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Analysis of the Mechanical Self-noise Transmission of Underwater Acoustic Field on the Sonar

Daokun Zhang, Rui Huo, Zhidong Wang
Combining with the structure characteristics of sonar cavity and the theory of the self-noise prediction, the wall of sonar platform affected by the mechanical vibration is simulated by elastic thin plate and the rectangular cavity is the simulation of sonar cavity, the theoretical analysis model of...
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An Experimental Study on Oxidation Rate of Coal: The Influence of Oxygen Concentration

Bucai Ma, Youqiang Chen, Yinlei Yang, Ying Zhu
In order to investigate the oxidation characteris-tics of residual coal of goaf under different oxygen concentration environment, the discarded coal is collected from the actual workplace to analyze the particle size distribution, then five coal samples are prepared by the same granularity ratio. The...
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The Fault Diagnosis of Rolling Bearing based on MED and HHT

Zhidong Wang, Rui Huo, Daokun Zhang
As an essential part of rotating machinery, the early fault diagnosis of rolling bearing can improve the safety of mechanical operation. What’s more, the machining accuracy can be effectively ensured. Unfortunately, the early fault signal of rolling bearing is extremely weak, which can be easily covered...
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Study on Performance Evaluation of Green Supply Chain in Steel Industry

Na Liu
The production of steel industry is closely related to integration and promotion of supply chain. Reducing cost and reusing wastes of the supply chain are one of the most significant challenges the steel enterprises need to overcome. Nowadays, green supply chain for the steel industry appears to be a...
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The Design and Realization of A New Double Smoothing Filter Algorithm

Fei Niu, Yisheng Zhang, Jianjun Fan
Global Navigation Satellite System is the most important infrastructure to compass the way nowadays and in the future, and the carrier smoothing code method is usually used to improve the accuracy of the position. However, there will be a great influence on satellite navigation and positioning with abnormal...
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Numerical Simulation and Theoretical Modeling of Transverse Compressive Failure in Fiber Reinforced Composite Materials

Takeaki Nadabe
This study investigates numerical simulation and theoretical modeling of transverse compressive failure in fiber reinforced composite materials. Firstly, numerical simulation of transverse compressive failure is conducted in order to understand the physical mechanism of the transverse compressive failure....
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Vibration Transfer Matrix Model of Multilayered Wave-attenuation Media of Warship

Wei Ai, Liang-an Jin, Wei Chi
Warship vibration isolation technology of multilayered wave-attenuation is based on new mechanism. In view of the influence of vibration transfer efficiency, which belongs to statics contains, this paper presents a two-dimensional transfer matrix model in the condition of oblique incidence, and gets...
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System Stability and Control Strategy of Electric Power Steering

Zhenjiang Ma, Changshu Zhan
This paper establishes the system of differential equations model of Electronic Power Steering (EPS), which is based on the characteristics of EPS system, and then establishes the simulation model of simulink. According to the state space model of the system that have obtained, researchers get controllability...
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A Method of Constructing Response Curve for Panoramic Camera

Wei Quan, Ying Wang, Yanchun Wang, Xuyang Wang, Yunrui Zhu
In order to construct high dynamic range image of high quality, this paper presents a method of constructing response curve for panoramic camera. This method can automatically obtain a small amount of sampling points covered the whole brightness range space of one picture, through grading the range of...
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A Smart Configuration Mechanism for Ontogenetic Hardware

Nantian Wang, Yue Li, Yanling Qian, Xiubin Liu
Ontogenetic hardware, as a branch of bio-inspired hardware, mainly refers that the hardware can develop based on some basic blocks and genetic material similar to the development of cellular organism. An ontogenetic artificial organism is composed of organelles, each of which consists of a cluster of...
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The Grinding Simulation Analysis of Rake Face of Ball End Mill’s Circumference Blade

Shuai Li
The ball end mill, as an important tool to process the complex three-dimensional curved surface, is helpful to achieve high efficiency and high precision machining when was used with nc machine tool, which is highly demanded in the manufacturing factory. Based on the grinding principle of ball end mill,...
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The Study of the Dangerous Goods Transport Subsidies in the Traffic Network

Lingfei Zhu
In the transportation network has a special transportation problem, is the problem of transport of dangerous goods, we all know that transport of dangerous goods in the event of accident, caused the harm is far greater than ordinary traffic accident, so the study of the transport is crucial. In this...
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A Computational Method for Sensitivity Analysis under Uncertainty

Hongchun Wang
Sensitivity analysis (SA) is an important part in engineering design under the uncertainty to provide valuable information about the probabilistic characteristics of a response. In this paper, the variance-based methods and the cumulative distribution function (CDF)-based sensitivity coefficients were...
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Study on Application of Grey Relational Decision-Making on Determination of Ship Collision Risk Degree

Hongdan Liu, Sheng Liu, Siliang Xu, Lanyong Zhang
In the realization process of multi-ship collision avoidance path planning, it is the foundation for decision-making of collision avoidance opportunity and behavior to accurately and rapidly determine the key collision avoidance target ship and the sequence for the ship to avoid collision with various...
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HCCA: A Cryptogram Analysis Algorithm Based on Hill Climbing

Tongbo Zhang, Guangli Li, Yue Xu, Jie Weng, Shuai Lu
The single letter substitution encryption is the basis of the most widely encryption methods in cryptography. Therefore, it is extremely significant for the development of the cryptography to decipher this kind of encryption efficiently and correctly. Researchers elaborately analyzed the features of...
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Multidimensional Discrete Green’s Function and Its Estimates

Yinsuo Jia, Jinghong Liu
This paper will discuss estimates for discrete Green’s function of elliptic equations in dimensions seven and up. First, the definitions of some terms are given. Then the estimates for the regularized Green’s function are derived. Finally, by using the triangular inequality, researchers obtain the estimates...
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Empirical Test for Pricing of Multi-Stock SPs with Multi-Observation-----------Huaxia Bank Huiying No.1 as an Example

Siliang Chen, Long Peng
This paper focuses on the pricing of the multi-stock linked SPs with digital option. “Huiying No. 1 of Huaxia Bank” was characterized by multi-asset linked & multi-observation. To reduce the error, it was priced by means of the modified Cholesky decomposition method and Monte Carlo method. The result...
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Human-Computer Interaction-Based Foreign Language Instruction

Chunying Zhang, Weihong Zhang
To describe a best and effective teaching model at the higher education level, the current situation of foreign language instruction in colleges and universities in China is presented first, then the feasibility and advantages of human-computer interaction-based foreign language teaching model are elaborated....
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Orange-Red Emitting Phosphors Sm3+-Activated Borosilicate for near UV-based White LEDs

Hong Yu, Jinlei Chen
A new phosphor Sr3B2SiO8: Sm3+ has been synthesized via solid-state reaction process. Emission/excitation spectra and photoluminescence decay behaviors were investigated in detail. The phosphors Sr3B2SiO8: Sm3+ can be excited under the excitation of 405 nm, Sr3B2SiO8: Sm3+ could show orange-red emitting...
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Indoor Positioning Algorithm of Wireless Sensor Based on RSSI Ranging Correction

Junjie Zhou, Qinqin Shi
With the growing popularity of the application of wireless sensor network, the demand to the accuracy of wireless network is increasingly strict, the traditional location algorithm has been difficult to fulfill the needs of practicable applications. This paper proposes a new RSSI positioning algorithm...
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The Construction of Evaluation Index System of Aviation Logistics Industry-----A Case Study of Zhengzhou Airport-based Zone

Xiaoli Zhou
The construction of evaluation index system is of great significance for the scientific development of aviation logistics industry. The diamond model proposed by Michael E. Porter is applied to construct a comprehensive evaluation index system for the aviation logistics industry at Zhengzhou airport-based...
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Study on Academic Atmosphere Construction in College from Perspective of Teaching Quality

Hongna Guo
Construction of academic atmosphere is a very important part of university personnel trailing, which is one of the important internal factors affecting universities to improve the quality of education and teaching. It is an eternal theme of college education teaching and the essential guarantee of college’s...
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Determination of Reserve Capacity under the Regional Interaction Operation with Wind Power Integration

Rao Liu, Xin Zhang, Yekui Chang, Yan Wang, Yu Ba, Shuo Shen, Yiwen Song, Weidong Li
Starting from the regional interaction operation with wind power integration, based on the generalized area forming from interactive operation, the article propose to take the basic unit of system node as the study object. Then analyze the regional interaction operation’s influence on the determination...
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Audit and Processing of Anormaly Firewall Rules

Bo Cao, Fei Gao, Zheng Yu
1. Objectiv Firewall rules configuration has been the focus of network security research and this paper studies and improves the firewall rule audit method to improve the matching efficiency of firewall rules. 2. Method: This paper makes a detailed study of the relationship between firewall rules, and...
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Analysis and Experimental Study of Median-Nonlinear Flow Characteristics in Hydraulic Proportional Valve

Wenhua Jia, Chenbo Yin, Dasheng Zhu, Guo Li
The nonlinear flow characteristics induced by the geometrical features in various flow areas are often ignored. The strictly dynamical symmetry assumption is not sufficient to design the hydraulic control system by adopting the proportional valve, and the research about the proportional valve model can...
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Obtaining the Most Beautiful Route of Map Navigation Based on Genetic Algorithms

Kai Zhang, Ping Wu, Yao Liu
This paper particularly describes a Multi-Objective Chromosome-length-variant Genetic Algorithm (MCGA) as an algorithm for finding the most beautiful route of map navigation, compared to the conventional navigation which can only obtain the shortest route. The critical task to this problem is how to...
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Analysis of the Economic Benefits of Tianjin County Based on DEA Method

Tian Tian, Jianye An, Zhanxin Ma, Ting Wang
The county economy is very important in the overall economic development, so the county economic benefits more and more get the attention of government. With the rapid development of China's economy, the county economic efficiency and quality will become an important issue of economic research,therefore,...
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A GBVS Based Object Recognition Algorithm

Faxu Wang, Xiaonian Wang, Zhuping Wang, Jin Zhu
Object recognition has always been regarded as hot research area in image field; especially there are many research difficulties of recognition in multiple objects scene. This paper puts forward an object recognition algorithm based on hierarchical decomposition GBVS. Firstly, get saliency map of current...
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An Evaluation Studies On Construction Industry Marketization Degree

Zurong Chen, Jingchun Feng, Chunyan Xie, Chuanbin Zheng
Based on the characteristics of construction industry, through the analysis of the object and subject of construction industry, the environment and regulation of the construction industry, the construction industry marketization evaluation index system is set up. The entropy weight method can be used...
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The Study on the Elusion Approach to “Chain Scission” in the Fresh Agricultural Product Cold-chain Logistics

Xiaoya Ma, Derong Wang
To find the way to avoid chain scission in the cold chain logistics chain of fresh agricultural products, the paper provides the guidance for the Stakeholder of logistics fresh agricultural products. It uses the methods of literature research and field survey, takes cold chain logistics chain as the...
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Global Dilemma and Contemporary Educational Reform

Naizhu Huang, Lijuan Ye
With the rapid development of the global economy and technology, the global connections and interactions become even higher, and globalization has become a consensus. In the meantime of creating wealth, globalization also brings dilemma to human beings, and poses a threat to sustainable human development....
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Discussion on the Modernity Crisis of Education and Thinking Mode Transformation

Jiaming Zhong, Naizhu Huang
The cause of education modernity crisis lies in Descartes’s subject-object dual opposite thinking mode, showing that the aim at material gains of education leading to value rationality loss, scientific world hegemony and life marginalization. Besides, the inculcation as well as controlled ability as...
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Application of Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm in Rotary Drill on Fault Diagnosis

Hongbo Wei, Wen You, Binglin Li
As one of the key equipment of mining, rotary drills have a high incidence of failure. In the actual application, it is hard to fault diagnosis for roller transfer. In order to solve this problem, design a roller transfer control of fault self-diagnosis system with the fuzzy clustering analysis method...
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Using IEC 61850 for Switchgear Online Condition Monitoring

Jun Jiang
The online condition monitoring system diagnoses power equipment health status. And now it is one of the major issues to improve the reliability of the power system by preventing a potential failure in advance. Since there are too many different condition monitoring techniques are used, they need to...
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A New Method of Multi-criteria Group Decision Making Based on Hesitant-valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy and Osculating Value

Xianming Xiong, Yi Lu, Nazam Muhammad
This paper integrates the benefits of a intuitionistic fuzzy set (IFS) and a hesitant fuzzy set (HFS) to propose a new hesitant-valued intuitionistic fuzzy set (HVIFS). It retains the advantage of exchanging information in flexibility and exquisiteness, and also depicts the aspects of decision makers’...
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Research on Antecedents and Consequences of Factors Affecting the Bike Sharing System--- Lessons From Capital Bike Share Program in Washington, D.C.

Chen Jing, Zuoyuan Zhao
Bike sharing has drawn significant attention in academia and business. People can use bike sharing system to rent a bike at one of many rental stations traveled around the city for a short journey and return it at any station in the city. However, there have been problems raising with the application...
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Project Supervision Model of PPP Based on the Effect of the Market Mechanism

Zurong Chen, Jingchun Feng, Huadong Yan
On the analysis of the current situation and problems of the PPP supervision, it can be stated briefly that the PPP project supervision has problems such as the lack of supervision legal system, the unreasonable set of regulators and the vacancy of regulation subjects; different models including the...
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Power Distribution System Fault Alarm System Design and Implementation

Hongyong Yu
In order to control the fault state of the distribution network, a power distribution network fault risk early warning system is developed. This system divides the distribution network fault into three levels failures, equipment level failure, feeder level failure, and system level failure. By calculating...
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The Construction of Regional Financial Stability Index

Bo Zhang, Yanping Li, Bijun Li
This paper takes the regional financial stability of China as the research object, aims to establish the index system of regional financial stability in China, so as to better understand the regional financial stability.Based on previous studies on the financial stability system and the existing characteristics,...
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Research on Book Purchasing Process Based on ERP

Ke Ma
The purchase of library management system under ERP is studied in this paper. First, the book purchasing process based on ERP is introduced. Then, the ERP system implementation of book purchasing process is studied, which include purchasing plan making, good cooperation with suppliers, order management...
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Clustering Algorithm of Similarity Segmentation based on Point Sorting

Hanbing Li, Yan Wang, Lan Huang, Mingda Li, Ying Sun, Hanyuan Zhang
Researchers propose a clustering algorithm of similarity segmentation based on point sorting to improve the clustering performance. Taking full advantage of segmentation sorting of the clustering algorithm based on minimum spanning tree, the algorithm uses a variety of methods for different situations...
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Numerical Study on Impact Characteristics of Filling Body with Deep Hole Blasting in Underground Stope

Nan Jia, Chao Wu, Dongping Shi, Chengyu Xie
To explore the impact characteristics of filling body on the both sides of stope under the dynamic loads in a deep underground metal mines, based on trock mechanical parameters experiment, dynamic was loaded by measured and de-noised blasting vibration monitoring-curve, response parameters development...
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The Effect of Ultrasound Pre-treatment on the hot air Drying Rate of Carrots

Yaxiang Bai, Yuan Huo, Bin Kang, Hang Sun
In order to improve the drying rate and to reduce the energy consumption of vegetables and fruits, carrots chips are treated with ultrasonic with different frequency, time, and different temperature. The hot air drying rate of treated carrots chips is determined and, meanwhile, several quality parameters,...
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Study on the Effective Time of Biological Effects of the Electromagnetic Field on Mung Bean Seed

Yaxiang Bai, Bin Kang, Yuan Huo
In order to further explore the biological effects of electromagnetic treatment technology on crop seeds, in this paper, the mung bean seeds are treated by electric and magnetic field with different dose, then mungbean seeds are cultivated in water, a control group is set. By observing the change of...
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Power System Reconfiguration Using Graph Trace Analysis and Multi-agent System

Anli Shang, Shengmao Yan
This paper presents a multi-agent system that performs shipboard power system reconfiguration. If shipboard electric power supply interruption is caused by a fault, it is important to restore the power system as soon as possible to a target network configuration after the fault. The system views the...
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Approximation Algorithm for Extended Maximum---- Concurrent Flow Problem with Saturated Capacity

Congdian Cheng, Jingxin Ma
The Maximum Concurrent Flow is a classical mu-lticommodity flow problem and has a extensive applications in the practice such as transportations, communications and network designs. It has important sense not only in theory, but also in practice to develop this kind of multicommodity flow problem. This...
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Sulfur Passivation of GaAsSb alloy layer Surfaces: Comparison of Ammonium Sulfide and Disulfur Dichloride Solutions

Shouzhu Niu, Dan Fang, Jilong Tang, Fang Fang, Xuan Fang, Jinhua Li, Xiaohua Wang, Zhipeng Wei
In this paper, (NH4)2S and S2Cl2 are used as passivating agent for the sulphuration treatment to GaAs0.03Sb0.97. The effect of surface passivation of GaAs0.03Sb0.97 by (NH4)2S and S2Cl2 treatment is investigated by using photoluminescence (PL), Atomic Force Microscope (AFM). Compared with the pristine...
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Distribution Failure Interruption Evaluation Based on the Cloud Model

Lina Jiao
To analyze and evaluate the distribution network failure interruption, this paper establishes the comprehensive evaluation index power distribution network failure interruption. By using the normal cloud model, this paper also realizes the risk evaluation of power distribution network fault. First, fault...
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JLCORS Observation Data Quality Checking and Assessment

Junqing Liu, Cai Liu, Guodong Yang, You Tian
To adopt teqc software to carry out comprehensive detection and assessment on 49 continuous running observation stations from the JLCORS network system, including data integrity, ionospheric delay and variability, multipath effect etc. Besides, data sampling rate adopts 30 seconds and the satellite cut-off...
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A Research on National Sustainability Evaluation Model

Ge Fan, Wei Peng, Shan Sun, Peiwen Li
By applying an objective method to evaluate its sustainability, a certain country could make proper plans and policies for further development. However, subjective and complicated problems have been found in the current methods and index systems. Therefore, researchers set up a composite model that it...