Proceedings of the 2018 3rd International Workshop on Materials Engineering and Computer Sciences (IWMECS 2018)

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Electric Transmission Line Inspection System and Key Technologies Based on UAV Laser Radar System

Xionggang Li, Yanming Guo
With the development and achievement of smart grid in China, the application of UAV lidar system in transmission line inspection has become increasingly popular. To this end, this paper briefly introduces the transmission line inspection system based on UAV lidar system, and deeply analyzes application...
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Analysis of the Electro-hydraulic Steering System of the Wheel Construction Machinery

Dong Li
This template explains and demonstrates how to prepare your camera-ready paper for Trans Tech Publications. The best is to read these instructions and follow the outline of this text. Please make the page settings of your word processor to A4 format (21 x 29,7 cm or 8 x 11 inches); with the margins:...
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Research on the design of distributed computing platform

Guanghui Wei
the article puts forward the design scheme of a distributed computing platform, firstly, analysis and comparison of the common distributed computing model, is proposed based on three layer logic architecture of distributed computing system, puts forward the design scheme of establishing a computing node...
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Fingerprint information database system based on image processing technology

Cai Zhao, Xiang Lin Miao, Dawei Xu
In the information age, with the continuous development of science and technology, the computer plays an increasingly important role in the public security system of social security management. For the investigation, the emergence of computer automatic fingerprint identification system has changed the...
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Seven Emergency Measures for Agricultural Vehicles Maintenance

Yun Wang
In the course of agricultural vehicle driving, emergency measures can be used to carry out the repair work when the damaged parts cannot be repaired and the new parts can not be obtained. According to the previous working experience, this paper deals with seven emergency measures for the maintenance...
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Solution on the Identification of Computer Network Fault

Wei Ge, Lei Luo
In recent years, computer technology and Internet technology has been obtained the rapid development, and has been widely used in all aspects of people's work, life and learning, however, in this process, the scope and depth of the impact for computer network risk is also increasing. This paper briefly...
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An Ellemntary Proof for A Class of Integral Inequality System

Xibing He, Yupei Zhang
The purpose of this paper is to establish some results for the class of system of integral inequalities by means of variable transformation method and Gronwall-Bellman's inequality. These results presented in this paper generalize and improve some recent results. Meanwhile, two examples indicate the...
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Sliding Mode Control of BLDCM Based on a Disturbance Observer

Shunxiang Hou, Yupei Zhang
The aim of this paper is to design a sliding-mode variable structure controller (SMC) which based on the model of BLDCM. SMC is insensitive to turbulence which can depress influence of disturbances to BLDCM, and a novel variable exponent reaching law which can reduce the shuttering effectively is designed....
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The Research and Implementation of Inserting Multi-row Records Based on Relational Database

Hongmei Luo
In the process of program development, it is often necessary to insert multi rows of explicitly specified values into one table of relational database at a time, and we hope to achieve this insertion by only one statement.But in the standard SQL statement, there is no such a SQL syntax. In this paper,...
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Research on the Security of Computer Network under Cloud Computing

Lei Luo, Wei Ge
As a new method of computing, cloud computing has brought great convenience to people's network life, but at the same time, there are some security risks. This paper briefly introduces the concept and characteristics of cloud computing, and briefly analyzes the significance to study the security of computer...
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Morse index of Steady State Bifurcation for A Class of Reaction-diffusion Equations

Yupei Zhang, Xibing He
In this paper,we compute the Morse index of the steady-state bifurcation solutions from the eigenvalue with multiplicity two of the Laplacian operator for a class of reaction-diffusion equations with Robin boundary conditions on the two-dimensional rectangular area
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Research on Dual-Loop Grid Connected Inverter to Suddenly Changeable Load

Chengxin Xu
With the development of society, there are new demands for the generate methods and the restriction for the impact on the environment. To improve the traditional centralized power generation pollution and low efficiency problems, the distributed generation has been presented. Although distributed power...
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Finite Element Analysis of MW Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator

Chengxin Xu
Basic theory of finite element analysis of electromagnetic field was expounded in this paper. Boundary conditions, boundary value problem and condition variety problem were included. After above work, boundary condition selection and model structure were processed. After meshing, static magnetic field...
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Adaptive Beamforming Based on QR Decomposition in Smart Antenna

Chengxin Xu, Ting Song, Xiangmei Li
This paper analyzes the key technology of smart antenna – the theories of beamforming and the definition of beamforming graph, and discussed how to realize the best beamformer through matrix theories. And through simulation on MATLAB, achieve the adaptive beamforming of antenna array.
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K-Means Clustering Efficient Algorithm with Initial Class Center Selection

Suyu Huang, Pingfang Hu
The algorithm herein adopts density-based method and max-min distance method to define initial clustering center to eliminate the need for defining clustering center in advance in k-means algorithm, and normalize the data set to reduce the influence of fluctuation of attribute value for each dimension...
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Fault Location of Electrical Equipment Based on Rough Set Fusion Grey Correlation Degree

Ziyu Wang
In complicated and bad natural environment, the performance of electronic system may be easily affected by the environment, go wrong and result in abnormal operation. In the complicated environment like deep space and deep sea, if the electronic equipment after break down cannot be repaired in time,...
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Applications of Combination of Computer Simulation and Approximation Modeling in Improving Process Reliability of Vacuum Differential Pressure Casting

Xiaodong Wang, Kai Tang, Wenzhi Hu, Qianyi Wang
Vacuum differential pressure casting is one of the most advanced casting process where there are still serious process defects existed in large complex thin-wall castings. Combination of computer simulation and approximation modeling is applied to improve process reliability of vacuum differential pressure...
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Research on Tool Wear Prediction Based on Deep Residual Network

Kai Tang, Xiaodong Wang, Wenzhi Hu, Yuan Yang
The convolution neural network with deep residual network structure is applied to the prediction of milling tool wear, and the high prediction accuracy is obtained. Based on the data set of the 2010 PHM data competition, this paper constructs 64000 data samples from the total life cycle wear data of...
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Application value of ultrasound contrast in intracranial tumor surgery

Guoqing Sui, Dan Fei
Intracranial tumor is one of the most common diseases in nervous system, which has great harm to the function of human nervous system. Surgical tumor resection is the primary treatment method for the disease. Ultrasonoscopy is helpful for lesion localization and boundary determination in intracranial...
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Bioinformatics Analysis of the Phytoene Dehydrogenase Gene in Potato (Solanum tuberosum)

Ping Zhou, Jie Ma, Rui Wu, Min Jiang, Meiling Wu, Chunyan Chen, Chaohai Wang, Bo Sun
Phytoene Dehydrogenase (PDS) is an important enzyme in carotenoid biosynthesis. Here, the Solanum tuberosum PDS (StPDS) gene sequences were obtained from Spud DB database, and preformed for bioinformatics analysis. The StPDS gene mapped to chromosomes 3, and contains an open reading frame of 1,752 bp...
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Bioinformatics Analysis of the Gene CYP83B1 in Cabbage (Brassica oleracea var. capitata)

Bo Sun, Min Jiang, Qiao Yuan, Fen Zhang, Haoru Tang
CYP83B1 is an important glucosyltransferase enzyme in glucosinolate biosynthesis. Here, the Brassica oleracea var. capitata CYP83B1 (BocCYP83B1) gene sequence was obtained from Brassica database (BRAD), and preformed for bioinformatics analysis. The BocCYP83B1 gene mapped to chromosomes 8, and contains...
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Bioinformatics Analysis of the Lycopene ?-Cyclase Gene in Cabbage (Brassica oleracea var. capitata)

Bo Sun, Min Jiang, Qiao Yuan, Fen Zhang, Haoru Tang
Lycopene ?-cyclase (LCYb) is an important enzyme in carotenoid biosynthesis. Here, the Brassica oleracea var. capitata LCYb (BocLCYb) gene sequence was obtained from Brassica database (BRAD), and preformed for bioinformatics analysis. The BocLCYb gene mapped to Scaffold000212, and contains an open reading...
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The Design of Network Information Security Based on Port

Rigui Zhou, Hao Wang
In recent years, network information security incidents occur frequently, network information security has risen to a national strategy. In order to ensure corporate network information security and prevent data leakage, the great harm caused by network infiltration attacks, this article designs the...
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Study on Data Generating Method for Communication Area of Shortwave Communication Radios under Terrain shading

Yuan Zhao, Kun Zhang
Whether the communication is smooth or not is an important factor that affects intelligence transmission, command, guidance and combat synergy. Calculating the communication area of communication equipment and achieve visualization can well demonstrate the communication efficiency, and guide commanders...
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Analysis of consensus mechanism models in the application of industrial projects brought by blockchain technology

Yimin Qiu, Jia Fu, Weihui Lin
Based on ERC20 standard, industrial chain platform is developed, where numerical comparison of consensus mechanisms of POW and POS are analyzed and discussed. Besides, some basic concepts of block chain, such as its types, consensus mechanism and incentive mechanism were briefly introduced, combined...
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Research and application of GPU pass-through based on KVM in graphics workstation

Zhuangli Dong, Zhengbin Wang, Jinkun Yuan
Desktop cloud has become a research focus of cloud computing. As 3D rendering, scientific computing and large data fields on the requirements of high performance computing, end user take more and more high request to the cloud desktop. Yet in the desktop cloud, the simulation of virtual graphics can...
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Research on the Visualization of Nanyin Characteristic Resources Based on Topic Maps

Jiantao Liu, Ruiming Fang
The main method users utilize digital resources is through classification and retrieval functions. However, it is not ideal for the use of some specialized characteristic resources. Taking Nanyin(an intangible music culture heritage from China) as an example, we analyze the different topic objects and...
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Image Steganalysis Based on Wavelet Packet Decomposition

Lei Yu
In the paper, it proposed a image steganalysis method using wavelet packet decomposition. First, it decomposed the image using wavelet packet decomposition. Second, it extracted the higher-order statistics of its wavelet packet subbands as features. The experiments on F5 and MB steganography showed the...
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Load distribution analysis and experimental verification of TBM thread connection structure

Xiaodong Nie, Ailian Hu, Junzhou Huo, Jinchi Guo
In order to analyze the fracture of bolts at the flange of TBM cutterhead, the load distribution of the thread in the standard thread connection structure was studied. Based on theoretical analysis and Finite element simulation analysis, starting from the connection structure of bolt, the load distribution...
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Design of Soil Moisture Detection and Control System

Chengfang Ji
Aiming at the problem of soil moisture detection and contro, the soil detection system was used as the research object, starting from the perspective of soil moisture, through the study of the soil moisture value,and using the analysis software to establish the model of the detection system,which are...
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Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Vector Control System Based on the Fuzzy PID Controller

Ruimin Qi, Guodong Zhang
Through the analysis of the mathematical model of permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM), the paper proposed the method of fuzzy PID controller, and applied to the speed controller of permanent magnet synchronous motor double closed loop vector control system, exactly implementing the speed controller...
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Application of Improved Evidence Theory Algorithm to Health Diagnosis of Mine Belt Conveyors

Ruimin Qi, Guodong Zhang
According to the multi sensors in the actual environment are susceptibly disturbed, and also the traditional evidence theory has the limitations in the data fusion, so this paper presents an improved information fusion method. Information the belt conveyor sensor acquisition is fuzzed, fusion is performed...
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A Method for the Measurement of Temperature Based on Neural Network PID

Gaoli Chen
Environment for plant growth is difficult to establish precise mathematical model. The conventional control methods are difficult to be well controlled, and put forward a neural network PID control temperature on the growth environment of plant. In this paper, taking the lettuce as an example, using...
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An integrated testing system for Spacecraft based on DDS adaptive QoS

Lianbing Huang, Shunliang Pan, Yuan Li, Pan Zhao, Guoliang Tian
In order to study the information interaction department of the large complex spacecraft integrated test system. First, we need to analyze the information interaction technology of the spacecraft test system. Through analysis, we use data distribution service (DDS) specification to spacecraft. The information...
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Study and Design of the Control System for Household Plant Factory

Yanyan Tian
The crop growth cabinet control system mainly consists of color touch screen interface operating system and control system. They communicate with each other through the RS485 module. The control system's control core is ATmega128L single chip microcomputer, and operating system interface uses Cortex_M3...
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Study on self repairing method for transient fault and low energy consumption of digital circuit

Huiling Si
at present, most of the digital circuit transient fault repair methods need to be completed by manual processing, the repair efficiency is low and the energy consumption is high. For this, put forward a new kind of digital circuit fault transient low energy self repair method, design a repair system,...
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Algorithm for bearings-only passive localization based on UKF

Xiaoming Geng, Yujun Suo, Hongyue Yang
In order to improve the precison and the speed of passive localization ,as well as meet the high applicable values requirements, a passive localization algorithm based on the Unscented Kalman Filtering is proposed.The main idea is to use the Filtering algorithm to solve the sensor information fusion...
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Research on vehicle speed control strategy of multi - axis hydrostatic transmission

Liang Zhao, Jin Wang, Zhengwu Zhang
Aiming at the control problem of the speed of the hydrostatic transmission vehicle, the composition and working principle of the hydrostatic transmission vehicle are introduced. According to the different characteristics of the multi-axis hydraulic drive vehicle, the variable hydraulic pump control strategy...
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Research on Driving Control and Parameter Design of Hydrostatic Transmission Vehicle

Liang Zhao, Jin Wang, Wei Ning
In order to make the parameters of multi-axis hydrostatic transmission vehicle design more reasonable, the driving principle of hydrostatic transmission vehicle is introduced. According to the number of driving axles of hydrostatic transmission vehicle, the division of stall and parameter design are...
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Simulation study of sensor of ECT system based on COMSOL

Wanqi Yang, Mengjie Lu, Yulin Zhou
Electrical Capacitance Tomography technique is a new technique for multi-phase flow measurement. With broad application prospects, the purpose of this technique is to identify each phase's composition of two-phase/multi-phase flow system in a closed pipe. A new method –COMSOL was used to analysis the...
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Passive Infrared Image Detail Enhancement with Points and Lines for Visual Odometry

Fan Li, Xuezhao Zhang, Yaohui Zhang, Helun Song
In order to use infrared thermal imaging for simultaneous localization and mapping of mobile robot vision navigation, A point-line feature extraction and matching algorithm after infrared image enhancement is proposed for visual odometry. We first used a guided filter to smooth the input image and separate...
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Effect of Micro-dimple Aspect Ratio on Load-carrying Capacity of the Friction Pair

Kangmei Li, Jun Hu, Yang Zhou
Surface texturing is considered as an efficient way to improve tribological performance of friction pairs. The lubrication model of sliding surface with micro-dimple array was proposed by using the method of three-dimensional Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). The typical pressure distribution of the...
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Optimal Pricing for Resource Management in IaaS Cloud

Zhengce Cai, Guolong Chen, Huijun Yang, Xianwei Li
In cloud computing environment, pricing is an effective method for resource allocation and it provides efficient incentive for cloud providers to provide cloud services. In this paper, we investigate two pricing schemes for the allocation of cloud resources in a monopoly cloud market subject to constrained...
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Numerical simulation of the spectral discretization of electromagnetic field equations

Fubiao Lin
in this paper we use pseudo potentials and plane wave basis to compute the total energy, charge density and electronic structure electromagnetic field equations. Numerical simulation method is an available method to analyze complex flow field.
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Comparison of Several Numerical Algorithms for Solving Ordinary Differential Equation Initial Value Problem

Li-juan Zhang, Tian-ye Guan
In this paper, the authors using the MATLAB software to the ordinary differential equation initial value problem, Euler's method, improved Euler method, classical Runge-Kutta method is used for computer programming and implementation, through the comparison of numerical results analysis, Euler method...
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Research on the Bearing Stability of High—Order Picking Vehicles

Changqing Cui, Chunyan Yang
the user demand for electric vehicles is more and more intense, will make electric drive in green energy storage and the rapid growth of the vehicle. With the further development of logistics transportation,This paper analyzed the factors which influenced the bearing stability of high—order picking vehicles...
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Research on Camera Calibration System Based on Binocular Stereo Vision

Chunyan Yang
Get the information of the three-dimensional object from the two-dimensional image, camera calibration is an essential and critical step. The position of a three-dimensional object, geometric information such as shape and state can be obtained from 2D image only by camera calibration and thus the information...
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Simulation Research of Fuzzy Control in Entrance Ramp of Freeway

Qiguo Yao, Yuxiang Su, Lili Li
A fuzzy logic approach was proposed to regulate the number of vehicles entering a freeway entrance point during rush traffic times. The basic structure of a fuzzy logic controller was analyzed and the fuzzy control algorithm was formulated. The membership functions were developed and the fuzzy logic...
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The experimental research of the Polycrystalline Ni-Ti alloy grain deformation under load

Jie Han, Wenyu An, Changbin Yu, Wenguang Xie, Yan Li, Zhongjing Li, Qiang Wang
We propose and demonstrate a technique for monitoring the deformation of the Ni-Ti alloy grain and grain boundary, and analyzing the interaction effects between the grains using DSCM and SEM methods. This work demonstrates that the grain size influences on the mechanical property of the Ni-Ti alloy,...
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The Establishment of base Model of UAV Propeller

Fupei Zheng, Song Li
UAV propeller geometry type surface is more complex, in this paper, on the basis of previous preliminary design of the UAV propeller based model calculation results, the use of computer information technology means of propeller geometry model was built first, which contains some practical experience...