Journal of Robotics, Networking and Artificial Life

Automatic Generation, Creativity, and Production of Narrative Content

Takashi Ogata
Multiple narrative structures model, Integrated narrative generation system (INGS), Geino information system (GIS), Narrative generation, Narrative production, Narrative creation.
In accordance with the concept of this organized session, in this presentation, we will consider the study of automatic narrative or story generation as a research field of artificial intelligence (AI) at the levels of generation, creation, and production. Firstly, we study the technologies of narrative or story generation systems based mainly on artificial intelligence and cognitive science. Next, the artistic and aesthetic problems of narrative creation are considered in terms of their relationships with technologies and systems of narrative generation. Further, issues of organizational or social narrative production are presented. The survey and discussion will be conducted based on topics in this session relating to game and advertising systems and our integrated narrative generation system.
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