Proceedings of the IV International research conference "Information technologies in Science, Management, Social sphere and Medicine" (ITSMSSM 2017)

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Combined Identification and Prediction Algorithms

Yury Dmitriev, Gennady Koshkin, Vadim Lukov
In many applied problems it is required to construct a mathematical model of the dependence of output variables on input variables of the stochastic object. To solve this problem, both parametric and nonparametric approaches are used. Each of these approaches has advantages and disadvantages. In the...
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Features of training IT specialists in the conditions of digital transformation of society

Alexander Boichenko, Olga Lukinova
Features of digital education when training IT specialists for digital economy are considered: what has caused digital transformation of education, substantial transformation, development of remote forms of education.
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Network traffic clustering for intrusion detection

Arina Nikishova, Irina Ananina, Evgeny Ananin
The problem of network attacks detecting is considered. It is proposed to use clustering of network packets for anomaly detection in network traffic. Anomalies may indicate the implementation of network attacks. The used clustering algorithm is k-means method. It has a number of parameters, the choice...
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The Modeling of the Young's Interference Experiment in terms of Single-photon wave function in the coordinate representation

Alexandr Davydov, Tatiana Zlydneva
The main principles of photon quantum mechanics describing its one-particle states with the help of the wave function in coordinate representations are given. This wave function (packet) is the superposition of the basic bivectors that are generalized eigenfunctions of energy, momentum, and helicity...
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Semantic modeling of the program code generators for distributed automated systems

Dmitry Zhevnerchuk, Alexander Zakharov, Lubov Lomakina, Surkova Anna
The article presents a semantic model and a technique for application in the development of software and based on synthesis of open information systems a program code generator needs to comply with the following requirements: extensibility, scalability, cross-platform and interoperability. A fragment...
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A Fault-tolerant Two-tier Pattern Of Secure Access 'Connecting Node'

Vladimir Kolomoitcev, Vladimir Bogatyrev
The purpose of this paper is to study a fault-tolerant system of secure access to the corporate network and to select the options for allocating resources of the server for the system's information protection software that is installed on it, given that the conflicting requirements, arising in this case,...
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Psychometric Factors in Human Capital Research: Identification and Modeling of Employee Groups

Anna Aletdinova, Maxim Bakaev
Post-industrial economy is shaped by both digitalization, i.e. network-based co-ordination of relations, advanced development of service industry, increase in the number of open innovations, and by deep changes in the role of human and knowledge. The development of Information society can provide competitive...
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Information Technology in Business Continuity

Elena Chernova, Andrei Dokolin, Irina Gavrilova, Marina Romanova
Ensuring the continuity of business activity is an important competitive advantage of modern companies. Currently separated two approaches of business continuity management, each with a key role for information technology. Information security means lower risks of downtime due to the actions of intruders....
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Patents Images Retrieval and Convolutional Neural Network Training Dataset Quality Improvement

Alla Kravets, Nikita Lebedev, Maxim Legenchenko
The paper considers the problem of the analysis of patents' figures for formalization of subjective opinions of the patent office experts that reviews applications for inventions. Drawings omission may indicate an incomplete description of the invention and entail the rejection of patent applications...
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The Models Of The Redundant Transmission Through The Aggregated Channels

Vladimir Bogatyrev, Ivan Slastikhin
The paper deals with the distributed systems with channel aggregation. The aim of the work is to investigate the possibilities of increasing the efficiency of the exchange through the aggregated channels while making the redundant transmissions of the packet copies that are critical to the timing of...
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Evaluation of polling systems influence on quality of service in wireless computer networks

Igor Kalinin, Liudmila Muravieva-Vitkovskaya
Polling systems in wireless computer networks review is provided. Classifications are offered for queuing system types, queuing disciplines, and application service disciplines. The results of a comparative analysis of various polling systems on mathematical models and recommendations for their application...
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The GIS Analysis Use to Assess the Ecological and Economic Risks in Infrastructure Projects

Nadezhda Pomazkova, Larisa Faleychik, Andrey Faleychik
At present, Transbaikalia is territorially located in the interests zone of the largest foreign policy initiative of China- the project "Silk Road Economic Belt". The project provides a comprehensive deepening of trade-economic ties between Asia-Pacific countries. The creation of the infrastructure linking...
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Building a model of the external environment of a robot based on stereo vision

Alexander Goritov, Sergei Yakovchenko
In this article, the problems of constructing an external environment of a robot based on stereo vision are considered. Finding ways to solve problems related to building a three-dimensional model of the working environment. The theoretical part describes the basic formulas and definitions of stereoscopic...
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Automatic calculation of the dynamic characteristics of the manipulator on the basis of euler - lagrange equation

Alexander Goritov, Maria Molokova
Robotics is very popular in today's world. The robots are widely used in various fields of human life. They are used in medicine for development of space in the field of safety at work and at home. However, the design and simulation of the robot is a long and tedious process. Therefore, special programs...
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Voltammetric determination of antibiotics in pharmaceuticals

Nina Pikula, Galina Slepchenko
This work outlines the scientific data concentrating on the determination of various antibiotics in medical drugs and substances by different physicochemical methods. The electrochemical behavior of widely used antibiotics such as streptomycin, tetracycline, and azithromicyn dihydrate from the macrolide...
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Expert reflection in the process of diagnosis of diseases at the extraction of knowledge

Boris Kobrinskii
Reflection of the expert takes among in the process of forming answers to the questions of the cognitive scientist. In medical diagnostics this process including the analysis of disease dynamics. This procedure can be presented in the form of a formula that includes the fuzzy of pathological manifestations,...
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Applied Infocommunication Systems And Their Models

Alexander Sotnikov, Gallia Katasonova
Methods for formal description of informational interaction in complex info-communicational systems and its models are investigated. Main notions and terms are defined. Complex of multilevel models for applied info-communicational systems for telemedicine are proposed
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Named Entity Recognition in Natural Language Texts obtained through Audio Interfaces

Nail Gafurov, Alexey Platonov
The article describes the features of named entity recognition from natural language texts in English obtained by audio interfaces and a method for increasing the efficiency of technologies based on machine learning by using a modified data set for training.
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Analysis of vulnerabilities in low-power wide-area networks by example of the LoRaWAN

Sergey Iskhakov, Roman Meshcheryakov, Anastasia Iskhakova, Sergey Bondarchuk
The increasing number of automated systems using the global network for management has led to the need to search for new technologies for transmitting data from various sensors over long distances with minimal energy consumption. Today, there are several similar technologies on the market that claim...
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Clustering helps to determine the changes in telecom subscribers' behavior

Alexey Golubev, Ngyuen Anh Tuan, Maxim Shcherbakov, Tran Van Phu
Telecom company tries to find out new ways for developing new personal-oriented services based on data analysis. Changes in telecom users behavior are the objects of investigation. If a user changes its service usage, the company should pay attention to the fact and minimize the negative outcomes (e.g....
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Model of tutor support for disabled persons and persons with special educational needs in the conditions of inclusive education of the moscow region

Tatiana Timohina, Olga Pavlova, Nadezhda Pugacheva
This article deals with the model of tutoring accompanying students with special educational needs and disability in conditions of professional education. The goals, tasks, main components and specific features of the tutor's activities are presented.
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Intercomplex exchange alternatives in duplicated computing complex clusters

Stanislav Turbin, Vladimir Bogatyrev
Increased reliability of distributed systems can be achieved as a result of redundancy nodes implemented as duplicated computer complexes, which combined into clusters, and the efficiency of these clusters is largely depended on the intra and intercomplex data exchange organization. The options of intercomplex...
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Dynamics of Revenues of Enterprises in Foreign Ownership at Russian Automotive Industry

Vladislav Spitsin, Aleksandr Mikhalchuk, Andrey Trifonov, Ilya Gumennikov, Anastasia Bulykina
This paper investigates the dynamics of revenue of foreign-owned enterprises in the automotive industry of Russia. Research period is 2011-2015. We propose and test the method of estimating the time series of data in the coordinates "statics-dynamics-sustainability", and use the method of cluster analysis...
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The development of geoinformation system elements for solving application tasks in an AutoCad Map 3D environment

Larisa Ginis, Larisa Gordienko
The purpose of this work is the description of experience of development separate subsystems of geographic information systems for implementation to different spheres of economy. Examples of implementation are the modules of geographic information systems developed by authors for different application...
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Analysis of the vulnerabilities of the embedded information systems of IoT-devices through the honeypot network implementation

Anastasia Iskhakova, Roman Meshcheryakov, Andrey Iskhakov, Sergey Timchenko
The Internet of Things is now an essential tool in many areas of human life. Researches related to the security of IoT-devices and IoT-networks are extremely relevant over the past ten years. The violation of the confidentiality, integrity of the transmitted data and the availability of smart objects...
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Supersymmetry in genomes and chargaff's second rule

Yaroslav Grebnev, Michail Sadovskiy
Some preliminary results are provided towards the study of the violation of genomic super-symmetry; that latter is the so called Second Chargaff's rule. The rule stipulates that oligonucleotides that could be read equally in opposite directions with respect to the symbol change according to the complimentary...
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Computer methods of image processing of volcanoes

Igor Urmanov, Aleksandr Kamaev, Aleksei Sorokin
Video surveillance of volcanoes is often complicated by bad weather conditions. Many images are not informative, since they do not show the observed object, that makes access to high-quality images difficult for experts volcanologists and leads to excessive consumption of disk memory. In this paper,...
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Foreign student's adaptation management, assessment and forecasting algorithms and software

Sergey Romanchukov, Oksana Fisochenko, Olga Berestneva, Konstantin Sharopin
The modern educational system faces a number of exchange student's adaptation problems. It is necessary to determine the optimal solution for foreign student's adaptation assessment, prediction and management, to form an indicator system for adaptation process prognostic and risk reducing models. This...
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Methods of analysis of hierarchies and enclosed linear convolutionns in problem of constraction of integrated parameters of the health-related quality of life

Marina Diakovich, Ivan Finogenko
In this article the method of constructing the integral indicator of health-related quality of life (HRQoL) as a multidimensional and heterogeneous system is offered. This method is based on the combined application of the hierarchy analysis method (HAM) and the enclosed linear convolution linear convolution....
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Parsing of Data on Real Estate Objects from Network Resource

Vyacheslav Cherkesov, Vitaliy Malikov, Alexey Golubev, Danila Parygin, Tatiana Smykovskaya
Existing approaches for collecting data from sites on the Internet were considered. A comparative analysis of the solution based on the BeautifulSoup library and the Scrapy framework for parsing the content of network resources was made. Sources of information about real estate objects were analyzed....
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Physical simulation of wind pressure on building models at various arrangement and airflow conditions

Aleksey Gnyrya, Sergey Korobkov, Anton Koshin, Victor Terekhov
The paper presents the results of physical modeling of the wind pressure. Systematic data are obtained for the pressure coefficient distribution over the sides of the different-size building models under the airflow conditions. These conditions are provided by an obstacle situated in front of the building...
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Classification of Objects for Conceptual Design:An Ontology Based Approach

Javier Flores, Nikolay Borgest
The use of Ontologies in the present is becoming very common and widely used in different education areas, some areas of the engineering such as aerospace, can improve with the application of this informatics tools. Classification of aircraft as an object and al his components has become an important...
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Aggregated evaluation of industrial safety level of a dangerous production objectBased on knowledge technologies

Elizaveta Aslamova, Vera Aslamova
The work presents the knowledge base of the expert system of the aggregate assessment of the level of industrial safety at a hazardous production facility, based on the use of the logico-axiological approach. The fundamental hypothesis: the reduction in production safety is due to the presence of "NE-factors":...
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Application of the linear network model of finding the shortest way of evacuation of the population

Vera Aslamova, Elena Temnikova
The report considers an algorithm for solving the problem of advance evacuation of the population, which is formulated as finding the shortest path in a linear network model representing the routes of movement along the existing transport network of roads with a cycle. The starting point is the prefabricated...
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Information support in education process of an ontology design

Anastasia Malochkina, Nikolay Borgest
As the title implies the article describes information supply for both students and teachers, who is learning and teaching discipline "ontology of production sphere". The goal of this discipline is to implement ontologies creating technologies to teach students find the best solutions within aircraft...
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University and IT companies interaction of educational process of new IT specialists generation

Nikolay Volkov, Yury Lyamin, Elena Romanova
Issues of education of new generation of IT specialists in Russia are the most important in the current changes in economic and technological development of the state. Existing technological requirements produce new professions and require extremely new forms of interaction between universities and business....
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Innovation of methodic "colour associations of letter-signs ", worked out according to self organization system concept

Ludmila Akhmetova
The article is devoted to the description of the authentic methodic "?olour Associations of Letter-Signs" (CALS), held on-line, its methodological basis is the concept of person cognitive sphere (PCS) self organization. PCS is which can be described as unique united plurality constructed on the basis...
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Image Converting into Complex Networks : Scale- Level Segmentation Approach

Andrey Trufanov, Nikolay Kinash, Olga Berestneva, Alexei Tikhomirov, Alessandra Rossodivita
Image analysis and recognition is being a contemporary domain for successful tries to apply complex networks as an instrument for thorough studies. Researchers noted that an image having traditionally converted into a network (i.e. taking into account Euclidean distance between pixels only) possesses...
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Intelligent system of semiotic type for decision-making support in Russia energy sector based on situational management conception

Liudmila Massel, Aleksei Massel
The ideas of D.A. Pospelov in situational management and semiotic modeling are proposed to interpret by means of modern information technologies. Semantic modeling is regarded as one of the areas of semiotic modeling, which is dominated by a graphical representation of developed models. It's shown the...
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Comparison of testing results of drivers on the road traffic simulator and on the set of psychological tests

Alexey Todorev, Olga Shabalina, Maksim Dyatlov, Rodion Kudrin, Yuriy Komarov
In the article, the convolution of the test results of drivers of motor vehicles on the auto-simulator and on the complex of psychological tests "effecton" is considered.
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SDE Simulation in One Click: Fiction or Reality?

Alexandra Barysheva, Alexander Markov
Stochastic differential equations (further referred to as SDEs) and the models based on SDE are widely used to describe stochastic processes in virtually any area of human activity, such as biology or finance. Unlike an analytical approach to solving SDE, the simulation methods allow to significantly...
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Cultural Activity of the Tomsk Region Population

Sergey Romanchukov, Taisiya Maklakova, Elena Berestneva, Sergey Shukharev, Oksana Zharkova
The cultural capital of the region's inhabitants is one of the significant resources in the regional innovation processes. Cultural activity is analyzed as an indicator of the cultural capital realization, while it refers to the frequency of individual visits to cultural institutions. The existing research...
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Increase in security of authentication services through additional identification using optimal feature space

Andrey Iskhakov, Roman Meshcheryakov, Sergey Iskhakov, Alexey Krainov
The research focuses on topical issue of the Internet security. In particular, the issue of level increase in security of authentication services through additional identification using optimal feature space is being considered. This article is devoted to the practical application of additional identification...
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Biotechnical system with use of telemedicine for diagnostics of movements of the person

David Khachaturyan, Jacov Pekker, Ivan Tolmachev, Konstantin Brazovskii
The system of detection of pathologies and diagnostics of movements of the person, on means of telemedicine is developed. The system integrating in itself virtual surroundings of patient and capture of motion is worked out. The technique gives the chance is removed to estimate a functional condition...
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Designing the cumulative indicators and criteria for educational process subjects competence assessment

Olga Marukhina, Olga Berestneva, Elena Mokina, Elena Berestneva, Natalia Kozlova
This article shows different kinds of cumulative indicators in various ?elds of knowledge are widely used for the object's status or processes assessment. Its main purpose is to give a comprehensive assessment the selected object characteristics. Such indicators are easy to use and serve as a kind of...
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Temporal Model for Assessing the Quality of Public Services

Larisa Bulysheva, Mikhail Kataev, Natalia Loseva
The material about the use of business processes to determine the quality of receiving services in a public institution is presents in article. It is proposed to take into account when obtaining a quality not only qualitative assessments, which are connected with the expert assessment and customer opinion...
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Building a model of an intelligent agent activity modes

Gennady Vinogradov, Natalia Vinogradova
The paper discusses the problem of simulating successful agent experience for the purpose of its transmission and development. The approach is based on the advanced method of search in the state-space. It is suggested to develop the model on the basis on the four simulation positions with the subsequent...
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A conceptual model of subjectively rational choice

Gennady Vinogradov
The article considers the problem of constructing a model of decision making taking into account the individual contribution of people in a decision situation. Based on the concept of goal-oriented situation it introduces a linguistic evaluation of its components. This approach allows integrating psychological...
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The possibility of studying the structural changes associated with socio-economic crises in the results of testing of student-managers

Vladimir Tarasenko, Irina Melik-Gaykazyan, Oleg Zhukovsky, Juliya Chernyshova, Anastasya Tarasenko
the work is dedicated to research in the field of management of socio-economic systems, namely - the identification of statistical groups of respondents-managers by statistical and heuristic methods based on testing knowledge about the factors influencing the increase in productivity. Test were fulfilled...
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Systematic Approach as a Methodological Basis for Personal-Oriented Psychological Research

Igor Shelechov, Oksana Zharkova, Irina Dubinina, Ludmila Petrova, Galina Belozerova, Elena Berestneva
This article describes the different aspects of a systematic and a structural-level approach that is considered as the methodological basis for personal-oriented psychological research. The general provisions of the system theory was given, and the following approaches were described: systematic approach...