Proceedings of the VIth International Workshop 'Critical Infrastructures: Contingency Management, Intelligent, Agent-Based, Cloud Computing and Cyber Security' (IWCI 2019)

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Decision Support in the Management of Instant Payment Services

Nafisa Yusupova, Vitaliy Kotelnikov, Diana Bogdanova, Lada Yatskovich
The paper touches upon the issue of improving the efficiency of the process of providing services for the payments payment by the population through a distributed system of instant payments. Improving the efficiency of the service delivery process is achieved by supporting decision-making managers, system...
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Support of Collective Decision-making for Forecasting of Energy Technology

Alex Kopaygorodsky, Ilia Khairullin
The article considers a methodological approach for organizing the distributed work of scientific and expert groups and knowledge management in the implementation of joint projects for forecasting energy technologies. Collaboration is based on a system of ontologies and documents based on hierarchical...
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Processing of Big Data Streams in Intelligent Electronic Data Analysis Systems

Anastasia Iskhakova
This article is devoted to a problem of design of a system of collecting and stram data processing in the virtual environment. Information in the Internet is presented in the form of diverse electronic material which for a person is today also a source of information about the outside world, both entertainment,...
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Methodical Approach and Tools for Creating and Modifying Ontology-based Information System

Elena Khayrullina
The article discusses the methodological approach and tools for creating and modifying information systems based on ontologies in the field of energy. To create an information system, it is necessary to create two classes of domain ontologies, in which entities will be indicated, connections between...
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Output Forms for Calculation Results in the Computing & Geo-Information System

Ivan Trofimov, Leonid Trofimov, Lyudmila Chudinova, Sergei Podkovalnikov
The paper discusses about special Computing and Geo-Information System with Object-Oriented Energy Database. The System is used to carries out the research of feasibility and prospects of Interstate Power Interconnection expansion. For this purpose, the mathematical model for Optimization of Power Systems...
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Analysis of the Reliability of Information Services as Part of Management Systems of Complex Technical Objects

Vladimir Gvozdev, Liliya Chernyahovskaya, Rima Nasyrova
To achieve the objectives of Industry 4.0 doctrine, it is necessary to create “smart factoring”. Building information service profiles plays a supporting role in making decisions on priority areas for the development of information systems as part of “smart factoring”. This article analyzes the current...
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Generator Digital Regulators Distributed Generation Plants

Yuri Bulatov, Andrey Kryukov, Nguyen Van Huan
The article provides results of power supply systems modes' computer-based research conducted with distributed generation (DG) plants equipped with digital automatic voltage regulator (AVR) and automatic speed governor (ASG). Look-ahead algorithms were used to enhance control quality. Analysis of digital...
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The Application of the Knowledge-Based Systems Development Platform for Creating Scenario Analysis Support Tools

Alexander Pavlov, Alexander Stolbov
The article discusses the problems of the knowledge-based systems development platform application for creating scenario analysis tools and their approbation for the decision support in the infrastructure logistics domain studies and for the assessment of environmental impacts based on the ecological-economic...
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Adaptive Authentication Technologies in Behavioral Analysis Solutions of Robotic Systems

Andrey Iskhakov
The paper considers some common aspects of the design of adaptive authentication technology that acts as an executive mechanism in the event of incidents recorded by systems of intelligent control and monitoring. In particular, the author considers in detail the class of User and Entity Behaviour Analytics...
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Digitalization and Energy Consumption

Elena Galperova, Olga Mazurova
The rationale behind this study is premised on the importance of long-term projections of the demand for energy commodities as applied to the national and regional energy and economic security and policy-making that aims at improving the quality of life of the population. There is a wide range of tools...
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The Information Strategy Developing for Municipal Solid Waste Management Based on Cognitive Modelling

Vladimir Gvozdev, Oksana Bezhaeva, Anastasiya Khamidullina
The paper discusses the strategy developing for an effective management of municipal solid waste. The significant factors for modelling have been identified. A cognitive model, taking into account to the diversity of initial data is proposed. To solve this problem, expert-statistical estimates are proposed....
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Electromagnetic Environment Management in Smart Railroad Power Systems

Natalia Buyakova, Vasily Zakaryukin, Andrey Kryukov
The main features of power generating industry contempo-rary stage are transition to the new technological platform based on smart grid concept. This concept is fully applicable in Railroad Power Systems. Implementation of smart Railroad Power Systems would allow solution of the following practical issues:...
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Problems of Cyber Security of Digital Substations

Irina Kolosok, Elena Korkina
Digital substation is a substation with a highly automated control, where almost all processes of information exchange between substation components, communication with external systems, and control of the substation operation are carried out digitally based on IEC 61850 protocols. The high importance...
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An Approach to Develop a Generative Design Technology for Power Systems

Serge Kovalyov
The generative design technology for power systems is proposed for automatic (rather than automated) efficiency analysis and generation of design decisions in the processes of constructing and renovating critical power supply infrastructure. The key constituents and some supporting software tools to...
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Situation Management of Agricultural Production Based on the Prediction of Prices for Agricultural Products

Marina Polkovskaya
There were analyzed the main global and Russian trends of agricultural prices in this article. According to the mathematical model “Cassandra”, were allocated a trend, a seasonal component and a remainder term of a series of average monthly prices for various agricultural products in the Irkutsk region...
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Methods of Decision Making Support for Innovative Projects Management Using Integrated Ontology

Liliya Chernyakhovskaya, Anna Malakhova
A purpose of the research is to improve the innovative projects management by refining the design processes and improving the quality and efficiency of decision making. A method of decision making support, including data analysis, acquisition and representation of the explicit and implicit organization...
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Multi-Criteria Optimization of the Heat Energy Sources Structure

Olga Edeleva, Valeriy Stennikov
In the article multi-criteria problem of optimization of heat energy sources is formulated, which provides reliable and safe heat supply to consumers with minimal impact of heat supply facilities on the environment. There are two stages of its solution. Firstly, via decomposition method the problem is...
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A Method of Experts’ Knowledge Approval for Industrial Safety Expertise Task

Alexander Berman, Olga Nikolaychuk, Galina Maltigueva, Alexander Yurin
The paper discusses a conception of a method of experts ' knowledge (opinions) approval for multidisciplinary tasks of industrial safety expertise of critical petrochemical objects. The proposed method is based on ontological models of a problem domain, as well as group decision-making methods. The main...
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Optimization Models of Food Processing Wild-Growing Products with Expert Assessments

Yaroslav Ivanyo, Sofia Petrova
The paper proposes models for maximizing cluster incomes for the harvesting of wild-growing products, taking into account the areas and possible fishing volumes, yields of taiga resources, labor costs and production costs. A multi-criteria linear programming problem and problems with interval and random...
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Intelligent Organization Management by Means of Categorizing Resources, Processes and Goals

Gennady Kulikov, Vyacheslav Antonov, Konstantin Konev
The article is devoted to the issues of increasing the efficiency of organization management. To solve the problem, it is proposed to build a mechanism of gradual creation intelligent of the organization management system. As a tool for the formation of this mechanism, it is proposed to create an integrated...
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The Issues of Designing Digital Platforms in the Paradigm of Open Systems

Olga Lukinova
The methodological aspects of the design of digital economy platforms in terms of the open systems model are considered, and the interpretation of the interoperability stack for the use of it for integrating digital platforms into the ecosystem.
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Software Systematization in Critical Infrastructures

Leonid Arshinskiy, Vadim Arshinskiy, Sergey Bakhvalov
The report is devoted to the problem of systematization of software in information computing systems for critical infrastructures. The basis of systematization is the principle of necessity. Necessity is considered in three aspects: existential (necessity for existence), functional (necessity for functioning)...
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System Model Managing Complex Projects Based on Information Technologies

Gennady Kulikov, Konstantin Rizvanov
The principles of organizing the application of digital modeling based on the integration of 1D, 2D, 3D-4D methods are considered. 1D - as a mathematical simulation; 2D and 3D modeling, first of all, as design (geometric) modeling; 4D - as modeling of lifecycle centers themselves as attribute modeling...
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Effective Control of the Activities of the Scientific School as a Multivariable Dynamic Object

Bariy Ilyasov, Ilmira Gerasimova, Anastasia Karamzina
The paper presents the results of modeling the control of the activities of scientific school. The scientific school is considered as a multivariable dynamic object. To control a scientific school as a complex dynamic object requires a high level of self-organization of the whole collective the form...
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Problems of Electric Power Systems Flexibility: Definitions and Measures

Nikolai Voropai
The paper focuses on flexibility as a new property of electric power systems (EPSs). The definitions of EPS flexibility are analyzed. The enhancement of the flexibility of generation, network, load, protection and control systems is considered as measures to provide EPS flexibility. Current trends in...
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Control Procedures Support System of Investment Project in the Fuel and Energy Complex on the Basis of Self-Organizing Maps

Bariy Ilyasov, Elena Makarova, Elena Zakieva, Galina Zimina
The article deals with the development of the control procedures support system (CPSS) of an investment project in the fuel and energy complex (FEC) based on the use of intelligent technologies. The stages of management of investment projects in a particular fuel and energy company are presented. The...
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Construction of Predictive Models of Systems with Incomplete Observation Matrix

Irina Serysheva, Yuri Khrustalev
The formalized technique of processing the measurement information obtained in the subsystem of internal comparisons of the standard based on the results of indirect measurements performed in the process of the functioning of the group standard of time and frequencies is offered. The program modules...
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The Long-Term Development Planning of Energy Critical Infrastructures of Vietnam

Alexei Edelev, Dmitriy Karamov, Van Binh Doan, Hoai Nam Nguyen, Hong Anh Nguyen, Viet Huong Nguyen
Renewable energy sources help increase the energy supply security and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Vietnam. Highly variable and stochastic nature of renewable energy sources poses some challenges to study the problem of generation expansion planning for long-term perspective. The proposed multi-objective...
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A Conceptual Knowledge Model for Research of Critical Energy Infrastructures

Tatiana Vorozhtsova, Natalia Pyatkova
The article proposes a conceptual model of knowledge for the study of the fuel and energy complex as a critical infrastructure. A system of interrelated ontological models reflecting the basic concepts of the subject area and their relationship is proposing as a conceptual model. The structure of the...
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Analytical Software for Operating With a Set of real and Virtual Objects Using the Rules of Cartesian Closed Category

Gennadiy Kulikov, Vyacheslav Antonov, Almira Fakhrullina, Maria Shilina, Lyudmila Rodionova
In the paper the problem of formalization and identification of real and virtual information objects and traceability of their relations in the studied subject domain using the rules of monomorphism and polymorphism of the mathematical theory of sets and categories is investigated. According to the principles...
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Fractal Stratified Model Development for Сritical Infrastructure from the standpoint of Energy and Cyber Security

Daria Gaskova
The article discusses the research model of the energy sector as one of the main critical infrastructures from the point of view of energy security and the inclusion of cyber security issues. The model is built upon the fractal approach which allows one to represent a subject field as a set of information...
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Representation of Subject Knowledge from the Field of Vulnerability Analysis of Energy Systems in Distributed Applied Software Packages

Alexei Edelev, Natalia Beresneva, Sergei Gorsky, Ivan Sidorov, Alexander Feoktistov
The paper proposes a new high-level language of the Orlando Tools toolkit. It is designed for representing subject knowledge in studying the vulnerability of critical energy infrastructures using distributed applied software packages. The experimental results show that the applying of subject knowledge...
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Computational Technology for Global Search Based on the Modified Algorithm of the Univariate Nonlocal Optimization

Alexander Gornov, Pavel Sorokovikov, Tatiana Zarodnyuk
The paper presents an approach to the numerical study of the problems of finding a global extremum of multiextremal functions, based on the use of a parabolas algorithm. As local methods of one-dimensional search, the methods of parabolic interpolation and the golden section are used. The numerical testing...
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The Synthesis of Nonlinear Hyperstable Adaptive Control Systems of Multiple Connected Electric Drives of Robotic Technological Equipment for arc Plasma Coating

Oleg Khasanov, Zimfir Khasanov, Alexey Lutov, Sergey Aksenov
The issues related to the research and development of a new method for designing of hyper-resistant robust adaptive multiple connected automatic control systems (ACS) of complex spatial movements of dynamic moving objects of robotic technological equipment for arc plasma spraying are considered in the...
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Impact of Critical Energy Facilities on the Components of the Environment

Elena Maysyuk, Irina Ivanova, Alexandr Izhbuldin
The study of the energy impact on the environment components and the assessment of the appropriateness of the environmental protection measures are primarily associated with a quantitative assessment of the scale of the impact produced by operation of energy facilities. The information and analytical...
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Intellectual Contribution of Specialized Thesauruses to Cognitive Technologies

Natalia Tuchkova
The research is devoted to problems of perception of information in training, science, critical situations in the context of cognitive technologies. To consider semantics of subject domains when using cognitive technologies is one of problems of the digital environment. This problem is offered to be...
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Agent-service Approach for Development of Intelligent Decision-making Support Systems

Aleksei Massel, Vasili Galperov, Vladimir Kuzmin
This article deals with usage of agent-service approach for development of intelligent decision-making support systems (IDSS). Concepts of agent and multi-agent systems are being considered, and description of agent-service approach is given. Detailed description of IDSS “Situation polygon” is provided....
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On the Algorithm for Equal Balls Packing into a Multi-connected Set

Alexander Kazakov, Anna Lempert, Tchung Thanh Ta
The paper is devoted to the problem of densest packing a given number of equal balls into multi-connected containers. The objective is to find the maximum radius associated with balls. We consider the problem both in three-dimensional Euclidean and one class of non-Euclidean spaces. In this study, the...
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Decision Support in Engineering Multivariable Control Systems for Unstable Objects

Bariy Ilyasov, Guzel Saitova, Elena Khalikova
The problem of ensuring the stability of a multivariable automatic control system which consists of statically and dynamically unstable objects must be managed when solving applied problems. In theoretical terms, this problem is worked out poorly and there are no practical recommendations for its solution....
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The Approach to Solving the Problem of Legacy Systems on the Examples of INTEC and OPTCON Software

Alexander Gornov, Liudmila Massel, Pavel Sorokovikov, Anton Anikin, Tatiana Zarodnyuk
The paper proposes a methodological approach to the construction of modern software systems, as well as the creation of computing resources available via the Internet. The presented approach has been tested in practice. In the article it is considered on the example of the implementation of the integrated...
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Model-instrumental Means for Research of Critical Energy Infrastructure

Natalia Pyatkova, Natalia Beresneva
The article presents the possibility of research the fuel and energy complex that unites the sectoral energy systems as a critical infrastructure in terms of energy security. The developed models for research taking into account the dynamics, a tool for calculating and analyzing the states of the fuel...
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On Application of Distributed Ledgers for Internet of Things in Russia

Konstantin Mironov, Sergey Trishin, Amir Makhmutov, Vadim Kartak, Thilo Sauter
In this article we consider tasks related to ensuring the integrity and availability of information in the Internet of Things (IoT) sphere. Such systems include sensors and similar devices, which are the sources of data, access points, which transmit data from sensors to the Internet and servers, which...
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Algorithm for the Formation Production Rules from Cognitive Models

Dmitrii Pesterev
The article is devoted to the issue of using cognitive modeling to study energy security problems. Such concepts as cognitive modeling, cognitive model, cognitive map are introduced. The task of automating the analysis of a cognitive map with the use of technology of production expert system. To automate...
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Application of Multilayer Networks to Detect Critical Energy Facilities

Elena Nosyreva, Ludmila Massel
One of the main components of national security is energy security. To ensure the protection of energy facilities, it is necessary to single out the most important facilities, the disruption of the functioning of which can cause irreparable consequences. The methods currently existing in Russia for identifying...
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Simulation of Software Security Tests by Soft Computational Methods

Alexey Markov, Georgii Markov, Valentin Tsirlov
The worth of the using of software performance reliability assessment models at early testing stages is shown. The characteristic property of nonmonotonic increasing of performance reliability of current software systems is underscored. Ways of enhancing adequacy and fidelity of software testing simulation...