Proceedings of the 4th International Symposium on Social Science (ISSS 2018)

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Research on the Reform Process of Urban Finance System from the Perspective of New Urbanization

Yongjun Ni
Since the new century, the process of urbanization in our country has accelerated significantly, and the rate of urbanization has increased significantly. Although this kind of agglomeration effect has contributed to the rapid development of the national economy, but at the same time this process of...
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Discussion of Effective Curriculum Creation by Comparing the Bilingual Acquisition Process

Jingru Yang
Through the difference comparison of bilingual acquisition, it is found that bilingual learners are superior to single language learners in many aspects, such as cognitive ability, executive ability, ability to solve problems, multi task switching and management ability, filtering useless information,...
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Analysis on the Theoretical Origin of "Human Destiny Community" From the Perspective of Marxism

Yufei Wu, Qiuyun Wu
The idea of "the community of human destiny" was first put forward in the 18th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party. It is a result of the combination of Marxist theory and the practice of socialism with Chinese characteristics. This idea not only inherited the outstanding traditional cultural...
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Research on the Development and Construction of Ethnic Minority Cultural and Creative Industries in Yunnan

Minjia Zhu
Yunnan is a shining pearl on the southwest border of China. It has a long history and rich cultural connotations. More than twenty brothers, who have lived on Yunnan land for generations, have created a splendid national culture belonging to them, belongs to Yunnan and belongs to the world. This article,...
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Evaluation Index System Construction of IPR Process Management on SMEs in China Based on the Life Cycle Theory

Songshan Li, Xiaofen Ye
The SMEs are important forces in China's technology innovation, and it is the key to enhancing technology innovations of the SMEs’ to strengthen the process management of IPR. This paper constructs a set of evaluation index system for the IPR management process performance of SMEs with the 5 primary...
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Research on Construction Mode of Practical Teaching Base Outside School

Dong Liu
In the course of construction of practical teaching base, aiming at cultivating high quality applied talents, the construction of "double reality" practical teaching base is carried out, which combines cognitive practice and professional practice organically. To promote the further construction of practical...
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A Study on the Efficiency of Financial Poverty Alleviation Funds in Guizhou Province??"??"Take Four National Poverty Counties in Anshun City as Example

Yayuan Wang, Hongqiong Zhu
The financial poverty alleviation fund is the main resource input of poverty alleviation. Its efficiency directly affects the result of poverty effect. Based on present situation that financial poverty alleviation fund is facing status of increasing scale and decreasing efficiency in Huizhou province,...
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New Requirements of Ideological and Political Education under the Background of Economic Globalization

Tianfu Lin
With the development of multi-polarization and economic globalization, competition among countries is also intensifying, especially in the field of ideology, where competition is more complex and secluded. In order to master right of speech and occupy the commanding heights of ideological and public...
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Discussion on Teaching Team Construction Model Based on Curriculum Group

Jing Chang
The teaching team is set up based on the teaching goal and takes the teaching as the core task. This paper introduces the theoretical support foundation of the teaching team construction. The construction of the teaching team is driven by the course group construction, and the construction measures based...
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Study on the Social Amplification Risk Effect of Corporate Internet Reporting

Lingyan Ou
The risk of corporate internet reporting has a significant impact on the decision-making behavior of the public, but how is the risk generated? Drawing on the social amplification framework of risk, the paper makes a theoretical description of the formation mechanism on corporate reporting risk. It is...
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Research on the Education Mode of Ideological and Political Education of Public Security College Students

Lili Yang
At present, the public security ideological and political education of college students is facing the new situation. Ideological and political education should pay more attention to students' all-round development, the main purpose of education is to improve ability and build a sound personality for...
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Research on Clustering Innovation and Entrepreneurial Talents Cultivation Model of Biopharmaceutical Industry under the Collaboration of Universities and Enterprises

Fuguang Zhao, Wenxuan Zhao, Hailong Shao, Xiaoling Li, Cui Zhao
This article points out that university-enterprise collaboration is the best model for modern talents cultivation. In particular, biopharmaceutical companies are at the forefront of social needs. In the context of industrial clusters, the development of enterprises should also provide market information...
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Thinking of Medical-Nursing Combined Aged Care Mode Based on Big Data Technology

Yan Hou
With the continuous development of China's information technology, “Internet+” technology has also been widely used in various industries, which has a very positive significance in promoting the development and progress of industry modernization. Furthermore, the continuous maturation of “Internet+”...
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Some Theoretical and Practical Problems Facing Chinese International Education

Liang Yu
Chinese reform and opening up has made its social economy have great progress, and China has increasing influence around the world along with the rapid growth of economy and national strength. Besides, China has got more economic trade and cultural communication with other countries. So it is of great...
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The Exploration and Analysis of Completion Rate and Efficiency Rate of MOOC Based on Data Analysis??"??"Taking Ancient Chinese Architectural Art as an Example

Lu Liu, Rensheng He, Mengqiu Cai
Compared to completion rate, efficiency rate is learning efficiency of MOOC study. It’s not irrelevant to if learners can complete the tests and examinations, but emphasize the amount of knowledge of migration. Based on the researches before, the study constructs evaluation index system and analysis...
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Research on International Carbon Trading Game Behavior

Ming Zeng, Shiyu Meng, Liyi Tian, Zhuhan Long, Chenjun Sun
The research on the development of the international carbon trading game is one of the hot topics in the academic community. On the basis of absorbing the previous achievements of carbon game research, the paper analyzes the problems existing in the process of carbon market in China and studies its development...
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Research on the Trend of Regional Economic Integration under the Perspective of Belt and Road

Fei Wang
At present, the world economic recovery is sluggish and development momentum is insufficient. China's economic development has also entered a new normal state. Under the development trend of the new economy, it is imminent to deepen the reform of the economic system, adjust the economic structure, transform...
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Research on Song Dynasty Literature and Communication

Hongjuan Luo
As a unique style of the Song Dynasty literature, poetry was developed and expanded in the Song Dynasty and became a prominent symbol of this period. The prosperity of literature is in the eliminators, receivers, communication media, dissemination of ecological environment and other factors Generated...
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Research on Performance Evaluation Index System and Empirisiam of Network Marketing

Yichao Wan
Conducting network marketing performance evaluation has great significance for enterprises to fully understand their own situation and make optimal marketing decisions, including indicator system construction and empirical research. This paper takes the performance evaluation of network marketing as...
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On the Limitation of Public Interest to Private Interest in Administrative Law

Tianyuan Zhao
In recent years, by the opportunity of the amendment of Constitution and the enactment of the Bill of Property Rights the scholars have made an overall investigation and studies in many viewpoints, the scholars have not got to a common view on the deep theory of the relation between public interests...
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Research on the Investment Cooperation between Sichuan and Chongqing Based on the Motives of Manufacturing Transformation and Upgrading

Xiuzhi Wang, Xing Gao, Ruqun He
Industrial transformation and upgrading is an important task of supply-side structural reform in the context of the new normal. Historically, government investment has had an important impact on industrial development. Innovating government investment mechanisms and models is a useful attempt to promote...
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Study on Evaluation of Urban Economic Vitality in Guangxi Province

Weize Wang, Ruqun He, Xing Gao
Guangxi is located in the west and has four advantages in terms of location, resources, ecology, and policies. The potential for development is huge. However, various reports and data show that the level of economic development in Guangxi is relatively low, and the speed is slow, creating a contrast....
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Analysis of Ideological and Political Education Improvement in the Domain of Internet

Yinwei Li, Jin Gao
With the development of the Internet, it is has become an era characterized by the development of network technology, which has greatly changed students' emotional attitudes and ideological concepts. Therefore, under the influence of Internet domain, the requirement to relevant personnel for ideological...
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National Vulnerability Comprehensive Evaluation Model - Taking South Sudan as an Example

Wei Shao, Zhangqi Zhang, Wentao Yang, Chunhui Wentao, Yi He
National Vulnerability Assessment is a comprehensive concept used to describe the development and decline of a country. It aims at certain human activities and makes detailed judgments and predictions on the degree of pollution of an environmental system through scientific methods. This paper takes the...
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Domestic and International Scientific and Technological Innovation Policies and Talents Introduction Experience

Wanbing Shi, Xiaoyue Zhang
The research focuses on the domestic and international scientific and technological innovation policies and experience in introducing and cultivating high-level talents from the perspective of comparative study. From the analysis of the recent domestic and international scientific and technological innovation...
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Research on Innovative Smart Home Design Based on User Experience

Ze Fu
In recent years, with the progress of the society, a lot of intelligent products have appeared [1]. These intelligent products are excellent in all aspects, and their performance is very satisfactory [2]. The satisfaction degree is no less than the comfort, satisfaction, convenience and superiority of...
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Research on Man-Machine Interface Design in Intelligent Terminal Products

Ze Fu
We know that good design is to give people a good experience. In recent years, there have been various kinds of intelligent terminal, its function is varied and its operation is low, so it is suitable for the use of most people. Moreover, as a new technology product, it undoubtedly has a great influence...
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Analysis of Digital Library System Based on Personalized Service

Min Fu
With the rapid development of information technology, the digital library came to the daily life, which greatly simplifies the difficulty of people’s information retrieval and enables the knowledge to pass regardless of time and space constraints. Nowadays, the third-generation digital library, which...
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The governance of the healthcare system in Japan under aging society

Lu Wang
Health care system, a key component of social security system, concerns the vital interest of every individual life. Due to differences in the social system, economic development level and cultural background, countries vary in their choices of health care systems. However, when it comes to the issue...
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Re-understanding the Process Law of Ideological and Political Education

Jiangfeng Li
The academic circles have different opinions on the understanding of the law of ideological and political education. Through further combing the views of all parties, it is conducive to in-depth discussion of the law of ideological and political education process, to find the essential links between...
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The Analysis of Mode and Path Selection of the Equalization of Public Sports Services

Ling Yang
With the development of China's economy and the improvement of people's living standard, people's demand for fitness is increasing. Therefore, the national and sports departments put forward the concept of national fitness. With the continuous implementation of the concept, the national fitness public...
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Analysis of Digital Human Resource Services of Sports Based on the Supply-demand Balance of Human Resources

Changshui Cui
Human resources service is a task that coordinates enterprise human resource requirements and strategic management. At present, the focus of human resource management is scientifically predicting, analyzing and organizing human resources work to achieve a good ratio of human resources supply and demand,...
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Exploration on the Reform of College Sports Management under the Background of Sunshine Sports

Xuehua Li
With the slogan "sunshine sports", the reform of physical education advocated conveniently, especially on the management problems. We hope to find a more powerful teaching mode to meet new requirements of education concept which advocate by the government based on the present state of our country. This...
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Banking Financial Services Risk Based on Information Management System

Ming Lu
To explore the risk of banking financial services under the background of information management, the connotation of financial product innovation in commercial banks is studied, and the motivation of financial product innovation is analysed. In addition, a new repeated game model of financial product...
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Research on College English Teaching Under the Thinking Mode of “Internet Plus”

Cong Wu
The background of “Internet plus” social era is continuously applied to the education. Among them, the teaching mode of "Internet plus education" is continuously and strongly involved in the traditional education mode. Such teaching mode can be applied to the teaching mode of college English in our country...
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Comprehensive Evaluation and Case Study of Scientific and Technological Innovation Ability of Colleges and Universities Based on Multi-level Gray Correlation Analysis Method

Li Wang, Chuanghong Li
Scientific and technological innovation in colleges and universities occupies a very important position in the national scientific and technological innovation system. It is of great significance for our country to build an innovative country and to implement the strategy of rejuvenating the country...
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A Study on the Effects of Emotional Factors on Middle School Students in English Learning

Yuanyuan Zhang
In the process of modern English teaching, emotional factors have a huge influence on English learning of students. At present, there is a serious segregation between knowledge and emotion for English teaching in China. English teaching focuses too much on cognitive factors of English learning and neglect...
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The Survey on Scientific Chinese Use at the Universities in Xinjiang

Xiaoling MA
Taking the sociolinguistics, education, psychology as guide, with the sample research, classroom watch and subject interview, the article analyses the scientific Chinese use at the universities in Xinjiang, in order to suggest for the national and Chinese teaching integration. The article thinks that...
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A Textual Research on the Modern Uyghur Terms Referring to Corn from the Etymological Aspect

Shuhua Shen
Based on the theory of etymology, together with relative documents and historical facts, this paper analyzes the etymon of two terms: qonaq and kOmmiqonaq, which refer to”corn”in Modern Uyghur language. The word meaning enhancement and weakening of qonaq, and the forming of the word kOmmiqonaq, reflect...
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Study on Two-level Teaching Supervision Management of Higher Vocational Colleges Based on Teachers’ Professional Development

Ying Huang, Mingguang Liu, Libin Wang
This paper analyzes the importance and current situation of teachers' professional development as well as the present state of teaching supervision in higher vocational colleges. By taking Guangzhou Civil Aviation College as an example, this paper proposes the necessity of two-level teaching supervision...
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Research and Practices of Scientific Research Services of Local Higher Vocational Colleges

Jing Lv
Based on the incentive and service systems of scientific research at local higher vocational colleges, duties and missions of college leaders, tier-two school leaders, directors of scientific research projects, individual scientific researchers and the management departments on scientific research in...
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Research on the Service Quality of China's Inspection and Certification Institutions

Mingjie Hu, Guangcheng Xu, Zhaoying Zuo, Xiangwei Yin, Wei Tian, Xiaodan Yang, Na Li
The paper discusses how certification institutions improve service quality. Inspection and certification institutions should pay attention to brand construction, make full use of information and big data, improve the business staff' level and skill, and shape adaptive service culture and strengthen the...
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Park Plant Allocation Evaluation System Based on SBE

Lihan Wang
For the systematic, comprehensive and theoretical analysis and evaluation of landscape design of garden plants, the SBE method is used to evaluate the plant in the landscape quality assessment, and the results of the evaluation in the different groups were obtained. The analysis of data shows that plant...
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The Influence of Patriarchal Clan System on the Legal Status of Chinese Women in Marriage and Family??"??"Suggestions on Promoting the Implementation of Anti Domestic Violence Law

Siyu Feng
Domestic violence is a social pain that affects family harmony and social stability. Through the comparison of the status of Chinese ancient and modern women in marriage and family, this paper shows that although the status of Chinese women's status is gradually rich and the perfect law can block their...
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Impact of Climate Change on National Instability

Junbo Lu
Nowadays, the connection between a country’s instability and the climate change and is getting more and more people’s attention gradually. For this problem, we propose an easy model to discuss the relationship theoretically. Due to the affecting factors are uncertain, we try to take the fuzzy evaluation...
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Construction and Practice of Course System Millitary and Political Quality Based on “Orientation Training Sergeant”---Taking Binzhou Polytechnic Ocean Department as an Example

Yonggang Zong, Xiandong Zhao, Baocheng Lu
Orientation training sergeant is a new mode for the army to train sergeant relying on local higher vocational colleges.This artical takes Binzhou Polytechnic as an example of the specialty of "Orientation training sergeant",On the basis of analyzing the station ability of "Orientation training sergeant",Analysis...
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Research on Human Resource Recruitment Management of Inspection & Certification Institution Based on Game Theory

Qingfang Liu, Yixian Wang, Zhaoying Zuo, Wenju Tian, Yan Zhang, Qiuyun Lin, Shangrui Wu
The staff is the strategic resource of the inspection and certification institutions, and human resource management has become the key factors which inspection and certification institutions obtain and maintain the competitive advantage. Through the game equilibrium analysis of the internal and external...
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Innovative Development of College English Education from the Perspective of New Media

Cong Wu
The development and popularization of Chinese new media has made certain profound effects on education at the same time of influencing people’s daily life, which can promote the innovation and development of teaching methods. In order to express the application value of new media technology in Chinese...
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An Overview of the Principles of the Teaching of Listening in EFL Class

Yongheng Wang
Listening is one of the four fundamental skills in any language and it is the most widely used language skill in conjunction with other skills of speaking, reading, and writing. But regrettably, the teaching of listening has been neglected for a long time in China. Fortunately, changes have been taking...
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Exploration of College English Classroom Teaching Based on ARCS Motivation Incentive Model

Yuan Zhang
To effectively motivate students' English learning motivation, based on the ARCS motivation incentive model, the end link of college English classroom was taken as the research object, and the instructional design based on the ARCS motivation incentive model in the end link of college English teaching...
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The Path and Thinking of Education Reform Driven by Blockchain Technology

Liping Li
Block chain is changing the ideas and patterns of global finance, business and public management. In the field of education and teaching, bock chain also shows good application prospects. In order to study the path and method of the application of block chain technology in education reform, this paper...