum L.) Accessions in Various Composition of Urea Fertilizer and Mexican Sunflower Compost

Arifah Rahayu, Nur Rochman, Wini Nahraeni, Nida Fitriasari
The environmentally friendly fertilizer is necessary for vegetable production that are safe for consumption and maintain soil fertility. This study aims to determine the effect of the composition of urea fertilizer and Mexican sunflower compost (MSC) on the production and quality of various basil accessions...
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Temporal Variations in Soil Water Profiles During Discharged Periods Under Oil Palm and Rubber Plantations in Bengkulu, Indonesia

B. Hermawan, Hasanudin, I. Agustian, B. G. Murcitro, M. F. Barchia
The conversion of forestland to cultivation land such as oil palm plantation has been reported to cause a shortage of water resources in Indonesia. However, it was not clearly understood whether the decrease in water resources was related to a specific crop type like oil palm following deforestation...
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Rapid Screening Tolerance of 19 Soybean Varieties to Drought in the Germination Phase

H. Pujiwati, A. Romeida, Widodo, W. Prameswari, M. l. Husna, Anandyawati
Drought stress is an inhibiting factor for plant growth and development. Drought stress reduces the seed to germinate and to grow on different varieties. Response to germination to drought stress is the beginning signal of drought tolerance for several varieties of plants. The purposes of this study...
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Genetic and Phenotypic Variabilities of Gerbera (Gerbera jamesonii H. Bolus) Generated from Hybridization

Kurnia Yuniarto, Rika Meilasari, Ridho Kurniati
The novelty and superior new varieties of gerbera were required in floriculture industries. There were obtained by hybridization to produce variabilities in genotypic and phenotypic characters. The aim of the study was to describe genetic and phenotypic variabilities of 10 varieties of gerbera from hybridization....
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Growth Performance of Sorghum in Coastal Land with Different Methods of Land Preparation and Plant Spacing

M. Simarmata, E. P. Purba, B. W. Simanihuruk, E. Turmudi
Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L.) is a cereal plant that has high adaptability on marginal coastal soils. Sorghum can be used as a source of food and feed, while high biomass production has the potential to be used as an industrial raw material for bioethanol production. The objective of this research was...
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Qualitative In Vitro Evaluation of Plant Growth Promoting Activity of Selected Microbial Isolates Used for Biofertilizer Application

Marwanto, Hendri Bustaman, Merakati Handajaningsih, Supanjani, Bambang Gonggo Murcitro
The use of microbial strains with plant growth promoting (PGP) properties is advisable as a sustainable alternative to chemical fertilizers to improve soil fertility and crop yields. The present study identify 12 specific microbial isolates (7 bacterial and 5 fungal isolates) to have PGP activity viz....
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Improving Yield and Performance of Shallot on Ultisol Through Application of Dolomite and Chicken Manure

Merakati Handajaningsih, Hesti Pujiwati, Doni Putra Pertama Nasution, Marwanto
Production area of some vegetables has been shifting from highland to lowland due to the decline of acreage. The main problems of growing shallot on ultisol Bengkulu are low soil pH and reduction of organic matter. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the shallot performance and yield after the...
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Organic Fertilizers Increase Yield of Dragon Fruit in Western Lombok, Indonesia

Nani Herawati, Ai Rosah Aisah, Sudarto, Baiq Nurul Hidayah
One of the efforts to support a healthy and sustainable agriculture program in Indonesia is to reduce the use of chemical fertilizers by using organic fertilizers. Cow manure, goat manure, chicken manure, rice husk and other waste have not been utilized optimally in agricultural cultivation even though...
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Effect of Organic Growth Regulator and Shade Percentage in The Cavendish Banana (Musa acuminata) Plantlet Acclimatization

Nora Augustien, Nova Triani
Banana Cavendish is one of the varieties that is widely liked by market through the appeal of fruit and nutrient content. The preparation of a banana seedling can be through tissue culture techniques. Seedlings can be said successfully if it has passed the stage of acclimatization. Nutrition and environmental...
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Antifungal Activity of Bacteria Associated Aplysina sp. Sponge Collected from Enggano Island, North Bengkulu, Indonesia Against Candida albicans

Risky Hadi Wibowo, Sipriyadi, Welly Darwis, Sal Prima Yudha, Hizkia Puspa Pertiwi, Reza Pertiwi
Sponges are the subject of interesting antibiotic development studies because the sponges form associations with various microbes and are rich in bioactive compounds. Bacteria associated with sponges are able to produce bioactive compounds, which have the potential to be antimicrobial such as, antibacterial,...
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Evaluation of Manure Types in Improving the Performances of New Maize Hybrids in Coastal Land

Rustikawati, E. Suprijono, B.G. Murcitro, B.A.Y. Manulang, C. Herison
Coastal land has great potential for the expansion of agricultural land. However, its productivity is generally low due to its highly sandy texture, resulting in low nutrient status and limited water absorption capacity. Maize yield is relatively sensitive to low nutrient and water availability. The...
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Effect of Maternal Cytoplasmic on Agronomic Characters of the Result of Crossing Black × White Rice

Siti Nurhidayah, Efrin Firmansyah, Totok Agung D Haryanto, Prita Sari Dewi
The quality of rice is one of the performances preferred by consumers in choosing rice. Determination of female parents is important in assembling rice with the desired quality. This study aims to determine the effect of maternal cytoplasmic on the agronomic characters of crossbreeding black×white rice....
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Adaptation of 13 Sweet Corn Genotypes in Coastal Lands Under Drought Conditions

Umi Salamah, Eny Rolenti Togatorop, Dia Novita Sari, Fahrurrozi, Mohammad Chozin, Nanik Setyowati, Zainal Muktamar, Sigit Sudjatmiko
Sweet corn is a horticultural plant that lives in the highlands. In less than optimum conditions, sensitive genotypes can thrive, especially in coastal areas with drought conditions. There were 13 genotypes of sweet maize tested in coastal areas with drought conditions. The research was conducted in...
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Growth and Development of Shoot on Lime (Citrus hystrix)

Yulian, Yunitasari, A. Romeida, Marlin, Supanjani, U. K. Joko
Citrus hystrixis a famous horticutural crops product today. Fresh fruits of Citrus hystrix from Indonesia are mainly exported to European countries by PT Nusantara Segar Global under the trademark of Java Fresh. Futhermore, the seedlings of Citrus hystrix were also used to be a rootstock for RGL citrus...
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Local Cultivars of Sweet Potato in West Sumatra, Indonesia: Its Characteristics, Yield Potentials, and Organoleptic Values

Zul Irfan, Sumilah, Srimaryati
Sweet potato is one of the major food crops in Indonesia. More than 20 national varieties of sweet potato have been released by the Indonesian government since 1977. However, most of farmers in West Sumatra province have not used national varieties, but they consistently planted local varieties. Researches...
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Physical Characteristics and Nutritional Contents of Peanut Flour and Black Oncom (Fermented Peanut Meal) Flour

A. Rohimah, B. Setiawan, E. Palupi, A. Sulaeman, E. Handharyani
The solid state fermentation (SSF) process technology can improve the physical characteristics and nutritional contents of legume flour. The aim of this study was to determine the physical characteristics and nutritional contents of peanut flour and black oncom (fermented peanut meal) flour. This research...
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Heavy Metal (Pb) in the Rhizophora apiculata Mangrove in Asahan, North Sumatera, Indonesia

D. Ariyanto, H. Gunawan, D. W. Purba
Mangroves have an ability in environmental conditions, i.e., in the sediment, and organs. This research was carried out to assess the Pb absorption rate (sediment and mangrove parts of R. apiculata) in the eastern coast of Asahan, North Sumatra. The results showed that Pb content increased in the sediment,...
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Phytochemical and Toxicity Assay of Meistera chinensis Fruit Extract: The Endemic Plant of Southeast Sulawesi

S. A. Tee, Musdalipah, Karmilah, I Sahidin, A. Fristiohady, A.W. M. Yodha
Meistera chinensis is one of the endemic plants of Southeast Sulawesi from the Zingiberaceae family which has a large number of species and an interesting potential to be developed as a source medicine. However, there is no report on neither chemical contents nor biological activities of the plant. The...
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The Effect of Comparison of BL 50 Cocoa Fat with Palm Oil (olein) on the Quality Characteristics of Produced Margarine

Srimaryati, Tuty Anggraini, Anwar Kasim
Cacao clone BL 50 (Balubuih Limapuluh Kota) is one of the local superior clones from West Sumatra. The fruit and bean size of BL 50 cocoa is bigger than other cacao. The fruit is oval in shape, maroon color when ripe and has a potential production of 3.69 tonnes / ha / year. The use of BL 50 cocoa beans...
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Physical and Chemical Characteristics Marmalade of Rimau Gerga Lebong with Addition of Citrus Kalamansi

Tuti Tutuarima, Laili Susanti, Hasanuddin, Andre Gumilar, Zainuddin
Rimau Gerga Lebong (RGL) and kalamansi are two types of oranges typical of Bengkulu. Both types of oranges can be developed into processed products such as marmalade. This study aimed to obtain the effect of the addition of kalamansi and sugar on the physical and chemical characteristics of marmalade....
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Adoption Study of Cropping Calendar Information System (CCIS) at the Sub-District Level in Indonesia

Astrina Yulianti, Yovita Anggita Dewi
Many efforts have been released to face the impacts of climate change. The Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture has launched cropping calendar information system (CCIS), one of the efforts to enhance adaption on climate change. The study was conducted using samples from 34 provinces to assess the implementation...
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The Effects of Compost Sources and Dosage on the Growth and Yield of Edamame Soybean (Glycine Max (L.) Merr) in Ultisol

Mentari Rizki Andriani, Hesti Pujiwati, Nanik Setyowati
Use of marginal land use, such as Ultisol is an alternative for the extensification of soybean production. The problem of Ultisol is the low organic matter content, so fertilization is required using organic fertilizer such as compost. This study was designed to determine the effect of the compost source...
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Development of Type Drum Kiln to Make Charcoal and Wood Vinegar for The Utilization of Coconut Shell Waste

Yazid Ismi Intara, Budiyanto, Zulbahrum Caniago, Revando Aldo
Many coastal communities have not yet developed the potential for processing coconut shell waste and wood cutting industry waste. Making appropriate technology that can provide solutions to problem-solving while utilizing the local potential of the region is a breakthrough that can build the people’s...
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Development of Medicinal Plant CultureThrough Empowerment of Entrepreneur

D. Mulyono, D. Pinardi, A. Jufri
The objectives of the assessment is to increase the development of more widespread cultivation of medicinal plant and empowering the economic comunity. The assessment is an analytical descriptive with information and primary data was gathered through various methods such as audience with key informant...
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Food Access Ability and Performance of Fishing Fisheries in Bengkulu City, Indonesia

I. Cahyadinata, Irnad, F.S. Ningsih
Bengkulu City is located along the west coast of Sumatra Island where most of its population work as fishermen by utilizing existing resources in the coastal and marine areas. Fishermen beside produce fishery products, they also need other food which are not produce by themselves to fulfill their daily...
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Production of Extension Seed Through Local Stakeholders’ Contribution: A Case study of Superior Rice Variety (SRV) Inpari IR Nutri Zinc

N. Sunandar, M. Ramdhani, E. Sirnawati, W. R. Rohaeni, U. Susanto
Pregnant mothers are a nutrition-prone group. Lack of energy chronic has impacts on the fetal and toddler growth, one of it is stunting. The prevalence of stunting in rural areas are higher than those in urban. To overcome the stunting, Ministry of Agriculture through Balitbangtan has released Inpari...
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Analysis of Quality and Land Characteristics That Control Local Maize Production in Gorontalo

Nurdin, M. L Rayes, Soemarno, Sudarto
Increase national maize production has not been followed by an increase in maize productivity per unit area because maize was grown on land that was not suitable with these land quality. This study aims to determine the land quality that control of local maize production. This research was conducted...
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Mangrove Rehabilitation in Bengkulu City

P. P. Renta, Y. H. Saputra, D. Purnama, Zamdial
Mangrove rehabilitation is an activity to replant mangrove ecosystems that have been damaged. This study aimed to measure the physical condition of rehabilitated mangroves, analyze the role of the government, and measure community perceptions, aspirations and actions in mangrove rehabilitation activities....
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Comparative Analysis of Agricultural Entrepreneurship Intentions from a Gender Perspective

R. R. Novanda, M. Khaliqi
Every gender has the right to have the same role in making business happen. In this case, the role of women in the development of the agricultural sector and the Indonesian economy is crucial, not only for men. Business in the agricultural sector is essential to improve in Indonesia. Indonesia is an...
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Profitability and Efficiency: Determination of the Sustainable Development Strategy for Candlenut Oil Processing Business

S. Jumiyati, Haeruddin, A. Rauf
The Industrial Revolution era 4.0 directed the development of Non-timber Forest Products (NTFPs) based on development strategies related to aspects of production efficiency and business profitability through rural agro-industry. This research aimed at analysing the profitability and efficiency of the...
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Determinants Affecting Productivity of Oil Palm in Desa Air Hitam, Pondok Suguh Sub-district, Mukomuko District. Bengkulu

Satria Putra Utama, Hengki Gunaman, Agus Purwoko
The purpose of this study was to determine the factors affecting productivity in oil palm farming. The study was conducted in Desa Air Hitam, Pondok Suguh District, Mukomuko Regency, Indonesia. Desa Air Hitam in Pondok Suguh District has an area of 10,165 ha (9.87%) of the total area of oil palm plantations...
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The Abundance of N-Transforming Bacteria in Ungrazing and Grazing Area Under Oil Palm- Cattle Integration Management in South Kalimantan

Sulastri, Armelia Tanjung, Siti Himawati, Weny Ayunisa, Nailulkamal DJamas, M. Nasir Rofiq
Systematic management of oil palm-cattle integration considers as one of the best alternative solutions to meet the need of increasing local beef and dairy. The change in oil palm plantation management systems can influence the soil microbial community. Microbes mediate many key processes in soils and...
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Decomposition Analysis of Rice-Based Integrated Crop Management-Farmer Field School (ICM-FFS) on Swampy Lands in Indonesia

Y. A. Dewi, A. Yulianti, K. Kariyasa
Integrated Crop Management-Farmer Field School Program (ICM-FFS) was one of the Indonesian government’s programs, which had been recognized to increase rice production. The successful implementation of ICM-FFS can be attributed toits impact on economic (production, productivity, and income) and social...
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Coffee Cherries Drying Trials Utilizing the Hybrid Solar Dryer

Y. Yuwana, E.N. Silvia, B. Sidebang
Drying process of coffee cherries by sun drying needs two-three weeks to produce dry coffee beans. Efforts have been made by researchers to accelerate this process by introducing various types of solar dryer but their drying performances are subject to be improved. This experimental study aimed to explore...
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The Potency of Sugar Palm (Arenga piñata) Household Industry to Contribute Into the Farmer’s Income in Sindang Jaya Village, Rejang Lebong

Enggar Apriyanto, Satria Putra Utama, Putranto Budiono Agung Nugroho, Siswahyono, Elnita M Ulina Tarigan
Rejang Lebong district is one of the palm sugar producers in Bengkulu Province. The sugar palm (Arenga piñata) household Industry has been establishing for a long time ago. The household industry plays an important role in society’s welfare. The aim of the study was to identify the farmer characteristic...
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Abundance and Distribution of Medicinal Plants in Madapi Forest Kerinci Seblat National Park (KSNP) Rejang Lebong, Bengkulu

Guswarni Anwar, Oktariani, Agus Susatya, Putranto BAN, Wiryono
Kerinci Seblat National Park (KSNP) as a conservation area posses a strategic role as a source of medicinal plants. This research on the potential of medicinal plants as one of Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) in the MADAPI Forest in Rejang Lebong Region of KNSP, in Bengkulu Province, aimed to determine...
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Assessment of Unexpected Mine Closure Towards Sustainable Landscape: Case of a Coal Mining Lease at Central Bengkulu

Hery Suhartoyo, Arif Husaini, Agus Susatya, Muhammad Faiz Barchia
Managing environmental risks of any mining activities is critical factor during mining operation, mine closure and post closure periods. Mine closure can be temporarily or permanently. Uncertainty associated with the post closure phase of mining lease, it is crucial to adopt sound management practices...
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Agricultural Inputs for Organic Agriculture

K. Soytong, J. J. Song, R. Tongon
Sustainable development concerns on saving energy and the environmental friendly reservation and to serve healthy and safety food. The history of agricultural production using chemical fertilizers, pesticides and other synthetic chemicals for crop and animal production is to increase yield become harzardous...
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The Study of Economic Factors Affecting Sustainability of Rice Farming

Rachmiwati Yusuf, Indra Fuadi, Nurhayati, Sri Swastika, Parlin H Sinaga
The study of economic factors affecting sustainability of rice farming was conducted from January to September 2018 in Siak Regency. This study aimed to identify economic factors that affect the sustainability of rice farming in Siak Regency. The number of respondents in this study was 203 farmers, determined...
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Operational Risks Identification of Fattening Company Business: Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Approach

W. R. Meriyani, M. Romdhon, B. Sumantri
The operational risk of cattle fattening company business runs from the selection of seeds to marketing the cattle ready for sale. These risks, if not properly handled, could result in the potential losses that can interfere with operational activities or even threaten the survival of the company business....
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Financial Analysis of Sweet Potato Farming in Gunung Talang Region, West Sumatra, Indonesia

Zul Irfan, Khairini Syak, Mahmud, Delsi Afrini
West Sumatra province has three sweet potato’s central regions, one of its is in Solok regency which is named Gunung Talang region. Farmers in this region have planted sweet potato for a long time as a secondary crop in lowland after lowland rice being harvested. Some of them planted sweet potato in...
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The Induction of Callus in Four Diverse Black Soybeans (Glycine soja Sieb. & Zucc) with Various Combinations of Cytokinins and 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetinic Acid

Atra Romeida, Hesti Pujiwati, Supanjani, Fahrurrozi, Marlin, Reny Herawati
The black soybean (Glycine soya Sieb. & Zucc) is a species of legume native of East Asia, widely grown for its edible bean, which has numerous uses. Furthermore, it is used as a raw material in the soy sauce industry, and its protein and antioxidant content is preferred to yellow soybeans. This study...