Proceedings of the 2016 Conference on Information Technologies in Science, Management, Social Sphere and Medicine

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Developmental environment of the mastership program

Nina Kornienko, Marina Korchuganova, Andrey Syrbakov
This article reveals the developmental environment of the mastership program "Agricultural engineering", research work on the self-actualization of the personality, some studying problems of mastership students and the necessity of opening of scientific labs and centers in which mastership students could...
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Informative predict system of educational activity of the first-year students

Olga Marukhina, Irina Rogozhkina, Margarita Bobrova, Natalia Kozlova, Elena Berestneva
The article shows the importance of educational activities and its prediction for the first-year students. Some computational methods of analysis and recognition of states were considered. The method of non-uniform sequential procedure of recognition of states was considered in detail as well. The developed...
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Modeling of Students' Competency Development in the Higher Education Distant Learning System

Ekaterina Karmanova, Irina Efimova, Elena Guseva, Natalia Kostina, Lyudmila Savelyeva, Inna Bobrova
The article considers a problem of monitoring of the well-formedness degree of students' competencies in the system of distant learning technologies. In particular, the article indicates the lack of commonly-accepted technologies of students' competency assessment. The authors demonstrate an activity...
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Research Activities of Students as a Method to Support Interdisciplinary Teaching in Training Process of Technical University

Marina Grigoryeva, Ekaterina Gribanova, Tatiana Kust
The paper is focused on research activities of students seen as a method to implement interdisciplinary teaching in training process at a technical University, to develop professional competences of present-day graduates via group training. Outcomes of practical use of this approach are shown as activities...
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Distributed mode of Topological Design of VLSI by Means of Hierarchical Client-server Architecture

Valentin Glushan, P.V. Lavrik, A.Yu. Lozovoy, M.V. Rybalchenko
Building advanced VLSI engineering design subsystems offers to use hierarchical client-server architecture. The conceptual analysis of such architecture focused on multi-level dichotomous partition of an undirected graph with various number of peaks and local degrees has been performed. Available from...
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Intelligent device for diagnosis of dam's condition

Fedor Savrasov, Alexey Shamin, Evgeniy Pershin, Roman Meyta, Alexander Moiseev
This paper describes the purpose of device for data collection and transmission to diagnose the condition of the dam. The structure of hardware and software components of the device called "Varyag" is depicted.
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Mathematical Simulation Of Adaptive Allocation Of Discrete Resources

Evgeniy Anisimov, Vladimir Anisimov, Michael Sonkin
The dynamic and uncertainty of management system generate and complicate the problem of providing appropriate quality management solutions. Optimization and adaptive approach to the process of taking a management decision is one the most effective. Practically, it can be implemented by modeling adaptive...
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Review and compare clustering algorithms for navigation data analysis tasks

Anna Ponomareva, Roman Meyta
This paper presents a study of the possibility of application of cluster analysis methods to the data sets from navigation receivers. The navigation data from the moving objects have a number of features, it makes the application to them of some class of clustering algorithms impossible. Such features...
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Qualimetric Model for Comprehensive Evaluation of E-BUSINESS EFFICIENCY

Alexander Starkov, Sergey Povituhin, Petr Staschuk, Maria Galliamova, Lily Ganeeva, Elena Storozheva, Marina Romanova
The article discusses the basics of the methodology for integrated evaluation of the effectiveness of e-businesses on the basis of qualimetry. Using of this methodology will identify the problems and prospects of e-business's evolution, develop evidence-based programs to improve its performance. It discusses...
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Complex estimation of status and operability of multilevel distributed systems

Dmitriy Sonkin, Sergey Khrul, Roman Meita
Methods of evaluation of condition and operability of complex distributed systems are considered in this paper. Author propose a new conceptual model of multi-stage complex performance evaluation based on multi-criteria function including various performance, reliability, stability characteristics indicating...
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Future Teachers' Competence Forming in the Sphere of Information Security: Modern Requirements& Means

Lyubov Kurzaeva, Galina Chusavitina, Natalya Zerkina, Ekaterina Karmanova, Alexander Starkov, Vera Makashova, Inna Kuznetsova
One of the adverse and undesirable impacts of ICT-rich environment is negative deviant behavior of an individual. The urgency of the problem is determined by: the lack of theoretical and methodological elaboration of the foundations in the teaching staff training; the necessity of improving professional...
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Heuristics methods for solving the block packing problem

Viktor Kureychik, Vladimir Kureychik, Liliya Kureychik, Roman Potarusov
In the given paper one-dimensional Bin Packing Problem which plays an important role for the optimization of transportations and production activities is considered. The Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for one-dimensional Bin Packing Problem is proposed. For this purpose two evolution models (de Vries' evolution...
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Intellectual Game Application for Students' Knowledge Control

Marina Romanova, Evgeny Romanov, Tatiana Varfolomeeva, Yekaterina Lomakina, Elena Chernova, Konstantin Ruban
Innovative approach to teaching assumes the use of interactive methods and techniques not only for organizing the training process but also for controlling students' knowledge. Thus, the problem of finding and describing interactive, the most efficient students' knowledge control methods arises. The...
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The Interrelationship Between Social Anxiousness and Psychological Defense Mechanisms

Igor Shelekhov, Elena Grebennikova, Elena Berestneva, Olga Marukhina
The article addresses the problem of social anxiousness of university students through its relationship with psychological defense mechanisms involved in maintaining psychological homeostasis. The article contains the data of the empirical study conducted as part of the comprehensive program of psychosocial...
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Allocation of Fetal Heart Tones During Non-stop Monitoring of Pregnant Women

Ekaterina Kiseleva, Dmitriy Zhdanov, Ivan Zemlyakov, Elena Vaganova, Sergey Yuryev
The article is to study the system of non-stop daily monitoring of the state of the maternal and the fetal circulatory systems using acoustic sensors. After preliminary preparation of the phonocardiogram heart tones of the fetus and the pregnant woman were extracted using Shannon energy. The obtained...
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An Algorithm for the Evaluation of the Dynamics of Blood Flow in the Carotid Arteries and the Air Flow in the Trachea of the Resuscitated Patient

Artem Bureev, Dmitry Zhdanov, Ekaterina Kiseleva, Mikhail Kutsov
The article is to study evaluation algorithms of the dynamics of blood flow and air flow recorded in the bifurcation area of the carotid artery and trachea, underlying in the operation of the device for the control of cardiopulmonary resuscitation procedure of a human.
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Blind Separation of Abdominal Electrocardiogram Sources through Dynamic Neural Network

Dmitriy Devyatykh, Olga Gerget
Cardiovascular system of the fetus is biological critical infrastructure. Fetal electrocardiogram and its characteristics such as heart ratio, waveform and dynamic behavior overall include vital information about health state, development and possible deviations from normal fetation. Thus fetal heart...
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Developing methodologies for predicting sensitization to formaldehyde in adolescents

Liudmila B. Masnavieva, Irina V. Kudaeva, Olga A. Dyakovich, Viktor S. Rukavishnikov, Salim F. Shajahmetov, Olga V. Popkova
The study included 153 adolescents from the industrial city of air pollution formaldehyde environment. On the basis of immunological and hematological parameters adolescents developed mathematical formulas to predict organism sensitization of adolescents to formaldehyde without applying test reaction...
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Entropy Methods Application For Biosystems State Analysis

Olga Berestneva, Oxana Zharkova, Yakov Pekker, Olga Marukhina, Hatem Hassanin, Konstantin Sharopin
Adaptive possibilities biosystems appear only in real life conditions, namely in particular natural or artificial environment of an organism habitat. According to the authors, for the state of biosystems integrated assessment the promising approach is based on entropy methods for modeling complex systems.
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Hardware and Software Complex for Researching Medical Nanoelectrodes

Valeriy Kim, Semen Andreev
In medical devices required in electrocardiography, electroencephalography, electromyography, electrooculography, etc. the most important element is the medical electrode intended for measuring biopotentials. The optimal selection of electrodes is possible only after testing them to confirm the claimed...
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Information Support of Health-related Quality of Life of Patients with Occupational Diseases

Marina Diakovich, Ivan Finogenko, Arseniy Blokhin
The aim of this study is to develop information support of research of health-related quality of life (HRQoL) of patients with occupational diseases in multicenter studies. The authors have developed an automated system, which facilitates to collect and process data in multicenter trials. The automated...
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Investigation of Optimal Heuristical Parameters for Mixed ACO-k-means Segmentation Algorithm for MRI Images

Samer El-Khatib, Sergey Rodzin, Yuri Skobtsov
The parameters of the modified mixed Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) - k-means image segmentation algorithm are considered. There have been investigated such parameters as n - the number of ants; heuristic coefficients of ACO algorithm and their dependence on the image scale and number of iterations before...
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Mathematical Modeling the Electrical Activity of the Heart

Viacheslav Danilov, Roman Litvinov, Olga Gerget
Nowadays, due to the prevalence of cardiovascular diseases there is extremely high demand not only in the development of new means of treatment and diagnosis, but also in their wider implementation in practice. Improving the efficiency of non-invasive diagnostic techniques, in our opinion, is one of...
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On the Construction of Intelligent Diagnostic System Cognitive Images Based

Boris Kobrinskii
In intelligent medical systems traditional logical-and-linguistic models do not provide a comparison between expert cognitive performance and in linguistic form of display holistic visual images of the disease in knowledge base. Possible decision may be to build a hybrids linguistic and image frame or...
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Problems of Medical Confidentiality While Using Electronic Documents in Psychiatric Practice

Nazim Orudjev, Olga Poplavskaya, Lev. Lempert, Natalia Salnikova
The article discusses the benefits of information technology in the health sector, particularly in psychiatric practice. The necessity of regulating access to electronic medical record is closely related to the problem of medical confidentiality. A case from the practice of outpatient psychiatric services...
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Psoriasis Treatment Efficiency with XeCl-excilamp

Juliya Adieva, Sergey Ponomarev, Fedor Gubarev, Evgeny Sosnin
This paper represents the result of psoriasis treatment using DBD-driven XeCl-excilamp. These experiments demonstrate the positive therapeutic effect of UV exposure. According to the results the best effect is achieved for 30 cm distance from the lamp to the exposed surface and 4 min session time. Treatment...
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Towards Integration of the Occupational Diseases Differential Diagnosis Decision Support System. A Model-driven Approach to the Development Process

Anton Ivanov, Marina Diakovich, Sergey Bachvalov
This study develops the vision on computer diagnostic aid facilities deployment and usage issues due to heterogeneity of unregulated information environment. Missing a consistent integration among necessary informational and computational entities, which are scattered, it's rather impossible to gather...
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Cardiovascular Pathology Forecasting in Trained Workers Exposed Mercury

Irina Kudaeva, Elena Katamanova, Olga Dyakovich, Viktor Rukavishnikov
There were examined 77 people trained workers exposed in the workplace of metallic mercury vapors from 4-5 year intervals, who were divided into groups according to the time at the time of examination: I group - 5-9 years, II group - 10-15 years old, III group - 15 years or more. All individuals were...
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Analysis of Social Well-being Parameters in Russia (on the Example of the Remote Siberian Region)

Tatyana Bulatova, Taisiya Maklakova, Sergey Romanchukov
The article studies dynamic of the Index of social feeling in Siberian region and its linking with modernization processes in Russia. The empirical base of the research was founded with the use of public opinion polls, which were provided in 2011, 2015. The research is complemented with the regional...
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Homeostasis Properties of Dynamic Systems as Evaluation Method for the Functional State of Children

Olga Gerget, Yulia Cherkashina
The model, criteria and the trajectory of the equilibrium balanced functioning of dynamic biological systems re described in the paper. The concepts of system kinetic and potential energy for the description of the metabolic processes in biological systems are included. Metabolic processes in the biosystem...
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Income and Consumption of Retirees: A Cross-Country Comparison

Marina Ryzhkova, Mikhail Chikov, Elmira Kashapova
This paper reports results of comparison of retirees' assets, incomes, and consumption expenditures among three countries (the UK, US and Russia). The analysis was conducted on the basis of official statistic reports and on the data of special government and public organizations. Our findings are the...
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Modeling of Welfare in the Context of Socialization

Lyubov Ivankina, Olga Berestneva, Taisiya Maklakova, Natalia Kozlova
The relevance of the theme arised from the searching for an answer to the question about validity of refusal from the idea of general welfare in terms of growing inconsistency rates of change the subsystems of contemporary society. The purpose of the article is implementation of the search for units...
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Well-being: From Not-being to Reality

Aleksey Baryshev, Fabio Casati, Galina Barysheva
The category of well-being is not a real abstraction of classical capitalist economy. Nascence Emergence of an interdisciplinarywell-being discoursegives testimony toformation of well-being as socially constructed object formation.
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Analysis of stationary means of measurement filters with optimum sensitivity

Andrei Kochetkov, Pavel Melnikov, Oleg Zakharov, Nikolaj Bobrovskij, Igor Bobrovskij, Vadim Kushnikov
When transmitting information and control signals to electrical, electromechanical and mechatronic systems are require reduction to the lowest possible levels of noise interference. For this is substantiated in the general formulation of the one-dimensional problem of determining the sensitivity of a...
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A Lattice-Theoretical Approach to Modeling Naturally Ordered Structures

Olga Shabalina, Dmitriy Yerkin, Alexander Davtian, Natalia Sadovnikova
Different problems arising in system analysis and design need building system models describing their internal structure. Graph representation that is commonly used in this case allows to present system structure only as a set of related components. For reflecting specific structural properties of modeling...
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Assessing the effect of the taxation of small business on the socio-economic development of the country

Anna Trukhaneko, Tatiana Artcer
The author of article the influence of the taxation of small business on the socio-economic development of the country.ÿA comparison is made of the Russian Federation with the developed countries the development of small business policy.
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A Novel Stream Cipher Based on Nondeterministic Finite Automata

Ghassan Khaleel, Sherzod Turaev, Tamara Zhukabayeva
The modified D m si's cryptosystem [1] is a stream cipher based on deterministic finite automata without outputs for encoding and decoding. This cryptosystem uses an additional control system to improve the performance to a better linear time without backtracking. This paper, we propose a nondeterministic...
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Analysis of the Reactive Components of the Plasma Gap Impedance in Thermionic Energy Converter

Viacheslav Zimin, Ekaterina Isakova
The contribution of the of voltage drop components to the impedance of the plasma gap was analyzed based on the non-stationary models of processes in low temperature cesium plasma. Depending on the phase of the plasma parameters and the properties of the thermionic energy converter the voltage drop components...
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Analytical Solution of Differential Equation with Cubic Nonlinearity

Tatiana Inkhireeva, Alexander Kozlovskikh
This paper considers method of Cauchy problem solution for nonlinear differential equation. Source of solution error and way of eliminating it is studied. Solution obtained with suggested method is compared with solution obtained with built-in MATLAB functions.
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Choice of the Parameters of the CUSUM Algorithms for Parameter Estimation in the Markov Modulated Poisson Process

Yulia Burkatovskaya, Tatiana Kabanova, Pavel Khaustov
CUSUM algorithm for controlling chain state switching in the Markov modulated Poisson process was investigated via simulation. Recommendations concerning the parameter choice were given subject to characteristics of the process. Procedure of the process parameter estimation was described.
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Decision Trees based Fuzzy Rules

Mohammed Al-Gunaid, Maxim Shcherbakov, Valeriy Kamaev, Olga Gerget, Anton Tyukov
Decision trees have been recognized as interpretable, efficient, problem independent and scalable architectures. In case of fuzzy representation there is no procedure of automation tree building. In other words existing approaches of building decision trees and fuzzy decision trees cannot provide automatically...
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Formalization of design procedures in the engineer's educational strategy

Maksim Korovin, Nikolay Borgest
During the last seven years Samara State Aerospace University performs an educational strategy for engineers and masters programs in aircraft engineering. The goal of the strategy is to formalize procedures and operations within airplane designing activities, in particular, the preliminary airplane design....
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Mathematical Modeling of Discharge Plasma Generation and Diffusion Saturation of Metals and Alloys

Nguyen Bao Hung, Koval Tamara Vasilevna, Tran My Kim An
This paper presents a mathematical modeling of the plasma generation in a hollow cathode and the diffusion saturation of metals and alloys by nitrogen atoms in the plasma of a low-pressure non-self-sustained glow discharge. Characteristics of gas discharge are obtained. The relations between main technological...
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Mathematical Support of Decision Support System When Managing A Company

Arthur Mitsel, Sergey Kozlov, Michail Kataev, Anatoly Maslov
Under current conditions it is impossible to manage a company to a good quality without specialized instruments. Currently decision support systems (DSS) are widely used to manage the bankruptcy risks of a company. Developing a DSS requires proper mathematical models. It allows return on capital forecasting...
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Modelling of Cellular Structures Obtained by X-Ray Phase Contrast Imaging

Elena Baglaeva, Sergey Tsapko, Irina Tsapko, Aleksey Ershov
Nowadays computed tomography provides the possibility to image internal cellular structures of embryos. A major challenge is a high accuracy image segmentation of tissues and individual cells. The process of manual image segmentation is time consuming and error prone. It can be partially replaced or...
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Multi-agent System for Monitoring, Diagnosis and Forecasting the Yechnical System Condition with the Car as an Example

Nikita Nikitin, Alexey Kizim, Anna Matokhina
This paper describes a multi-agent system for monitoring, diagnosis and forecasting the technical system condition with the car as an example. The system consists of four agents: the monitoring agent (collects reports on the condition of the vehicle, handles requests from the user and displays the response),...
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Plasma Channel Formation in Inert Gases He and Ar by Low-energy Electron Beam

Ilya Zvigintsev, Vladimir Grigoriev, Irina Kolmakova
To effective use of low-energy electron beams for technological purposes it is necessary to transport them to the target. For this a previously created plasma channel is used or the beam is injected in a neutral gas and creates independently the plasma channel. A longitudinal external magnetic field...
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Possibility Forecasting of Progressive Neurological and Psychopathological Disorders in Chronic Mercury Intoxication

Elena Katamanova, Oxana Shevchenko, Viktor Rukavishnikov, Salim Shayakhmetov, Oleg Lakhman
Objectives: Of the research was to identify the most informative criteria of progression of chronic mercury intoxication and the possibility of its prediction using neuropsychological and neurophysiological methods. Material and Methods: For research were chosen 3 groups of patients with different degrees...
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Text verification instruction manual using the ontologies

Anastasiya Orlova, Nikolay Borgest
The paper deals with the verification of manuals using ontologies built using ontological editor Fluent Editor. The ontological editor Fluent Editor creation of ontologies by using Controlled Natural Languages (CNL), which is close to a natural language that simplifies and facilitates the user's work....
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The Young's Interference Experiment in the Light of the Single-photon Modeling of the Laser Radiation

Alexandr Davydov, Tatiana Zlydneva
The basic principles of quantum mechanics of the photon, describing its single-particle states by means of the wave function in the coordinate representation are given. This wave function is a wave packet constructed by the superposition of the basic bivectors which are eigenfunctions of the operators...