Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Industrial Technology and Management Science

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Seismic Vulnerability Index for Road Networks

S. Adafer, M. Bensaibi
To prevent heavy damages in road network after a quake, vulnerability studies must be conducted. The framework of the present study aims to develop a vulnerability index (VI) method for roads. The most important parameters influencing the seismic behavior of roads are identified, based on the worldwide...
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Seismic Vulnerability Assessment for Steel Structures

O. Amellal, M. Bensaibi
Steel structures are often used in building constructions. However, in seismic area these structures could suffer heavy damages, especially those build according ancient seismic codes. To assess the seismic vulnerability of such structures, studies must be conducted. The aim of the present work is to...
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Model Design and Strategy for Integrated Management and Control of Enterprise Risk

Meixia Jiang
Integrated management and control of enterprise risk is not strictly a serial process that is made beforehand, it will be adjusted as the situation and environment changing. This paper develops an analytical model for integrated management and control of enterprise risk. In this model, disclosures provide...
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Outlook for Vegetable Industry in China 2014-2023

Fantao Kong, Danhui Liang, Chen Shen, Shengwei Wang, Ke Xu, Lu Xiong
In the next decade, planting area of vegetable in China will slightly increase with an average annual growth rate of about 0.5%. Vegetable production will reach 729.91 million tons in 2023 with an annual growth rate of about 0.8%. Direct consumption of vegetables per capita will rise up to 166 kilogram...
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Identity of the Baltic Seashore Cities Liepaja, Ventspils and Palanga

S. Ozola
Identity of city environment is formed by cultural heritage that encodes information about many processes in the past and needs a sustainable or balanced development. Living environment that is rich with forms and structures can satisfy individual's physical and mental needs, and inspire new ideas. To...
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Empirical Study on the Effect of Servant Leadership on Employee Performance: The Mediating Effect of Employee Needs

Mengmeng Li, Fengxia Wang, Daoli Wang
Leadership behavior is an important factor affecting employees' performance. This research takes employees in a certain household appliance retailer as research subjects, and the employee's needs as mediated variable. This paper makes an empirical analysis on the paths and mechanisms in which servant...
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A Study on Spatial Distribution and Hierarchy of Chinese Jin Great Wall Defensive Settlements

Dan Xie, Xing Zhao, Yukun Pang
Chinese Jin Great Wall Defensive Settlement, built earlier than Jin Boundary Moat, is an important component of the Jin Great Wall defensive system and is a hierarchical defensive system. It does not only have national characteristics but also have regional characteristics, but for years, the conservation...
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Study of Factors Affecting Consumer House Purchase Decisions in The Third-tier Cities ----- With Real Estate Market in Sichuan Jianyang as the case

Yongqin Lin
Questionnaires of factors affecting consumer house purchase decisions were released in Jianyang. SPSS software was used for related determent analysis and regression analysis on influencing factors through data collection and sorting. Key factors affecting customer house purchase decisions were concluded...
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Behavior of Stannum Segregation to Grain Boundaries in Hot Deformed Non-oriented Silicon Steel

Z.G. Aa, H.Y. Hou, C.D. Zhang, H.J. Cui, L.L. Wang, F. Xue
Effects of stannum on texture of hot deformed non-oriented electrical steel strip were investigated by using EBSD analysis methods. The stannum segregated to grain boundary in hot deformed non-oriented silicon steel was observed experimentally with transmission electron microscope. The result showed...
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Technological Research on Dynamic Fatigue Testing machine Calibration

F. Dong, Y.B. Liu
The dynamic fatigue testing machine has played an increasingly important role in testing mechanical properties of materials. This paper lays emphasis on analyzing and discussing concrete issues during the dynamic calibration of testing machines based on an introduction to calibration methods for dynamic...
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3D Simulation of Local Diesel-water Two Phases Flow in a Tube with Elbow

G.L. Xu, L.X. Cai, Z.L. Wang, C.L. Fu
Calculated local diesel-water two phases flow in a tube with elbow were compared with experimental data. The well-known volume of fluid (VOF) model combined with continuum surface tension (CSF) model and an interface geometric reconstruction method was used to simulate the flow phenomena by a computational...
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Machine Vision Processing System based on Embedded Linux

C. Ma, L.P. Xu, Z.D. Wang, K. He, R.X. Du
Machine vision is widely used in automatic equipments, but the vision system based on embedded Linux is seldom at present. The key points and difficulties are the image processing and its real-time on embedded system. This paper introduces the vision processing system based on ARM and Linux, mainly introduces...
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Simulation and Experimental Study of Corrugated Sheet Metal Stamping

ZHONG, Zhong, H. Mao, C.J. Luo, W.Z. Yu, K. He, R.X. Du
This paper concerned the stamping process of corrugated sheet metal for sealing device honeycomb manufacturing. GH536 foil with a thickness of 0.05mm was used to produce corrugated sheet metal with semi-hexagonal profile. Finite element models for the corrugated sheet metal stamping process were built...
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Research on a Special Welding Robot for Earphone Plug

Y.X. Wang, W.Z. Yu, Z.D. Wang, H.T. Fang, K. He, R.X. Du
In order to realize automatic welding of earphone plug, this paper analyzed the current welding process, and developed a special automatic welding robot for earphone plug. The robot was based on rectangular coordinate manipulator, which was driven by stepper motors and integrated the functionality of...
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Simulation of the 3D Garment Based on the Dynamic Particle System

Qingfu Li
Fabric simulation refers follow a similar principle by using physical models or mathematical models instead of the actual system to do experiments and research. The purpose of this project is model based on the particle system, according to the basic characteristics of the fabric drape deformation, by...
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A New WSN Clustering Routing Algorithm with Energy Consumption Balance

Zhongxiang Xiao, Xiaoli Nie, Xiaoying Yan, Guojian Cheng, Xinjian Qiang
Based on Leach-C, this paper proposes a novel routing algorithm for energy consumption balance, named EBLeach-C. Using Self-organization Mapping and Kmeans clustering algorithm, the nodes that are adjacent with equal energy are self-organized into a cluster. A new cost function is introduced to select...
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The X-ray Radiation Response of CdZnTe Crystal Nuclear Detector

X.Y. Dai, H. Meng, Y.L. Zhang, J. Tao, R. Xu, J.J. Zhang, J. Huang, L. Wang, K. Tang, J.H. Min, L.J. Wang
The X-ray radiation response and radiation damage of CdZnTe (CZT) detector were studied in this paper. After rapid temperature annealing, the linearity of I-V curve was much better than before. Photo current of Au/CZT planar detector increased linearly with the X-ray intensity. An inflection point around...
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The Technique of Multi-System Leak Detection for Spacecraft with Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer

R.X. Yan
As the development of spacecraft, the multi-system leak detection is needed. The multi-system leak detector on spacecraft by QMS (quadrupole mass spectrometer) has been developed and it has been used in the new spacecraft successfully. The problem of repeat and reliability of QMS in long time is avoided....
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A Method of Leak Detection for Spacecraft On-orbit based on Acoustic Emission

L. Qi, D.H. Meng, R.X. Yan, L.C. Sun, Y. Wang, W. Sun, R.P. Shao, W.D. Li, Z. Li
With the development of spaceflight activity of human, the number of space debris has increased dramatically. Spacecraft will be impacted by large amount of small debris in space during flight. In order to detect the gas leak in time, a new method of leak detection for spacecraft on-orbit based on acoustic...
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Design and Performance Test of Large-Scale Cryopump Used in Space Environment Simulation System

Y.S. Zhao, R.P. Shao, L.C. Sun, W. Sun, Y. Wang, G.H. Ren, Z. Li
A large-scale cryopump (DN1250 LN2) used in space environment simulation system was designed and its performance experimentally investigated by BISEE. In the design, the cryopanels of the cryopump were cooled by Brooks Model 1020 cold head which with high second stage cooling capacity of about 12W @...
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Properties of Archaeological Pottery Tile Excavated from Sanyangzhuang Site Henan, China

J.C. Chen, X. Huang, H.W. Liu, R.SH. Zhu
Sanyangzhuang settlement sites is a ancient villages, which are flooded by the Yellow River in early Western Han Dynasty. A large number of pottery tiles as a part of ancient villages excavated from Sanyangzhuang sites has great value in the study of early Chinese village building. In order to preserved...
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Nonlinear Bingham Model of a Magnetorheological Shock Absorber

Yonggang Yang, Peng Yu, Shixing Zhu
A structure of magnetorheological shock absorber is introduced to overcome the defect of passive control of oleo-pneumatic shock absorbers. Its damper characteristics are test by vibration test bench, and nonlinear Bingham model is used to characterize the intrinsic nonlinear behavior of shock absorber....
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Study on Dust Production Process and Removal Equipment of Spray Drying System in Ceramic Industry

Z.C. Huang, N.X. Wu, X.Q. Cheng
The producing dust process of spray drying system in ceramic industry is analyzed by experimental test. Four kinds of spray drying towers with different fuels are tested to determine the dust source. A type of dust removal and desulphurization equipment is developed for the spray drying tower of ceramic...
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A 64B/67B Channel Code Implementation and Its Application in Seismic Data Acquisition System

Cheng Ma, Shikai Wang, Xue Yang, Jianping Xiong
Based on guided scrambling technique, the 64B/67B channel code has two remarkable advantages of high bit rate of 64/67 and DC-balance. In this paper, we realize the FPGA implementation of 64B/67B coding scheme and make out a comparison with 8B/10B coding scheme. Testing results indicate that taking resource...
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Innovation and Practice of the Course of Software Testing

Y.F. Chen, J. Wang, Y.Q. Peng, L.X. Peng
To the actuality of teaching on software testing, we introduce some innovations: modeling course architecture, developing some unit experiments and a comprehensive experiment, inducting CDIO (Conceive, Design, Implement and Operate) idea of engineering education, actively carrying out cooperation with...
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Review on the Current Status and Countermeasures and Suggestions of Aquatic Products Safety Risk Communication in China

Shengjun CHEN, Laihao LI, Xiangqing YANG, Xiao HU
According to the definition of the Codex Alimentarius Commission(CAC) and the relevant standards, risk communication refers to all stakeholders related to risk, risk factors and risk perception of information and views, including explain the result of the risk assessment and risk management decisions...
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Analysis of the Correlation between Macro-economy and Stock Market Volatility Employed by Time-varying Copula and ICA

C.Z. Sun, Y.W. Yang
This paper aims to estimate the dependence between macro-economy and stock market volatility. Firstly, we employ independent component analysis (ICA) to excavate the independent driven factors of the macro-economy and name all the independent components. Secondly, we assume that all margins are submitted...
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Construction of the Evaluation System of Regional Innovation in Science and Technology in Jiuquan Using Fuzzy AHP

Xie Zhang, Li Yang, Jinxue Li, Mingwei Wu
In this article, how to construct this evaluation system of Regional Innovation in science and technology based on AHP was discussed, and its index weight of the evaluation system was calculated, which aimed at providing a reference for the decision- making and development of related policies in Jiuquan...
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Dynamic Management and Schedule Risk in Rail Transit Projects based on 4D-BIM

Lina Liu, Hua Zheng, Yi Zhang
Rail transit project is system engineering with long construction period which involves different specialties and numerous departments. Project management and schedule control have a great impact on economic interests and social benefits. In this paper, project management model with comprehensive application...
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Discussions on Applications of CAI Bilingual Teaching for Technical Courses

Fengqin Wang
It is believed that many problems of application of CAI method for teaching technical courses still need to be solved by many years teaching practice. With a systematic analysis of the current problems of CAI method including the causes happened and its deterring factors, the CAI procedures of its adjustment,...
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An Improved Algorithm for Parallelizing Sequential Minimal Optimization

C.R. Li, J. Guo
In our previous work, a parallelizing sequential minimization optimization was proposed, where the algorithm was executed successfully but its convergence cannot be guaranteed in some cases. In this paper, an improved version is proposed, which can avoid falling into the endless loops. In the proposed...
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Research on the Impact of R&D Investments on Firm Performance of Listed High-tech Enterprises

Zhen Cui, Jian Xu, Shuqing Nie
This paper collected the information disclosed in financial reports of 64 listed high-tech enterprises in 2013 and chose R&D investment as the independent variable and profit margin as the dependent variable. Based on the cross-section data, this paper analyzed the impact of R&D investments on firm performance....
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Mathematical Deconstruction on TRIZ’s 40 Inventive Principles

L.C. Miao, S.G. Wang, S. Liu
TRIZ is a theory of inventive problem solving. The most important part of TRIZ is 40 inventive principles. We found that the principles are still described in natural human language, so we try to give mathematical descriptions. And it is discovered the effectiveness in new breakthrough on the principles....
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Nonparametric Quantile Estimation: A Geometric Framework for Laplacian Manifold Regularization

Ying Zhang
In this article we consider the general problem of utilizing both labeled and unlabeled data to improve quantile regression accuracy, and derive a nonparametric algorithm to compute the entire regularization path of the quantile estimator. We transform the optimization problem of the proposed approach...
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Technology Maturity Forecasting of Thermostat based on Patent Analysis

Z.G. Xu, Q. Wu, Z.X. Li
Technology forecasting plays a fatal role for enterprise survival and development. Technology maturity of thermostat is predicted with the TMMS and patent data algorithms. Radar plot is drawn to indicate the evolutionary potential for the further improvements of thermostat. It is pointed out that thermostat...
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Design and Realization of Multi-port Register File based on Schematic

Lihua Jiang, Shigao Li
In cpu design, the register file is a necessary device which save the instruction and data. In this paper, we propose a design method for multi-port register file design in the environment of single-cycle CPU system based on the MIPS instruction set and according to the characteristics of multi-port...
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Design of Data Communication Network and Communication Software in Rural Substations

Q.C. Chen, H. Li, B. Li, C. Liu, J.Y. Liu, L. Cai, L. Xia
Combining with integrated Substation Automation Systems, this paper describes the data communications and the development trends of the Substation Automation Systems, which is suited to the new or modified rural substations. The paper also presents the design methods of the Supervisory Control and Data...
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Distance Education Recommended Sequence Key Technology Research and Implementation

Z.F. Qiao, J.X. Guo, J.C. Zhao
This paper analyzes user learned historical data’s business characteristics of distance education platform. After comparison and analysis using PrefixSpan algorithm, proposed a model with the ability to track the sequence of interest is recommended changes. Research on key technology of sequence databases,...
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The Plan of the Selected Location of the Dynamic Alliance Store Centre and the Example Analysis

Zhimei Zhou, Hong Peng
The agile virtual enterprise sets up the distribution centre and store centre of dynamic alliance. It’s the important way that realizes the supply chain "the agility". It is discussed in this paper. This paper reseaches to use the precise centroid method and linear plan model to carry on the selected...
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An Empirical Study on Technological Innovation Index of National Innovation Base----Based on the Empirical Analysis of National Engineering Research Center

Q.Q Zhou, Q.S Hua
Based on the foreign and domestic research on innovation index and the data from National Engineering Research Center, this paper calculates the innovation indexes by industry, unit character and region, as the view from the classification of disposition of S&T resources and S&T input-output, using AHP...
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A Baseline-based BIST Design Model for Software Testability

Junhua Sui, Jianxin Wang, Huina Liu, Liquan Liu
Software testability design is an important approach of improving software testability. Based on the baseline model embodying the observability of data processing, a new effective software testability design model BBDM is proposed through using hardware BIST for reference. This model can improve software...
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Study on the Measure of Culture Conflict of Transnational M&As based on Time Latitude

YongAn Zhang, QingHua Wang
Firstly, based on the concept of culture conflict of transnational M&As, quantitative indicators of culture conflict of transnational M&As were determined. Secondly, so as to calculate the value of the culture conflict, the indicators were quantified, then how to measure the overall value of culture...
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A Study of Information Hiding Algorithm Based on the Human Vision

J. Deng, Y. Zhong, Z.H. Wei, G. Wei
After studying how to embed the secret message into digital pictures by taking advantage of the gray scale sensitivity of human eyes, this paper discusses an improved LSB algorithm for information hiding algorithm, which is a typical algorithm for hiding secret message. The improved algorithm analyzes...
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On the Research of Big Data Storage

H.F Qin, Z.M. Qian
This paper want to research the storage of big data, the paper from the processing mode of big data start, study big data process, requirements, management and storagea. Analysis currently being studied big data storage technology GFS, Bigtable, HDFS, NoSQL, multi-Replication and disaster recovery technology....
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Study on Supply Chain Contracts with Asymmetric Information under Disruptions

Pin Zhuang, JyeChyi Lu
This paper studies supply chain contract models with asymmetric information when the retailer’s cost is disrupted. While the retailer faces a non-linear demand function, supply chain contract models under asymmetric information are proposed in a regular scenario. When the retailer’s cost distribution...
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Health Care Reform and Expenditure Increase in China: A Province Level Study of Chinese Census Data

L. Chen
Chinese government started the health care reform in 2000. The purpose of the reform is to provide better health care to the people living in China, as well as to make health care available to more residents. The first goal has been achieving gradually, yet the second one was compromised by the rapid...
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The Effect on KOSPI 200 Futures after Launching KOSPI 200 Option

J.P. Tang
In recent years, the change in Korea Exchange has aroused the world’s concern for financial derivatives. In this paper, we analyzed the reason of the KOSPI 200 index option’s success and the impact of launch of KOSPI 200 option. We used GARCH-GK (1,1) model analyze the changes in volatility of KOSPI...
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Maximum Margin Clustering without Nonconvex Optimization: an Equivalent Transformation

Y. Kang, Z.Y. Liu, W. P. Wang, D. Meng
On account of the promising performance in accuracy, maximum margin clustering (MMC) has attracted attentions from many research domains. MMC derived from the extension of support vector machine (SVM). But due to the undetermined labeling of samples in dataset, the original optimization is a nonconvex...
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High Order Sliding Mode Control for the Aircraft Antiskid Braking System

Longfei Fu, Guanglai Tian, Yuren Li, Bo Liang, Hongling Wang
A high order sliding mode control (HOSMC) algorithm is proposed to control the nonlinear system with parameter uncertainty in this paper, with the purpose of the chattering avoidance. According to the aircraft antiskid braking system(ABS) model, a HOSMC algorithm is presented and a bipolar sigmoid function...
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Prediction of Iron Ore Demand Based on Coupled Phase-Space Reconstruction and Neural Network

Xiaojun Yan, Zhiya Chen
The over capacity of steel and structure adjustment of iron production cause the producing elasticity. As the major raw material, the demand of iron ore fluctuates significantly and it brings great trouble for steel enterprise in business decision-making. In order to improve the management decisions,...
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Research on the Flows of Big Data Processing Technology

L.P. Zhu, B. Hu, J. Ding, A.H. Zhou
Comparing with the conventional data, big data has characteristics of Volume, Variety, Velocity and Value. The widespread use of big data poses a challenge to data processing, inducing more concerns and studies in big data processing technology. This paper researches on the basic flows of big data processing...
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An Intelligent Monitoring System for Electric Based on WSN

Jianjun Yi, Zhaoqing Xiong, Baiyang Ji, Xiaomin Zhu, Jun Xu
With the rapid development of information technology and the internet of things, the future electric equipment not only needs to monitor power state but also needs to be able to be dispatched and remotely monitored. In order to adapt to this trend, we develop a smart monitoring device based on wireless...
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Sliding Mode Control of Double Inverted Pendulum Based on a Novel Approach Law

L.F. Sun, C.Y. Fu
In this paper, a sliding mode controller based on new type of approach law is applied to double inverted pendulum(DIP) in order to weaken the chattering and shorten the approaching time, ensure the system to achieve better dynamic quality and stabilize the DIP system around equilibrium states. Further,...
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Landscape Design Methodology of Sustainable Brownfield Regeneration

Yan Cui, Wenbo Fang
Industrial wasteland is a special landscape type. It is negatively influenced by severe human disturbance, which has higher heterogeneous characteristic and weaker stability, and in which various natural process including water and biological ones may be influenced. Many environmental problems occur,...
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Externality Research of Electrical Ancillary Service

Yonggang Zhu, Liming Ying, Hu Xiong, Fangmei Bie
Externalities constitute an important research area of modern western economics, and mark a distinctive feature of electric power auxiliary service (EPAS). By integrating the theory of externalities to the study of EPAS, this thesis ex-pounds the definition, category and influence of externalities of...
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High Precision Biaxial Solar Tracker

Z.Y. Xia, X.Y. Chen, S.G. Chen, L.H. Hu, D.S. Wu, G.J. Jin
In this paper, a high precision biaxial solar tracker is designed, which is an application platform, can be used in solar photovoltaic projects and solar heat projects. Based on astronomy algorithm, we write a program in a Delta PLC to get the position of the sun by calculating its azimuth angle and...
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Study on Scheme Optimization for Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Areas

Enchen Wu, Fei Yao
Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei integration, as a national strategy, has put forward higher demand for alternative clean energy so as to solve environmental pollution and resource exhaustion. The large scale of extreme weather such as smog, has increased people’s worry about environmental pollution; while at present,...
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Route Planning’s Impact Analysis on Energy Consumption and Emission of Bus in Beijing

Fan Zhu, Fei Yao
Bus is regarded as one of key patterns that can solve the problem of urban public transportation by various countries in the world, because it has advantages of higher passenger capacity and lower unit passenger capacity consumption. We proceed with impact of energy consumption emission on bus from the...
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New risk management paradigm for risk analysis

Huiting Zheng, In Chio Lou, Ge Yun, Zhishi Wang
The term ‘risk’ has been used in many different applications. The notion of the risk society has attracted considerable attention within the academic literature. Kinds of risk management paradigm are introduced by scholars. Different paradigm is focus on different type of risk. All paradigms have the...
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Analysis on technical feasibility of drug dust recycling in pharmaceutical process

J. F. Zhang, Q. Li, Y.L. Li, X. Liu, L.M. Hou, Z. C. Guo
Drug dust is often produced in pharmaceutical workshop process such as ingredients, grinding, granulating, packaging and tablet. Due to the chaotic spread of dust, workers' health and the safety of the surrounding environment are affected. When the dust concentration reaches a certain value burning explosion...
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Design and implementation of low power channel code for long distance data transmission

Cheng Ma, Shaofei Zhou, JianPing Xiong
Data transmission channel is the most power consumption part in large scale seismic data acquisition system. In this paper, 9B/10B, a high bit rate channel modulation code is introduced. In order to reduce the implementation complexity, a decoder using direct combinational logic expressions is developed....
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The Design of RFID Middleware Architecture for Application in the Advanced Manufacturing Industry and the Internet of Things

Y. Liu, G.W. Li, S. Gao
In the field of the Internet of things, the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) electronic tags has been increasingly widely used, but also face the shortcomings including diversity of data interface, the complexity of access and so on. In this paper, the authors introduce a design of architecture...
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Study on Jamin Effect in the Low Permeability Reservoir

Y.J. Tian, C.X. Ouyang, X.S. Cai
It is vulnerable to be damaged by Jamin effect in the process of flood development, so it is difficult to extract oil in the low permeability and the recovery efficiency is low. Taking a well field in Tarim Oilfield as an example, Jamin effect evaluation experiment and evaluation standard are designed...
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Crystal structure and electrical resistivity of ZrAg0.46Al2.54

Wei He, Tonghan Yang, Hongrui Liu, Haichang Zhong, Jingxian Wen
The new ZrAg0.46Al2.54 ternary compound has been prepared by arc-melting and studied by means of X-ray powder diffraction technique. The structural refinement of ZrAg0.46Al2.54 was performed by using Rietveld method. The ZrAg0.46Al2.54 compound crystallizes in the cubic Cu3Au-type structure with the...
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Design of Metamaterial Absorber Based on Flexible Substrate

Shengxiang Wang, Wei Zhu, Yang Liu
Artificially engineered metamaterials have enabled the creation of electromagnetic (EM) materials with properties not found in nature. This paper presents an EM wave absorbing structure of flexible substrate based on metamaterials, which can resonance in the microwave frequency, and also it has wide...
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Research on Effect on Quality of Two-year-old Astragalus membranaceus by Seed-coating Treatment

X.B. Liu, W.C. Ren, S. Yang, W. Ma, L. Ma
The transformed situation of the content of astragaloside, flavonoids, saponins in two-year-old astragalus membranaceus (Fisch) Bge. has been studied through the treatment of astragalus seed-coating by different concentrations (2%, 4%, 6% and 8% of seed dry weight) and the double controls of seed coated...
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Solutions of a class of fourth order difference equation with variable coefficient

Yongzhou Qin, Wu-Sheng Wang, Yun Ouyang
Difference equations is a kind of powerful tool to investigate the rule of natural phenomena, such as, physical problems arising in a wide variety of applications. In this paper, we discuss solutions of a class of fourth order difference equation with variable coefficient using the backward differences...
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Earthworm living conditions and effects of earthworms on soil parameters

Ming-hua Duan, Dong-dong Guan, Ying-yuan Pei, Chang-long Zhou, Xin Pan, Zhi-dong Qiu
The living conditions of earthworms were studied, with the aim of improving our understanding of soil recovery from acidification and of the degradation and aggregation of substances in soil. This information can provide a theoretical basis for solving the problem of excessive heavy metals in agricultural...
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The Damage Defecting and Reinforcement of a Post-fire Continuous Beam Bridge

Z.Q. Huang, J. Zhou, A.M. Wang, Z. Shen, J.M. Xue, Y.K Wen
With the constantly construction of highways, highway bridges were suffered fire disasters increasingly. After suffering from fires, the load-bearing capacity, usability and operation safety of the bridge will be affected. In this paper, the detection method of concrete and damaged rebar of a post-fire...
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Study for the Wide-area Protection Schemes Coping with Abnormal Trip Phenomenon

B. R. Pan, X. Z. Gui, G. N. Wang, R. X. Fang, J. B. Xin
Several severe power failures occurred in recent years, the reason of which are common fault-trip-cased flow transferring. This phenomenon can lead to abnormal trip of load flow protection, and at worse result in intertripping. To prevent potential power failures, wide area protection based on wide area...
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Strategic Study on Reduction of Loading Rate of the Distributing Line Based on Demand Response

B. R. Pan, Y. Zhang, Y. Wang, G. N. Wang, X. Z. Gui, Y. Yang
It is an important measure to reduce the loading rate of the distributing line and boost the reliability of the power supply by the power system. At present, the methods to reduce the loading rate of the distributing line generally include power cuts, capacity increase and load transfer. The text proposes...
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Response of specific leaf area to a large-scale environmental gradient in five forest types in China

Shiming Zhu, Xiaoli Hou, Li Xue
Understanding the response of plant traits to environmental change is critical. Specific leaf area (SLA) is an important plant functional trait, correlating with environmental conditions and indicating certain ecophysiological traits. Although the SLA-environment relationship has been extensively studied,...
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Architecture of Protection & Control System Based on Energy Router

Q.P. Wang, Z.Q. Bo, Z.F. Fan, X. Liu, Y.H. Yi, S.M. Ge, L. Wang, S.X. Shi
The Energy Router based on Solid State Transformer will be wildly used in future smart grid to meet requirements of huge distributed generation and bidirectional power flow. Based on principle study of Energy Internet & Energy Router, this paper analyses the technical requirements of Protection & Control...
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The Pulsed Arc Electrohydraulic Discharge Treatment Study on Waste Water and Its Application

Qi-Xiong Lin, Lu Zhu, Zheng-Hao He, Wei Xia, Xin-Ya Xu
With the speedy development of modern industry, the technology of wastewater treatment plays an essential role in the research of environmental protection science. The tech of Pulsed Arc Electrohydraulic Discharge (PAED) has been intense researched by virtue of its marked treatment effect, low power...
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Thermal design of LNG cabin on sea transports

Rong Li, Xuda Shan, Juyong Zhang
The LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) cabin is a key component in the maritime transport of -163 LNG. The cryo-insulation performance of cabin directly affects the security of LNG transport greatly. Based on a 10000m3 LNG ship, two structural schemes of the LNG cabin are certain, which include their materials,...
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A review on copper recovery from waste PCBs

A.M. Ji, H.Y. Liu, Z.H. Hu
Copper content is higher than other metal in the waste printed circuit boards (PCBs), therefore, recycling of copper from PCBs is an important subject not only from the treatment of E-waste but also from the recovery of valuable materials. This article reviews the latest papers on copper recycle processes...
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Clinical features and TCM therapy of foodborne disease

M.S. Miao, T.S. Cui, B.L. Cheng
analysising the way of food borne disease infected, the mechanism of various factors on the human body disease, disease type and TCM prevention and treatment of a variety of food borne disease to explore the effect of TCM on the prevention and treatment of food borne disease and prospects. Methods: collecting...
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Design of sliding mode predictive controller for AC servo system

Y. Zhang, Y.G. Gong, K. Zhou
In order to solve the position control problem of AC servo system, a new control strategy for the position based on sliding mode control and predictive control is proposed. The sliding mode control law is deduced, and according to the dynamic matrix theory, predictive model, controller and corrector...
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Integrated Wide Area Protection and Control Systems Based on Advanced Communication Network

Z. Q. Bo, Shengming Ge, Q. P. Wang, Lin Wang, Fengquan Zhou, Xing Liu, Z. F. Fan, B M Zhang
As a new protection, wide-area protection enables protective relaying, and automatic control based on electric power system network communications and comprehensive judgment of multi-point information, which plays an increasingly important role in the secure and stable operation of electric power system....
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Estimating of stearic acid dosage using self-propagating combustion method in synthesis of nanocrystalline CeO2 powders

Y. Mei, W. C. Wang, H. Sun, W. Wang, Z. R. Nie, M. S. Gao
Nanocrystalline CeO2 powders were synthesized using stearic acid and cerium nitrate by sol-gel and self-propagating combustion coupled method. Influence of various molar ratio of stearic acid and cerium nitrate on the products grain and colour were discussed. Powder appearance, crystal phase, specific...
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Comparisons between CCD and CMOS based on Freescale

Zhi-Wei Wang, Xiang Shi
With the rise of digital camera, mobile phone camera, image sensor is becoming one of the most dazzling star around the semiconductor products, and in the image sensor, CCD sensor which is exclusive by Japanese and the CMOS sensor that be contention of a hundred schools of thought are trying to overcome...
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Dynamic Analysis of the Umbilical Cable for Launch & Recovery System of Seafloor Drill

Y.P. Jin, B.Y. Wan, D.S. Liu, Y.D. Peng
A launch & recovery system of a seafloor drill is chosen as the study object, the nonlinear coupling mechanism among the movement of the ship, the umbilical cable, and the seafloor drill caused by irregular wave is investigated, the lumped mass method is used to establish the dynamic model of launch...
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Work Flow Design of Equipment Acquisition Contracts’ Implementation Performance Evaluation

P. Dong, Z.H. Luo, H.B. Li, K.W. Wang
Equipment acquisition contracts’ implementation performance evaluation has just started. To study work flow design issues of the implementation evaluation, from the beginning to develop a scientific, complete and feasible performance evaluation program has great significance. It helps enhance the quality...
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Study on the cultural teaching in college English education

H.M Zhao
Language is the carrier of culture and also is influenced deeply by culture and customs. Language learning should be carried out with culture learning. Currently, it is emphasized too much for learning of language knowledge while it is ignored for learning of the culture in college English teaching....
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The Leisure Agriculture Mode and Path of China ----Based on the Experience of Germany

Haifei Wang
The leisure agriculture not only has characteristics of tourism industry, but also it is not separated from the agricultural production, it becomes a kind of new form of agricultural production, getting the wide attention of scholars both at home and abroad. This paper starting from the concept and the...
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Acoustic Transmission Technology in Production Logging and application

BaoHui Zhang, YanSong Wang, HongGang Wei, ShiTong Wu, Yun Li, YiMing Wang, ShaoFei Guo, Jun Fu, ZhanSheng Li, Cheng Huang, Yan Gao
In this paper, we investigate an acoustic transmission technology in Production Logging, The subsurface equipment has be installed during pump operation, the logging tools and transmission system Installed in the bottom of the pump and into the wellbore together. Raw log datas are transformed into regular...
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Study on the Analysis Method for Ship Maintenance Safety

Jun Gong, Tao Hu, Leiqiang Sun
Considering the characteristics of ship maintenance, the causes for accident are further analyzed based on the theories of accident causation and hazard, so as to propose a concept of safety accident causation factor. A ship maintenance safety analysis framework is created as the basis for traceability...
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Study on the translation teaching based on the cultural differences between Chinese and English

H.M. Zhao
Cultural differences determine that there are huge differences in the thinking logic, sentence structure and expression habits between Chinese and English. These become the big obstacles in translation between Chinese and English. In this article, the author discusses the language differences from the...
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Design and Implementation on Physics Experiment Equipment Management System

Xiang Teng
The rapid development of computer technology for university physics laboratory management has brought new techniques, management work of laboratory informatization, digital, networked, intelligent level gradually increased. In this paper, the use of computer technology to design the college physics experiment...
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Network System on Physics Experiment for Teacher Application

Xiang Teng
With the further popularization of computer and network, networking and information is an important development direction of physics experiment teaching reform in colleges, so learning management for physics experiment can be achieved better if using the learning method of information. Firstly, the key...
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Reflection on Higher Education under the influence of the market

H.M. Zhao
The rapid development of market economy has brought huge economic wealth to current society, also brought pragmatism and utilitarianism, which have seriously eroded the development of higher education. Reflections on the functions and purposes of higher education greatly benefit to the development of...
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Current status and possible solutions to the financing difficulties of small- and medium-sized enterprises in China

R. Liu, J.H. Sui, L.T. Jiang
The reform and opening-up policy in China has resulted in a good environment for the development of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), especially the burgeoning SMEs in the private sector. SMEs have been playing an important role in China’s economic reform and development and, to some extent,...
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A Case Study on Translation of Artistic Conception

Qingjun Ma
According to Reception Aesthetics, a literary work is always written for readers to read. Only in the reading process can a literary work be transferred into a real existence. As a matter of fact, in the reading process the potential readers play a key role in guiding the writers’ creation and the translators’...
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Characteristics of Haze Days Variation of Beijing in Recent 33 Years and Its Causative Factors

X.M. Gao, H. Liu, Z.Y. Xie
In this paper, the climatic statistical characteristics of annual number of haze days in Beijing and relationship between haze days and meteorological factors, underlying surface conditions and atmospheric aerosol are analyzed using the station observation data, land use data and remote sensing retrieval...
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Restrictive Factors and Countermeasures of Economic Development Mode Transformation of Guangxi Coal Industry

Feng Zhao
Coal is the basis and main energy in China, and its inefficient development and utilization led to serious ecological damage, for the reason that the economic development mode transformation of coal industry is imperative. This paper discusses the necessity, restrictive factors and countermeasures of...
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The study of the influence of the work stress on job burnout of knowledge-based employee ——Based on the regulating effect of emotional intelligence

Lei Shi
In the research of factors of job burnout, it is common to look into the individual biological characteristics and the external environment factors, while the emotional factors can always be ignored. This study introduces the psychology research object, that is, emotional management and organizational...
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Research of air traffic control students proportion concerning their attitude to risk

O.M. Reva, S.P. Borsuk
Modern air traffic control system consists of entities of different types. Their list includes front line operators, software, hardware, norms and conditions etc. Norms and conditions of air traffic control as part of entire process are changed according to balance in requirements of safety and efficiency....
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The Intelligence Industry: Guiding the New Way of Industrial Innovation Evidence from Hi-Tech Parks of PRD

Li. Zhou
The research aims to find out the new driving force during the economic slowdown to fit the Chinese “new normal phase”. Through case study in Hi-Tech parks of PRD, the research finds evidences to confirm that the emergence and boom of the intelligence industry is guiding the new way of industrial innovation...
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Research on Data Conversion and Integration Method of Assembly Process System

Hu Han, Huanfang Ma
According to the characteristics of assembly process data, through secondary development of CAD system, centering on the data model of the aircraft assembly process, PPR data model, the hierarchal structure data model, is proposed and the conversion among various types of assembly process data model...
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Research and Realization of System Visual Scene Process System

Huanfang Ma, Hu Han
Aiming at the assembly site scene process, we have studied the 3D visualization assembly site scene process technology which includes designing scene and developed assembly site scene process system. The system can not only make the process intuitive, easy to understand, visual, but also fundamentally...