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Research on the Development Mode of Logistics Financial Services :Take Ningbo City for Example

Xiaowei Yang, Jianjun Xu
The logistic finance is the important component supporting factor of modern logistics, which represents one of the most important development direction of value-added in logistics industry. This paper firstly analyzes vital significance and theoretical foundation of the development of modern logistics...
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Research on Control Structure of Controllable Network System

Zengguang Wang, Liyun Chen, Yu Lu, Wenxin Qiao
The basic control structures and their structural characteristics of the controllable network system are proposed based on the introduction of controllable network. The basic control structures consist of the centralized control structure, the decentralized control structure and the hierarchical control...
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Load Characteristics Analysis of 5MW Offshore Wind Turbine

Liqiang An, Jiaqi Zhang, Hexiang Zhao
During the yaw control, the load characteristics of yaw system are the key issue to influence the safety and reliability of the wind turbine yaw system. In this paper, based on Von Kammon spectal and EDC wind in IEC standard the 5MW wind turbine generator system model is established considering the impact...
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Power Distribution Grid Service Restoration Software Based on Load Balancing

Ling Liu
After power distribution feeder fault, it is required to identify fault section, isolate the fault quickly, and then to restore the power supply of the non fault section. To solve the problem of power supply recovery of multi linked lines, the design of the software of distribution network fault recovery...
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Procedure for Calculating Building Chilled and Hot Water Differential Pressure Setpoint

Rijin Sun, Chenggang Liu, Rundong Liu
The calculation of the building differential pressure (DP) setpoint based on the water flow-rate is discussed in this paper. How to find the coefficient (k) of water piping system in any case is the key in the calculation. The condition of the building DP calculation is documented to make sure its correction....
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The Study on Recommissioning of a Laboratory Building in the Industrial Park

Shaoyuan Jiang, Chenggang Liu, Rundong Liu
The laboratory buildings are not main part of industrial buildings in the developing countries like China. However, the energy intensity of those buildings is on the top of industrial buildings because of requirement of temperature and relative humidity control. As an example in this paper, the recommissioning...
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DC Motor Speed Control Based on Endocrine Regulation Mechanism

Hua Meng, Boyang Zhao, Hui Gao, Xiaohong Zheng
The DC motor of Control system is a control algorithm for most PID. In this paper, a kind of intelligent ultra short feedback endocrine controller is designed, which is based on the mechanism of hormone secretion regulation, and is applied to the control of DC motor. The endocrine controller includes...
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Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Ultra-high Strength Steel with Different Cooling Process

Yongli Chen, Jianguo Huang, Xuejiao Zhou, Zhao Yang
Influences of different coiling processes on microstructure transformation and mechanical properties and microstructure of ultra-high strength steels (UHSS) were investigated. Microstructure and distribution characteristics were obtained. Samples were proceeded by a controlled rolling (CR) followed by...
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Study on Principles of System Information Safety from a Theoretical Perspective

Haixia Lei, Chao Wu, Nan Jia, Hongqiang Tan
To study the root of phenomenon from macroscopic view of system, in the case of current problem of information safety events occurred frequently. Analyzed system information essence and interactional characters, mechanism and rule between information flow and system, and clarified the definition and...
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Clonal Selection Algorithm for Solving Permutation Optimisation Problems: A Case Study of Travelling Salesman Problem

Wei Pang, Kangping Wang, Yan Wang, Ge Ou, Hanbing Li, Lan Huang
As an attempt to solve Permutation Optimisation Problems (POP) by using CLONALG (Clonal Selection Algorithm), a well-established artificial immune system, Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) is studied as an example in this paper. Operators of CLONALG, especially the hyper-mutation operators are analyzed...
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Industrial Convergence and Media Industry Performance

Liang Zhou, Man Yang
This paper exploits the factor analysis and input-output method to test the relationship between industrial convergence and media industry performance. Based on an evaluation model, the comprehensive scores of media industry in different provinces in China are empirically figured out. The results show...
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Density Functional Study of Oxygen Reduction Reaction on Oxygen Doped Graphene

Jianping Sun, Xiaodong Liang
Oxygen doped graphene catalyzing Oxygen Reduction Reaction (ORR) was studied using density functional theory (DFT). The active site of the catalyst was studied, the ORR reaction path was analyzed, and the mechanism was discussed. The results show that similar to N-doped graphene, ORR reaction intermediates...
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Adaptive Target Detection of High-range-resolution Radar in Non-Gaussian Clutter

Lina Pan, Tao Jian, Yu Liu
Adaptive target detection of high-range-resolution radar in spherically invariant random vector clutter is investigated for a possibly singular estimated covariance matrix. Under an appropriate constraint on the unknown parameter space, the maximum likelihood estimates are obtained. By utilizing the...
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Study on Pre-stressed Concrete Grain Silo Based on Non- cohesive Properties

Hairong Huang, Runrun Dong
For the design of grain silo, the amount of steel bar used in structure will be very large. And with the height and diameter of bulkhead increasing, there will be a serious problem that the requirement of crack will not meet the demand according to the code even though using much more steel bar. Using...
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Study on Investment Value under Government Guarantee in PPP Project Based on OnlineSimulation

Runrun Dong, Hairong Huang
Regarding the options value of the civilian airport infrastructure, government guarantee of the civil airport industry can add to the project option value. The author considers there are three kinds of governmentguarantee, which include minimum government guarantee, bilateral government guarantee and...
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Research on Tibetan News Sites’ Web Crawler and Search Engine

Zhiqiang Han, Guixian Xu, Wei Sun
In this paper, researchers detailedly introduce the features of Tibetan language and related technologies that researchers use to deal with Tibetan news web pages with computers. To get the content of the Tibetan news, researchers used web crawler to download Tibetan news pages which are the bases of...
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Remote Control System Lab Based on the Technology of Ethernet

Juan Liu, Hongbo Qin, Zhengshi Chen
In order to solve the contradiction between finite laboratory resource and ever-increasing students, a networking laboratory system based on serial communication server is designed and implemented. The campus network user can monitor the actual laboratory system through the serial relocation software...
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Simulation and Experimental Study of the Three-phase Five-legged Transformer under DC Bias

Xia Dong
This paper builds a novel coupled model which includes the electric circuit and the magnetic circuit of the three-phase five-legged transformer under direct current (DC) bias. In the magnetic circuit model, the eddy-currents, the iron core topology and the saturation characteristics of the core material...
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Study of the Three Phase Transformers under DC Bias and Suppression Measure

Xia Dong
A novel transmission-line model (TLM) of the three phase transformers under direct current (DC) bias is built. In the model, the differential terms in the transformers circuit model are discretized. The saturation characteristic and the hysteresis effect of the core material are described on the basis...
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Study of Displacement Prediction of Landslide Based on time Series Analysis

Fuyou Liu, Fengbo Liu, Yong Liu, Yani Guo
Based on the owned displacement monitoring data and displacement evolution of landslide, the total displacement can be divided into trend term displacement, which is controlled by its own geological conditions and periodic term displacement affected by external factors. Then the displacement prediction...
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A Micro-morphological Model for Hydrophobicity on the Locust wing

Gang Sun, Yan Fang
The hydrophobicity, chemical composition and microstructure of locust wing are investigated by a video-based contact angle (CA) meter, a Fourier transform infrared spectrometer (FT-IR) and a scanning electron microscope (SEM). A micro-morphological model for hydrophobicity of wing surface is established...
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Anisotropic Characteristic of Insect (Lepidoptera) wing Surfaces

Gang Sun, Yan Fang
The anisotropism, superhydrophobicity, adhesion, and chemical composition of the insect (Lepidoptera) wing surfaces are investigated by a scanning electron microscope (SEM), a contact angle (CA) meter and a Fourier transform infrared spectrometer (FT-IR). The wetting mechanism of the wing is discussed...
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Grey - Mutation Model of Residual Error Correction is Applied to the Landslide Time Prediction Research

Fuyou Liu, Yani Guo, Yong Liu, Fengbo Liu
Landslide danger of early warning is to avoid a major means of state personnel and economic losses. In this paper, in order to effectively predict Baishuihe landslide danger instability, combined with the specific engineering practice, this paper first applies the grey theory of landslide displacement...
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Maximum Variance Combined with Adaptive Genetic Algorithm for Infrared Image Segmentation

Huixuan Fu, Yuchao Wang, Liangliang Han
Maximum Variance Image Segmentation method (Otsu) is a popular non-parametric method in image segmentation. However, it is large amount of computation and poor real-time quality have limited its further application. To solve these problems, a new approach based on an adaptive genetic algorithm (AGA)...
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Design of PWM Switching Power Amplifier for Active Magnet Bearing

Guoxiang Zhang, Lei Huang
Electrical control system plays a decisive role in the running performance for a permanent magnet biased magnetic bearing. Power amplifier, as a part of the electronic control system, its performance directly affects the suspension system. Therefore, the amplifier design is an important part of the system....
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Ant Colony Optimization Based on Combined Optimization for Path Planning

Bin Ge, Houyuan Sheng
In order to solve disadvantages of the ant colony algorithm in path planning of mobile robot, an enhanced ant colony optimization based on combined optimization is proposed. Improved ant colony algorithm’ idea is selecting the searched full path to combined optimize with the rest of the path when all...
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Multiple Geometric Factors Contributing to Mountainous Freeway Crashes--- A Case Study of Changjin Freeway in Jiangxi, China

Changkun Chen, Longjian Wang
Many previous researches have analyzed the causes of freeway accidents, especially for those in the mountainous areas, but few of them have put deep insight into the geometric factors. Using 1,023 crash records during the period of 2006–2012 from Changjin Freeway in Jiangxi, China, this research evaluated...
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The Optimization of the Ratio Between Rotor Slot Width and Rotor Tooth Pitch to Reduce Cogging Torque in Line-Start Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors

Tongshan Diao
The finite element method and analytical method are combined to optimize the ratio between rotor slot width and rotor tooth pitch, in order to reduce the cogging torque in line-start permanent magnet synchronous motors. Based on energy theory equation and Fourier transform, the simulation analysis results...
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Research on Torque Ripple Reductions for Switched Reluctance Motor

Tongshan Diao
The inhibition of noise and vibration on switched reluctance motor (SRM) was studied in this paper to improve the speed regulation system. Nonlinear dynamic simulation model based on the SRM is studied based on torque estimation method of torque ripple. Time-varying and nonlinear characteristics of SR...
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Blind Estimation of Spreading Sequence based on the Wide Window and PAST Algorithm

Min Li, Jinghong Xue, Bin Xu, Mengmeng Wang
The problem of blind estimation of spreading sequence is an important aspect in the context of spectrum surveillance, which the pseudo-random sequence used by the transmitter is unknown. In this paper, the approach of the spreading sequence recovery is proposed by using projection approximation subspace...
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A Parameter Adaptive Clustering Algorithm Based on Reference Points and Density

Cheng Ouyang, Jun Tan, Jun Yu, ZhiFan Zeng
CURD is one type of clustering algorithm based on reference point and density. This algorithm is similar to DBSCAN in processing arbitrary shape clustering ability and has linear time complexity of K-MEANS algorithm. CURD algorithm needs to set Radius and t, so the whole process of clustering needs manual...
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Application of Cuckoo Search Algorithm in Optimal Solution of Robot Inverse Kinematics

Zefan Cai, Daoping Huang
Forward kinematics and inverse kinematics are two aspects of the robot kinematics solution, and the optimization of the inverse kinematics of robots is the most important and difficult part of robot kinematics. Parameters for each link of the robot need to be identified according to the position and...
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Transmission Line on-line Monitoring System Based on Ethernet and McWiLL

Yujun Liu, Hongyan Yin, Tong Wu
Transmission line running status real-time monitoring can ensure the security of transmission line and reliable running. In this paper, by analyzing the existing problems of transmission line on-line monitoring communication system, the author proposes a transmission on-line monitoring communication...
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On Multi-model High-Precision Location Method of Substation Based on CSS Location Technology

Hongyan Yin, Yujun Liu, Tong Wu
When existing location technologies are applied in substation, there are some deficiencies. In the paper, a multi-model high-precision location method is proposed based on CSS location technology. Firstly, it analyzes several mainstream location technology and the characteristics of substation. Secondly,...
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Influence Factors Analysis of Farmers’ Participation in Agricultural Machinery Cooperative Management

Baodan Yin, Yuxiang Huang, Wei Li, Ruixiang Zhu
Agricultural machinery cooperative management contributes to effective integration of capital, technology, equipment, information, talents and other production factors. Besides, it is an important way to improve the utilization rate of agricultural machinery and increase household income. In this study,...
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Evaluation Method of Drilling Fluid Inhibiting Performance

Shilin Zhao, Dongping Wang, Jingfu Huang, Zhun Rong, Wentao Cai
To use high-quality drilling fluid to inhibit underground shale collapse, researchers must first evaluate many types of drilling fluid suppression performance. The method of evaluating the performance of the drilling fluid can be recovered by the rolling recovery test, the expansion of the drilling fluid,...
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The Experimental Study on Depletion Development Factors of Condensate Gas Reservoirs

Guolong Zhang, Zhiqiang He, Jianjun Zhu, Qingheng Zeng, Pengjiu Wang
There will be a variety of factors restricting the development of the condensate gas reservoirs in the process of mining depletion. There are many important implications for the actual production to study the results of these factors of recovery ratio. Taking advantage of the high temperature high pressure...
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An Improved Data-driven Soft Sensor Modeling Algorithm Based on Twin Support Vector Regression for Sugar Cane Crystallization

Yanmei Meng, Kangyuan Zheng, Xiaoyuan Ma, Wenxing Li
Due to the problem that some key parameters, such as mother liquor supersaturation, mother liquor purity, crystal content and crystal size distribution, cannot be measured on-line during sugar cane crystallization, an improved data-driven soft sensor modeling algorithm based on twin support vector regression...
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Wide-Area Coordinated Control for Voltage Stability of Power System

Songkai Liu, Cheng Tian, Huimin Qiu, Lin Chen, Liyi Kang, Tong Wang
This paper presents a wide-area coordinated control strategy for voltage stability, which is based on multi-agent systems and wide area measurement system. The strategy combines the effectiveness of the Multi-layer secondary voltage control and the real time of wide area measurement system. It improves...
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Relationships Exploration for Real-time Static Voltage Stability Prediction of Power Systems

Songkai Liu, Cheng Tian, Huimin Qiu, Xinyuan Cui, Dong Chen, Li Tu
An approach based on data mining and relationships exploration is presented for estimating the static voltage stability relative margin of power systems. The data set is created based on simulations by the software PSS/E. The input variables selected for estimation are corresponding to the relationships...
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Design of Wireless Sensor Network Module in Power Consumption Information Collection System Based on IPv6

Yujun Liu, Hongyan Yin, Tong Wu
As an infrastructure service application system in smart grid, information collection system of electricity consumption plays a major role in ensuring the safe operation of power and achieving the orderly use of electricity. The paper presents a new scheme of wireless sensor networks based on Ipv6. In...
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Research on Denoising Methods in Power Line Communication

Hongyan Yin, Yujun Liu, Tong Wu
With the development of power line communication (PLC) technology, it is widely used in smart grid. In this paper, we mainly introduce communication modes of PLC, and respectively analysis their advantages and disadvantages. Moreover channel noises are described in the paper, and we respectively simulate...
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Wide-body Aircraft Trip Direct Operating Cost Model Based on Trans-log Function

Hong Sun, Ganxiang Huang, Jiesong Zhou, Yu Wang
In order to better instruct airlines to analyze the civil aircraft economy, this paper proposes an wide-body aircraft trip direct operating cost model from the perspective of macroscopic based on statistical analysis of airlines fleet operation cost data. Firstly, the correlation analysis is be used...
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Improved Direct Torque Control for Induction Motor with Fuzzy-PI Controllers

Chengli Zhu, Yanzhong Wang, Liangwei Hou
This paper presents an improved direct torque control scheme with space vector modulation techniques (DTC-SVM) for induction motors to eliminate the disadvantages of the traditional DTC-SVM scheme at low speed, speed step changing and torque step changing. Unlike the traditional DTC-SVM using PI controllers...
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Research on Factors Influencing the Sharing Intention in Social Media----- A model of Sina Weibo

Tao Qi
Object: Based on the information behavior theory, this paper focus on Sina Weibo users’ forwarding behavior to explore information sharing behavior in social media. Methods: This paper constructs the sharing intention model with perceived information quality, perceived risk and trust. The author collects...
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Research on the Cooperative Operation Mechanism of Logistics Service Supply Chain Based on Fairness Preference Theory

Fei Yan
In order to provide guidance for the incentive mechanism design and the efficiency improvement in logistics service supply chain management, the cooperative operation mechanism of double principal-agent mode of logistics service supply chain is investigated based on the fairness preference theory in...
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Continuous Displacement Measurement of Soil Mass Using White Light Digital Image Analysis in Frequency Domain

Xinwei Yang, Qifang Zhan, Shujuan Xi, Xuan Ma
The displacement and deformation of soil mass is the important index in civil engineering. In this paper, white light digital image analysis in frequency domain is introduced to measure the continuous displacement of soil mass. This method has the characteristics of whole-field, non-contact measurement...
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An Improved Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) Model to Measure China’s Energy Efficiency

Xiaqing Liu, Lusi Liu, Xiao Liu, Guixian Liu
As the largest energy consumer, China is facing increasingly great pressure to guarantee energy supply and energy security, which puts higher demand for measuring and improving energy efficiency. DEA model has become a widely accepted method in measuring energy efficiency at the macro-economy level....
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Research on the Application of Internet of Things (IOT) for Urban Gas Industry

Weiqing Zhao
The Internet of things is an important part of the next generation information technology. Also it is a vital development stage of the “informationization” era. The internet of things can connect the traditional urban gas industry to the network information platform. By changing the mode of production,...
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Design and Research of Distribution Network Firewall Protection Terminal

Youchan Zhu, Jing Qiu
In order to decrease the influence of failure occurred in the distribution network, and improve the reliability, this paper proposes a design of the distribution network firewall protection terminal. Statements are described in detail, including the overall architecture of the system, the communication...