Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Judicial, Administrative and Humanitarian Problems of State Structures and Economic Subjects (JAHP 2017)

Session: Others

6 articles

Collaborative English Writing Based on the Cognitive Process Theory

Ting Sun
This paper set out to study collaborative English writing within the framework of the Cognitive Process Theory of Writing and the Social Constructivist Theory. It found that this teaching method was positively correlated with students' motivation, writing self-efficacy and their writing performance,...

An Investigation of College English Teaching Reform in the Non-governmental Colleges under the Background of "One Belt and One Road". Taking Nan Chang Institute of Science and Technology as an Example

Jie Wu
As a compulsory course in China, College English has become relatively mature in the last thirty years. However, there are still some problems in teaching College English effectively, especially in those non-governmental colleges in the period of transformation. This paper aims to analyze the current...

Research on Continuity of Ideological and Political Education Environment in Colleges and Its Optimization Ways

Ruiping Qin, Mingmei Zhao
Ideological and political education in colleges is complex and long-term. Its implementation is inseparable from the support of ideological and political education environment. Therefore, the ideological and political education environment directly influences the effects of ideological and political...

Reflections on the Construction of University Teachers' Professional Abilities under the Background of "Internet Plus"

Weifeng Gao
Students' lives and life can be reshaped through the teaching activities of teachers. And in this process, the teachers need to have strong professional knowledge and skills to complete those things. Now, the Internet has influenced on people's lifestyles, ways of thinking and learning methods. And they...

A Study on the Cultivation of Chinese College Students' Socialist Core Values in the New Media Age

Yun Shi
With the development of information technology and digital technology, the new media has become an important way for contemporary college students to obtain information and express their demands. This brings new opportunities and challenges to the ideological and political education of college students....

Modern Chinese Students Studying in Japan and Xiangshan Society

Peng Jiao
The defeat of the Sino-Japanese war in 1894 greatly changed the Chinese people's ideas and thoughts. Chinese people realize that Japan has developed because of sending students abroad. Domestic media called on the government to send students abroad. In 1902, the Qing government implemented a new policy...